The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


The boy in the corner didn’t have to know who the others were talking about. Their furtive glances and the occasional snickers told him all he needed to know so he pushed himself even further into the mug he was nursing.

The door opened and a cold blast of winter air surged into the establishment. “Shut the damned door,” someone yelled and the door was slammed shut.

The newcomer was a girl. Her long, blond hair hung in braids and her skin was light and fine. Her icy blue eyes scanned the establishment until they fell on the boy in the corner.

She hurried over to the boy and she put a hand on his shoulder. “Come on,” she said. “It’s time to go home.”

“Leave me alone,” the boy grumbled.

“Yeah, leave him alone,” said one of the snickering boys.

The girl whirled on the boys at the other table. “I’d hold my tongue if I were you,” she said. “You don’t know what he’s been through.”

“Oooh, spent a night lost in the woods when he was a kid. Big fucking deal.”

“It wasn’t any woods,” the girl said, “and you know it.”

“Yeah, I know the story he told. The story you both told,” he corrected himself, “but that doesn’t mean I believe it.”

The girl advanced on the boy. “Are you calling me a liar?”

The girl might have looked sweet and innocent but there was a harshness underlying that tone, a harshness that said don’t fuck with me.

The boy backed down. “I’m not calling you a liar,” he said quickly.

“Then you must not be calling him a liar either,” the girl said even as she included the boy in the corner.

“I didn’t say I was calling him a liar,” the boy said. “I was just saying he needs to—”


“To grow up.”

The girl sighed. It wasn’t the first time she’d heard that said of her brother and it probably wouldn’t be the last and truth be told, she was getting a little tired of sticking up for him. She’d moved on with her life. Why couldn’t he?

Oh, she knew the reasons. Father had taken him to a psychiatrist. Post Traumatic Stress the psychiatrist had said, but come on, how long was this going to last. She’d moved on. Why couldn’t he?

She knew what they said. Her brother blamed himself for the predicament they’d found themselves in. He’d led them into the woods. When she’d wanted to go home, he’d said no. He was the older one so now he was afraid of making a decision. He was afraid of commitment. Fine, but he couldn’t just sit here in this pub for the rest of his life.

The girl sighed to herself. She’d grown up. She was studying pre-med at Fairytaleland University. She wanted to be a veterinarian. She’d just come from attending to a unicorn with a busted hoof. Nasty creatures those unicorns and ill-tempered, too. Just as soon smack you around with that damned horn of theirs rather than let you treat them and then they’d go around and say how pure they were. Ha! What a load of crap.

Her instructor wasn’t much help either. “Just kick him in the balls if he gets horny,” he had said but the girl was loathe to kick anyone in the balls. Maybe a knee for an overamorous boyfriend and then only if he really, really deserved it and even then, only if she was sure she didn’t ever want to see him again, but an outright kick in the balls seemed a bit extreme.

So, she’d let the unicorn push her around until finally she’d fought back. She’d kicked him in the balls and the instructor was right. The unicorn had pretty much backed down after that but that wasn’t the problem with her brother. His problem was that he refused to fight at all.

She put an arm around the boy’s shoulders. “Come on, Hansel. It’s time to go home.”

“Sure, run along home,” said one of the others.

“Yep. Run home to mommy,” said another.

“We don’t need no fraidy cats in here,” said a third.

The girl glared at the other boys. “Knock it off,” she said. “I’m in no mood for this.”

“No? Then how about this.” The speaker was the last of the snickering boys. He was facing Hansel now. “I’ll make a bet with you, boy. Prove you’re a man once and for all. Go in the Enchanted Forest and spend the night. Just one night, and if you do that, we’ll lay off you but if you fail, your sister has to fuck each and every one of us. How’s that?”

“Lay off him,” Gretel said. It wasn’t like it was all that bad a bet. She’d slept with over half the snickering boys already. Of course, half the time, she’d been drunk or stoned when she’d done it so even if Hansel lost, it wasn’t like it would be all that hard to make good on the bet.

Up until that moment, Hansel hadn’t said a word, but suddenly, resolve seemed to flow back into him. He slammed down his mug and he stood and looked at the other boys. “I’ll do it,” the boy had said.


“I’ll take your bet,” he said. “I’ll spend the night in the forest but you leave my sister out of it. She’s just a kid.”

That drew more snickers from some of the snickering boys.

Gretel had never been more proud of her brother but she was worried, too. “Hansel, you don’t have to do this.”

“No, sis. Actually, I do. If I don’t, I’m never going to be free of this.”

Gretel couldn’t believe it. When had her brother developed a backbone. She wanted to shout with joy.

That had been five days ago and when after the first night, Hansel hadn’t come out of the forest, the authorities had been notified. The authorities had interviewed the snickering boys and Gretel, too, and then they’d shaken their heads at the pure stupidity of such a bet.

Of course, since it was what they were supposed to do, the authorities organized search parties but since no one really wanted to go into the Enchanted Forest, the search parties usually spent most of their time thoroughly scouring the perimeter. Gretel quickly realized that if anyone was going to find her brother, it was going to have to be her going in on her own.

Dropping breadcrumbs was so last century, the girl thought even as she stepped into the forest. Her shiny, new GPS system would do a much better job at getting her in and out again so with a firmness of resolve, she set out in search of her brother.

Getting in really wasn’t all that hard. One merely had to set one foot in front of the other.

Her GPS system failed two minutes into the trip but when Gretel tried to back her way out, she couldn’t seem to find her way back.

Well, that was worrisome but not necessarily all that unexpected. This was the Enchanted Forest and as Gretel knew, they didn’t call it “enchanted” for nothing. Nothing to do then but to press on.

Gretel came to a cottage in a clearing and Gretel’s heart sank. First, she was wondering why she’d thought the cottage was in a clearing. Wasn’t that redundant? Weren’t all cottages built in a clearing? Duh.

But more importantly, Gretel was sure she’d seen that cottage before. Hadn’t changed much over the years although someone had put on a new coat of paint. Worse yet, there was smoke coming up from the chimney so someone was home which meant this wasn’t going to be an easy sneak in and sneak out kind of operation.


Okay, so she could wait for the occupant to come out or she could knock on the door. Figuring she wasn’t a little girl anymore, Gretel did what any woman would do. She got on her cell phone and called her dad.

Of course, she’d forgotten there was no signal in the Enchanted Forest. Okay, so she was going to have to do this on her own.


She snuck up to the cottage and peered in the window. Well, she tried to peer in the window, but the windows were so grimy that she couldn’t see a damned thing. Someone really needed to do more cleaning around the house.

Still, as grimy as the windows were, she didn’t think she saw anyone moving. It didn’t appear as if anyone was home. Maybe whoever it was had gone out for a while. Maybe she could just move in and do her snatch and grab.

She turned the knob and pushed the door. The door opened and it didn’t squeak. That was a surprise. Usually, this was where the squeak gave the hero away so either that wasn’t going to happen here or she wasn’t the hero. She hoped it was the former.

She slipped into the cottage and the first thing she saw was her brother, pinned to the wall. His arms and legs were spread in a big ‘X’ and his cock was standing long and straight. Gretel stared at her brother’s cock. She couldn’t help herself. After all, the thing was a foot long and nice and thick. She shook her head. “Bro,” she whispered, “if we ever get out of this, I’m going to get you a job doing pornos, either that or you can do me.”

Her brother just moaned which suddenly had Gretel worried. He didn’t seem to be noticing that she was there.

She looked at his arms and legs but she could see no visible means by which they were attached to the wall. It was more like he was stuck there like a fly was stuck to flypaper. She grabbed a leg and gave it a pull. The leg came free but as soon as she let go, it landed with a thunk against the wall.

That was most certainly not a good thing.

“Hello, dearie.”

Gretel whirled to find a woman standing behind her. The woman had long brown hair and deep, dark eyes and the woman was stacked. She was dressed in bright colors instead of the blacks known to be favored by witches. Gretel breathed a sigh of relief. This woman was not a hag and was not dressed in black. Clearly, she was not a witch.

“But I am a witch,” the woman said.


“You were thinking I’m not a witch and I said I was.”

“But ... hey, you can read minds.”

“Not really, but it was easy to guess what you were thinking.”

“So what am I thinking now?”

“You’re thinking you need to get your brother and get out of here.”


“Actually, no. I told you I can’t read minds, but that or some variant is pretty much what everyone thinks when they meet me.”

“Oh. So how come you’re not an ugly old hag?”

The witch smiled. “The wonders of plastic surgery. You know they can do just about anything for a price, of course.”

“Oh. So how’d you know I was here?”

“Home security system. State of the art. When you’re a witch, you can’t be too careful. You never know when someone might try to sneak up on you and try something dastardly and I do hate dastardly things, that is unless I’m the one who’s doing them. And then of course, there’s the rotten neighbor kids. They do like to play their tricks on me.” Here, she moved over to a cage with a rat in it. “But they find out that if I catch them, I have a few tricks of my own.”

The rat made a most unpleasant sound.

The woman clucked disapprovingly at the rat. “Now, Rupert,” she said, “if you’re going to be like that, I’m going to have to make you stay this way for a while longer, or would you like me to make it permanent?”

Almost immediately, the rat backed down.

“So what are you going to do,” asked Gretel. “You’re going to eat me, right?”

“Define eat.”


“Sorry. No, actually, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“For me?”

“Sure. I mean your brother is rather impressive and all that, but what he has isn’t really what floats my boat, but I’d be willing to make a deal with you. Your brother’s body for your mind. What do you say?”

“What do you mean by my mind.”

“Just what I said. I could take what I wanted from you but I’d rather have you give it up to me voluntarily.”

“Yes, but what would you be doing to me?”

The witch smiled. “That’s the best part of it, dearie, at least from your way of looking at it. You’d get to call the shots. We wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me to do.”

“I’d be calling the shots?”


“Would I be free to go?”

“If you wanted to.”

“No strings.”

“No strings,” the witch confirmed.

Gretel looked at her brother. She really couldn’t leave him just hanging there like that.

“You’re not going to be able to get him down without my help.”

Damn. That was just what Gretel thought, but she hated having it confirmed. “Okay,” she said. “You win.”

Her brother seemed to rouse himself from the stupor he was in. “No,” he said in hoarse voice. “No, Gretel, don’t.”

The witch twirled her fingers and then she pointed at the boy and he slumped back against the wall. “Quiet,” she said. “This is just between us girls.”

Hansel said nothing.

The witch was looking at Gretel. Her dark eyes seemed to lock in on Gretel’s pale blue eyes but she didn’t say anything. It took Gretel a moment to realize what was happening. The witch was conjuring a spell.

Suddenly, she could feel it. It was like a pressure against her head. She tried to fight it.

“Don’t fight it.” It was the witch’s voice, only now she was hearing it inside her mind.

Gretel fought it even more.

“Let go,” the witch’s thoughts said.

Gretel’s mind continued to fight if only for a moment or two longer, but then her mind slipped. The barriers she had erected to keep the witch out were breached and it was as if she could feel the witch’s mind melding with her own.

And then she felt nothing at all. It wasn’t that she was numb. It was just that one moment she’d felt the witch in her mind and in the next moment, she didn’t feel her there.

What she felt was something else. Her breathing came a little faster. She felt warm.

She felt flustered. She felt on edge.

“Something wrong, dearie?”

Gretel’s eyes fluttered as she looked at the other woman. She was ... she was hot!

“Something wrong,” the witch asked again.

Gretel stared at the other woman. Her eyes seemed to move from place to place on her body but wherever she looked, it seemed as if she was getting more and more turned on.

“Are you okay,” the other woman asked.

Gretel was panting softly. She knew what she wanted. It was the other woman. It was her lips. It was just something about them. She wanted her lips.

“Are you okay,” the other woman asked again.

Gretel barely heard her. It was as if a charge were suddenly running through her body. She knew what she wanted a kiss. She stepped forward and then she stepped closer. Her lips moved in and she took her kiss.

The witch’s eyes were twinkling as Gretel broke the kiss. “So,” the witch asked in a lilting voice, “did you get what you wanted?”

Those eyes. They were beautiful. Gretel loved those eyes but had she gotten what she wanted? Heck, no? That kiss only made her want even more.

Gretel moved in again. Another kiss and then another, and when she kissed the woman again, this time the witch was kissing her back.

Gretel was elated. Up until that point, it had all been her, but now the other woman was kissing her back. She wasn’t sure why but suddenly this felt right.

But almost as quickly as Gretel had gone after the other woman’s lips, she broke the contact. She pushed back if only for a moment. Her body was still on fire, but now she knew a kiss just wasn’t going to do it.

Once again, Gretel closed on the witch. This time, a hand looped behind her even as the other pulled at her top. Once again, the two women kissed even as Gretel pulled the other woman’s top out of her skirt.

Gretel’s hand slid under the top and she was looping her hand behind the other woman’s body. She couldn’t help but let out a whimpering moan. She loved the feel of her hand against the other woman’s skin.

Once again, the kiss was broken. Gretel pushed back. What was she doing, she asked herself, but in the next instant, she answered herself. She was doing just what she wanted to do.

Again, her hands went to the other woman’s top. There would be no stopping this time. The top was unbuttoned and then Gretel was pushing it off the other woman’s shoulders.

The other woman wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were ample but she didn’t need a bra. Gretel slid a hand up and she was caressing one of those breasts and then she leaned down to kiss it. Her mouth found its way to the nipple and Gretel kissed it, too. Gretel moved to the other breast and she kissed it, too. She knew she loved those breasts.

Gretel’s hand found the sipper on the other woman’s skirt. Slowly, she slid the zipper down and then she slid her hand inside the skirt. Her hand clasped the panty-clad bottom and she gave it a squeeze. “I want to see this,” she purred.

“And so you shall,” the witch said, “but first, we must get you out of your clothes as well.”

Gretel hesitated.

“What’s wrong,” the witch asked.

“My body. It’s not nearly as good as yours.”

“Nonsense,” the witch said. “We’ll just have to see about that,” and with that, she was tugging at Gretel’s clothes until she had finally stripped the young coed of her clothes.

“See,” Gretel said.

The witch cooed appreciatively. “What I see is a girl with hot tits.”

“But they’re not as big as yours.”

“Honey, it’s not the size of them that matters. It’s how they look and yours look fantastic.”

“You think so?”

The witch licked her lips appreciatively. “I know so,” and that’s when she let her mouth drop down and suck on first one and then the other of Gretel’s tits.

Gretel moaned with ecstasy. She couldn’t believe how good that felt and then she felt the woman slide a hand down between her legs and she moaned again. Oh geez, that felt good. That felt so fucking good.

The other woman’s fingers were toying with her pussy, just playing with her lips, just teasing her and Gretel moaned. She could feel the other woman rubbing her nub and she moaned again even as her hips tried to buck against those fingers.

“Not so fast now,” the other woman said.

Gretel moaned. She wanted more.

The fingers toyed with her and then Gretel moaned as she felt the other woman slide a finger up inside her. “Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Oh yeah. That’s it. That’s it. Fuck me.”

The other woman was kissing her and then she kissed her again. A tongue insinuated itself against her mouth and Gretel moaned with pleasure as she welcomed that tongue inside.

The other woman kissed her again and then again and then her mouth was moving lower, leaving a trail of kisses across Gretel’s chin and across her neck, across her shoulders and across her tits, and then lower still. Gretel gasped, knowing where that mouth was going. Kisses trailed across her stomach and then across her waist and the mouth moved lower still.

Gretel moaned as she felt that tongue work its way against her clit and the girl moaned again.

The tongue backed off only to return again even more insistent and more demanding. She knew what the tongue wanted. The tongue wanted to make her cum and Gretel knew what she wanted. She wanted to give in to the tongue. She wanted to cum.

Gretel’s hands played with her tits even as the witch’s mouth played between her legs. “Oh my God,” she moaned. “Oh my God. I knew you were going to do that. I knew you were going to eat me.”

“And are you unhappy?”

God, no,” the girl moaned. “Oh geez, I want you to do it. Eat me. Eat me. Oh geez. Eat me.”

There was no doubt that the witch was going to do just that. Her tongue continued to work its way between Gretel’s legs until finally the girl couldn’t take it even one moment longer. She moaned and then she screamed as that tongue finally pushed her over the edge.

The witch looked up from between Gretel’s legs. “I told you I knew what you wanted.”

“You were right,” Gretel said.

“And the next time you come back here, you can do me but for now, you need to go. It wouldn’t do for you to go missing for too long.”

The witch waved her hands and suddenly, the two of them were dressed once again, and with another wave of the hands, the boy toppled down off the wall. “You are free to go,” she said.

Hansel rushed up to his sister who was still panting in the aftermath of a most satisfying orgasm. He whirled on the witch. “What did you do to my sister,” he demanded.

If the witch was offended by his tone, she didn’t show it. She simply came up to the boy and she ran a finger along the length of his still erect organ. “You are quite impressive,” she said in her most soothing voice, “and you didn’t need any enhancement from me to make you the way you are which is even more impressive. If my desires had run that way, you would have been enough, but now it’s time for you to go to sleep,” and with that, Hansel’s cock deflated.

“Don’t worry,” the witch assured him. “Your sleeping friend will still be there when needed just so long as you keep your sister’s and my little secret. Now repeat after me. I went in the woods.”

“I went in the woods,” the boy said in a trance-like voice.

“I got lost.”

“I got lost,” the boy said.

“I met no one until my sister found me.”

“I met no one until my sister found me.”

“And then we got out.”

“And then we got out.”

“There you go,” the witch said. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“That wasn’t so hard,” the boy agreed in his monotone.

The witch went back to the girl. “And now, my dear, it’s time for you to go.” She gave Gretel first one and then another kiss on the cheek. “You know what to do,” the witch said and then she waved her hand and both brother and sister were gone.

Brother and sister found themselves in a clearing. Gretel looked at her GPS. Finally, she thought. Finally, the damned thing was working. “This way,” she said and within minutes, the two of them emerged from the forest.

And back at the cottage, the witch smiled. Getting her hands on those two had been a long time coming and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on them again.