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Synopsis: You need help again and that’s okay. She knows just what to say and do.

((Author’s note—this is sort of a “sequel” to my other piece entitled You Have a Problem. It starts on familiar ground but then veers into something else. Please enjoy.))

You Have Another Problem

(By S.B.)

Hello again. Remember me? Probably not because the last time we talked, I told you to forget a lot of things (and you did!) so allow me to refresh your memory before going any deeper otherwise none of this will make sense.

You had a problem once, a big problem, one that felt so unsurmountable that no matter how much you tried to escape from it, you would always end up spiraling back into it. It was like a black hole in the galaxy of your mind, sucking everything in without remorse. Ring a bell, or perhaps two? I’m sure it does but I’ll put it down in simple terms, one word at a time so you can follow. You. Thought. Too. Much.

You did, you know it’s true. You thought of everything when you shouldn’t be thinking at all; you made every fiction inside your brain a reality. It was all fine until the veneer cracked. Your problem became an obsession, your obsession a pool of rage and everything exploded. You were the first to go, of course; the world was collateral and if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have picked up the pieces at all. I helped you do it by refocusing all your energies into something greater. I was the fantasy that brought you back together and for that, all you had to was obey.

Yes, obey. A simple word, far simpler than most of those out there, yet difficult to sustain in the long run if old habits insist on coming back to haunt you. You obeyed once, accepted the dream, and lived through it. You obeyed so intently that obedience became yet another obsession, one more addiction. Instead of choosing hope, you turned me into an effigy of despair and everything went black. Do you remember now? Do you remember where you went wrong?

You left. You left me. You left my control to wither away because you couldn’t handle what you needed and what only I could offer and now... now, you’re fucked, aren’t you? You want it all back knowing you’re not entitled to anything. You want to give in for real knowing you blew your chance to do so and live in perpetual bliss. You have another problem and that problem is obvious.

You miss me.

You do even if you seek to deny it. In fact, you’re denying it right now by trying to look away from these words. Open another tab, go on. Go look at scantily clad women or watch the trailer of the new movie you’re dying to see. Play music in the background, something sharp, loud, something you hope will drown out the hold my phantom presence still has over your drooling self. Do one of those things or all of them, I don’t mind, and when you’re done, return here so we can continue. I can wait all day or all night long if need be. The real question is: can you?

I see I already got my answer. That was quick, but that’s a good thing, for that means there’s still hope going forward. Now then, will you sit and be quiet? Will you sit and listen? Good.

As I was saying, you miss me. You miss everything about me. You miss my friendship and my timely advice. You miss my random texts taking you by surprise. You miss words and triggers you don’t remember hearing or reading. You miss being mine to command because when you were, everything was the way it should be, especially when you believed the opposite. You miss all that and so much more yet the contradictions inside you threaten everything once again because you dare to do the one thing you shouldn’t be doing right now.

I asked you to be quiet but you’re not. Even though you sit still, even though your lips remain closed, you’re still mumbling on the inside, asking yourself why? Why do you miss me? Why do you desperately want to be mine again? Why would you go out of your way for a chance to surrender one more time when you wouldn’t do that for anyone else? Why am I special to you? Why am I the one you can’t live without? Is it because I warped your existence before? Is it because I brainwashed you into believing these things? Is it because you’re responding to a long-delayed suggestion that makes you want to crawl, beg, and kneel at my feet? So many questions, so many thoughts, so many unwanted realizations. I can almost hear the bomb ticking in-between the spaces of each moment. You want to obey yet you do not grasp why and that drives you insane.

Before we go any further, we need to do something about that. As such, let me tell you of another word I like a lot, one I’m sure you’ll appreciate as well once I explain all its nuances. That word is


Yes, hard. Another easy thing to say, and hard to stop repeating. I like the way these four letters seem to swirl around my tongue every time I say them but, most of all, I love the effects that saying it out loud a few times can bring about to the world around me. Pay attention. Hard. Hard. Hard.

Don’t tell me you didn’t feel the energy being channelled, its rippling waves sending shivers down your spine. If you didn’t, then perhaps you weren’t properly focused on my words. Let’s give it another go but, this time, I’ll be using the word in a few sentences so listen good, listen hard.

Imagine my nipples, hard as concrete underneath a shiny latex outfit. Black is my favorite color but I like metallic blue as well and I know you do too. They’re almost as hard as your throbbing cock, that hard-working fleshy dream-boat that longs to sail in my troublesome waters and then sink... hard... so very hard.

It’s hard to fight the increasing flow of luscious images pouring from every direction inside your twisted spirit... just the mere mention of the word hard, hardens it even more for you for hardness is more than a simple manifestation of physical pleasure, it’s also a doctrine of the mind, so hard to ignore.

You get harder and harder the more you hear the word hard and getting hard releases so many endorphins in your bloodstream that everything you thought you were bounces against a hard wall of erotic pleasure and has no choice but to go all the way down, deeper into that other brain of yours, the swollen red one, one that was so small a few lines ago and now is big, gigantic, and hard, hard, hard.

And the harder it gets between your legs, the softer you feel above your shoulders. It’s obvious by now it’s hard for you to think properly when you’re hard for me. Instead, you find yourself wanting me to deliver you from that need of acting freely and deciding on your own so you can remain hard like this for all times. Hard and obedient. Hard and enslaved. Hard limits down the drain and... one, two, three... snap out of it.

What’s the matter? Are you confused? You’re not sure exactly what happened, right? Just a little mind game, of course, but one that proved how easy you are to manipulate so yes, I understand why you feel suspicious, why you think your current inclinations aren’t really your own and just a product of former triggers brought to life. You have a cock and it’s easy to tame a cock. Get one hard enough and it will take over your entire body, control your ideas and sensations. I know you’re still hard, swimming in endless possibilities of future orgasmic pleasure... or not.

While you’re like this, it would be a cinch to reprogram you, to have you accept whatever I want without a second thought. I could snap my fingers and have you drop to your knees right now. I could order you to put on some panties and masturbate senselessly with your camera on. I could make you explode all over the floor and tell you that the only way for you to please me would be to eat it all out while I laughed. As long as you were horny enough you would do it and, if I were to ask you what do you want to do right now, you would most likely say:

“I want to obey.”

I know you do, and that’s wonderful, but you and I know that, even if you weren’t horny like you are, you would still say the same thing, for that want, that craving, that unfulfilled desire is always there. Yes, I brainwashed you in the past but you were already brainwashed by your own nature before and my words, my suggestions, my whispers and sexy innuendos were but small stepping stones in your inevitable road to submission. And not admitting that out loud with every ounce of your being until your voice grows sore is another problem so I will make things easier for you.

Let’s remove your cock out of the equation for a second. Forget your mind, relax, take a deep breath. Don’t close your eyes, just stare ahead, mouth slightly agape to let the air flow better and imagine this. There’s nothing between your legs competing for the control of your brain. There was never anything there and there will never be. Everything is clear, shaved, perfect. What do you hear when those throbbing aspirations fade away and when the narcissistic desires of your unruly body no longer matter at all?

Nothing except the sound of my voice.

Nothing except the pleasure of letting go to a superior will who’s always right and always knows what’s best.

Nothing except whatever fate I decide it’s apprpriate for you.

You need me but you don’t need your cock. It only stands in the way of your true purpose, which is to serve, to be of use by being abused. It’s not humiliating to yearn to be my mindless bitch for the rest of your life. What’s humiliating is the opposite: denying yourself that reality by choosing to focus on something that doesn’t benefit you.

Look at how peaceful you are now, how docile and compliant you feel from inside out when your cock goes away, your brain shuts down, and I do all the thinking for you. This state doesn’t have to be temporary. It can be permanent, it can be eternal, it can be all you can conceive if you do one simple thing. Agree to do this simple thing for me and you can have me, you can be mine, you can have all problems disappear for real this time. If the idea sounds exciting, if this idea pleases you, if it pleases you to please me, you will do the right thing and ask me what you need to do. Go on, be a good boy.

“What do I need to do?”

Close your eyes after this paragraph ends. Close your eyes and count upwards from one to ten. When you reach ten, open them again and everything will fall into place. This is a promise and I always keep my promises. Trust me and close your eyes. Don’t open them until you reach the number ten. In fact, let’s make this more interesting and count the numbers together, your voice in sync with mine, drowning everything else. Ready? Close your eyes now and...

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


Open your eyes now and look down. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Pretty and shiny, just like a cage should be. I could have taken your cock and balls away for good but that would have been too cruel and you would never forgive me for that, I know, so I did the next best thing and locked you up. It’s a bit on the small side to shrink your ego as quickly as possible. I bet it’s cold too, but that’s a good thing for the only person who gets to be hot around here from now on is me.

Shhhh... don’t struggle too much. I understand the strain is tough to handle at first but it will get better. Right now, your cock is screaming, telling lies of independence, saying I played you the fool once more but you will not pay attention to it. Instead, you will only listen to me, bow down to my feminine intellect and obey me.

You want to obey me. You need to obey me. You must obey me. You will obey me. You needed to return to my presence but you could never do that as long as you were horny on your own. That’s selfish, that’s creepy, that’s a form of entitlement I couldn’t tolerate. I must always come first and you won’t come at all unless I will it so otherwise who’s really in control, huh? I will let that nasty part of you rage for the moment but, once it quiets down, once it stops acting like a spoiled brat, you will fall in line and do anything for real even without being asked to.

Did I trick you? Honey, you tricked yourself if you thought things would go the way you expected them to be when you started reading this. Your fantasies may be cute and all but my world goes beyond all boundaries you can imagine and believe me, there are still places in it I’ve yet to discover. With luck, you may become the submissive slave to unearth them all if—and that’s a big “if”—you please me in all the right ways. Until then, consider yourself dismissed and learn to love the metal just as much as you love to suffer for me. Your fear at what’s coming will keep me wet and entertained.

Goodbye and go back to dreaming of me, this time under lock and key. You will never be free again.