The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Young Lust”

Chapter 2

Therese continued to moan and finger herself, her teddy now a pile of silk on the carpet. Josh had been sucking on her beautiful breasts for at least half an hour, and he was ready to finish what he had started. His hands dug into her ass as he flicked his tongue back and forth over a nipple. She orgasmed, her body pressing hard against him, and her cries of pleasure were music to his ears.

Josh grinned and kissed Therese several times, caressing the backs of her thighs. “You’re incredible.”

She purred and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her eyes locked onto his, and he was dazzled by their intense beauty. “I’m glad you approve. What do you want your slut to do now?”

“I want...I want you to suck my cock.” Even after everything Josh had been through, he still half-expected her to refuse him.

Therese kissed her new master, and could feel her tongue caress his own. “My pleasure, Master.” Then she crawled backward onto the floor, her mouth stopping only inches from his crotch. “Are you a virgin?” she asked with obvious affection.

Josh blushed, even though he knew that there was no wrong answer. He could not find a trace of judgment in her angelic face. “Yeah. I mean, I’ve done stuff with girls. Just not like that.”

She grinned, lust burning in her eyes. “Good. Your first time should be special, and tonight is going to be very special. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Before he could ask what she meant, Therese unzipped his jeans with her teeth. She pulled out his dick, licking her lips at the sight of it. “Mmm, Master is so big. Now don’t be nervous, because I’m going to take extra good care of you. What Master wants is all that matters.” She kissed his hardened cock and then licked it a little. “And when we’re finished, you’ll be a pro. I’ll teach you how to make the girls from school come all night long.”

Josh started to fantasize about fucking Debbie Mitchell, but then Therese’s mouth went to work, capturing his undivided attention.

Josh’s bedroom was dark, but not so dark that he couldn’t stare at Therese’s perfect tits as she rode his cock. Wearing nothing but stockings, she had dedicated several hours to pleasuring him. Whenever he needed to rest, she took over, catering to his fantasies without needing to be told.

Therese knew how to satisfy Josh better than he did, and he was mostly content to let her act on her sex-crazed imagination. It was enough to know that he could command her if he wanted to, and that she would not hesitate to obey.

Unable to hold it back any longer, Josh came inside of her once again. Therese purred in triumph, staring down at her master as if he were her entire universe. “You look tired. If it’s okay, when you wake up tomorrow, I’d like to teach you how to please a woman.” She shook the hair out of her eyes and then grinned at him. “I mean other women, Master. Everything you do turns me on.”

Josh took a deep breath. “Did Gerald tell you to enjoy it? Being with me?”

Therese draped her body over his, pressing her face against his neck. “No, Master. I always enjoy being obedient, but...I like you. Ever since I met you, I’ve wanted to be yours.”

He stroked her leg. “Why?”

“I saw the way you looked at me, like I was the only woman in the world. It’s nice having someone think I’m special. Gerald used to feel that way, too, but things change. Right now, he likes playing with Becky most of all, but he’ll get tired of her.”

Josh rolled on top of her and kissed her breast. “I’d never get tired of you.”

Therese smiled sweetly. “Sure you would. But for now, it makes me happy to please you so much. I want to give you everything you’ve been dreaming of. I want this to be the best twenty-four hours of your life, so that you’ll never forget me.”

He kissed her, his hand cupping her breast. “It’s already the best day of my life. I’ve never been happier than I am with you.”

Therese took hold of Josh’s other hand. “Thank you for saying that, Master. But there’s no reason that it has to stop tomorrow. I know you’re worried about Becky, but believe me, nothing would please your sister more than to keep obeying Gerald. And as long as she’s with him, I can be with you. Everyone gets what they want.” She shook her head, her eyes sad. “It’s not wrong, Master. It’s just not what you’re used to.”

He sighed and hugged her to him. “I don’t want to think about what happens later. We still have a lot of time left, and I want to enjoy it.”

Therese bowed her head. “Yes, Master. I won’t mention it again. Can I sleep here with you tonight?”

“Of course you can. I insist.” He lay down beside her, his arm around her waist. “And call me Josh. Because you are special to me.”

She kissed him. “Okay, Josh. You’re still my master, though, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Smiling, Therese closed her eyes and curled up next to him.

Neither would I, Josh thought as he kissed her on the forehead.

Josh and Therese had been in the shower for more than an hour, and she still wasn’t clean. Every time that Josh started to rub soap on her, he found himself groping her, or kissing her, or grinding against her. He would be frustrated if he weren’t having so much fun.

At the moment, his mouth was exploring every slick inch of Therese’s breasts. Another idea crept into his mind, though, and he found it impossible to ignore. “Face the wall,” he ordered with newfound confidence.

Therese’s eyes grew blank, causing his cock to stiffen. “Yes, Josh.” She turned around, a mindless grin spreading over her face, and then Josh pressed her against the shower wall and began to fuck her from behind. They had tried that the night before, and he found that he enjoyed it a lot. Then again, he enjoyed everything that they did together.

As Josh’s thrust his cock deeper into his mindless slut, he fondled her breasts the way that she had taught him earlier. The effect was obvious, as Therese’s moans grew louder and more plaintive. “ that...” This excited him, but he forced himself to maintain a steady pace. Therese moaned in approval. “Mmm, yes...fuck me, Josh...”

Therese soon orgasmed, and Josh was not far behind. As he wrapped his arms around her, she squealed with delight. He rocked Therese against him, kissing her on the cheek, and she beamed at him. “You were so wonderful, Josh. You did it exactly like I taught you. Try that with girls your own age, and they’ll be eating out of your hand.”

Josh liked the sound of that, but he was more interested in the warm, slippery body cradled in his arms. Her butt kept rubbing against his stiff cock, and he figured that she could take a real shower tomorrow. After all, Therese had not even had lunch yet.

“Get on your knees, Therese,” Josh whispered gently into her ear. He did not have to tell her twice.

Josh was sitting naked at the foot of his bed, camera in hand. Polaroid’s of Therese were scattered all over the floor. In one, she wore only a silk robe as she posed seductively for the camera. The robe was loosely tied, hanging open just enough to reveal a nipple and a smooth, supple thigh. In another, she was on her hands and knees in nothing but a black nylon pair of panties. Becky’s underwear was a bit snug on his neighbor, but he certainly saw nothing wrong with that.

Therese’s expressions ranged from mock innocence to animal lust, but it was clear in every photo that she was enjoying herself. He had photographed her fingering herself on his bed, sucking his cock, and even crying out in orgasm. Josh wanted to remember everything about this day. He only wished that his father hadn’t taken the video camera when he moved out.

Josh was starting to get restless when Therese marched into the bedroom, modeling one of his old t-shirts. The shirt did little to cover her silky thighs, and as she turned in a circle for him, a drawing on the back featured a woman in a bikini. It occurred to him that Therese hadn’t tried on any of his sister’s bathing suits, even though she had some really nice ones.

Facing the door, Therese bent over to show off her butt, and the shirt rose enough to flash an orange satin pair of panties. She smiled over her shoulder at Josh, and he grinned and took a snapshot. “That was really great, Therese. Next time, wear one of Becky’s bikinis for me.”

“Yes, Josh. I know the perfect one. Are you finished with this outfit?” She toyed with the shirt, smiling suggestively at him. Therese glanced at something behind him, though, and her smile disappeared. “No...”

Josh knew what she was seeing even before he turned around. According to the clock on the wall, twenty-four hours had already passed. “That can’t be right.”

Therese bowed her head. “Time’s up, Josh. I have to go now. Thank you for being my master today.”

He stood up, nearly frantic. “No, wait. Just another ten minutes.” Josh’s mind raced, trying to think of all the activities he had planned, but all he really wanted was to make love to her again. Now that Therese was leaving, Josh couldn’t understand why he had wasted his time on photographs. He needed to be inside of her. He needed her close to him.

“I’m sorry.” Therese pulled the shirt over her head, baring her breasts. “We have to find my clothes, and then I have to go. Master’s expecting me.”

“No, listen to me. He’s not your master. You don’t have to do what he says.”

She sighed and shook her head. “Of course I do, Josh. I would never disobey my master.”

“But I love you.” Josh grimaced, feeling helpless and unsure of himself. Was this love? All he knew was how much it frightened him. “I...I could be your master. I would take good care of you.”

Therese smiled and hugged him, and he buried his face in her neck. “I know you would. I wish it was you, but Gerald is my master. Now tell me where my clothes are, so I can go home.”

He held her body tight against his, gripping her butt. “If I don’t tell you, you can’t leave. Right?” Josh knew that he sounded pathetic, but he didn’t care.

After a moment, Therese shrugged. “Well, Master would be angry if I walked home naked. But if I don’t leave, Becky can’t come back. That was the deal, remember?”

“Maybe...” Josh struggled with what he was about to say. “Maybe that’s what I want. You said she was happy, right?”

Therese nodded, her eyes wide as she stared into his. “As happy as you are with me.”

“There’s still time before Mom comes home. You’re staying with me tonight.” He kissed her passionately. “And when you go home, you can tell Gerald that this isn’t finished yet.”

Her face lit up, and she kissed him back. “Josh...I was hoping you would say that. I promise you won’t regret it. I’ll be such a good slut for you, and Becky will be so happy.”

Josh imagined his sister naked and on her knees, touching herself, eager to please her new master. The thought left him numb, but he was not about to change his mind. “Come here.”

Therese allowed him to lead her toward the bed, her eyes hungry. “Yes, Josh.” She sat on his lap and kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue. “Josh is my master again.”

He smiled and stroked her golden hair. “I love you.” The more that he said it, the more it sounded like the truth.

Beaming at him, Therese rose and slowly slipped her panties off. “Let me show you what you mean to me, Josh.” Then she began to ride his cock, grinding against him as she rubbed his face between her beautiful breasts. “Master...I want what you want...I live to obey...” Before long, Therese was crying out his name so loudly that he was certain the neighbors would hear.

Josh came hard, earning a squeal from the sexy blonde. He grinned and kissed her again, Becky forgotten in the excitement. “Smile for the camera, Sweetie.” Therese squirmed on his lap when he called her that, and then they fell back onto the bed and faced the outstretched camera. Later, Josh would decide that this was his favorite photograph of all.

As the months passed, Josh slowly grew accustomed to his arrangement with Gerald. His mother received a promotion in early November, and as she started spending more time away from home, Therese found more opportunities to serve her young master. By February, it no longer bothered Josh to send his sister across the street. It seemed almost normal, whenever he stopped to think about it. Becky was Gerald’s slut now. It was just the way that things were.

Therese’s husband had offered on more than one occasion to let Josh watch what happened, to show him just how much his younger sister enjoyed being a mindless slut, but he always declined. Josh felt that he had seen more than enough that first night, and he chose not to know the perversions he was condemning Becky to. Instead, he settled for Therese’s assurances that she was happy and well provided for.

In the meantime, Josh and Becky had actually grown much closer to each other. This happened partly because of his early feelings of guilt and partly because he wanted to watch over his sister. Also, Therese had been true to her word, and the new Becky was nicer and more loving toward her brother. Josh’s bratty kid sister had transformed into a sweetheart almost overnight.

When she was home, Becky would often visit Josh in his bedroom, or ask him to visit hers. Sometimes they would talk for hours about pretty much anything. Josh found that he looked forward to spending time with his sister, and he could tell that she felt the same way.

Becky was constantly hugging her brother or kissing him on the cheek, and she always did both just before heading over to her master’s house. She liked to brag to kids at school about how great he was, introducing him to cute girls on a regular basis. Each of them turned out to be easy, and they all responded to Josh’s gained sense of confidence. Before long, he had fucked half a dozen schoolgirls, and he made certain that every last one of them went away more than satisfied. Therese had taught him well.

None of these girls held Josh’s interest for very long, though. It was too easy getting them into bed without controlling them first. Now that he had Therese, at least some of the time, there were few girls his age that he really wanted all that much. Debbie Mitchell was still at the top of the list, however, and he was determined that he would take her to prom.

It was Thursday evening, and Josh was eating a TV dinner in his bedroom. His mother was still at work, which meant that he was in charge. A year earlier, the idea of him bossing his sister around would have been laughable, but the new Becky was very well behaved. She actually seemed to like being told what to do, and he tried his best not to think about the reason for that.

“Josh, I need you!” Becky called from her room, and he smiled as he headed into the hallway. After stepping into his sister’s bedroom, though, he found himself wishing that he was anywhere else.

Becky was lying face down on her bed, reading a teen magazine in only a blue cotton bra and panties. The underwear looked terrific on her, and Josh got a good look at her firm, shapely body before forcing himself to turn away. “Aren’t you going to get dressed?”

His sister rolled her eyes playfully. “Give me a break. All the times I’ve caught you whacking off, and you’re embarrassed by this?”

Josh stared at the floor. “It’s just weird. You’re my sister.” Remembering how she looked on her knees before Gerald, he grew hard.

“Well, I’m a young woman now, Josh. I like how it makes me feel. You know, most guys would be happy to see me like this.”

He nodded, anxious to change the subject. “Okay, whatever. What did you want, anyway?”

“Have you fucked Tara yet?” Tara was the latest in a growing series of conquests. He had fantasized about Therese and Debbie the whole time that he was pleasuring her.


Becky slowly rubbed her legs against each other, her eyes still focused on the magazine. “See, I told you she put out. That’s what you wanted, right?”

Josh glanced at his sister’s cute butt. “What about Debbie?”

“She still says no, but I’ll keep working at it. Debbie’s not the type that just gives it up, though. If you date her, you have to act cool, like you don’t really care that you’re dating her. Then, when she starts acting serious about it, pretend that you love her. Trust me, she’ll be all over your cock.”

He ran his eyes over her ass again, noticing how nicely the panties hugged her curves. “That sounds good, but why are you helping me like this?”

“Because you’re my brother, and I love you. You know how much I care about you.” She smirked and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. “Obviously, I’m not doing a very good job, though. If you were really getting what you needed from Tara, you wouldn’t keep looking at my butt.”

Josh blushed. “What? I wasn’t...”

Becky grinned and rolled onto her side, giving him a better view of her breasts. “Relax, I was just teasing you. It’s only natural to want to look. Guys look at my butt all the time, even when I’m not wearing underwear.” She giggled and covered her face. “I mean, when I’m wearing something over my underwear. You know what I mean.”

“Becky, I’m your brother.”

“Which is why you’re only looking, right? It’s not like we’re gonna start inbreeding or something.” She glanced at the magazine, and then she tossed it aside and sat up. Her bra strap had slipped down from her shoulder, and Josh wrestled with thoughts of undressing his sister. “Hey, I want a hug.”

Josh’s face turned a brighter shade of red. “You always want a hug. I’ll hug you later.”

“What’s wrong with wanting to hug your brother a lot?” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Oh, okay, I get it. Do I have to put on some clothes before I can get a hug from my only brother?”

He looked away. “Well...yeah.”

Becky stood up, and he couldn’t help but stare at her nubile young body. “Josh, you’re my brother, and I love you. Tell me you love me, too.”

After a moment, he nodded. “Of course I love you, Becky.”

She drew closer to him. “That’s because you’re a good brother. You can’t help that you think I’m pretty. So now we’re gonna hug, and the world isn’t going to end. Then you can stop being so dorky about it.”

Josh sighed and hugged her. Becky pressed her half-naked body against him, and his cock grew harder than ever. He wanted desperately to push her away, to come up with any excuse to leave, no matter how ridiculous. Instead, he held her close, loving how soft and warm she felt, certain that she would notice his stiff cock through her panties.

When Becky finally let go of her brother, she was smiling sweetly. “See? No big deal.” She gave Josh a peck on the lips. “Just because we love each other, and just because you think I’m hot, that doesn’t mean you want to fuck me. I have to get dressed for the party, though, so we’ll talk about this later.” Becky turned away from him, unhooking her bra.

Josh lowered his eyes again and headed into the hallway, closing the door behind him. When he was back in his own room, he locked the door.

That night, Josh dreamt that he was back in Becky’s bedroom. His sister was reading a magazine in her underwear, the same as before, but he did not feel any embarrassment this time. “I already told you, Josh, no boys allowed.” She licked her lips and turned the page. “Dad said you’re not supposed to pick on me, so there.”

Josh sat down beside Becky and began to grope her butt, and she rolled her eyes. “Cut it out, Josh.” Ignoring her, he climbed on top and unhooked her bra. Becky looked toward the open door. “Mom, Josh is trying to have sex with me!”

“Shhh...” Josh whispered into her ear as he covered her mouth. “I’m your master now.”

Suddenly, the room turned dark. Becky was lying on top of him, her bra missing. He started to kiss her and fondle her breasts, but the strange look in her eyes made him nervous. “Wake up, Becky.”

“But why, Master? You made me this way.” Staring vacantly into his eyes, she began to finger herself. “Josh is Master. Becky does not question. Becky only obeys Master. That’s what you wanted, because you like your girls easy. You like to be in control.”

He shook his head. “No. I want my sister back.”

“Too bad, Josh. You sold me to Gerald. But at least you get to keep your iPod.” Grinning, she kissed him, and everything changed.

Josh was lying in his neighbors’ bed, masturbating. Therese sat naked with her back to him, and her skin glowed in the afternoon sunlight. She was thumbing through a Playboy. “Kids are growing up so fast these days...”

Therese pulled the centerfold out where he could see it, and Josh recognized the model as his sister. Becky was straddling a mechanical bull, wearing nothing but boots and a cowboy hat. She began to move in the photo, stroking her body as she rode the bull. Her hat fell off, and she ran her fingers through her dark hair.

“That’s Becky. That’s my sister.” Becky winked at him in the picture.

“Gerald, you don’t have a sister.”

Josh sat up. “What did you call me?”

“Sorry, I meant Master.” She turned her head, and he could see that it was just an actress who looked like Therese. “I’m still not sure I understand the role. What’s my motivation?”

“Where’s Therese?”

She turned away again, sunlight streaming through her hair. “Outside, talking to the cops.”

Josh went to the window and looked down. Therese was taking her clothes off, while a police officer scribbled something in a notepad. Another cop pulled a gun and snuck around the side of the house. They’re unto me.

Debbie and Tara were making out in the kitchen, wearing skimpy cheerleader uniforms. “Good morning, Master,” they sang in unison as Josh headed down the stairs. He could see cops circling the house through the windows, and he hurried toward the front door.

Outside, Therese was tending her garden in a lacy white bra and panties. Josh shook his head. “You have to get dressed, before you get me arrested.”

Therese had no garden tools with her, and she clawed the soil with her bare hands. “My clothes are all dirty, Gerald. Don’t worry, I told the cops that the real criminal is over there.” She pointed at Josh’s house. “That pervert tried to fuck his own sister. They’ll never let him see her again.”

Before he could respond, Becky grabbed him by the arm. She was wearing a bluish-green bikini, and Josh smiled as he stared at her breasts. “You must be Gerald. I need someone to rub lotion on me.” She knelt down in the grass and poured suntan lotion across her bare thighs.

“Okay.” He knelt across from her and eagerly ran his hands up and down her legs. “You have to do whatever I say.”

Becky ignored him, slipping her bikini bottom down. “Now rub it on my butt.” Josh’s hands slid further up her body, and she purred. “Yeah, that feels really nice...”

He massaged her firm butt, paying little attention to the lotion. “I said you have to do whatever I say.”

Becky unhooked her top and then sat on his lap. “I have to do whatever you say. Now rub it all over my tits. Just keep rubbing them, okay?”

“You’re my mindless slut.” Josh poured more lotion into his hands before fondling her breasts. “Becky, you’re my mindless slut.”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay. I’m your mindless slut. Jeez...”

“Josh, what are you doing?” His mother frowned at him from the sidewalk. “I thought I told you to mow the lawn.”

“I’m Gerald. Could you go somewhere else?”

Becky moaned as her brother continued to stroke her naked, oily body. “Mom, Josh brainwashed me and turned me into a slut, and now we’re gonna have sex.”

Mary Weber continued walking down the sidewalk. “Okay, but both of you do your homework first.”

Josh spanked Becky, and she squealed in excitement. “That’s for trying to get me in trouble.”

“I’m so dirty, Josh.” He looked over at Therese, who was standing up as she slipped out of her panties. “Look how dirty I am.” Stepping toward him, she rubbed gardening soil all over her bare breasts. “It’s everywhere now. It won’t come off. Can you clean me up?”

Frightened, Josh shook his head. “Stay away. You’ll get it on me, too.”

“Too late for that.” He lifted his hand and saw that it was filthy. “Better keep an eye on your sister, Josh. If you were a good brother, you wouldn’t let her do that to you.”

Just before Josh woke up, he felt Becky’s mouth slip over his cock.