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You’re, Like, the Best

[Author’s Note: The discerning reader may notice some problems with details that are discussed in this story, such as in securing visas. I’d like to remind you that there is often a big difference in the truth and what a person is told.

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Part One

Tad let the thick dick slide from his lips with a pop, and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

“Ya, bro,” he grinned. “There ya go. Like, feeling better now?”

“Oh man, Tad, that was righteous,” the young man said, with a satisfied smile on his face. “I never knew a blow job could be like that.”

“Anything for a bro, Joe,” Tad shrugged. “Come on, let’s go grab something to munch on. My mouth feels kind of empty, yah know?” He gave the man seated on the edge of the bed a leer.

“Man, you are stoned or something,” Joe said in admiration, shaking his head and grinning. His ski goggles slipped further up his head, bunching up his curly black hair, and he pulled them back down on his forehead. He put his cock away and zipped up his ski pants.

“Come on, I’m hungry,” Tad said, pulling Joe up. The two young men, barely twenty, trotted out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

“Hey, Tad, this place is something else,” one of the young men sprawled out on one of the couches in the living room called. “And you have it all to yourself?”

“Oh, yeah,” Tad nodded. “It, like, belongs to my dad, but he’s real cool. He loans it out to some of the people who, like, work for him, kind of a treat for all the work they do for him. But mostly, it’s just me when the powder’s good.”

“Yeah, the powder’s real good,” one of the guys said crossly, staring out one of the windows that faced the slopes of Lake Tahoe. “Too bad it’s all up in the air!”

The guys laughed at that.

“Anybody check the forecast?” Tad asked.

“Couldn’t find the TV,” one of the young men replied, shrugging his shoulders, which were covered by the long blonde hair that went to the middle of his back. He was considerably shorter than the others, no taller than five feet three inches, but with wide shoulders, boundless energy, and a constant fun-loving and curious attitude.

“Oh, dudes, totally my fault,” Tad told them. He picked up the remote from the round coffee table, and pointed it toward the fireplace. A screen slid down, from behind a wooden panel that had appeared decorative. Tad keyed in a channel, bringing up the local weather forecast.

“Aw, that is bad ass,” the blonde said, awestruck.

“Hush, Bill,” Tad urged, leaning forward to hear the forecast on the blizzard that was raging outside.

“-and the blizzard, which surprised everyone by coming this far south suddenly, is expected to die down in the next two days,” the announcer read. “However, this is not the good news we were hoping for, as there are two more expected to hit Lake Tahoe throughout the next week.”

“Aw, fuck!” one of the guys exploded. “I wanted to ski before break was over, damn it.” He had dark red-brown hair and a sprinkle of freckles across his face. He was a little under six foot, with a solid build.

“Calm down, Jerry,” one of the other guys, Jerry’s roommate from college, urged. Jerry’s roommate could have been Jerry’s brother, with the exception of the red hair and freckles. They had very similar builds and were the same height, as well as the same deep green eyes. Unlike Jerry, his hair was dark blonde. Both of them wore their hair short on the sides and long at the top, with the locks brushing the tips of their ears.

The sound system suddenly played an odd tune, sounding Hawaiian in an off-beat way, and Tad pointed at the screen. The words “Dad calling” were displayed in large letters.

“Hey, let me get this,” Tad said, quieting the grumbling and groaning the weather report had elicited from the guys. He held the remote up to his ear, as if it were a phone. “Yah, Dad, how’s it hanging?” His face went kind of blank for a minute, and then lit up. “For real? Man, that’s great. What’s the forecast? Aw, man, dude, that rocks. Two weeks? That calls for a party! Yeah, I’ll grab the plane out as soon as I can get to the airport. Are you going to be there? Really, like, for how long? No way! I am totally stoked, dad. Yah, for sure. Oh, Martha, right, yeah, she needs the break. Mind if I bring some friends along? You’re the best, dad. See you when we land, right?” Tad took the remote, which was also a phone, away from his face.

“Great news, dudes!” he told the waiting guys. “Dad says the surf, like, is primo right now, and the forecast says it should, like, last through the next two weeks. And I can bring all of you with me. Dad’s going to be there, too, and he’s, like, so totally cool. You’ll really dig our place.”

“Surfing at this time of year?” Jerry’s roommate laughed. “Are you nuts? We’d have to wear long underwear!” The rest of the guys, with the exception of Joe and Bill, laughed.

“No, Rob dude, Dad has a place in Australia,” Tad told him, patiently. “And it faces the Reef, dude, you never saw surf like this. You think the Pipeline is bad ass, you have to see this.”

“It’s not like we’re going to get to ski,” Joe spoke up, coming to Tad’s defense. “All we’re doing here is getting cold or sitting inside. It’s warm down there, right?”

“Oh, dude, it is bitchin’ warm,” Tad assured him. “Down there, right now, there are dudes and babes out on the beaches with no swimsuits, no shit.”

“Tad, dude, it sounds righteous,” Bill assured him. “But I don’t have my passport. My folks took it away the last time I went to Mexico without telling them.”

“Hey, no prob, dude,” Tad replied. “My dad, he does, like, a lot of work for the government. He can get you all temporary visas or some shit from the consulate. All you have to do is give me your names and all that stuff, and it will all be done by the time we land. And we don’t even have to worry about Customs and shit, because it’s my dad’s corporate jet.”

“Well, all of our stuff is already here,” Rob said doubtfully. “But can the jet take off?”

“Didn’t you, like, hear what they said about the valley floor?” Tad asked him, cocking his head. “There’s no snow down there, and it’s only partly cloudy. And Dad’s, like, calling the pilot right now, to have him start warming up the jet.”

“What about school?” Jerry asked Rob. “If we’re not back in class after break, my folks will kill me.”

“The jet can have you back in plenty of time, dude,” Tad entreated. “You can trust me to do that for you, won’t you? Seriously, Dad invited all of you, and I hate to, like, disappoint him. He’s so totally cool, you have to meet him.”

“I’m with you dude,” Bill said, standing up. “This will show my folks they can’t keep me penned up. And I want to feel the surf down there. Hope you don’t mind a noob, I haven’t surfed before.”

“Aw, no prob, dude,” Tad said, coming up to bump fists with him. “I’ve got, like, the perfect teacher for you, he, like, taught me everything I know.”

“Count me in,” another guy said. He hadn’t said much since being invited to share the lodge by Tad.

“That’s the spirit, Tony,” Tad grinned. “You won’t regret it, bro.”

Tony was of middling height, around 5′9″, and was thin. His jet black hair, wavy and hanging to his shoulders, matched his deep, dark brown eyes. His creamy skin was the color of pale coffee, obviously not the result of sun or tanning salons.

“Fuck it, let’s do it,” Rob said. “When are we leaving?”

“As soon as we get the wheels moving, dudes,” Tad said, grinning like a maniac. “My Dad, he’s flying one his people in, and she’s going to stay here for a few days, she’s been really stressed out lately. So this, like, works out for everybody. Kind of cosmic, yah know?”

As Tad pulled out of the large garage next to the ski lodge, Bill looked at the big yellow vehicle skeptically. “Man, a Hummer?” he asked. “You know what that thing does to the environment?”

“Nah, man, Dad had this made special,” Tad told him. “This is a hybrid, yah know? Dad did the company, like, a big favor a few years back, and they, like, made this special for him. That’s why it has the extra seats, yah know?”

The guys looked, and noticed that the large vehicle had three rows of passenger seats.

“Besides, it’s four-wheel drive,” Tad shrugged. “They won’t let us out on the highway in this unless we have four-wheel. And we’ve got chains on it too, for added protection.” He laughed. “Toss the bags in the back, dudes, the surf is calling.” The back gate swung open at the push of a button, and the guys tossed their bags in. Their skis were affixed to the top of the large, boxy vehicle, and they piled in. Tad pulled away from the ski lodge.

“I need your ID’s, and your Social Security Cards, dudes,” Tad told them, as he punched a number in on the keypad next to his seat. “So Dad can make sure everything is copacetic, yah know?”

The guys heard a woman answer the telephone, via the hand’s free system built into the vehicle. “Good morning, Tad, how can I help you?”

“Hey, Gloria, good to hear you,” Tad enthused. “I’m flying home, and, like, bringing a bunch of my buds with me. Dad said you could arrange temporary visas or something.”

“Of course, Tad, I was expecting your call, but not quite this quickly,” Gloria replied warmly. “Read me off their information, and I’ll double-check. One at a time, okay?”

“No prob, Gloria,” Tad replied. He turned towards the guys. “Gloria works for my dad. He says she’s, like, his second brain.” He turned back to the front. “Let me know when you’re ready, Gloria.”

One by one, Tad read off the vital information for each of the guys. A few times he’d had to stop to ask one of the guys for information that was not included on the identification cards.

“Why do you need to know next-of-kin?” Bill asked, worriedly.

“The Australian government just likes to have a contact, just in case,” Gloria replied sweetly. “They won’t process the paperwork otherwise. It’s just a formality, really. I don’t see how you’d ever be in danger, and if you do get hurt, we have doctors on call. You’d be out of the hospital before anyone could dial their number anyway.”

“Woah,” Bill said, impressed.

When it was Tony’s turn, he declined to give information.

“I have my passport,” he told Tad.

“That’s great,” Gloria replied. “Then all I need is your name, the country it was issued in, and the number. Your visa will go through even faster with that information.”

Tony hesitantly read off the information, surprising the other guys with the information he was from a small Latin American country.

“Oh, hey, we’re not going to have clothes,” Jerry suddenly realized. “All we have is winter clothes.”

“No prob, dude,” Tad replied. “Gloria, can you take care of that?”

“Sure, I just need sizes,” she replied. “Everything will be ready by the time you land.”

Each of the young men gave her their sizes.

“Gloria, you’re, like, the best,” Tad told the woman. “You have to tell me what I can get you for your birthday. Please?”

“I’m sure whatever you come up with will be fine,” she said tolerantly.

“Are you going to come out to the house while I’m home?” Tad asked.

“I may show up in a few days or so,” she said mysteriously. “We’ll have to see how things go on my trip.”

“Where are you going?” Tad asked, surprised.

“I’m in one of the other jets, on my way to Tokyo,” she laughed. “But all the information has been sent to my assistant. Tony, your visa has already been approved. The rest should be ready within the next hour or two.”

Tad laughed. “You guys see? Gloria’s the best. You have a great trip, hope to see you soon.”

“I hope so too, Tad,” Gloria replied. There was a chirp as the call disconnected.

“I have no worries now,” Bill smiled, leaning back in his seat. “I’m just going to lie back and think of hot sand, warm water, and babes with no suits on.”

The other guys laughed, agreeing.

Tad was waved through the gate at the airport, and he drove toward the waiting jet. He parked and opened the back before getting out of the vehicle. He dropped the keys in the waiting hand of an older man who came out of the plane to smile and nod at him.

“This is Emilio, he works for my dad,” Tad introduced him to the guys. “He’s, like, the best.” He clapped his hand on Emilio’s shoulder, before going to get his bag and skis from the customized Hummer.

Tad led the guys up the stairs into the jet, and showed them where to stow their belongings. Then he ran up the aisle to the pilot’s cabin. “Hey, Marco, sorry for pulling you away, man,” they heard him say. “Hope you got to have a little fun, at least.”

“I had a very good time,” an accented voice replied. “But it will be nice to go where it is warm instead. You have no need to apologize.”

“Thanks, Marco, you’re, like, the best, dude,” Tad replied before leaving the cockpit. He walked back and took a seat, sighing. “Man, that drive got me beat. I’m just going to chill for awhile.”

“Where’s the stewardess?” Rob joked.

“Sorry, dude, it’s self-serve,” Tad replied. “The bar is right there. Marco will let us know when we can move around, once we’re up in the air.” The slender, mustachioed pilot came out of the cockpit to pull the door shut.

“We will be leaving in just a moment,” Marco told them. “Please buckle the seat belts until we have leveled off.”

“Right on, dude,” Tad replied. He buckled up and leaned back, closing his eyes.

“You know what they were doing in the bedroom, right?” Jerry asked Ben as they helped themselves to another drink from the bar.

“Yeah, but, hey, if that’s their thing, it’s fine by me,” Ben replied. “Tad’s alright, and he’s not the kind to push it, you know? So what if he’s gay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jerry shrugged. “I hope Tad’s dad is as cool as he thinks.”

“He’s okay by me so far,” Bill grinned, holding up his drink. They clinked their glasses together, grinning.

Marco quietly stole into the passenger cabin, checking each young man to make sure they were asleep. He pulled out his cellphone, and aimed it at Bill’s face. The cellphone gave a slight click, and Bill stirred in his sleep. Marco quickly hid the phone, but Bill remained asleep.

Marco turned and took one more picture, with a determined look on his face. He set the phone to transmit the pictures to the computer hidden in the back of the plane. The computer would upload the pictures as they passed over Hawaii.

As he passed Tad, in the forward seat, he absently reached out and tousled the young man’s blonde-streaked hair. Tad smiled in his sleep and turned slightly, getting comfortable.

As the guys climbed down from the plane, Tad’s face was alight. He ran forward to hug the man standing near the edge of the tarmac.

“Dad, dude, it’s good to see you!” he exclaimed with childish delight. “Can’t believe you took some time off!”

The guys stopped and stared. It was hard to believe the two men were related.

Tad was just over six foot, and whipcord lean and muscled. His hair was almost white, and he sported long sideburns and a soul patch that were slightly darker. His eyes were a clear, sparkling blue, with hardly a thought behind them. Tad acted exactly like what he was: an addict to the extreme sports of snow and water, floating from one to the next without a care in the world.

And he had shed his ski gear before they had landed, and was wearing only a pair of long loose shorts and sandals.

His dad was taller than him, with dark brown hair. He was muscled as well, but with a solid bulk that was intimidating. He had a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. His eyes were a piercing green that measured, calculated, and analyzed. He seemed completely assured of who he was and where he was going.

He was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt of blue and cream, open all the way down, and a pair of light white pants.

The only thing they seemed to have in common was their deeply tanned skin. Tad’s eyes were circled by the pale shadows of the goggles he wore skiing, while his dad’s were unmarked.

“Well, my son and my staff keep nagging me about it,” the man replied, with a warm, confidant smile.

“Guys, this is my dad, come on, come meet him,” Tad exclaimed, waving them forward.

“It is good to meet you, sir,” Tony said, as he seemed to get pushed to the front of the line.

“Please, call me Dad,” the man replied, flashing a dazzling, perfect smile. “All of Tad’s friends do. And consider yourself welcome in my home any time. I’ll make sure you have my number before you leave, any time you want to come, all you have to do is call. I can even send the jet for you.”

Bill pushed forward to shake the man’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Dad,” he grinned. “I’m Bill.”

“Welcome Bill,” ‘Dad’ replied, looking amused.

Tad introduced each of the guys in turn. Joe was last, and seemed to be at a loss for words.

“I’m sure you’ll all be comfortable here,” ‘Dad’ smiled. “I look forward to getting to know you all. It’s a little late in the day to be taking advantage of the surf conditions, but I already started ribs cooking on the grill, they should be ready shortly after we get back.”

Tad had turned to the man who had stood behind ‘Dad’ the entire time, silently. The man was taller even than ‘Dad’, at least six foot eight inches, and was broader and more muscled. He was dressed in a light white shirt over gray slacks, all of which had the air of being a uniform because he wore it. His skin was dark, and his brown eyes were dark pools in a wide, chubby face.

“Tamma, my man,” he enthused. He raised his fist, and the man bumped his own fist against it, bottom, top, and then front, as he smiled genuinely at Tad. “This is Tamma, my dad’s right hand. He, like, practically raised me, along with Dad, of course. Going to join us on a board this time?”

“I would not miss it,” Tamma replied wryly. “Same wager?”

“Let’s up it to twenty,” Tad laughed. He turned back to the guys. “Tamma and I compete against each other, every chance we get. So far, he’s won, but I think I learned a few things last summer in Hawaii.”

“Perhaps,” Tamma shrugged. Tony watched the big man with his eyes wide, like a mouse staring at a snake.

“By the way, remember your promise,” ‘Dad’ told Tad. “No more bungee-jumping off the balcony. However,” A sly grin slid across his face, “the bridge is exactly 623 meters above the river. I had it measured.”

“No way!” Tad exclaimed, his eyes shining. “That is so rad! Oh, man, guys we are going to have a fucking blast!”

‘Dad’ waved them toward the waiting electric tram, and the boys stowed their gear in the third car, and took seats in the first and second cars. The seats faced out from the center of each car, allowing them to watch the scenery pass by. The tram left the tarmac, circled the runway, and then crossed a high bridge over a small river far below. It continued up the paved road, towards an expansive house above.

“That’s a hella house,” Bill breathed. He’d managed to scramble for the first car. Somehow Tony had also managed a seat, sitting next to the large Tamma.

“The house on the French Riviera is larger,” ‘Dad’ shrugged beside Bill. “But the penthouse in Tokyo is more expensive.”

“How many do you have?” Bill asked.

“Oh, quite a few, I suppose,” ‘Dad’ replied absently. “Mostly for appearances. I do business in a lot of different places, and it’s more convenient to have something you can call your own after a long business meeting. But this is home.”

As they walked into the huge house, the boys looked at the large, open living space in the middle. Each side, except the one looking out over the deck and the ocean, had three balconies facing inward, with rooms on each.

The living area was one large conversation pit, with sectional furniture. The wall facing the ocean was divided by a large fireplace, easily large enough fit a large freezer into.

“Rob and Jerry, you have the two rooms on the second floor, on that side,” ‘Dad’ pointed to the left. “Bill and Tony, you have the two rooms on the second floor, on that side. And Joe, you have the front room on the third floor above them. Tad’s room is on that side, on the fourth floor. I’ll ask you not to come up on the fourth floor on the left, those are my room and Tamma’s room. By the way, we have a gym on the level below this, and access to the beach is through there. If you go down during the night, be sure to turn on the lights beforehand, the switch is next to the door before you go out. The stairs down are a bit steep.”

“Clothes and surfsuits were delivered to your rooms,” Tamma noted. “If there is any problem, notify me, and I will have it fixed.”

“Woah, cool,” Bill enthused, still appraising the house. “Hell, let’s get out of these heavy clothes then.”

‘Dad’ nodded to Tamma, and they made their way up to the fourth floor.

“All of their clothing has been fitted with the patches?” ‘Dad’ asked Tamma.

“Yes, sir,” Tamma nodded. “And the sound systems have all been programmed.”

“Good, good,” ‘Dad’ replied, nodding. “Add the general programming to the living area, and the usual to the gym.”

“Of course,” Tamma nodded. He moved to the console at one side and began typing.

‘Dad’ moved to the other console, and reviewed the records displayed on the screens around him.

“So, we have the son of the managing director of Echo-dyne Industries, the son of an influential Chicago family, and the grandson of the governor of a Southern state,” ‘Dad’ gloated, rubbing his hands. “And of course, our special little project.”

“What about the other one?” Tamma asked, coming over to him.

“No connections,” ‘Dad’ shrugged, dismissively. “He’s a runaway, and seems to join groups that are going where he wants to go. He’ll do just fine. Time to widen the family circle a bit.” He glanced at Tamma. “And I want you to stay just as intimidating as you were earlier. I think it will be just the effect we need.”

“Yes, sir,” Tamma nodded, perplexed. Usually he was encouraged to be friendlier with Tad’s friends.

“Something else for you to do, before dinner,” ‘Dad’ told him. He unzipped his pants, and Tamma fell to his knees, inhaling the exposed cock with a single gulp.