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You’re, Like, the Best

[Author’s Note: The discerning reader may notice some problems with details that are discussed in this story, such as in securing visas. I’d like to remind you that there is often a big difference in the truth and what a person is told.

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Part Two

“Hey this stuff is rad,” Bill told Tad, as they met in the living room. Bill was dressed in a pair of cargo shorts, cut a little tighter than usual, in a fluorescent print of large poppy flowers in blue and white. He wasn’t wearing his shirt, a print of dark blue and fluorescent blue checks, but had it wadded up and tucked into the waist band of his shorts. The waist band of the shorts, and the side seam of the shirt, was emblazoned with the logo and name of a well-known skateboard manufacturer.

“Oh, ya, dude,” Tad grinned, bobbing his head. “Dad does a lot of business, and companies do him favors in return. We, like, always get the latest stuff, yah know?”

Tad was wearing a square-cut swimsuit, of deep red. The side panels were almost translucent, with the name of a swimwear company on the side.

“Righteous suit, dude,” Bill nodded. He looked up as he heard voices, and watched Tamma and Dad come into the room. “Woah, dude, you wearing a skirt?”

“Nah, man, it’s, like, a sulu,” Tad laughed easily. “Tamma is from Fiji, and that’s what the dudes there wear, like, when they want to relax, yah know?”

Bill nodded and shrugged, grinning apologetically at Tamma. “Cool tattoos, dude,” he told Tamma.

The big man grinned at that, as the tattoos covered him from the waist band of the thin cotton fabric that was wrapped around his waist to his ribs. They seemed to continue below the waistband. His muscles were more impressive, now that they could be seen without the impediment of intervening clothing.

“The ribs should be almost done,” Dad announced, as the other guys came down the stairs. “Tad, will you bring the salad out? Tamma will manage the rest. The rest of you, come, you must be hungry.”

The young men followed him eagerly, although Tony edged around Tamma nervously. The large man affected not to notice, as he turned towards the kitchen, following Tad.

Dad stacked the platter with the smoking ribs, and doled out a full slab of ribs to each young man. Tad came out with a large bowl of salad and several decanters of dressing. Behind him, Tamma carried out several bowls of side dishes, laid side by side up each arm. The guys watched, impressed, as he transferred the bowls of food to the table with a minimum of effort.

“I forgot the beer,” Dad said sadly. “No Tamma, sit, you’ve done your part.” He turned to Bill. “Will you help me bring them out?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Bill grinned. He followed Dad into the house.

“Oh, dudes, watch out for the brews, yah know?” Tad told the guys. “This is the real stuff, not what they sell in the States. It’ll knock you on your ass if you’re not careful.” He gave a hearty laugh. “Can’t surf very well with a hangover, yah know?”

“Holy hell,” Joe noted, staring at the aluminum tub filled with ice that Dad and Bill were carrying out. “Those are beer cans?”

“That’s how they do it here, dude,” Tad grinned. “They’re called oil cans. But nothing inside by sweet nectar of the gods.” He jumped up to grab beers from the tub, handing them out to the guys.

“Damn, real Foster’s,” Jerry swore, impressed. “I’ve heard about this stuff.”

“Eat up, boys,” Dad told them. “Don’t let these ribs go to waste. The finest beef Argentina has to offer.”

The guys started working on the ribs with gusto, with frequent trips to the tub for refills on beer.

The house seemed quiet, as the guys had retreated to their rooms after such a filling, and inebriating, dinner. Jerry and Rob had helped each other back upstairs, with much stumbling and swaying. Bill had to be carried to his bed by Tamma.

A single figure crept up the stairs from the third floor to the fourth. He hesitated, his hand raised as if to knock, and looked around guiltily. His hand fell to the knob instead, and slowly eased the door open. He closed it softly behind him.

He walked over to the bed, and stared at the man on the bed, lying on his stomach and splayed out like a sleeping cat. He reached down and shook the man’s shoulder.


“Dude, you gotta help me out,” Joe whispered hoarsely. He reached down into his shorts and squeezed his cock. “Man, I’m in serious pain here.”

Tad blinked, and he smiled wide. “I don’t know, bro. I got the same problem, yah know?” He rolled over, revealing his engorged cock. “I kinda need some help myself, dude.”

Joe stared at the cock standing up from Tad’s crotch. Tad was uncircumcised, and the foreskin had drawn back just far enough to show the glistening head in the pale light through the windows.

“How about we help each other out, dude,” Tad suggested slyly, reaching out to stroke Joe’s cock through the thin material of his shorts. “Like, bro to bro.”

Joe gave a tiny whimper in the back of his throat, as Tad undid his shorts. He couldn’t take his eyes off Tad’s thick cock, and he swallowed reflexively as he saw a single bead of moisture squeeze out of the piss slit.

“What do you say, bro?” Tad asked huskily, as he ran his hands over Joe’s ball sac. “Just between bros, no big deal, right? Come on, lay down.”

Joe laid down next to Tad, his face near Tad’s crotch, in a daze. Tad nuzzled into Joe’s crotch, breathing deep of the musky aroma, and then started licking Joe’s pole. Joe gave a low moan, and his tongue reached out for that shining bead on the tip of Tad’s cock.

“Ya, bro, see how good it is?” Tad said cheerfully, when they were done. He and Joe were cuddled together on the large bed. Tad’s fingers were gently passing back and forth through Joe’s short black curls.

“Never did anything like that before,” Joe gasped. “Dude, it was great. But it just made me hornier.”

“Should have said something bro,” Tad replied, sitting up. “I’ll take care of you, you bet. Just lie here, and I’ll make you feel real good. Hey, you want some primo weed? That should mellow you some.”

“Yeah, bro, that’d be, like, the best,” Joe smiled lazily.

Tad reached over Joe to the nightstand, to fumble in a drawer. Joe stared up at Tad’s pierced nipple, mesmerized. Before Tad could move, Joe reached out with his tongue to lick it and play with the moderate guage ring.

“Ah, bro, you’re getting into this, for sure,” Tad groaned. “Ah, man, that’s nice. You sure you want weed? I got some X, too.”

Joe kept working on the nipple, his mind far away. He sucked on it, and allowed his teeth to graze the tip. As Tad gave a hiss, he drew back a little.

“Fuck that,” Joe told him. “Just want you, bro.”

“Ah, bro, I got so much to show you,” Tad told him. “Going to blow your mind, dude.” He sat back up. “Roll over, bro. I’m going to make you feel totally boss.” He flipped Joe over, and straddled the guy’s ass. He began kneading Joe’s muscles, and stroking up and down his sides and spine.

Joe suddenly felt himself melt into Tad’s hands, and sighed gratefully. The vibrating tension that seemed to have infected him subsided, and he could only feel warm waves of pleasure radiating from where Tad touched him.

Tad slipped farther down, and began to massage Joe’s well-shaped butt. He allowed his thumbs to graze the delicate bud of Joe’s hole, sending further waves of pleasure through the other young man. He slipped further down, and lowered his face toward that cleft, licking and thrusting with his tongue. He could feel the rosebud react, clenching and relaxing. He used his fingers to draw the two cheeks further apart, continuing his courtship of Joe’s musky hole.

Joe moaned, as he bucked against the mattress. He thrust his ass back at Tad, instinctively, as he writhed on the mattress. He drew his knees up, raising his ass, and he propped himself up on his elbows.

“You enjoying this, bro?” Tad asked, lifting his face up as he put one of his fingers up Joe’s ass. He screwed the finger in gently, and allowed a second to trace circles around the puckered lips of Joe’s ass.

“Ah,” Joe moaned. “Ah, bro, more! I need more, bro. Give it to me.”

“Hey, anything for you, bro,” Tad told him, stroking Joe’s back with his other hand. “You’ve got a bitchin’ butt, bro. Totally gnarlatious.” He allowed some spit to fall onto his cock, and worked it in. Then he worked up a gob and let it drip on Joe’s ass, lubing the ass. He aimed his cock at Joe’s hole, as he removed his finger. Joe gave a whimper, and thrust backward, trying to recapture the feeling. Tad leaned forward at the same time, and the head of his cock popped into the abused hole.

Joe gave a cry, pushing himself up on his hands, in shock. Tad wrapped his arms around him, and whispered into his ear.

“Nah, bro, easy,” Tad told him. “Just take a breath, dude. Let it ride, let it pass. You’re totally rocking now, bro.” Tad nibbled on Joe’s ear and licked the side of his neck. His fingers played with Joe’s nipples, waiting patiently. “This is, like, the wave that never dies, dude. Just wait for it, and it’ll take you on a great ride.”

Tad continued to manipulate Joe’s nipples, and chew on his ear and neck. Gradually, Joe relaxed, and began to twist his hips a little. Then he began to thrust back, just a little.

“That’s it, bro,” Tad told him. “Just ride the wave.”

“Ah,” Joe moaned. He began bucking backwards more, giving small gasps at the edge of each thrust. He turned his head suddenly, catching Tad’s mouth with his. Tad brought one hand up behind Joe’s head, as they kissed passionately. Joe sucked on Tad’s tongue, as he drove his ass backwards on Tad’s cock.

Tad brought his other hand down to Joe’s cock, allowing Joe’s own thrusts back and forth to give strength to his own strokes on the hard cock. He grazed the sensitive flesh of Joe’s cock with his thumbnail, eliciting hoarse gasps from Joe. He alternated fierce squeezes with gentle strokes of his fingertips, driving Joe crazy with the combination of sensations. He moved his other hand back to Joe’s nipples, teasing him further.

Tad felt Joe’s cock start to jump, at the same time as there were twitches in Joe’s ass-ring.

“That’s it, bro,” Tad encouraged. “Feel that primo wave. Ride it, feel it take you, dude. Yeah, bro. That’s it, this wave is all yours.”

Joe began a loud, grunting moan. Joe’s cock began spurting a thick load all over Tad’s fingers, as his ass started squeezing Tad’s cock with delicious pain. Tad gripped Joe’s chest tight as he began to thrust hard into Joe’s ass.

“Yeah, bro, yeah!” Tad shouted. “Aw, bro, yeah, you’re taking my load!” Tad’s cock pumped a copious load into Joe’s ass, as he continued his encouragement and congratulations to Joe.

The two young men collapsed on the bed, on their sides, with Tad’s cock still in Joe’s ass. Tad raised himself on one elbow, smearing Joe’s load over the young man’s washboard stomach. He brought his hand up to his mouth, licking off the rest as Joe watched him.

“Aw, bro, that is so hot,” Joe told him. “Don’t take it out, please, bro. Feels so good, like, it belongs there, yah know?”

“No prob, bro,” Tad replied, kissing Joe. “Feels good to me too. Ya want to try some weed now?”

Joe reached up a hand and grabbed Tad’s wrist. “I want to try some of this, dude. I want to, like, see if it tastes like yours.” He licked Tad’s fingers, pulling each one into his mouth and sending his tongue down between each finger. After a few minutes, he released Tad’s thumb with a pop. “That, like, tastes alright, but your load is mucho primo, bro. But yah know, I could go for a little reefer right now.”

Tad reached for the lighter and the joint behind him, lighting the joint and passing it to Joe. “This is the way life is supposed to be, bro. Just having fun and getting mellow with your best buds.”

“Ya, bro,” Joe nodded, holding in the smoke as he passed the joint to Tad. “Totally.”

Below, in the other rooms, two of their friends continued to toss and turn in their sleep. Another slept deeply, snoring softly. The fourth laid sprawled out on his bed, a grin on his face and a large load pooling on his stomach.

“Excellent,” Dad nodded, approving. The monitors showed everything that had happened during the night. Tad and Joe had spent the rest of the night entwined on Tad’s bed, Tad’s cock up Joe’s ass. And it appeared that both had orgasmed several times in their sleep.

Bill had cum several times in his sleep, at least four times.

“Continue the broadcasts with the other three, at the same level,” Dad told Tamma. “Let’s step it up on our primary target, though. I want the patches working on his hormones an extra 20%, and step the submissive subliminals to level five, 75 hertz. The shampoo and soap is already in place, correct?”

Tamma nodded, as he continued to suck on Dad’s dick. He wouldn’t be allowed to speak until Dad had cum.

Dad leaned back into his chair, smiling as he remembered when this plan had first begun.

“You have a choice,” he told the man in front of him coldly. “You can return the money you embezzled, or you and your wife can go to prison for the rest of your lives.”

“We can’t return it, the medical bills-“ the man objected. He was the executive in charge of the San Francisco office, and Dad had invited his family to visit for the weekend.

“If you had come to me, I would have taken care of your mother-in-law’s bills,” Dad replied. “Completely free and clear. And it wasn’t all bills, you built a new house and took your family on a cruise in the Mediterranean. Too bad you mistook price for quality, you would have had a better time on a more moderately-priced cruise, and gotten more for your money. But I’m aware that your wife was the one that can be blamed for that. I fully realize that you are not the only one to blame. Your wife is a money-grubbing bitch, and a shameless ladder-climber. Corporate Security has plenty of evidence to charge you both.” Dad leaned back in his chair, glaring at the man standing before his desk. “I would suggest that you and your wife borrow one of my cars, and go for a drive while you discuss it. I do not think your son should have to overhear any distressing conversations. It certainly isn’t his fault, is it?”

“No, sir,” the man replied, looking ashamed of himself.

“Here,” Dad threw him a set of keys. “Those are the keys to the Range Rover. I’ll expect your answer when you get back.”

The man caught the keys and scurried out. Dad turned to the young man standing behind his right shoulder.

“Make sure they do not become an embarrassment,” he told Tamma. “And I warn you, if they do, then you become one, as does your father. And the Fiji government has less tolerance for embarrassment than I do.”

“Yes, sir,” Tamma fumed. “As you say.” He left the office, his posture stiff.

An hour later, Dad went down the stairs to the beach, where several staff members were keeping the boy entertained. The boy was impatient to attempt his first go at surfing, but the staff were professionals.

“G’day, sir,” the surf instructor called as he approached. “Ready to head out on the waves yourself?”

“Not today, Malcolm,” Dad replied. “I need to borrow your student for a bit.”

“Of course, sir,” Malcolm nodded, sobering at Dad’s tone. “I’ll just go check the forecast, then.” He trotted away toward the small shelter built into the side of the cliff at the bottom of the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” the boy asked, worried.

“Tad, I’m very sorry, but I have some bad news,” Dad began gently, his face full of sorrow. “Your parents went out for a drive after lunch. They weren’t planning to be gone long, and asked us to watch you until they got back.” He gave a heavy sigh. “There was an accident, Tad, I’m very sorry. They won’t be coming back.”

The ten year old’s lower lip trembled, and he tried to blink away the tears. Dad reached out to him, and held him tight as the boy bawled.

“They asked me to watch out for you,” Dad repeated. “And that’s what I’m going to do. Don’t worry, you’ll be like my own son. You’ll have Tamma and Malcolm, and me, and the rest of the staff to help you. You don’t have to worry about anything, for the rest of your life.”

The boy had continued to cry into his shoulder, but it wasn’t the tears of fear or uncertainty, only the tears of grief. And he’d gripped Dad tight, like a drowning man grips a lifejacket.