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You’re, Like, the Best

[Author’s Note: The discerning reader may notice some problems with details that are discussed in this story, such as in securing visas. I’d like to remind you that there is often a big difference in the truth and what a person is told.

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Part Five

The scene on the deck was as Malcolm described it, although there was a bit more to it. Rob and Jerry shared a chair, and were kissing often. Their hands roamed over each other’s bodies frequently.

Tony was seated on Tamma’s leg, leaning back against the big guy’s chest. Tamma fed both of them with his fingers, and Tony was obviously enjoying licking the fingers clean. Feeding Tony in this manner did not seem to present a challenge to Tamma, as Lorenzo had prepared an exotic breakfast: a spicy concoction of tomatoes, peppers, sausage, corn, and black beans, over corn tortillas, with poached eggs on top. But Tamma laughed delightedly every time he had to wipe off Tony’s chin.

Joe kept reaching over to tug on Tad’s nipple rings, while Tad tickled him in return.

“Damn, bro, I really want one of those,” Joe told Tad. “Maybe two.”

“We can arrange that,” Dad told him. “But you’ll be very tender for a while. Tell me when, and I’ll make the call. A friend enjoys making house calls.”

“I wouldn’t mind one of these, dude,” Bill observed, fingering the ring in Malcolm’s erect cock. “Damn, I wish I was uncut like you two. That would be awesome.”

Dad winked at Malcolm, and Malcolm shrugged.

“Alright, you randy bugger, sit down and eat,” Malcolm growled, pushing Bill toward the table.

“We should hit the gym today, dudes,” Tad suggested. “Don’t want to get out of shape, yah know?”

“Yeah, dude,” Jerry nodded. “That would be a mondo waste. I like my guy toned up.”

“Then I should, like, stop eating,” Rob laughed. “Zio’s going to make me all flabby, and stuff.”

“I’ll work it off ya, bro,” Jerry told him.

“How do I get as big as you, Papi?” Tony asked Tamma.

“Like I said, I will help you,” Tamma told him.

“I was really hoping to, like, catch some waves today,” Bill protested. “And my tan is all gnarly, bros.”

“No problem, dude,” Tad shrugged. “We can work out this morning, and, like, hit the beach after lunch. Plenty of rays, too.”

“Ya, that’s cool,” Bill nodded. He looked up as Lorenzo, naked except a short apron that did nothing to hide his swinging dick, came out onto the deck, carrying a large pitcher. “Morning, Zio,” he said brightly. “Hope I get to, like, help you with dinner tonight.” He laughed wickedly.

Lorenzo gave him a knowing smile as he set the pitcher down in front of Bill. “Yes, you will. Here is the extra special juice I am promising you last night. Make sure to drink it all, is very good for you.”

“Ya, Zio,” Bill grinned, pouring a glass with anticipation. “You’re, like, the best.”

Dad smiled as the young men settled down to eat their breakfasts.

The jets were all waiting for them as the tram pulled up next to the tarmac. Dad gave each of the boys a hug as they collected their gear.

“Dad, thanks for everything,” Rob told him, giving Jerry a tender look as they held hands. “You really helped us a lot. If it weren’t for you...” He choked up, and rubbed at his eyes with his free hand.

Rob and Jerry now looked close enough to be brothers. The deep tan had covered up Jerry’s freckles, and months of workouts and playing in the sun had toned them both up considerably. And the sun had lightened both boys’ hair to a significant degree. Like the other boys leaving, they had new passports as Australian citizens, and very little to indicate they were anything but what they seemed: migratory fun-seeking young men with a lot of money and nothing to do.

Jerry’s family refused to admit he existed now, although they had bowed to Dad’s pressure. Rob’s mother had tried to enlist the aid of several private investigators to find her son. Rob had not appreciated the news that she had reserved a suite for him at a private mental hospital, so Dad had sent the investigators to chasing their tails on numerous false leads. Not even the Australian government knew the boys had been at the house, contrary to what Gloria had told them.

“You two just be good to each other, and keep up the good work,” Dad told them, gathering them both into a heartfelt hug. “Have fun in Vail, and I will probably see you in a few months in Malibu. You have my number, and the codes for the lodge. You need anything, you let me know.”

“You bet,” Jerry nodded, looking sad. “Going to really miss you, Dad.”

“I’ll be around,” Dad laughed. “Go on, there’s fresh snow falling and you don’t want to miss that, either.” He gave the boys a slight shove toward the waiting plane.

“Yo, Dad,” Tad said, hugging him. “Don’t get too lonely out there, you hear?”

“I’ll have Tamma and Tony to keep me company,” he assured Tad. He accepted a hearty hug from Joe as well.

The previous night had been a surprise. Dad had suddenly been joined in bed by Tad and Joe, for a special going-away present. After several hours of fucking, they’d fallen asleep spooned together, Dad’s cock in Joe’s ass and Joe’s in Tad’s.

“We have to catch up again, soon, Dad,” Joe told him. “Just the three of us, yeah? Have some good times and just chill together.”

“Soon, Joe,” he nodded, amused. “If I don’t catch up to you in Rio next month, I’ll arrange something.”

Joe had, suddenly and without warning, decided to shave his head, since the additives in the soap and shampoo were not lightening his hair as fast as he wanted. His goatee was several inches long, though, and bleached white by Lorenzo. His tan was not as extreme as Bill’s, but he hadn’t had the “assistance” Bill had received.

While most of Joe’s family had been aghast to find out he was gay, one member of the family had taken him under his protection: a renegade uncle who had made his own way in the world under similar circumstances. Dad had been impressed by the man’s courage and tenacity, and had flown him to the house for a meeting. Dad’s company now subsidized the man’s pro bono work as a civil rights lawyer, and Joe would be on the look-out for potential clients.

“Go on, boys,” Dad told them, and they trotted off to their jet without a look back. Dad walked back towards the tram, where Tamma, Tony, and Bill waited. The two jets took off in opposite directions.

With intensive training by Tamma, and the nutritional aid of Lorenzo, both young men had bulked up considerably, without steroids. However, they were, as the phrase went “night and day.”

With the help of certain drugs that stimulated hair growth, Bill was now more hirsute than Malcolm. His training had emphasized his arms, legs, and ass, although his chest and abs were in good shape. Dad had given in to the young man’s pleas, and given him subliminal and hypnotic training; Bill now spoke in a rough Australian accent as if he had been born to it. The white-gold hair that flowed down his back and the sun-bleached body hair that spread across his entire body practically glowed against his dark bronze skin.

And according to Lorenzo and Malcolm, who took him to their home every night, Bill was an insatiable bottom and submissive. Bill was usually dressed in as little as possible. At that moment, he wore only a pair of sandals. Each of the guys had tweaked his new PA as they made their farewells to him.

Since he had been a runaway, it was easy to create a new identity for Bill. It was essential to do so, since Lorenzo and Malcolm both travelled out of the country on business for the company at times, and there was no reason for them to do so alone.

Tony’s workouts had emphasized his chest and arms more than Bill, to the point where he could not hold his arms close to his sides. Dad had allowed him access to some advanced research, and Tony had undergone melanin treatments and several hours of sun lamp exposure. His skin was now even darker than Tamma’s.

Tony dressed identical to Tamma at all times, and was learning some of the fighting styles that Dad’s bodyguard was proficient in. He had actually proposed that he act as a bodyguard himself at times, and had strongly argued that it would be easier for him to guard Tad or one of his friends than Tamma.

Dad gave them all a sad smile and got into the tram.

Each of the boys had been given gear marked with the logos of companies that had been vetted for their business practices and the way they treated both customers and employees, and what causes they supported. Every piece of clothing had the subliminal patches in them, focused outward, repeating the names and slogans of those companies.

Tad, and not Dad, had taught the boys about investments, commodities, and banking. Each of the boys had their own portfolios to manage.

“I think Lorenzo is preparing something special for us this afternoon,” he said conversationally. “Perhaps afterwards you’d like to try hang-gliding down to the beach?”

“Oh, yah, Dad, that’d be bitchin’,” Bill enthused.

“Yah, Dad, you’re, like, the best!” Tony nodded, grinning with anticipation.

“Didn’t I tell you you’d have a good time?” Tad asked Joe, as they watched the clouds go by beneath them.

“Yeah, yah did,” Joe nodded. “You do really good work, bro.”

“Hey, they’re all happier now, right?” Tad shrugged.

“If Bill, like, got any happier, he’d have a telephone pole up his ass,” Joe laughed. “I can’t get over it. You, like, really did all that?”

“Dude, I was doing shit like that when I was nine,” Tad grinned. “My first dad and my mom never would have screwed up that bad if it weren’t for me, though he was already skimming from the company and she was already a bitch. But I knew the old man would take a personal interest if they got caught. And it was easy as hell to wrap him around my finger. I think he figured it out around the time I turned 14. But by then, he was happy and was liking what was going on.”

“You really going to teach me all that stuff?” Joe asked, his eyes alight.

“I’m going to teach you things you’ve never dreamed of,” Tad told him, holding him close as he played with the rings through Joe’s nipples.

“Aww, bro,” Joe hissed with pleasure. “You’re, like, the best.”