The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Youth of the Dark Lord

Chapter Eight

by Jennifer Kohl

Maida cowered at Karnath’s feet, trembling. He stood over her, stretching, examining his nude body. “Yes...” he purred, and she shivered at the sound of his tones emerging from Tyryn’s lips. “You have corrupted this body nicely, slut. It is mine, now.”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Tremble, mortals! The dread Karnath walks amongst you once more!”

He glared down at Maida. “Why are you not kneeling, slave? Do you not recognize your master?”

Whimpering, Maida scrambled to get on her knees.

“That’s better,” Karnath said smugly, patting her on the head. There was something proprietary in the way he did it, something that made her feel even dirtier and more controlled than if he had struck her or groped her. And even now, in the face of this horror... she liked it.

“I...” she stumbled over the words. But what else could she do? She was clearly lost. The demon had his claws so deep in her that she liked his control, wanted more of it. So she may as well seek more; it wasn’t like she had a choice, anyway. “I am your humble servant, Master. Please use me as you wish.“

Karnath laughed again. “I intend to.” He dropped his hand to her chin and tilted her face up to look down at her.

Maida kept her eyes downcast. She couldn’t bear to see Karnath looking out through Tyryn’s eyes. Karnath ran his thumb over her lips, and she shivered, but obediently sucked when he pushed it into her mouth.

“Your capacity for corrupting others pleases me, Maida. I wish for you to use it more. I want you to go down to the village and let it be known that your mouth is now for public use by anyone who desires it. The rest of you is still mine, of course, and not to be used without my permission—but you will use your mouth to pleasure all comers.”

Maida whimpered around his thumb, her eyes tightly closed. She already knew she would obey, that she would expose and humiliate herself to the people of the village. She had no choice and no hope.

“How does that make you feel?” Karnath asked, removing his thumb from her mouth, and Maida gasped as a wave of lust passed through her.


“No hesitation,” growled Karnath. “No lies! Answer my question!”

“It excites me,” Maida said quietly.

“Good. And what does that make you? What kind of woman is excited by the prospect of being passed around like a toy?”

“A slut,” said Maida, trembling with fear and excitement and desire.

“And that is all you ever were, and all you will ever be. Say it!”

“A slut... is all I ever was, and all I will ever be.”

“Get on the bed,” Karnath ordered, and Maida scrambled to obey. “Repeat as I take you.”

Maida began chanting the phrase over and over, punctuated by Karnath’s thrusts into her. “A sluuuu-ut! Is all! I ever was! And all! I’ll ever be! A slut! Is all I ever was! And all I’ll ever be! A slut! ...ohhhh... is all I ev-ever was, and allllllll I’ll ever be!” Her chanting rose to a crescendo, accelerating as he wound her up tighter and tighter, until at last she exploded with their mutual release. “ALL I’LL EVER BE!”

She fell back, panting, on the bed, but Karnath wasn’t about to let her rest. He began squeezing and pinching her sensitive breasts while she whimpered and squirmed beneath him. “You pathetic, filthy creature,” he told her. “You are fit only to be fucked, barely worthy even to be a slave to a demon. Now that I possess this body, and am free to roam your world and taste of all the many pleasures of my new flesh, I am sorely tempted simply to discard you.”

Maida’s eyes flew open as she stiffened in terror. “No! Please! You’re right, Master, I am pathetic, I’m filthy, I’m worthless, but please, please don’t cast me aside! I... I need this. I need you... there’s nothing left for me anymore!”

Karnath’s smile was savage, possessive, and cruel. “Then swear always to obey me, in all things, without question. You are not fit to serve me, but if you devote yourself utterly to doing so, then I suppose I will permit you to remain with me while I do my work. If I am feeling generous, I may even let you assist me.”

“Oh yes,” Maida said eagerly. “Anything, please! I am your loyal servant, always! I’ll go down to the village for you, fuck anyone you want!”

“Yes, you will,” Karnath replied. “But not yet. There is something else I desire first.” He got out of bed and started to walk toward the door, then collapsed.

“Master!” Maida called out in alarm.

* * *

Tyryn grinned to himself as he fell to the floor. Maida was just about broken, but he needed to be sure that she would put nothing above him, not even... well, not even him. Wiping the smile from his face, he turned over and reached out pleadingly to her. “Maida...” he moaned.

She rushed forward and grasped his hand. “What is it, Master?”

“Help me... it’s... it’s got me...”

Her jaw dropped. “Tyryn? Is that you?”

“Yes... Maida, help me...” Tyryn shook his head, then shoved Maida roughly back. “What are you doing, slave?” he demanded.

He watched the war within Maida that briefly flickered across her face. He knew she was struggling between her growing need to submit and serve, and the last embers of hope ignited by learning Tyryn still lived. If she kept quiet, Tyryn knew, she believed she might be able to work with Tyryn to defeat Karnath. But if she revealed his presence, she might earn her Master’s favor.

In the end, it was no struggle at all. “It was Tyryn, Master. He exists within that body still, and begged for my aid.”

Tyryn briefly suppressed a sly smile, then realized that now that Maida accepted him as the demon Karnath, there was no need to hide it. He stepped toward her and again tilted her chin up to look at him. “Good girl,” he said. “I felt him resurfacing, and would have punished you severely for lying. Instead, I shall allow you to assist me in destroying him once and for all.”

Maida’s eyes widened slightly and her face paled, but she remained quiet and still. “Yes, Master,” was all she said.

“Twice now I have claimed you in his body. Twice he has spilled his seed under my control, within my slave. His soul hangs on by only a thread; once more, and it will be destroyed entirely. I and only I will remain, forever.”

Maida nodded. “I—I’ll serve you however you desire, Master. Tell me what I need to do.”

“Then I order you to murder Tyryn.”

In shock, Maida stumbled back from the kneeling position she’d moved into, sprawling on her backside. She looked up at Karnath in horror, and he only smiled back down at her, watching while she wracked her brain for some way out of murder. “Master... but... if I destroy the body you just won—”

Tyryn laughed. “You are correct, slave. Perhaps you possess some small glimmer of intellect after all. The murder I wish you to perform is not the destruction of a body, but something far worse: complete the destruction of Tyryn’s soul.”

Maida gulped, then nodded. “What must I do?”

“As I said, one more time spilling his seed in my slave, under my control, and he will be gone forever. Your job is simple, one of the few for which you are actively qualified: suck his cock. I will hold him in place, but otherwise release his body back to his own control. You will keep sucking no matter what he does or says; when you finish, he will be gone.”

“Yes Master,” Maida replied, returning to her knees. A moment later her warm lips were around Tyryn’s cock as she began to suck.

Tyryn gave her one last smug smile before closing his eyes and returning to his Tyryn character. Hmm, he thought. Actually, that’s true. Tyryn has always been who I pretended to be, but the Karnath character, demon though he may be, is far closer to my true self. Perhaps I should start calling myself that... But now wasn’t the time.

“Maida,” he whimpered, trying to put as much pathetic pleading into it as he could. Fortunately, he now had an excellent idea of what pathetic pleading sounded like, thanks to Maida. “Please, please stop. We could fight him together...”

Maida just kept sucking.

“Please! You don’t have to do this! I’m sorry I didn’t understand what was happening to you, but I understand now! I can help you! None of this was your fault!” She kept going, though he could see tears forming at the corners of her tightly shut eyes. “Maida, stop this! You’re going to kill me, don’t you understand? Do you hate me this much? Maida! Maida, please! We’ve worked together most of our lives as apprentices, we can do this together too! Just fight him! Don’t... don’t...” He could feel himself getting close. “Maiiiddaaaaaa..!”

He came down her throat, and then pulled back. “You pathetic, worthless little worm,” he laughed. “I didn’t need to control or compel you at all! You just happily betrayed your fellow apprentice. How does that feel?” As he asked the question, he flooded her body with arousal and pleasure.

Maida gasped. “It feels good, Master! How can it feel so good?”

“Because you are serving me,” he replied. “Obedience to my will is all that matters now. You truly will do anything I desire.”

“Oh, yes,” she said fervently. “Anything!”

“Good,” he replied. “Now come with me to the cellar.” And now I truly am Karnath, he thought. It was strangely freeing. I don’t have to pretend to be one of these simpering, sentimental sots. I’m finally free to fulfill my destiny, once I figure out what it is. But first, and most important, the thing my toy and her father never understood they possessed: power.

* * *

Maida sighed and rubbed her eyes. It was exhausting, pouring through all of the texts her father had dutifully copied. He’d never spoken much about them; she knew that in the old country he’d been a bookbinder—not the kind that bound pages into books, but the kind that bound power. He was trained in the art of safely placing a spell into a book, where it could be learned. When... whatever had happened to send him to the Tin Islands happened, he had brought a handful of books with him, and painstakingly copied them over years. As he finished each one, he went on one of his journeys to rid himself of the original, but she’d never understood why.

Nothing in the books she went through helped. She wasn’t even clear on why Karnath wanted her to study these things, though she had some dark suspicions. He had told her to seek out spells of destruction, binding, and especially control; it was pretty clear that he intended to turn her into a weapon.

I was supposed to be a healer, she thought. Like father. I don’t know why he copied out all this knowledge, but he rejected it, too. He’s spent his whole life ridding himself of it. Now, in service to a demon, I’m... She looked down at her notes again. I’m learning how to construct glamours to befuddle and enslave. I’m learning to shape fire and manipulate thought. All so I can earn a chance to help the monster who hollowed out my father’s apprentice and wears him like a cloak.

But she knew it wasn’t true. She was the one who corrupted Tyryn, and she was the one who completed his destruction. She was already a weapon in the hands of the demon; all she could do was obey his commands to become a better one. She shuddered to think who he might use her against next.

Then she heard noise from upstairs: the tower’s main door opening, familiar footsteps entering. She raced upstairs at the same time as Karnath raced down, so they reached the main floor at the same time.

“Hello, my children,” said Vilnus, smiling. “How did you fare in my absence?”

* * *