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Yuma Blood Farm

Twenty miles south of San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico on a dark desert highway, with only the stars for light… Maya shivered against her mother’s side. It wasn’t just the cold. She was nervous about the crossing they were going to attempt—to get into the USA.

Maya, and Carmen her mom were waiting, squatting amongst the bushes. There were others there, none of whom they knew, but all wishing to get to the United States, so close now you could almost taste the freedom.

Only three months earlier Maya’s younger sister Maria had made this same journey, with her boyfriend Pedro. Maya had not heard word at all in this time until just a few days ago.

Maria had given them specific instructions on where to cross over. She had made it, so it should be okay.

Maya looked about at the group who were there—almost all young women. And then there was one there, out of place.

Maya had gathered the woman’s name was Lilith. Lilith didn’t seem to belong there; she had a bearing—a presence—that did not speak of desperation. A night earlier a man, a slovenly former cop—Pablo—had been with them. He had groped Maya and put his hand between her legs. Of course she could not go to the cops and complain… it would have only made matters worse.

But… Lilith had stepped out of the shadows and confronted Pablo. They went off into the night, and only Lilith returned. No one saw Pablo again.

Everyone wondered what had happened to Pablo. They were glad he was gone, but it was a little strange. Maya thanked Lilith anyway. Maya felt a kind of attraction towards Lilith—such was her presence.

Lilith was tall. She stood to her full height too, no slouching. She looked like she never bowed to anyone or ever had to fight for a slice of bread as Maya had. She was pale. And, even in the night you could sense her blue eyes upon you.

Maya watched Lilith intently until she heard the truck. Her mind was now focused on the headlights. Everyone stayed still… before they knew if it was okay.

The truck had writing in English which Maya didn’t understand. She spoke only the English she’d picked up from movies and songs.

Carmen was the first to stand and reveal herself, as the truck drew to a halt.

A woman leaped from the driver’s side and ran around the back and rolled up the door. “Quickly” she said in English… it was the only thing she said. Others started to rise as well and make their way. Maya simply guessed to follow everyone else.

Lilith was the last. The door was closed and in the dark they were carried across the border. Only a small light gave them any comfort. In the dark Maya strained to see the other faces there in back. She looked at Lilith and Lilith’s eyes seemed to glow—like an animal’s. It didn’t scare Maya. Maya felt uncomfortably warm; her face flushed red as she looked at Lilith. If anyone had seen her they’d have thought she had a girl-crush.

It seemed a long while before the truck lurched to a halt.

They could hear a rush of movement outside.

Unseen by those inside, a group of people in HazMat suits scurried around the truck. The driver got out and rushed away to safety.

At the back of the truck on the left side was a large metal threaded connection, like a fireman’s hose connector. A person wheeled a cylinder up to that side. A hose was taken from the cylinder and connected there to the truck.

Those inside heard the gas as it filled the back of the truck. There were screams of fear. A few were quick enough to spring to their feet, but moments later there was silence.

The back of the truck was opened.

A woman in a Hazmat suit directed that large fans begin over-head, drawing out the gas. She checked an air monitor. It was safe. She called it when it was okay and everyone took their gas-masks off

“Your highness!” she said shocked at seeing Lilith there, standing amongst the unconscious people

“You are?”

“Liza 0-10-C, Mistress” she said, bowing as Lilith stepped over the bodies.

Lilith leaped down onto the ground in a single easy effort.

“We didn’t expect you to be here… with the consignment, Mistress”

Another woman rushed up, “Mistress” she said, bowing and then straightening, “Your brother just told us you’d be checking on the operation”

Lilith ignored them as she looked about.

They were in a large warehouse, alike an abattoir’s.

“This ‘operation’ is slovenly” Lilith said with disdain

“Err…” the second woman said

“What are you?” she asked

“Maria B-C1-3, Mistress” the second woman said

“You need to be processing this cattle as soon as you open the truck..”

“But Mistress…”

Lilith turned around and slapped her, knocking Maria to the ground. “Don’t tak back to me…”

“No, Mistress” Maria cried, nursing a bruised jaw. It smarted. Lilith had not put in much effort but the strike was powerful enough.

“This whole operation is pathetic” Lilith said, “Other blood farms are working cattle far faster then this place” she continued, angrily

Just then another person stepped forward, “Trevor 9-10-C” he said, as he stepped forward

“Are you the director?” Lilith asked

“Yes, Mistress”

She grabbed him and suddenly bit into his throat . Her fangs cutting into his flesh. His blood welled up into her mouth and she sucked. As she stood, draining him of his blood two of Trevor’s security guards came running to his defence.

Lilith released him and he fell lifeless to the ground “You’re fired” she said with a sense of smugness as the dead director.

Then she dealt with the guards… that dared come at her.

They screamed with horror as they realised the mistake they’d made.

She looked at Liza “Liza 0-10-C?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“You’ve just been promoted director”

“Thank you, Mistress” the woman bowed.

Lilith stepped away. Liza snapped her fingers and had the three men’s bodies removed.

A team of people drew up in good order and they started unloading the truck

Maya was tied by her feet and hung upside down onto a hook. Immediately a small conveyor system carried her along to a processing area. Her mother was next. All the passengers were hung like meat, their unconscious bodies conveyed along.

At one point a worker stopped the line of bodies. “This one is marked for the mistress” she said. Two women came by and unhooked Maya and carried her away off down a corridor.

It was several hours before Maya woke.

Her sister Maria was there smiling

“Maria?” Maya gasped as she tried to sit up.. she had a terrible headache.

“Yes” Maria smiled, hugging her sister

“What… where am I?”

“You’re in the harem” Maria said, “You’re so lucky… you’ve been chosen for special service”

“What? What are you talking about…?”

And then she noticed her sister wearing a diaphanous pink nightie.

“What… What’s going on?”

“You’ve been selected for service… as I have” Maria said enthusiastically. She was so happy her sister was chosen to join.

“I…” Maya began, “I don’t understand…”

“We’re sex slaves” Maria smiled, “We serve the needs of our Mistress, Lilith”


“Yes” Maria beamed, “She’s a vampire… Look” Maria turned her head and pulled back her hair exposing two puncture marks on her neck, “I bear her mark…” Maria was proud. “I’ve been designated Maria 9-J-7”

Maya tried getting up

“Easy!” Maria laughed “You’ve been knocked out.. it will take a short while to get your bearings again”

“I don’t understand… How could you be saying all this?”

“It’s easy…” Maria said, “Lilith took me into her service. I love her. I’ll do anything for her… and you will too”

“I will not!” Maya said, with a more determined effort she got to her feet “Where’s momma?”

“She’s been taken to processing”


“Yes, this is a blood farm… most of the people brought in are taken to processing and their blood is harvested”

“What the …???”

“Don’t worry….” Maria said, “They’re kept alive, and they’re blood is milked from them to feed our Masters….This is one of several blood farms”

“I’m getting out of here… I need to find mamma”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you” Maria said as she grabbed her sister’s arm.

“Hey…” Maya cried as she tried to pull away… but her sister was amazingly stronger.

Maria pulled her sister back onto the bed.

“Let go”

“I can’t” Maria said, “You’ve got to stay here till the Mistress comes and converts you”

“Let go, please”

“It shouldn’t be too long… and once you’ve been converted you’ll thank me for this…”

“I’ll never be a slave”

“Oh?” Maria chuckled.

Suddenly Maya grabbed a lamp from the bedside table and swung it, catching her sister. She knocked her sister out. Maria slumped to the floor.

Maya got up and ran to the door. It was not locked. She opened it and looked outside. She was in a large house.

She ran back to the window and looked out… it was now daylight. The house seemed to be a mansion, in the middle of what appeared a normal farm. She saw a truck similar to the one that had brought her. She watched as it drove out a building.

Maya went back outside and working on where she had seen the truck she began making her way down in that direction.

She saw two women ahead and she ducked into the side. The two wore similar skimpy outfits as her sister. Maya went into a room and found it was a bedroom.

She peeled off her jeans and panties, took off her shirt and bra and slipped on a green skimpy pice of lingerie.

As she opened the door a woman walks by. But the woman, dressed as Maya was simply smiled at her.

Maya realised no one would challenge her if they thought she was already a slave. The feeling revulsed her all the same.

Maya found herself in a corridor near where the truck had come from. Here she saw unconscious women being conveyed along upside-down. Instead she followed the bodies, hoping they’d lead her to her mom.

The women looked so weird, hanging upside-down—high enough so their dangling hands didn’t drag on the floor.

Maya followed them into a large warehouse. Maya realised she was now underground.

Row after row of women lay on slightly inclined flat surfaces. Each had a small hose attached to their neck. The hose, clear plastic, showed blood drawn from them, and the hoses all lead into containers, one for each ten or so women. And the blood were collected there in the containers.

“Can I help you?” asked a young woman

“You scared me!” Maya gasped

“What is your designation”

“Maria 9-J-7” Maya lied

The young woman had a clip-board like electronic device and she check it.

“This says you belong to Lilith” she said “Is that right?”


“And what are you doing here?”

“Lilith said she was going to meet me down here…”

“I see” the young woman said.

Maya noticed the woman had a name-tag “Sonja”—not a ‘designation’ like Maria had.

“Sonja?” Maya asked


“Is it possible say… to find an individual who may have been brought in here..”

“Why would you want to do that?” Sonja asked

“I…” Maya said, “I was just curious”

“You don’t need to know the name of the cattle” Sonja laughed, “They’re food, not friends”

“Yes, yes, of course…”

“Say…” Sonja said, “Show me your marks”

“My marks?”

“Where your mistress has marked you…”


“Your mistress, my sister should have marked you…”

“Your sister?”

“Didn’t you know I’m a vampire” Sonja smiled. Maya noticed only then Sonja’s blue eyes, like Lilith’s

Sonja smiled, and as she did she let her upper canines extend into fangs.

“I… I belong to Lililith” Maya said quickly

“I don’t think you belong to anyone” Sonja said as she put down her clip-board

“I… “Maya began, she suddenly turned to run

She was half-way down the corridor and turned to see Sonja still standing there

And then, in a flash, Sonja was instead in front of her.

Sonja pushed her against the wall, and snapped her head against Maya’s throat

Maya felt a sudden sharp pain in her neck and heard Sonja grunting like an animal as she fed

And then, Maya didn’t feel any pain at all. The feeling on her throat burned, but it was no sore.

“Oh… ohhhh” she gasped and suddenly realised she was coming.

Sonja sucked and fed and Maya let out a long sigh… it was bliss.

Suddenly Sonja let her go. She’d licked over the wounds making them clot.

Maya actually looked at Sonja with a feeling of dejection… she wanted Sonja to give her that feeling she had just felt… the feeling… if she could have described it was that of feeling … needed.

Like a mother breast-feeding a child, the bond was immensely strong. She desired Sonja.

“On your knees” Sonja said

Maya fell to her knees. Sonja pulled her pants down and opened her legs

Maya looked up at the hairless pussy

“Eat it” Sonja said

Maya felt the words in her ears as if she was listening to a songbird. It felt like she had to do it

She pressed her mouth against Sonja

Only, she was not experienced at it… she’d never had sex with anyone.

Sonja was a little annoyed and pushed her pussy down onto Maya’s face. She ground her vagina over Maya and got off anyway.

She came on Maya’s face… squirting pussy juice

Maya was taken aback by this… it was unexpected, but it was not unpleasant

“Lap it up” Sonja said

“Yes, Mistress” Maya said

Ans as she did, she realised she’d just called Sonja ‘mistress’. “Does this mean I’m now a slave?” she thought to herself. And the thought didn’t revels her at all. It felt good. She found herself liking the fact she was obeying Sonja.

Sonja got her to her feet. “I designate you Maya 11-Y-C”

“Yes, mistress” she said, “I am Maya 11-Y-C”

“Come” Sonja said, “You will join my harem”

“Yes, mistress” Maya said “I will join your harem”

As they walked along they ran into Lilith

“You have my property” Lilith said

“No” Sonja said defiantly, “She was unmarked”

Lilith took hold of Maya’s head and turned it to see the fang marks on Maya’s throat.

“As you can see I have now marked her… she is mine”

“Yes” Lilith said, resigned to that fact

“What were you doing here?”

“She was looking for a cow”

“Who were you looking for?” Lilith asked

“I… I don’t know, mistress” Maya said. She looked so full of desire to Sonja. She’d forgotten all about her mother.

She could no longer remember why she was there. She was only pleased to gaze upon Sonja.

Lilith watched as her sister and her property walked off down the hall.

Sonja took Maya back to her own quarters and introduced her to the six women she kept there.. all her sex-slaves

Maya ran into her sister a day later. “You were right” Maya said to Maria.

Maria smiled, pleased that her sister had been converted too.

The End