The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


bd: bondage and/or discipline 454 stories
be: bestiality 73 stories
ca: cannibalism 5 stories
cb: comic book: super-hero/heroine 308 stories
ds: dominance and/or submission 129 stories
ex: exhibitionism 117 stories
fd: female dominant 2233 stories
ff: female/female sex 3707 stories
ft: fetish (usually clothing) 770 stories
fu: furry 64 stories
gr: growth/enlargement of bodies and parts 843 stories
hm: humiliation 324 stories
hu: humor 206 stories
in: incest 651 stories
la: lactation 165 stories
ma: masturbation 506 stories
mc: mind control 9871 stories
md: male dominant 4777 stories
mf: male/female sex 6828 stories
mm: male/male sex 1200 stories
nc: non-consensual 32 stories
rb: robots 270 stories
sc: scatology 30 stories
sf: science fiction 375 stories
ts: time stop 38 stories
ws: watersports 4 stories