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Contractual Consent (new)
by Marcus (mc ff)
Jenna signs up for a part in “Girlfriends’ Getaway”, thinking that it’s just another bikini-jiggle job. She discovers that there’s more to it than that, and that she can’t even try to get out of her contract....
Delivery (1 new chapter)
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff)
Hannah’s trying to deliver a pizza, and her customer proposes an... alternate payment method.
Devil Hunter Lace (new)
by Soul in Shadow and VeronikaLace (mc mf ff md fd cb bd)
Lace, a deadly assassin trained in ninjutsu, has been dispatched to the barony of Akehito Koyasu to investigate mysterious happenings centered around the arrival of his new wife, Lady Yoko. But all is not well in the land, and House Koyasu harbors a terrible secret.
Dictation (1 new chapter)
by HypAndy (mc mf md)
Louise takes a letter from her boss, Mr. Drowse.
Helpful Hannah (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc mf md in)
Hannah’s brother is unable to achieve orgasm...can Hannah help him?
Ikiru (new)
by fembotheather (mc ff)
Oshii, an administrative-level slave, receives a visit to the complex from Mistress Overseer.
Inheriting Control (1 new chapter)
by Jason A. Hutchinson (mc mf md)
Jared inherits a ring from a long lost relative.
Keith’s Revenge (new)
by Latexthom (mc mf ff fd ft)
A university student manufactured a device to make hypnosis unbreakable and embarks on a revenge cycle.
Kristine’s Conscience (1 new chapter)
by Sarhom (mc ff mf mm fd ma)
A girl with unlimited psychic powers calls upon her childhood friend to act as her moral guide. Can he stop her from imposing her perverted whims on everyone around her? And more importantly, will he want to?
Lifetime Alterations (new)
by webb025 (mc mm)
Lance finds himself forced to betray his family and friends at the command of a mysterious Voice.
Little Orange Camera (new)
by Lawrence Loft (mc ff gr)
A college girl and her friend stumble upon an ancient board game inside her late aunt’s home. Eager to try this piece of nostalgic entertainment they discover among its contents a little orange camera suffering from neglect and job disatisfaction. Can the two girls break free of the game before the camera uses them to reclaim its former glory?
Meena Part II, Gina (new)
by Garden Variety (mc ff mf bd)
Runaways are propositioned, controlled and fed lies by Meena and impressed to work at a porno studio.
The Question (new)
by Milo Minderbinder (mc mf fd)
Concerned about the financial costs of being enthralled to a hypno-domme, james respectfully requests that Zusa free him from her control.
Undertow (Dixon) (new)
by Dixon (mc ff)
Ginny and her two hypnotically brainwashed wives go on a vacation.
Upgrade (new)
by mightysopor (mc mf ff ma gr ft)
At the airport, Dinah is told she has been selected for an upgrade on her flight. She finds there’s something strange and alluring about the airline’s sexy and sophisticated stewardesses.
Web of Trust (1 new chapter)
by Master Rob (mc mm in)
A hypnotist builds his personal harem, while his boyfriend believes they’re monogamous.
Aftereffects (1 new chapter)
by webb025 (mc mm)
After their teacher Mr Rodwell gets fired, his students begin to realize that he did something to them all...
Delivery (1 new chapter)
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff)
Hannah’s trying to deliver a pizza, and her customer proposes an... alternate payment method.
Hypnotist at the Bijou (1 new chapter)
by HypAndy (mc mf md)
Cherie returns to her home town for the holidays. Little did she realize there would be a hypnotist in her future!
The Interview (Milo Minderbinder) (new)
by Milo Minderbinder (mc mf fd)
A writer sets up a meeting with a hypno-domme to research his next novel.
The Mask Becomes You (2 new chapters)
by Carefully Random (mc ff mf fd)
Two college students discover a strange mask that makes the words of the wearer irresistible. They soon discover that it’s even hard to resist using the mask, and that the wearer’s thoughts may no longer be their own...
Meena (new)
by Garden Variety (mc mf ff fd bd)
Meena, a sadistic hypnotist, acts in a porno movie with a group of people.
Mirror Mirror (DJ Pynchon) (new)
by DJ Pynchon (mc mf fd bd)
Troy and his ex-girlfriend, Debbie, are kidnapped and put to a bizarre contest with each other.
My Car, My Rules (new)
by Pan (mc mf md in)
A man plays a subliminal tape for his carpooler.
Olivia’s House (1 new chapter)
by Angel Raymond (mc mf ff md ma ds)
Olivia and her friends are going to college. They’ve got a big house, where they can all live together. Olivia’s dad is reassured that one of his friends owns the house and will be watching over the girls; but he’d be a lot less confident if he knew about the plans to make it Jim’s personal harem. (Note: This will be an episodic series, so when there’s a gap between chapters you won’t need to read the whole story-so-far to get into it)
Pencil (new)
by softi (mc ff)
Alicia’s worldview changes radically after she sees her friend Joni being hypnotized.
Sisyphus (new)
by Interstitial (mc mf md)
A sentient meme finds itself trapped in a person’s mind.
Sweet Kisses (new)
by Robin Roseau (mc ff bd cb)
While walking across campus, Arlette has an accidental introduction to Tabitha. The two women hit it off and begin a hot and heavy romance.

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