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Adventures In Botany (1 new chapter)
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Aubrey and her best friend Jenny arrive on a luxury resort island. They discover that the is more to the plants here than meets the eye and that people tend to vanish here.
The Adventures of Eggy in Time and Space (1 new chapter)
by Otrebanks (mc mf ff hu)
The members of a household have an adventure after casting a love spell.
All Men Are Not Created Equally (new)
by Penny Propofol (mc mf md)
Shelly and Arlene are best friends and room mates. They go out together for some drinks. They meet two mysterious men with powers beyond their understanding.
And The Beat Goes On (new)
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mc fd)
Sometimes, an evil Hypno Witch truly has to be evil...
Anita Remade (new)
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Anita Peters is a mouthy 18 year old senior in high school. Her P.E. Teacher and her school nurse have had enough of her attitude and give her a whole new outlook.
As Day Follows Night (1 new chapter)
by T.MaskedWriter (mc mf ff fd md)
Troy and Julie go on their honeymoon.
Bring Your Master to Work Day (1 new chapter)
by Ice Bear (mc mf ff md)
The New HR director has an ideas about how to improve morale at work.
Christopher, Craig & Co. (1 new chapter)
by SoxnTies (mc mm)
The sequel to “Christopher & Craig” and “Campus Case Study”.
Control Issues (Imasuky) (new)
by Imasuky (mc ff)
Andra has a bit of a problem with controlling herself, And others.
Daughter’s Revenge (3 new chapters)
by HB5211 (mc ff mf fd hm la be)
Her father was taken from her when she was a teen by an ambitious District Attorney. Blair would now make her daddy proud by extracting revenge on the family that ruined her life.
Every Evening (new)
by Pan (mc mf md in)
Every evening, her brother comes into her room and they end up having sex.
Exploring Michelle (new)
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Michelle goes to her gynecologist for her checkup exam and gets far more treatment than she bargained for.
The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle (2 new chapters)
by Argos (mc mf fd)
A continued look at the marriage of Elle and her hypnotically enslaved husband Louis.
The Gyges Experiment (1 new chapter)
by Jason A. Hutchinson (mc mf md)
Griffin’s new invention gives him new powers.
Gymnast Recruitment (new)
by Airegin416 (mc ff)
Ms. Song uses mind control and drugs to transform Kayla into a star gymnast, who is tasked with recruiting other athletes at her university to compete on her team.
Hero & Witch (1 new chapter)
by me-chan (mc mf fd cb)
In a city of heroism and villainy, one hero encounters a beautiful sorceress…
Incubated (new)
by Half Shim (mc ff gr la sf)
A few friends take an ill timed vacation to Strand, experiencing close encounters of the bioweapon kind.
Kiss From a Rose (1 new chapter)
by Gbrn32e and J. Darksong (mc mf ff md fd cb)
Venus Satore moves forward with her plans; Rose takes a vacation; Eugene searches; Katie is a wildcard.
The Lampmaker (2 new chapters)
by Moose 2016 (mc mf md gr)
Rick gets three wishes from a djinn, and he wishes for the ability to make his own genies.
Light & Shadows 9: Incandescent Supernova Ascension (1 new chapter)
by Baltimore Rogers and J. Darksong (mc ff mf fd cb)
With all of her family and friends away from the city, Katie Frasier has begun to move forward with her plan to make River City into a safe and crime free place to live. Her methods are a bit excessive, believing the ends will justify the means. But the stress of trying to change the world by herself is taking its toll. When a villainess seeking revenge strikes, will it be the final push to send her over the edge?
Missing (new)
by Homealone_447 (mc mf ff md gr)
Two sisters are kidnapped by alien slavers on a distant planet.
Money Shot (1 new chapter)
by yazzers (mc mf ma)
Jennifer and her husband are both surprisingly okay with her sudden new career as a porn actor.
Need a Lift? (new)
by ZTV25 (mc mf fd)
Mike picks up a passenger who has some elaborate plans for him.
Our Lady of Salvation (new)
by GhostlyGrin (mc mf ff ft)
Amelia, a juvenile delinquent, is sent to a special Catholic school for rehabilitation.
The Pleasure Shoppe (new)
by Limerick (mc mf ff md gr)
Sarah works at a vintage porn shop, and has to deal with a demanding clientele.
Potential (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc mf md)
Amanda never became The Protector of the Gateway, the teenager tasked with protecting the town of Antioch from demons. Instead, she works in a strip club.
Radio Daze (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf ff)
A young woman in the Sixties on her way to a famous music festival tunes into a strange signal in the small hours of the morning.
Sexy Shorts (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc mf md in ex)
A collection of short tales for the whole family.
So You Cheated on Me (new)
by HB5211 (mc mf md be la)
A college professor discovers that his wife has been cheating on him. Instead of getting angry, he decides to get even. One should never cheat on a man with a PhD in both Chemistry and Psychology.
Stripped Control (new)
by Minos (mc mf)
A guy and a girl play strip poker, the girl mind controls the guy to lose and become submissive to her, but she accidentally affects herself as well.
Succubus Cheat Sheet (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc mf ff ma hm ft)
Discordelia tries to cheat on her practicals at succubus school.
Taking Abby (new)
by Penny Propofol (mc mf md)
Abby is a pretty young blonde that has been the object of Steve’s obsession for a long time. Now that his mind altering technology is ready it is time to capture her and make her his.
The Tease (new)
by Ice Bear (mc mf md ex)
Avery likes to tease boys, and when she teases Nelson, she finds it difficult to stop.
There’s An App For That (new)
by jman_bigdaddy (mc mf md)
James downloads an app for his phone that catches things that are much better than monsters.
Training a new Guardsman: Making of A-8007-399-033 (1 new chapter)
by theguardsman (mc mm mf)
Sam is selected and invited to join the worlds toughest and strongest security force. Little does he know what it will do to him.
Trapped In Chat (new)
by me-chan (mc fd)
Stewie’s time in a chat is as long as someone else wants it to be.
When I Come Around (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf md cb)
The Devil’s Daughter is once again called into action to deal with a menace thought long dead. But has the sinister Whitehawk found a way to break even her will?

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