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The Advert (new)
by Hypsan (mc mf ff md)
Lisa answers an advert which couldn’t possibly be real. Could it?
And So It Begins (new)
by Gettoman (mc ft)
A woman discovers a pair of panties lying in the park, and is compelled to take them home and put them on.
Bethany’s Mom Smokes for Her Man (new)
by Varian Milagro (mc mf ff ft)
Beverly is cursed by her daughter. She needs to make her husband orgasm daily. Unfortunately he now has a strong, evolving smoking fetish.
The Case of the Lactating Virgin (1 new chapter)
by BlackNight99 (mc mf md la)
A doctor attempts to mold a young woman into the perfect mate.
Charade (new)
by If I Was Not You (mc ff)
Can everyone be hypnotized? Holy, Lauren, and Madison are going to find out.
The Dark Forest (Damien Atropa) (new)
by Damien Atropa (mc)
Anna wakes alone and lost in the woods, will she be able to find her way home?
Em and Ella: The Portfolio (new)
by HB5211 (mc mf ff fd ma bd)
Emily’s career as the model Em under Lara continues to grow, but not everyone is happy. Ella, her best friend, decides to try for an intervention. Will it be successful or is Em now happy in front of the camera responding to Lara’s commands?
Entangled (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf md)
Ellen’s having a little trouble getting out of bed. Well, more than a little, to be honest...
Enter the Darkness (1 new chapter)
by Darkness Rising (mc ff)
A Federal agent investigating missing women is ensnared while working undercover.
Ernie’s Worldview (1 new chapter)
by Moose 2016 (mc mf)
Ernie, a porn addict, gets special powers after an encounter with a strange meteor.
Falling For Her Tits (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc ff ma hm)
Amy sits at the top of the social ladder, using the hypnotic ability of her enormous breasts to take whatever she wants from her fellow students. When Cathy learns of her classmates power she quickly decides to get revenge upon the popular cheerleader.
The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle (1 new chapter)
by Argos (mc mf fd)
A continued look at the marriage of Elle and her hypnotically enslaved husband Louis.
Going Native (new)
by Enfetisha (mc ff mf ft)
A young blonde American tourist in Africa finds herself stranded in the wilderness. Joining the native tribe is her only hope of survival or escape. Joining this tribe, though, will profoundly change her.
Golden Slumbers (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf md)
Lillian visits a Victorian libertine to find out what it’s like to fall into a “golden slumber”.
HEAT: Jason’s Demise (new)
by HB5211 (mc mf ff fd ma bd)
Jason gets exposed to HEAT while under Heather’s control. Now both Jason and Betsy have to struggle with the effects as Dr Choi’s experiment continues.
Hypnosis & the Circle of Pleasure (1 new chapter)
by Master KC (mc mf md)
A friend calls KC to help him with his sexually inhibited partner, Pam.
Light and Shadows X:‭ ‬Eclipsed (2 new chapters)
by Gbrn32e and J. Darksong (mc ff fd md cb)
The time has come. Supernova’s plan to rewrite reality itself has come to fruition. She stands poised to make her dream come true, even at the cost of destroying the world in the process. Other forces are moving against her, however, to try and stop her mad plan, but will they arrive in time? Will Darkness triumph, or will everyone see the Light?
Listening to Jack (1 new chapter)
by Mister Arioch (mc mf ff in ex hm gr)
Emily’s brother gives her a special set of earphones to listen with.
The Male Line (new)
by Chrysostomon (mc mf md in)
Fiona learns that her husband Bob comes from a line of demons.
Mannequin (new)
by me-chan (mc fd)
Marion tries out an interesting hypnosis trick at a convention, compliments of Lee Allure.
MPC: Bunny Love (1 new chapter)
by Paladin (mc mf gr fu hu)
A man uses the Master PC program to get himself a bunny playmate.
The Night In (new)
by Hypsan (mc mf md)
Claire is triggered by her man while talking on the phone with him.
Obsession (Greyscribbler) (1 new chapter)
by Greyscribbler (mc ff)
Melissa finds herself fascinated by the realistic-looking mannequin in the store’s window. (new)
by mc_fan (mc mf md)
Beveryly joins an expensive online dating site, and is disgusted with the date she was set up with. At least, at first she is.
Pink Zone Warning (new)
by T.MaskedWriter (mc mf md)
Larry races to get home to Jill, who is the victim of a pheromone attack.
Real Estate Regals (new)
by Hypnofur (mc mf md)
The secret behind the break up of one of Home Improvement Television’s favorite couples is revealed.
A Slave Forever Now (new)
by Asphyx (mc mf fd ft)
Clint is hypnotized by Maria, who then has lots of fun with him.
A Stroke of Luck (1 new chapter)
by mastermd (mc mm)
A young PhD researcher accidentally finds a guinea pig when starting his holiday.
Three Fingers (2 new chapters)
by Betsy Leohtar (mc mf md fd ds)
Mr. Dimat Paloka joins Three Fingers with the idea of being employed in an exciting industry that will challenge him to even greater levels of achievement than he has already accomplished. He knows exactly what he is getting into.
The Toy Box (new)
by Chrysostomon (mc mm)
Sam has something to show Josh in his special box.

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