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Accidental Werewolf (2 new chapters)
by Nigel (mc mf md ma ex fu gr sf)
A young man takes a risky short cut to a hot body: magic pills from an old man in a strange magic shop. The pills work, but when he overdoses he starts to become a particularly horny werewolf. Can he and the girl he spurned find a cure before he turns completely? Why is a mysterious (and sexy) assassin trying to kill him? Contains some brief scenes of violence/gore, none of which are in close proximity to the sex.
Adventures of Pinky (new)
by generic20122032 (mc mf ff md bd sf)
For special girls like Pinky, sometimes it helps to remember every now and then.
Baby Steps — Training Emily (1 new chapter)
by MindSpark (mc mf md in)
A father continues his training of his daughter.
Better Tech (new)
by Bungaku (mc ff ex)
Sarah’s job at tech giant Better Tech takes a turn for the better when an oddly powerful customer teaches her the meaning of Customer Service.
Blue Ribbon (1 new chapter)
by Redsliver (mc mf ff md fd)
Leo Cazzo arrives at school for another day of sleeping through English class and discovers he’s in charge. In charge of everything.
Bridge Club (new)
by Moose 2016 (mc mf)
An absent minded researcher, a container of tea, his wife and her bridge club all come together in a very twisted and sexy way one boring afternoon.
Capitol Hill Slut (1 new chapter)
by Quill (mc ma)
Melanie Brachenright is not a nice person, and when her poll numbers drop, she desperately turns to the only solution she can find: an experimental injection that softens her mood. Things don’t go according to plan, and soon her breasts expand, strange urges course through her loins, and it’s all she can do to keep from submitting to the crass needs of the flesh. Now with the election looming, Melanie needs to use her new bimbo transformation to drive the numbers upward, but all her slutting around has drawn the attention of someone dangerous.
Dialogues of an Ambassador (1 new chapter)
by theguardsman (mc ft)
Canadian Army Captian Simon Martin was inducted against his will into the Guard, Europe’s rubber clad security force. His own embassy betrayed him. Now a Canadian Magazine is supplied with details of his service. This transcripts should be kept away from small children.
The Ear Ring (new)
by dreyvenven (mc ff ex)
When a pair of twins and their mom are on vacation, one discovers an earring and puts it on. The jewel is magical and turns every woman she sees into an exhibitionist lesbian.
Enslave All Cheerleaders (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc ff ma hm ds)
A group of sexy college cheerleaders enjoy a party at a lavish mansion, until a freshman girl that they humiliated comes after them for revenge. With Amber’s weapon of choice being her mind controlling tits, she won’t stop until every member of the cheer squad is brainwashed into becoming her slave.
The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson (2 new chapters)
by Fugue (mc mf md in)
Paul always had the prettiest mom at school. See, though, that can sometimes be a problem ...
Fair Share (1 new chapter)
by Greyscribbler (mc ff)
Alison’s roommate Jane doesn’t do her fair share of the housework.
Free Coffee (new)
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Sonia decides to stop by the grand opening of a new coffee shop and finds out there’s no such thing as a free coffee.
Generous Portions (1 new chapter)
by fact344 (mc mf md gr)
Sam is concerned when her friend Julie gets a job at a theme restaurant that makes the waitresses wear revealing uniforms.
Glab Rmid Amab (2 new chapters)
by Pan (mc mf md)
Carlotta keeps finding strange messages in pasta.
Goddess Next Door (new)
by Bungaku (mc mf ff fd ma ex)
Anna barely knew her apartment neighbor, but when she is wrongly arrested for a small crime she didn’t commit, the woman intervenes and reveals a strange, wonderful power.
Hierarchy of Needs (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc mf md in ex)
Behind a small door in Jacob’s house, there’s four filing cabinets—one for each member of his family.
The I of the Storm (new)
by OneAndTwo (mc mf in be)
A stranger shows up at James’ home during a hurricane.
Impulse Control (1 new chapter)
by Pizzahead (mc mf md)
A young man is gifted with a small number of spells that could help him win the affections of the unattainable neighbor next door. Can he wield them effectively, and is there such a thing as being too effective?
The Infinity Device (2 new chapters)
by Barker Tree (mc gr)
A professor suprises a grad student at her home with a reality-altering machine.
Jane’s Attitude Adjustment (new)
by HB5211 (mc mf ff md ma)
Jane Simmons is a young federal attorney in the office. For the life of her, she cannot understand why Emma will not entertain pursuing what she considers the largest crime boss in the city. On her own, she begins an undercover investigation to determine why Ricardo Munoz seems to be protected. What she discovers shocks her and too late she discovers that Emma and her friends all had an attitude adjustment. Is she next?
Kiss and Tell (Maxamillion Saberhagen) (new)
by Maxamillion Saberhagen (mc md gr ft)
A high powered business exectutive with a history of stepping on otheres has an encounter in her office with a strange being. The curse the being lays on her will take her down a long road to bimbohood where she’ll happily bring others with her.
The Lingerie Shop (Hypno Witch Shiri) (new)
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mc mf)
A man buying a last minute anniversary gift gets more than he bargained for.
Luck of the Irish (4 new chapters)
by Moose 2016 (mc mf fd gr)
After receiving her wishes from a leprechaun, Sally is tranformed into Sapphire, who is irresistible to men.
Mad Libby (new)
by TheWeaver (mc mf md)
Elizabeth is a bit too studious, but this all changes when she agrees to a friend’s request to take a little fill in the blanks quiz capable of altering her life’s story.
The Monstrous Ranch (2 new chapters)
by GigglingGoblin (mc mf ff md fd fu)
A young carpenter may be in over his head after inheriting his uncle’s mysterious estate: “Ambrosia Ranch”.
The Odyssey (2 new chapters)
by ThatSquickGuy (mc ff mf sf)
A simple survey mission on a newly discovered planet goes squickly wrong.
113B (new)
by connie k (mc ff)
A powerful electric shock awakens a woman who discovers she is being held prisoner in a mind-controlling slave labor camp.
Pleasure Knight (new)
by Dream Knight (mc mf fd bd ft hm hu)
A Knight on a quest to the City of Witches is captured and subjected to trials he had not expected.
So Night Follows Day (1 new chapter)
by T.MaskedWriter (mc mf ff fd bd)
La Contessa is in Seattle. So are her friends. So is Springheel. So is the man who wants to kill her for it.
Sumana’s Deal (1 new chapter)
by notmeinkc (mc mf ff md fd bd ex hm ws)
Derick discovers that he can manipulate the cute girl he watches in the student union.
Training a new Guardsman: Making of A-8007-399-033 (1 new chapter)
by theguardsman (mc mm mf)
Sam is selected and invited to join the worlds toughest and strongest security force. Little does he know what it will do to him.
Vacant Moan (new)
by Jukebox (mc ff ma)
Rose watches as Nani receives another one of her “special calls” from her mysterious hypnotic Mistress.
WeaverTunes: The Perfect Mix (new)
by TheWeaver (mc mf ff md gr)
William builds a mix for his crush Tiffany. However, one of the tracks he downloads from WeaverTunes, a site whose free-to-download songs change the listener mentally and/or physically. Tiffany, her roommate, her RA, and William will never be the same.
Who You Really Are (new)
by Kallie (mc ff)
At a party, Lisa hooks up with a girl who offers to show her who she really is. But is that really what’s happening?

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