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The Adventures of Eggy Remixed — Book 4 — Vicky’s Week (new)
by Otrebanks (mc mf ff md fd hu hm gr la bd rb)
Andy picnics with the nymphs; a voyeur eavesdrops on some creative bookkeeping; Annette’s writing kit includes foolscap, pens, restraints, ball gags, paddles and vibrators; Sam and Betty conduct experiments on Vicky while the basement gang have a new game to play; Aram bequeaths some special gifts to the ladies who petitioned to ban him from Gail’s Country Club dances. And this only summarizes to hump day.
Amelia Works Hard (new)
by thestepfordgirl (mc mf md gr)
Amelia casts a reality-changing spell that perhaps goes a little too far.
Brain Reapers (new)
by Homealone_447 (mc mf ff gr)
When mind-sucking aliens invade a space station, Kate finds herself a little jealous of the brain reapers’ victims.
Canary (1 new chapter)
by Chelicerate (mc ff bd ds ex in hm)
Oriole attends a BDSM play party that caters to women with psychic gifts.
Contract Negotiations (new)
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff)
Tara and Lindsey discuss the nature of their relationship, and the boundaries they’ve set to make sure both of them stay happy.
Grimoire (MindSpark) (1 new chapter)
by MindSpark (mc mf md in)
A hormone-addled teenage boy with a crush on his sister finds a book of magic spells. What could possibly go wrong?
Growing Up (1 new chapter)
by Gettoman (mc ft)
Now that Jessica is getting older, her mother warns her about the risks and rules of wearing pantyhose.
How to Tame Her with Slumber (1 new chapter)
by Flying Decadent (mc mf ff md fd ds)
Louise, a young suffragette, has been forcibly engaged to the odious chauvinist Mr Leashem. Little does Louise suspect that Mr Leashem can make any woman very compliant. Will Louise find herself forsaking her deepest ideals? Will she find herself fighting against them?
It Runs in the Family (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc ff in ma hm)
Connie’s secretly in love with her best friend Tara. But also Tara’s older sister Jane. And their young mother Michelle too. It was always an impossible dream to make the Silva family into her own harem of lovers, until she found out that Tara’s grandmother was a hypnotist.
Jaywalker (new)
by Downing Street (mc mf md ft gr)
Police constable Lise LaBelle tries to issue a ticket to a jaywalking tourist, but instead he reveals the true reality of her career in law enforcement.
Just Another Story (new)
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Jessica volunteers to proofread Kyra’s short story about a proofreader hypnotized by a short story she’s proofreading. It turns out that metafiction can be pretty compelling.
Just Imagine (new)
by Nova (mc md fd)
Have you ever thought about the intricate connection between imagination, aesthetic sense and sexual arousal? Have you ever channeled the flow of energy created by erotic mc dreams into your own power of creativity? Nova will again share some of her teachings with you.
Kiss and Make Up (new)
by BimbosAndDolls (mc ff mf)
A powerful mind-controller, Mr. Legion, encounters a group of young people caught in a conflict. How will he help them out?
The Love Song of Doctor Diabolical (new)
by Wrestlr (mc mm)
Doctor Diabolical, the super villain synonymous with brilliance and evil the world over, describes his latest plans to his boyfriend.
My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (1 new chapter)
by Trixie Adara (mc ff ma)
Sarah is about to finally meet her best friend’s mysterious new girlfriend, Reyna. But everyone around Reyna tends to do exactly what Reyna wants them to do.
My Sister, My Slave (new)
by GiantNut (mc mf md in)
It’s only been a few months since James had brainwashed his sister to be his obedient slave
An Old Story? (new)
by Word Weaver (mc)
A story about how you forgot it, may induce a dazed trance and relaxation, somewhat recursive.
Pixel Sunsets (new)
by HypnoticHarlequin (mc ff)
The Blissoplis arcade advertises itself as the place to play the latest and greatest arcade games. But under the neon and theatrics, something sinister may be afoot.
Raise Your Hand (new)
by Sleepy Hypno (mc ff)
Rayne, a mid semester transfer to New Chicago University, walks in on the middle of a hypnosis demonstration. It’s a good thing she doesn’t believe in hypnosis.
Real Amazons, Real Magic (Book 2) (2 new chapters)
by MetaBob (mc mf fd la)
Torn from his family, a man without a mind continues learning and sharing magic and more with beautiful women.
Reckoning Day (new)
by SleepyTimeSlut (mc mf ff fd)
When Roger arrived home, it was to find his girlfriend’s car parked beside his wife’s. But he could never have guessed what he’d find when he entered the house ...
Time Is on Her Side (new)
by S. B. (mc mf fd)
It’s the 25th Century and the world is ruled by a prepotent regime known as the Super Patriarchy. An idealistic young woman dreams of overhrowing it but just how far will she have to go to do just that?
Time Manipulation Mind Control (1 new chapter)
by mypenname3000 (mc mf md ts)
A young college student discovers he has the ability to stop time and implant suggestions.
Toy (new)
by Quiet Hypnotist (mc mf md)
One entire day of being a brainwashed, objectified sex slave. What sounds like a threat to most one particular woman could not wish for any more strongly. And with a skilled—yet all too ethical—hypnotist as her partner that dream seems closer than ever. But what does she have to do in order to convince him and have him grant her wish? Perhaps, not all that much.
WeaverFeed Quiz: The Other Daughter Has New Skills (new)
by TheWeaver (mc ff)
Ariana Davis’s oldest daughter, Jocelyn, takes the fateful quiz that’s already had quite the impact on her their family after her mother and younger sister’s results. She shares the results, and the quiz itself, with her dormmate Heather.
Welcome to the Studio (new)
by MoldedMind (mc ff)
An eager young art student starts her internship with the famous artist Margaret Stinzano. But is there more to Margaret then meets the eye?
The Adventures Of Eggy Remixed — Book 3 — New Experiences, Interludes and Distractions (1 new chapter)
by Otrebanks (mc mf ff md fd hu hm gr ex la bd ft)
The nervous and socially conservative Bullmans host the younger generation. Will that evening’s anticipated foursome be as awkward as the pre-dinner conversation over the hors d’oeuvres?; A living mannequin is placed on display at the Friendly Badger Mall; Feeling happily beholden for her cure, Gail take the mission to become a dominating mistress to heart by commanding a night of mandatory fun and games; Willma falls under the spell of an evil stage hypnotist.
Ady and the Beast (new)
by Tom Gungy (mc mm ft)
Ady undergoes some changes after being humiliated in front of the entire gym class.
Angelic Bliss (new)
by Kallie (mc ff)
Bethemiel, a fallen angel, finds herself summoned by a mortal who asks her strange questions and leads her down an unexpected path.
Beta Alpha Alpha (new)
by Tom Gungy (mc mm ft)
A college student goes looking for his missing friend in a Frat house.
Beware: Do Not Go Into The Forest Alone (new)
by The Slaver (mc mm bd)
A forest ranger comes across something unexpected deep in the woods.
Brandi, the Protector of the Gateway: Season 2 (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc mf mm ff gr ds ex)
After a strange new guidance counsellor comes to Antioch, Brandi and her group of friends face their biggest challenge yet.
Bubbles (new)
by Serena627 (mc)
An imagery based induction.
By Another Name (new)
by EyeofSerpent (mc ff cb)
Events take an unexpected turn when a civilian is drawn into a superhero battle.
Canary (1 new chapter)
by Chelicerate (mc ff bd ds ex in hm)
Oriole attends a BDSM play party that caters to women with psychic gifts.
Candace Falls 5: Fully (new)
by MissingGreen (mc ff md fd)
A pop star is hypnotically transformed.
Don’t Ask, No Telling (new)
by Tom Gungy (mc mm ft)
Two soldiers take part in an unusual weapons study.
Fair Share (1 new chapter)
by Greyscribbler (mc ff)
Alison’s roommate Jane doesn’t do her fair share of the housework.
For All He’s Worth (new)
by Tom Gungy (mc mm)
When Gerald forgets to pay his taxes, the penalties turn out to be much higher than he anticpates.
For the People (1 new chapter)
by Bronze Mirror (mc mf md)
A dynamic young Congresswoman encounters an interviewer who changes her mind about her political beliefs and personal style.
In a Bind (new)
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff bd cb)
Midnightress pursues a vendetta against the corporation that took so much from her, but this time she may be in over her head.
Indiscretion (new)
by Daphne (mc mf fd md)
A woman spins a story for the man who picked her up.
The Institute of Apotheosis 1: Lesbian Mind Control Incest (new)
by mypenname3000 (mc ff in)
Maria is the first chosen to test out an incredible new technology.
Jenny’s Loving Man (1 new chapter)
by thestepfordgirl (mc mf md gr la)
Robert and Jenny are stranded in a small town, and undergo some changes.
Kill 4 U (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf md)
Service Unit 4U must evade other perfectly trained slaves in order to deliver a set of instructions to a hired killer.
Losers Can’t Be Choosers (1 new chapter)
by S. B. (mc mf fd hm)
As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.
Majorly Screwed (new)
by Tom Gungy (mc mm)
A Captain gets a call to go see his Major, and finds something completely unexpected.
Real Amazons, Real Magic (Book 2) (2 new chapters)
by MetaBob (mc mf fd la)
Torn from his family, a man without a mind continues learning and sharing magic and more with beautiful women.
The Reality (1 new chapter)
by asianpersuasion and J. Darksong (mc mf ff md)
When the world invents the virtual reality gaming world of The Reality, gamers become international celebrities, replacing movie stars, TV, sports and athletes, everything. Now the world revolves around the reality, and there are sinister plots going down within.
Returned (1 new chapter)
by connie k (mc ff mf fd)
A detective and a psychologist try to uncover a hypnosis-controlled slave ring with the help of a former slave … and rescue her missing friends.
Rope (new)
by Trixie Adara (mc ff bd hm)
Ruth is surprised by a mysterious visiter that wants the truth about Ruth’s recent fantasy life. And Ruth’s husband has to hear it.
School Daze (SleepyTimeSlut) (new)
by SleepyTimeSlut (mc mf md)
A stressed college teacher facing finals gets a much-needed mental break.
The Sculptor (Tentacle Boy) (new)
by Tentacle Boy (mc mm)
In exchange for a large sum of money, Aiden agrees to be a slave for six months. Unfortunately, there are several loopholes in his contract that he did not anticipate.
Taming Tess (1 new chapter)
by MindSpark (mc mf md in)
A father using hypnosis to treat his daughter’s bad behavior slowly succumbs to temptation.
Two Heads Plus One (new)
by Tom Gungy (mc mm in ft)
Ben walks in on his brother while he is being taken by a demon.
Unintended Attraction (1 new chapter)
by Sidia (mc mf md)
A man begins to come to grips with and master an ability that he’s feared all his life.
WeaverFeed Quiz: Wholly New Vows (new)
by TheWeaver (mc ff)
A very good, and seemingly very straight girl, realizes she should play for a different team after taking the WeaverFeed Quiz.

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