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Abby’s Ascention (new)
by effjoo (mc ff mf fd gr ma sf)
Abby is a normal girl who comes to possess a very unique gem. It gives her powers to reshape herself and those around her in any way she wants. But, as with any power, there is a cost.
The Au Lait Way (1 new chapter)
by Rikimaru (mc ff gr)
A chance, random encounter turns Erika’s entire world upside down, in every way possible.
Bimbos and Backwoods Beauticians (new)
by Chrystal Wynd (mc mf)
A woman breaks down in a backwoods town and gets a lesson in courtesy.
Boi 4 Hypno (new)
by z119z (mc mm)
A bodybuilder finds the nerd of his dreams.
Breezing By (new)
by SpiralTurquoise (mc mf md fd rb ds)
Yin’s Master, Sean, is visiting her college campus. They have only a few hours to play. How much can they fit into one day?
The Collars (1 new chapter)
by Dracone (mc mf md)
Marcus finds a trunk full of strange collars, along with an armband to control them.
Feisty Little Kitty (1 new chapter)
by InLeaves (mc ff fu)
A well known actress has a dark secret—she likes turning young women into her animal hybrid pets. When it’s Lana’s and Olivia’s turn, they are turned into a cowgirl and a catgirl. The catgirl’s transformation just needs some extra steps.
Forbidden Magic (1 new chapter)
by masterrobo (mc mf md sf)
A boy discovers his magic is the forbidden mind control magic and joins a Guild to try and control his magic before it controls him and everyone else around him.
Ghost Demon of the Tree (new)
by CNP (mc ff la gr)
Young project manager Cynthia Tan doesn’t know when to quit. The construction crew who work for her tried to warn her about the haunted tree. But she wouldn’t listen.
Girl Inducted (new)
by Nimja (mc ma)
A girl succumbs to hypnosis videos she watches online.
Hard Candy (Nicky Noxville) (1 new chapter)
by Nicky Noxville (mc mm)
A man gives Taylor a piece of candy that he promises will help him have the best sex of his life.
Harold Davis’ First Good Day (new)
by wgarvin (mc mf md)
Harold’s life changes when he downloads special software from the Internet.
Hypnotist at the Bijou (1 new chapter)
by HypAndy (mc mf md)
Cherie returns to her home town for the holidays. Little did she realize there would be a hypnotist in her future!
It’s a Good Formula (new)
by gmrm4n (mc mf ff md fd)
Sarah discovers Jack’s hypnosis fetish, and agrees to some roleplaying.
Jasmine’s Secret (new)
by OpenlyJas (mc ff mf fd)
Jasmine, a young lawyer, is visited by the wife of a client who was sent to jail.
Jasmine’s Story (1 new chapter)
by OpenlyJas (mc ff mf fd md)
Alice uses a mind-control drug on uppity Jasmine.
Linden’s Throne (2 new chapters)
by Nutiper (mc mm)
Something strange has awoken on Billy’s campus, and it’s turning the guys into assorted gay wet-dreams and fantasies-come-true. But as Billy watches the old lives of his friends collapse under the weight of their new needs and desires, he knows he has to figure out the mystery of what’s going on and stop it... before he too gets hit with the same thing that he’s working so hard to halt.
The Local Chippy (1 new chapter)
by ramps (mc mm ma)
A popular (closeted) gay Youtube Hypnotist met his handyman-decorator for the first time and decided to hypnotise him…
The Magic Hand, etc. (new)
by Just Joe (mc mf ff fd md)
A man answers an ad to learn hypnosis.
A Man of Singular Talent — Kerith Goswell (new)
by Mephisto Pegari (mc mf md)
The nameless protagonist returns with a story from his past featuring a certain teen soap star.
A New Life (The Slaver) (new)
by The Slaver (mc mm)
Pravda is captured by Maximillian and sold into slavery.
Nine to Hive (1 new chapter)
by Half Shim (mc ff mf fd ft ma gr sf bd)
Many corporations run their companies as lean as possible, attempting to extract maximum efficiency from employees by treating them as replaceable cogs in a machine. However, this kind of corporate culture normally leads to low morale and desertions. Suzy discovers that Rankotech has found a more foolproof way to exploit its workers.
Olivia’s House (2 new chapters)
by Angel Raymond (mc mf ff md ma ds)
Olivia and her friends are going to college. They’ve got a big house, where they can all live together. Olivia’s dad is reassured that one of his friends owns the house and will be watching over the girls; but he’d be a lot less confident if he knew about the plans to make it Jim’s personal harem. (Note: This will be an episodic series, so when there’s a gap between chapters you won’t need to read the whole story-so-far to get into it)
Penthouse Princess (new)
by Ella Haven (mc mf fd hm)
A man stares at a cute schoolgirl on the bus, but she is more than what she seems to be.
Pocket Passer (new)
by Lisa Teez (mc mf)
A woman finds that it’s okay to want, but there’s a cost to getting.
Sacked (new)
by Lisa Teez (mc mf md)
A Princess’ city gets sacked, and she gets carried away in a sack.
Soaked to the Skin (new)
by Maximilian Cummings (mc mf md)
Hannah is caught in the rain at a railway station and takes shelter with a stranger. His conversation is both interesting and surprisingly compelling.
Stephen Lyons MD (new)
by Astropirateã (mc mf ff md in)
After a lab accident at school, Stephen wakes up from a coma with powers of persuasion.
Sunrize Radio (1 new chapter)
by lonewolf9999 (mc mf md)
After Lacey is hypnotized on a morning radio show, the boss struggles with whether or not to take advantage her. The other two men on the show have no such qualms.
Tessa (1 new chapter)
by SansDeity (mc mf fd)
A man is enslaved by a witch.
Toothpaste (new)
by Nicky Noxville (mc mm)
Dustin is prescribed a special toothpaste to help cure his excessive gag-reflex.
True desire (new)
by If I Was Not You (mc ff mf)
Leia and Roxy first get lost and then find their true desires.
Visor (new)
by Angel Raymond (mc ff)
Dr Allison Perivalle has developed an enhancement to the ubiquitous brain-chemistry altering Visor. But she should have thought a bit more before starting human testing.
Wind the Mirror (new)
by Arafinte (mc mf fd sf)
Neil and Aiden visit a new holo-emporium.

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