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Added The Advert; And So It Begins; Bethany’s Mom Smokes for Her Man; Charade; The Dark Forest (Damien Atropa); Em and Ella: The Portfolio; Entangled; Going Native; Golden Slumbers; HEAT: Jason’s Demise; The Male Line; Mannequin; The Night In;; Pink Zone Warning; Real Estate Regals; A Slave Forever Now and The Toy Box. Also added 1 new chapter to The Case of the Lactating Virgin; 1 new chapter to Enter the Darkness; 1 new chapter to Ernie’s Worldview; 1 new chapter to Falling For Her Tits; 1 new chapter to The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle; 1 new chapter to Hypnosis & the Circle of Pleasure; 2 new chapters to Light and Shadows X:‭ ‬Eclipsed; 1 new chapter to Listening to Jack; 1 new chapter to MPC: Bunny Love; 1 new chapter to Obsession (Greyscribbler); 1 new chapter to A Stroke of Luck and 2 new chapters to Three Fingers.

The next update will be the weekend of 21 January 2017.

Added Camille’s Investment; The Canadian Guardsman; The Case of the Lactating Virgin; Community Outreach; The Continuing Education of Susan; The Days After; Enter the Darkness; Heat: Betsy’s POV; Hypno Fantasy Dark; I’m The Star Of The Show, I Guess…; Methoden der Extraktion (Methods of Extraction); MPC: Bunny Love; The Naughty List (Sally Blair); Obsession (Greyscribbler); The Princess Transformed Part 2; Red Head Vs. the Pretty Red Bracelet; A Walk Amongst Equals; Welcome to the Jungle... Nursery; What’s Hypno’d In Vegas — Stays In Vegas and Z to S. Also added 1 new chapter to Ernie’s Worldview; 1 new chapter to I Hate You; 1 new chapter to The Inspector; 1 new chapter to My New Girlfriend (Ice Bear); 1 new chapter to This Isn’t Me Anymore and 1 new chapter to Three Fingers.

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