The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Moe Wallace


“We have to go down to my mom’s today,” June said as he was going through his morning ritual. He nearly nicked himself at the suggestion.

“Why? Your family is crazy, and your sisters hate me,” he said.

Dave’s wife sighed and pulled on a pair of jeans. “They don’t hate you, honey. And at least we’ll get dinner out of it. Mom’s making pork roast.”

He watched her dress, taking in her pale curvy form. She was five-seven with a healthy pair of D-cups and nice wide hips. She had a penchant for walking around naked at home (something Dave never complained about), and she always got dressed reluctantly. Today was no exception.

It was a quirk that apparently ran in her family, because it seemed like every time he dropped by her mother’s house both her twenty-something younger sisters were there and parading around in just a towel.

Autumn and Summer took more after June’s father, but they still managed to get the family tits. They were tall and slim, and tanned easily. More than once Dave had found himself retiring to the hall bathroom to relieve tension at seeing one or both of them in some sort of revealing outfit.

The downside was that they were also grade-A hardcore bitches. Where his wife was a pleasant and caring person, her sisters were quite the opposite. They seemed to revel in conflict, and were never happy unless they were mad at someone or had got someone else in trouble.

At Christmas dinner the previous year, his sisters-in-law had decided that it would be fun to “fix” the door to the hall bathroom (the one that opened to the living room) so that even though the lock was pushed, the door would stay open. The look on his mother-in-law’s face when she’d walked in on him taking a piss was imprinted on him forever.

They made unmerciful fun of Dave for marrying the “fat” sister, and paraded their lithe bodies around for him whenever possible. If they could get away with rubbing something up against him when no one was looking, all the better.

Well, Dave thought, today is as good as any to try it out.

After the last disastrous dinner at his in-laws’ house, Dave had scoured the Internet looking for ways to make time there a little more bearable. At first he’d just wanted something to help reveal the true nature of Autumn and Summer to the rest of the family, but he soon stumbled upon something better.

A website claimed to offer spells for full control over someone’s mind. He didn’t really believe in stuff like that but he figured the worst that could happen was nothing at all. He purchased the “Yes, Master” special, for up to five targets, and practiced the words in his head while June drove them to her family’s house.

June’s mother answered the door. “Oh, thank you so much for coming down honey. I hope Dave won’t mind if I steal you for a little while.”

Dave normally would have felt uncomfortable at the prospect of killing time in a strange house while his wife was dragged around on errands, but today was different. “Not at all, Linda. She’s all yours. You girls have fun.”

His mother-in-law beamed and ushered June off to her car, saying “Help yourself to whatever’s in the house, Dave. We might be a while!”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he said quietly, “I fully intend to.”


Dave closed the front door and announced his new spell to the entire house. The instructions had only said the targets had to be in ear shot. He sat down on the leather couch that had seen better days and settled in for the impending show.

Sure enough, the youngest of his wife’s sisters padded in from the hall bathroom wrapped in a long white towel with wet hair. When she saw Dave her mouth pulled into a smirk, and she tightened her towel around the middle so he could see the curve of her ass while she walked to her room.

“Not so fast, Autumn,” Dave said.

The girl froze. “What the fuck! I can’t move.”

“That’s because you’re under my control now,” Dave said, admittedly shocked that it had actually worked. “You’ll do anything I say.” He walked around her frozen form and admired it.

“Bullshit. Where’s June?”

“Went to the mall with your mother. You know how long those trips take. It’s just you, me, and Summer now. Why don’t we start with you loosening that towel.”

Dave saw her mouth beginning to form another expletive but before she could say it her right hand reached up and pulled the edge of the towel out from where it was tucked. It fell to the floor and she stood there, frozen in place and naked as the day she was born.

Well, considerably more mature than that day, judging from her nicely-bronzed ass and perky breasts. He could tell she tanned nude by the even coloring from head to toe. Her nipples became immediately erect in the chill of the air conditioning.

“Why the fuck did I just do that?” she hissed, “What the fuck are you doing to me?”

“Tsk tsk, sis-in-law,” Dave said as he stood and took in the full luscious length of her, “You have quite a mouth on you. How about we put it to better use.”

Autumn’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened into a surprised “O.” It stayed that way as she fell to her knees and found herself face-level with Dave’s zipper. Dave helpfully unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It had definitely risen to the occasion.

“Now, Autumn. Let’s use that tongue for something constructive. You’ll find that you now have an overwhelming urge to suck my cock. It’s your main purpose in life. Well, one of them.”

Much as she didn’t want to admit it, she did want to suck off her sister’s husband something fierce. His cock just looked delicious all of a sudden. Why hadn’t she done this sooner? She’d spent years teasing Dave for picking the wrong sister and never done anything with his wonderful, hard cock.

All those thoughts flew through her head as she slurped and stroked his penis like it was the most delicious lollipop she’d ever had. It filled her mouth with every push and she reveled in it.

Dave looked down and enjoyed the view of Autumn’s slim body from above. Her dainty feet stuck out behind her heart-shaped ass. She had two cute little dimples at the base of her spine. He had to admit she looked positively lovely, especially with his dick in her mouth.

“MMmmpf...kapppfff...brffff!” she said, Dave’s cock still playing tag with her tonsils. He pulled out and looked at her.

She breathed heavily, and her cheeks were flushed. “I couldn’t breathe, you sick bastard.”

“Good,” he said, “Maybe you’ll think twice next time you want to spread nasty rumors about your sister having an abortion to your Catholic grandmother.”

Autumn shot him an indignant look, but it was somewhat less effective with one hand stroking his erection and her tongue swirling around the head. A bedroom door closed down the hall and Dave turned to see Summer walk briskly into the room. She stopped dead as soon as she saw them.

“Wha--?” was all she could get out. Her baby sister was naked and sucking off their brother-in-law like a cheap whore. The worse thing was she seemed to be enjoying it. She’d barely paused from her fervent sucking when she saw her come in.

Dave smiled and looked his other sister-in-law up and down appreciatively. She was a slightly more mature version of Autumn, with much longer chestnut hair that went down past her shapely ass. She was dressed to go out, in a tight pair of jeans with open-toed heels and a shimmery top that left nothing to the imagination.

“Feel free to join us, Summer,” Dave said as he grabbed Autumn’s short brown bob and used it to shove her head further down on his shaft. Summer stalked over to them with rage in her eyes.

“What the hell are you doing, sis?” she said to the wanton slut on the floor, “This is June’s husband! What kind of a slut are you?”

Dave laughed. “A good one, but a little inexperienced. You really should do more teaching by example. How about you do a nice little strip-tease for me and show your baby sister how to properly seduce a man?”

“I most certainly will not!” she fumed, unaware that her body had begun to sway and dip to a beat no one else could hear. “And if you think I won’t tell June about this, you’ve got another thing--what?”

Her top was over her head and off before she finished her last sentence. Her bra came next, joining the growing pile on the floor. She squatted and pushed out her tits with her hands, still moving to music in her head.

“Why am I doing this?” she asked no one in particular. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked one turgid nipple.

“She’s quite good, don’t you think Autumn?” Dave asked the younger sister, who had worked up quite a lather lubing his member. He patted her on the head and pulled out of her with a loud POP!

“Autumn, help me!” Summer pleaded, “I can’t stop. What’s he doing?”

“I don’t know sis,” Autumn said between energetic licks, “He’s got me too. I just can’t stop thinking about sucking his yummy cock. Oh fuck. See? I can’t even say anything bad about his rock hard fuck stick. I mean his slick fuck pole. I mean, arrggh!” she drowned her sorrows by engulfing Dave again.

Summer had worked her jeans down to her ankles by then. No panties, Dave noted, naughty girl. She was just about to remove her heels when Dave shook his head. “Ah-ah-ah. Leave those on. Should put that pussy of your at just the right height.”

Now both sisters were completely nude, minus the heels. Dave looked down at Autumn, whose hand looked like it was trying to cramp up. “You can stop sucking now, sis-in-law. You’ll still have the urge, of course. It’ll just make you extra horny.”

Autumn leaned back and propped herself up with her hands. It was a lovely pose that really brought her tits front and center. Her sex was immediately swollen and she felt her knees parting. The cool air on her bare mound only further inflamed her.

Dave shucked the rest of his clothes and turned to the nude and gyrating Summer. Her eyes were ready to bore flaming holes in his skull, but she didn’t say anything. It was a welcome change.

“Summer, dear, if you have something to say, just say it. A word of warning, though: I think you’ll find you can’t talk in anything other than third person and you’ve acquired the unfortunate nickname of Wet Cunt.”

“You’ll pay for what you’re doing to Wet Cunt!” Her eyes shot wide open and she clapped a hand over her mouth. “Holy shit, Wet Cunt can’t believe she said that. Wet Cunt is going to kill you, Dave.”

“No,” Dave said, “I don’t think so. You see, Wet Cunt and her sister Cock Whore are addicted to cum. My cum, specifically. Feeling it inside you is the best high you’ve ever felt. It has a horrible side effect, though. The more you get of it, the less self-control you have. Why, you might just find yourself blurting out the most embarrassing things at family dinners.”

Autumn moaned, and Dave saw that she’d sprawled out on the hardwood floor with her legs spread wide. Her hips bucked against her left hand as it furiously thrust in and out and rubbed her engorged clit.

“Autumn, come sit on the couch. Let your sister help you out with that.” Dave helped her up, giving her a little swat on her pert ass. Once she was situated on the edge of the couch with her moist, swollen clit exposed, he turned to the older sister.

“Summer, bend over and lick your sister’s cunt until she cums. No, don’t bend your knees. I’ve got some business to attend to back here.” He punctuated that last word with a hard swat on Summer’s ass. He saw that without any encouragement Summer had become quite wet. A bead of her arousal hung between her folds as she bent down.

Wet Cunt didn’t like the idea of licking another girl, especially her sister. Wet Cunt wanted to strangle June’s husband for making her like this. Her brain couldn’t even process the idea of “I” or “Summer.” She was Wet Cunt, and Wet Cunt was pissed beyond belief.

Dave teased her lips with the head of his cock before he entered her. He was quite slick thanks to Autumn’s attentions, so when he did finally thrust into her, it went in all the way to the hilt. Summer moaned into her sister’s pussy, obviously enjoying herself.

“Rub your tits while I fuck you, Wet Cunt. Tweak those nipples,” Dave said as he thrust into her again and again. She was very tight, and he felt an orgasm building quickly. Wet Cunt complied, but Dave was willing to bet the look on her face was anything but submissive.

“You love being fucked by me, Wet Cunt. Say it.”

Summer pulled her face out of her sister’s snatch just long enough to say, “Oh god, yes! Wet Cunt loves being fucked by Dave. Wet Cunt wants Dave’s cum!”

That did it. Dave felt the familiar tingle in his balls that said Wet Cunt was about to become Filled Cunt. He grabbed onto her hips for leverage and thrust in as deep as he could, then emptied himself into his sister-in-law with a groan. Summer squealed and came herself, her pussy walls clamping with spasms and milking his cock for all it was worth.

Dave stayed inside of Summer, enjoying the warm feeling for a while. He couldn’t wait to see what his cum would do to her at the family dinner tonight. Finally, he slipped out and sat on the couch next to Autumn. She was mostly oblivious to him, having propped her thighs on her sister’s shoulders and grabbed her long brown hair in two handfuls.

“Autumn, why don’t you clean off some of this extra cum for me?”

The younger sister leaned over and eagerly licked and sucked him clean. Midway through her ministrations he heard her whimper and tense up. Wet Cunt had done her assigned task. The older sister stopped licking Autumn’s cunt and stood.

“Go clean up and get dressed, Wet Cunt. You can speak normally when other people are around, but you won’t be able to tell anyone about my control over you or anything I made you do. The same goes for you, Autumn.”

The two sisters padded off to their respective rooms, and Dave decided on a whim to add another condition, “Oh girls, one more thing. You’re allergic to undergarments of any kind now. Only free-range tits and commando cunts allowed.” Dave laughed and gathered up his clothes. His wife should be back any minute, and the evening’s fun was just getting started.


For all her faults, Dave’s mother-in-law was an excellent cook. She had grown up cooking for a small army and never really learned to downsize, so her portions were always generous.

Dave ladled a generous portion of pork roast and gravy onto his plate, grabbed his glass of iced tea and sat down next to his wife at the formal dining table. Family dinners were the only time the dining room was used, so the decor was always immaculate.

Dave had set his and June’s plates up across from Autumn and Summer on purpose. They had come out reluctantly only after their mother threatened to drag them out herself. They wore T-shirts and tight jeans, but didn’t flaunt them at Dave this time around. In fact, they did everything they could not to even make eye contact.

He did note with some satisfaction that both of them were moving a little bit more than usual under their shirts. The thought made him glad for the long tablecloth that hid his erection. Once the whole family was seated, June spoke, “So Dave, Mom and I picked up a couple of things for your birthday today. Don’t go snooping in the trunk of your car when we get home.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Dave laughed, “I know better. Wouldn’t want you to have to rush out and get something else at the last minute again.”

June smiled, and her father changed the subject. “So Summer, when do we get to meet this new boyfriend of yours?”

Summer took a long gulp of tea and looked at him, careful not to catch Dave’s eyes in the process. “Oh, I don’t know Daddy.”

Her father pressed on, “What’s the matter, baby? You two not that serious?”

“Not really. I let him fuck me in the ass once but most of the time I just give him head,” Summer’s hand clapped over her mouth so fast Dave was sure she’d left a mark. It probably wouldn’t show though, since the rest of her face had turned bright scarlet.

The dining room was silent. June’s mother gasped, “Summer Nicole! I know you’re an adult now but please show some manners,” she stammered at the next part, “An--and we don’t need to know that much about your personal affairs.”

Summer filled her mouth with spoonful after spoonful after that, afraid that if she didn’t keep shoving things into it something else horrible would slip out.

The conversations were awkward after that but eventually a normal rhythm picked up. Dave fielded questions about his job, and what plans he and June had for their upcoming vacation.

“We’re thinking about a cruise,” he said, “with airfare the way it is now it’s cheaper to just get a cabin for a week than fly somewhere.”

Autumn had begun to fidget, and Dave stole glances at her as he spoke. At first she just fanned herself, but then the fanning turned into pulling at the neck of her shirt. Finally, she openly started to tweak her nipples through the fabric, bringing them to obvious points.

Dave caught her eyes as she tweaked a nipple and he winked. She let out a low moan and snaked a hand under the table cloth. Luckily for her, the rest of the family was busy listening to June’s father tell a story about one of their distant relatives and mishap at a catfish farm.

Dave rose to take his plate to the kitchen. Autumn jumped up and followed him, barely removing her hand from her jeans in time to avoid suspicion. Once they were alone, she pressed her braless tits into his back and rubbed them up and down as he set his plate in the sink.

“What’s the matter, Autumn?” he asked.

“God, Dave. I’m so horny. I can’t stop thinking about sucking your cock, and no matter how much I try I can’t stop rubbing myself. I damn near almost stripped my shirt off in front of everyone just now.”

Dave looked at the strung-out and horny young woman. She looked like a junkie waiting for her next fix. Maybe she’s suffered enough for tonight, he thought. “Okay, Summer. I tell you what. How about you come up with a reason to get us outside and I’ll let you suck me off again. This time your fix will last until the next time I come down.”

She nodded eagerly and bounced back to the dining room. He heard her talking to his wife.

“Sis, can I borrow your hubby for a minute? My car stereo has been acting up, and I know how handy he is with electronics.”

“Yeah sure,” June said dismissively. Autumn nearly ran back to him and proceeded to strip him at the waist. Dave stopped her and pulled her by the arm out the door to the garage, and then finally to the driveway.

“Not so fast, Cock Whore,” he said, “I want you naked when you suck me off. Not a stitch. Right out here in the open where any neighbor could look out their window and see you. Strip, now.”

She peeled off her shirt and pants immediately, and he was pleased to see her appropriately commando. At his nod of approval she dropped to her knees and fished out his cock.

“Come closer, Cock Whore. Let me feel those tits against my legs.”

She obediently scooted up close and hugged his thighs while she took him in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and fucked her throat for the second time. Her warm tits mashed against him and bobbed with her movement.

A car full of teenagers passed by, stereo on so loud the bass made his balls vibrate. One of the boys in the passenger seat yelled, “Holy shit!” and the driver honked in approval. The rest of them hooted and whistled as they passed.

Dave slammed his cock down his sister-in-law’s throat one last time and unloaded his balls into her. She nuzzled against him, coughed, and then swallowed every last drop.

Addiction sated for now, she disengaged and sat her bare ass heavily on the concrete. Her breasts shone in the light from the street lamps. “I still fucking hate you, Dave. You and your scrumptious throbbing cock.”

Dave laughed and pulled up his pants. He had a feeling family dinners were going to be a lot more interesting from now on.