The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Abducted and Probed: A Love Story

by David L Tamarin

I was taking a night walk in the woods behind my summer cabin when they first took me. I was smoking a joint and trying to figure out what to do about my life. My house had been foreclosed by the mortgage company that had promised me that an adjustable interest rate would not bite me in the ass sometime in the future, and I now lived in a tiny barely inhabitable shack in the backwoods of Maine. There was one room, which had the toilet, fridge, stove, sink and bed in it all jammed together. I owned nothing else.

My wife had left me when I lost the house, so I guess it wasn’t all bad. My happiness at separation, and the knowledge that I would never see her again except in Court, had faded and been replaced by loneliness. Being single again was miserable. I had no money and no job, just like before the marriage, and I lived in a slightly upgraded teepee, so you could say I literally accomplished nothing in those long horrible years. I decided to take a walk and not return to my glorified ant-hill until I had figured out a way to improve my life.

The night sky turned to daylight. A cold daylight. I must have lost track of time, for it had just been midnight. I had never seen the sun this bright, blinding. I heard a powerful sound that was like a great blender full of monkeys. Then I realized it wasn’t the sun. It was still the middle of the night and I was looking at an approaching air vehicle. I looked at the roach and then quickly swallowed it. It burned my throat as it went down. My mind raced. Did I have any more drugs on me? This was obviously a DEA bust. The government had nothing better to do than bust me for smoking some weed (which I only did for medical and marital reasons)! As the plane got closer and the light became painful, I became aware of a floating sensation. At the same time I had a sudden sinking feeling that what was coming was more ominous than a whole city filled with three-armed IRS agents. I could not move and a buzzing noise began coming from the inside of my head. It was mind control. Then this must be the CIA.

Except when I opened my eyes I saw the vehicle and knew it was not of terrestrial origin. It was an alien spacecraft. It was triangular and I recognized it from some amateur footage I had seen on the local news in a story on a cattle mutilation and the spotting of strange lights. I was not going to jail. But I was going somewhere bad. I could tell that just from that horrible buzzing sound. Something with sinister intentions was responsible for that noise which was like hell on earth.

I floated against my will into the ship, right through the wall. They put me on a table in a dark room where they hovered above, stared and prodded. I couldn’t see anything with my eyes clenched tightly closed. I heard what sounded oddly like giggling and felt my clothes being torn off. One of them approached, a long finger extended, prepared to probe me. My fear was tempered with awe and a little bit of excitement. This strange creature was certainly female, she exuded a sex appeal that confused me and got my heart pounding.

She could communicate with me without speaking. I heard her voice, whispering in my ear, telling me to relax, and prepare myself for a new experience.

Her name was Mary. I know what you’re thinking, that her name should be ZX-RK269 or Zelzebarg or something else alien sounding. Actually, her name was something like that, a word that humans would not be able to speak, so she said call her Mary. She was about four feet tall (six feet if you count the fact that she hovered two feet above the ground at all times), concrete-gray in color, and she gave off her own light. She had two enormous eyes, all black, that took up most of her face, a tiny little mouth that seemed incapable of showing emotion, and one sweet B-cup breast with a trio of green nipples sticking out. It was love at first sight.

I stared into her eyes and saw the two of us together, united in love making, bursting with energy and passion. I have never seen anything like those eyes. They were so big they saw everything, all my hidden desires and thoughts. I could hide nothing. She looked at me, and into me, and knew me intitmately. When our eyes met there was the spark of a true connection, and I could see into her soul and feel her lust for me. The black eyes shined darkness wherever they looked, hiding things in shadow and darkness. I stared into those eyes, unable and unwilling to look away, excited for what was to come, eagerly anticipating a carnal experience with this strange being of darkness. I sensed that she felt the same way when I felt a burning in my bowels as she sodomized me with her probe, ramming it deeply up my ass, filling me with warmth, pain and love. I grew erect as she massaged me from the inside and explored my bowels with her curious probing finger.

One of her fingers was much longer than the others, a stiff phallic organ that she repeatedly violated me with. I loved it. When her finger-thing was deep inside me it gave out a friendly heat and seemed to relax my whole body, even as I bled out my ass like an Ebola victim. They can read our thoughts. But when they are giving you a deep probe, you can read their thoughts. There is a unity of the minds that is like a psychic orgasm. I accessed her mind, and saw images of her probing all types of creatures from all around the universe. I saw all the holes she had plugged, all the victims she had raped, all the agony she caused. My erection grew until it was throbbing in pain and begging to be pleasured. She was using me, sexually, the way she used all the rest, but I didn’t care, my love blinded me. The others hooted and cheered as her probe went deeper and deeper into my rectum. One held a device that kept flashing light; I think he was taking pictures of my violation/lovemaking. I tried to smile for the pictures but the burning inside me caused me to grimace in pain.

I could hear Mary telling me everything would be fine, just to stay relaxed and enjoy her tender rape. This was her way of showing love, of passionate love-making. We were from different cultures where involuntary anal penetration meant different things. Her probe was in my rectum, her soft voice was in my head, comforting me and telling me she loved me, and had loved me forever.

“How many guys have you done this to?” I thought, feeling the first twinges of jealousy.

Her voice answered me inside my head. “This is what we do. Our perversity is what drives us to do what we do. Our mission is sexual fulfillment and the eternal pursuit of pleasure. I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again. These probes don’t give us any information, they just get us off, hardcore. I’m getting wet, to use human parlance, as I bugger you with my probe. We mutilate your cattle because we like to torture animals, not because we are looking for information. Everyone on your silly planet has us all wrong. It’s fun, exhilarating, even erotic to mutilate the face and genitals of a cow. Just like its hot to probe your cute little human asses. You will never understand us as long as you think that like you, we wander the universe in search of knowledge. Everyone on this ship is a convicted sex criminal, not a scientist. We travel the universe in search of hot ass, like yours, stud-boy. So just relax and enjoy the ride.”

“I think I’m bleeding.”

“Yes, your blood is a wonderful lubricant” she projected, as she tenderly shoved the probe so deep inside my anus that I was stretched open and the inner walls of my insides tore, causing me to hemorrhage blood. . I could feel it growing and expanding, pulsating and throbbing. A thrill shot through my body and blood flooded to my cock, making it so erect it begged to be sucked and fucked. I had never felt such pleasure. A wonderful tension on my groin that spread pleasure through my whole body. This was the best fuck I ever had. I looked into her huge black eyes and my cock felt like it was going to explode and I felt a combination of lust and love that drove me mad. I felt my brain orgasm as my pleasure sensors lit up like a forest fire. When my brain came I could not see, everything was in a haze.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed in my head. The flood of blood from rectum was like an orgasm for her and she savored every moment of it, going even deeper. If this was a movie, it would be Alien meets Deliverance meets Emanuelle, rated XXX. Mary’s entire body turned from gray to green and she hovered higher off the group as her body shook in orgasm. The probe sent out heat flashes before releasing a stream of thick sticky goo that filled up my rectum. We had orgasmed at the same time, something I had never been able to do with my ex-wife. I had not cum, but I had an orgasm far more intense than any I had ever experienced, and the aftermath of pleasure was a thrill, a pure lightning-strike thrill. I felt my face redden and I realized I was almost hyperventilating I was breathing so hard. That was the best fuck of my life, lord almighty, I thought.

The others were still yelling and hollering, egging her on, passing around some type of space-bong filled with alien-weed that gave them the giggles and made them hyperactive. They hopped like jackhammers, smashing their heads into the ship’s ceiling and bouncing back to the floor again, some sort of group orgasm, an alien circle jerk. They were connected sexually and an orgasm for one rocked them all. They started to line up to take their turns with me but Mary stopped them, her probe still deep inside me.

“It’s mine” she told them, “Stay away!” I could understand what she said even though it was in a strange language. I didn’t hear her words, but felt them, echoing inside my head in a most romantic fashion. I didn’t appreciate being called an “it” but then how many times in my own life had I objectified women, turning them into sexual fantasy objects?

“Don’t take it out. I love you!” I screamed with the voice in my head. The rest of the aliens loved that, and they practically fell all over themselves they were laughing so hard. I didn’t care what anyone else thought. That’s the power of love. She pulled the probe out, which was followed by a splash of blood. I felt empty and alone, disconnected. When I woke up I was lying outside my trash-heap abode with my pants at my ankles, covered in blood and glowing fluid. “Please come back!” I thought, knowing I would never see her again. I knew a one-night stand when I participated in one and that’s exactly what this was. I pulled my pants up, walked painfully into the house and collapsed onto the couch, which also served as the bed and the dinner table. The room spun out of control and I was unconscious again. I dreamed of those perverted partying sex-aliens and their intergalactic sex tour. In my dreams I wished to be among them.

The throbbing pain in my rectum woke me up.

I learned the truth about the aliens that night, that they are renegade sex-criminals and that they conduct anal probes for no medical reason, but because they are a bunch of perverts who get off committing their equivalent of bestiality. They probed me for hours, just to fulfill their alien sex drives. I hadn’t had sex in months, so it felt pretty good, but that’s not the point.

It may have hurt, but the ripped bleeding passageway up my anus was all I had left of Mary. I knew she would be back.

What I didn’t know was that Mary had a big mouth (not literally) and she told everyone what I great fuck I was. Soon different crews were taking me every night and drunkenly probing me. None of them had Mary’s touch. I tried to ask them where Mary was but they didn’t bother to reply.

Then something strange happened. There were four of them, and one put its probe in my mouth and down my throat. I gagged and choked. The other three aliens were aghast. “You pervert! God didn’t give us these probes so we could dirty them up in some human mouth. Take it out of its mouth, I can’t watch this.”

“This is sin” said another one. Not all aliens were as ruled by their libidos as Mary and her crew.

I agreed with the sentiment but couldn’t say anything. I felt another probe go up my ass and start vibrating. I was being gang-banged by these strange creatures. But it just didn’t feel personal the way it did with Mary, it was just a standard deviant alien anal intrusion, the bread-and-butter of their sex lives. They were like animals, completely controlled by their powerful libidos and desire to probe, probe and probe. Still, it beat being lonely. For once I had a social life that I looked forward to. I knew that once I got used to the probes I would more fully enjoy the abduction experience. As for now, each probe tore me open and made me bleed, and the aliens really got off on that. With Mary it was love. With these twisted space creatures it was just sex, and I felt cheap and used. My ass had become a favorite tourist attraction to anal probing aliens from across the universe. But Mary and I had shared a special bond that no amount of gang-probing could compete with. I felt no love in the probes of the others, I felt no romance in my rectum. For once I had a pretty full sex life, but that didn’t make me happy because I didn’t have Mary.

She was probably off probing some other creature in far away galaxy. I bet she hadn’t thought of me once in that whole time.

I went to see Dr. Flegm about the bleeding. He took one look and said “Holy Mary mother of God.” Then he began lecturing me about AIDS and health.

“I’m not gay! This isn’t what it looks like! A woman did this! And some other people too.”

Dr. Flegm eyed me skeptically. He gave me that old AA saying. “Denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt.”

“What am I denying, Dr.? You’re totally wrong.”

He put a protective arm around my shoulder. “Come on, Marlin, tell me the truth. How many men have you been with in the last six months? Where do you meet them? It looks like you’re pretty popular from my perspective.”

“No! Look, it’s hard to explain.”

Dr. Flegm’s finger stopped probing and began massaging me. “Tell me all about, and don’t skimp on the good parts.” He started fingering me faster and faster. “Tell me all about how bad you’ve been.” I could see where this was going but I didn’t stop him because I valued his medical opinion and wanted his diagnosis. “Oh yeah, tell me you little man-whore, tell me what a fuck-machine you are.” It was then I realized that there would be no diagnosis. He just wanted to put his hand up my ass like all the rest. And he didn’t even have a warm, giving probe like them, his hand was cold and bony and dry.

I got up, paid, and left the office.

And that night Mary came to me in my dream. She explained that she really did love me but that things would never work our between us, we were too different. Where had I heard that before?

I never saw Mary again. I look into the night sky and imagine she it out there somewhere, thinking in the back of her mind that she misses me and wants to abduct me for another probe. Until then I’ll stay single and alone, waiting for Mary and her special touch.