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Algernon’s Counselling (new)
by The Slaver (mc mm mf md)
Ann brings Algernon and herself to Professor Thascales, who fixes their marriage.
All Sales Are Final (new)
by ZTV25 (mc mf fd)
A man is at a store when he is approached by a woman who thinks he is part of the merchandise.
Amnesiac (3 new chapters)
by 321 (mc mf md fd)
Kate and James are a happily married couple. Or are they?
Archives, Room D4 (1 new chapter)
by Ian Febland (mc mf fd)
A librarian experiences new realities after he meets an attractive younger donor.
Azure and Crimson, Magical Girls of Light, Season 2 (2 new chapters)
by Buster (mc mf md ma ex hm cb)
The Magical Girls of Light are back for another year of doing good and being righteous. But the forces of Darkness aren’t done with Kristen and Aoi just yet.
The Bank (Roboman127) (1 new chapter)
by Roboman127 (mc ff rb)
Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.
Betsy Visits River City (4 new chapters)
by Betsy Leohtar (mc mf ff mm md fd ds bd gr be rb ts sc cb hu)
Betsy finds herself in River City and is shocked to discover it’s infested with super heroes who will try to stop her doing her own lawful work.
The Book of Phi Iota Mu: Home for the Holidays (2 new chapters)
by TheWeaver (mc in)
Because of a fraternity prank, a college student brings the book of Phi Iota Mu home—where his mother and sisters can read from it.
Branded (new)
by MagickInk (mc mf ff md fd)
Ashley wakes up with a hangover, a new tattoo, and a compulsion to obey any order given to her.
But I Don’t Really Want This (1 new chapter)
by Pomelo (mc mf md fd gr hm)
Will and Nicole find their relationship changing again in at first subtle and then not-so-subtle ways.
Checkmate I Think (1 new chapter)
by The Slaver (mc mm)
A millionaire crime boss attempts to outsmart his rivals.
Cherished Memories (revised)
by Farleven (mc mf md in)
Sylvia is sent to a resort where her memories are reprogrammed into those of a slave’s.
Christopher, Craig & Co. (1 new chapter)
by SoxnTies (mc mm)
The sequel to “Christopher & Craig” and “Campus Case Study”.
The Club (Roboman127) (new)
by Roboman127 (mc ff rb sf)
Emma goes to a familiar club, but there is more going on than meets the eye.
College Undercover (1 new chapter)
by Greyscribbler (mc mf md)
Carol goes undercover to find out what happened to missing college girls.
A Descent (Zaq123edcxsw) (1 new chapter)
by Zaq123edcxsw (mc mf ff mm md fd ma hm ds bd ft in)
Malcolm discovers the secret of subliminal messaging, and descends into absolute power.
Diary of a Hypnotist (1 new chapter)
by Atte. Akisa (mc mf md)
A hypnotist recounts his exploits, both present and past, for the benefit of posterity.
Douchebag Teen (new)
by Special Programmer (mc mf md ma hm)
A teen with a MILF fetish has some fun with 2 shoppers and then their husbands.
Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created (2 new chapters)
by mypenname3000 (mc mf gr in ts)
Steve gets a phone app that lets him edit other people.
Elf Employed (new)
by HypnoticHarlequin (mc ff)
Beth has a theory about Christmas elves. One that Karen is more than happy to exploit.
Enslave All Cheerleaders (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc ff ma hm ds)
A group of sexy college cheerleaders enjoy a party at a lavish mansion, until a freshman girl that they humiliated comes after them for revenge. With Amber’s weapon of choice being her mind controlling tits, she won’t stop until every member of the cheer squad is brainwashed into becoming her slave.
The Enslavement Coin — Sister (new)
by Farleven (mc mf md in)
Kevin discovers that the strange coin he found has power over her sister.
Finders, Keepers (1 new chapter)
by Quiet Hypnotist (mc mf md)
A young woman gets found by a young man on the road side. You know how they say finders get to be keepers.
Five More Minutes (new)
by Jukebox (mc mf md)
Jeremy has just five minutes to prove that he can hypnotize Bethany. She’s keeping a careful eye on the time. Perhaps a little too careful...
Gabby the Gray (new)
by SoVeryFascinated (mc ff)
At nineteen years old, Queen Gabrielle de Vess fears she is too young to assume her mother’s crown. But a chance encounter with a mysterious hypnotist will change her perceptions forever.
Habit (new)
by Jukebox (mc)
A hypnotist helps you break your bad habit of thinking too much.
The Harvesters (Roboman127) (new)
by Roboman127 (mc ff rb sf)
Aliens Convert the Earth’s Resources into their own
I Have No Idea (1 new chapter)
by Redsliver (mc mf ff md)
Tanner wakes up from a blackout, and discovers that he started a billion dollar pharmaceutical company and created a slave paradise with a prototype mind control drug.
I Married a BrothelBot from Outer Space (new)
by Roboman127 (mc ff rb sf)
Aliens abduct women for use as BrothelBots and Agents.
In a Hot Spot (1 new chapter)
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff cb bd)
Chastity Allen, now known as Gemini, finally has some time to spend with a woman who is very dear to her. Together, they get to make up for a lot of lost time... and missed opportunities.
It Started With: Alien Abduction (new)
by The Slaver (mc mm)
McClaine is kidnapped by aliens.
It’s True What They Say About Chinese Girls (new)
by TexTrance (mc mf ff fd)
Ivar enjoys his hypnosis sessions with one of his psychology classmates.
Just For Fun (1 new chapter)
by Pan (mc ff md in)
Emily shares her new incest fetish with her girlfriend.
The Magic Dildo (new)
by Pan (mc mf ff md)
Sandra’s new girlfriend doesn’t believe in the Magic Dildo.
Magical Girl Syn (1 new chapter)
by Jennifer Kohl (mc mf ff md gr)
Cynthia’s magical powers are unlocked at the age of eighteen, but along with them comes a terrible curse. Wait a minute—is it really so terrible?
Melt Down (1 new chapter)
by J. Darksong (mc ma cb)
Since being freed from Professor Twyst’s control, Pinnacle’s life has returned to (mostly) normal. However, the incessant nightmares waking her up in the middle of the night from a sound sleep signal that there is something wrong. She goes to visit Dr. Eva Snow to learn what’s happening inside her head, if its something lingering from her time with the mad professor, or something much much worse...
Mistress Inc. (1 new chapter)
by Roboman127 (mc ff ft rb)
Mistress Inc. is a Fashion and Fetish Magazine Company, or is it?
Mommy’s Hypnotic Discipline (new)
by mypenname3000 (mc mf fd md in bd)
Anna has a discussion with her husband Mitch, and they both agree that he should be more strict with their daughter.
Movie Night (1 new chapter)
by Rev. Hale (mc mf md)
Ryan and Naomi discover something sinister about Naomi’s mom. Is Naomi destined to have the same fate?
The New Job (Roboman127) (new)
by Roboman127 (mc ff rb sf)
Melanie gets trip to France and an offer of a new job but is it as it seems?
Night Time Nudging (1 new chapter)
by MindSpark (mc mf md in)
When a brother learns that his sister uses ASMR to sleep at night, an idea sparks in his head. What if he replaced the audio-files his sister listens to with hypnotic recordings?
Plaything (1 new chapter)
by Writer345 (mc ff fu gr)
A young woman is kidnapped, and turned into a pet.
Pleasure and Magic (new)
by Quiet Hypnotist (mc mm)
A curious guy experiences how under hypnosis, all it takes is a single whispered word to remake reality. It’s almost like magic.
Poetry & Blood (1 new chapter)
by Trixie Adara (mc ff)
Laura gets a new job for a strange romance writer that seems to be too good to be true.
Prom Night 2019 (new)
by jman_bigdaddy (mc ft)
Two girls buying prom dresses reveals a much larger conspiracy.
Proxy Plaything (new)
by Marcus (mc ff cb bd)
Madame Miragenne plans to use her mental projection powers to turn her nemesis Cybrelle into a helpless plaything for her criminal companion, Big Blondwyn.
Shedding (new)
by S. B. (mc mf fd)
Steven has been told he’s going crazy and perhaps he is for the alternative is believing his skin is no longer his own. What is the truth and can he handle it if he finds out?
Slow and Steady (new)
by wyo66 (mc ff ma)
Tina finds herself enslaved to the demon Ashanti, and is ordered by her Mistress to seduce her best friend Becky.
The Spirals Nightclub (new)
by Sleepy Hypno (mc mf md hu)
While finding just how peaceful life can be in New Chicago, Xander is in for quite a surprise when Veo takes him to the newly opened Spirals Nightclub. Exact in every way to the original, complete with some old friends he hasn’t seen in years.
Stop Watch (1 new chapter)
by Sidia (mc mf md in ts)
A power that is too good to be true becomes a corrupting influence on a man and leads him into temptations he’d never thought possible.
Subroutine (Kallie) (1 new chapter)
by Kallie (mc ff)
Lori, a college student, discovers she has a hypnotic trigger that turns her into a mindless, obedient drone. How? Why? And what’s going to happen when her roommate finds out?
Succubus Take Over (1 new chapter)
by SousukeBeru (mc mf fd ft hm ma)
Matt and his roommate are gradually enslaved by a woman who is really a Succubus demon.
Taming Tess (1 new chapter)
by MindSpark (mc mf md in)
A father using hypnosis to treat his daughter’s bad behavior slowly succumbs to temptation.
Threshold Technologies (1 new chapter)
by mr. potestas (mc mf md fd ft sf)
Threshold Technologies aims to bring the most advanced means of sucking the viewer into their entertainment. Unlike VR and 3D technologies, they use subliminal techniques to create the illusion of total submersion. The core concepts of these hypnotic techniques are not new, and may be found on the internet today in their own forms. The Threshold Difference is in how their technology makes background messaging and visuals imperceptible to the viewer.
Time Manipulation Mind Control (1 new chapter)
by mypenname3000 (mc mf md ts in)
A young college student discovers he has the ability to stop time and implant suggestions.
To-Do List (new)
by Dusk (mc mf md ma ex)
Cynthia uses an app on her phone to keep organized.
Tribade Stocking Mesmerism (new)
by Archibael (mc ff ma ft)
Paula doesn’t get her friend Irina’s stocking fetish, but Irina has a way of making Paula understand.
Twas The Night Before Christmas... (new)
by Mania (mc mf md ma)
young woman receives the most special-est gift of all this Christmas. Love.
The 12 Nuts of Christmas (new)
by Sleepy Hypno (mc mf md hu)
Twelve short stories about the cast of the Spirals Nightclub Lost tales spend their Christmas.
Victoria’s Mansion (1 new chapter)
by Sammynona (mc ff ma bd ds ex ft)
Marie and her sorority sisters are stranded after a flat tire. Luckily, her Aunt Victoria has a mansion nearby, that’s ready to welcome all of the girls in.
A Year with Santa Claus (new)
by SleepyTimeSlut (mc mf md ts)
A girls receives a special visitor on Christmas Eve.
The Youth of the Dark Lord (1 new chapter)
by Jennifer Kohl (mc mf md ma hm)
An apprentice magician has a plan for getting laid.

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