The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Chrysostomon


Email Status: Valid as of December 2016

Story Codes Added
Allure mc mf fd 04 May 2019
College Boy mc mm mf ff md 27 Apr 2019
Count Crapula mc mf ff sc 04 Feb 2017
The Days After mc mf ff in 07 Jan 2017
Demon Wars mc mf ff md fd in 18 May 2019
The Gifted (Chrysostomon) mc mf mm md 31 Dec 2016
Invasion Now mc mm 27 Apr 2019
Kelly Awakens mc ff md in 11 May 2019
The Male Line mc mf md in 21 Jan 2017
New Breed mc mf fd 04 May 2019
Parasites Infect mc ff 04 May 2019
The Power of Troy mc mf ff md in 11 Feb 2017
Revenge of the Nerd (Chrysostomon) mc mf md in 11 May 2019
The Scent of Love mc mm 18 May 2019
Simon Says (Chrysostomon) mc mf ff md in 04 May 2019
The Toy Box mc mm 21 Jan 2017
Waspish mc mf fd 11 May 2019