The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Category: mm - male/male sex

ABDL Hypnosis Temptation mc mm ft
Abduction mc mf mm fd ds nc
The Abenna Institute mc mm
Absinthe mc mm
Accelerated Take Down mc mm
Acceptance mc mm
Accident of the Mind mc mm
The Accidental Gift mc mm
The Accountant and the Stoner mc mm
Achieving Re-entry mc mm
Adam at the Arcade mc mm mf fd
Adam’s Change mc mm bd
Adam’s Rules for Good Boys mc mm ft
Adam’s Rules for Good Boys 2 mc mm
Addictive Sub Stances mc mm bd
Adonis mc mm ft
Adonis (Chrysostomon) mc mf mm ff md
Adrian mc mm
Advantage System mc mm ft bd
The Adventure of HypnoMan! mc mm
Adventures of a Mad Scientist mc mm
Adventures of Admiral Columbia: Reunion mc mm ds hm ws sf cb
Ady and the Beast mc mm ft
Adytum Documentary Project mc mm in
After Work mc mf mm fd
After Work: Into the Fold mc mm fd ex hm
Aftereffects mc mm
Against Gay Marriage mc mm
Against My Ruin mc mm
Age Regression mc mm
Agreed mc mm ds hu
Aiden’s Training mc mm
Airplane Ride mc mf ff mm md in
Akira Imports mc mm bd
Alabaster mc mm
Aleph mc mm
Alex’s Downfall: The Making of Sexy Lexy mc mm ma ft hm ws ds ex
Algernon’s Counselling mc mm mf md
Alien Master Plan mc mm
Alien Sex mc mm
All the Fun of the Fair mc mf ff mm md fd
All the Way (StageShowMM) mc mm
Alls Fair mc mm
The Allure of Well Formed Bodies mc mm
Alphaman Meets Mr. Cole Lector mc mm cb
The Alter mc mm
Al’s New Toy mc mm gr
The Amazing Andrew mc mm
An American Were-Hypnotist in London mc mm
The Amulet mc mm
Anal Goo mc ff mm mf in sf
Analysis mc mm ft
Anatomy of Melancholy mc mm
And The Ship Sailed On mc mm
Ann the Swim Coach mc mf mm ff
Anniversay—Starting Over mc mm mf md
Another Hypno Story in the Gym mc mm
The Answer My Friend Is... mc mm
Apartment Hunting mc mm
Apollyon mc mm
Apparently Not All Dreams Are Dreams mc mm
Apprentice’s Revenge mc mm
Arabian Night mc mm in hm bd ex
Are You Ready? mc mm mf ma fd
Argosy mc mm
Aristocrat Apartments mc mm
Army Boy to Pussyslave mc mm
The Arrogant Law Enforcement Officers Take Down Chronicles mc mm
Artificial Cock Flavor mc mf mm fd
Artist’s Loft mc mm
Assignment: Cowboy (Second Chance) mc mm
Assignment: Futurist mc mm
Assignment—Tracker mc mm
At an Impasse mc mm
At the Bathhouse mc mm in
Attitude Adjustment mc mm
Audits Can Be More Insightful Than You Might Think mc mm
Awakening at College mc mf ff mm md ma ds ex
The Awakenings mc mm bd
Backing Into It mc mm
A Bad Game of Pool mc mm
A Bad Night mc mm
A Bad Night for Some mc mm
Bad Pharma mc mm
Bad Santa at The Mall. Festive Slavery. mc mm
Bad Santa Takes Control mc mm ft
Bag Boy mc mm
Bait (Svplgsmslm) mc mm
Bait and Switch mc mm
Barbershop Induction mc mm
Barista Who Fattened Me Up & Stole My Beta mc mm gr ft
Barn Storm mc mm
Basic Training (Julian Obedient) mc mm
Bat-Shit Crazy mc mm
Batting a Thousand mc mm
Be Careful What You Ask For (Brainwashed) mc mm
Be Careful Who You Yell At mc mm
The Beach mc mm
The Beach (Mafisto) mc mm
Beauty in the Beast mc mm
Because I Can (Writer345) mc ff mm fd ds gr hm ft ws
Becoming a Boytoy? mc mm
Becoming A Model mc mm
Becoming His Pet mc mm ds bd ex hm hu ma sf
Becoming Men mc mm
Bed and Breakfast mc mm
Bedazzled in the Big Top mc mf mm md fd
Before I Forget mc mm
Before the Masterpiece Society mc mm mf md
Begging For It mc mm
Behaviour Modification mc mm
Beltane mc mf fd md mm
The Berries mc mm
Beta Alpha Alpha mc mm ft
Beta-Tested mc mm
Betcha Can’t Eat Just One mc mm
Betsy Visits River City mc mf ff mm md fd ds bd gr be rb ts sc cb hu
Between Two Thieves mc mm
Beware: Do Not Go Into The Forest Alone mc mm bd
Beyond Area 51 mc mm sf
Big Bears on Campus mc mm
Big John’s Stogies mc mm
Big Red’s Little Amsterdam: Target Acquired mc mm ft gr bd
The Bigger They Are mc mm
The Bigger They Are (Eros) mc mm
Bike Sycophants mc mm rb
Billy the Experiment mc mf mm fd md ft hm
Billy’s New Doctor mc mm
Birth of a Bimbear mc mm ds ex ft gr hu
Birth of Fetish Man mc mm
Birthday Present mc mm
Bitch Boy mc mm
Black Eye Incident mc mm sf
A Black Hole—In Sunnydale mc mf mm fd
Black isn’t so Bad After All! mc mf mm md
Black Leather and Ice Cream mc mm ft
Black Lipstick mc mf mm fd md ex ft
The Black New World Order mc mm mf ds
The Black Room mc mm
Blackheath’s Visit To The Clinic. mc mm
Blackmail and Slavery mc mm
Blake’s Magic Ring mc mf mm md ds
Blasphemy mc mf mm md fd
Blind Spot mc mm
Blink mc mm bd ds
Bliss mc mm
Bliss 2 mc mm
Blond Foreign Gods Sold to Brunet Gothic Devils mc mm mf md fd hm
Blood Chronicles IV — Rising mc mf mm in
Blood Chronicles V — Twins mc mf mm md fd in
Blue and Gold mc mm cb
The Blue Rose mc mm
BMOC Beat Down mc mm
BMOC: Black Mage on Campus mc mm
BNWO Cruise mc mm mf ds
Bobby mc mm
Boi 4 Hypno mc mm
Boi Shorts mc mm fd ma ex ft
Bolshoi Papa mc mm ma
The Boogeyman Will Get You mc mm
Boomerang mc mm
Boots mc mm ft
Boss Likes Hypnosis mc mm
Bottom of the Class mc mm
Bound Arousal mc mm ma hm
Boxes mc mm ft
Boy Inside the Man mc mm rb
Boy Kiss mc mm
Boy Next Door mc mm
The Boy-Bender mc mm ft
The Boyfriend Project mc mm
Boypussy mc mm in
The Boys’ Clinic mc mm ft
Bra-Ian & The Ancient Krill mc mm
Brain mc mm
Brain Wave mc mm
The Brainwash Lab Is Too Effective mc mm
Brandi, the Protector of the Gateway: Season 2 mc mf mm ff gr ds ex
Brandon vs. Brandon mc mm
Braxiatel And New You Changes.Com mc mm
The Breakfast Club mc mf ff mm
Breaking In Ben mc mm
A Breed Apart mc mm
The Breeze Died mc mm
The Brides of Tsath mc mf ff mm in ft sf
Bridging Minds mc mm bd ds
Brighton Rock mc mm cb
Broken Hearts mc mm
The Brotherhood mc mm
A Brother’s Debt, His Brothers Have to Pay mc mm ft
The Bulldawg Maker mc mm
Bullshit Detail mc mm sc
Bunny School mc mm
The Bus Boy mc mm
The Bus Episode — Reimagined mc mm
Business As Usual mc mm
The Business Partner mc mm
The Business Trip That Changed Their Lives! mc mm
Butterflies and Men mc mm
Buttmunchers mc mm
By The Numbers mc mm
The C-Phone mc mm sf
Calling the Plays mc mm
Camera mc mm fd
Camille’s Investment mc mf mm fd md
Campus Case Study mc mm
Campus Hypnosis mc mm
Campus Prick mc mm
Can You Read This Watch? mc mm
The Canadian Guardsman mc mm bd ft
Canis mc mm ft
Can’t Get Away mc mm mf md fd
Captain Power’s Fall mc mm md ma ex cb
The Capture of Flame Boy mc mm in bd cb
Captured Territory mc mm
The Care and Training of the North American Wildboy mc mm
Carnival Trance — A Mesmeric Journey in Five Parts mc mm
Casting Call mc mm ft
Caught Listening mc mm
Caught With His Pants Down mc mm sc
Cellular mc mf ff mm in bd ma ex
Center of Attention mc mm
The Centipede mc mm
Chad Moves In mc mm hm
Chaddy-Boytoy mc mm
The Chair (TopLegal) mc mm
Chameleon mc mm
A Change of Careers mc mm
Change of Focus mc mf ff mm fd md
Change of Plans mc mm
Changes Made mc mm ma ft fu ex
A Charleston Tale mc ff mf mm fd md ma bd
Charlotte’s Addiction mc mm ft fd ft
Charlotte’s Obsession mc mm ma
Checkmate I Think mc mm
Cheerleader Slaves mc mf ff mm md fd be
Chemistry of a Good Idea mc mf mm md
Chesterton College mc mm
Children of Lightning mc mm
Chip And Juan’s Take Down mc mm
Choices (Wrestlr) mc mm
Chosen mc mm
Christopher & Craig mc mm ft
Christopher, Craig & Co. mc mm
Cigar Monitor mc mm ft
City Boys, County Boys mc mm
City of Bears — Bear Boutique mc mm in sc
The City of the Sorcerers mc mm
Civilian Life mc mm
A Class To Remember mc mm
The Club (ArosLion) mc mm
The Club (Wrestlr) mc mm
Clubbing mc mm ma sf
The Coach mc mm bd
Coach (Daddy Jinn) mc mm
The Coach (The Slaver) mc mm ft
Coach Carter mc mm mf
Coach Control mc mm
Coach Johnson’s Cigars mc mm ft
Cock Hungry mc mm
Cockblock mc mm
Cocksucker mc mm
The Coffee Shop mc mm
The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos mc mm
Coffee Shop III: The Good, the Bad, and the Hypotized mc mm
The Coffee Shop IV: Sex, Lies & Duct Tape mc mm
The Coffee Shop V: Happiness Is A Handsome Hypnotized Hunk mc mm
Coldwar Hypno-Spy mc mm
Collared mc mm
College Boy mc mm mf ff md
College Buddy mc mm
College Life mc mm
College Soccer mc mm
A College Submits mc mm mf ff ds
College Workout mc mm
The College Years mc mm
Coming Home mc mf mm ff md fd in
Coming Up mc mm
The Commute mc mm
Competitive Edge mc mm
The Complete Takeover mc mm
Compromising Situations mc mm
The Computer Coincidence mc mm
Computer Control mc mm
Con Job mc mm
The Connection mc mm
The Consequence Of Your Actions mc mm
The Conspiracy mc mm
The Construction Worker mc mm
The Consultant (VindalooCurry) mc mf mm md
Contact mc mm
Container mc ff fd mm
Control mc mf ff mm md fd
Control Geek mc mm ds bd hm
Controlling Big Brother mc mm in
Controlling Devon mc mm
Controlling Karl mc mm
Cool Gay Uncle mc mm
Cooney’s Takedown mc mm
Cop A Feel mc mm in
The Corporation (Warren) mc mm
Corrections mc mm
The Couch mc mm
A Couple In Need of Change mc mm mf md fd
Couple of Days Off mc mm
Coupling mc mm
Course Correction mc mm mf
Craven Curse mc mm
Cravings mc mm mf hm
The Cravings (Wrestlr) mc mm
The Crazies mc mm mf
Creating Aiden mc mm
Creating Master mc mm ft
Crossing the Rubicon mc mf ff mm fd md
The Cult mc mm
Cupid mc mm ma
Cupid Boy and the Tenticular Terror mc mm ff hu
A Cure for Depression mc mf mm fd md in la ds ws
Cursed to Swell With Cum mc mm ft gr
The Customer mc mm
Customer Survey mc mm
The Cutler Chronicles: Devotee 15 mc mf mm fd bd gr hm rb
Cycle One mc mm gr
Daddy Issues mc mm
Daddy Mark mc mm in
Daddy Owns Us All mc mm ft
Daddy’s Boy mc mm hm
Daddy’s Deposits mc mm ds
Daddy’s Friends mc mm ws
Daddy’s Special Coffee mc mm
Dagger of the Mind mc mm
Dairy Man mc mm
Dan mc mm
Dan (nagel_the_white) mc mm
Dan and Mike: The Ruby mc mm ft
A Dangerous Thing mc mm mf
The Dangers of Smoking mc mm ft
A Dark and Stormy Night mc mm
The Dark Dance mc mm
Dark Magic (Andy Masters) mc mm
Date Coach mc mm ma
The Dating Chip mc mm
Dating Lisa mc mf mm md fd hm
A Daughter Dilemma mc mf ff mm md in
A Day in the Life of a Single Man mc mm ma
The Day The Breeding Stood Still mc mm
Day Walker mc mm ft
Daylight mc mm
Dazzled (Wrestlr) mc mm
Dea Ex Machina (Goddess in the Machine) mc ff mf mm md fd
The Deal (Wrestlr) mc mm
Dear Master mc mm
Dear Robert mc mm ft
Decompression mc mm
Dedicated mc mm
The Deep and Final Fall mc mm
Delayed Orgasms mc mm
Demon Hotel mc mf mm ff in
Deputy Karen’s Bad Therapy mc mm
A Descent (Zaq123edcxsw) mc mf ff mm md fd ma hm ds bd ft in
Descent and Ascent mc mm
Desire mc mf mm fd
The Desmond Brothers mc mm in
Destiny mc mm
Destressing Dale mc mm
The Destruction of Hugh mc mm bd
The Detective and the Therapist mc mm
Deus Ex Machina (Julian Obedient) mc mm
The Devil and Wesley Finn mc mf mm ff md
The Devil Goes Black mc mf mm ds
Dexter Lends a Helping Hand mc mf mm md
Diamond Shadows mc mm
Diana’s Silver Cord mc ff mf mm fd bd cb
Diary of a Good Boy mc mm
Diary, Fall of 2002 mc mm
Dicknotized mc mm
Dinner Date mc mm mf hm
Dinner Date 2: Date Harder mc mm mf hm
Dios mc mf mm md
The Director mc mf ff mm md
The Director (S. P. Riley) mc mm mf ff md fd gr
Dirty Donny mc mm mf ma ft
Discipline! mc mm
Discovering Puppy mc mm
Discussion Thread: Does anyone have any interesting experiences using the Mind Control App? mc mf ff mm md fd
Disembodied Vengeance mc mf mm md
The Djinn Boy mc mm
Docking mc mm
The Doctor Is In mc mm
Doctor Knows Best mc mm sc
Doctor Ryder and Mister Buck mc mm
Doctor Von Gunter’s Revenge mc mm
Doctor’s Orders (Thom21) mc mm
Doctor’s Orders (Wrestlr) mc mm
Dog Tags mc mm
Doggies Don’t Wear Clothes mc mm fd
Doggy Mommy For The School Bully mc mm mf md hm be bd
Doggy Mommy in Texas mc mm mf md hm be bd
Doggy Mommy’s First On-line Contact mc mm mf md hm be bd
A Dog’s Tail mc mm
Doing the Laundry mc mm
Domination mc mm
Domination: The Academy mc mm
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel mc mm
Donny Desires Domination mc mm
Don’t Ask, No Telling mc mm ft
Don’t Fall Asleep in Class mc mm
Double Cross mc mf mm md
Double Jeopardy Turn-About: The Biker’s Revenge 5. mc mm bd
Douchebag Babbies mc mm ws ft
Douchebag Pre-Trial Diversionary Program mc mm
Douchebag Takedown mc mm
Douchebag: Behavioural Reform mc mm
Downloading mc mm
Dr. Quimby’s Traveling Road Show mc mf mm md
Dragon Influence mc ff mf mm fd
Dragon Milk mc mm
Dreambelle’s Chime mc mf mm fd
Dreams upon Dreams mc mm
Dreamwork mc mm
Drilled by Desmond mc mm fd hm
Driven mc mm rb
Duet mc mm
Dumbed Doctor mc mm
The Dust Takes All mc mf ff mm fd
Dustin’s Sister mc mm mf in
The E-Ray mc mm
Egregore mc mm
The Elder Neighbor mc mm
The Elders mc mm
Election Night mc mf md bd mm ts gr hu
Electrical Engineering mc mm ma
Emerald Desire’s mc mm in
Emerald Lightning mc mm cb ft
The Emperor Has No Clothes mc mf ff mm md ex
Enchanting Flame mc mf mm in
Encore mc mm
The End of Nothing mc mm
Engineered mc mm
The Enslavement of Brian mc mm
Entirely Jason mc mm
Entry to the Brotherhood mc mm sf rb
Ethan and David mc mm
Ethan and Josh mc mm
Ethan and Mark mc mm
Ethan’s Summer Problem mc mm
Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Dilemma mc mm ds hm ft sf
Everybody Needs a Little T.L.C. mc mm
Evilena’s Hypnosis Seminar — A Lesson in Tolerance mc ff mm fd
An Excellent Subject mc mm
Executive Stress Relief mc mm bd
The Exhibit mc mm bd
Exorcising a Demon mc mm
The Expedition (A.K.A. — To Bee or Not to Bee) mc mf ff mm ma ds ex ft gr la
The Experiment with Rats mc mm mf ma hm
Experiments mc mm
Extracts of Eric mc mm
Extreme Makeover — Stud Edition mc mm
The Eyes mc mf mm fd
Eyes of the Djinn mc mm
Face in the Mirror mc mm
Face to Face (hypnoserve2001) mc mm ds ft
Faggot Training mc mm bd
The fall of superhero Dave and Biffboy mc mm cb
Fall of the Anti-Amerikaners mc mf mm md bd
The Fall of the House of Asher mc mm mf
Family Circus mc mf mm ff in
Family Matters mc mm in
Family Secrets mc mm
Family Vacation mc mm mf md fd
A Fantasy mc mm
Farm Boy mc mm in bd
Farrah’s Moans mc mf mm md
A Father’s Duty mc mm mf ff md fd ma bd ds ex ft hm in rb
A Father’s Son mc mm mf md in
Faustian Bargain mc mm
Festival Special Sauce mc mm ds
The Festive Guest! Diego’s Take Down mc mm
Festive Slavery mc mm
Festive Take Down mc mm
The Festive Take Down Chronicles mc mm
Festive Take Down of Douchebag Lawmen mc mm
Fetish Man mc mm
The Fetterville Complex mc mf mm ff md fd
A Few Extra Dollars mc mm
Field Test mc mf mm ff
Filling Gaps mc mf mm md hm
The First Dive mc mm ft
First Time mc mm
Flashes mc mm
Flashing Lights mc mm
Flight of Fantasy mc mm
Fly Colt Fly mc mm ft
Flying High (PutU2Sleep) mc mm
Following the Game mc mm ma
Football Slave mc mm
Football Team Trance mc mm bd
Football Training mc mm mf md fd ma ds hm
For All He’s Worth mc mm
For the Team mc mm
Foreign Takedown mc mm
Forever mc mm
Forgive & Forget mc mm
Forgotten Nights mc mm
Forgotten Words mc mm
Four Days Later mc mm mf in
Four Play mc mm
The Frat Control Experiment mc mm in
The Fraternity mc mm
Fraternity Induction mc mm
Free Hand mc mm mf fd
A Free Movie mc mm
Friends (VA23456) mc mm
Friends for the Summer mc mf mm
Friends Share mc mm
From Band Leader to Band Master mc mm
From Hydrolad to Hydroboi mc mm cb
From Hydroman to Hydrofuck mc mm cb
From P.I to Doggie: The Biker’s Revenge 6 mc mm
From Straight to Bottom, and Beyond mc mm
From US With Love mc mm
From Wife to Sister mc mf mm md
Frozen In Time mc mm
Fuck You mc mm bd hm
Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex mc mf mm ff md fd be
Fulfillment mc mm
Fun mc mf mm ma
Future and Past mc mm
Galaxy 69 mc mm sf ft
The Game mc mm
The Game (omegadestiny) mc mm
The Game: A Domination Prequel mc mm
Gangbang mc mf mm fd
Gary’s Magical Hypno Hole! mc mm
Gary’s Roommate mc mm
Gay New World mc mm
The Gay Plant mc mm
Gay Puppy mc mm
Gayd Ray Beginning mc mm
Gayngsters mc mm
The Gemini Problem mc mf mm in
Genie Wishes mc mm in
Gently Down the Stream mc mm
Getting Anthony mc mm
Getting Caught mc mm
Getting Hypped mc mm
Gift mc mf mm md
The Gifted (Chrysostomon) mc mf mm md
Gifted (Wrestlr) mc mm
Gifts mc mm
Gilligan’s Gift mc mf ff mm md in ws
Ginger-Snapped mc mm
Glad You Agree mc mm
Gloves mc mm ft
Go to Sleep mc mf mm md in
A God’s Cock mc mm
God’s Gaze mc mf mm md ds in
Goin’ Down On the Farm mc mm be
Gomez Becomes a Cum-Cow mc mm ft
Good Advice mc mf mm md ma
The Good Bitch mc mf mm md
Good Boy (Daddy Jinn) mc mm
Good Boy (Ian) mc mm
A Good Citizen mc mm sf
Good Doggy mc mm
Good Manners Go Without Saying mc mf ff mm ma md
Googling for Unsuspecting Slaves mc mm ft
Grace mc mm
Grease Monkeys mc mm
Greaser Boy mc mm
The Great Deal mc mm mf md
The Great Mysto mc mm md
Greater Lust Hath No Monster mc ff mm md fd
The Green Ring mc mf mm md
Guardsman D-8007-399-033 On Duty mc mm ft
The Guidance Councellor mc mm
The Guy Had Red Nails mc mm
The Hacker mc mm
The Half-Life of Loss mc mm
Halloween Faggot Training mc mm
Halloween Fertility Harvest Horror mc mf mm
Halloween Harvest of Souls mc mf ff mm md ma ds be gr ws
Halloween Merchandise. The New Batch mc mm
Halloween Nightmare mc mm
The Halloween Party That Changed Lives! mc mm
Halloween Weekend Faggot Training mc mm
Handshake mc mm
Handsome Boy mc mm
The Hapless Intruder mc mm bd
Happy Birthday mc mm
Happy Days mc mf mm ma
The Happy Place mc mm
A Hard Brexit mc mm in ma
Hard Candy (Nicky Noxville) mc mm
Hardhats and Hazings mc mm hu hm
Harvest Moon mc mm
Hathor mc mf mm in
Hawaiian Honey mc mm
He Came from Outer Space mc mm
He Wants You mc mm
Head Coach’s Tail mc mm
Heads-Tails mc mm
Heat? (Jodi) mc mm mf cb
Heavy mc mm
Helenas Master mc mf mm md ds
Hell Night mc mm
Helping Jimmy Get Some mc mf mm in ma
Helping Out the Neighbors mc mf mm md fd
Her Hyp-Lip-Stick mc mf mm fd
Her Minstrel Period mc mf ff mm md ex
Herded mc mf ff mm md in la
Here There Be Wolfs mc mm mf ff md fd be fu hm
Herrick: Arrogant Model Take-down mc mm
Hex Files 2: Ripped Lee’s Believe it or Not mc mm
Hex-files #1: Broan Ova Brayns mc mm
Hey Mikey mc mm
He’s Better Suit Ted mc mm
The Hide mc mm
Highway Patrol mc mm
Hijacked mc mm rb
The Hike mc mm
Himbo Maker mc mm
Hiroko, or The Vanity of Desire mc mf mm
His Girl mc mm
His Master’s Voice mc mm
Hold Back mc mf mm ff md
The Hole Left Behind — Carlito mc mm ma
The Hole Left Behind — Intermission mc mm ma
Holiday Punishment for Deputy DeMandrel and two Jocks mc mm bd
Homework (Wrestlr) mc mm
Honorable Service mc mm
Hooked and Baited mc mm
The Horses mc mm ff gr sf
Hostile Takeover: Inheriting the Heir mc mm mf
Hotel Anteros mc mm
Hotel Anteros — The Return mc mf mm
House Guest: The Appilication mc mm
House Guest: The Chest mc mm
House Guest: The Mirror mc mm
House of Wax mc mf mm ff fd
The House on the Island mc mm
House Reunion mc mm in
House Rules (Wrestlr) mc mm in
Houseboy mc mm
How did they know? mc mm bd
How Did This Happen to Me? mc mm
How I Became a Masochist mc mm
How I Became Carl’s Whore mc mm
How I Got Under Your Skin mc mm
How I Learnt to Stand Still mc mm ft
How to Take Down a Superhero mc mm cb
How to Train Your Slave mc mm bd
How True Loved Happened mc mm
Human to Canine mc mm
Humpies mc mf mm hm
Hunger (Tentacle Boy) mc mm
Hunk of My Dreams mc mm
Hunter and Doctor Peel mc mm
Hunter: Slave of Dr. Peel mc mm
Hunter’s Trip: The Milking Barn. mc mm bd ft
Husband Revenge mc mm
Hyperspace mc mm sf
Hypno High mc mm
A Hypno-Christmas Gift mc mm
Hypno-Harold: The Wildest Hypnotist on Earth mc mm
Hypnohole mc mm
Hypnomail mc mm
Hypnosis Spell mc mm
HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker mc mm mf fd
A Hypnotic Night mc mm
Hypnotic Prelude and Initiation mc mm
Hypnotic School mc mf mm md fd
Hypnotic Shine mc mm
Hypnotic Snippets mc mm
Hypnotic Turnabout mc mm
Hypnotist Review mc mm hm
The Hypnotist Show mc mm
Hypnotized Hockey Player mc mm
The Hypnotized Jock mc mm
Hypnotizing my Big Sis to be my Fuck Doll mc mf mm md in sf
Hypnotron mc mm
Hímringyó mc mm in
I am Number Five mc mm mf md sf
I Don’t Know What Came Over Me mc mm
I Fought the Law, and... mc mf mm ff md
I Hate Boys mc mm
I Hate My Master mc mm
I Have Seen the Light mc mm
I Love Him, But… mc mm
I Put a Spell On You mc mm
I Think… mc mm
I Won’t Let You Go. You Will Always Be Mine. mc mm
I-Toys mc mf ff mm fd md gr ma rb sf hu
Ice Blue mc mm bd hm
If You Go Down to the Woods Today! mc mm
IM me mc mm
Immersion Therapy mc mm sc
Impulse mc mf ff mm md fd
In Byzantium mc mm
In Defiance, Deference, and Servitude to Others mc mm
In Harm’s Way mc mm
In the Dark mc mm in
In The End… mc mm
In the Lair of the Enslaver mc mm
In the Locker-Room After the Game. mc mm in
Incursion (Pornomancy) mc mf ff mm md bd
Inevitable mc mm
InFiltration (Wrestlr) mc mm
Inked mc mm ft
The Inner Circle mc mm
Inner Strength mc mf mm md fd bd ds ft
Inside Area 51 mc mm gr sf
Inside Jack mc mm
Inside Out (Julian Obedient) mc mf mm fd md ma
Insomnia mc mm
Instant-On mc mf mm md in sc bd gr
Insubordination mc mm
The Interminable History of an Obsession mc mm
Internet Famous (StageShowMM) mc mm hm
Interview for the Board Seat mc mm
Invasion Now mc mm
Investment mc mm
An Invitation To Master Topiltziin’s Partyf mc mm
Iroppoi Herususentaa mc mm
The Island mc mm mf
The Island (The Slaver) mc mm
Island of Dreams mc mm
It mc mm in
It Started With: Alien Abduction mc mm
It Started With: Alien Control mc mm
It Started With: Alien Encounter mc mm
It Started With: Alien Extraction mc mm
It Started With: Alien Milking mc mm
It Started With: Alien Race-memory mc mm sf
It Started With: Alien Testing mc mm
The Italian Vacation mc mm mf
It’s All About Perspective mc mm ft
It’s Going to Happen to Him! mc mm
It’s So Nice To Have A Boy Around The House mc mm
It’s That Most Dangerous Time Of The Year! mc mm
It’s What You Want mc mm
Ivan Visits the Ark Royal mc mm
I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) mc mm
I’ll Do Anything, If It’s For Research mc mf ff mm sc be
I’m Not a Gay Porn Star! mc mm
Jailhouse Ruck mc mm
Jake’s Rig mc mm
James and the Leeches mc mm
Jason and Me, and Subjects Three mc mm
Jason and Paul and That’s Not All mc mm
Jason and Paul Follow-Up mc mm
Jason, Paul and Tommy mc mm
Jason’s Hypnotist Show mc mm
Jay and Jerry mc mm
Jeff, the Doorman mc mm ft
Jeremy’s Story mc mm
The Job Interview mc mm
A Job on Caltas Vearok mc mf mm ff md
Jock Enslavement mc mm bd
Jockmaster mc mm
The Jockstrap mc mm ft
Joe Boy mc mm mf hm ma ex
Joey mc mm ma
Joey Makes Varsity mc mm gr la
John Is a Very Good Boy mc mm
Johnny Kicks the Habit mc mm
JOI mc mm mf fd ma
Joining the Team mc mm
Jokers mc mm
Jonathan mc mm
Joseph — The Programmable Boy mc mm rb
Josh, My First Hypnotic Subject mc mm ma
Julian and the Princess Room mc mm
Just a Boy mc mf mm md
Just For Alec mc mm
Just Like Being On Stage mc mm
Just to Make Sure mc mm
Just Too Tired to Fight It mc mm
K-9 Unit mc mm sf rb
Keep It in the Family mc mm in bd
Keeping Up Appearances mc mm
Kennel Club Thirteen — Cat Fight mc mf ff mm
Kennel Club XIV — Dog Fight mc mf mm md be
Kiara’s Curse mc mf mm
Kidnapped mc mm
A Kind of Magic mc mm in
Kip and Jason mc mm
A Knight in the Forest mc mf mm
The Kota Cock mc mm
Kristine’s Conscience mc ff mf mm fd ma
La Belle Dame Sans Merci mc mm mf ff fd ft
The Lake: A Domination Prequel mc mm
Lance Storm and the Galaxy Pirates mc mm sf hu
Lance Storm and the Invasion of the Nastyons mc mm sf hu
Lance Storm and the Medusa Menace mc mm sf hu
Lance Storm and the Slaves of the Hypnotron mc mm sf hu
The Last Photograph mc mm
Lasting Mark mc mm
Late Bloomer mc mm
Latex Manacles mc mm
The Laughing String mc mm
Laws of Nature mc mm
Le Reve mc mm
Learning mc mm
Learning a Lesson mc mm ft
Leather Boundaries mc mm ft
Leather Domination mc mm ft
The Legion of Obedient Super-Slaves mc mm cb sf
Lessons Learned mc mm
Letters from Prison mc mm sc
Let’s Fuck Uncle mc mm in
Let’s Get Physical mc mm
Let’s Have Some Fun mc mf ff mm md fd in sc ex la hm gr
The Librarian’s Pet mc mm bd ds gr
Licks mc mm
Liebestod mc mf mm md
The Life of the Mind mc mm
The Life We Didn’t Live mc mm
Life with Boner mc mm
Lifetime Alterations mc mm
Like a Drug mc mm
Like a Woman mc mm
Like Father, Like Son mc mm
Like Son, Like Father mc mm
Limbo Dancers mc mm mf fd
Linden’s Throne mc mm
The Little Black Death mc mm ft
Little Friends mc mm rb
Lloyd’s Angel mc mf ff mm
The Local Chippy mc mm ma in
Locked-In mc mm
Lojacked mc mm rb gr
Look What Thinking Can Get You mc mm in
Look Where Thinking Can Get You mc mm in
Lord and Lady Talon mc mf mm md fd
Losing Control mc mm
The Lost Boys mc mm
The Lost Boys II — Adventures of James mc mm
Lost In Austin mc mm
Lost In Spin City mc mm
Lost in the Empty Spaces of the Mind mc mm
The Lost Patrol mc mm
The Lost Patrol of Taurus mc mm
Lost Weekend, Found Lifestyle mc mf mm ff fd
Love and Power mc mm
Love and Slavery mc mm
Love in Bloom mc mm sf
The Love Song of Doctor Diabolical mc mm
Love Won? Or Love Made? mc mm ft
LoveLocked: WokeWired mc mf mm fd
A Lover Scorned! mc mm
Love’s Mirror mc mm
The Lube Job mc mm
Lucarotti mc mm sc
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky mc mm
Lupton Becomes His Boss’s Toy! mc mm ma
The Lust of Autora mc mf mm md
Lust Potion mc mm
m M mc mm
M&Ms mc mf ff mm md fd in
The Machine mc mm ds bd
Mac’s Vacation mc mm rb
Made to Surrender mc mm ft
Mafisto’s Vignettes mc mm
Maggie’s New Assignment mc mf ff mm md fd gr
Magic Cock mc mm mf md in ds
Magic Eye mc mm
The Magic Words (Nexis Pas) mc mm
Magical Hypnosis mc mm in
A Magisterial Tale mc mm
Majorly Screwed mc mm
Make Love, Not War (Slut-Box Challenge) mc mm gr
Making Friends mc mm
Making Jeremy mc mm
The Making of (c)F-7985-656-882 mc mm bd ft
The Making of Lesbot J4n3 mc ff mm mf rb fd
The Making of MusclePete mc mm
The Making of Virgine mc mf ff mm fd md ma bd
Making the Band mc mm
The Male Succubus mc mm mf
Man Control—Mark’s Cat mc mm
The Man In The Black Satin Trunks, With The Stars & Stripes Tatts. mc mm
Man of the House (med_res) mc mm
The Man Trap mc mm
The Manbreaker mc mm cb
The Manhood Game mc mm
Manners Maketh Man mc mm in
Mansplaining mc mm fd md hm
Marcus Brainwashed Slut mc mm
Mark’s Boys mc mm
Master mc mm
Master & the Lawman mc mm
Master / Disciple mc mm
The Master Hypnotist mc mm
Master John mc mm ft
Master of Puppets mc mf mm ff md fd
Master of the Leather Festival mc mm ft ds
Master PC: The Victim’s Perspective mc mf mm md ex la hm gr in
Master PC: User Error mc mf mm fd md in
Master PC—New User mc mf mm md fd gr
Master PC—Slave User mc mf mm md gr
Master Turnabout mc mm bd
Masterpiece Society mc mm
Masterpiece Society II — Becoming Alpha mc mm
Masterpiece Society III — Alpha to Omega mc mm mf md in
Master’s Auction mc mm
The Master’s Collection mc mm cb
Master’s Marks mc mf mm md ma hm ds ex ft
Master’s Tattoo mc mm ft
The Masudas And The Rainbows mc mf mm ff gr
Matt and the Hunters mc mm
A Matter of Time mc mm
Matt’s Discovery mc mm
The Mayor mc mm ts
The Mechanics mc mm
Meeting The New Boyfriend mc mf ff mm md fd ma ds ex ft hm in ts
Mega-Hero Goes Down mc mm cb
Mega-Hero II: The Enslaver In Control mc mm cb
Mega-Hero III: Underworld Enslaved mc mm cb
The Memoirs of Avitus mc mm mf md in
Memory Lane mc mm
Men Unleashed – The Untying of the Kynodesme mc mf mm fd
Men-U mc mm
The Mentalist Next Door — Smoke Rings mc mm ft
The Men’s Room mc mm
Mergers & Acquisitions mc mm
The Mesmerist’s Tale mc mm
Mesmerized by His Feet mc mm
Mesmerizing the Manly, Young Servant mc mm
The Metal Box mc mm
Metal Harvest mc mm rb sf
Metal Harvest Beta: Earth Defense Force mc mm rb
Metallic Mayhem mc mm rb
Michael’s Story: Open Wide Please mc mm
A Mid-Summer Night’s Orgy mc mm gr
Midnight Margaritas mc mm
Midwinter’s Daydream mc mm
Migraine mc mm
Mike, the Somnambulist mc mm hm
Mike’s Mix-Up mc mm ft
Milk Bar mc mm bd gr
Milking mc mm
The Mind Control Academy mc mf mm ff md fd
Mind Control of the Master mc mf mm md fd
Mind Control, Latowski Chastity Belt & Nanotechnology. mc mm
Mind Over Matter mc mm in
Mindscaping mc mm
The Minute After mc mm
The Miracle Additive mc mm hm
The Misadventures of The Bear and Spanky mc mm mf cb md fd bd
A Misfired Curse mc mm
The Mission Of The Raptor Cult mc mm
Mission: Catcher and Retrain mc mm ft
Mission: Return Home mc mm
Mission: Take Down mc mm mf
The Missionary Factor: The Biker’s Revenge 7 mc mm
Mistletoe and the Christmas Star mc mm cb
Mistress Diane’s Recruitment mc ff mm fd
Mistress Isobelle and Her Two Boys mc mm fd
Moments mc mm
Mommy’s Boys mc mf mm fd md
Moon Buddy mc mm hu
The More Boys I Meet mc mf mm md rb
More Faggot Training mc mm
Morning in the Pool of Nothingness mc mm
Mother May I mc mm in
Mother’s Rules mc mm
Motivated mc mm
The Motivation Master mc mm in
Mouth-to-Mouth mc mm
Mud Men mc mm
Mundane Application mc mm bd
Musabetsu Casino mc mf mm md ma hm
Muscle Mind Fuck mc mm
Musclehead mc mm
Muse Masters mc mf mm md fd ma ex in
The Music Master mc mm
Music to Watch Cock By mc mm
Musserfag mc mm gr
Mutant Factor mc mm
My Best Friend’s Dad mc mm
My Boyfriend is a Bastard mc mm
My Colleague The Sex Toy mc mm
My First Hypno Con mc mm fd
My Freshman Master mc mm
My Friend Matt mc mm
My Friends Are Not What They Seem mc mm rb
My Girlfriend’s Brother mc mm
My Girlfriend’s New Master mc mf mm md hm
My Huge Cock mc mm
My Jock Memories mc mm
My Long Weekend mc mm
My Master mc mm
My Master, My Black Master mc mm
My Master, the Apprentice mc mm
My Name in Every Language Means Death mc mm
My New Life With Eric mc mm
My Own Full Monty mc mm
My Personal Hypnotist mc mm
My Prologue mc mm
My Roommate Tony mc mm
My Son on the Internet mc mm
My Stepdad’s New Master mc mm
My Stepfather, My Daddy mc mm
The Mysterious Dojo mc mm
Mysterious Suits 2 — Unfinished Business mc mf ff mm md ft
Naked Fitness mc mm in gr
The Naked Superhero mc mm cb
Nano-Hammered mc mm
The Narcissus Plant mc mm
National Security mc mm sc
Naught Little Boy mc mm
Naughty Schoolboys mc mm
Nebka Rassul’s New Slave From The Unified Earth Empire mc mm sf
Need (Wrestlr) mc mm
Neighborhood Slut mc mm
Neighbour From Hell mc mm in
Nerd mc mm
Never a Dull Moment mc mm
Never Been Closer mc mm in
Never Have I Ever mc mf ff mm md
Never Tell Anyone mc mf mm md fd
The New Boss mc mf mm ff md fd
New Coach mc mm
New Desires Installed mc mf ff mm in
New Frontiers mc mm
The New Galatea: with Leather and Silver Chains mc mm
The New Hire Physical mc mm
New Housemate, New Life mc mm ft
New Hypno Method mc mm
The New Job... (LatexDude) mc mm ft rb
New Life mc mm
A New Life (The Slaver) mc mm
New Master in the County mc mm
New Neighbors mc mf mm ff md fd hm
A New Perfume mc mm in
The New Roommate mc mm
New Sales Horizons mc mf mm md
New Slave mc mm gr
The New Slaves of Dr. Peel mc mm
A New World mc mm ff ex ft ds
New Year’s Sleep mc mm
New Younger Brother mc mm
Nice Day for a Blacked Wedding mc mf mm ds
Nice to Men mc mf mm md gr
Nick’s New Partner mc mm
Nick’s Shiny Rubber Suit mc mm ft
Night Blind mc mm
Night Cap mc mm
Night of Submission mc mm
Night of the Horny Wrestlers mc mm in ft
Night of the Mesmerist mc mm
The Night Shift mc mm
Night Walker mc mm
The Night-Visitor mc mm ft
The Night-Visitor Strikes Again mc mm
Ninety Nine Laws of Mind Control mc mf mm ff md fd hu
Nipple Sluts mc mm
No Escaping Mr. Claus mc mm
No Experience Needed mc mm
No Homo mc mm
No Saint mc mm
Not Gay mc mm
The Nude Weekend mc mf mm ff fd
Nudges mc mm
Number 16 mc mm ft rb
Number Seventeen (Wrestlr) mc mm
Nuthuggers mc mm sf gr
Obsession-Compulsion mc mf ff mm md fd ds
The Offer (Wrestlr) mc mm
The Offer — A Hypno-House Party mc mf ff mm ds
Office Boy mc mm
Office Medical mc mm ma
The Office Party mc mm
Officer Down! mc mm
Ohms mc mm
The Old Roommate mc mm
Omerta mc mm
On the Couch mc mm
On the Cusp mc mm
Onboarding (Darr Fall) mc mm
The Once And Future Gladiator mc mm sf
Once Upon a Time (Wrestlr) mc mm
One Man’s Rubbish mc mm ft
The One Who Thought He Was Immune mc mm
Open Secrets mc mm
Opera Nights mc mm
The Opposite of Chastity mc mm mf md fd
Oran and Violette mc mf mm md fd in
The Ordeal mc mm bd
The Order mc mm
Oscar’s Orgasm mc mm
Out For an Afternoon Stroll mc mm ft
Out Of Control mc mm hm
Out of My Lane mc mm ds
Out There mc mm
The Outing of Craig Smallwood mc mm
An Overview of the Academy mc mm
Ownership: A Romance mc mm
Owning Eric mc mm in
Owning the Center mc mm
Pair-Bonded mc mm
Paradise Island Resort mc ff mf mm gr ma in ft
Paragon City Chronicles #1 The Mighty Minotaur mc mm cb
Paramedic Retraining mc mm ft
Paranoia mc mf mm md
Pathogen: Locked In A Room mc mm ma fu hu sf
Patrick and the Hypnotist mc mm
The Patrolmen mc mm
Patterns in Ochre and Grissecon Ink mc mm sf
Paula and the Mind Drug mc mm mf fd
Pavlov’s Bell mc mm
Pecking Order mc mm
Peel’s Revenge mc mm
People in Ivory Towers mc mf mm md ft
Perfect Fit mc mm
The Perfect Son mc mm in
Performance Management mc mm
Permanent Employment mc mm ft
Permutations mc mm
Perpetual Slavery mc mm ft
Perpetual Xmas Punishment mc mm
Persian Style Vengeance mc mf mm md be
The Person Inside mc mm
Personal Companion Unit SX-69 mc mf mm ff md fd rb
Personality Transfer mc mm
Pete and Andre mc mm
Pete’s Story mc mm sc
Pharaoh Reborn mc mf mm md
PharmaCorp Pheromones mc mm
PharmaCorp Pheromones: Boy Smell mc mm
The Phase mc mm in
Phase Complete mc mf mm md sf
Phillip mc mm
Photo Shoot mc mm
Pizza Boy mc mm
Pizza Boy and the Horny Stud mc mm
Planet SX:69 Will Change Your Life mc mm sf
Play the Game (hypno_sub) mc mm
Players mc mm
Pleasure and Magic mc mm
Pledging mc mm
Poltically Corrected mc mm
The Polycule Molecule mc mf ff mm ma ft ex sf
Pooh mc mf mm ff sc
The Pool mc mf mm ff
A Pool of Muscle mc mm ft
Poor Bastard mc mm
PopStar mc mm mf fd md hm rb
Post-Game mc mm
The Power Commander mc mm ft
The Power of Galaxy 69 mc mm
Power Outage mc mm
Power Training mc mm
Powers mc mm cb
The Practical Applications of BIMBO Math mc mf ff mm gr md
Practical Magic : Livin La Vida Loca mc mm
Praise the Goddess mc mm fd
Preventing Chafed Nipples mc mm ft
Pride mc mm
The Priest mc mm ft
Prince Hunter and the Queer Room mc mm
Prison Guard mc mm ft
The Prisoner mc mm bd
Private Viewing mc mm
Private Voyeur mc mm
Probiotics mc mm
The Program (anonymousarchitects) mc mm
Programmed to Obey mc mm
The Programming of Jean-Claude mc mm
Project Alpha mc mm ft ds
Project: SEAL Trance mc mm
Prom Night (RobinHood70) mc mm
The Proof Is in the Reading mc mm
Property Manager Puppetmaster mc mm
Proximity mc mm
Psi Games mc mm
Pull Over! mc mm bd
Pumping It Out mc mm ft bd
The Punishment Book mc mm
The Puppet Master mc mm cb
Puppet of His Master mc mm sf rb
The Puppet Strings mc mm
Push (Nicky Noxville) mc mm ma hm
Push the Button mc mm
Quarantine mc mm
Rawley Academy mc mm bd
Re-Educator mc mm in
Re-orientation mc mm
Re-orientation II—The Professor mc mm
Re-Write mc mm
The Reader mc mm
The Reader II — Expansion mc mm
The Reader Takes Control mc mm
Real Men Don’t Kiss mc mm
Reality Embraced mc mm
Reality He Wrote mc mm
Reality Morality mc mm
Rebirth of William Kent mc mm in
Reckless mc mm
The Recruiter mc mm
Recruits mc mm
The Red Room mc mm
The Red Room II mc mm
The Red Room III mc mm
The Red Room IV mc mm
The Red Room V mc mm
The Red Room VI mc mm
The Red Room — VII mc mm
Redesigning the Architect mc mm ws
Redneck Reprogrammed mc mm
Reeducation mc mm
The Reference mc mm
Reflection mc mf mm md fd
Reflection (beard_ed) mc mm ft
Reflections (Sleepybox) mc mf mm fd
Reform Boys mc mm
Rehabilitation mc mm
Relaxation Slut mc mm
Release (Maenads) mc mf ff mm fd bd ds ft
Remember the Alamo mc mm
Reminders mc mm
The Removal of Officer Barry Cronin mc mm
Removed mc mm
Remy’s Seduction mc mf ff mm md fd
Repetitions mc mm mf md
Rescue Mission mc mm cb
Restaurant Service mc mf ff mm md
Restaurant Specials mc mf mm ff md
The Retraining mc mm bd
Retreat and Surrender mc mf mm ff md fd
The Return mc mf mm ff md fd in
Return on Investment mc mm
Returning to the Family Farm mc mm bd
Revenge mc mf ff mm fd
The Revenge (The Slaver) mc mm
Revenge Chip mc mf mm fd be
Revenge Is a Bitch, Don’t You Think? mc mm
Revenge Is a Dish Best! mc mm
Revenge is as Good as a Rest mc mm
Revenge Is Sweet mc mf mm md bd be
Revenge of Master mc mm
Revenge on Step Dad mc mm
Reversal Of Fortune mc mm
Reversed mc mm mf
Revisionist History mc mm in
Rhapsody Entranced mc mm
Ride Him Cowboy mc mm
Ride of His Life mc mm
Ride With the Stallions mc mm
Riding Bone mc mm
The Ring (Chrysostomon) mc mm in
The Ring Two — Hard Boys mc mm
The Ring — Endgame mc mf mm
Ringing in the Recruits mc mm ft
Rise of the Facehuggers mc mm
Roadhouse Delight mc mm
Roadsway mc mm
Rockz Off mc mm
Roger and the Magic Synthesizer mc mm ft
Role Modeling mc mm mf md in
Role Reversal mc mm
Room 126 mc mm
Room 28B mc mm
Roommate Revenge mc mm ma ft ds
Roommates By Trance mc mm
The Rorvik Formula mc mm ft
Rough Sketch mc mm
Row, Row, Row Your Boat mc mm
Royal Voluntary Service mc mm ds
Rubber Conversion mc mm ft
Rubber Gimp #5 mc mm ft
Rubberslut mc mm bd ft
Rugger Buggers mc mm
Rules of the Game mc mm
The Runic Emperor mc mf mm md
Ryan and Eric mc mm
The S(t)imulator mc mm bd
Sailing the Sea of Me mc mm mf
Sake and Satin mc mm
Sake and Satin: The Mission mc mm
Sake and Satin: The Mission: Finis mc mm
Salem’s Hot mc mm mf md
Sam, Tommy and the Hitchhiker mc mm
Sanctuary (Wrestlr) mc mm
The Sand-Clock mc mm mf md
The Sandal Master mc ff mm fd ft
The Sandman (The Slaver) mc mm
The Sandman 2: The Next Batch mc mm
Santa & The Cheating Husband mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year: Good Doggie mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year: The More than Coming Once a Year Claus mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year: The Revenge Of Technology Claus mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year: The Santa Claus mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year: The Two For The Price Of One Claus mc mm
Santa Comes But Once a Year: The Two Gifts mc mm mf
Santa Daddy: Sheriff Fenchurch Hassel Remembers mc mm
Santa Taken mc mm
Santa’s Gift mc mm
Santa’s Secret mc mf ff mm md fd in be
Santa’s Special Drug mc mm
Santa’s Webcast Stars mc mm
The Sappho Chronicles—Dr. Dyke mc ff mf mm in
The Satyr’s Pipe mc mm ft
The Satyr’s Song mc mm
The Saviors mc mm mf sf ma
Scenes From a Life mc mm
The Scent of Love mc mm
Scientific Papers about the Guard mc mm ft
The Scientist mc mm
Scott’s Mission mc mm bd
Screen Saver and Bondage: Hypno Spy mc mm
Screensaver (Chew Toy) mc mm ds ma
The Sculptor (Tentacle Boy) mc mm
Second Hand Heart mc mf mm fd md ma ds
The Secret of My Success mc mm
The Secrets of Dr. Mabuse mc mm
The Seduction Engine mc mm
Self-Hypnosis Has Its Risks mc mm ft
Senses mc mm
Serve and Protect mc mm
Servicing Andrew mc mm
Serving the Gentlemen’s Club mc mm ft
The Session Must Not Be Interrupted mc mf mm md fd in
The Seven Deadly Sins mc mf ff mm md be in hm
Seven Minutes in Devin mc mm ds hm
Sex Ranch mc mm
Sex Wars—The New Order mc mm
The Sex-toy of Vengeance mc mm
Sexual Hypnotizing mc mm
Shawn mc mm
Shepherds of Men mc mm in
Sheriff Jan mc mm bd
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Scandalous Sketches mc mm mf
Shifting Power mc mm
Shortcut to the Top mc mf mm md fd cb
The Show mc mm
Show and Tell mc mm hm
The Show Must Go On (Touchstone) mc mm
Side Hustle mc mm hm
Side of Beef mc mm
Sigmas mc mm mf rb
The Silken mc ff mf mm in ft
Silken Submission mc mm ft
The Silken: Family Counseling mc mf mm ma in ft
The Silver Stake mc mm
Simon mc mm rb
Sinful Revenge mc mm bd sc
Sinners and Saints mc mm
Sisselixer 2: Free Refill mc mm gr fu
Sissy mc mm mf md fd ft
The Skinheads mc mm
Slave Cody mc mm
Slave Improvements mc mm mf md
The Slave of Dr. Peel mc mm
Slave To Fashion mc mm
Slave Train mc mm
Slave Train (Liam’s Story) mc mm
SlaveMaker Machine mc mm
Slavery for the Holidays mc mm
Slavery: 2212 mc mm
The Slaves of Dr. Peel: Jocks and Coaches. mc mm ft
Slaves to The Spirals mc mf ff mm md fd ma in ex ft
The Sleep-Over mc mm
Sleeper Training mc mm
Sleepover (Purple Boy) mc mf mm fd
Slipping Into My Suit mc mm ft
Slut for the Weekend mc mm
Smile for the Camera mc mm
Smoke and Drums: The Scout mc mm ma hm bd ds ex sf
Smoke Bound mc mm
Snared (bunglefinger9) mc mm
Snorkelling Technique mc mm
So, I Have a Theory mc mm ft
The Soccer Players mc mm
Sockie Says mc mm
Soft Spot mc mm
Solarium mc mm
Soldier Slave—Addicted to Uniform mc mm
A Soldier’s Story: To Serve and Protect mc mm
Some Triggers for My Arrogant Boss mc mm
Something About Charlie mc mm
Soon to Be Anew mc mm
Sophomore Daze mc mm
The Sound of Smoke mc mm
Space Marine Training mc mm
Spare the Rod mc mm in bd
Spark mc mm
The Special Glory Hole mc mm
The Special Massage mc mm
Speedo Punishment mc mm fd ft
The Spell mc mm
Spelling Error mc mm hu
Spellmaster mc mm
Spy-cam mc ff mf mm md
The Stables of Mistress Claire mc mf mm ff bd la
Stage mc mm
Stargaze mc mm mf ff md ft in
Stay Strong mc mf mm fd
Stockholm Syndrome mc mm ds
The Story mc mm
A Story for Carl mc mm ft
A Story For Chester mc mm
A Story for Christopher: The Biker’s Revenge 3. mc mm
A Story for Dan mc mm
A Story for Godfrey: The Biker’s Revenge 4. mc mm in
A Story For Jack mc mm
A Story for Matthew mc mm
A Story for Mike mc mm
A Story For Rob: The Biker’s Revenge mc mm sc
A Story for Wentworth: The Biker’s Revenge 2 mc mm bd
Storyteller: Dylan and the Forest mc mm
Str8Guys mc mm
Straight Man’s Long Journey mc mm
Straight to Gooning mc mm
The Strange Case of the Missing Madonna mc mf ff mm
Strange Vibrations mc mm
The Stranger, Aka Master Molesey mc mm in
Streetside Pornographic: An Ode to Addiction mc mf mm ft md fd ds ma
Stress Relief mc mm
Stress Relief (Svplgsmslm) mc mm
Strobe Goth mc mm
A Stroke of Luck mc mm
The Strong Man mc mm bd ds gr
Stud Stable mc mm
The Student Becomes the Master (Nicky Noxville) mc mm hm
The Student Becomes the Master: Spin the Wheel mc mm hm
Student Capture mc mm
Student Control mc mm
Sub-Way Trainer mc mm ft ds ex
Subject To Change mc mm
Sucking The Straight Out Of Him mc mm
Suited Up mc mm
Suits of Rubber mc mm ft
Summer and Winter mc mm
Summer Camp (T. T. Fletcher) mc mm
Summoning Demons for Pleasure and Profit mc mm
Super Tense mc mm cb
Super-Villain Academy, Class 301: Lecture #8, Sex and the Superhero mc mm
Super-Villain Academy, Class 307: Lab #12, Advanced Weaponry Workshop mc mm
SuperDudes mc mm cb
Superheroes mc mm cb
Supernatural mc mm
Supplements mc mm
The Surprise mc mm
The Survey mc mm
Swag Slave mc mm mf md
Sweet and Easy mc mm
Swift Surrender mc mm
Swimmer Boy mc mm
The Switch (Jonathan R. Mattice) mc mm in ft
Switch Over mc mm ft
Symbiosis mc mm
System Upload mc mm
Tabloid Confessions mc mm mf ds
Take It Easy mc mm
The Take-down Of Quinn mc mm
Takedown: Agent Leidner mc mm
Takedown: Professor Earnshaw mc mm
Taken (The Slaver) mc mm
Taken By Santa: What Happens Next mc mm
Taken in the Holidays mc mm
Taken Out mc mm
Taken: It’s Just Business mc mm
Takeout mc mm
The Takeover (anonymousarchitects) mc mm gr sf rb
Taking Care of the Customer mc mm
Taking Care of the Customer: Honey Pot mc mm
Taking Down the League mc mm cb bd
Taking Down the League 2 mc mm cb
Taking Michael mc mm
Taking Notes mc mm ex
Talent (Wrestlr) mc mm
Talon’s Claws mc mm cb
Taming Atkins mc mm
Taming the Campus Jocks mc mm
Tasting Trevor mc mm mf in
Teacher’s Pet mc mm
Teaching Her a Lesson mc mf ff mm md fd
Team Entrancement mc mm
Teamwork (Wrestlr) mc mm
Tech Agent Control mc mm hm
Teen Hypno! mc mm hm hu
Teenage Pregnancy mc mm gr
Terran Guard mc mm bd sf
Terran Space Marines mc mm mf md fd sf
Thank You, Mister Giggles mc mm
Thascalos’s Boys mc mm ft
That and Only That (A Love Story) mc mm
That Old Black Magic mc mm
That Smell mc mm
Then There Were None mc mm
Therapy (Ethan Haan) mc mm
There Is Nothing Like a Slave mc mm
There’s Always Someone Better mc mm
The Third Man mc mm
This Is Not a Love Story mc mm
This Year’s Boy mc mm
Thomas, Isn’t Life A Bitch? mc mm
Thorne In His Side mc mm
The Thorns mc mm hm
A Thousand and One Hypnotic Nights mc mm hm
Thumped mc mm
Tiger Eyes mc mf mm ff md fd rb in ft
Tiger Tails: SissElixer mc mm ft ds ex sf hu
Tiger Tails: Three Weeks a Hypno-Bear mc mm
The Time Warp...Again mc mm
Times Three mc mm
Timeshare (AgainstMyWill) mc mm
Tina’s Day mc mf mm fd
Tingly mc mm in
Tit Men mc mf mm fd hu
Tit-Slave mc mm bd
To Protect and Serve mc mm
To See, To Hear, To Touch, To Kiss mc mm
To Serve Their Country mc mm sc
To Strip A Cop mc mm
To the Edge and Beyond mc mf mm ff md fd
Tom and Kevin mc mm ft
Tommy and Jason mc mm
Tommy and Max mc mm
Tommy’s Wife Turns Him Out mc mm mf fd hm
Toothpaste mc mm
Top Alpha Male: Battle of the Coaches mc mm
Top Alpha Male: Kappa-slave Doggie Cops. mc mm
Top Alpha Male: The making of a Kappa-slave. mc mm
Top Dog mc mm
Torrid Tales mc mf mm md
Total Nathan Computer Mindcontrol mc mm
The Touch mc mm
The Touch of the Master mc mm
Tough Regression mc mm hm hu
A Town Submits mc mm mf ff md fd ds gr in
The Toy Box mc mm
The Toy Factory mc mm
Trained (maslyfe) mc mm bd
Training (The Slaver) mc mm
Training a new Guardsman: Making of A-8007-399-033 mc mm mf
Training Alex mc mm
Training and Enslaving mc mm
Training Andrew mc mm
The Training of 5834 mc mm
Training Redman, a Bouncer, an Intruder and the Patrolman mc mm
Training School mc mm ft
Training the Groom! mc mm
Training the Groom’s Friend mc mm
Training the Pool-Guy mc mm
Training the Shop-Keeper mc mm
Trance of Desires mc mm
The Trance Temptation: A Journey of Forbidden Desires mc mm
Transfixed and Transformed mc mm
The Transformation of Kyle mc mm
The Transylvanian Twins mc mm mf
Trash mc mf ff mm fd
Trials Of Hades mc mm mf
Tricks mc mm
[trigger phrase] mc mm
Trio mc mm mf
The Trouble with Triplets mc mm in
The Trucker mc mm
Trucker’s Cigar Boy mc mm ma ft
True Life mc mm
The Truth mc mm
TSA Agent mc mm
Turnabout (Jodi) mc mm
The Turnabout (Spandexlad) mc mm
Turnabout (The Slaver) mc mm
Turnabout (Wrestlr & cicero) mc mm
Turnabout Is Fair Play mc mm
The Turning mc mm
Turning the Tables mc mm
Tuukka becomes a Crimson Guard mc mm ft
Twenty Sex Hundred mc mm
Twinkyboy mc mm
The Twisted Love Potion mc mf ff mm md fd hm in
Two Heads Plus One mc mm in ft
Two Officers, a Creep and a Jail Place mc mm
Uh Huh mc mm
Un-Talented mc mm
Under Construction (The Golden Hammer) mc mm
Under the Influence mc mm ft
Underground mc mm mf ff fd in
Undress Rehearsal mc mm ma
The Unholy Rites mc mf ff mm md
Uniform mc mf ff mm md fd gr ft ma bd
University Experiment mc mm
Unknown Implant mc mm
Unseen Powers mc mm mf md
Unstoppable Pleasure mc mm
The Unwilling Sex-Toy mc mm
Upstairs Neighbor mc mm
Urine Trouble mc mm ft
The Vacation (The Slaver & Hunter c. Wolf) mc mm
Valentine’s Treatment mc mm
Valley College Dream mc mf mm fd ma
Vanity mc mm
Various Techniques mc mm
The Vegas Adventure mc mf ff mm fd
VHS mc mm
VHS—II mc mm
Viewpoint mc mf ff mm md
Vineyard of the Gods mc mm
The Virtue of Chastity mc mm ma hm
Visions in the Mind mc mm
The Visitor mc mm
Viva Virgin Vegas Victims mc mm mf md
The Voice Inside My Head mc mm
Voice of Authority (Wrestlr) mc mm cb
Voodoo Doll Testing mc mm
VR Training for Boys mc mm
Walking Sideways mc mm hm
The Wallet (Touchstone) mc mm
Wanted mc mm
War Men mc mm
Washed Out mc mf mm ff md fd ft
Washing Up mc mm gr
The Watch mc mm
Watching the Show mc ff mm mf md
Waterloo mc mm
The Waystation mc mm
WC Master mc mm
We Can Still Be Friends mc mm mf md
Weak mc mf mm md fd
WeaverTV: The Newlyweaved Game mc mf mm ff
Web of Trust mc mm in
The Webmistress mc mf mm ff fd
The Weirdest Dream mc mm
Welcome to the Jungle... Nursery mc mm sc ws hm fu
Well-Trained mc mm
What Does She See in Him? mc mf mm md
What Goes Around mc mm
What Happed to You? mc mm
What Happens in Vegas mc mm
What I Did Last Summer mc mm
What We Did That Summer mc mm
What You See In The Mirror mc mm mf md
Whatever Happened to What’s His Name? mc mm
Whatever You Say, You’re the Boss! mc mm
What’s Happened to Me? mc mm
What’s Happening to Us? Please Tell Us! mc mm
What’s In a Name? mc mm
What’s That Smell? mc mm sc
When a Friend Needs a Favor mc mf mm md ft
When I Fight Authority, Authority Always Wins mc mm
When It All Changed mc mm mf hm in ma
When You Wake Up mc mm
Where Do I Go From Here? mc mm
Where Real Men Come From mc mm
Where Three Roads Meet mc mm
White Light mc mm
White Noise mc mm
A Whole New View (Kota) mc mm
Who’s A Pretty Toy Then? mc mf ff mm md in
Who’s In Charge? mc mm
Who’s the Master? mc mm
Widburn’s Turnabout mc mm
Wild Card mc mm
Wild Pansies in the Fae Court mc mm
Wild Talents mc mm
Will Hunting mc mm ft
Will the Coffee-Shop Boy mc mm
William Rides Again mc mf ff mm md in
Willing Hypnoslave mc mm
The Window Guy mc mm
A Winning Season mc mm
Wireless Puppets mc mm ft cb
With Loss of Eden mc mm
Witness Protection mc mm
Wolf in the Nursery mc mm ds ft
Wolfe and Coach Cohen. mc mm
Words of Truth mc mm
Work-Life Balance mc mm bd ds
Working Overtime mc mm
The Workout mc mm
The World mc mm ma rb
The World Is a Trance We Enter Together mc mm
The World Is a Trance We Live in By Ourselves mc mm
The Worm Has Turned mc mm
Wormholes mc mm ma ex hm
Worship mc mm
Worth It mc mm
The Writing Group mc mf mm
The Wrong Boy mc mm
The Wrong One mc mm
X-Ray Eyes mc mm
Xavier And The Stranger mc mm
Xmas Enslaved. mc mm
Xmas Mind-control, Bondage & Jock Training For the Sheriff’s Department mc mm bd
Xmas Slavery at the Mall mc mm
An Xmas Story of Slavery mc mm
Xmas Takedown mc mm
Year 3000 mc mm sf
The Yoga Instructor mc mm
You Broke Like Glass mc mm
You Have a Big Heart but a Small Penis mc mf mm fd hu
Your Idea mc mm
Your Shampoo, Sir mc mm
Your Soul Becomes a Shimmering Arch Through Which I Enter; Your Mind, An Empty Landscape Which I Fill mc mm
You’re Not Leaving Me mc mm
You’re, Like, the Best mc mm
Zac the Wrestler mc mm
Zak’s Retraining mc mm
Zak’s Revenge mc mm
Zapped mc mm
Zero Signal mc mm