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Moon Buddy

by Nutiper

Added 16 March 2008

Updated 09 August 2008

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Andy always thought that Zachary was kind of strange. He didn’t find out just how strange till the night the full moon went into eclipse, for on that one particular night, Zachary was able to use his special powers, and unfortunately for Andy, Zachary wants nothing more than for Andy to be his own personal fuck buddy.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1: The Start Of It All 2829 words 16 Mar 2008
Chapter 2: A Very Interesting Math Class 1535 words 16 Mar 2008
Chapter 3: Debauchery in the Bathroom 2311 words 25 May 2008
Chapter 4: Meeting Up at the Mini-Mart 2720 words 20 Jul 2008
Chapter 5: Two Weeks Later 3105 words 09 Aug 2008