The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

All the Fun of the Fair

by Carefully Random

Added 02 December 2017

Updated 10 February 2018

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The fair is in town! Only a lot of the attractions look so different this year… Ancient looking tents teeming with archaic attractions, stalls with prizes more eldritch looking than goldfish and cheap soft toys. The dolls look like people, the mirrors don’t seem to be reflecting properly, and the game of cards has more than chips being bargained for. But it’s all part of the fun of the fair, isn’t it?

Chapter Length Added
Part 1: Sophie’s Story — Magic Tent 3503 words 02 Dec 2017
Part 2: Alison’s Story — The Doll Maker 6210 words 09 Dec 2017
Part 3: Peter’s Story — The Challenge 3902 words 20 Jan 2018
Part 4: Paula’s Story — The Tent of Mirrors 4401 words 10 Feb 2018