The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cinematic Debut

by J. Darksong and Second Chair

Added 02 December 2023

Updated 17 February 2024

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After four years in solitary confinement for attempting to enslave all of River City’s strongest and most beautiful heroines, Sabrina Cross is released early for good behavior into the care of Eugene Frasier. Given a clean slate, she decides to use her newfound abilities to become the city’s newest protector. Along the way, she finds out that, even with powers that make you nearly invulnerable and superhuman, the life of a heroine isn’t always easy...

Chapter Length Added
Prologue 8634 words 02 Dec 2023
Chapter 1 7612 words 16 Dec 2023
Chapter 2 7314 words 23 Dec 2023
Chapter 3 9525 words 03 Feb 2024
Chapter 4 9575 words 17 Feb 2024