The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cinematic Debut

by J. Darksong & Second Chair

Chapter 1

“Dinnae worry about the trash,” Eugene Fraiser said to his companion as the limosuine pulled up to the driveway. “My chauffer cleans the car top to bottom every bloody time I take her for a spin, whether it needs it or not.”

Sabrina frowned slightly, staring at her empty food bags. “So... what? I should make extra work for her, then?” Sighing, she gathered up all the empty wrappers and containers, and crushed them down into a tiny ball in her hand. “There. Instant recycling,” she said with a smirk.

Gene merely rolled his eyes. “Aye, verra convenient if ye have the power of a virtual trash compactor in yer hands.” He nodded as the car came to a stop. “Well, lass, we’re here. Home sweet home, such as it is.”

Glancing out the window, Sabrina couldn’t help but nod in appreciation. The Frasier home was a modest looking two story brownstone manor. Larger than a normal house, with at least six to eight bedrooms by her estimation, yet simple and elegant in its own way. “Not bad,” she admitted. “I kind of expected... well, I don’t know exactly WHAT I expected, to be honest. You’re a billionaire—I kind of thought you’d have a five story mansion, or a huge thirty floor building complex... or a Scottish castle transported over and reconstructed brick by brick.”

Eugene chuckled aloud at that. “Aye, I suppose that would the normal assumption. Frankly, lass, I come from rather poor and humble roots. I had to earn everything I have from the ground up. As a result, I developed somewhat simple tastes. I favor function over form, though if my parents were alive today, they’d probably take one look at the place and call it gaudy and pretentious.”

Exiting the vehicle, Eugene lead his new charge into the house, giving her a brief tour before leading her down the hall to the entrance to his lab. Glancing back at her, he winked, placing his hand against a blank empty wall. “Eugene Frasier... and guest,” he added with a slight pause, as a pale green light shot out of the wall, enveloping them both as it scanned them. Sabrina blinked in surprise as the wall opened up, revealing a doorway leading down into the basement.

“Very nice. Just out of curiosity, what would have happened if you hadn’t added the ‘and guest’ part?”

“Yer a youngster, so I assume ye’ve seen the animated movie The Incredibles,” Gene asked, leading her down the stairs into a brightly lit area. “Ms. Mode’s security had gattling guns, as I recall.” He gestured behind them to the mounted cannons pointed back the way they’d come. “Mine are a bit more... substantial.”

“Those look like they might hurt,” Sabrina observed.

“Aye, quite a bit,” Gene quipped, still smirking. “After having a rather clever burglar gain entrance to my lab uninvited, I made a few security upgrades. Those guns would knock even you out for several hours, lass. Suffice it to say, no one gains entrance into my sanctum again without my express sayso.”

A retort was ready on her lips, but it fell away as her mouth dropped open in stunned disbelief as she stepped into Eugene Frasier’s workshop. “Whoa... okay, old man... I gotta give you props for this,” she said, looking around in awe. “This is... way beyond cool.”

“Aye, so glad it meets yer approval,” Gene remarked, allowing her to glanced around the compound. “I have other contained areas, all of which hold various projects in various fields of study,” he stated, gesturing to a hallway leading to several closed rooms. “But this is the starting point for us. Lass, as I stated before, I want to help you learn to understand and control your powers. Further, if you want, I can teach you how to be a proper heroine, more than just a crimefighter, but a true paragon of justice, someone that this city can trust and count on to help them in their darkest hours.”

“Huh... sounds like you have your work cut out for you then,” she remarked softly, still looking around. “I’m not so sure the people of this city will be so ready to accept help or be saved by a former criminal...” She glanced up Gene placed a hand lightly on her shoulder.

“Have a look at this,” he said, leading her over to a large computer console in front of a large wheeled recliner. Sitting down, he tapped on the keyboard, bringing up a bunch of files. Sabrina frowned, then blinked, gaping at shock at her file being displayed on the screen, showing her history and personal information. “This is your public record, currently stored in the local government database,” he stated casually.

“You... you hacked into the government public database system?!?” she exclaimed, outraged.

“Nae, lass, not hacked,” he clarified. “As a duly deputized member of the police and justice department, I have special clearance and authorization to access it this way. And not that it needs saying, but I havenae altered this file in any way. That said, I think you might notice something in particular here.” He scrolled further down the file, pointing out the obvious, which it took Sabrina a second or two to notice as well.

“There’s nothing showing under my criminal record!” she exclaimed. “It’s... blank. Empty!” She stared at him, stunned. “How? I mean, I can see you getting me released, and all... but how did you get it removed completely, as if it never happened?”

Gene merely shrugged. “Let’s just say I have friends in both low and high places. Your case had extinuating circumstances, so I felt it only fitting that ye not be unduly penalized for everything that happened once ye’d decided to turn over a new leaf. It took a bit of work, involved a lot of legal red tape... but aye, yer record’s been cleaned.” He blinked, stunned as the grateful Sabrina pulled him into a tight hug. “H-hey! What’s all this?” he asked, chuckling. “I’m just living up to my promise, is all.”

“Yeah,” she remarked, slightly choked up. “It’s just... I... well, you didn’t have to do all this, you know? You could have kept this all over my head... as extra insurance, a way to keep me under your control.”

But Frasier shook his head. “That’s not how I operate. I said it before and I’ll say it again—this is about making a new start for you. I pledged to do whatever I could to help you if you were commited to changing for the better and becoming a heroine for this city. And to do that, I need you to trust me.”

Sabrina let out a soft sigh. “Yeah. I suppose you’ve proven yourself to be trustworthy,” she grudgingly admitted. “All this time, I kept thinking you were some kind of creep, that you had some kind of hidden agenda. But yeah... you’ve convinced me.” She nodded. “Okay, boss. I’ll follow your lead. What’s first?”

Gene sighed inwardly, rubbing the back of his head. “Well, first, I need you to recall what you just said about trusting me. After that, I need you to remain calm and not take this the wrong way... but I want you to step up onto that circle in the center of the room and take off all of your clothes...”

* * *

“Well, you’ve been really quiet since we took off,” Anastasia Albinn said lightly, glancing at her travelling companion. “Something on your mind you’d like to talk about, hon?” When she didn’t respond, she leant forward, lightly tapping her friend lightly on the arm. “Morgan? You okay?”

The brunette mother jerked slightly, glancing up surprise. “Oh! Oh, um, Ana? Sorry... I was, um, lost in thought. Did you say something?”

“Just asking if you were okay,” the blonde remarked, concern evident on her face. “You’ve been really quiet, and your emotions have been all over the place. What’s going on with you right now, sweetie?”

Morgan sighed. “I’m... just concerned, I guess,” she admitted. “I mean, do you think that went okay? Meeting with the governor ? I... kind of lost my head there for a bit,” she admitted, glancing down at her feet. “But, she seemed okay at the end, right?” she asked glancing back up, hope in her eyes. “I didn’t screw things up too badly? Please, tell me that you think she’ll help us?”

Ana patted her hand gently. “Trust me, sweetie, you did just fine. Patty said it herself—she’s a mother, and if her daughter Justine had been in Sabrina’s place, she would have been just as frazzled and upset as you were.” She chuckled aloud, shaking her head. “I know Patricia Grimalde pretty well, spent the summer, er, vacationing, with her and the Grimalde clan a few years ago, and trust me, she would not be handling things half as well as you have. After exhausting all legal means, she would have likely bought a Sherman tank and drove it straight into the jail to bust her daughter out!”

Morgan laughed aloud at that, cutting the tension a bit. “Yeah, I can see that,” she admitted, giggling softly. “I’d considered something like that during the second year. Hell, if you hadn’t been here to talk me down, I probably would have went through with it.” She sighed softly, clutching Ana’s hand gently, blushing deeply as she remembered all the things the lovely blonde psychic had done for her over the past four years. Ana had truly been her rock, the source of her strength and voice of reason, during this whole trying experience. Even now, after the fact, she was concerned about her, encouraging her, not allowing her to get mired in doubt.

“Ana,” she murmured softly, leaning forward, staring deeply into her crystal blue eyes, her lips trembling softly, noticing how soft and inviting Ana’s own pink beestung lips looked at that moment. Her own lips opened, and her eyes closed, as she leant forward—

“Morgan,” Ana gasped softly, a hand gently but firmly holding her back, causing the brunette’s eyes to burst open again. Blushing deeply, realizing what she’d almost done, the embarrassed lawyer, turned away, gasping deeply, her breath coming hard and rapid. Sensing the embarrasment and guilt mixed with confusion, Ana took her hand again. “Morgan, it’s okay,” she said gently. “I’m... it’s not a rejection, sweetie, really,” she said, causing her to glance back at her again. “Believe me, Morgan, I feel just the same as you. But... it’s just... not the right time,” she said awkwardly.

“Not the right time?” Morgan replied, frowning, embarrassment slowly bleeding to anger. “What the fuck does that even mean? You’ve been with me for almost four whole years! You’ve seen me at my best and my worst. You said... you said you feel the same way about me that I feel about you... yet you’re pushing me away—”

“I’m NOT pushing you away!” Ana protested with force, enough to stun Morgan into silence.

“Fuck! I am... you don’t know,” she murmured, her own frustration coming across. “You don’t know what it’s been like for ME all this time.... being so close to you, sharing your feelings, FEELING your feelings! I’m a fucking empath, remember? I always know what you feel... how much you hurt, how hard this has all been on you.” She sighed, looking down as well. “I... I am attracted to you, Morgan. Very much so. But... we both know you’re in a very vulnerable place right now. You’re under a mountain of stress. And I’m here, helping you, being a friend and a confidant and a partner. I just... want to be sure that what we feel for each other is really real... and not just a side effect of spending so much time together.”

Morgan grunted, but nodded. She understood. She didn’t like it, didn’t like the implications that she was reacting out of the need for companionship. But... her emotions had been running amuk for a while now. Worse, she was still having those strange... half-remembered dreams. She shuddered briefly, pushing the memories aside. She didn’t want to start thinking things like THAT right now. Wicked... amoral... perverted things... about her own daughter.

No... it’s okay. Ana’s right. Its just the stress, she told herself again. I’m just obsessed about my daughter—about FREEING her, from her servitude—er, I mean, imprisonment... I just want her to be free and happy and whole again. I’m sure once she’s out, once she’s back home again, safe and sound... then all these weird perverted thoughts will go away. She nodded to herself, forcing herself to calm down again, not noticing Ana’s concerned expression. I’m sure it’ll all be fine then... no more thoughts about my lovely daughter and her... naked body...

* * *

“NAKED?!?” Sabrina shouted furiously. Eugene managed a loud gasp as he suddenly found himself grabbed by the throat, and pinned against the far fall by the angry young woman. “You fucking bastard! Just when I start to trust you, you pull this shit?!?”

Grunting, Gene managed to tap his wrist against the side of his leg, hitting the button on the back of his watch. In a blinding flash, Sabrina found herself repelled, pushed back, her grip on her enemy broken. Growling, she clenched her hands into fists, glaring at the old man, only to stop her advance when he held up a hand. “Bloody... ungrateful... mistrusting,” he gasped, rubbing his throat. “Did ye forget what I JUST said that quickly?” he asked, glaring back at her. “Ye ken, the part about trusting me, and NOT flying off the handle when I ask something a bit strange?” Frowning, Sabrina lowered her fists, as he walked over to his machine again, switching it on. Immediately, the small circular dias in the center of the room lit up, as did a similar one atop the ceiling. The computer monitor changed as well, showing a blank spinning humanlike figure floating in three dimensional space.

“Neuroweave,” he said succinctly. “I believe yer familiar with the special costumes yer former slaves all wore? My wife provided you with a substitute, my fabric strengthener formula, during your time together so that your clothing wouldn’t simply fall apart when you flexed or sneezed, rendering you completely naked at awkward times.” He gestured to the machine. “Consider this an upgrade.”

Sabrina couldn’t help but nod slowly at that. “So... you plan to outfit me with my own costume?” she asked. The idea was actually enticing. She had very much admired the heroes of the city, with their skintight, form fitting costumes, since she was a young child. As Cinema, she’d come up with one of her own, though it hadn’t survived the climactic battle with the man standing across from her. To be fair, his costume hadn’t survived either, as she’d literally ripped apart his armor with her bare hands. “Don’t you think its still a little soon for that, since we havent’t even started our training yet?”

Gene chuckled. “Well, this wouldnae be yer costume, per se,” he explained, “more like a... workout or practice suit. To that end, we should probably outfit ye with a few outfits. Neuroweave is remarkably resilient, a molecular fabric, configured and bonded on the atomic level, so that it can be more durable than titanium steel, yet rendered completely intangible with a thought and a tiny electrical impulse from the wearer’s bioeletric field.” He smirked, gesturing to his own business suit. “It’s rather expensive to make, as ye might imagine, so I dinnae exactly provide this for every costumed do-gooder on the planet. But it is more than worth its price, in my opinion.”

“Huh. So in other words, it’s a special perk only given out to your friends, to those YOU deem worthy,” she stated, her disapproval evident. Eugene sighed.

“I see I simply cannae win with ye, lass. Yer determined to take everything I say and do in the worst possible light. Verra well then. Let’s say YOU invented a powerful, nigh indestructable material, far superior to Kevlar, one that’s bulletproof, fireproof, rip proof, and cutprood, yet lighter than cotton. Would you simply make it available to the public, distribute it willy nilly to anyone who wanted it?”

Sabrina scowled, considering the question, only to sigh, nodding reluctantly. “Tch... fine. I see your point. As beneficial as it would be for the heroes of the city, it would be likewise for the criminals as well. Heck it would make it even harder to take them down effectively. Or, worse, it would cause things to escalate... if your enemies are all practically invincible, you have to resort to even more deadly means to overcome that defense.” She shook her head. “I suppose you having a more direct control over who gets it and who doesn’t makes sense...”

“Thank you for that,” he replied generously. “Suffice it to say, I do offer my technology and aid to those who deserve it, and those I trust to be able to utilize it without abusing it. And, lass, if its not already obvious, that includes you.” Sabrina blinked. “So, er... as I said before, in order to proceed, ye need to, er... disrobe,” he murmured softly, pointedly turning his back. “Just let me know when yer ready, and I’ll activate the machine. And dinnae worry, I don’t intend to peek.”

Sabrina sighed ruefully. “Fine. Not the way I pictured this whole thing starting, but I guess it can’t be helped.” Resigned, she began stripping, removing her blouse, sliding it up over her head. “And I’d only just changed out of that ugly orange jumpsuit back into my normal clothes,” she muttered softly, kicking off her shoes.

* * *

Tabitha Coleman huffed softly to herself as she stood outside the Awada Financial Group building, silently counting the seconds in her head. It was early evening, and a bright moonlit night, providing little in the way of shadowy cover for her. Worse, she seemed to be having a streak of ill fortune lately, her chaotic luck having decidedly gone bad for her. This would be her third attempt at breaking in and stealing the information her client was seeking, and most likely, her last chance. If anything went wrong this time, she wouldn’t get another chance before the deadline expired.

Still, she’d learned from her past mistakes. She’d gotten the security guards’ schedule and patrol routes all memorized. She’d hacked into the security feed remotely earlier, and bypassed all of the motion detectors. And best of all, she’d even arranged a little ‘distraction’ several blocks over, to keep any would-be heroes patrolling the area occupied. Hmph. Not having to deal with some costumed weird showing up at an inappropriate moment will make this go a lot easier. I am SO not in the mood for someone screwing up my night!

As her internal countdown reached zero, she glanced west, just as a loud explosion sounded. Nearby people glanced over in alarm, most of the reaching for their cell phones, others simply running in the opposite direction, knowing that in River City, an explosion or loud disturbance usually mean trouble best avoided. While everyone’s attention was diverted, she strode forward, walking behind the building, moving to the side door, which she had already unlocked. Tossing her overcoat into the nearby dumpster, revealing her colorful costume underneath, she retrieved her trademark mask, slid it over her face, and slipped inside.

Manx was on the prowl, and this time, nothing would get in her way.

Several feet away, atop a nearby building, a woman in her own brightly colored costume sighed deeply, shaking her head. Huh. Typical. And predictable. I knew that if I stayed and watched this building long enough that you’d make your move again. You failed twice, and you thought this third time might be the charm? The woman chuckled darkly, leaping from the roof, tapping a small button on her wrist as she descended. He dark cape expanded and curved, acting as a parachute, slowing her fall. Landing nimbly, Red Rocket withdrew her fighting batons from her belt, and approached the unlocked door.

Sorry, Manx. It looks like this is your third strike, and you’re about to be out!

* * *

“Mmnngghh! Finally! I was beginning... to were j-joking with this strength... test of yours, Frasier! I can actually... f-feel the weight now. You getting... what you need... for your... analysis... or are you just sslliip... pping in a little torture... mmgghh... on the girl that enslaved your... beautiful wife and sexy, hot da-daughter? Maybe you like watching young girls sweat, is... that it?”

As Sabrina Cross stood on the six foot diameter steel dais that rose two feet off the floor and the two inch thick nth metal plate that was needed for reinforcement to prevent it and Sabrina from collapsing through the floor of his lab, and held the two foot thick, six foot diamter, round, solid steel plate of the magnetic piston over her head with both arms, Gene ignored her latest quip as he kept one eye on the young woman that was finally having to actually strain from her efforts and the other on the digital readout on the gauge on his console that told him how much physical weight equivelant force she was holding suspended over her head. He was seeing it but he wasn’t believing it!

Bloody Hell!! No wonder she ripped me damn armor right off my body with her bare hands during our fight in the desert. She is lifting the equivalent of... 300,000 bloody tons!! The weight of a bloody supertanker oil transport! Only me wee Lacie Ann can press more than that! And even she would be struggling at this point. That bloody confirms it. Sabrina’s physical strength is DEFINITELY a legitimate match to Lacie’s.

“Aye lass. I have all the data I need. Ye can relax now.”

Powering down the magnetic piston and engaging the safety pins that hold the plate in place when it retracts into the ceiling of the lab, Gene takes a minute to look at Sabrina as he rubs his chin. He smiled as she stepped off the dais, grabbed her towel and a bottle of water and sat down in the chair next to him. Dressed in the tight, dark purple sports bra, black spandex shorts and tennis shoes with no socks his machine had provided for her, Sabrina wiped her face and arms with the towel, dropped it in her lap and smiled as she leaned back and drank her water.

The good news was that he had confirmed what he suspected during their battle in the desert. As he watched the twenty two year old woman catch her breath and calmly drink her water, he realized how fortunate he was that she wasn’t a ‘genuine’ villain. Of course, he knew the day they fought in the desert exactly how damned close SHE had come to winning it all. Even four years later, he was still losing sleep over it.

“Well, I’ll say this much, Frasier. I prefer that magnetic, mechanical press to running in place in that damn hamster wheel of a treadmill you had me on earlier.”

Gene laughs to himself as he meets her gaze and recognizes the genuine humor in her comment. Having gotten to actually know her somewhat, it turns out Sabrina Cross is a very intelligent, personable and friendly girl when she isn’t enslaving your wife, daughter, and over half a dozen of the city’s other sexy super heroines and trying to drive you into the ground in the desert.

“Heh. Aye lass. You’re nae the first to dislike me ‘hamster wheel’, but it was the best and simplest way for me to determine your baseline and top speeds. I couldnae just have ye running around the city at top speeds with a stopwatch, after all.”

As she finishes her bottled water, she looks at him with obvious curiosity.

“Well? You going to keep me in suspense, ‘laddie’? Where do I rate on your super speed scale o’ meter? Am I a corvette, a super bike, or a damn Ford Escort? Tell me, Frasier. I’m honestly curious. Who’s faster, me or Parker Albinn?”

Gene laughs again as he suddenly pictures the image of Sabrina standing at the starting line with a corvette, a super bike and Parker Albinn while Gene stands to the side with a flag raised in his hand.

“Sorry, lass. While you’re definitely more super bike than Escort, I’m afraid Parker has you beat. But, I will also tell ye that he wouldnae have the ‘comfortable margin’ he would prefer.”

“Yeah, I have no doubt that he would much prefer being able to ‘leave me in the dust’ if we ever raced each other. Might be worth it just to see the look on his face.”

They look at each other for a moment before breaking out in honest laughter. It was actually comforting how easy they’d become comfortable with each other. Just a day after being released, but once the tension between them had broken, and Sabrina had discarded her expectations and preconceived notions of the man that had had her incarcerated, she actually found him to be a decent and funny man to hang out with. Likewise, once she relaxed a bit, Gene found her to be clever and insightful, with a sharp tongue and wit to match his own.

“Okay Frasier. By my count, over the last several hours I have suffered through a very... thorough medical exam in which you weighed me, took... ALL of my physical measurements...”

She smiles at him as she makes a very deliberate show of looking at him, down at her own large breasts and back up to him. She laughs when she notices the slight blush in his cheeks.

“... and tested my hearing, eye sight and reflexes, then capped it all off by using one of those damn nth metal needles to penetrate my invulnerable skin and take a damn blood test. Now, so far today, you’ve had me running in place and lifting a big round weight over my head. I thought you were going to do some actual training...”

“That was all necessary, I assure you lass. I needed to establish a complete baseline for you on a purely physical level. Now we can focus on identifying and analyzing that unknown and verra powerful energy you possess that makes all of your incredible abilities possible, including that extremely powerful mind control power of yours.”

Sabrina lurches forward in her chair and slaps her knee before reaching for another bottle of water and sitting back down.

“Well. finally, the fun stuff! I don’t mind telling you that figuring out how I got my powers, what all I can do, just how powerful I really am, what my limits are and, most importantly to me, how to CONTROL them is the main reason why I agreed to cooperate with you on all of this. Of course, getting out of prison and clearing my name were deciding factors as well.”

“I would say so.., Sabrina.”

They look at each other for a moment and smile as they continue to get to know each other. They can both sense the honest friendship that is developing between them. They are beginning to understand each other.

“Anyway, lass. All of that said, I think it’s time for dinner. I’d imagine ye’ve worked up a bit of an appetite by now. We can start the ‘fun stuff’ in the morning. I have a feeling this part will take some... time.”

“Yes, I would say it will... Gene,” she replied, nodding, “but, tomorrow? Are you saying I should stay here tonight, instead of going back home?”

“Aye. There are... complications, with you seeing your mom right now,” he said with a sigh. “I wanted to give ye a bit of a warning before you meet her. Morgan did not handle your incarceration well. She’s been trying, literally, every day for the past four years to gain your freedom, through fair means or foul.” He sighed softly. “Frankly, lass, she’s a bit of a wreck.”

“WHAT!?!” Sabrina exclaimed, upset. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that earlier? I need to go see her then, right away—”

“Easy, lass,” he interjected, calmly. “As I said, its complicated. First of all, she’s not home at the moment. The last I heard from Ana, they were on their way back home after meeting with the governor in Salem to try and get you pardoned. They’ll be at least another two hours before they arrive.”

“Oh,” she replied, frowning. “But who’s this Ana you mentioned?”

Eugene grunted. “Ach, well... that’s a verra long and complicated story in and of itself. And its pretty late. I promise I’ll explain later, lass... in nauseatingly fine detail. But for now, I’m tired... and yer exhausted. Lets call it a day, aye?”

* * *

Shinobi groaned softly, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs. A quick glance revealed her condition, and she bit back a curse as she realized the situation. She was in a warehouse, somewhere, lying in the middle of a large four poster bed, of all things. Worse, she was naked, her costume gone, aside from her mask and her boots. Worst of all, her hands and feet were tied and bound, keeping her spread-eagled on the bed, barely able to move from the lack of slack in the bindings.

Oh hell... you have GOT to be shitting me! she thought angrily, pulling at the ropes, all to no avail. She couldn’t believe she was in this position yet again!

“Ah, looks like you’re awake,” an unfamiliar male voice spoke up then. Shinobi glanced up, blinking in surprise as a tall, dark haired man in a mask, wearing an all white business suit stepped into the light. “Good. I was starting to think I’d been a little too rough on you when I captured you and knocked you unconscious.” He flashed her a brilliant smile. “Ah, but I forgot, the mighty Shinobi is no delicate flower. You’re far more resilient than that.”

She gave the man a small smirk of her own. “Well, well. Seems you know a bit about me. But I don’t know a thing about you. Now, that’s hardly fair, is it, Mister...?”

The masked man smiled. “You can call me, ‘Alpha Male’,” the man replied. cracking his knuckled loudly. “As in, the ultimate physical specimen of manliness there is, babe.”

“Color me NOT impressed,” Shinobi shot back, growling as the villain ran a hand idly along her bare leg. “Let’s cut to the chase, ‘Beta Boy’,” she said with a sneer. “What do you want with me?”

“I’d think that much would be obvious, my dear,” he replied, nonplussed. “I went through a lot of trouble to get you here, Shinobi... and I think it’s about time I enjoyed the fruits of all my labors. I’m going to use you, sate my lusts with that hot enticing body of yours, and then, once I’ve had my fill, you’re going to tell me the combination code to back entrance of the repository you and your partner were guarding.”

Shinobi laughed aloud at that. “Yeah, right. Like either of those things are going to happen. Try and touch me again, and you’ll regret it.”

Rather than be put off, the villain just chuckled. “I don’t think you quite understand the seriousness of your situation, my dear. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re quite helpless at the moment.” He emphasized that by caressing her bared breasts. Shinobi glared at him hotly, eyes crinkling slightly as she focused... only to blink as confusion then surprise ran across her face. “What’s wrong, Shinobi?” he asked, tweaking her nipples. making her jump slightly. “Having a bit of a ‘power shortage’?” He laughed at her expression. “I did tell you before after all... what part of ‘you are helpless’ did you not understand?” He held up a small vial of silver liquid. “The effects are only temporary, of course, but very effective in surpressing a Super’s powers.”

“Damn you!” she cursed, struggling again, unable to contain her anger and frustration. “You can’t do this! I promise you, when I get free—”

“When I let you free,” Alpha Male clarified smugly, “you’ll drop to your knees before me, and beg to serve me.” He leant forward, blowing lightly across her face. “But don’t think me some simple brute. I make it a point to never take an unwilling sexual partner. No... I am no barbarian. I much prefer to bend my subject’s will, break them down, and let their desires dictate their actions.” He smirked at her. “So, my dear, tell me. How are you feeling now, hmm? Are you ready to beg for my attentions?”

Shinobi blinked, frowning, before chuckling darkly. “Ah, I get it. That’s your deal, huh? Seduction? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but you’ve made a mistake. I’m afraid I feel no attraction to you whatsoever.” The man blinked, frowning slightly. “What? Didn’t you know? I’m a lesbian,” she replied smugly. “So unless you’re actually a very butch woman hiding a pair of breasts underneath that suit of yours, you’re out of luck.”

“Huh? You’re... but... wait!” the man protested. “What about your partner, that speedy guy in the dark grey tights! I thought you guys were... you know...”

Shinobi chuckled again. “Yeah, you and every other villain out there as well. No, we’re just very good partners. We’re a team. Speaking of which, I hope you’re enjoying this little visit while you can. It’s only a matter of time until my partner tracks me down and arrives to beat the shit out of you.”

Alpha Male grunted, arms crossed. “Hmph. I’m more than capable of handling HIM,” he replied. “But for now, let’s focus on you, shall we?” With a sigh, he unbuttoned his suit jacket and removed it, then took off his shirt as well, revealing a strong, muscular chest. “I have to admit, I haven’t tried this on a lesbian before,” he stated, as he kicked off his shoes and began unbuckling his belt, “but my pheromones haven’t let me down yet. Maybe what you need is... a bit more exposure? A more concentrated dose,” he said with a smirk, standing there clad only in a black speedo.

Shinobi’s smug smirk began to falter slightly as she felt a strange new warmth began to build in the pit of her stomach. She began to sweat slightly, her pulse speeding up even as she fought the feelings beginning to overtake her. Wha... what the fuck? What am I... what is this? I... I can’t be... getting turned on... can I? She shook her head, closing her eyes. No. No way! This... this can’t be! I don’t like men... not even slightly! Hell, I’m even picky about the woman I’m attracted to! This guy does nothing for me... so... why the hell am I starting to be... starting to feel...

“Aroused?” the man replied with a soft chuckled, surprising her as he ran a hand lightly between her thighs. “Definitely feeling a bit of wetness there now, ninja girl. Are you sure there isn’t something you want to say to me?” he asked, smugly.

“Damn you!” she growled, shaking her head again. “I’m not... you’ll never make me beg!” she declared fervently. “No matter what you do, you will NOT break me!”

“Brave words,” he replied, sliding off his underwear, revealing his rather large erect penis. Shinobi’s eyes widened at the sight of it. “Let’s see if you still feel the same way after this.”

“What? No! NO! Yo.... you.. aaaaahhhhh... oohhhh.. f-f-fuuuccckkkk!” she hissed, back aching as her enemy slid his hot heated manhood deftly along the sides of her pussy lips. No penetration, yet, but the sensation of his tool gliding along her tender sensitive folds set off sparks of pleasure so intense her vision nearly whited out. Shinobi’s breath caught, and her hips bucked involuntarily, seeking, needing, wanting more contact. When the bastard drew back, chuckling, it took every bit of her restraint to keep from crying out.

“Well, looks like you’re enjoying my touch a whole lot more now,” he noted drily. “So, sweetie, what now? Do you feel like giving in and saving yourself some grief? Or do you want to do this the hard way?” He shrugged. “Either one is fine with me. I can do this all day. For you, however, its a different story. My pheromones’ effect is cumilative. The longer this goes on, the more your need is going to build, and build, and build, until you’re out of your mind desperate to relief.” He sighed softly. “I tested it once on a young woman, just to see how much denial would affect her. After three hours, she’d been reduced to an animal like state, completely unable to speak, barely able to think.” He shook his head. “She never fully recovered. I mean, yes, she can talk and think now, just on a kindergarten level...”

Shinobi shook her head again, trying to block out the man’s words. He was trying to get into her head the same way his damned scent had gotten into her body, and was already affecting her. But she was strong. She was determined. She wasn’t about to give up. She was... she was a fucking hero, dammit! And she wasn’t going to let some pumped up steroid of a man beat her!

Thirty minutes later, however, and the stalwart heroine was singing a much different tune. Her body was soaked in sweat, her thighs and the bed soaked with her juices. Her eyes were wide, and fairly glazed, staring up at nothing in particular. Her mind was basically mush, her constantly growing need and arousal overshadowing all other concerns. Her hips ground and gyrated aimlessly, needing contact, her empty weeping pussy desperately needing to be filled. Her pride had been abandoned along with logic and reason; at this point she would have gladly surrendered to the man’s demands and begged, if she were capable of getting the words out.

Alpha Male frowned, watching her struggles, shaking his head ruefully. “Well, this is a bit of a pickle, isn’t it?” he said, moving back in between her thighs again, idly tracing his fingers lightly along her soft sweat soaked flesh. “I told you before, I don’t fuck unwilling victims. I’m very much an advocate of informed consent,” he stated, even as he continued to touch and caress her bound helpless form. “The problem here is, even though you’re obviously in need and desiring to fuck me like crazy, you’re not really lucid enough to give your consent. A bit of a catch-22, isn’t it?” He sighed, his breath only adding fuel to the flames of her arousal. “I said it before. I would gladly fuck the ever loving shit out of you. I’d fuck you til you passed out from orgasmic overload.” He reached out, grabbing her face, forcing her to look him in the eye. “But only if you SAY THE WORDS,” he stated firmly.

For a moment, a spark of recognition bloomed in her glazed eyes. Swallowing, she opened her mouth, the last of her will, her mind, coalescing, as she managed to utter a single word.


Alpha Male smirked, nodding. “Good enough,” he replied, surging his hips forward. His cock slid in effortlessly, her slick folds parting eagerly for the invader, even as more and more delved inside, filling her to capacity, and more. Shinobi’s eyes went wide, rolling back into her head, a savage primal scream bursting forth as she came, hard, forcefully, her entire body going rigid as the unbearable pressure of her desire finally released. Laughing all the while, Alpha Male fucked her as promised, working the defeated ninja through several rapid fire climaxes that threatened to rip her very soul from her body. Finally, after the dozenth orgasm, the beautiful heroine shuddered, gasped, then went still, passing out from exhaustion and overstimulation...

Moaning softly, her eyes opened some time later. She murmured softly, twisting in bed, only to find herself unbound. Blinking, forcing her tired eyes open, she glanced around at her surroundings, confused to find herself lying on a different bed, in an new unfamiliar setting. “What... where am I now?” she mused aloud, her voice weak and scratchy.

“Welcome back, babe,” the voice of her tormentor sang sweetly, causing her to stiffen. Whirling around, she spotted Alpha Male sitting calmly in a leather recliner across the room. “Did you enjoy your nap? You seem to be a bit well rested, after all. I think you needed that whole experience more than I did.”

“YOU!” she snarled, leaping across the room, surprising him by grabbing his by the throat. “How DARE you! I should kill you with my bare hands for that!” she growled, furious and embarrassed at her humilation. Surprisingly, Alpha Male merely laughed. “You think this is funny?” she rasped. “I’ll make you—”


Shinobi paused, gasping, her threat dying in her throat as the sound resonated within her mind. Reality suddenly shifted, like the world tilting beneath her feet, only to resolidify seconds later. Blinking, she glanced around, suddenly recognizing her surroundings, remembering that she was at the hotel she and Parker had reserved for the weekend. Suddenly, everything else came back to her as well. “P-Parker?” she said hesitantly, glancing up at the ‘villain’ she had been choking seconds earlier, recognizing him as her husband. “This... this was...”

“All just a fantasy, babe,” he said, easily, gently prying her hands off, idly rubbing his throat. “A bit of hypnosis, and a lot of imagination. By the way, that was really impressive the way you leapt across the room from the bed that way,” he noted with a grin. “You could probably get the gold medal in the Olympic long jump.”

“Ha ha. Very funny,” she replied gently, snuggling up against him. “Oh wow... that whole thing, it felt so real. I was really convinced that I’d been captured, that you were a villain, and that I was at your mercy...”

“Yeah, I noticed,” he replied ruefully. “But... are you okay now? Did we go too far? I mean, you said you wanted a completely realistic fantasy, but—”

She silenced him with a deep passionate kiss. “Master,” she said lovingly, “it was absolutely perfect. I loved it. Of course, at the time, I was seriously pissed. And that build up, the denial, edging me to the very point of insanity...” She shuddered deeply. “But believe me, that release at the end made it all worthwhile.” She sighed, melting against him again. “Thank you for this, Master. Truly.”

“It was my pleasure, love. And, yeah... as much as I love our life, with Venus, Rose and Chloe all with us, now and again, it’s nice to just be you and me, alone, together.” He chuckled. “And its a bit refreshing to have you focused entirely on ME for a change, instead of worrying about the baby—”

“The baby! Oh! That reminds me,” she said, sliding out of his lap, moving back to the bed. “I need to check in with Venus and see how he did for his night time feeding...”

Parker merely sighed, rolling his eyes as his wife pulled out her cell phone. Huh. Well it was fun while it lasted, he thought, amused. Truth be told, he could easily recapture her attention again, or even put her back into a trance and remove all concerns about their baby for the rest of the weekend. But really, it didn’t bother him that much. Part of what he loved about Roni was that she was such a dedicated mother, as well as wife and lover. As part of a polyamorous relationship, he’d very quickly learned how to share time with all of his lovers. And so, he was patient, willing to wait while Roni settled her concerns and worries before resuming their pleasure filled vacation.

Frankly, he was really just happy being away from home, and not having to deal with the aftermath of Eugene’s latest project.

He knew that sooner or later, Roni and Sabrina Cross would cross paths again, and the encounter from four years ago would resurface once again. Still, he was content to hold off that confrontation for at least a little while longer. In the meantime, he trusted Gene to figure out how to tame the powerful dangerous and unruly girl, and hopefully mold her into something resembling a heroine.

I just need to trust the old man, that he knows what he’s doing, Parker mused. And, I have to agree. She’s not such a bad kid, once you get past the attitude. Hell, as long as she doesn’t try and snatch Roni away from me again, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. He glanced up as his wife finally shut down her cell, turning his attention back to the here and now.

“Everything fine at home, I trust?” he asked.

“Yeah. Sorry,” she apologized sheepishly. “I just... wanted to check, to be sure, yanno?”

“I understand. And it’s okay. I was a bit concerned too, after all,” he said, joining her back on the bed. “But, now that that’s settled, we can continue on with our fun.” Pulling her back into a deep kiss, they continued doing exactly that.