The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Cinematic Debut

by J. Darksong & Second Chair

Chapter 4

“Get down!” Sioban MacMillan shouted, grabbing her partner’s arm, and pulling her down beneath the makeshift barricade, just as a wave of icy death streamed by above them. Grunting, she and Tawnya Parkinson separated, rolling out in opposite directions, sprinting across the empty expanse of what was once the First National Bank of River City, now a battleground more akin to an arctic wasteland. Leaping high, summoning and extending her wings briefly to get a bit more altitude in the large two-story room, Sioban extended her hands outward, engaging with her suit’s gauntlet blasters, firing off a barrage of stunning blasts towards her target... or rather, her target’s previous location. Somehow, in the few seconds that she and her partner had taken cover, the wily supervillain had managed to leave the immediate area.

“Heya! Looking for me?” an annoyingly familiar voice called out from behind, causing the red-haired heroine to turn, staring in shock at the blue-haired pixie smiling at her wickedly, a hand extended in her direction. Twisting in midair, Sioban threw herself backward, dropping down, barely missing the wave of ice that streamed through her previous position, freezing the ceiling and the expensive crystal chandelier solid before causing them to shatter into a rain of ice crystals. Snow Bunny merely laughed aloud, kicking her legs idly as her adversary landed hard, growling aloud her frustration.

“You okay, Dragonfyre?” Tawnya called out, sending out a blast from her gauntlets, causing the villainess to duck down to avoid it. “You’re not hit are you?”

“No, I’m fine, Ravenheart,” she answered back, regaining her feet. “Just getting a bit pissed off. Why are we having this much trouble taking this girl down?” she asked, growling. “I mean, she’s not exactly a powerhouse or anything. And... she’s not the sharpest tool in the toolshed either if you get my drift.”

“Yeah,” Ravenheart replied in agreement. “I mean, the girl’s always been low-tier. Hell, Paper Doll took her out easily enough on one of her first stints as a hero, all by herself!”

“HEY!!” Snow Bunny yelled, surprising both heroines, who whirled around to find her standing behind them, glaring angrily. “Don’t you guys go dissin’ my BFF Paper Doll!” she growled. “I, like, totes don’t care if you insult me or call ME names... but you better recognize and respect P.D., or I’ll freeze you both down to the fuckin’ bone!”

“Ahhh! Shit!” Tawnya yelled, firing a point blast even as she leaped back. Surprisingly, the nimble ice wielder dodged her blasts with seemingly little effort, twisting and flipping, literally cartwheeling across the ground, giggling all the while. “Fuck! How the HELL are you doing that?? Stand still will you?!?”

“Nuh-uh,” Snow Bunny replied back, dropping to the ground instead, lying flat on the ground to dodge the barrage, smirking as the floor beneath her froze, turning to a sheet of pure ice beneath the heroine’s feet. Giggling, she kipped back up, landing nimbly on her feet, as the ice beneath her boots shifted, forming a pair of literal ‘ice’ skates. As Sioban and Tawnya began skidding and flailing frantically to keep from falling, Snow Bunny skated across the frozen ground, laughing gleefully, tossing a pair of snowballs formed in her hands at the heroines, knocking them off their feet. “Hah hah! Now ya gotta catch me!” she teased, as she skated across the room, all the way back to the vault.

Sioban and Tawnya glanced at each other and sighed. “Well... now I feel completely and totally humiliated,” Tawnya admitted, shaking her head. “Give the girl credit where it’s due, she’s a lot more formidable than you’d guess by looking at her or hearing her talk. And her agility... she’s at least Olympic level, if not superhuman.”

“Oh, shit, come to think of it, I remember her file stated that she had a history of gymnastic training as a child,” Sioban murmured. “And valley-girl ditz or not, the file also mentioned that she was a former college student at RCU on a full scholarship before she dropped out a few years ago. So, she’s not stupid.” Giving up on trying to stand or walk across the icy floor, Sioban simply closed her eyes and teleported a short distance away to the top of the large teller’s desk. Tawnya followed suit a moment later.

“So, partner... think we need to call in reinforcements?” Tawnya asked. After a moment of deliberation, Sioban nodded.

“Yeah, I think so. I’d wanted to let Katiecat sleep in and get some rest after this long week, but we need her,” she admitted, pulling out her cell phone. “I’ll just have to make it up to her later.” After a few seconds, a sleepy voice responded. “Hey, Kitten? Sorry to wake you up, but well... T and I are having a bit of trouble with an ‘old friend’... yeah. Snow Bunny, actually. She’s robbing the First National Bank. She’s pretty much turned the entire building into a giant freezer... yeah, exactly. And we haven’t been able to even touch her let alone stop her. I was wondering... oh, okay! Great. How about I send Tawnya back to pop in and grab you and bring you here?” She listened, then nodded. “Perfect. See you soon, Kitten.” She nodded, then hung up the phone. “Okay, she’ll be ready in just a second.”

“That’s good,” Ravenheart replied, frowning, “but why send ME to teleport her back here? Why not go yourself?”

“One of us needs to stay behind and make sure Snow Bunny doesn’t slip out and escape,” Dragonfyre replied. “Besides... you’re better at teleportation than I am. I’d prefer not to zip out, grab Katie, and return, only to double over and puke all over the floor immediately after.”

Tawnya chuckled. “Okay, fair enough. I’ll be right back,” she said, closing her eyes, and focusing on her destination, “but seriously, ‘Fyre, you’ve gotta do something about this queasiness issue. It’s kind of embarrassing.” With that she vanished, popping out of thin air.

The redhead merely sighed ruefully. It’s not my fault, you know, she thought dimly. Who knew I got motion sickness from teleporting? I have no trouble at all flying, no fear of heights, and riding in a car or boat never set it off. It’s only teleportation that makes me lose my lunch... Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by the sound of a large crash from inside the vault. Leaping down, she sprinted into the open vault, scowling at the sight before her.

“Heya, Red!” Snow Bunny stated, smirking at the heroine. “Like, you and your partner were totes having a moment back there in the main room, so I, like, decided to make my own way out,” she said, gesturing to the frozen and shattered wall on the other side of the vault. She held a large canvas bag filled to overflowing with money on her shoulder. “So, like, I got what I needed, so I’ll, like, be going now, or something. Toodles!” she said, skipping towards the open hole in the wall.

“Oh, hell no!” Dragonfyre yelled, leaping over the retreating villainess, and blocking the exit. “You’re not getting past me! Drop the money and give yourself up,” she threatened, starting to glow, “or I’m going to have to kick your ass. No more games. The kid gloves come off now!”

Rather than be upset, Snow Bunny merely tilted her head to the side, curious. “Um... so, like... I don’t get it. I mean, yeah, you’re kinda small and short, but I always thought you were a grown-up.”

Dragonfyre blinked. “Wh... I AM an adult!” she said, indignant. “I’m just a year shy of thirty! What does that have to do with anything?”

“You said you were taking off your kid gloves.” Snow Bunny replied. “But, like, you’re not a kid.” She paused for a moment, then gasped. “OH! I get it! Like, duh! It’s cause you’re so short! You have to wear kids’s clothes to fit you! I get it now!”

Sioban stared at her for a long moment, stunned, not sure whether she felt more angry or simply incredulous at the simpleton’s reply. Before she could respond, however, Snow Bunny seemed to remember what she was doing and shook her head. “Anyway, that doesn’t matter,” she stated, pursing her lips. Sioban’s eyes widened, managing a startled gasp just as Snow Bunny let out a breath of icy cold air, enveloping her completely. A burning cold overtook her, and in less than a second she was frozen, encased in a block of solid ice!

Snow Bunny nodded, satisfied. “There we go! You were, like, kind of a downer before, Ms. Dragon Girl,” she teased, smirking, “but I made you ‘cool’! Tee hee... welp, time for me to leave now. See ya on the flippity flop!” she stated, only to frown. “Oh... ah, dammit,” she pouted a second later. “I froze you in front of the exit! Now you’re blocking my way out. That, like, totally sucks! What do I, like, do now?”

“Now, you, like, totally get your ass kicked!” an angry voice called out from behind.

Snow Bunny turned, blinking in surprise at the two people entering the vault. “Oh! It’s, like, totally you!” she said grinning widely. “You’re, like... that girl, um... Luminaire! Your costume is just like my bestie’s, Paper Doll’s, ’cept you have that cape thingie, and the skirt and all... and you don’t use paper!” She glanced back at the second girl. “So, you went and brought your friend to help, huh?” she sneered at Ravenheart. “Couldn’t beat me on yer own, so you had to get help! Hahahaha... what a lamer! ROFL!”

Katie and Tawnya glanced at each other. “Did you seriously say R-O-F-L out loud as a word?” Tawnya asked. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get more annoying... Lumy, go see if you can thaw out Dragonfyre before she gets frostbitten.” She crackled her knuckles and shook her head briefly. “As for me... well, let’s just say I have a bit of frustration to work out with our little friend here.”

Snow Bunny perked up at that. “Wait... really? I’m your FRIEND?” she asked wide-eyed. Tawnya responded by punching her square in the face, causing the villainess to stumble back. “Owwww! Ohh... you bitch! You, like, tricked me!” she snarled, bringing up her fists as well. “I’m like totes gonna get you for that!”

Meanwhile, Katie Frasier was using her powers, tapping into her light, generating a steadily rising nimbus of heat around her body as she approached her friend and lover. “Just hang on, Dragonfyre,” she murmured, extending her arms ahead of her. “I’ll get you out of this. You’re gonna be fine, it’s only been a few seconds. Not nearly long enough to cause any damage.” With a thought, she fired a blast of light energy at the ice block, gently melting it, causing the figure inside to gasp, nearly collapsing as the ice holding her captive shattered and melted around her. Catching her, Katie pulled her into a deep hug, allowing her heat to further warm Bonnie, burning away the chill. Sufficiently revived, the scarlet-haired heroine blinked, and smiled, kissing her rescuer deeply.

“Thanks, Kitten,” she whispered softly. “I guess that’s two that I owe you now. When this is all over, I’ll thank you again properly.” She chuckled as Katie shuddered in her arms, and not from the cold. “C’mon, let’s help T-Baby wrap this up once and for all.”

“Not that she needs the help,” Luminaire pointed out, gesturing to the rather one-sided fight going on across the room. Indeed, Tawnya’s training was showing its superiority over Snow Bunny’s amateur brawling, leaving her battered, bruised, and more than a little angry. They watched as the blue-haired pixie swung wildly yet again, Tawnya easily dodging the telegraphed blow and countering with an uppercut that lifted the smaller girl off her feet, sending her into a sprawl on the ground. “Ding, ding, ding... that’s all she wrote,” Luminaire replied with a chuckle. “Winner and still champion, by knock out—Raaaaaavveeeennnhart!”

The others laughed in amusement, as the defeated villainess groaned, rubbing her sore and bruised face. Glaring up at her tormentors, her usual amusement and hilarity gone, she snapped. “You... you... arrogant bitches!” she hissed, slowly sitting up. “You think you got me, huh? Think you’re ALL so much smarter than me... cuter than me? BETTER than me?!?” she growled, as a soft wind began to swirl around her. “Well, fuck that! And FUCK YOU!” she yelled, as her power exploded out of her in a wave.

“Look out!” Katie yelled, leaping in front of her two friends, extending her arms outward, just as a blast of supercooled air enveloped them all. She cried out, feeling the cold seeping into her, knowing instinctively that this was serious, far more than the girl’s normal ice. If she’d had Tawnya’s analytic mind or Sioban’s scientific background, she would have recognized the attack for what it was, a stream of near Absolute Zero coldness, capable of freezing them all and shattering every cell in their bodies in an instant! As it was, her instinctive reaction saved them all, as she countered with her own blast, generating an intense blast of solar radiation, enveloping them all in a blast of heat and light of several hundred degrees.

Extreme heat met extreme cold, as the conflicting air pressures met in the middle. The bank vault, a concrete and steel-reinforced area, was too compact to withstand such extremes. The result was instantaneous and catastrophic. The entire building exploded, a massive blast that sent debris and materials flying outwards like a grenade. And yet... miraculously, or, more aptly stated, luckily, no one was injured or killed. Despite being a crowded street in the middle of the day, the shrapnel-like debris destroyed nearby buildings and vehicles, and shattered every window within a block, yet somehow missed every single person.

Likewise, the occupants inside the building also survived the onslaught. Snow Bunny and Luminare, both in the center of the blast, had been knocked out cold; yet again, luck was on their side, the blast having radiated outward from them in all directions. Dragonfyre and Ravenheart, shielded by their partner, had taken much less of the impact and were dazed but still conscious. Shaking off their stupor, seeing the devastation around them, they quickly checked on the two unconscious girls.

“Whew. Good,” Sioban sighed in relief, kneeling next to Luminaire. “She’s okay. Just stunned. She should be coming around shortly.”

“Same with the evil snow pixie,” Tawnya announced, taking advantage of the moment to slap a pair of power restraint cuffs over the girl’s hands. “But damn... do you see this shit? It looks like someone dropped a nuke on us! What the hell, Bon-bon? What happened to us?”

“If I had to guess... uncontrolled pressure expansion,” she mused softly, idly stroking the sleeping Katie’s hair with her fingers. “Bunny totally lost it and tried to flash freeze us, and Lumy must have countered by going solar. Super-cold air met super-heated air.”

Tawnya nodded in comprehension. “Yeah, that tracks. Like gunpowder inside a firecracker or a bullet, the explosion happens because the reaction causes a rapid expansion of air in a confined place that it can’t escape fast enough.” Sighing, she stepped out of the crater, glancing around at the damage to the outside as well. “Geez... it’s a miracle that no one else was injured in this blast. A goddamn miracle.”

“Our little ‘miracle’ at work, no doubt,” Sioban replied, proudly, leaning forward to kiss Katie’s forehead lightly. “C’mon, Raven. I can hear the police and ambulance sirens approaching. We’d better get out there and help with damage control and triage, and see if anyone needs help. Katie and Ella here can sit this out until the police arrive...”

* * *


Sabrina grunted slightly with the effort as she began channeling her powers once again. She sat in a surprisingly comfortably padded chair inside Frasier’s test lab, with a network of EEG monitors strapped to her temples, facing her target—a very beautiful, large-breasted redhead standing before her. Or... more accurately, a holographic three-dimensional representation of a beautiful large-breasted redhead. Rather than volunteer an actual person for this stage of testing, the aged Scotsman had instead created a fake for her to focus on. Not that it mattered at this point anyway. No sooner did she even begin to gather her psionic powers than Fraiser would call a halt.

“Stop,” he ordered again, causing her to turn and glare at him. “Aye, lass, ye passed the threshold again. Remember, the idea is to learn to gather yer power and release it in a controlled and gentle stream, not a nuclear-sized blast!”

“I know that!” she snapped back in frustration. “This isn’t easy to do, you know? You’re telling me to try and ‘feel out’ what level of power I am channeling, while never having done this before! It’s like trying to shoot a target, one-handed, in a pitch-black room with a blindfold over my eyes!”

Eugene smirked. “Aye... well, I think blindfolded AND in a pitch-black room is a bit redundant, but I see yer point. Here, let’s try this instead,” he said, standing up, and gesturing to his seat. “Sit here at my console, and watch the readings yerself as you practice. This way, ye can see for yerself how yer powers are manifesting.” He nodded as she settled into place, facing the monitor. “It’s fairly straightforward. The input from the probes measuring yer brainwave activity is represented graphically and color-coded. Yer aiming for the green region for the moment,” he stated, gesturing to the lower threshold represented. “That would be the amount of psionic energy needed to stun an adversary and render them helpless. The yellow range is what you would need to use to put someone into a hypnotic trance, temporarily enthralling them.” He sighed. “Aye... and the red zone is yer usual blast that permanently warps a person’s brain and turns them into your obedient slave. We’re trying to avoid that,” he added unnecessarily.

“Okay. Thanks. This helps,” she said, taking a breath, and focusing her energy again. “At least now I can actually see what I’m—SHIT!” she cursed, as the needle hit the red almost instantly. “Are you kidding me?” she grumbled. “I barely even started.” Sighing, she closed her eyes, and cleared her mind, trying again... again sending the needle back into the red. Seven more attempts yielded the same results, only serving to add to her frustration. “GODDAMMIT!” she yelled, teeth gritted, barely resisting the urge to slam her fist into the computer desk and destroy yet another piece of Eugene Frasier’s furniture. Turning to glare at the man, she asked, “Is this for real? Are you messing with me by setting the sensor reading too sensitive?”

“Nae, lass,” he replied, shaking his head. “It’s just showing you how much power yer utilizing. That’s the problem—yer not so much wielding it as yer aiming it at a target and letting it explode out of you.” He sighed, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Actually, yer not the first person to have this issue. I seem to recall Lacie having the same issue when she first started out. And my wee Katherine had a tough time being able to temper her light blasts at first, though to see her in action now, ye’d never know it.”

Sabrina perked up at that. Huh. So both Lacie and Katie had problems controlling their powers at first as well? Well, it’s good to know I’m in good company. Still, it kind of makes me wish one or both of them were here with me now. I could use some practical advice from someone who’s gone through this before.

“I have a suggestion,” Eva spoke up, causing them both to glance at her. “Perhaps a visualization exercise would help? Try picturing your powers as... a beam of light, shining out of you like a laser. Now, visualize a filter in front of it, like a shutter. Now... slowly open them, a little at a time, say... ten percent?”

Sabrina frowned slightly, considering her words. Hmmm... a shutter opening? Makes sense, she mused, eyes closed. She could almost envision it, her energy and power burning inside her, like a miniature sun shining. The blinds were currently closed, blocking the light, but she just needed to open it a tiny bit...

“Perfect!” Eugene stated, startling her, causing her to open her eyes. He was pointing at the monitor, the needle pointing in the center of the green. “Ye did it lass. The sensors detected a small blast of psionic energy, enough to disable an opponent without burning out their brain completely.” Gaping at the readout, a wide triumphant smile creased her lips.

“Hahahaha! I did it!” she cheered. “It works... thanks to you, Eva,” she added, smiling at the blonde psychic. “Your suggestion really helped. Instead of trying to blast my power in a smaller way, I realized I needed to restrain it, hold it back, and just let a small amount through!”

Eva chuckled. “Yes, well, truthfully, it was what Eugene was implying, I just put it in terms more suitable for a psychic to comprehend. It’s generally how I control MY powers. They are always on, always active, I just ‘open the shutters’ a bit when I need to reach out to someone.”

Sabrina nodded. “Well, I managed to control my blasts,” she said to Eugene, standing up from the chair. “So, what’s next on the agenda?”

“Ach, not so fast, lass,” the aged inventor chided her. “Ye did it ONE TIME. And under optimal conditions. I’d hardly call that mastering yer technique. Now that you’ve completed the first step, we need to test you under different conditions, simulated mock battles, in distress, in the middle of a firefight—all the kinds of situations you would run into out on the streets as a heroine, and make sure you can still control yer abilities.”

Rather than groan or complain, Sabrina smirked. “Okay, THAT I can accept. Now that I know it’s actually possible, and just a matter of practice, I actually like the challenge!” She cracked her knuckles and twisted her neck idly. “All right, old man, let’s do this! Bring on the testing! I’m ready for whatever you throw at me.”

Eugene laughed, shaking his head. “Aye, well, lass, just remember those words an hour from now,” he said, as he returned to his chair, tapping rapidly at his computer keyboard, preparing the first simulation. “Just the same, let’s start you on the ‘Beginner’ track...”

* * *

Karen Jeffreys let out a loud sigh, sinking down into her recliner, kicking off her shoes, simply taking a moment to lounge and relax for a moment. Damn, if there was ever a time that I could use my handsome husband, she lamented silently, shaking her head. I don’t know what hurts more—my feet, my back, or my shoulders. Either way, I would practically KILL for one of Darryl’s mind-blowing massages. She sighed softly eyes closed. Hell... I’d kill just to feel his touch at all.

The sound of the door opening broke her out of her musings. “O-oh!” a young dark-haired maid exclaimed in surprise as she stepped into the room. “M-Miss Karen! Forgive me for intruding! I didn’t realize you had returned!” In response, the blonde heroine gave her a smile.

“It’s no problem, Mary,” she said easily. “And, really, I’m not back, per se. I just stopped in briefly for a little rest and recovery. I’m just back in town to pay Eugene Frasier a quick visit then head back out again.”

“Ah. I see,” the maid replied, nodding primly. “I suppose your search for your missing friend is not going as well as expected?”

Karen laughed ruefully. “That is putting it mildly.” She sighed, closing her eyes. “I’ve chased her halfway across the country through five different states, always just missing her.” She sighed heavily. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was purposely trying to avoid me.” In truth, she was deeply concerned about her friend, Elise. Her partner and friend for more than twenty years, she’d mentored the young woman and trained her to become a heroine, helping her to learn to use her powers as well as simply being a friend, confident, and even lover over the years. Wyldcard had grown to be one of River City’s most respected and well-liked heroines, her dedication to helping others combined with her sharp biting wit and wry sense of humor had made her a heroine to be admired.

And then... she’d had a run-in with a small-time petty villain calling himself ‘The Temp’.

A normal guy with no powers or special abilities of his own, he’d invented a chemical formula that had the curious ability to ‘invert’ a person’s psyche, basically flipping their personality to the complete opposite of normal. Honest law law-abiding citizens had become greedy, aggressive, and violent criminals, seeking to rob, steal, and vandalize all in the name of fun and profit... profits which they obtained for their Master, the one who has unleashed their darker side in the first place. It basically raised the Temp to the level of a criminal mastermind, with a virtually infinite number of criminally deviant minions, all completely without morals, and all obedient to his will. Wyldcard had crossed paths with the wily villain and his brainwashed minions and attempted to stop them, only to end up affected by his formula as well, becoming yet another of his brainwashed obedient slaves.

And that is where things got complicated.

The one saving grace of the Temp’s formula was that it was, in fact, temporary, wearing off its victims in a few hours, leaving them dazed and confused, with no memory of their activities under its influence. In each case, the Temp’s minions were discarded after completing their crimes—and giving him all of their ill-gotten loot—left to face the consequences for their misdeeds. But strangely, in Elise’s case, the formula had affected her unique physiology in an unforeseen way. Not only did the formula stabilize her normally random powers, giving her full control over which ability she used at will, but the effects did not fade away after the normal time limit elapsed. In other words, Wyldcard was stuck with the persona of an evil-minded villainess. Permanently.

And of course, she’s fled the state, Karen mused grimly, after that whole debacle with the local River City and State police all those months ago. She’d acted like a complete maniac, using her powers without any restraint or hesitation. And all those people, she thought, shuddering inwardly. She’d nearly roasted them alive with her fire powers. It was honestly a miracle no one died in that onslaught. As it stands, sending all those people to the hospital rocketed her to the top of the Most Wanted list. And she’s been on the run ever since...

“Ms. Karen? Are you okay?”

Karen blinked. “Oh, s-sorry, I was just... lost in thought,” she murmured softly, shaking her head. “It’s been a long couple of weeks,” she added with a sigh.

“Yes, I understand,” Mary replied nodding. “Well, Miss, Hazel is just making lunch for everyone. Would you like me to bring you something to eat?”

“Ah, no thank you,” Karen replied with a smile. “Actually, I think I’ll just take a nice hot shower, then take a little nap,” she stated, yawning deeply. “I am a bit weary. I’d like to grab a few quick winks before going over to meet with Mr. Frasier.”

“Very well, Miss,” she replied with a nod. “Well, I’ll be downstairs if you need me. Have a good rest,” she said, before heading back downstairs. Once she was alone again, Karen immediately stripped out of her clothes, tossing aside her blouse and skirt, then her underwear, finally rolling down her stockings to leave herself completely nude. Letting out a soft sigh, she stroked naked across the room, entering the bathroom, and switching on the shower. A smile creased her lips as she slid into the large steamy chamber, taking a moment to simply bask in the sensation.

“Mmmmm... yeah... that’s the stuff,” she giggled softly. soaking her head, letting the water dowse her long luxurious golden mane. She turned up the heat a bit, bringing the water to absolutely scalding, then sighed deeply, letting it pour over her naked body. As Ultra Girl, her body naturally radiated heat, and temperatures hot enough to burn or scald human flesh were merely comfortable to her. Best of all, the Prentiss Mansion has those huge hot water heaters, she mused, as she began soaping up her flesh. I could stay in here for hours and not even come close to running out of hot water. Oh, goddess, I so very much missed this. Living here has completely spoiled me.

Still, fatigue did eventually get the better of her, and after cleaning herself rather thoroughly, and, somehow, resisting the urge to stroke and fondle herself, she emerged from her shower, dried off, and then returned to the bedroom. She smiled, seeing the covers pulled back. Mary had apparently even lit a few aromatherapy candles for her, filling the room with a nice refreshing citrus scent. Sighing pleasantly, she slipped into the warm waiting bed, and closed her eyes, letting sleep overtake her, wishing for the only thing to make the experience better—having her darling husband there in bed with her.

She slept hard, her long harrowing week catching up to her, so it was a bit of a shock when she returned to awareness sometime later, finding the room dark, the day having passed on to evening. But what really surprised her was the fact that she was unable to move. A quick glance showed the reason—the several lengths of gleaming metal chains wrapped around the bed, keeping her pinned. Even more worrying, she was unable to break free, her superhuman strength unable to snap them or budge them in the slightest. Wiggling around, it was then that she noticed the heavy weight around her neck... one of Frasier’s power-neutralizing collars.

“What th... hey! HEY! What is this?” she yelled, twisting and pulling at her bindings. Thankfully, she’d been chained up above the covers, the heavy comforter and sheets providing a bit of cushioning against her bare skin. “Hazel? Mary? Anybody?” she called out, scowling. “If this is some kind of a joke, this isn’t funny!”

“Oh, but I happen to find this situation VERY amusing,” a familiar voice called out, causing Karen to freeze momentarily. Turning her head, she stared in disbelief as Tabitha Coleman stepped into the room, dressed in her trademark motley-colored costume.

“Manx,” Karen growled, glaring at the feline femme fatale as she approached the bed. “What the HELL are you doing here? Let me go right now if you know what’s good for you!”

Manx laughed in response. “Hmm? Let you go? After going through all the trouble to set this up, using the drugged candles to knock you out, and get you in this position? No... I think not.” Smirking, she removed her face mask, leaning over to grin down at Karen, face to face. “You know, Blondie, I was actually kind of surprised to run into you here. I was actually looking for the cute little ‘Gloworm’, the younger, cuter, version of you. Her, and her two fine feathered friends, that is. I’d actually heard you were out of town.” She smirked. “What can I say, Karen sweetie... I was just lucky to run into you.”

Karen growled. “So what is this, then?” she asked. “Revenge? Extortion? Tell me, what’s the play here? You know you can’t hold me captive here forever. Even if you plan on screwing with my head, turning me into one of your little pawns, it’s only a matter of time before I break free. And you know I’ll pay you back tenfold.”

“Oh, I’m sure you think so,” Manx replied back, smugly, “but that’s not the case this time.” She chuckled darkly, moving down to the foot of the bed. “You see, Karen, I had a bit of an epiphany recently. I came to the realization that the reason I keep getting defeated by you goody-goodies is that I’ve been too complacent. Too gentle and forgiving. We’d tangle, we’d have our contest of wills, then depart, off to do our own thing until the next encounter. But now... after that little run-in with your so-called ‘Mistress’ a while back, I decided to take a page or two from HER rule book... that I need to make some more lasting changes.”

“Huh? Mistress? What the hell do you mean by—H-hey! What the... what the HELL are you doing?!?” Karen yelled as the covers at the end of the bed were lifted, and her tender, vulnerable bare feet were revealed. Manx chuckled softly, taking a moment to glance at the lovely peds wriggling idly before her. Karen definitely took great care of her lovely feet, keeping them perfectly pedicured, callous free, her dainty toes painted a blazing scarlet red. And, thanks to her brainwashed thrall Bethany’s detailed information, she knew Ultra Girl’s weakness, her deep-seated foot fetish, and the effects catering to that fetish had on the lovely blonde. Manx chuckled darkly, cracking her knuckles in preparation.

“Now, then, my sweet little firecracker,” she purred, “let’s start making those changes I mentioned,” she stated, running her fingers lightly across the heroine’s sensitive bare sole, causing her to gasp, biting her lip hard to keep from squealing. “Yes, yes,” Manx continued, rubbing her fingers up and down, massaging and stroking Karen’s feet, causing her to sigh and moan softly. “I know your secret, sweetums. I know exactly how having these cute sexy feet of yours played with affects you.” She chuckled as Karen’s head went back, eyes fluttering, even as she tried to resist. But Manx wasn’t about to let her off easily. “Now then,” she husked, leaning forward, extending her tongue to lick, running it lightly across her sole, nibbling on her heels, teasing and sucking on the sweet fleshy balls of her feet, before sucking deep and hard on Karen’s slender sexy toes.

“Aaaaahhhhh... ooohhh fuuuccckkkk...” Karen hissed, eyes rolling back into her head as an orgasm of mammoth proportions crashed through her. As much as she hated to admit it, Manx had her number. Since her teen years, her first run-in with a noted supervillain, and his diabolic treatment of her had ignited a severe foot fetish in her, she’d routinely found herself succumbing to her weakness each time it was utilized. Most recently, she’d revealed her fetish to her darling and devoted husband and Master, Darryl. And she absolutely loved nothing more than submitting to his gentle domination, indulging her utter and complete submission to her Lord and Master as he teased and stroked her to blissful orgasm after orgasm, leaving her little more than a blissed-out mindless sex toy for his amusement.

And now... that same, undeniable, inescapable feeling was sweeping over her, breaking her mind and will, despite the fact that it was her hated enemy manipulating her. She was helpless, utterly helpless. unable to resist in the slightest. Against her will, she came, hard. And then, again. And again. Each one chipping away at her resolve. Until finally, as her final orgasm finally abated, leaving her nice and relaxed, her mind opened up like a flower, leaving her psyche open to anything her captor might decide to slip in.

And smirking, chuckling darkly, Manx decided to use that vulnerability to its utmost.

“Alright, my dear little slave slut,” Tabitha cooed gently, softly stroking the deeply entranced woman’s toes. “Now that you’re nice and softened up for me, it’s time for your Mistress to mold that pliant empty little mind of yours into the perfect obedient thrall that you were always meant to be. So... listen very closely...”

* * *

“And... done!”

Sabrina sagged, dropping down to her hands and knees, panting heavily. Her body ached all over, a new sensation, one she hadn’t felt in ages, and yet it paled in comparison to the raging headache. Her skull felt as if it had been split open, tossed several grenades inside, exploded, then patched up and held together with Elmer’s glue and masking tape. Taking a deep breath, she rose slowly back to her feet, turning to glare back at her tormentor.

“So... you said... that was... the Beginner level?” she asked archly, still panting. “Seriously... I would really hate to see... what the Expert level is like.”

“Ach, well, this is Omega Girl’s training module after all,” he replied with a shrug. “Yer her physical equal after all, and this was designed to push her to her limits. Granted, I altered it a wee bit to include targets for yer psionic blasts as well, to test yer control as well as yer power.” He sighed softly. “And as for the results of yer test... ye did verra good at the beginning. Ye managed to keep yer power in check even during the worst of the fighting,” he stated, gesturing to the readout on the monitor. “But aye, here and here, when it seemed ye were starting to get tired, yer control obviously slipped.” Sabrina’s expression fell. “Now, now, lass, it’s fine. It’s yer first time, yer first day, and ye just bloody well learned the concept an hour ago! I ken yer a natural born genius, but even ye cannae be expected to pick up and master this so quickly.” He smirked at her, “Give it some time. Ye’ll get it with practice.”

Sabrina nodded, absorbing his words. “You’re right. And... thanks. I just... I felt kind of like I was disappointing you or something... but you’re right. I can’t just magically master this on my first time. Though I have to admit, I was kind of hoping I would,” she added with a smirk of her own.

Eugene chuckled. “That’s the spirit, lass. That said... we’ve been going at it for a while now. And I dinnae want to overload ye on yer first day, so what say we head back upstairs and have some lunch? I took the liberty of having Christina order delivery from one of my favorite restaurants. It should be arriving shortly.”

“Sounds good,” Sabrina nodded, following him to the door. “And, maybe toss in a few Tylenol as well? Using my powers that way repeatedly under those conditions gave me one massive headache.”

“And, on that note,” Eva mused aloud, catching their attention as they made their way to the stairs, “that headache might just increase dramatically in the next few minutes. I just received word from Ana. She and your mother are on the way here... about five minutes away.” That pulled them up short, Sabrina pausing, a look of consternation on her face. “Hey, easy now, sweetie,” Eva said gently, placing a hand on her shoulder. “It’ll be okay. This is what you were waiting for, what you wanted. You’ll get to see your mom again after all this time. I just... want you to be prepared, that’s all.”

“Y-yeah,” the young heroine in training replied, more to herself than anyone else. “It’s fine. It will BE fine. There’s no reason to be nervous. I mean, it’s just my mom, right? We love each other... and nothing will ever change that.” Eva nodded, squeezing her shoulder lightly.

Across town, speeding along at a brisk seventy-five miles an hour, Morgan Cross was having very similar thoughts. Her emotions were running the gamut, from anxious, to excited, to scared, to optimistic, and back. Beside her, in the driver’s seat, Anastasia laid a comforting hand on her leg, squeezing lightly, but even that failed to calm her whirling emotions completely. Indeed, as much as having her friend and newfound lover at her side, it only added to her anxiety. How was she supposed to explain this to her daughter, that her ‘straight-as-an-arrow’ mother had suddenly fallen head-over-heels in love with a beautiful sexy blonde woman who’d been living with her for the past four years?

Not that Sabrina would have a real problem with that, she reasoned to herself. I mean, she has always been sexually attracted to women, and neither of us has ever faulted the other for our sexual desires. She sighed softly. Still... it complicates things. And right now, things are complicated enough. I just want to hold my baby girl again... to apologize for not being able to get her out of that horrible place any sooner. She sighed again. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be...

Ana, picking up on her surface thoughts, squeezed her leg again. “We’ll be there soon, my love,” she murmured softly. With an effort, she forced herself to relax, allowing her fingers to loosen their death grip on the steering wheel. If anything, she was even more nervous about this meeting than Morgan! She, too, feared for Sabrina’s reaction to meeting them both. Unlike Morgan, she knew precisely what had occurred four years ago, as well as the aftermath of what had happened. She shared her sister’s concerns about what would happen to Morgan’s fragile psyche when the remaining blocks in her memory finally shattered. Sighing as well, she drove on silently, hoping against hope that whatever happened, she would handle it.

And Ana was bound and determined to be there for the both of them, as they worked through their new lives.

“Ugh... I’m kind of hungry,” Morgan commented as her stomach growled, causing Ana to giggle. “I was so worked up earlier I could hardly handle breakfast, but now, suddenly, I’m starving.”

“I’m a bit peckish myself,” Ana admitted, still grinning, “but no need to worry. Eva says that Eugene ordered lunch for us all, and it should arrive just before we do.” She chuckled softly at that. She and Morgan had had dinner at the extremely exclusive Lorenzo’s a few months ago—even with her ‘connections’ it has taken her several weeks to schedule a table for the two of them—and Morgan had absolutely raved about the food. She was very much looking forward to seeing the expression on her face when she realized the ‘delivery’ they were eating had been hand delivered from that same ultra-elite restaurant by the man himself!

“That’s good,” Morgan replied, nodding softly, staring out at the landscape blurring by. “A nice meal shared with my daughter and friends. That sounds really nice right now.” She smiled a bit. “And really, after being locked up in prison all this time, a nice simple meal should be just what she needs. Yeah... a nice bit of normal life will help put all the craziness of the past several months behind us...”

* * *

Venus Satore yawned as she made her way downstairs, heading in towards the kitchen. “Good morning, Go—er, Miss Venus,” Rosella greeted her at the table, amending herself, mindful of their company. “I took the liberty of fixing breakfast for everyone,” she said, gesturing to the table, where Lucy and Robbie sat, munching while staring at the TV. “The little ones pretty much devoured everything, but I did manage to save you something.”

“Mmmm, thank you, yawn my dear,” Venus replied sleepily, settling into place. She smiled as her loving thrall placed a fully loaded plate of food in front of her. “Where’s the other one... um... Justine? Isn’t she up yet?”

“Yeah, she’s been up for hours,” Robbie stated without glancing away from the TV. “She went off to go hang out with her friends for a while, but said she’d be back before dinner.”

Venus sighed inwardly. Typical teenager behavior. Still, even if they had been tasked with looking after BOTH of Grimalde’s children while they were out of town, the girl was old enough to hang out with her friends if she wanted to. Plus, she HAD mentioned spending time with them last night as well, she mused silently, taking a deep drink of coffee, letting the caffeine rush blow away the rest of her lethargy. So I guess I can’t be that surprised that she took off.

The thought occurred to her, and she turned to ask about the whereabouts of the youngest member of the Albinn clan just as Chloe walked in, carrying the infant in her arms, a bottle held gently against the youngster’s mouth. “Ah, perfect timing!” Venus said, brightening, holding out her arms. “There’s my little fellow! C’mon, Chloe, hand him over. I’ll take over now.”

“Mistr, er, Miss Venus, you should really eat breakfast first,” Chloe replied back, editing herself as well. “Baby John is nice and calm right now. Go ahead and eat now while you can.” She chuckled. “Knowing the young one’s moods, he probably won’t give you the chance to later on.”

As a commercial came on, Lucy finally turned and glanced away from the TV. “Hey, Auntie Venus. You were gone a long time last night. Did you go out on patrol last night?”

Venus blinked, frowning slightly, thinking back. “Oh. Um, yes,” she said slowly. “I met up with Miss Hannah again, and we did the usual patrol of the city.” She shrugged. “It was a pretty quiet night though. Not much activity. Kind of boring, really. Why?”

“Oh? I was just wonderin’,” Lucy replied with a shrug. “I was up going to the bathroom when you came back in last night, and you were kinda banged up.” Venus blinked. “Yeah! Your clothes were all dirty, and your hair was all messed up, like you’d been in a big fight! I asked if you were okay, but you just kinda looked at me all weird and said ‘Yeah, I’m fine’, then you went to bed.”

Venus’ frown deepened. Honestly, the night before was mostly a blur, just a bunch of scenes of her and Pinnacle talking and chatting while standing around on rooftops in various parts of the city. She distinctly remembered it being a quiet and uneventful night, certainly no run-ins or fights with any criminals that would have gotten her clothing and hair ruined! For that matter, she didn’t remember running into Lucy last night on the way to bed, either... but she had no reason to doubt the young girl.

Of course, I was really really tired last night, she reasoned, her mind trying to rationalize the inconsistencies. And...oh, right... we did stop by that bar on the way back afterward for a quick drink. She smirked. Well, more than a FEW drinks, come to think of it...

“Yes, sorry to worry you, sweetie,” she said after a moment. “But you know how it is. We, er... had a few bumps and bruises here and there, but really nothing we couldn’t handle. And, well, last night I was really REALLY tired, practically half asleep by the time I got back.”

Lucy nodded, turning back towards the TV as the show resumed. “Oh. Okay, that makes sense, I’m just glad you’re okay, Auntie.”

Venus nodded as well, continuing to eat breakfast. And yet... despite herself, she couldn’t help but question just what HAD happened the night before. The more she thought about it, the more sure she was that her explanation to Lucy was right, that she’d been a bit ‘out of it’ after the long boring patrol, and getting a few drinks afterward. It made perfect sense... and she had no reason to doubt it. And yet... something about it all just felt wrong. As if... there was a loose thread there, somewhere, and she merely needed to tug on it to unravel the entire thing—

“Waaaaaaaaahhh!! Waaahh waaah waaaahhh!” baby John cried, growing fussy, drawing Venus’ attention. Chuckling softly, she pushed aside her mostly empty plate and opened her arms.

“Looks like I’m done with breakfast now,” she said ruefully, taking the infant back. Immediately, the baby stopped crying, nestling up against his ‘aunt’. Chloe and Rose merely glanced at one another and shook their heads.

“Wow! That was cool,” Robbie stated, causing Venus to glance his way. “Yanno, the way you got the baby to stop crying. Did you use your powers on him or somethin’?”

“What? No, of course not!” she replied, slightly offended. “I would never use magic on a baby. It’s just instinct, I suppose,” she said with a shrug. “I love children, and they love me. And Johnny here is a very special boy. He knows he’s safe with Auntie Venus.”

“He’s safe with Auntie Chloe as well,” Chloe pointed out with a visible pout, “but even at his age, the boy has his favorite.” Then she grinned, chuckling. “Not that I can blame him. ‘Auntie’ Venus is MY favorite as well!”

* * *

“Well, I see you replaced the kitchen table already,” Sabrina pointed out as Christine began setting the places, and arranging silverware. “That was quick.”

Christina smiled. “Believe it or not, we have a standing account with a local supplier in town. Mistress Lacie is quite careful with her strength, but accidents do sometimes happen. I believe Master mentioned the last time she sneezed and took out half of the house.”

Eva chuckled. “That’s true enough. And it would have been worse if she hadn’t covered her mouth first.”

Across the room, Eugene stood chatting with Lorenzo, the one who had brought them their meal. “As usual, Sir, I have a-brought everyone’s favorites. I also brought the extras as you a-requested.” He paused, glancing around. “Uh... I don’t a-suppose your daughter Katarina, and her friends are a-joining you?” he asked.

Eugene sighed. “Nae, lad... she and her wee angel friends are off together. Now that they live together, we only really see them now and again, just like with Jimmy.”

The chef let out a soft sigh of his own, glancing down. “Yah... I figured as much. She... doesna come by to eat as often anymore. And... I know just a-why. Last a-year, about the time you and Nigel Grimalde made your peace and buried the a-hatchet, Katarina brought her two friends in for dinner, and we... had an argument. I insulted the angel girls, and their boss... and Katarina... she didna take that too kindly.” He shook his head. “It was honestly a surprise... the first time she’d ever talked to me that a-way.”

Eugene nodded solemnly. He knew the story all too well. “And let me guess, she hasnae been back to eat at yer restaurant since then, aye?” Lorenzo hung his head.

“Yah! I mean... I can’t a-blame her. I feel so bad for what I said about her friends. But... I haven’t a-had the chance to apologize to them! Every night, I a-make their favorites, a-hoping they stop by for a-dinner. But, no... they haven’t returned yet.”

“Ach, well, perhaps I’ll have a wee word with Katie Ann, and convince her to stop by so you can all talk things out face to face,” Eugene replied, thoughtfully. “It was all just a misunderstanding, after all... and Sioban and Tawnya are both wonderful and forgiving lassies. I’m sure it’ll all be fine once ye all sit down and talk.”

To his surprise, the tall Italian man hugged her deeply. “Ay! Mr. Frasier! I would be so grateful! I miss a-seeing Katarina’s a-smiling face so much. That a-girl... she’s as a-precious to me as my own daughter.”

Eugene chuckled, patting the chef lightly on the back. “Aye, lad, ye certainly had a part in raising her. If not for you, both she and young James, hell, all of us would have likely starved to death growing up.”

The young chef chuckled at that. The aged Scotsman had indeed given him his start, hiring him on as the family’s personal chef when he’d first arrived in the country, then helping him start his own restaurant. Even after all these years, he’d never forgotten the man, indeed, the family, that had made his success possible. As a result, he’d come to think of them all as a part of his own family.

“Well, Mr. Frasier, I need to be a-heading back to the shop,” he stated a moment later. “It’s a-been good seeing you again, as always. And please, do stop a-by again soon!” he added, walking to the door. Opening it, however, he stepped back, blinking in surprise as a tall dark-haired woman stood before him, arm raised as if preparing to knock on the door. The woman gasped aloud, just as surprised, blushing deeply in embarrassment.

“O-oh! S-sorry about that,” she stammered slightly. “I was... looking for Eugene Frasier? Do I have the right house?”

“Eh? Mr. Frasier? Ah, yes, you’re in the right a-place,” Lorenzo replied with a nod. “Forgive the intrusion, like yourself, I’m a-just a visitor. And I was just about to leave. But don’t a-worry, Eugene is a-right here,” he said, stepping aside, allowing her to enter the house.

“Thank you,” Morgan replied with a smile. “It was nice to meet you, um, Mister...”

“Ah, please, call me, Lorenzo,” the young chef replied with a smile, taking her hand and kissing the back of it gently. “And it was a pleasure to meet you as well. I’d love to talk more, but I really must be getting back to work. The dinner rush comes all too a-quickly, and I need to get started.” Bowing slightly, he made his way past her out to his car, nodding to Ana who simply nodded back, amused.

“What a nice man,” Morgan mused aloud. “And... he seems so familiar... as if I met him somewhere before...”

“Aye, lass, ye have indeed,” Eugene remarked, stepping forward to greet them. “Ye probably dinnae recall, though, as it has been a number of years. And, sadly, the occasion itself wasnae under the best circumstances.” He glanced at Ana. “Yer looking well, Anastasia. I take it yer sister has kept ye up to date?”

“Yes, and I’ve told Morgan a bit of what to expect as well,” the blonde psychic replied. “We’re both hoping this meeting goes smoothly” She smirked. “If nothing else, luring us here with the promise of a first-class catered luncheon was definitely a nice touch.”

Morgan sighed softly, hands twitching slightly in anticipation. “So, where is she?” she asked pointedly. “Where is my daughter? Can I see her now?”

Eugene opened his mouth to answer, only to get cut off as Sabrina spoke up herself. “Mom? Is that you?” the young woman asked, coming from around the corner. Her face lit up in a beautiful smile as she spotted her, rushing across the room in an instant. “MOMMY!!” she cried, pulling the older woman into a tight—but carefully restrained—hug. “Oh, Mom! It’s you! I’ve missed you so much!” she gushed, holding her beloved mother closely.

For Morgan, there was a moment of shock, her mind reeling a bit at seeing her daughter again, up close and personal. For her, it had actually been a much shorter time—she had been visiting her regularly at the prison for the past four years after all—and had seen her just three days ago. Still, it was much different from staring at her on a viewscreen, and being able to touch and hold and hug her! She let out a cry of her own, part laughter, part sobbing, a complete release of all the anxiety and tension that had seemingly dominated her all this time.

Sabrina was back again. Her daughter, her baby, her love... she was finally back where she belonged.

“Oh, Mistress, I am so happy to have you back,” Morgan began, only to frown, eyes widening as the words she’d just spoken registered in her conscious mind. “W... wah... ‘Mistress’?” she said slowly, releasing Sabrina from her hug. Everyone went silent, watching her carefully as the dark-haired lawyer began processing, the blocks in her memory slowly crumbling, the sight of her beloved daughter standing before her reignited the memories that had been repressed... memories of that missing time four years earlier. A soft gasp escaped her lips, her skin going pale white as she recalled it all.

Sabrina... her daughter... was also her Mistress. Her Goddess in human form. And she, Morgan, was her dutiful, obedient, and submissive slave, her lover, her sex toy, her property! She... was her daughter’s fucking obedient slave!

Suddenly, all of those hot wet dreams that had haunted her nights only to be forgotten again in the light of day flooded her mind—half-remembered encounters with her Goddess-daughter, serving her, kneeling at her feet, or licking her beautiful perfect pussy, making her cum, giving her pleasure... or receiving it in return, her Mistress eating her out to explosive orgasm after orgasm, after orgasm, sometimes alone, sometimes with her other brainwashed slaves watching, touching their naked pussies in envy, awaiting their times as well...

“N-noo... I... that... it can’t,” she said, softly, shaking her head, trying to block out the onslaught. “That... we... did that... all really... happen?” she asked, in a small voice, looking up at Sabrina, her tone pleading. “What... did I... do?” she asked weakly, as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head, and she collapsed, passing out cold.