The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Arthur N. Owen


Email Status: Valid as of October 2023

Story Codes Added Updated
Mesmer-Melodies: Fuck Season mc mf ff md fd 04 May 2024
Mesmer-Melodies: Insanity Defined mc mf ff md 27 Apr 2024
Mesmer-Melodies: Of Birds, Hands and Bushes mc mf md fd 04 May 2024
Spellbinders Saga Volume I: Chance of a Lifetime mc mf ff md 07 Oct 2023 18 Nov 2023
Spellbinders Saga Volume II: Double or Nothing mc mf ff md fd 09 Dec 2023 20 Apr 2024
Spellbinders Saga: Volume III: Life and Mind mc mf ff md fd 11 May 2024