The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Letcher Kimes


Email Status: Valid as of April 2022

Story Codes Added Updated
Anything for a Price mc mf ff md in bd 09 Jul 2022 29 Oct 2022
Asylum mc mf ff md in 14 May 2022 02 Jul 2022
Cumming Home mc mf ff md fd bd ds gr in hm 21 Jan 2023 26 Aug 2023
Man of Your Dreams mc mf ff md in be 21 Oct 2023
On the Road to Hyperbole mc mf ff md ma ds in ft 24 Feb 2024
Project Red Eye mc mf md in bd ws 07 May 2022
Something Old Something New mc mf md fd bd in 25 Nov 2023
Sorry in Savannah mc 16 Apr 2022
There’s No Place Like Home mc mf in 30 Apr 2022
Unintended Consequences mc mf in 23 Apr 2022
Walkthrough mc mf ff md in ws 05 Nov 2022 14 Jan 2023
Want to Play a Game? mc mf ff md in la 09 Apr 2022