The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Bamagan


Email Status: Valid as of October 2023

Story Codes Added Updated
Accidentally Kinky mc ff mf fd ma hm bd ds ex ft 24 Feb 2024
A Different Kind of Sex Toy mc ff mf fd ma bd ds ex in hm la ft fu gr 15 Jul 2023 16 Dec 2023
The Foundling mc mf ff fd ds in ex 30 Mar 2024 25 May 2024
Grouchy Grace & Her Magical Grool mc ff mf fd ma ds ex ft gr hm la fu 16 Mar 2024
Harem Scarum mc ff mf ma fd bd ds ex gr hu sf 25 May 2024 08 Jun 2024
Incest Quest (An ADMIN Tale) mc mf md ma in bd ds ex ft 21 Oct 2023 23 Dec 2023
Mutari Island Mystery mc mf ff ma hm ft la gr 02 Mar 2024
The Polycule Molecule mc mf ff mm ma ft ex sf 09 Mar 2024
Reverse Polarity (An ADMIN Tale) mc mf ff md fd ma bd ds ex ft hm 06 Jan 2024 17 Feb 2024
Stardust mc ff ds ft hm 26 Aug 2023
The XXX Files: The Case of the Cursed Camera mc mf ff md ma ex hm sf 27 Jan 2024