The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Harem Scarum

by Bamagan

Added 25 May 2024

Updated 22 June 2024

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Cassie now has access to the ‘different kind of sex toy’ and she uses it to turn many of her softball teammates into her lesbian harem. Or at least, that’s her plan, but the device is a fickle thing, and the best laid plans of mice, men, and red-headed dog-girls can go astray!

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1: Cassie’s New Temptations) 6120 words 25 May 2024
Chapter 2: Cassie’s New Sensations 5386 words 01 Jun 2024
Chapter 3: Cassie’s New Tarnations 6469 words 08 Jun 2024
Chapter 4: Cassie’s New Fixations 7147 words 15 Jun 2024
Chapter 5: Cassie’s Old Obligations 8463 words 22 Jun 2024