The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Category: sf - science fiction

Abby’s Ascension mc ff mf fd gr ma sf
Abducted and Probed: A Love Story mc mf fd sf
Abduction Alien mc mf sf
Access Babylon mc mf fd sf
An Accidental Abduction mc mf ff sf
Accidental Werewolf mc mf md ma ex fu gr sf
Accumulator mc mf md sf
Adaptation mc sf
Address in Mind mc mf fd sf
Adventures of Admiral Columbia: Reunion mc mm ds hm ws sf cb
Adventures of Pinky mc mf ff md bd sf
Alien Beauty mc ff sf
Alien Prison mc ff sf
Alien Tentacle! mc sf
Alien to Ambition mc mf md gr ds la sf
Allegiance mc ff sf
Alternate Reality mc mf ff md sf
Anal Goo mc ff mm mf in sf
Anatomy of an Invasion mc ff mf fd ma ds la ex sf
And Then There Were Goblins mc ff sf
Angel of Darkness mc mf ff mf sf
Angela’s Harem Outfit mc mf md fd rb sf gr
The Anlorgash Incident mc sf
Annual Festival mc mf md sf gr
The Aphrodite Organization mc mf md fd sf ft
Asexual Reproduction mc ff sf
The Assimilation (Technofile) mc mf ff ft sf
At The Fair mc mf ff md gr sf
Athame mc ff sf rb
Back to Nature (If I Was Not You) mc mf ff md sf
Backlash (Bad Kitty) mc mf md cb bd sf
The Beach Dreams mc ff ma sf
Becoming His Pet mc mm ds bd ex hm hu ma sf
Bedroom Pet mc sf
Being a Drone mc mf gr rb sf
Being Human mc mf md sf rb
Betrayed Downstream mc mf md sf ts
Better Than Man mc mf ff md gr ma sf
Beyond Area 51 mc mm sf
Beyond the Madness of Passions mc mf ff md fd ft sf gr
Bikini Hypnotists From Beyond the Heavens mc mf fd sf
The BioTrust Choice mc mf ff md fd ft sf
The Bizarre Case of Linda Wolfe mc mf md sf
Black Eye Incident mc mm sf
The Blonde Diaries mc mf md sf
Blue (Tabico) mc ff sf
The Book of Norks mc mf md ft sf
Bottie and Soul mc ff mf fd rb sf la
Breeder mc mf ff md fd gr sf in
Brood mc ff sf ft
The Brood Chronicles mc mf sf
Bubble Universe mc mf md ts sf rb
The C-Phone mc mm sf
The Camping Bug mc ff be in sf
Can’t Buy Me Love (Lisa Teez) mc ff sf
Capture mc ff sf
The Case of the Cleveland Mind-taker mc mf sf
Cat’s Paw mc ff bd sf
Causality mc ff sf
Celeb Land mc ff ma hm bd gr sf
A Changing Roommate mc ff sf
Children of Dragons mc mf md sf
The Choice: Roger Takes Silver but Goes for Gold mc mf md sf rb
The Clinic mc ff sf
Clones mc ff md sf
The Club (Roboman127) mc ff rb sf
Clubbing mc mm ma sf
Coercive Vision mc ff sf ma
Command & Control mc mf md ft sf
Compromise mc ff sf
Confessions of a Robo-Hottie mc ff rb sf bd ds
Conversion Illusion mc ff sf
Conviction mc ff sf
Corrupter mc mf ff sf
Cosmic Passions mc mf ff md fd ft sf gr
The Coven mc ff ft sf
Crash mc mf ff sf
Creature Encounter mc ma gr la sf
Cured mc ff sf
Curiosity mc sf
Cybernetic Sleepers mc ff sf
Człowiek Mleczarnia Gospodarstwo, sp. z o.o. mc ff la sf
Daughter Knows Best mc ff in sf
Defect Correction mc md sf
Demotion mc ff sf
Diadem Climbing mc ff bd sf
Digital Dreams mc mf fd bd hm sf
Digitized Submission mc ff hm ft ds sf
Discipline and Reward mc mf md ma bd cb sf ds hm ex
The District Nine Slave Adoption Agency mc mf md sf
Do Bounty Hunter’s Dream of Electric Whips? mc mf ff md fd bd hm sf
Docile mc mf md sf
Docility Trigger mc mf md sf
Domestication mc mf md sf
Domination Delegation mc ff sf
The Domme Meme: A Next Step mc mf fd md ft sf
The Door mc ff gr sf la
Doublespeak mc mf md sf
A Dream to Some mc ff sf
Dripping Wet mc ff sf
Droids R Us mc mf md in rb sf
Drone mc mf ff md fd ft sf
Drug Ballad mc mf ff md fd ma sf
Echoes mc ff sf
Edge of Oblivion mc mf ff md fd hu sf
Electric Net mc mf ff md bd sf
Emily’s New House mc mf md sf
Emma and the New World Order mc ff rb sf
Emma and the Tholian Webinar mc ff rb sf
The Enchanted Forest mc ff sf
The Enemy Of My Enemy… mc ff rb sf
Enslavers mc ff sf
Entry to the Brotherhood mc mm sf rb
Errant mc ff sf rb
Eternal Slave mc mf fd ma bd ds ft hm hu sf
Everywhere mc ff ft sf
Evilena and the Angry Red Planet mc mf fd sf
An Executive Replaced mc ff bd hm sf
Exodus mc sf
Exposure mc mf fd sf
The Eye of Deep Space mc mf fd sf
Eyes of Change mc mf md sf
Fast Cars...Faster Women mc md ma rb sf
The Fay and Her Knight mc mf ff md sf
The Fay at Fremantle mc mf md sf
Feeling the Light mc mf in sf
Felicity mc mf md gr sf
Filling Out the Role mc fd gr sf
The Final Breath of Power mc mf ff ft sf
Finding Master mc mf md sf
Finding the Shoe on the Other Foot mc mf ff sf
First Mate mc mf fd sf
Fleshlight mc ma rb sf
Fluid mc ff sf
Foothold mc mf md sf
Forbidden Magic mc mf md sf
The Forest of Giants mc mf fd la ft sf
Framework mc ff sf
Fruition mc ff sf
Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective mc ff mf sf
Galaxy 69 mc mm sf ft
Goddess from the Machine mc mf fd rb sf
Golden mc ff sf
Goldilocks mc ma sf rb
The Great Debate mc mf md ft bd ds ex rb sf ts
Grey Queen mc mf fd ft hm sf
Gyn mc ff sf
Haircut mc mf md sf
Halloween Happenings mc mf sf
Handyman mc mf md sf hu
Happy We Are: Mike’s Diary mc mf ff sf
The Harvesters mc ff mf sf
The Harvesters (Roboman127) mc ff rb sf
Heather and Hannah mc ff sf
Heaven’s Gate mc mf ff fd sf
Heavy Flesh mc ff mf ma sf
Herd mc mf ff md fd in ft sf
High On You mc ma sf
Hive Mind mc ff mf fd hu rb sf
Hornet’s Nest mc ff rb ft sf
The Horses mc mm ff gr sf
Human Resources (Joe Mama) mc mf ff md fd sf
Humanity mc ff rb sf
Humanity 2.0 mc mf ff in md sf
Hyperspace mc mm sf
Hypnotic Doll mc mf fd sf rb
I Alone mc mf sf
I Married a BrothelBot from Outer Space mc ff rb sf
I, Human mc mf ff md sf
I-Toys mc mf ff mm fd md gr ma rb sf hu
Immutable mc ff sf
Imnir Ark mc mf ff fd in la gr sf
In Memory mc ff sf
In Naked Wonder mc mf fd la be sf
In The Story mc mf md ft sf
Incompatibility mc ff ma sf
Incubated mc ff gr la sf
Inglorious 2 mc ff sf
Inhuman mc ff sf
Inside Area 51 mc mm gr sf
Internal Affairs mc ff ma sf
The Invasion mc mf ff fd sf
Invasion of the Sexulons mc ff ma sf
Is It Any Better? mc mf md bd sf
I’ve Always Hated Needles mc mf ff fd bd sf
Jane’s Mission mc mf fd sf
Janice’s NipplaMont mc ma ex hm ft sf
Janissaries mc ff sf
Juni and Josef mc mf fd sf
K-9 Unit mc mm sf rb
Keily’s Plant mc ff sf
The King’s Hypnotist mc mf md sf hu
Klaatu Barata Nikto mc mf md in sf
Lance Storm and the Galaxy Pirates mc mm sf hu
Lance Storm and the Invasion of the Nastyons mc mm sf hu
Lance Storm and the Medusa Menace mc mm sf hu
Lance Storm and the Slaves of the Hypnotron mc mm sf hu
Lapdog mc ff ft sf
The Last of the Masters mc mf ff md rb sf
The Legend of the Spectral Seal mc mf ff md fd sf
The Legion of Obedient Super-Slaves mc mm cb sf
Lens mc ff sf
Lesbian Robot Women from Outer Space mc ff rb fu sf hu
Liberation mc mf bd sf
LIDA IX mc ff rb sf
Line Up mc mf md sf
Liquid Submission mc ff sf
Literally mc mf hu sf gr
Lost Cave – A Whole World mc ff sf
Lost Neptune mc mf md sf
Lost Opportunity mc mf md fd sf
Love in Bloom mc mm sf
Low Man’s Lyric mc mf md fd sf
Lust Bus mc mf fd sf
Lust In Space mc mf md sf
Made for Pleasure mc mf md rb sf hu
Made for Pleasure (FF Version) mc ff rb sf hu
Maidenhead mc ff mf fd sf
malcode: Annunciation mc ff ft sf
malcode: Visitation mc ff ft sf
Man and Machine mc mf sf rb
Marion’s Eggs mc mf md sf
A Master Key mc mf md sf
Masters Saga mc ff sf
The Mating mc mf ff md fd sf
Merchandise (Tang) mc mf md ft rb sf
Metal Harvest mc mm rb sf
The Meteor of Horror mc mf ff be sf
The Milk Society mc mf ft gr la sf bd
Mind Control Interface mc mf md gr rb sf
Mind Snatchers mc sf hu md mf ff
Mind Virus mc ff ft bd sf
Mind Worms mc ff sf
Mind Worms: Facility mc ff sf
Mindf***ers mc mf md fd sf
Mindfuck (Jennifer Crowe) mc ff la sf
Mindtrap Manor mc mf ff md fd ma in gr la hu nc bd sf
Mira: A Slave’s Story mc mf md fd sf
The Miracle Milk mc ff ft sf la
A Mis-Cap mc mf sf
The Missing Half mc mf ff md sf
Muse mc ff sf bd
Mushroom Treatment mc mf md sf
nanoTouch: Rebellion mc ff ft in sf
nanoTouch: The Assassin-Spy mc ff ft sf
nanoTouch: The Initiation mc ff ft ma gr sf
A Need to Breed mc mf fd ft sf
The Nest mc mf fd sf
The Nesting Ground mc sf
Neural Stimulators mc md ma sf
The New Job (Roboman127) mc ff rb sf
Next 2.0 mc mf fd md sf
The Nimfonian Takeover mc ff mf fd sf
Nine to Hive mc ff mf fd ft ma gr sf bd
Ninjas Aren’t So Tough mc mf ff md fd sf
No One Ever Escapes mc ff ft sf
The Noble Lie mc ff mf fd sf
Nuthuggers mc mm sf gr
Nymphos of the Sky mc ff mf sf
Observation mc mf ff bd sf
Oceana mc mf ff ma md fd gr la sf
The Odyssey mc ff mf sf
Of Myths and Monsters mc mf ff md fd ma bd ds fu sf
Off the Leash mc mf md sf
Omega Girl 3 mc mf ff md fd sf ft cb
Omkara mc ff fu sf
Oms Food mc mf sf
Once A Courtier mc ff mf fd bd sf ft
The Once And Future Gladiator mc mm sf
Only Happy When It Rains mc mf ff sf
Opening Andora’s box mc mf ff sf
Orange Papers mc ff in gr ft sf
The Orion Legacy mc mf md sf
Overcumming Melanie mc ff sf
The Paradox Hazard mc mf ff md fd sf
Parasitic Possession mc ff sf
Patience mc ff sf gr
Patterns in Ochre and Grissecon Ink mc mm sf
Pea mc ff sf
Penis Envoy mc mf ff md fd sf hu
Penny’s Story mc mf md fd sf
A Perfect Pair mc mf ff in sf ft
Perpetuating Plutonian Propogation Punishment mc ff mf fd md gr hu in sf
The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey mc mf ff md sf
Pieces mc mf ff ma in bd ds ex ft la gr hm sf
Pierced mc ff sf
Pink Mirror mc ff sf
Plague mc ff in sf
Plague of Seduction mc ff sf
Planted (Half Shim) mc ff gr bd sf
Planted — Dispersing mc ff la sf
Possessing Katy’s breasts mc ff mf fd gr la sf rb
Power (ionofrao) mc mf ff md ft sf
Power and Pleasure mc mf md sf
A Practical Joke…In Spaaacccceee mc mf md bd hu sf
Pranic Attack mc ff ma sf la in gr
Proof mc mf ff md sf
Propagators of the Planet Pluto mc mf gr la in sf hu
Prospects mc mf ff ma sf sc
Psychogynecology mc mf ff rb sf
Puppet of His Master mc mm sf rb
The Purchase mc ff fd md ft sf
The Quantum Leap mc mf md sf rb
The Queen’s Companion mc ff sf
The R111 Effect mc mf ff md sf
The Race mc ff mf fd sf
The Race to Erase Lace with a Mace in the Face of Grace mc mf md bd sf
A Rather Successful Date mc mf md sf
Re-Genisis ff mc sf bd
Reaching Out mc ff mf sf
Recycled mc mf fd sf bd
The Reflex mc ff sf
Remainders mc ff sf
Rhona’s Collar Training mc mf md bd ma sf
Rick Summer, Ace Detective mc mf md rb sf
Riders mc ff sf
The Riders (Tang) mc mf ff ft sf
The Rise of the Veritas mc md ds ft hm sf
Rockhoppers mc mf ff sf
Rogue Planet mc ff mf sf
The Romban Guest? mc ff sf
Roulette (sara castle) mc ff bd sf
Rumination mc ff mf ma gr la sf
Sacrifice (Fool’s Page) mc mf md ft sf
Salvaged mc sf la
The Saviors mc mm mf sf ma
Scent of a Catwoman mc ff sf fu
A Scent of Malt and Flesh mc ff mf fd sf
A Science for Love mc mf md sf
Seasons of Growth, Seasons of Change mc md sf
Second Changes mc gr la ma sf
The Secret of Planet P’Leh mc mf fd sf
Seeds mc ff sf
Service Technician mc mf fd ts sf
The Ship mc bd sf
A Silhouette Sunday mc mf md hm ft sf
Silky Destinies mc ff sf ft
Silky Inevitability mc ff sf ft
Slave Dreams mc ff ft sf
The Slave Maker Symbiont mc mf md fd gr sf
The Slavers mc mf ff md fd sf
The Slavers in Pursuit mc mf ff md fd sf
Snaking a Claim mc ff mf fd la sf
So You Wanna Be a Producer mc mf md sf
Social Parasite mc ff sf
Sole Survivor mc mf ff md in sf
Some Annoying Aliens mc mf md fd sf hu ma rb
The Sound and the Fury mc mf ff md fd sf cb
The Spa Dreams mc ff mf fd ma sf
Space Farm mc ff in be sf
Space Invaders of the Mind mc mf ff md sf
Space Mind Abduction mc ff sf
Spit-Take mc ff sf gr la
StareWare mc ff mf fd ma sf
Starfall mc ff mf md sf
Stranded mc mf ff md sf
The Stunt Double mc ff mf ma sf
The Stupid Gun! mc mf ff fd sf ft
Subject MC5 Has Escaped mc mf md sf
Subliminal Symbiot mc sf ma
Subterraneans mc mf md ds sf
Subversive Materials mc mf md sf
The Succession Wars mc mf md sf
Surrender Technique mc ff sf
Surrender Your Booty mc mf md sf
Swarm mc ff sf
Swimteam mc mf ma sf ft
The Symbiont mc mf sf
The Takeover (anonymousarchitects) mc mm gr sf rb
Taker mc ff sf
The Temporary Bartender mc mf ff sf
Terran Guard mc mm bd sf
Terran Space Marines mc mm mf md fd sf
There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Traitor mc ma sf
Three Ladies mc mf ff md fd ft gr sf
Threshold Technologies mc mf md fd ft sf
Through A Scanner, Blankly mc mf ff ma sf
Tiffany Red Vs. Sonya Green—Spy on Spy mc ff hu ds rb sf
Tiger Tails: SissElixer mc mm ft ds ex sf hu
Touch of Frost mc ff sf
Tour de Force mc mf md sf
Training Diadem mc ff sf
Transformative Properties mc mf ff md fd ft sf gr
Tribute mc mf md sf
Trigger Happy mc sf
True Reflection (Tang) mc ff ft sf
Twinned mc ff ft sf
Twisted Concepts: The Curse of the Animated Anomaly mc mf ff md fu hu bd sf in
Two Tickets to Paradise mc sf
Underneath the Bunker mc ff sf
Unit 4219 mc mf md sf
Universe 8 mc mf ff md sf
Unsafe Cybersex mc mf md sf
Unsweetened mc mf md sf
Uplink mc ff mf ma sf
Vampire mc mf ff md sf
Vargas in Vegas mc mf md fd sf
The Vengence Factor mc mf md sf bd
Venus mc mf fd sf
Venus Needs Men mc mf fd sf
A Very Small Invasion mc mf md sf
View Through a Window mc mf md gr sf
Virus (Transformed One) mc ff sf
The Visitor (Tang) mc ff sf
Voluntary Infection mc mf md sf
Warring Passions mc ff sf
The Way You Make Me Feel mc ff sf
Weapon Ready mc ff sf
Weaponized mc ff sf
Welcome to the Fish Tank mc ff bd gr sf
What a Girl Wants (Jukebox) mc ff sf rb
White Knight and Titmouse mc mf ff md fd sf bd cb hu
Wild Blue Yonder mc ff mf fd sf
Wild Thing mc ff mf fd gr la sf
Wind the Mirror mc mf fd sf
Wiped Clean mc mf ff bd sf
Witchgirl: Teenage Hero of Justice mc mf md cb sf
Xenophilia mc ff sf
Xenophilia (Jukebox) mc mf md sf hu
Xenophobia mc mf md sf
Xenowars mc mf ff md fd gr in sf
Y mc mf ff fd md ft sf gr
Year 3000 mc mm sf