The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dylan and The King: Wicked Science

by Chrissy

Added 06 March 2021

Updated 23 October 2021

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Two scientists have used advanced gene-splicing techniques to create a nightmare creature called The King. Now, the two men plan to unleash the tentacled monster and conquer the world using its tremendous power to control minds. A young woman, faced with destruction or submission, finds herself pulled into into the horrific experiment and discovers that she must fight against her own desires if she wants to keep her freedom and her sanity.

Chapter Length Added
Part 1 12896 words 06 Mar 2021
Part 2 21672 words 13 Mar 2021
Part 3 15172 words 27 Mar 2021
Part 4 18277 words 23 Oct 2021