The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Universe 8

by InLeaves

Added 20 September 2014

Updated 22 November 2014

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Dr. Tonia Sandstrom, brilliant engineer, lives in a future where neural augmentation is strictly controlled. She upgrades her system illegally and begins to test it by way of video games. But her routine testing turns to the otherworldly when she discovers that an obscure MMO game, Universe 8, evolves into an immersive virtual reality when she uses the full power of her augment. Soon, she finds herself in the clutches of a perverted but immensely powerful man turning the game into his harem.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1 — Serendipity, Right? 6979 words 20 Sep 2014
Chapter 2 — The Seal of Approval 6357 words 04 Oct 2014
Chapter 3 — Desperate Measures 6250 words 18 Oct 2014
Chapter 4 — The Flight of Icarus 6400 words 22 Nov 2014