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Do Bounty Hunter’s Dream of Electric Whips?

by consortium123456789

Added 16 August 2014

Updated 30 August 2014

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Once upon a time she was Arianna Luskarelli, pride of the Lunar Wolves, the baddest soldier the galaxy had ever known. Once upon a time he was Cornelius Fisk, new recruit to the Lunar Wolves but earmarked for greatness. Once upon a time in a hail of bullets and blood she went rogue, her reasons unknown, leaving the Wolves broken and Cornelius seeking vengeance. Now... now he has his vengeance. For she is “Bitchy” and he is “Daddy” and she is at his mercy. But his vengeance is not complete and he however much she is in his control he still does not know why she turned on the Wolves to begin with.

Chapter Length Added
A Day in the Life (1) 4278 words 16 Aug 2014
A Day in the Life (2) 6549 words 23 Aug 2014
A Day in the Life (3) 7054 words 30 Aug 2014