The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Xenobiological Morphosis

by Menoetes

Added 25 June 2022

Updated 15 July 2023

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A bungled alien experiment leaves an unknowing human test subject with a small growing problem that the women around him can’t keep their hands off... and it might be infectious.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter one: Taking Stock 5786 words 25 Jun 2022
Chapter Two: Out of the Frying Pan… 5523 words 02 Jul 2022
Chapter Three: One Size Fits Tall 5358 words 09 Jul 2022
Chapter Four: …and Dream of Large Women 5559 words 06 Aug 2022
Chapter Five: Fuckings and Findings 7707 words 08 Jul 2023
Chapter Six: BIG business 7731 words 15 Jul 2023