The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Sex Worm Apocalypse

by VWscribble

Added 09 October 2021

Updated 29 January 2022

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Prof. Stuffelmeyer has created an amazing new neural treatment. There are only two problems. First, it looks like a disgusting oozing caterpillar worm. And second, it has mind control properties which accidentally lead to sex-starved depravity and the utter defilement of all human life.

Chapter Length Added Updated
Chapter One: Seduced by the Sex Worms 4345 words 09 Oct 2021 29 Jan 2022
Chapter Two: Violated by the Sex Worms 4138 words 23 Oct 2021 29 Jan 2022
Chapter Three: Impregnated by the Sex Worms 4133 words 30 Oct 2021 29 Jan 2022