The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

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A101 – The Smoking Room mc mf ff fd md ex ft ma hm
A101: Forced Perspective mc mf ff fd md ex ft ma hm
Accidental Werewolf mc mf md ma ex fu gr sf
The Adventures of Eggy Remixed — BOOK 2 — A WEEK LATER mc mf ff hu hm gr la ex bd
The Adventures Of Eggy Remixed — Book 3 — New Experiences, Interludes and Distractions mc mf ff md fd hu hm gr ex la bd ft
After Work: Into the Fold mc mm fd ex hm
All About the Hamiltons mc mf ff md fd be ds ex ws
All in the Eyes mc mf md ex
All the World’s a Stage mc md ex
Alpha Male’s Paradise mc mf ff md ds ex ft
Anatomy of an Invasion mc ff mf fd ma ds la ex sf
And... Freeze mc fd ds ex
Anniversary (NanoSlaver) mc ff ex
Arabian Night mc mm in hm bd ex
Atta Girl mc mf md ma hm ex
The Awakening of Stacy mc ff ma hm bd ds ex
Azure and Crimson, Magical Girls of Light, Season 2 mc mf md ma ex hm cb
Back Seat Backbeat mc mf ma ex
The Bakery mc ff gr ex
Becca at the Bar mc mf md ex hm
Becoming Amber mc ff ma bd ex
Becoming His Pet mc mm ds bd ex hm hu ma sf
Bella’s Pastoral Life mc md gr la bd ds ft ex
Betsy and Emily Train Together mc ff bd ft ex
Better Tech mc ff ex
The Big O Canada mc mf gr ex
Bimbo or Billionaire: College Edition mc mf md gr la ex
Bimbodoll Goes Jobhunting mc ex
Brandi, the Protector of the Gateway: Season 2 mc mf mm ff gr ds ex
The Broads Can’t Resist the Turbo mc mf ff in ex bd
Brother Likes Boobs mc ex ma
But I Don’t Really Want This mc mf md fd gr hm ex
Can I Fix Your Phone? mc mf md ma md ds ex hm
Canary mc ff bd ds ex in hm
Candace Falls mc md ma ex
Candace Falls 2: Further mc mf md ex
Capes and Crepes mc mf md ft ex ds hm bd cb
Captain Power’s Fall mc mm md ma ex cb
Cellular mc mf ff mm in bd ma ex
Champion of the Kingdom mc mf md fd bd ds ex
Changes (Trick) mc mf ma ex
Changes Made mc mm ma ft fu ex
The Chauffer mc mf md ex
Chronicles of Craig mc mf md ex
Cleaning Time mc md ex be
Clowning Around mc ff ma ft hm in la bd ex hu
The Coffee Girl mc mf ff md fd ex
The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 2: Lessons Infidelity mc mf md gr ex ma hm
Crazy Week mc ma ex
Curses Granted mc ff md fd ma ft gr la ex
D.D. mc mf ff md ma ex
The Danger of Logical Fallacies mc ma md ex hm
Dating Dennis mc mf md ex in
Dear Clubhouse Letters mc mf ff md ma ex
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Amazing Lace mc mf ex ft gr in
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Beach Party mc mf md ex
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Police Action mc mf md ex
Decor mc mf md hm ex ts
Discharge of the Light Brigade mc mf ff md ex
Discipline and Reward mc mf md ma bd cb sf ds hm ex
Diversion Tactics mc ff hm ex
Djinn-ding Machine mc mf ff mm ma gr hu bd ft ex ts la rb fu be
Dominion of the Mind (Hypnotist) mc mf ff md fd in hm bd ds ex
Dumb Drops mc ma ex hm
The Ear Ring mc ff ex
Echo Effect mc ff mf fd ma ex gr in
Eight Hundred Nerve Endings mc ma ex md
Emilia’s Exorcism mc mf ff md fd ma bd ex
Emily: The Weekend Retreat mc ff bd ex
The Emperor Has No Clothes mc mf ff mm md ex
Entrained mc ff mf md ex
Eroticon Virus mc ff mf in ex
The Executive Executive Assistant mc mf md bd ds ex ft hm
The Final Interview of Susan Treedy mc mf md gr ex
Gas Leak mc mf ff in ex ft ma
The Girls mc mf ff in be ex ft
Goddess Next Door mc mf ff fd ma ex
The Great Debate mc mf md ft bd ds ex rb sf ts
Hard Sell mc ff mf md ds ex ft sf
The Hash mc ma md ds ex
Her Minstrel Period mc mf ff mm md ex
Hey Dummy mc mf ff md ex hu
Hierarchy of Needs mc mf md in ex
Hip to Be Square mc md fd mf ff bd ds ex ma hu
Horse Head Mask mc mf ff fd ex fu gr be
Hunny Bunny mc ff ds ex
HypnoHotties mc mf md ex
Hypnotwist mc mf ff fd md ma ft bd ds ex hm hu
I Hate Luke mc mf ff md ma in ft gr hm ds ex ex
I Know You mc fd hm ex
In a Glance mc ff cb ds ex
In Another Life mc ff ds ex cb
Instructions mc mf md bd ds ex
Intermission mc mf fd ds ex
Janice’s NipplaMont mc ma ex hm ft sf
Jillian Jinxed mc mf ex
Joe Boy mc mm mf hm ma ex
Judith: The Power of Desire mc mf fd ex ma
The Just-Ass League mc mf ff fd ex cb hu
Keys to the Mind mc ff mf md ma ft gr hm ex in la
The Kindness of Strangers (Pan) mc mf ff md fd ex
The Legend of Lecherous Lenny, the Lascivious Leprechaun mc mf ff rb gr hu ex
Let’s Have Some Fun mc mf ff mm md fd in sc ex la hm gr
Listening to Jack mc mf ff in ex hm gr
Little Goody Two Shoes — A Shoes to Fill Story mc mf ex gr ft
A Little Skin Never Hurt Anyone mc md ma ex hm
Living Dreams mc mf md fd in gr ex
The Long Road Goodbye mc mf md ma bd ds ex
Lovely Assistant mc mf ff md ex
Magical Mystery Tourist mc ma hm ex
The Manager mc ff ma ds bd ex
Master PC — Obeying Jack mc mf ff in la gr ex
Master PC: Rumor Mill mc mf ff md ex gr hu la
Master PC: Thanks for the Memories mc mf ff md gr fu la ex
Master PC: The Victim’s Perspective mc mf mm md ex la hm gr in
Master’s Marks mc mf mm md ma hm ds ex ft
Math is Hard mc mf md ex
The Measure of a Man mc mf fd ma ex hm
Media Whore mc mf ex
The Mind Controller of Seville mc mf ex hu
More Limits mc mf md in ex
Morning Heat mc md hm ex ft hu
Mounten & Mayne IV mc mf ff md ma gr hm in la ex hu
Muse Masters mc mf md fd ma ex in
My Girlfriend’s a Catgirl! mc mf ff md fd ma fu ft gr hm la bd ex
Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners mc hu hm ex
New Roommates mc ff gr ex ma
A New World mc mm ff ex ft ds
Nice Ass mc ff mf md fd ft gr hm ma be ex ds
Nightly Needs mc ff ma in ex ws
9 Mages mc mf md bd gr ex cb
No More Limits mc mf md in ex
OC Condo mc mf md ex
On the Train (Selferd) mc ma ex
One Hot Summer mc mf md ex
One Hot Summer — Redux mc mf ff md in ex
The Online Misadventures of GoodGuyGrey mc mf md ex ds hu
The Patron and the Saint mc mf ff md ex
Personal Jesus mc ex hu
Pieces mc mf ff ma in bd ds ex ft la gr hm sf
Resolutions (Trixie Adara) mc ff ex hm ts
Roaming Canvas mc fd ma ft ex ds rb
Sara Is Educated at College mc ff ma hm ds ex
Sexy Shorts mc mf md in ex
Shall We Play a Game mc mf ff ma ex bd hm ft gr
Sienna’s Bimbo Limbo mc mf md ma ds ex ft hm sf
The Signal mc mf ff mc md in bd ds ex ft
Simplify Your Life — Problem-Solving mc mf ff md fd ma ds in gr ex
Simplify Your Life — Trading Up mc mf ff md fd ma in bd ds ex hm gr ft
Slut Note mc mf ff md ds ex gr in ma
Smoke and Drums: The Scout mc mm ma hm bd ds ex sf
Sorority War 2 — The Fantasy Fetish Festival mc mf ma bd ex gr hm
The Story of Iz mc mf ma ex ds bd hm
Strange Games mc ff mf fd md ma gr ex bd ds ft
Stripnotized mc mf ex ma hm
Sub-Way Trainer mc mm ft ds ex
Sumana’s Deal mc mf ff md fd bd ex hm ws
Surprise Birthday Presents — The Next Day mc mf ff md fd hm hu ex
System Corrupt mc mf ma ex hu
Tabitha’s Tick-Tock Brain Block mc mf md bd ds ex ft hm
Taking Notes mc mm ex
Taking The Magician’s Load: Grace’s Massive Melons Finally Revealed! mc mf ff fu ex gr hm
Tattooed Ladies mc mf ff md be in ex gr
The Tease mc mf md ex
Three Flasks mc mf ff fd md ma ex in hu
Tiger Tails: SissElixer mc mm ft ds ex sf hu
To-Do List mc mf md ma ex
Touch (Tan) mc mf md ma ex
Trophy Acres — A Walking Tour mc mf ff md fd in hm bd ex
Twist mc mf in ex
Two Head-Fucks Are Better Than One! mc fd md ds ex
The Unbound Genie mc mf ff mm md fd bd ma ds ex ft gr hm in sf ts
The Under the Hill Franchise — Alicia’s First Visit mc md fd bd ds ex
Unremarkable mc mf ff md ex
Victoria’s Mansion mc ff ma bd ds ex ft
Wages of Sin mc mf ex
The Way We Whirr mc mf md ma ex rb hu cb
Welcome to Rothlord Academy mc mf ff md ma ds ex ft in rb
When Betsy Meets Emily mc ff ma la gr ex bd ft
Women’s Dating Network: Emily’s Story mc mf ex ma
Wooden Chairs and Other Fun... mc ma ex md
Wynter’s Slavery mc ma ex ft hm fu gr rb
The Xyloporn and Fuckenspiel Society mc mf ff md ex