The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Spring Breakout (Naughty Magic Volume One)

by Lance Descarado

Added 30 September 2023

Updated 18 November 2023

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She’s Lascivious Livia, a charismatic, voraciously bisexual stage magician and hypnotist with an irredeemably cheesy sense of humor. He’s Marcelo Ambrose Knight, a handsome pickup artist with a dominant streak and a heart of gold. In a time of legwarmers, VHS, Aqua Net and valley girls, they’ll team up to create the most erotic, glamourous and outrageous (and the only) travelling adult variety show the world has ever seen! (There may be a wee smidge of fighting crime along the way.)

Chapter Length Added Updated
Chapter One: The SexCon Soak-Job 17219 words 30 Sep 2023 07 Oct 2023
Chapter Two: Ravish Me 14677 words 07 Oct 2023
Chapter Three: Living With Lascivious Livia 12820 words 14 Oct 2023
Chapter Four: Peeling a Peach 11555 words 21 Oct 2023
Chapter Five: The Claiming of Cathy Delapointe 14430 words 04 Nov 2023
Chapter Six: Shenanigans in Savannah 16173 words 04 Nov 2023
Chapter Seven: Ripped Chicks, Rare Elk and Risk Assessment 17765 words 18 Nov 2023