The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reverse Polarity (An ADMIN Tale)

by Bamagan

Added 06 January 2024

Updated 17 February 2024

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Aaron O’Neill uses a mind control app on his phone to gradually convert three of his classmates into sexier versions of themselves, reversing their feelings about certain sex acts, turning squicks into fetishes. In the process, he also reverses their disdain for him into desire.

Chapter Length Added
Prologue 5779 words 06 Jan 2024
Building Tolerance 6119 words 13 Jan 2024
Curiouser and Curiouser 8070 words 20 Jan 2024
Keep It Secret 9351 words 27 Jan 2024
Out and Proud 7883 words 03 Feb 2024
Desperation 7606 words 10 Feb 2024
The Needs of the Poly… 6180 words 17 Feb 2024