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The Adventures Of Eggy Remixed — Book 3 — New Experiences, Interludes and Distractions

by Otrebanks

Added 28 April 2018

Updated 19 May 2018

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The nervous and socially conservative Bullmans host the younger generation. Will that evening’s anticipated foursome be as awkward as the pre-dinner conversation over the hors d’oeuvres?; A living mannequin is placed on display at the Friendly Badger Mall; Feeling happily beholden for her cure, Gail take the mission to become a dominating mistress to heart by commanding a night of mandatory fun and games; Willma falls under the spell of an evil stage hypnotist.

Chapter Length Added
E1 — Interlude 1 — Wednesday — Taking the Bullmans by the Horny 15412 words 28 Apr 2018
E2 — Interlude 2 — Flash Forward — The Egg’s Arrival + 4 Months — Doll In The Mall 5287 words 05 May 2018
E3 — Interlude 3 — Wednesday — Reluctant Mistress Gail 12583 words 12 May 2018
E4 — Interlude 4 — The Egg’s Arrival + 2 Months — Girls Night Out, Or The Hypnotist Tries To Have Some Fun 10742 words 19 May 2018