The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Slut Note

by Hypknot Eyes

Added 16 November 2008

Updated 03 January 2010

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Right Yumigachi, a brilliant high school student, comes into possession of a sucubus’s Notebook that transforms anyone whose name is written in it into a slut. He plans to use the power of the Slut Note to play god and transform the world. But the brilliant detective O is out to unravel the source of the mysterious sexuality that has overtaken criminals and ne’erdowells the world over. When O’s deduction turns to Right, which young mastermind will outwit the other? Will Right fall into one of O’s clever traps, or will O fall victim to power of the Slut Note?

Chapter Length Added
Parts 1-5 10823 words 16 Nov 2008
Parts 6-8 6144 words 29 Nov 2008
Parts 9-10 7253 words 14 Dec 2008
Parts 11-15 7972 words 03 Jan 2010