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The Abenna Institute

(a story for nexii)

by chester ()

Aaron Adam Luxford had started his electronics business five years ago and it had done well, even though a recession had been brewing. After five years the company had grown to 20 employees. Aaron had been very particular in his hirings. Although he couldn’t afford to live an openly gay lifestyle because of some of his redneck clients who would be sure to quit, after the first five employees who were hired (totally for their brains), Aaron made sure that he felt an attraction to all of the others (beauty, as well as talent). As far as he knew, however, none of them would reciprocate if he were to have made an advance. One of the the things that attracted him about a man was his heterosexuality and ‘maleness’. Forbidden fruit, perhaps.

His life was about to change... ever since he had met Dr. William Abenna and had been told about the Institute. The Institute was a highly secretive ‘retreat house’ that could turn people into anything you wanted them to be. It was very exclusive, very expensive but it was the answer to all Aaron’s dreams.

* * *

Derek Myles spent the first month of his new job getting oriented. He was impressed that so much time would have been put into his training, but Mr. Luxford, his boss, seemed to really care about his employees and want them to be happy and secure in their work. He had moved out to British Columbia just to take this job, having been offered a salary twice as high as he would have gotten in Ontario. His childhood sweetheart had broken off their engagement a few months before he got the job and he had no reason not to start a “new life” in another province. He had nothing to leave behind.

When he had been interviewed, flown out to BC, by Mr. Luxford, he was treated quite royally. Wined and dined. Mr. Luxford spent many hours picking his brain and getting to know him. Derek felt very comfortable with the man and it certainly hadn’t gone like any other interview he had survived. He was offered the job at the end of the day and was taken out to supper by Mr. Luxford himself.

* * *

He has a beautiful smile. That was the first thought that Aaron Luxford had about Derek Myles during their first meeting. The second thought was much more sexual and involved the nicely outlined lump in Derek’s pants. He has no fashion sense at all, though, thought Aaron, but that would be easy to develop. Of course, he was also interested in the man’s brain—he had been chosen over many applicants because of his creativity, computer skills and work ethic. And the bulge—always that, he thought as his eyes again wandered downwards.

He would spend the day with Derek, get him comfortable and talking, enjoy his company. If this was to be a long term arrangement in every sense of the word, Aaron Luxford wanted to take time to make sure he was the right man. By the end of supper Aaron was convinced: Derek was articulate, witty, strong-willed, independent... and cute. He would definitely offer him the job.

* * *

Mr. Luxford seemed to care very much about the mental and physical health of his employees. He told Derek that built into the day at Luxford Electronics was an hour of working out at the gym and a lunch hour with a caterer devoted only to the healthiest of foods. He would be expected the first couple of years to put in a lot of overtime, but there would be opportunities to travel and even a mandatory retreat would be made each year to give the worker time to contemplate and ‘vision’. It all seemed too good to be true. If offered the job, he would certainly accept.

* * *

It is important, thought Aaron, to feel the boy out, find out what he was made of. He was certain that the boy’s sexual interests unfortunately fell to the other sex, but he would deal with that later. He wanted to really know the boy, know what made him tick, try him out in various aspects of the business to see where his strengths lay. He gave him difficult assignments, impossible assignments—Derek dealt with them all. He gave him a good secretary then a weak secretary. He managed to bring out the best in both.

Aaron had absolutely no use for stupidity in any form and to him, all the secretaries were essentially stupid. It was woman’s fate to care more about their hair than their work, he believed, and he tended to treat his secretaries like dirt. If he hadn’t paid them so well, there would have been a much higher turnover.

* * *

In his first month at the company Derek had only seen one ‘negative’ quality or ‘flaw’ if you would, in Mr. Luxford. And that had to do with his attitude toward the women on staff, all of whom served in lower, secretarial or data entry positions. He seemed to have no use for them, was short with them, very demanding, and had, in fact, let two go that very month. It seemed like Derek had very much stepped into a men’s club, and he felt badly for the women, but that sensitivity was overridden by all the perks and the genuine caring that Luxford had shown to him personally.

His latest secretary was so bad that he wondered if it weren’t a test—of his patience or his strength. Instead of being angry he took the woman, Carol, on and worked with her, insisting only on excellence. He flattered her, killed her with kindness—and within a month, her productivity was up, she had a nicer manner about her and was putting in extra time to make sure her work was done well.

Derek felt good that, not only was he doing good work himself, he was able to inspire others to do the same.

* * *

“Derek, I’ve been very pleased with your work so far. Only one minor problem.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Luxford. What problem is that, sir?”

“You work too hard. No, I know that is a strange remark for a boss to make to his employee, but you are going to burn yourself out. I purposefully installed the gym here to make sure that my employees take good care of their bodies. I am going to have to insist that if you want to continue to work here, that you work out every single day. You will be surprised at the energy it will give you and I’m sure that your productivity will only increase.”

Derek frowned. He was never very much for “working out”. He body was pretty good because he liked to walk a lot, but the discipline of the gym was lost on him. Nevertheless, he loved his job and the old man was giving him little alternative. “Certainly , sir, if that’s what’s needed, you can count on me.

* * *

For the first six months after his training, Derek worked very hard. He came up with several new ideas that had been integrated into the Luxford way of doing things. Mr. Luxford spoke glowingly about his work at production meetings and Board meetings and he had been given two raises in that short period of time. He had been kept very busy as well, but he had never been as fit as he was now. The daily regimen at the gym and the balanced, healthy meals had really been making a difference in his physical appearance. He had lost 15 pounds and put on a good deal of muscle. And he felt just great.

His work with his secretary was really paying off now, and he was actually beginning to really like the girl. He had thought of asking her out once, but then was a little afraid of the boss-employee relationship and what others might think of it. Still, he had a good rapport with her, they worked well as a team and he appreciated her newfound interest.

* * *

Aaron watched what was happening in Derek’s office with interest. He had given her the worst employee in the company and he had taken her and made her a star employee in a short time. That was fine. But, that he seemed to be taking too great an interest in her was more than he could bear. He was very jealous of his employees, especially the ones that he had set his sights on, and from that time, he intended to make life difficult for the girl.

Aaron was pleased that they weren’t dating—Derek seemed to know the boundaries—but one could never tell when lust entered the door. Aaron knew all to well what that could do. Perhaps it was time to really put Derek to the test.

* * *

And then it happened. At a production meeting he dared to question Mr. Luxford. It was about what he felt was an unethical way of taking advantage of a lesser company. It was something Derek felt strongly about and now that he was well-liked and respected, he felt it was time to put in his two cents about this injustice.

Derek told the Board that the way the owner of Fabcorps, George Templeton, had been treated was ruthless and uncaring. Because of their buy-out, it was going to mean that this independent was going to lose a great deal of money and would eventually have to lay of half of his staff. They did not need the account and perhaps, a little competition would make things better.

It seemed to hit a raw nerve with Mr. Luxford. Mr. Luxford told him in no uncertain terms who was the boss, who paid his salary and that no-one was going to tell him how to run his business. He didn’t scream or rant or rave, but he very quickly turned the knife in Derek’s chest. Derek at first tried to defend himself, but when he felt the wrath of Luxford, he backed down. When Luxford stormed out of the meeting the glances of the others and their ostracizing of him let know very quickly that he was in trouble.

* * *

Derek fell right into the trap, though Luxford. Such a moral man. That would be his downfall—too ethical for business. If you felt sorry for every simpleton you dealt with, you would yourself go out of business. No. Business was cut-throat and the man who wielded the biggest sword would come out the winner. Luxford intended that to be him.

It was interesting to him to watch Derek back down. Win one for the bad guys, he thought. This was too cushy a job for Derek to throw aside for a simple moral qualm. How interesting it would be to alter Derek’s morals, to mold Derek into the ruthless kind of person he himself so admired—in himself as well as others. He loved masculine strength... and so he would make Derek strong.

* * *

The next day when Derek was called into Luxford’s office he was sure that he was going to be fired. That morning everyone had avoided him or when they did look at him it was as though they were shaking their heads in sympathy for his demise. His secretary, Carol, for whom he had the greatest regard now as a hard worker, and general ‘life-saver’, could hardly look him in the face. She kept her eyes down when she reported that he was requested to meet Luxford.

* * *

The art of intimidation, thought Luxford. How shall I present myself to him. Let me see. He probably expects the worse—he’s seen me destroying others. Perhaps the opposite approach might throw him off guard.

* * *

Luxford was seated at his immense desk but the chair was turned around so that when Derek entered he saw the high gray back of the chair instead of Luxford’s face.

“Sit down, Derek.”

“Yes, sir.”

Slowly the chair rotated and put Luxford into view. “Derek, we seemed to have had a little misunderstanding yesterday.” He smiled but it was a forced smile.

Derek was waiting for the axe to fall.

“But I want you to know that I value your work ‘and’ your opinions. I’m just calling you in to tell you that it is time for your first annual retreat. I’ve made arrangements for you to go to the retreat house for a week and I hope there won’t be any hard feelings about yesterday. Have a good week.” And the chair spun around again.

“Uh.. thank you..uh... yes, sir... thank you.” Derek slowly rose, somewhat in shock, and groped his way out of the room. He met Carol first.

“Is that it? Did he fire you?” Carol asked.

“ He’s sending me on retreat, as a matter of fact. Told me he valued my work and opinions.”

“I’m glad,” Carol said and she gave him a tentative smile.

* * *

“Dr. William Abenna, please.” A pause. “William. Wonderful to hear your voice. Yes. I have another candidate for you—a rather nice young man. But you’ll see that all that will change, won’t you.”

The voice at the other end of the phone laughed.

“This is a bright one, William. The company needs him. But I, of course, need him as well. I’m sure you know what I mean.... Good. I’ll be looking forward to it. This weekend, then? Yes, it’s all arranged. Oh, and William.... thank you.”

* * *

Derek flew to the Abenna Institute the next evening. It looked like it was going to be an excellent week. He was given a program that outlined a series of lectures that sounded very intriguing and interesting. There were state of the art exercise rooms, his own sauna, refrigerator, a VCR and TV with a complete library of business and entertainment tapes—everything he could wish for in a getaway. His only assignment was to complete a “personal inventory” sheet that evening which he decided to get out of the way immediately.

The inventory was almost, he thought, like a psychological profile as well as a list of his likes and dislikes. He was vaguely uncomfortable with putting down that kind of information but then, he thought, they probably geared the retreat to the needs of each person. It had to be costing Luxford a bundle!

Name: Derek C. Myles Occupation: Computer Programmer and Analyst Age: 29 Height: 6′1″ Weight: 170 Health: Good Sexual preference: Heterosexual Status: Single Favourite activities: Walking, computing, working out, Less-liked activities: Bowling, opera, ballet??? Favourite Foods: Cheesecake, lasagna, steak Least-liked Food: Turnips, spinach, cauliflower Do you smoke? No. I hate it. Do you drink alcohol? Yes How often: Usually a beer a day, sometimes wine Have you ever used drugs (non-medicinal)? No (well, pot—once).......

Dr. Abenna sorted through the six page profile whose questions went from straight-forward and factual to essay-type more in depth psychological profiles. Derek was indeed a well-rounded, happy person with a very strong interest in work, probably to sublimate the lack of female companionship and sex. On the profile Dr. Abenna outlined the areas of interest to Aaron Luxford and then added some things that interested him. Aaron was correct. He was a fine looking specimen.

* * *

Dinner that evening was extravagant and he met a number of other people who would be going through the business part of the retreat with him. They all seemed affable, friendly and hard working. He particularly hit it off immediately with Kevin, a computer technician from Edmonton. They bantered at supper with the humour of two who had known each other much longer, making fun good-naturedly over each other’s profession. Derek hoped there would be more time to get to know Kevin during the week. It had been a while since he had established any close friendships. While he was going with Peg, she took all his extra hours and so many of his friends went by the roadside. It would be good to cultivate a friend, even though they would eventually have to communicate by e-mail because of their distance apart.

After a lengthy dinner and an even longer walk in the cool BC air, Kevin and Derek said goodnight and went off to their own rooms. The drug they had administered Derek took effect while he was sleeping that night and he was never aware of what hit him.

* * *

“Derek you are drifting deeper and deeper... feeling more and more relaxed and comfortable. You may open your eyes and look at the picture in front of you. As you look at the picture you feel warm and good, protected and secure.”

A jolt of electricity flooded his brain and gave him an instant erection.

“There is nothing you wouldn’t do for this man. He is life itself... (jolt..jolt...) and you worship him. Life without him is impossible (jolt.. jolt...)... you need him... you need him desperately.

Every night for a week the jolts continued.

* * *

I think its time we started making minor personality changes, Dr. Abenna told his staff on the third day. Put into effect Part Two of the plan. I believe he is ready.

God, we have the afternoon off, thought Derek. This will be my first few hours without thinking about the business. I wonder if Kevin would like to go into town for a few hours. Kevin walked across the courtyard to Kevin’s suite on the way to breakfast. He had seen Kevin at supper yesterday but hadn’t been able to talk to him because the group he had been assigned to had a dinner meeting, a bonding type ritual.

He knocked on Kevin’s door and heard Kevin yell to him to come in. He opened the door and went inside. At first he didn’t see Kevin, but then from the bathroom at the other end of the suite he heard his voice and could just see a bit of him through the door.

“Sorry, I’m just finishing up. Slept a little longer than I intended. It is you, isn’t Derek?”


“Good. I was hoping I didn’t just invite some mad slasher in!”

Kevin came out of the bathroom completely naked. A medium sized cigar was stuck in his mouth. Derek hadn’t known that he smoked; he hadn’t the other night. He seemed so comfortable in his nudity, though and Derek couldn’t stop taking him in. He was so... well.... beautiful. That was the only word that Derek could think of. And so fucking masculine. That cigar just seemed to irradiate power and strength. Derek felt his cock grow and was embarrassed about it but he couldn’t stop looking. And he was tongue-tied.

“Hey, what’s the matter, big guy? Cat got your tongue?”

“Uh... no... I just... just wondered if you wanted to go to town this afternoon, that’s all.”

Kevin smiled and came over to him. He was chewing and puffing on his cigar. He stood directly in front of Derek and stared at him. The cigar smoke went into Derek’s face and his cock grew gigantic. It hurt trapped in his pants.

Kevin reached out with one hand to behind Derek’s neck and with the other hand he removed the cigar. “Are you sure you want to leave here?” And he pulled Derek’s face to his and their lips met, tongues probing and searching.

Derek could taste the tobacco in his mouth and he found himself turned on even more. I’ve never been turned on like this before, he thought. And by a man! and then all thought left as passion began to consume him. They fell onto the bed and Kevin’s hands were all over him, gently massaging the hairs on his chest and moving downwards releasing the powerful presence in his shorts.

* * *

The television monitor was placed in just the right position for the good Doctor to videotape the results of his work. After he was finished fucking Derek, the Doctor relit his cigar and looked at the sleeping body on the bed next to him. He heard a noise outside the room. The real Kevin was arriving back early from the errand he had sent him to in town. He wasn’t supposed to be back for another hour.

Unfortunately Kevin had the door open before Dr. Abenna got up and was already standing in the doorway.

“What the fuck is going on here? What are you doing in here? Who’s that in my bed? Is that Derek?”

“O, Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. My boy, you need to sleep.”

Immediately Kevin fell to the floor in a deep sleep.

“How unfortunate you saw all this, Kevin. We’re going to have to work on you a little more today than I intended. ”

He walked over to Derek who was lying nude on the bed. Derek... you will have to forget all about your encounter with Kevin... in fact, you are now very angry with Kevin because he has said terrible things about your boss, Mr. Luxford. He is the most arrogant bastard you have ever met. He has insulted Luxford and denigrated your job. You told him he was wrong and that you wouldn’t ever forgive him unless he came crawling back to apologize. He laughed at you and you have just slugged him and he has passed out on the floor. I want you to feel very good about laying him out, and you will go and have breakfast and think only of him crawling back to you with an apology and how you can demean him.”

Derek rose from the bed and as he was dressing, looked at the supine body and smiled. Then he left the room, totally ignoring the presence of Dr. Abenna.

Ah, now to go for a break and watch my lovely little video, Abenna thought.

* * *

Derek went to the cafeteria and had a nice omelette of vegetables (spinach and brocolli, his favourites) and almost gagged when he saw that they were offering mini-steaks—for breakfast!!! I wonder what I should do with my afternoon off, he thought.

* * *

The last night before Derek’s release he was given a number of tests and he passed them all beautifully. He was allowed to go into town where he bought tickets for a ballet, finally had dinner in a nice vegetarian restaurant after having passed up at least ten Italian places whose food he couldn’t abide. He loved the ballet and was almost going to wait at the stage door for the lead male dance to tell him how stunningly he danced, but he decided that he had better get back to the retreat house.

On his way back he passed an interesting looking bar. He went in and ordered a bloody Mary but the waitress brought back a gin and tonic. He told her she was wrong and the waitress was so rude, he ended up screaming at her. After yelling obscenities at her, he was physically ejected from the place and was so upset that he went into another seedier bar and had at least six shots of scotch in a twenty minute period. Feeling much better he headed back to his suite.

On his arrival, waiting at his door, was Kevin. Seeing Derek he immediately went down on his hands and knees and begged Derek to forgive him. He told him he would do anything for his forgiveness. Derek became hard as he watched the pleading man. He relented, brought Kevin into the room and proceeded to find ways to demean him. He watched as he had Kevin shave his whole body, he had Kevin begin licking his feet and eventually allowed him to give a blow job. The more he demeaned Kevin, the harder he got.

* * *

Derek really was anxious to return to work. It had been wonderful being away (he must remember to thank Mr. Luxford and the Board) but there was work to get back to and money to be made. He arrived to work a half hour earlier than he usually did and found Carol putting on makeup at her desk.

What a mother-fucking princess! There is no excuse for that, he thought. She’s being paid to work. How like a woman! He slapped the lipstick out of her hands, yelled at her to get back to business, wanted to know why his mail had not been sorted better while he was away, and generally berated the inferior quality of work while he was gone. It made him so angry—how you had to be after these women all the time or they take advantage of every situation.

* * *

Aaron observed his spat with the secretary from a distance. At last the boy was realizing what he had known about women for years. They deserved everything you gave them. He smiled and returned to his office.

* * *

Derek went to work immediately but by the end of the morning he had decided that he could no longer stand working with Carol—a complete fuck-up, so he fired her at noon. He went to the computer and emailed the department that she had been terminated and ordered them to publicize a new hiring, preferably a male secretary, to begin immediately. He then placed a call to Edmonton and told Kevin that he needed a secretary and that Kevin should apply for the job—something more suited to his talent!

Mr. Luxford called for him after lunch. This time when he entered Luxford’s office, the boss man was seated at the chair facing him.

“Did you enjoy the retreat, Derek.”

“Oh, yes, sir. It was stimulating. I appreciate that you gave me the opportunity and I intend to pay you back for the faith and trust you put in me.”

“Very good, Derek. Go to sleep, please.”

“Yes, sir.” Derek’s eyes immediately glazed over, but they did not, for he had been instructed so, close.

“Derek, I would like to see the result of all the working out you do. Would you mind taking off your clothes for me/”

“No, sir. Certainly, sir.” He stood up and began to take off his clothes, folding them carefully in a pile on the table next to him. The effects of the workouts and the added regimen the past week had certainly sculptured his body beautifully.

“Very nice, Derek. Except for the hair—too yuppie. I think I would like to see you get rid of that hair in the back hair... but keep the length on top, I think that would look good with your long face and those prominent cheekbones. A goatee, perhaps. And blond. Yes, definitely. Would you do that for me, Derek?”

“I would be happy to, sir.”

“Yes, you will love the look, Derek, I’m sure. I really like men with smooth sculptured bodies. You want your body to be smooth and strong, don’t you. That would really excite me, Derek. And you’d be excited by that, too, wouldn’t you?

“Oh, yes, sir.”

“Now, come over here, Derek and show me how much you appreciate the week you just had. Have you ever kissed a man, Derek—sexually kissed, I mean?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. I want you to kiss me. And the more you do the more you will find yourself excited sexually by it. It’s what you’ve been dreaming about , isn’t it, Derek? Kissing me?”

“Yes, sir... it is.”

“Well, then, come on. Don’t be shy.”

“No, sir.”

Derek walked around the desk and forcing Luxford against the wall he started to kiss him, slowly at first, his tongue penetrating Luxford’s mouth like a battering ram, and as he became more and more excited, the kissing became more and more passionate, intense and forceful. It was as if Derek had been denied sex for years and it was suddenly pouring forth into Luxford.

* * *

The taste of tobacco in Mr. Luxford’s mouth is such a turn-on, he thought. How lucky can I be to have this amazing man want me. I would do anything for him! I love him!

* * *

Luxford was thoroughly enjoying the almost rape-like passion of this man toward him. Derek’s hands were all over his body and he felt like exploding only minutes into the kissing and embrace. He stopped the action momentarily by simply asking Derek to pause, brought him over to the couch, and they fell at it again. In minutes Derek had taken off Luxford’s clothes and was giving a masterful blow job. He seemed totally dedicated to pleasing the object of his affection and was giving no concern to himself. Finally Luxford, having come once, but hard again, entered the hard, firm ass that presented itself to him and screamed in glorious pain that its lover was using him so fully.

* * *

As he was only the third employee to undergo the retreat, Luxford did not really know what all to expect. But he couldn’t wait to find out. He would have to have him move in as soon as possible. His menage was certainly going to grow and this boy was the most exciting yet. He had even built a little more resistance into him, not for sex, but for some of the business strategies. A good argument was always a prelude to even better sex, Luxford thought.

* * *

When it was over Luxford told Derek to dress himself again. He told him that he was so pleased with Derek he would like him to come to supper. Derek was pleased with the compliment.

“You may wake now, Derek.”

Derek spoke. “I really hope that I might have a chance like this again, sir, and I hope I can live up to your trust.”

“I hear you fired someone today.”

“Yes, sir. An incompetent goof-off. I couldn’t let her swindle this company of any more money. I’ve asked to have a male secretary replace her—it’s the only way we are going to get a decent day’s work. There’s a young man I met on the retreat that I think would be excellent for the position.”

“Excellent, my boy. You really must come to supper this evening. I’ll expect you at seven.”

“Thanks, so much sir.” As he left the office he glimpsed himself in the mirror and thought how ugly and out-of-date his longish hair style had become. Maybe something shorter in the back and sides would be good.

* * *

Derek readied himself for the evening by shaving his body, something he had always wanted to do, and he bought some lightener to start making his dirty looking hair more blond. He looked good, he thought to himself, as he gazed in the mirror.

* * *

When Derek arrived at the Luxford estate he was surprised to see one of his associates, Philip, answering the door. He looked rather like a butler who forgot to put on his shirt. Philip didn’t seem to recognize him but went about his duties with a thoroughly professional but distant manner.

Boy, would he ever like to live in a place like this and be around such a man as Mr. Luxford all the time. It would be heaven.

“Derek, my boy,” Luxford said as he finally entered the hall. “So good to see you. Sleep, will you? I have a little job that I need done before we settle down to supper. You remember that perfectly awful George Templeton that you mistakenly defended a few weeks ago. He’s gone out of town for a few days. I want you to go over to his house and see if you can find the blueprints to his new design. That’ll show him who’s boss. Won’t you do that for me, eh?”

“Sure, Mr. Luxford. I’d be happy to.”

Philip will accompany you, but I would like you to be the one who breaks into the house. Will you do that little thing?”

“Certainly, sir!”

“Of course, if you happen to get caught, you know that this is all your idea and that I don’t have a thing to do with it/”

“Of course not. It is totally my idea, sir.”

When Derek came back later that evening, they had a wonderful dinner and then retreated to the bedroom where Luxford unlocked the wonders of the many erotic Eastern tapes that Derek had studied over his week’s retreat. He was treated to a whole night’s worth of exquisitely painful passion.

* * *

The next day at work Derek seemed to forget much of the previous evening. All he was concerned about was being the best employee he could possibly be. He admired the work ethic and the astuteness of his boss and longed for the day when he would rise in the company, but for now he was content to do the best job he could at whatever he was given.

His new secretary Kevin had pleased Mr. Luxford, who had taken them out to lunch. After they got back to the office Derek closed his office door and made sure Kevin knew who was the boss. He came three times. Then he sent Kevin to Luxford’s office where Kevin’s newfound talents were again put to the test.

* * *

Derek had become Luxford’s perfect employee.