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Absence of All Morality (Chapter 18)

I woke up from my good sleep and looked around the hotel room. When I did, I made sure not to move around. Debra was still sleeping, and I wanted the woman carrying my baby to get her much-needed rest.

One of the first things I noticed after I woke up was that my chest and stomach were soaked with Debra’s tears.

The poor woman had cried herself to sleep last night. But honestly, at this point, who could blame her?

I turned my head slightly and looked down at her. It made my heart swell to see Debra with her arms wrapped around me, sleeping with her head on my chest.

I loved waking up in bed with this lady. It felt exciting and energizing. You’d think I’d be used to it by this point, but I knew that I would never get tired of this feeling.

As Debra slept peacefully on my chest, with her arms wrapped around me, there wasn’t a single doubt in my mind. I knew she was the one.

Just as I was beginning to truly enjoy the feeling of Debra sleeping on my chest, she woke up.

Debra shattered the beautiful moment by quickly yanking her arms out from around me. But when she tried to get out of bed, I quickly clutched onto Debra’s body and held her in place.

As Debra struggled, I further-tightened my grip on her.

“Stay in bed, babe.” I grumbled, “I liked it when you were sleeping on my chest.”

Debra let out a desperate whine as if she couldn’t speak, and forcefully pushed her arms against me.

“Calm down, Deb.” I grumbled, “Go back to sleeping on my chest. Just like you were before. It was nice.”

Debra continued to struggle, desperately trying to escape me.

“Debby-bun, chill out.” I said, getting increasingly annoyed.

But she didn’t chill out. The opposite, in fact. She began pushing against me even harder and even began to start trashing her body back and forth.

“DEBRA! STOP!” I shouted angrily.

Debra surprised me by quickly twisting her body, and managed to free herself from my clutching arms.

She then tore the blanket off of us both and dramatically leaped over me and jumped off the bed.

As per the rules I implemented, Debra couldn’t leave the bed without putting on her heels. So, despite her extreme hastiness, she still took the time to shove both her feet into her 10-inch heels.

Once her heels were on, she dropped to the ground and began to walk on her knees. She made her way over to the hotel trash can and grabbed a hold of it.

“Debra!” I shouted, now more curious than angry, “What on EARTH are you—”

Debra inhaled a quick breath, gripped the sides of the trashcan, and began puking.

“Oh...” I said, finally realizing what all of the fuss was about, “Are you… Is this… Morning sickness?!”

As if to answer me, Debra spewed another load of puke into the trash can.

Well, at least that explained why she didn’t bother speaking to try and explain herself.

“Oh, my sweet ‘wittle Debby-bun! You’re having morning sickness?! NO... FUCKING... WAY!” I cheered in delight.

I quickly jumped out of bed and walked over to Debra’s left side. I wanted to see everything!

Debra turned her head to look at me. She opened her mouth to say something, but then her own body interrupted her. She quickly bowed her head into the trash can and puked once again.

“You’re sick... because I fertilized you with MY seed…” I groaned, “FUCK that’s hot…”

I grabbed my quickly-hardening cock and began jerking it. I was so glad that we were both already naked for this moment!

Debra turned to look at me once again as I began stroking my cock. No-doubt she was angry, but she didn’t look like it. Her face was too busy looking sick for her to look mad.

“Ahhh, that’s great… Hold that exact position, Deb.” I grunted.

I stared intently at Debra. I concentrated on Debra’s nauseous-looking face, while also making sure to focus on her hunched-over position. She was on her knees and was using both her hands to grip the sides of the small trash can for balance and support.

Debra squinted her eyes at me with a burning hatred. Then, out of spite, and in blatant defiance of my request, Debra lifted herself off the ground.

“Hold that position you just had before! And freeze! That’s an order!” I shouted.

The ISA assumed control of Debra’s body and immediately forced her to lower herself back down to the position she had before; hunched over the trash can.

Debra conducted some minuscule muscle-twitching in her shoulders, legs, and neck, as she fiercely resisted the ISA. She repeatedly tried (and failed) to lift herself off the ground again.

To her horror, the frozen Debra had no choice but to remain still and watch me jerk off to her.

“I’m jerking off to you, Debby! Don’t you just LOVE your new life?!” I laughed.

Debra looked at me with rage, hatred, and sheer disgust.

“Yes, Debra… This is happening! Your pussy… Your asshole… Your throat… Your womb… Your MIND...” I moaned as I stroked my cock, “All mine! All mine! ALL MINE!”

My cock aggressively throbbed in my hand as I began to think about all of the pregnancy hormones that were now flooding through Debra’s body against her will.

“You’re sick and nauseous… And you have to watch me get off on this…” I groaned.

Debra narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Her mouth and eyes were the only body parts she could still move.

“LOOK AT YOU! For fuck’s sake, Debra! You used to be a wife and mother!” I yelled.

As soon as she heard me say those words, Debra’s face turned dark-red and she began to struggle against the ISA ferociously.

“I’ve taken you from your family, Debra! I won’t even let you visit! Your children will never get to see your face again!”

Debra’s eyes filled up with fiery rage. Whenever I mentioned her kids, it triggered something ferocious inside of Debra.

She attempted to move again and again and again. Tears of frustration welled up in her eyes as she failed to move even an inch.

“Don’t be upset! They wouldn’t want to see their mommy like this anyways!” I laughed.

The miniscule muscle-twitching of Debra’s hadn’t stopped, or even slowed. She was still resisting. Still fighting.

Debra seemed to think that because she was strong enough to resist the ISA to speak that one time; that she’d also be strong enough to move. However, unauthorized bodily movement is an entirely different animal than unauthorized speech. Debra was becoming increasingly aware of that fact.

“Yes. Fight it, Debra. Fight it.” I whispered dreamily, “Don’t you EVER stop fighting. I don’t want an easy win. Make me conquer you. Make me break you.”

I jerked my cock even harder.

“I want it to be long. I want it to be slow. Year after year after year… I want to SLOWLY grind down your resistance to nothing.”

Debra soon began to tire herself out. She was still resisting, but I could tell she wasn’t fighting as hard as she was just moments earlier.

“Keep fighting, Debra! FIGHT! Fight for your CHILDREN! Fight for your children, Debra!”

Debra’s face turned darker than it ever had before. I could beat and rape Debra all day, but nothing I did ever pissed her off quite as bad as whenever I decided to mention her children.

Debra looked like she might pop a blood vessel. Debra’s rage had completely re-energized her. She was so angry and fighting so hard.

“Oh, Debra! This is so fucking hot!” I cried.

I jerked and jerked and jerked my cock, shooting my entire load into Debra’s face.

She closed her eyes as I shot a load of cum into her face.

Once I was done spurting, I leaned over Debra and ran my fingers through her hair.

“That was great, babe! We HAVE to do that again sometime. You REALLY don’t like when I talk about your kids, huh?”

Tremors ran through Debra’s entire body as soon as I said the word ‘kids’.

I leaned into Debra’s ear, “Do you want me to stop talking about that little boy and girl of yours?”

Tremors ran through Debra’s body again.

Debra’s muscles continued twitching as she resisted, but not any more than she had before. That was good. That meant that Debra had peaked. This was the maximum resistance she was able to produce. And even with this maximum resistance, she still failed to move an inch.

It was a necessary experiment. I had to push Debra into fighting with all that she had. Ever since that fiasco at the tattoo shop, my confidence had been shaken. Now, I felt confident again.

At the tattoo shop, Debra has shown that with intense effort and focus, could sometimes speak freely. But at least I now knew that Debra’s physical movement was still completely under my control.

I quit speaking to Debra entirely and gave her time to calm down.

Debra began to whimper like an abused animal as I continued to stroke my fingers through her soft, red hair.

I let my eyes wander over Debra’s thick thighs, large ass, and wide hips while she was hunched over the trash can. I had no idea how I had gotten so lucky.

“The ISA’s fibers are interlocked with your spinal cord. It’s routed through your brainstem. Do you know what that means?! It means you’re able to move because I allow it. You can’t even take a piss if I don’t want you to. It’s just lucky for you that I want a well-trained slave, and not some lifeless sex doll.”

I smiled sweetly at the small, ugly bulge of the ISA in the back of Debra’s neck.

“Speaking of which, I think I’ll grant you that freedom right now. You’re unfrozen, babe.” I ordered.

I thought that Debra would take this opportunity to stand up, but she didn’t. She immediately tilted her head into the trash can and threw up once more.

I looked at Debra once she lifted her head back up. She had puke dripping down her chin and semen covered her face.

“Ooookay. This was hot and sexy at first, but now, this is just getting gross. Go clean… ALL of that.” I said, drawing a circle around Debra in the air with my finger.

* * *

“Debra! Get your ass out here! Quit stalling!” I called into the bathroom.

Debra didn’t respond, but shortly after I called her out on her stalling, she turned the shower water off.

After a moment, I heard Debra’s heels clicking on the bathroom tile, and the door open.

Debra stepped into view and glared at me.

She had her bathroom towel wrapped around her body. Her breasts were concealed, but the towel still showed off the shape of Debra’s impressively-large rack.

I admired the look of Debra’s hair. Whenever her hair gets wet, it goes from red to dark-red. It also became super straight and rested beautifully on her shoulders.

Debra walked calmly in her stripper heels without a word. She walked perfectly. No hesitation or even a shaky step.

I loved how Debra was now able to walk so gracefully in those 10-inch abominations.

Debra walked straight past me, opened her suitcase, and grabbed one of her tubeless dresses.

“Debra, I don’t want you putting any clothes on.”

“You’re going to make me stay naked?” Debra asked.

I nodded. “Debra, you only have about 10 more years of fertility, at most. Once you turn 40, I doubt I’ll be able to put any more babies in you. So, I’m going to enjoy seeing you naked and pregnant, while I still can.”

Debra quickly clenched and unclenched her fists, but didn’t respond.

“Double-digits. That’s the goal, Debra. I want to get you pregnant TEN times in TEN years, before your 40th birthday. Do you think we can do it? I’m not sure. We’re cutting it REAL close.”

“OH, GOD! Please, stop talking! I’m about to have a mental breakdown!” Debra cried.

“Debra, I’ve seen you have ACTUAL mental breakdowns, and ACTUAL panic attacks. I know when you’re exaggerating, babe. You’re fine. Now get naked.”

Debra made a miserable face and began pouting.

She was probably hoping for leniency or mercy. She wasn’t going to get it.

“DEBRA! NAKED! NOW!” I roared, not caring if anyone else in the hotel heard me.

Debra began sobbing as she hung up her towel in the hotel’s closet.

“Heels on or off?” Debra asked, in a wavering, blubbery voice.

“Debra, you know I hate that shit. I love hearing the sound of your voice. So speak clearly. Talk in complete sentences. And make sure to call me daddy.” I said calmly.

Debra sniffled and took a deep breath.

“Would you like me to take my heels off, or do you want me to leave them on, daddy?”

“I want you to keep them on. And seeing as how you took advantage of my niceness at the beach, don’t EVER ask to take them off again.”

“But—” Debra started.

“No buts. You walked through that hotel lobby BAREFOOT. You carried those heels in your HANDS. You know better.”

“I’m sorry, daddy.” Debra whispered.

“I’m glad you’re sorry. It was blatantly disrespectful. Now I don’t ever want to hear you asking to take them off again, bitch. EVER.”

“But... um… I mean… Yes, daddy.”

I loudly clapped my hands together and smiled.

“THERE WE GO, DEBRA!” I said cheered.

I walked up to Debra, grabbed two handfuls of her thick, pale ass-cheeks, and began kissing her deeply.

“You’re learning. Sometimes all I want is a ‘yes, daddy’, and for you to move on. Learn to just ACCEPT whatever I do to you. Back-talk gets you nowhere. Now, let’s have some sex, Debra. I want to cum inside your body.”

“I… I… I… Yes, daddy.” Debra said in a cracked voice.

I gave a super-dramatic, happy sigh, “You’re so cute when you’re helpless. I LOVE taking you raw.”

“I’m not some piece of meat!” Debra shouted angrily.

I sat on the edge of the bed, leaned backwards, and stroked my erect cock, “Oh, yes you are! That’s ALL you are! Now, come over here and do me cowgirl-style! I want you to ride my cock you fat bitch!”

“Yes... daddy.” Debra whispered.

My heart began to rapidly pound in my chest. Even after so much sex with Debra, I was still filled to the brim with pure excitement. I could literally hear my heart beating as Debra slowly stepped in her heels and made her way over to me.

Debra’s breasts had a slow, steady, back-and-forth sway as she approached me. Her wide hips rocked back and forth with every step that she took.

I felt like fainting with happiness when Debra slowly lifted her right leg over my body. For a brief moment, time seemed to go in slow motion. The image of this chubby-woman slowly lifting her right leg over my lap was burned into my memory forever.

Debra shifted her weight onto me and straddled me.

I could sense Debra’s hatred. It vibrated the very air around me.

Once she grabbed my cock, I felt Debra’s hand twitch. I could see the determination in her eyes. Debra was fiercely trying to resist the ISA again.

She was attempting to LITERALLY rip off my penis!

“Trying to rip off my little guy?! That’s cute. But be glad that you can’t. I’d literally beat you to death, Debra.”

“It’d be worth it.” Debra said, staring at my cock in her twitching hand, “I’m nothing more than a vessel for your ISA. This is no way to live.”

“Cool story, babe. Now shut up and fuck me, or I’m fucking YOU. In the ass.”

Tears welled up in Debra’s eyes again as she lined herself up and mounted me.

“Good choice, Debby...” I groaned as Debra impaled herself with my cock.

I could feel Debra’s vagina involuntarily becoming wet and warm. Her cunt betrayed her almost as soon as I penetrated her.

Debra grabbed me by my sides for support and balance. She began a rhythm, slowly at first, but once she got me all the way inside of her, she began to increase the pace of her bucking.

“Holy fuck, Debra.” I whispered, “You’re getting so much better.”

Debra had gotten so much better at being on top. She slid her warm, wet, loose pussy across the length of my shaft as she rhythmically impaled herself.

“Yes! Fuck me, Debra! Fuck the man who ruined your whole life!” I laughed.

“I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” Debra scream-cried as tears poured from her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

The only thing that Debra’s magnificent body lacked, was a tight pussy. However, her one major weakness actually turned itself into an advantage when she was on top. Her looser, sopping-wet vagina allowed her to be a lot more liberal with her movements.

Debra continued to fuck herself with my cock. I held onto Debra’s hips with a tight grip.

“Oh god!” I moaned, “The cops. This fear. This stress. It’s all worth it, Debby!”

As Debra rode me, I could feel and hear her breathing becoming quicker and much, much heavier.

“I’ll stay a fugitive for the rest of my life just to keep doing this! Yes, Debra! You’re the one! You’re the one!”

Debra began panting for breath.

“You got this, big-girl! I know you don’t exercise much, but don’t stop!” I said, smiling.

Debra scoffed with annoyance and disapproval, but continued to hump my cock.

“Yeah, Debra! Fuck me! Yeah! Fuck me! Take charge! TAKE CHARGE!” I yelled.

Debra adjusted her angle slightly, and leaned all of her weight onto me.

Debra leaned into each and every thrust, burying my cock to the hilt with every stroke.

“Ugghhh… Fuck, that’s good! Oh yeah, Debra! Fuck!” I groaned.

My thighs started to ache in pain from Debra leaning all of her weight on me while fiercely fucking me, but I didn’t care.

“That’s it! That’s my Debby! That’s my girl!”

Debra began desperately panting for breath.

“Oh god, Debby! Oh, god!” I cried, “UNGGNGHH!”

Once I began cumming, she quit bucking, buried the entire length of my cock inside of her, and held still; allowing me to cum deep inside of her.

I gripped Debra’s hips as hard as I could. I didn’t want to Debra wiggle away or spill a single drop. I wanted Debra to feel this heavy, warm load in her pussy.

Once my seed stopped flowing, I released my tight grip on Debra and let out a satisfied sigh.

Debra stood up and got off of me. She had nothing to show for all of her hard work, besides a batch of my slime inside of her.

“Surprised you gave it your all. Surprised you didn’t hold back. Surprised, but happy.” I said.

“I don’t care about half-assing it anymore. I don’t care about trying to deny pleasure out of spite. I don’t even care about being tired. I just want you to hurry up and nut in me.” Debra spat.

“Works for me!” I said with a smile.

Debra disgustedly wiped my trail of goo from her coochie with her fingertips.

“Ha-ha-ha! I love stuffing you with baby-batter, Debra!”

Debra grit her teeth, “I hate the feeling of your semen.”

“You know Debra, with a simple order from the ISA, I could make it so that you didn’t have to feel my semen when I ejaculate inside of you.”

“Really?! It can do that!?!” Debra asked, genuinely surprised.

“If the ISA can make you temporarily blind at Kim’s wedding, prevent you from orgasming, and control your physical movement; what makes you think that would be an issue?”

“That’s awesome!” Debra said, “Because I HATE feeling your cum going inside of me! Thank you SO MUCH for—”

“WHOA-WHOA-WHOA-WHOA! Slow your roll, Debby-bun! I said that I COULD do that. I was merely teasing you. I’d never actually do that. I want you to feel EVERYTHING!” I said with a cruel laugh.

“But… but this small change wouldn’t even affect you. There’s literally no reason not to grant me that small leniency. It doesn’t reduce your own sexual pleasure in any way.” Debra said.

“Well… That’s not entirely true.” I laughed, “It’s sexually gratifying to know that some 30-year-old Christian-lady is now forced to FEEL her pussy, throat, and asshole getting filled.”

“Once I escape this mind control...” Debra took a shaky breath, looked me in the eyes, and clenched her fists, “Pray that the police get to you before I do.”

“How can I take your words seriously, when I can just shove my meat in between those lips whenever I want?!” I said with a smirk, “Oh and by the way, I want you to EAT my semen, not just wipe it with your fingers.”

“God… this is SO GROSS!” Debra pouted, “One day, I will find a way to escape. And I will remember everything that you’ve done to me.”

Debra shivered as she began licking my gooey semen off of her fingers.

“I’m shaking!” I said sarcastically, as I watched Debra eat my cum.

“I only hope that I can manage to escape in time.” Debra said in between licks.

“In time for what?” I asked.

Debra caressed her belly-bump with her free hand, “I need to get an abortion. I don’t want to deliver your rape-baby. If I ever escape, that’ll be the first thing I’ll do.”

I got up from the bed, walked behind Debra, and slowly began caressing her buttocks in my hands.

“Wow Deb, I’m surprised. You finally managed to come up with a decent threat! That’s my single worst fear.”

“Wait, THAT’S your biggest fear?! Me, aborting your stupid rape-baby?!”

“That’s our CHILD you’re speaking about!” I roared.

Debra turned to look at me as soon as I stopped caressing her ass-cheeks. She watched me ball my right hand into a fist.

“You need to control your rage. Your baby is inside me.” Debra said, softly, but sternly.

In order to calm down, I began to caress Debra’s pregnant belly. She was right, I had to control my anger. I didn’t want to beat Debra while my child was in there, no matter how much she deserved it.

I moved my hands to Debra’s rack, and gave her breasts a hard squeeze. I nibbled on Debra’s earlobe, gave her a few sloppy kisses on her back, and began to fondle Debra’s ass again.

Debra’s chubby-body was like squeezing the best stress-ball in the entire universe. I continued to fondle, grope, and kiss on Debra until my inner-rage went away.

“You WILL deliver this baby, Debra. I promise.” I said calmly, “You don’t know how BADLY I want you to have this baby...”

Debra closed her eyes tightly as I continued to caress her ass-cheeks.

“But right now, our number one priority is finding a permanent, safe place to live. I want us to be settled-in and safe when you are giving birth.”

“You’re not taking me to a hospital?!” Debra demanded.

“And risk getting caught by the police?!”

“What’s the alternative?! You plan on delivering it yourself?!” Debra demanded.

“I’ll figure something out.” I said with a shrug.

Debra scoffed.

“Debra, it may be the 21st century, but we’re going to live as if it’s the 1800s. And as a woman, you have no rights. You have no say. Your only role is to keep your man sexually-satisfied, cook, clean, and raise the children. No birth-control. No medicine. All natural-births. And just like in the olden days, we will be having many, many, children.”

“Just kill me!” Debra screamed, “Just fucking kill me!”

“Ya know, for a Christian-gal, you sure do swear a lot!” I chuckled.

Debra began to walk away from me. I gave her a hard, under-hand slap on the ass just before she walked out of reach.

“Oomph!” Debra grunted, not expecting the slap.

Her ass-cheeks jiggled from the hard slap, but she didn’t complain. In fact, Debra had never even ASKED for me to stop slapping her on the ass! She knew this was just a part of her life now.

“Debra, I want you to go brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. I plan on kissing you, making-out with you, and slurping on your tongue. When I do, I’d really prefer not to taste the semen in your mouth.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Debra brushed her teeth, rinsed, and quickly returned.

When she did, she slowly walked to the opposite side of the hotel room. She looked out the hotel window, shook her head, and sighed sadly.

“They don’t know how good they have it.” Debra said, continuing to look out the window.

“Who doesn’t?” I asked.

“All of them. Every single one of them.” Debra said sadly, staring at the semi-busy traffic outside.

“The people outside?” I asked.

“They have NO IDEA how good they have it! If they want to make a decision they can just do it!” Debra yelled.

Debra turned back to face me, revealing that her face was now red again.

“If they want to go to their homes, visit their family members, or put on FUCKING UNDERWEAR… they can.”

“Awwww! Are you upset that you can’t stop me from clapping your cheeks?!” I mocked.

“God, I hate you.” Debra muttered.

“What’s the matter?! You didn’t like giving up your whole life to become my sex slave?!” I asked with a cruel laugh.

Debra didn’t take the bait. She just continued to look at the people outside.

“Oh, I get it.” I said, realizing, “The people outside. They’re all free. All of them. Every other human on the planet gets to be free from me, except for you. You’ve won a terrible, terrible lottery.”

“Exactly. And on top of that, they don’t even appreciate what they have! They’re taking their free-will for granted!” Debra said angrily.

“Yeah, I can see how that might upset you.” I agreed.

I walked beside Debra and stared out at the traffic with her.

After a few moments of watching traffic in silence, my stomach grumbled.

“They’re taking their free will for granted. But do you know one thing that I’ve taken for granted? Good food. I’m SICK and TIRED of eating gas station snacks and fast food all the damn time! Stay here, Debra. I’m about to go eat at the hotel breakfast bar.”

Debra turned to me. Her eyes got wide.

“Can I eat at the breakfast bar too, daddy?” Debra asked.

“What?! No way! You’re sick. I mean, come on Debby-bun! You literally just got done vomiting this morning.”

“I’ve been pregnant twice before. I already know my body’s routine. Now that I’ve already had my morning puke, I’ll be totally fine for the rest of the day.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’re still not eating. When we get down there, you could just say something stupid, like you did in front of the tattoo guy. Do you really think I’m going to give you the opportunity to reveal our little secret to an entire ROOM full of witnesses?! Yeah right.”

“I won’t say anything! I PROMISE! I just want to eat at the breakfast bar! I’m sick of shitty gas station snacks too!” Debra begged.

“Debra, I KNOW how much you yearn for your freedom. You want to return to your family. You FUCKING HATE what I’m doing to you. You’ll probably do or say anything just for a CHANCE to escape. You want to escape SO BADLY, Debra. I can see it in your eyes.”

Debra’s lips quivered as she fought the ISA and failed. She was most likely trying to lie about just how determined she was to escape.

But, the ISA wouldn’t allow Debra to lie to me, so the ISA kept her mouth shut. Debra just stood there and silently fumed.

“Debra, I can’t ever let you escape. I need you. Your body is essential to my future. I need you as my cook and maid. I need you to keep letting me have sex with you. And I ESPECIALLY need you to keep getting pregnant. I need you to get pregnant over, and over, and over, and over again. I want you having my babies, Debra.”

Tears streamed Debra’s face.

“Now, I’m about to go down to the breakfast bar and stuff my face. You will stay in this room and make no noise, that’s an order. Use the free time to think about how badly you’ve fucked yourself. Have fun never speaking to anyone else again for the rest of your life. Hope it was worth it.”

* * *

I filled up on food at the breakfast bar and returned to our hotel room. I entered to see that Debra had put on her black, tubeless dress and was staring out the window again.

“Sorry, Debby-bun. I tried to bring you a plate of food, but they stopped me. They told me that you have to eat the food there. I’m not allowed to take food from the breakfast bar and bring it to our room.” I said.

Debra turned to face me. Her face was its normal color, but now it was her eyes that were red.

“Feeling fetus-movement the last two times I was pregnant were some of the happiest moments of my life!” Debra caressed her belly-bump in disgust, “But this is different. Every time I feel it move, it feels like I have a parasite inside me!”

“Wait a second... What do you mean, ‘every time’?! You mean, you’ve felt the baby move before… and you didn’t even tell me!?!” I erupted in anger.

I stomped over to Debra.

“You didn’t think THAT was something I would’ve liked to know about!?! You didn’t think that I’d want to be informed about the VERY FIRST movements of our child!?!”

I slapped Debra across her face as hard as I could.


Debra reeled from the slap and clutched her face.

“I’M PREGNANT!” Debra scream-cried.

“I’m trying to tone it down, I really am. But, damn it Debra! You REALLY know how to piss me off, don’t ‘cha?!” I asked angrily.

Debra and I made eye contact. She fearfully looked into my angry eyes. She knew she had just REALLY pissed me off.

“I should’ve told you when I first began feeling movements. I’m an idiot. I’m truly sorry, Master.” Debra said tentatively, trying to calm me down.

I didn’t respond. I was breathing heavily, and my fists were clenched.

Then, Debra watched me lower my eyes toward her pregnant belly.

Once I did, I took several deep breaths and unclenched my fists. Debra took notice.

“Isn’t it a bit too early for you to be feeling fetus-movement anyways?!” I asked after the short silence.

“Well, I’ve been pregnant twice before. A woman feels fetus-movement much earlier in the pregnancy when it’s not her first child. So, since I’ve given birth twice, I’m naturally going to be able to feel fetus-movement much earlier in THIS pregnancy.” Debra stated calmly.

I threw up my hands, scoffed loudly, and aggressively rolled my eyes.

“My baby should’ve been your FIRST, not your THIRD! And I should’ve been able to take all THREE of your cherries, not JUST your anal-virginity! If only I had a time machine!” I yelled angrily.

Debra snorted.

“Oh yeah! I’m SO SORRY that I decided to have children with my HUSBAND before you kidnapped and enslaved me! GEE, how terrible this must be for you!” Debra said sarcastically.

I grabbed Debra in a chokehold and slammed her up against the hotel wall.

“And NOW you’re getting sarcastic with me!?! REALLY, BITCH?!” I yelled, raising my fist.

Debra stared me directly in the eyes. She knew. She saw right through my bluff. She cocked a smile out of the corner of her mouth and didn’t even flinch.

“A slap was one thing. But we BOTH know you aren’t going to punch me.” Debra said calmly.

Debra lifted her short dress to expose her bare stomach, and began slowly caressing her pregnant belly.

“The baby isn’t inside your face, bitch.” I spat, “I can still punch you.”

“Yeah, you COULD. But you won’t.” Debra said confidently, smirking, now rubbing her belly with both hands.

“Oh, you don’t think so?!” I said, cocking my fist further back.

“You can’t just live with me, constantly have sex with me, and sleep in bed next to me, for MONTHS; without showing me who you truly are.” Debra said, “I know EXACTLY how your mind operates. You won’t punch me. Not while I’m visibly pregnant with your baby. I’m sure of it.”

I exploded with rage.

“You stupid CUNT! Who the hell do you think you’re talking—”

Debra wrapped her arms around the back of my neck. She took a step forward -leaning her weight onto one of her heels- and gave me a soft, slow, tender kiss on the lips.

I didn’t even realize, but I lowered my fist as we kissed. Also, I was no longer angry. The rage in my heart melted away instantly and was replaced with love. I was physically unable to stay angry as long as my lips were pressed against Debra’s soft, plump, delicate, red lips.

Debra slowly pulled her lips away from mine. She had a knowing, triumphant look in her eyes when she saw how easily my anger melted away.

“You’ve been USING and USING and USING my body... for months. And you LOVE to talk. You love getting all intimate, deep, and personal with me. You don’t realize how much you’ve revealed to me. I understand the inner-workings of your brain. Completely.” Debra said confidently.

Debra lightly grazed my forearm with the tips of her long, painted fingernails.

“But enough about that. I’m hungry. And I’m carrying your child. Let me go down to the breakfast bar. Please... ” Debra asked in a purposely, extra-soft voice.

“Debra-baby... You KNOW why I can’t let you—”

Debra pushed herself into my chest. She parted her lips, leaned in, and gave me another deep kiss.

After a few seconds, Debra’s lips broke contact. I thought the kiss was over, but Debra pushed her lips into mine and re-initiated contact. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Her fake-out made my heart flutter. She forced her tongue inside my mouth and began dominating the inside my mouth with it.

I happily surrendered to Debra’s invading tongue and let it strangle my tongue into submission. It felt good to allow Debra’s tongue take charge inside of my own mouth.

Debra slowly broke the kiss, slowly sliding her tongue across the tip of mine as she pulled it out of my mouth.

“You won’t get any issues out of me. After over a week of nothing but gas station food… I just want to finally be able to eat a real meal for once. Give me an opportunity to show you that I can still be allowed to have human-interaction. Give me a chance to PROVE to you that I can still be trusted.” Debra said.

“Debra… You want to be free. You want your children back.”

“That’s true.” Debra admitted, “I want them back more than anything in the world.”

“And that’s why I can’t trust you.”

“You’ll be right there… watching me. You’ll be able to see everything I do.” Debra said.

“I just can’t risk anything going wrong. I have to maintain complete access to your body, Debra. My baby is inside you. All my future babies will come from you. I’m sorry Debra... you just don’t seem to understand just how valuable your body is.”

“You kidnapped me, knocked me up, and dragged me across the whole freakin’ country! You wanted us to be a family, right? Well, now we are. You have responsibilities now. There’s a whole lot more to having a family, than just repeatedly fertilizing me. You have to take care of me as well.”

I knew good and damn well that Debra did NOT consider us a ‘family’. But she knew I did, which is why she used that specific word. She was trying to manipulate me, I could tell. And it wasn’t going to work.

“If we go down there, and you make a scene… I could lose you. And I can’t lose you, Debra. Not only is your body infinitely valuable, but also, I love you. I CAN NOT lose you. You’re not going down there. That’s final.”

Debra grabbed my hand and lifted her dress again. She placed my hand on her stomach and forced me to feel her belly-bump.

“A baby is growing inside my womb right now… And it’s yours.” Debra said extra-softly, “You planted this baby in me. I cried, I screamed, I begged, I threatened, I bargained. But you wouldn’t yield. You took me. You dominated me. And then, you made me come back to Kim’s house… and CONTINUED to take me. Then, you made me bend over, and you took me again. Then again. And again and again and again and again.”

Debra was stroking my ego. She was trying to butter me up. I wanted to tell her to stop, but also, I really, really didn’t.

“You sent me home, dripping with seed. I remember lying in bed, next to John. I had to deny him sex, because I had YOUR semen in my pussy and between my legs. I had to hide your semen from my own husband… for weeks.”

I let out an audible moan. I wish I could’ve been there to see that!

“You made me take pregnancy tests. And when I didn’t get pregnant immediately, you KEPT breeding my pussy until I was.”

My cock started throbbing.

“You did it. You won. I’m yours now. So, please... I need you to take care of me.” Debra said, speaking in a purposely timid voice, “I’m helpless. I’m scared. The baby and I need you to provide for us.”

This was such obvious bait. I couldn’t listen to much more of this, or I knew I’d get sucked into the whirlpool.

I pulled Debra’s dress back down and took a step backwards from her.

“Debra, for the last time, NO!”

I had to shut Debra up. Her words were too intoxicating, “Debra, I order you to stop talking about—”

Debra stepped forward and began to make out with me. Just how I liked it, nice and slobbery.

Debra eventually broke away from the gross kissing.

She then leaned into my ear and whispered, “Your baby is inside me. You’re raw-dogging me. You’re nutting in me. I slurp your dick, AND I swallow. You pound my asshole. All I want is some breakfast for fuck’s sake!”

I was breathing rapidly, my heart was pounding through my chest, and my cock was rock-hard. I couldn’t even think straight.

“Never.” I managed to spit out, “That’s the price you pay for being disobedient.”

“Well, as the MAN in my life, you have a duty. I’m four months pregnant, and very hungry. And if all you can manage to give me is gas station food, you’ve failed as a man.” Debra said her voice now cold and hard.

I couldn’t think of anything to say, because I agreed with her. Any man that doesn’t keep his family well-fed, content, and satisfied, was a failure.

I was her man, and I had failed to keep her belly full. I failed to give her and the baby shelter. I failed to keep her comfortable. I was too ashamed to even make eye contact.

I turned my head away from Debra.

Debra grabbed me by my chin and made me face her again.

“Now’s your chance.” Debra said, her voice now timid and soft again, “Prove that you deserve to keep USING my body. Prove that YOU are the man that I should be spreading my legs for.”

“I DO deserve to keep using your body. You know why? Because I love you. I love you SO much, Debra.” I said, meaning it, “And I hope that one day, you will see that.”

“Well, you know, John loved me too. But John had more than just love. He also provided for me. And John would NEVER let his pregnant wife go hungry. So by your own logic, I guess that means John deserves me more than you do.” Debra said with venom in her voice.

THAT line really got to me.

Filled with jealousy, embarrassment, guilt, and determination, I grabbed hold of Debra’s arm. I sternly led her out of our hotel room, and marched straight down the hallway towards the breakfast bar.

* * *

We walked about halfway down the hallway before I realized just how badly Debra had fucked with my head. She was right, she really DID understand the inner workings of my mind. And she used that to manipulate me on a deep, emotional level.

I reached for Debra’s hand and she let me take it. She allowed me to interlock my fingers with hers without any hassle.

“I’m giving you one chance, Debra. ONE. Don’t make me regret this.” I warned.

“You have my complete cooperation. No tricks. I REALLY just want to eat some real food for once. That’s literally all I want.” Debra replied.

“If you try to tell anyone what I’m doing to you; you’ll never be allowed in public for the rest of your life. And I’ll DESTROY your asshole as punishment. I’ll tear skin. I’ll make you bleed. I’ll make you walk with a limp. I’ll tear you apart back there!”

“I know.” Debra said sadly.

“I mean it, Debra. Try ANYTHING and I’m gonna tear that ass to shreds. I’ll make Kim’s stitches look like a small scratch.”

Debra gulped and fear flushed her eyes, “I’ll behave.”

A fast-walking elderly woman was walking toward us. She was headed in the opposite direction in the hallway.

“Congratulations, you two!” she said, looking to Debra, then to me, and then nodding at Debra’s pregnant belly.

“Thank you!” Debra said to the nice old woman, displaying a sincere-looking smile, “We’re both really excited!”

The elderly woman walked around the corner and vanished from sight.

The moment was small, but significant. Debra’s superb acting made me smile.

“See?” Debra said, turning to me, “I CAN be trusted.”

“Keep it up, Debra.” I said, giving Debra’s hand a tight squeeze, “It’ll be a lot easier on both of us if I don’t have to keep you hidden for the rest of your life.”

“Yes, of course.” Debra agreed.

“Now, here’s the real test.” I said quietly to Debra, “Time to see if the past few days have taught you a lesson, or if you’re still just a brat.”

Debra and I walked into the hotel’s breakfast bar.

“Hey man,” the teenage hotel employee said, recognizing me from my earlier visit, “Sorry I wouldn’t let you take any food to your wife. I totally would’ve let you, it’s just that my boss is really strict.”

“Hey, rules are rules. No worries, man.” I said.

The teenage employee’s eyes went wide when he noticed Debra’s ‘SLUT’ tattoo on her back. Debra and I pretended not to notice his reaction.

Debra wasted no time. As soon as I released Debra’s hand, she quickly went to go fix herself a large plate of breakfast food. I only grabbed a single waffle and a small bowl of cereal, since I already ate.

I kept a careful eye on Debra, waiting for the moment she would resist the ISA’s control and say something stupid.

Debra didn’t try anything, though.

I stared at Debra’s ass while she was grabbing food. I watched the rhythmic jiggle of the lower-third of her ass that hung out from the bottom of her tubeless dress.

All the dresses that I had picked out for Debra were at least two sizes too small. Not to mention the fact that two out of her three tattoos were visible, and those clicking. 10-inch heels HAD to be super embarrassing for Debra to wear.

Either Debra’s mind was too preoccupied for her to be humiliated, or she was able to hide it very well.

A minute later, Debra had finished making her plate. Debra click-click-clicked her way over to my table and sat down across from me.

Debra’s heels on the tiled floor and visible ‘SLUT’ tattoo caused everyone to make continuous, not-so-casual glances in our direction.

Eventually, Debra could no longer hide her embarrassment, and her cheeks flushed bright-red.

“What’s wrong, Deb?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“They’re judging my clothes. And they’re eyeing my ‘SLUT’ tattoo.” Debra said sadly.

“Accept the clothes. Accept the tattoos. Let it soak in, and become part of your identity.” I said calmly.

Debra began eating, and eventually, the other people stopped taking glances our way.

Halfway through Debra’s meal, she gave the teenage employee the stink eye.

“I can’t believe that guy just assumed I was married to you! I mean, I don’t even have a ring on!” Debra said angrily, “What a douchebag.”

“Hey, take it easy, Deb! Don’t get mad at that poor guy! I TOLD him we were married!”

“Why’d you tell him that I was your wife?” Debra asked.

“The better question is, why would I not?” I said with a smile, “This is really happening, Debra. You’re now my loving wife with a baby on the way. This is your new reality. This is your new life. Please, try to accept it.”

“I can’t just ‘accept’ something as awful as this! Also, you should stop being so cruel. I’m suffering from severe depression, and that can’t be good for the baby.” Debra said.

“You think YOU’RE depressed?! I went from owning two houses, four people, and access to all the money I could want; to sleeping in Carly’s car, eating shit food, and running from cops 24/7!”

Debra began to quietly dig in, while I merely played with my food.

There was a half-dozen other people still eating. Everyone sat decently spread apart. One other couple and four solos.

Debra and I sat in silence as she ate.

Over time, the number of people eating started to dwindle.

Debra watched with big, sad eyes as the other couple, and one of the solos had finished eating and left.

“Your opportunity is vanishing, Debra.” I taunted, “Don’t you want to resist my mind control, again? Don’t you want to tell these people what I’m doing to you?”

“More than anything in the world.” Debra said softly, “But it’s not worth it. You’ll just brutally rape my asshole, cum in my ass, force me to let the semen dry, and then make me sleep in it.”

“Precisely.” I said with a nod.

Debra shivered, “I can’t go through that again.”

I smiled, “That’s good, ’cause I’m in the mood for pussy today anyway. I can’t wait to take you back to our hotel room and have sex with you again.”

Debra closed her eyes tightly and let out a whimper.

“You don’t REALLY think you can keep doing this to me forever, do you?” Debra asked sadly.

“No, I don’t think I can.” Curiosity filled Debra’s eyes until I added, “I KNOW that I can.”

“I’m so miserable. I don’t deserve this!” Debra pouted.

I sighed heavily, and stared into Debra’s eyes before deciding on how to respond.

She was beautiful. I loved this chubby, 30-year-old woman with all of my heart. And the truth was, I wasn’t too upset that I had to give up everything; because I still had HER. I’d trade my empire for her in a heartbeat. But of course, she would never believe that. Might as well let her believe I was angry with her.

“Debra, you DO deserve this. You cost me my empire, bitch! I could be banging a skinny bitch like Kimberly right now! That plump, pregnant belly of yours is the ONLY reason you still have teeth in your mouth. You know that, right?”

“Thank you for not beating my ass. I’m honestly surprised that you haven’t.” Debra said quietly.

“Don’t thank me. Thank my baby in your guts.” I spat, “It’s literally saving your face and teeth from getting smashed in.”

Debra continued to eat. Then, at one point, she made eye contact with me and inhaled a shaky breath.

“Debra? Is there something you want to say to me?” I asked, slightly concerned.

“You aren’t as clever as you think you are.” Debra said quietly.

I cocked an eyebrow at Debra, “What do you mean?”

“If you truly cared about banging, ‘a skinny bitch like Kimberly’, then you would’ve done so a lot more often, back when you had the chance. Instead, you left Kim practically untouched. You spent all your time raping and beating me in that awful basement.” Debra stated.

“Well—” I started.

“You constantly act like you’re upset that John has been having sex with me for six years. You act like you’re upset that I had kids with him first, and maybe a small part of you is. But the truth is, you LOVE that I was already settled into an established lifestyle with a well-secured family. THAT’S why you liked me more than Kim. You loved KNOWING that you ripped a wife and mother away from her routine life, her ordinary family, and her societal obligations.”

I let out a low whistle and nodded my head. I was deeply impressed.

For a long while, neither of us said anything.

“Ok fine, I admit it! I LOVED ripping your family apart. You were the center of your family. You were the mother and the wife. The one that cooked for the kids and cleaned the house. Debra, you were your family’s heart and soul. You were the nurturer. And now? I’ve kidnapped that family-nurturer, and forced her to NURTURE me and my cock. It’s SO. FUCKING. HOT.”

“I KNEW IT! My family wasn’t collateral damage, but your intended target! You WANTED to take a woman who already HAD a family. You WANTED to mind-control a woman who had children… just so that you could separate her from them. You’re sick.” Debra spat.

“I know.” I said in agreement.

Once Debra finished eating, we threw away our food scraps and left.

I held Debra’s hand again as we walked back to our hotel room.

I loved the small, simple things. Like the fact that I could hold Debra’s hand whenever I wanted.

“You didn’t even TRY to reveal our secret. I’m so proud of you, Debra.” I said as we walked back into our hotel room.

“I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you somehow made me hate you even more.” Debra said, “That’s pretty impressive.”

I held the door open for Debra as she walked into our room. I gave her a hard slap on the exposed part of her ass as she walked inside.

“Hey, Debra?”


“Get naked.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said through clenched teeth as she stripped.

Debra took off her dress, but kept her heels on. I’m glad she remembered that she wasn’t allowed to even ask.

I took off my shirt and began to unbuckle my belt.

“Thanks for keeping the heels on, Debra. And thank you for not asking. You can take them off.”

“Yes, daddy.” Debra said, as she removed her heels.

“Debra, lie down on the bed. We’re going to make-out with lots of SUPER-SLOPPY tongue. Then, we’re going to have missionary sex. Oh, and just so you know, I’m going to grunt and groan loudly into your ear as I creampie you.”

“Yes... daddy.” Debra said in a cracked voice.

Debra crawled onto the bed, and I gave her yet another hard slap on her bare ass.

I then got on top of Debra and began caressing her breasts.

“Spread your legs apart a little more, babe.” I said.

Debra began to sniffle as she parted her legs for me.

“I love you, Debra.” I said softly, meaning it with all my heart.

“No, you don’t. You only love my body.” Debra countered.

I had an intense desire to debate that fact with Debra, but I let it go.

“Now Debra, you already KNOW how I want us to make-out. Please make sure that it’s very slobbery. I want lots of tongue-licking. I want you licking my tongue, and I want me licking yours. LOTS-and-LOTS-and-LOTS of tongue, Debra! Tongue-tongue-tongue! Please, let’s make this gross. I want GROSS.”

“I can’t keep doing this!” Debra sobbed, screaming at no one in particular, “I can’t! I can’t! I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE! I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS! Please! Someone! ANYONE! Make him stop!”

I held Debra’s face tightly in my hands and leaned my face in.

“Open your mouth, Debra! And wet ’dat tongue for daddy...”

* * *

I was honestly sad that we had to leave the hotel. I really enjoyed our stay, and wasn’t looking forward to resuming the lifestyle of constant, several-hour driving and fast food.

“Can’t we stay for just one more day?” Debra asked, “We still have plenty of cash.”

“I’m not excited for 10-hour driving sessions either, babe. But to be honest, we probably should’ve already left this morning. It’s too dangerous for us to stay in one spot for too long.”

Debra and I checked out of the hotel and got inside Carly’s car.

After an hour on the road, Debra and I pulled over and bought a cheap flip phone.

I decided to drive into an empty parking lot before using the phone. Debra and I got out of the car and looked at each other awkwardly.

“Dial his cell phone this time.” I said, handing Debra the phone.

“Is there anything substantial that he could even do?” Debra asked.

“Only one way to find out. You do have John’s cell memorized, right?” I asked.

Debra sighed. She dialed John’s number on the phone and put it on speaker.


“John.” I said, in a rough voice, “It’s me.”

John muttered my name under his breath, along with a few swears. Then let out a dismissive sigh.

“What the hell do you want now?!” He spat.

“What was your plan to help us? You said something earlier about ‘pulling a few strings’ or something like that. Debra and I have avoided the cops so far, but we’ve had a few close calls. Dude, your wife is giving birth in less than five months. We NEED somewhere permanent and safe to stay.”

“Yeah. The police informed me that you’ve killed ANOTHER guy. Apparently you shot some motel owner in the head?!”

“The situation was forced. He was going to hurt Debra.” I said, defending myself.

“No one has, or ever will, hurt Debra as much as you have, buddy.” John spat.

“I’m just trying to survive at this point.” I said with a sigh.

“Yeah? And how many more people are going to die as a consequence of your ‘surviving’?! Lord knows what else you’ve done.”

“I haven’t done anything else.” I said, truthfully.

“Yeah, right.”

“Trust me John, the only thing I’ve been DOING, is your wife.”

“Funny.” John said sarcastically.

“HE’S SO GROSS!” Debra cried, “The things he makes me do for him… The things he does to me… It’s horrible!”

“Oh yeah, your wife HATES my kinks. But enough about that. Back to business. What are your plans?” I asked.

“Nope. You win.” John said matter-of-factly.

“I win?” I asked, confused, “What does that even mean?”

“It means I give up. Surrender. Quit. Concede. I’m not helping you anymore.” John said.

“WHAT!?!” I demanded, “You HAVE to help me! What part of this dynamic do you not understand? Debra is completely at my mercy.”

“Even if you two managed to avoid the police forever, you’d never let me have my Debra back. So then, what’s the point?! What do I get out of this?! What’s the point in risking MY legal status just to help YOU if I know you won’t let me have my Debra again?!” John asked angrily.

“JOHN?!” Debra said in a cracked voice, “You… you don’t mean that! It shouldn’t just be about whether or not I’m able to get back with you! Don’t you want to help me, just for the sake of helping me!?!”

John let out a heavy sigh.

“Debra, I love you. You KNOW I love you. But this… this is ridiculous! We have to move on.” John said, his voice wavering with sadness.

“Even if he won’t let me be with you, don’t you STILL want me to be supported? Taken care of? Safe? Don’t you love me?!” Debra asked, tears streaming her face.

“Yes, yes, yes, and HELL YES.” John said, “But it’s time to move on. Debra-sweetie, you will ALWAYS have a place in my heart.”

“John? Who’s that on the phone?” A voice in the background asked.

“No one, Veronica.” John replied, “Just give me a minute.”

“VERONICA!?! From highschool!?!” Debra screamed, “You got back with your EX!?!”

“I’m sorry, Debra. This is SO unfair to you. Trust me, I know how unfair this is. I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am.” John said sadly, “Just know that I will always have love for you.”

“John! This isn’t—” Debra started.

“John, listen.” I interrupted.

“NO!” Debra shouted, “Let me speak to him. You HAVE to let me speak to him this time!”

“Debra, I order you to shut your fucking mouth!” I ordered.

“Let me speak to Debra. Please.” John begged.

“Shut the hell up! BOTH OF YOU!” I ordered, “Now, John. I order you to tell me exactly what you had planned for Debra and I.”

“My mom feels sorry for Debra. She’s willing to house Debra despite possible legal repercussions. She correctly assumes that Debra is no murderer. Debra would be able to stay there. But I know for a fact that she won’t want to house you.” John said robotically.

I stood in silence and awe for a few seconds.

“THAT was your master plan!?! To return to our home city?! And stay with Debra’s mother-in-law?! The one who’s currently taking care of Debra’s kids?! What the hell is wrong with you?!”

I sighed and rubbed my hands in my face.

I turned to Debra and said, “Your husband’s a fucking idiot.”

Debra was ordered silent, but gave me a look that said, ‘I know.’

“Ok, new plan. John, I order you to—”

“CAN’T ORDER ME IF I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” John yelled quickly, and then hung up.

“FUCK!” I screamed, “FUCK!”

I hit redial and called him again. John was programmed to answer all my calls, but it went straight to voicemail, meaning he turned his phone off.

“GOD DAMNIT!” I yelled.

I slammed the burner phone on the pavement as hard as I could, completely shattering it.

I turned back to look at Debra. She just stood there on the abandoned parking lot’s pavement, in her way-too-small dress.

I stared at Debra.

She stared back at me.

“Your lips look so puffy right now, Debra…” I said in a low whisper.

“I JUST found that out my husband is with his ex…” Debra said sadly, “Don’t make me—”

“Get on your knees.” I said, unzipping my pants.

Debra began crying as she shakily got to her knees on the pavement and began to suck me off.

“Ungh… Ermf… More drool… Yeah…” I groaned, tightening my grip on Debra’s head.

It was so hard to believe that less than five months ago, Debra was living in a three-story house, regularly attending church, and raising two children in a loving, suburban home.