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Absolute Love

Chapter 9

The sight of this beautiful Chinese woman staring up at me, cum dribbling from her lips, with adoration on her eyes is almost enough to get me hard again. Almost. I’m not 18 anymore, so getting hard is something that I still have to wait for. Add that to the fact that I’ve been fucking non-stop for the last 24 hours and my dick is simply not having any of this. I still want to play with this girl though, so I decide to see if I can make sense of the toys she’s brought me.

First thing I want to do is tie her up so I can explore her body with my new toys. She still has the wrist cuffs on, so I figure that I can start there. “I think I want to tie you up, “ I say to her. An unexpected smirk flashes on her face. “So...uhhh, lay down on my coffee table. Face up”.

I’ve never actually tied a woman up before. My ex was very much against all sorts of “Deviant sex” as she’d like to call it. I’ve looked at some magazines and always found it appealing, but since I’ve never had a willing partner most of the knowledge is the pornography kind. Still, I have a completely willing woman to try out anything I’ve ever wanted, so I decide to give it a try. I have a fairly large, square coffee table. I usually use it to eat all my meals, as I don’t have a proper dining table. It’s actually pretty big and low to the ground. I watch as Ming lays down on it, a wide grin plastered on her face. I’m not sure if she’s enjoying me tying her up or enjoying what a fool I’m making of myself. But either way, I’ve always wanted to try this and I have a rough idea what to do.

I grab some of the rope Ming got from the store and I get some scissors from my room. I cut some pieces off the rope about 5 feet long or so and put two of them through the cuff’s metal d-ring. I take the other end of the rope and pull her arms backwards until I can reach the table’s leg. I make a simple square knot, the only fancy knot I know, and stretch her arms as far as they go. I stop when she grunts in pain. It looks loose, since the rope is just really looped around the table leg, but I don’t really know of a better technique, so I go with it.

Next, I grab the ankle cuffs and put one on her ankle. As I’m putting it on, I notice that her pussy is glistening with her juices, even though she hasn’t been fucked in the pussy and did not seem to be too turned on by my anal fucking. I cup her twat and unceremoniously stick my middle finger up her snatch, feeling how wet and tight she is. “Why so wet cunt? I didn’t think it was the ass fucking that got you hot, but you’re dripping.”

Ming blushes at my crude description of her dripping cunt, “I like how you took control,” she tells me nervously, “and I’ve always wanted to be tied up.”

I grin and slowly work my finger in and out of her pussy, eliciting a slow moan from her. “Well I’m not sure you’re going to like what I have planned for you!”

I take my hand out of her cunt and tighten the last ankle cuff onto her ankle. I then take two more 5-foot pieces of rope, slide them through the ankle cuffs’ D-Ring and secure as best as I can to the remaining table legs. She looks uncomfortable, lying down with her back arched and her arms bending weirdly at her shoulders. She does look secure, although the ropes look loose and wobbly. Not bad for a first try, I think to myself.

I look around at all the remaining toys like a kid at a toy store. I almost can’t decide which toy to play with first. Almost. The first thing I decide to do is make sure her ass stays open for when I decide to fuck it again, so I grab the butt plug and some lube and apply the lube to the plug generously. “Let’s seal up my cum in your ass and make sure it’s stretched out for when I fuck you again” I tell her maliciously and force the plug into her puckered asshole hard. She screams out in pain, surprised at how hard I ram it in.

“Fuck you scream loud, cunt! Next time, buy a gag or something so I don’t have to hear you.” Suddenly, I think of a nasty idea. I grab her discarded panties from the floor and some Duct tape from my kitchen. I roll the panties up in a ball, tell Ming to open her mouth and shove in her panties when she does. I tear off a strip of Duct tape and seal her mouth with it.

“Now let’s see if this works” I grab the nipple clamp chain and give it a hard tug. I can barely hear Ming’s muffle screams, but I see her face contorting in pain and it makes me chuckle, “That’ll do cunt” I tell her and pull on the chain again hard, happy that I can barely hear the screams anymore.

Now I look at the two remaining items: the crop or the vibrator. Pleasure or pain, what do I try first? I realize that, possibly for the first time in my life, I’m asking about what I like, not what she wants. This realization makes me smile, perhaps the drug is changing me after all. I decide that I want to see her in pleasure before I bring out more pain, so I grab the vibrator and sit next to her gaping cunt to have good access to her.

I decide that I don’t want to eat her out. That was saved for Cindi, a woman who I’ve been lusting after for a year. I’ve never really cared for Ming. In fact, she’s been a bitch throughout all of my time at work. Even though I decided to give her pleasure, it’s not the kind, loving pleasure that she wants; Rather the forceful, degrading pleasure that I want. So instead of gentle licking I grab the vibrator and shove it hard into her pussy, as far as it will go in and turn it on to the max setting.

Ming screams in surprise at the sudden invasion of her fuckhole. The scream turns into moans as she enjoys the gentle vibration of the vibrator. I begin to work the dildo in and out of her sex faster and I grab the nipple chains and give them a sharp tug, stretching her asian udders but the nipples. I see her eyes wild at my savage demeanor, but also full of lust as I roughly use her cunt and torture her tits.

After a bit of penetration, I shove the dildo in as far as it goes and I loosen up on the nipple clamps. Not completely, but just enough to still feel some pull. I bring my mouth closer to her ear and whisper softly “I’m now going to give you pain. I expect you to take it cunt!” then I stick my tongue in her ear, which tightens her body in pleasure.

While my tongue is in her ear, I take my hand and bring it down on her clit in a hard slap. The loud thwack is followed by another and another. She is clearly screaming in pain under the duct tape, and tears are rolling down her cheeks. I look at them and lick them right from her face, tasting the saltiness of her pain, all the while slapping her tortured clit harder and harder and pulling on her nipple clamps hard as I can to stretch out her tits. I do this for a while, enjoying her cries of pain and tears. Loving how red her face turns from the pain and how she writhes to try to cover herself from my next blow. The ropes hold, though, giving me easy access to spanking her cunt with no protection. Her cunt begins to turn red and swell from all the slapping, so I pause for a second to give her a breather.

She is still weeping softly at my torture, and I don’t want to lose too much momentum, so I grab the base of the butt plug in her ass and pull it out roughly and then shove it in until the hilt, fucking her ass with the butt plug. “What’s wrong cunt?” I taunt her savagely, “Not enjoying your ass fuck anymore?”

Her crying intensifies, bringing me more pleasure. I look at her delicate asian features, now marred by red, puffy eyes and cheeks and I reach over and slap her face, hard. Surprise, then hurt, then anger flashes across her face, so I slap her again on the other side of her face, bringing her more humiliation. She now struggles to talk, but is unable to, so I slap her a third time, look at her in the eyes and tell her “You’re nothing but my asian fuck toy. You’re here for my pleasure, not yours.” I slap her again across her face, “All you’re good for is to be my cum dumpster, my fuckmeat, to pleasure me when I feel like using your gook holes.” I take the chains and pull her tits as far as they will go and slap the underside of one of her boobs with my open palm. “Your only purpose is to please me and pleasure me. You’re not a person, you’re a thing, you’re just a warm hole for me to use and to share” I place another slap under her other boob and continue, “You will not be cumming anymore from now on. You don’t need pleasure, you’re for pleasure. You’re not a woman, you’re a pleasure object” Two more slaps under each tit. He wailing is continuous now. “I will also not use your pussy anymore. You’ll be my ass slut from now on. You’ll only be taking my cock up the ass and down your throat. Pleasure is what you give, not what you get.” I stop slapping her udders and pull on the nipple chains as hard as I can, tearing the clamps right off her nipples. Ming screams can be heard through the duct tape, and it is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

I let her calm down for a minute. Waiting until her wailing is reduced to a soft sobbing. Once I am sure she is done with the worse of her screams I rip the duct tape off in one quick motion and take her panties out of her mouth. I see he opening her mouth, either to thank me or to say something, I don’t know since I quickly give her another slap across the face. “You don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. Got it?” She nods, more tears welling up in her eyes. I slap her again, “The correct response, you dumb cunt, is ‘Yes Daddy’!”

“Yes, Daddy” she yells quickly.

I remove the dildo from her cunt and shove three fingers instead, working her fuckhole roughly. “Listen closely, because I will only be saying this once. You’re not Ming Xiang, Manufacturing Lab Director; you’re GookCunt, my personal fucktoy. Say it!”

She turns crimson in embarrassment, “I’m GookCunt, your personal fucktoy.”

“You will clean, cook and service me and anyone I tell you to anytime I tell you to. Repeat, GookCunt!”

“I-I will clean, cook and service you. Wh-Whenever and wherever you tell me, Daddy” she stutters through tears.

“You will not cum without permission, your holes will always be open to me. Repeat.”

“I will not cum without permission, and my holes will always be open to you Daddy”

I slip a fourth finger in. Her cunt is stretched to the limit, but I’m able to force my knuckles in after some painful shoving. I start fisting her slowly, but build my momentum faster.

“You belong to me, GookCunt”

“I belong to you, Daddy”

With one hand pumping her pussy, I take my other hand and sadistically twist her right nipple as hard as I can, bringing her to new levels of pain. I grin and whisper “I love to give you pain” and twist her nipple ar hard as I can. Her screaming is very loud now, and I realize that, if someone heard it they may call the police. I ease up on her tit and take my hand from her pussy, wiping her juices on her stomach, like a dirty rag. Her sobbing quiets down.

She looks beautiful, with red, puffy eyes from all the crying, and a very puffy pussy from all the beating and fucking. Her tits are red as well, and bruises are starting to form on the underside. Even though I didn’t orgasm, I feel content; An afterglow similar to sex settles down on me, and weariness takes over. I feel spent, but satisfied.

I slowly get up from the table and stretch out my limbs. Ming’s watery eyes are fixed on me. Very calmly and slowly I reach down and unclasp the wrist ankles from Ming’s ankles and free her feet. I make my way to the other side and repeat the procedure with her wrist cuffs. Once released, Ming rubs her wrists, but makes no effort to get up and instead stares at me, waiting for instructions. “Get up, GookCunt, time to start the rest of your life”

She gets up and lowers her gaze, seeming to understand her new role in this world. She softly says “GookCunt understands and obeys. What would Daddy like GookCunt to do?”

This is odd, I think to myself, I never asked her to talk in the 3rd person. I find her new manner of speaking incredibly arousing, so instead of correcting her I command her, “I want this place clean. No need to worry about clothes, just make sure my apartment is clean.”

I sit down and turn on the tv and start channel surfing. She awaits more instructions for me and, after realizing nothing else is coming she replies, “GookCunt hears and obeys, Daddy” and then disappears into the kitchen.

As I hear her messing around in the kitchen, I specifically pay no attention to her. I want to see what she will do without prompting. I look at that the time and see it’s past 1PM already. I’ve been at this for quite a long time now. My flabby stomach grumbles, reminding me that, if my dick is done being use, some substenance would be nice. Knowing that I have no food I start getting up to get the phone and order some Chinese. I stop halfway through my motion though, what’s the point of having a slave if not to use it?

“GookCunt!” I yell, “Bring me the phone from the wall”

My eyes are still glued on the tv when I sense Ming approach me. She drops to her knees lowers her head and offers me the phone with both hands. Once again, she seems to adapt to her new circumstances admirably. I wonder to myself whether this is the drug or simply what she’s always secretly wanted to do. I grab the phone and call the Chinese food place and put in an order for two. Ming has not moved an inch from her kneeling position. I hand the phone back to her and wave her away. She leaves back to the kitchen to continue her work.

I spend the next 30 minutes or so pointedly ignoring Ming as she goes about her work. I channel surf, trying to find something to distract me, although I do sneak peeks of the beautiful naked asian methodically cleaning my kitchen before moving on to my tiny living room. Her mind is steady on her task, devoting to it her full attention. After about 40 minutes or so the doorbell rings, announcing the arrival of the chinese food. I grab $50 from my wallet and, without looking directly at Ming, I wave the money in her general direction and tell her “Get the food GookCunt.”

I can feel the indecision in her mind. She is completely naked, with a buttplug still in her ass. I can feel the need in her to speak, but I refuse to pay her any attention. Sensing her vacillation and feeling that I’ve waved the money around too long to put up with her indecision, I simply toss the money on the floor and turn my head to stare at her. In a low, menacing tone I ask, “Is there a problem GookCunt?”

The tone of my voice snaps her out of her indecision. She quickly bends over and picks up the money and rushes to door, just in time to hear the delivery man ring the bell again. She opens the door wide open and finds herself in front of an Asian delivery guy. He’s a kid, really probably 18 or 19, his eyes bulge out as he sees this gorgeous, naked Chinese woman handing him money. He tries to make words come out, but can’t. Ming, just as embarrassed, grabs the food as quickly as she can and shoves the money into the guy’s chest and slams the door shut with a whimpered “Thank You.”

I am smiling sadistically and turn to see Ming with her back to the door, her face crimson and new tears welling from her eyes. “That was rude of you” I say maliciously, “Next time make sure he gets a good look at you, that’s what you’re for, after all”

Dejectedly, she brings the food over and sets it on the table. She goes back to the kitchen and bring over some clean plates and cutlery and asks me, “What would Daddy like to drink?”

“Bring me a beer” I tell her. She quickly scurries to the fridge and grabs a beer. She kneels down next to me, face still looking down and places it, opened, on the table for me. She opens the takeout back and removes all the items in them, opening each container carefully and displaying them all within my reach.

“May GookCunt serve Daddy?” I am loving her new speech, it is getting me aroused more every time she says something.

“Yes” I reply shortly.

She scoops some fried rice, orange chicken and Mongolian beef on my plate, places the plate in front of me, fork next to the plate and waits expectantly. I notice she neither has a plate nor serves herself. This gives me an idea. “Good girl” I tell her condescendingly and grab a morsel of rice and meat and present it to her. She understand the meaning of my action and takes the food into her mouth, sucking my finger in process. I smile and continue eating, feeding her with my hand and enjoying the gentle suction of my fingers as she greedy sucks them and licks all the food from them. I finish eating my food and get seconds, eat about half my plate before I’m full. I take the plate and put it down on the floor, telling Ming, “I’m done GookCunt, you can have my scraps”

She no longers seems to be embarrassed. A quiet acceptance seems to have descended on her. He answers, “Thank you, Daddy” and gets on her knees and elbows and eats the food from the floor, like a dog, picking up pieces with her bare fingers and eating them. I admire her obedience, once again amazed at the power of the popeneyen. I take the last swig of my beer bottle emptying the contents, when a disturbing idea pops to mind. I want her humiliation to be complete, so I lay back and wait for her to be done with her lunch.

After about 10 minutes, Ming sits up and announces, “Thank you for feeding GookCunt, Daddy. May I clean up?”

I wave her off. She stands up and begins to clear the table. As she moves towards the kitchen, I slap her ass and tell her, “Come back when you’re done.” I sit back down on the couch and wait for her. I hear her shuffling around hurriedly in the kitchen, as if eager to be back in my presence. I hear water in the sink and cupboard opening and closing. I yell out again at her, “And bring me another beer too!”

I don’t have to wait much longer to see Ming almost running from the kitchen, beer in hand. She kneels in front of me offers me the unopened beer. I grab it from her, and, with my free hand, point at my crotch, “Put my cock in your mouth, GookCunt”

She looks askance at me. My cock is flaccid and we’ve fucked recently, so she probably wonder what I’ll be doing. Nevertheless, she does as she’s is told and wraps her pouty lips around my dick. I grab her by the hair, look at her in the eye and hold her head close to me. “I expect you to swallow it all, if you let one drop touch the ground I’ll beat you till you’re black and blue” I tell her and then relax my bladder and I feel my warm piss start dribbling into Ming’s mouth.

My piss takes her by surprise. I see her eyes widen in disgust, but I hold her head close to me and stare her down. Tears well up in her eyes, but she knows her role now, and she starts swallowing my piss. I let my piss flow freely and enjoy the humiliation in her eyes of having my own asian fucktoy be my urinal. To her credit, she doesn’t let a single drop escape her lips.

Ming finishes swallowing my piss and continues sucking my ciock eagerly, milking every lat drop of urine from my cock. Once she is convinced that my bladder is empty she takes my cock out of her mouth and asks me, “Would you like GookCunt to continue sucking your cock? Or should this slut go back to her cleaning?”

I’m still spent from all the fucking, although I do remember one thing that I missed. “Did you synth the viagra like I told you?” I ask Ming.

Her eyes widen in shock, “I did! I’m sorry I forgot!” She scrambles towards her backpack, open the front compartment and removes a small vial with some nondescript white pills. “I’m sorry Daddy!”

I grab the pills from her, but decide to wait to use them when Cindi gets here tonight. I’m still annoyed that Ming didn’t give me these early so I say, “Sorry is not good enough. You will have to be punished. Come lay across my lap to get your spanking.”

He face takes on a terrified look and tears swell up on her already puffy eyes. But there is no argument, no backtalk, and no pouting, only unquestioning obedience. Slowly she lays across my lap and starts sobbing in anticipation of pain. “I think 30 should be a good punishment. Count when I hit you GookCunt. And thank me, of course.”

Without warning I slap her left butt cheek hard; she gives me a surprised squeal and sobs, “O-one. Th-thank you for spanking me Daddy.”

SLAP. This time I hit her right buttcheek.

“Two. Thank you for spanking me Daddy” SLAP, on her left buttcheek, “Three. Thank You for spanking me Daddy.” SLAP. “AHHH!! F-f-four. Thank you for spanking me Daddy”

I alternate slapping her on the right and left butt cheeks. After about 15 smacks, her butt is red. After 25, she’s screaming in pain every time I hit her. I get to 28 and I pause, “Last two. These will be the hardest,” I tell her, rubbing her raw, red ass, “you ready GookCunt?” I don’t wait for her, afterall, I don’t really care if she’s ready. I use all my strength and slap her ass as hard as I can. SHe screams in pain and bawl, “AGHHHHH! 29! Thank you for spanking me D-daddy!”. I slap her again as hard as I can, “AHHHH! 30! Thank you for spanking me Daddy” and she collapses in tears.

“Good girl, “ I tell her, “I’m proud of you and I forgive you.” She beams at me when I tell her, going from pain to happiness at having her endure her punishment.

“Thank you Daddy. I will not forget your things ever again.” She tells me with great sincerity.

I’m beat. I look at my watch and it is not even 2PM. I want rest and sleep. I want to be ready for Cindi so I can play with these two sluts at once. “GookCunt, I want a nap. I expect you finish cleaning here and then go shopping for food and anything else that you think I need. Here is my credit card. I expect you back and in my room by 5PM sucking my cock, got it?”

“GookCunt understands, Daddy. GookCunt will obey”

Her new mannerisms bring a smile to my face. I retire to my bedroom and I’m asleep when my head hits the pillow. Tonight will be amazing is the last thought before unconsciousness envelops me.

Interlude: Yang

The High Mother walked into the locked cell with a grimace. The cell was a small, bare room with dirty floors and paint peeling from the ancient, unkempt walls. On the far side, opposite the solid metal door where the High Mother entered was a thin, naked, dirty and unshaven man. He had manacles on both hands, which were attached to twin chains of the same length which were, in turn, bolted to the wall. The chains were short, so it was impossible for the man to lay down without hanging from his arms, he could kneel or stand, but only uncomfortably. Being comfortable, however, was clearly not the design of this cell. The man, or what was left of him, was overwhelmingly malnourished, with barely any muscle or fat under his sagging skin. His hair was long, uncut for many years, and his face was dirty and unshaven. He was clearly driven mad by whatever had happened here, his wild eyes looking around, startled by the sudden light coming through the open door. It seemed that he knew what the open door meant, and he started weeping softly after his eyes grew accustomed to the light.

The High Mother hated this duty. Watching her old owner in this state brought conflicting emotions to the surface. On the one hand she loved seeing this filth suffer. She had a clear recollection of all the indignities that this trash had made her do when she was his devoted love. She could still recall in vivid detail all the nights when he tortured her, or used her as a toilet or made her do the most disgusting sex acts with her own family, and animals, and anything or anyone who he wanted. She hated him more than anything in this world.

On the other hand, however, the effects of the chemical that he had subjected her to were beginning to re-assert themselves, so no matter how deep her loathing for this filth was, part of her mind couldn’t help but feel empathy for her old master. She knew if she let these feelings get any stronger they would override her conscious mind, and she would be forced to revert to her old ways of being chattel. The High Mother would rather die than let that happen again.

As if to snap her mind out of any feelings for this man, she quickly strides over to where the filthy man is kneeling and gives him a hard slap across his face. Her hand hurts from the slap and she leaves a red handprint on the man’s gaunt face.

“You ready for your milking, trash?” She asks cruelly. The man begins to weep again, although seemingly resigned for what is about to happen. This seems to displease the High Mother, as she closes her hand into a fist and punches the man as hard as she can in his stomach, making the man double up in pain.

“Still as resistant as ever,” she continues, “No matter, it’s not your head I need you for. Quietly she turns back, turns on the light to the cell and closes the cell door with a slam, first making sure it is unlocked. She squares her shoulders and gently squats next to the chained up, naked man. From a pocket in her gown she produces a small vial. With her other hand she daintily reaches for the man’s manhood and begins stroking him to erection.

She continues stroking this dirty man, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. His weeping changes to small moans, although his tears never stop falling. She knows exactly how to handle his cock to bring him to a swift orgasm, and her technique betrays years of experience doing so. THe man’s moans get louder and more urgent, his climax clearly approaching when the cell door slams open and another woman rushes in.

“High Mother! High Mo-OH!” THe woman stops dead on her tracks, taking in the High Mother quietly masturbating this man. She turns crimson and looks away, apologizing profusely, “I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t know! I didn’t mean to—! O my God! I’m so sorry!”

She turns to leave when the High Mother stops her. “Stop, child.” she says in a calm voice, “Don’t look away. This is the price of our freedom. Look and see what our Freedom means. What is your name, child?”

“Sonya,” the woman replies in a soft voice, struggling to look away but unable to tear her eyes away from the man’s erection. She blushes deeply and waits.

“Well, Sonya,” The High Mother continues, “what did you need that made you walk into this room without any knocking, or any other semblance of courtesy?”

Sonya blushed a deeper red and her eyes cast down as she mumbles, “I’m so sorry, High Mother, but I was instructed to come get you without any delay. We’ve intercepted a raid by our enemies. A company of some sort. The council needs you to come as soon as you can”

As Soya speaks, the High Mother never deviates from her stroking. Her muscles are acting from memory as she brings the chained man closer and closer to orgasm. Once SOnya stops talking, the High Mother brings the opening of the vial over to the tip of the man’s penis and waits, while continuing stroking.

“I understand” The High Mother says, “Tell the council I will be on my way to them as soon as my duty is completed. You may go child”

Sonya curtsies and runs out of the room as far as her feet will take her. The last thing she hears as she flees is the chained man softly orgasming.

The High Mother deftly catches the man’s cum into her small vial, making sure to milk his penis of all the available sperm. Once she is sure it is all collected, she stands up, reaches into her other pocket and removes a smaller vial, with an eye dropper cap. She unscrews this small vil, and carefully pours three drops of a clear mixture into the freshly collected semen. The semen in the vial immediately turns a dark black and becomes more liquid and less dense. The High Mother stoppers both vials, and puts the second vial back into her pocket. She then shakes the vial with the new mixture for a few seconds before taking the smallest sip she can possibly take. She shudders slightly as the strange mixture goes down her throat. Her eyes, which might have been hard before are now pure steel. She looks at the chained up filth by her feet, all traces of empathy gone and kicks him as hard as she can on his crotch. The man screams a wail of pure pain before passing out. The High Mother smiles, puts away the vial and leaves the room, softly humming to herself.