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Accidental Master

Story Codes — MC, Inc, F/M, F/F, Mult, Fetish, caution

Synopsis — A man interrupts his wife being mind-controlled, and must deal with the consequences. How can a regular guy cope with the changes that his family goes through?

* * *

Author’s Note — This is not exactly a simple erotic story. Though sex and eroticism are very present, it is more ‘story’ than ‘erotic.’ This is primarily a story about love, temptation, and responsibility. Not a wife/girlfriend/family get(s) mind-controlled and happily throw sexual restraint to the winds story. Well, not exactly. I hope you enjoy the exploration! The end has a bit of deus ex machina to it, but it is more explication than driven by plot.

The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. This is fantasy. Life does not work this way. The potential reader is directed to the story codes listed for this story—if any of the sexual activities or relationships are illegal in your area, do not read or download this story, as you are responsible for following the laws of your locality. If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction please do not read or download this story. Nothing in this work should be taken as condoning or encouraging any of the activities depicted herein.

* * *

It all started the night I blew the asshole’s brains all over my wife’s office wall. I had stopped by my wife’s office to pick her up on the way home, as her car was in the shop that day. When I opened the front door, the chime didn’t sound for some reason, and as I made my way down the hallway to her office, I heard her sob “No” in an oddly broken tone. Her voice ran through me like a knife to my heart—I knew something was wrong, very, very wrong.

I’m not a large guy, as I’m 5′7″ and I don’t work out, so I wasn’t going to just charge in and get my wife and me possibly killed in a rash act of bravado. I quietly turned around, went back out to my car and got my gun, then went back in as quietly as I could. As I got to my wife’s office door, I peered around it and saw my wife... well, splayed out and getting raped from behind. Her computer desk faces the wall, so I was behind them. I didn’t hesitate. I quietly stepped up behind the man, put my gun to the back of his head, and pulled the trigger.

My wife didn’t move as he fell, first onto her back and then as he slid to the ground, his cock slipping from her as he did.

“Honey? Are you okay? Honey? Honey!” She didn’t move at all. She was looking at her computer screen which was a swirling mass of colors and falling letters like from The Matrix, and it was like she was frozen in place. I hit the power button on the monitor and the screen went dark, the screensaver’s patterns catching at my attention as it did. My wife still slumped there on her forearms.

She’s in shock, I thought. I did see her move her head slightly to look at the picture of the two of us with our daughter that she kept on her desk next to the computer, but that was the only movement she made. She didn’t respond when I called her.

I carefully backed up and called the police. I explained that I’d walked in on my wife being raped and had killed her rapist, but that she wasn’t moving or responding. They dispatched a couple of police units and an ambulance, and told me not to disturb her.

It took about five minutes for the police to arrive, and I was escorted out to be interviewed. I’m not sure how they got Lisa to come around, but they did.

It turned out that the rapist was a co-worker, and only the fact that she was still frozen in that bent-over position with her panties cut off saved me from being taken in for more questioning and possibly charged with murder. The policewoman who pulled her out of the position she’d been frozen in said she came to once she moved her.

Lisa told them she couldn’t remember any of it. She said she had no idea why I would have shot Bradley, the co-worker, that she wasn’t in a romantic or sexual relationship with him, and she had no idea why she wasn’t wearing her panties or pantsuit bottoms. They did take her to the hospital and did do a rape kit, but apparently while there had been penetration, he hadn’t actually ejaculated. They did find her vaginal secretions on him, though. This bothered Lisa more than anything.

They assumed that she had repressed the memory due to trauma, and had her examined by a psychologist with the Sexual Assault Unit. All she could remember was the picture on her desk. So, given the circumstances, I wasn’t arrested or charged, though the police were less than happy with the way I had handled the situation.

Lisa’s boss wasn’t too happy either, as it was his nephew I’d shot, and eventually word got around about the rape. It hurt his business, and given the situation, he couldn’t really let Lisa go over it without exposing his company to a wrongful termination lawsuit that he would lose, so he had to lay off a couple of more senior employees with whom he had longer and closer connections. Afterwards, he was unfailingly polite to us both, but I suspect his family relations were cold, especially since his sister killed herself the next day. I think he’d hired Bradley as a favor to that sister, and I get the feeling there was an insurmountable rift in the family after the incident and its fallout, but that would all come later.

I got Lisa home, and took care of her for the next few days, taking those days off from work to do so. My boss was great about my taking that time—when she heard Lisa had been raped and I was trying to be there for her, she told me I could take whatever time was needed, and wrote it off as Family Leave which allowed me to keep getting paid. Lisa was most upset about the blood and mess that had splattered all over her when she came around. She had a bunch of conflicting emotions about discovering that the man she loved had killed a man as that man was fucking her. She knew Bradley, of course, but she hadn’t even disliked him—now suddenly he was dead and she was a rape victim. And she couldn’t remember it. It is a terrible situation to be in, and it happens more often than people think. Date rape drugs have devestating consequences.

I’ve tried to imagine what it must be like, being in that situation. She said the last she remembered was knocking something off her desk as she moved to turn to her computer to answer an email, and then suddenly a policewoman was helping her to the chair she’d just been sitting in but which was now on the other side of the office. It was then that she realized she was covered in gore and not wearing panties anymore.

She said she didn’t know how to react, or how to feel. To be honest, I really didn’t either. I mean, I kept having flashbacks, seeing that... that asshole fucking my wife from behind, and I also kept flashing on Lisa’s voice when she’d said “No” in a tone of voice that broke my heart. There was a lot of anger that I didn’t know what to do with. But for Lisa, it was almost like nothing had really happened, at least, the rape part, I mean. She said it was like going through a normal day, standing next to someone who got shot and being covered in their blood. The rest of it just didn’t make any sense to her, and she was shocked, appalled, and ashamed.

That first night, she was really pretty flustered. I took her home, got a cheeseburger and hot cocoa into her, and got her to bed after she took a long shower. While she was in there, I called our daughter Jen and told her what had happened. This was Jen’s first semester away at college, and she decided to come home the next day after informing her professors that she had a family emergency.

Lisa slept really hard that night, but from time to time I’d hear her mutter something in her sleep. I didn’t sleep at all that night, sitting with my back against the headboard of the bed and struggling with my feelings. I’m not a violent guy, but I really wanted to punch Lisa’s boss’ face hard and frequently for hiring that rapist douchebag, even if he was his nephew. I was angry that he had left Lisa alone at the office with him. I was just... angry, and hurting for my wife.

The next day, Jen came home around noon, and hugged me hard when she saw me. “Is Mom okay?”

“She can’t remember most of it, just coming around with blood all over her and police asking questions. She was upset about the dead body, and that she knew him. She... doesn’t seem to know how to feel.”

“Did he give her a date rape drug or something?” Jen asked.

“I don’t know. They drew her blood at the hospital, but they haven’t said anything to us,” I told her.

“Hum,” Jen said, acknowledging this. “How are you doing, Dad?“

I shrugged. “Mostly angry... at her boss, the cops, even God. The son of a bitch is dead, I killed him, and it still doesn’t feel like enough.”

Jen hugged me again, and said, “I’ll go in and see her. Why don’t you go have a cup of coffee or something?”

I nodded, and Jen turned and knocked on the bedroom door. “Come in,” came Lisa’s voice. Jen went in and closed the door behind her. I’m not really proud of it, but instead of getting coffee, I stayed outside the door and listened.

“Hey, Mom, how are you doing?” Jen asked, probably giving Lisa a hug.

“I don’t really know,” I heard Lisa say. “I’m really confused.”


“Well, I know what happened yesterday because people told me, and I was covered in Bradley’s... blood, but I only remember parts of it. I feel like I should remember more, but... it just isn’t there. I feel like I should be upset and angry or hurt, but... well, I just feel mostly normal.”

“Mostly?” asked Jen.

“Yeah. That and... confused.” Lisa paused, then said, “You’re looking good! Did you change your hair?”

“No, Mom, it’s just a bit longer than last time you saw it.”

“Huh. Makeup?”

“No different than usual, Mom.”

“Well, you are looking lovely today,” said Lisa.


“I guess you’ve just grown into a beautiful woman,” said Lisa.

“Um, thanks, Mom,” Jen blushed, a bit uncomfortably. “Ah, um, well, I guess I should let you get some rest...”

“Yes... yes, that might be a good idea. Thank you, dear,” said Lisa.

I backed away from the door and made as if I was just walking toward it as it opened. Jen came out, blushing and a bit flustered. “How’s your mother feeling?” I asked.

“A bit better, I think,” said Jen. “I think I need a cup of coffee, myself. Long drive.”

“Come on down,” I invited her. We walked down the three stairs into the kitchen, and I fiddled with the coffee maker, setting it to brew, and got a couple of cups. As the machine grumbled and dripped coffee into the pot, I sat down at the table across from my daughter. “Well?” I asked.

“She seems... I dunno, mostly normal?” Jen said after a moment of consideration.

“’Mostly’ normal?”

“She... I don’t know, there was this vibe, I guess. She said I was beautiful,” Jen said hesitantly.

“Well, you are,” I stated matter-of-factly. “Why is that odd?” I asked.

“Um, the way she looked at me when she said it. It was... just, kind of... off.”

“Hmm. Well, she’s been through a whole lot in the last twenty-four hours, of course.”

“Dad, it was... like she thought I was sexy or something. She’s never done that before, acted like that. It was a weird vibe.”

“Um, I am not programmed to respond in that area,” I said, quoting a line from an old television show Jen and I used to watch reruns of together when she was a kid.

She smiled, and said, “I know, Dad. That is one word that you can’t equate with me.”

“Well, that’s not entirely true,” I said. “I can say objectively that young men must fall for you right and left, smitten by your charm and beauty.”

Jen stuck out her tongue at me, grinned, then said, “This was, um, like she meant it. Kind of like she saw me for the first time, and like I wasn’t her daughter. She was kind of reaching for me, but stopped herself. It was kind of uncomfortable. It just... didn’t feel right.”

“Really? Hmm. I don’t know. I don’t quite know how to react, myself. I mean, she isn’t acting or reacting like I would expect. I don’t really know what to expect. Crying fits? Depression? Anxiety? Fear of me as a male? She just seems... restless. Kind of frustrated at having to take it easy. Maybe even a bit bored. It’s kind of like what happened yesterday isn’t important or something.“

The coffee was ready, and I poured two cups and handed one to Jen.

“I don’t think there’s a standard way that women who’ve been raped have to react, Dad. She may be locking it all away somewhere in her mind. You’ll just have to be patient. Either she’ll remember, and have to deal with it then, or not. You’ll just have to be very understanding if and when it comes out.“

I nodded. “How did you get to be so wise for an eighteen-year-old?”

“I have great parents,” she said with another grin. “Also, a psychology class at school.”

Later that afternoon, Lisa got up and started working on dinner. I’d been prepared to order a pizza, but she shooed me out and began working culinary magic. She was done with moping around, she said, and needed to do something. I didn’t want to make things any weirder, so I retreated to the living room and watched television with Jen.

At one point I looked up from Naked and Afraid to see Lisa in the doorway, looking at Jen and me with an odd look on her face, with what seemed almost a kind of loving... hunger. Then it was gone, and she went back to stir something on the stove.

During dinner, I caught that same look on her face from time to time as she talked with Jen and me as I told her about taking a week off of work and Jen talked about being off for Fall Break. After dinner, I did the dishes as they watched more television.

After the show they were watching ended, Lisa announced she was going to take a shower, and hinted that she’d like some company as she did so. Jen and I exchanged glances as she left the room, moving her cute derriere in a way that underlined the hint. Neither of us said anything until we heard the shower start.

“That was... unusual,” said Jen. “Was she talking to you, or to me?”

“It kind of seemed like she was just throwing it out there, but it must have been for me,” I said. “Have you seen some if the looks she’s been giving this evening?”

“I’ve caught her making sexy eyes at both of us,” said Jen. “What the hell is going on? It’s kind of creeping me out! Mothers should not look at their daughters like that!“

“Maybe... maybe she’s finally reacting to what happened? Looking for some kind of, I dunno, sexual validation or reassurance?” I guessed. “It is definitely worrying me, though.”

“Maybe you should, um, try making love with her tonight?” Jen suggested. “Maybe that will help. Just... be careful, try not to do anything that might, um, remind her of yesterday, you know?” She rolled her eyes and scrunched her nose. “This is not a conversation a kid should have with her parent! I’m trying hard to not imagine the two of you making love, you know?”

“It’s not comfortable for me, either,” I said. “I...”

We both stopped as Lisa’s moans and cries carried above the sound of the shower. She was obviously masturbating, and climaxing. Jen and I both blushed and looked away from each other in embarrassed silence until she was done.

“She did that on purpose,” Jen said, shaking her head afterwards. “Had to be.”

I took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. “I don’t know how to deal with this. Maybe I should call that psychologist?”

“I’ll do some research online tonight, and see if I can get a phone number for you, Dad.”

“Thank you, Jen,” I said gratefully.

There was an uncomfortable silence again, and then Jen stood saying, “I’m going to go get started on that now, then. Have a good night, Dad. Love you, and Mom, too.”

“Sleep well, Jen,” I said, standing myself, and watched her go. I took another deep breath, and went into our bedroom.

I closed the door behind me, and turned to find Lisa right in front of me. “Whoa! Hi there, love! Wasn’t expecting you to be right there!” I exclaimed, startled.

She gave me a sexy smile and out her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a deep kiss, pressing her bare breasts against my shirt-clad chest. She ripped my shirt open, sending the buttons flying, pulled me to the bed and sat down on the edge to undo my belt and pants. Once they were down to my ankles, she hopped up again, wrapped her arms around me, and pulled me down onto her on the bed. She hadn’t been this frisky in years.

She actually grabbed my cock and guided it to her sex with a strength and determination that was amazingly sexy and urgent. She was very warm and wet, and in no time at all I was up to the hilt inside her, and she was moving like she was being electrocuted with pleasure. I’d like to say that I was keeping up my end of things, but I was still a bit shocked. She actually grabbed my ass and started thrusting, and it took me a moment or two to catch up!

My wife is a lovely woman, and can be fairly sexual, but this was new behavior. I mean, we normally had sex about once a week, and it was usually me doing most of the work. There was usually a fair bit if foreplay, usually with me giving her oral sex, some strokjng and kissing, and a slow, middle-aged, married-twenty-years buildup to a grand finale with at least one orgasm for her before we ever got to me being inside her.

This time, there was no real foreplay, but she had at least two orgasms before I even got close. Yes, I’m certain they were real orgasms—I felt her pussy spasm around my cock both times. She was fevered, driven, and very definitely as turned on as I’d ever seen her, even during our honeymoon!

At one point, she rolled us over, still connected and pressed together so she had me in as deep as I could go, and she actually rode me in a position we hadn’t used in years. As she did, I swear it was like she got tighter, and she pounded down with such force that Jen had to hear us clapping together, and Lisa yowling like a cat in heat. As I got close, I began to growl, and Lisa clawed my shoulders grinding down on me and taking me in as deep as I could go again. We came together, and she screamed in her passion. Lisa had never screamed before. Never. At most, she made fairly quiet moans of pleasure. This scream was loud and long and declared to the entire neighborhood that she was cumming like a madwoman. My ears rang for ten minutes afterward.

After we panted in exhaustion for a couple if minutes, she kissed me frantically and wetly for several minutes, and I kissed her back with almost as much fervor. Lisa crouched down on me, with us still connected, pressing as much of her body against me as she could, and told me how much she loved me and needed me. I said the same to her, of course, and cuddled her in my warmest embrace.

She finally began to settle, and when she moved and we finally disconnected, I took the opportunity to get rid of the pants and boxers that were still tangled around my ankles. When I lay back on the pillows and looked over at her, she was still looking at me with huge eyes, like I was the most amazing and wonderful man in the world. That was an incredibly gratifying look, and it made me feel better than I’d felt in a very long time.

She kissed me again, and looked me in the eyes, and said “I love you” like she wanted me to know it on a cellular level.

“I love you, too, Lis, so much more than I can say,” I told her, and kissed her gently on her mouth, and then on each eyelid. “You are my heart’s treasure.”

She beamed. Then her expression changed. “Don, I... I don’t... I need...” she struggled with the words.

“What, my love?” I asked, watching her face as she wrestled with whatever it was she was trying to say. “It’s all right, you can tell me anything.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know I’m not acting like I used to. I’m having these feelings, and it’s like I’m falling down a hillside, and I can’t stop. I feel like... like my brakes don’t work. I can stomp the pedal to the floor and nothing happens! And I’m so confused by it all!”

“Honey, you’ve had a traumatic experience. It’s natural to feel like life is out of control when that happens.”

“No, it’s not life, it’s me. When we were, when I was in the shower, I wanted you to come in and fuck me. I knew Jen had to hear, and I didn’t care, it excited me more, thinking of you two in the living room listening to me as I came.“

“Ah. Well. Um, I guess I can say that your imagination was accurate. It was a bit uncomfortable for us both.”

“Don, it’s like some sexual madwoman has been let loose inside me, and she takes over! But, Don, she’s me. It’s me that gets crazy, that wants...” she stopped herself then continued in a smaller voice, “...things.“

I kissed her and hugged her. “Well, I love you, sexual madwoman at the controls or not. Give it time. Give yourself time. Things will settle, and you’ll get your control back.“

She shrugged, then nodded, and kissed me gently. “I love you,” she said again. I turned off the light, and we cuddled until we fell asleep.

* * *

Lisa woke me about 4:00 AM, tossing and turning and making sounds in her sleep like she was both having sex and arguing at the same time. I was just about to wake her when she cried, clearly, “Not Jen!” I sat up in bed beside her and watched. “No! Mmmm, yes! No! No! ...need it! ...can’t, mustn’t!”

Lisa shivered in orgasm, tensing and stretching, then relaxed with a sad little “” It was an echo of the word I’d heard the day before, but much more soft.

“Honey, wake up! Are you okay? You’re having a dream!”

“Mmm?” She purred as she opened her eyes. “Don, hi! Do you want to fuck?”

“Lisa, honey, you were having a dream. Do you remember what it was about?” I put aside the fact that she never propositioned intimacy with me like that before, certainly not using that word.

“Mmmm. Jen, I think. Is she here?”

“She’s in her bedroom, honey, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Oh. Pity. Um... do you like my boobs?”

“You are beautiful just as you are, love, you always have been,” I answered. A pity that Jen wasn’t here? In our bedroom? “Lisa, love, you were having a dream. It was about Jen?”

“Jen? What about her? Is it hot in here? God, I’m so horny! Suck my nipples, baby, I need your mouth on my tits!” Her nipples were standing out from her breasts, the areolae tight and rigid, the tiny bumps on them visible even in the semidarkness.

“Shh. Do you remember what you were dreaming?” I pursued.

Lisa pouted a moment, then said, “I don’t know. I think... maybe she was watching television? Not here, though, that doesn’t seem right.... Maybe at the office? I don’t know, Don, I can’t remember. It was just a dream. It’s not important, and I need you inside me, now!”

I kissed down her breasts to a nipple, and began tickling it with my tongue. Lisa laughed throatily and pulled my head down, forcing her nipple deeper in my mouth. I sucked at it with slowly increasing force, and Lisa arched her back to push it in farther while making a cooing needy sound. Her nipple was amazingly hard and it was pulsing with her heartbeat against my lips and tongue.

Lisa grabbed my already-hard cock and began pulling me by it towards her very wet sex. She was making whining, needy sounds in her throat as she did so. I shifted onto my knees and moved into position—the missionary position. Lisa ran the head of my cock along her slit, lubricating it with her copious juices, then grabbed my asscheeks and pulled me into her. As I sank in, she made a sound in her throat and said, “Ah, yeah, that’s good! Now, fuck me!”

Lisa was not someone who had really ever talked dirty during sex. She made sounds pretty often, but in twenty years of marriage she’d never used the word “fuck” while we were in the middle of the act. It just wasn’t her thing.

While it was kind of exciting for her to be so forceful and vocal, it was also kind of alarming—she was acting so differently from her usual self that her behavior was showing that something inside her had shifted, like a fault line of her personality was causing quakes of sudden change.

Lisa was moaning and groaning happily with pleasure at each stroke, again, very different from her usual style, and her nails were digging into my butt cheeks as she pulled. She writhed like a snake beneath me, and her pussy was doing something amazing to my cock. She looked at me with pure lust on her face and in her eyes, her teeth gleaming in the darkness.

I felt her tempo change, and knew she was getting close to orgasm. “Fuck me, Don! Fill me with your cum! I... need... you... SO... MUCH!” Her last words were a scream that ended with her biting my shoulder as I came inside her, her pussy rolling and pulling on my cock. She vibrated with her climax, tensed so tight that her muscles quivered with the strain.

Finally she fell back, relaxed, her body surrendering its tension all at once, her lips giving me the happiest smile I’d ever seen on her face. She ran her hands from her breasts down to just below her belly. “Mmmm, I love you, baby, so very much!” she purred.

I stretched out next to her and gazed down into her clear blue eyes, pupils wide in the darkness. “I love you, too, honey. Why don’t you see if you can get back to sleep? It’s still very late, or, early, now.”

“Mmm, okay,” she said. She closed her eyes, and I watched her face as she drifted off. Something was happening inside her, some struggle, and her new, powerful sexual drive was a part of it. I was worried about her, and resolved to call the victim services counselor in the information that the police had given us in the morning.

Lisa seemed to drop into a sound sleep, and didn’t seem to struggle for a while, so I finally drifted off again, myself.

* * *

Detective Lori Abrams knocked on the door at 9:00 AM sharp, and wanted to talk with Lisa. I took the opportunity to call Victim Services Counseling, and spoke with a Dr. Victoria Tandy. I described what Lisa had been going through the last couple of days, and asked if this was usual.

Dr. Tandy said that she would be happy to talk with Lisa, and, I was surprised to hear, would pay a house call rather than have her come in. Her tone of voice was not exactly encouraging, though, and she wouldn’t speculate on what was happening with Lisa until she’d actually talked with her. She offered to come by right after lunch. I did not get the feeling that Lisa’s recent behavior was typical of her experience with rape victims.

Detective Abrams wanted to talk with me after she’d talked with Lisa for about half an hour, and had me go over the events of the incident step by step. I told her everything I could recall. She wanted Lisa to see the police psychologist to see if Lisa could recall more under careful questioning by a specialist. I told her that I’d already talked with Dr. Tandy and set up an appointment for today at 1:00 PM. The detective nodded at that, and said Dr. Tandy was very good, and that Lisa would be in good hands.

While we were talking, Jen came out and joined us in the conversation. The detective turned to go, and as she was walking away, Jen told me that her mother had just fondled her breasts from behind, and shouldn’t she see someone to help her with her recovery?

The detective turned around immediately and came back. “Your mother is behaving strangely since this happened?” she asked Jen.

“Well, yes,” Jen said. “She’s been sort of... acting out, sexually. Why?”

“It may be nothing,” said the detective, carefully. “She doesn’t seem depressed or suicidal, does she?”

“No,” I told her. “She’s mostly been kind of frisky, to tell you the truth.”

“Are you kidding?” said Jen, “I heard you two last night, and in the middle if the night! And it feels like... like she’s making passes at me.”

“Has your mother ever said anything about being bisexual?”

“No,” said Jen and I together.

“Hmm. Thank you. It’s good that she’s going to see Dr. Tandy later. Give me a moment, I should talk with your wife again for a few minutes. Would you two stay here?”

Jen and I looked at each other, then agreed. She went back into the house and while she was gone, I told Jen about the Victim Services appointment, and what I’d set up with Dr. Tandy. The detective came back out a few minutes later, and thanked us, and said we should keep a close eye on Lisa for the next few days. We assured her that we would.

She asked if Lisa had been behaving strangely before the incident, or if she’d been associating with any other women recently, and if we’d noticed any other changes in her behavior. The answer to all those questions was “no.”

“Several women who were also associated with Bradley Lowenstein have apparently committed suicide in the last 24 hours,” Detective Abrams told us. “Two, a mother and daughter, were his neighbors, and one... other. All left notes saying that they couldn’t live without him. It’s extremely odd,” she said, “but there isn’t any proof of anything. Yet.”

“You think I may have interrupted him in the middle of something more than the obvious?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But I find it interesting that she wasn’t even aware that he... well, she wasn’t aware of what was happening. How long was she... how long between when you shot him and she... regained awareness?”

“I don’t know. I thought she was in shock. You and the other officer who responded to the call were with her,” I told her.

“You said she didn’t respond to you when you called her name or touched her?”

“That’s right. When she didn’t react, I called 911. I don’t think I touched anything else.”

“She was looking at a picture on her computer desk when we entered and looked up when I touched her shoulder.” The detective shook her head. “Thank you, Mr. Bowman. I’m sure I’ll be checking in with you again. And please, keep a close eye on your wife. Those three suicides are... very disturbing.” The detective left Jen and I looking at each other, not quite sure what to think.

When Jen and I went back in the house, it was to hear Lisa in the throes of another orgasm. Jen shook her head, looked very sad, and hugged me, burying her face in my shoulder. I didn’t quite know how to feel.

* * *

I was making lunch for the three of us when I heard Jen cry out, and rushed into her bedroom. I found Lisa, naked and curled on the floor, crying, and Jen crouched on the far side of her bed. “What’s going on?” I demanded.

Lisa, still crying, sobbed, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She bolted from the room, and I turned to Jen.

“She... she grabbed me, and tried to put her hand down my pants,” Jen said. “She said she needed me to touch her....” Tears ran down her face. “Dad, I... I dont know how to deal with this!”

I sat on the bed. “Oh, God.”

“She seemed desperate,” Jen said, straightening her jeans and sitting down next to me. “Dad, I... I don’t know how to deal with her. I don’t know what to do! She needs help!”

I sighed. “I know. The counselor is coming in less than an hour. We’ll have to explain to her how Mom’s behaving. Okay?”

Jen sniffed, and nodded.

“I know it’s hard, Jen. I can imagine how difficult it would be if my mom came onto me after... well, I can imagine.”

She nodded again, looking down at her clasped hands. I got up, and hugged her. “Come on, let’s get lunch.”

We adjourned to the kitchen, and I finished the sandwiches I’d been making. Lisa came in, looking very ashamed of herself. She was dressed in a sundress, which was much better.

“I’m sorry, Jen,” Lisa said with every appearance of sincerity. “I... lost control of myself. I seem to be losing my mind,” she said, hanging her head.

“Mom... that wasn’t okay,” Jen said. “You can’t do that. It’s bad enough hearing you and Dad, but hearing you by yourself, and your trying to... to... put your hand down my pants! You just can’t do that! What is going on?”

“I don’t know,” said Lisa. “I really don’t know!” She shook her head, and a tear ran down her cheek. “I keep having these ideas come into my head, and they’re all so sexual! And I can’t turn it off!“

Jen said,“I’m sorry, Mom. I know you’re going through a hard time, but... you just... can’t... do that!“

“I know! I do know, dear. It’s like, something comes over me and I get swept up and... I promise to do my very best not to do that again. I promise

“Okay, Mom. I love you. I do,” Jen said.

“I know, dear. I love you, too! I’m sorry,” said Lisa.

“Eat your sandwiches, ladies,” I said. “We’ll have a guest soon.”

* * *

Detective Abrams walked into tbe silent office of Lowenstein & Associates and then to the police tape across Lisa Bowman’s office door. She opened the door, wrinkling her nose at the smell of blood that still hung in the air. She carefully examined Lisa’s desk, checked the drawers, and knelt down to look under it. She spotted something there, a small heart-shaped pendant made of rose quartz with a loop of gold attaching it to a fine gold chain.

Abrams took out a small plastic bag, and holding the bag open by pinching its zip closure, carefully scooted the pendant into the bag and closed it. It was the last thing Lisa Bowman recalled, knocking off the pendant that had been on her desk. Abrams looked at it through the plastic, not seeing anything that would seem unusual.

She checked the seat, which was clear of gore, and sat down at the desk, looking more closely at the pendant under the tensor light. Still finding nothing that caught her attention, she pushed back from the desk, swiveling the chair as the computer’s screensaver flashed on, a complicated spiral of colors catching her eye.

* * *

Dr. Victoria Tandy sat at the kitchen table looking at the concerned husband and daughter. “What exactly is Ms. Bowman doing that concerns you?”

“She’s acting out sexually,” said Jen. “She keeps... well, she tried to put her hand down my jeans earlier today, she’s made several passes at me today and yesterday, and she is being very vocal when she masturbates, which she’s done twice today and once last night, and when she’s had sex with Dad, which she did twice last night!“

“And this is unusual?”

“Very,” Jen said flatly. “In all the years I lived here, I never heard her or Dad, and only found their door locked a few times.”

I nodded. “She has been, um, very ‘assertive’ sexually in the last couple of days. She’s never been particularly vocal, not when anyone could hear. She has never touched our daughter sexually, and is distraught over her own actions.”

“So she hasn’t been very sexual until the rape?” asked Dr. Tandy.

“I wouldn’t say that,” I said. “It’s just that she’s more, uh, um, active and vocal about it since then with me, and she’s never been inappropriate with Jen.“

“I think I would have led with that, Dad,” said Jen, and I flashed her a sheepish grin.

Dr. Tandy repressed a smile, then said, “Good. Hold onto that sense of humor. It will help.” She stood. “Thank you for telling me about your concerns. I’ll go speak with your mother now. You might want to give us a bit of privacy.”

Jen and I nodded and stood, and Jen called her mom into the room. As Lisa came in, I told her that Jen and I were going to be on the porch while she talked with Dr. Tandy. She nodded, and we stepped out with glasses of iced tea, and sat on the porch swing to wait. We talked for a long time, mostly about Jen’s school and her first semester at college, and my memories of my first semester years ago.

An hour passed, then another. Finally, Dr. Tandy stepped outside and looked at us. “This is troubling,” she told us. “While every case is different, this one is the most ‘different’ I’ve ever had. You are right, it would appear that your mother is acting out in some very unusual ways. She is aware that the way she is behaving is inappropriate, and is trying to prevent herself from doing so. She does not understand why she is behaving this way with you, Jen, and is very distressed by it. I’ve called a psychiatrist that I work with, and he’s called in a prescription for your mother. The next few days she should take the medication as prescribed, and Don, you should be willing to listen when she talks,, and be very understanding with her, especially for the next few days.”

“What about me?” asked Jen.

“You, too, of course! But in your case, I hope you’ll put a bit more physical distance between you and your mother for several days. Far enough that she can’t touch you inappropriately. She seems to be needing reassurance that she is loved, and seems to feel that sex is how she has to get that. The rape has unsettled her a great deal, and, I believe, she is trying to regain her stability and feelings of self-worth in inappropriate but desperate ways. Letting her know you love her as you always have while discouraging her sexual acting out is important.“

Dr. Tandy continued, “Don, from my conversation with Lisa, I understand that you are reassuring her that she is loved and remains sexually attractive, while discouraging her inappropriate behavior, and that is excellent. Keep up the good work!” Dr. Tandy told me. “Her prescription should be called in and filled by now, so you may want to get her started on that right away.”

“Thank you, doctor,” I said. “Do we need to schedule an appointment to see you for a follow-up?”

“I will come back by day after tomorrow at the same time,” she said. “We’ve found that the security and privacy of home visits is very helpful to survivors, much moreso than office visits, so that’s what we try to do.”

After saying goodbye, the doctor departed, and Jen left to pick up Lisa’s prescription. I went back into the house to check on my wife.

I found Lisa in bed, and naked once again, though she was under the covers. She was masturbating again, though she was being fairly quiet about it, finally.

“Hi, babe,” I said, sitting next to her, “how are you doing?”

“Mmmbetter, I think,” she said. “I don’t think the doctor understandsss what I tried to explain to her, though. Mmmm...”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Mmmmshe thinks I’m feeling guilty and unloved, but I don’t. I’m just so hornyyyyy!“

“Well, I’m glad you know we love you, but you know you can’t allow yourself to be sexual with your daughter, no matter how horny you get, right?”

“Mmmmmaahhhhhh! Ahhh, yes!” she moaned, sounding very much like it was an orgasm. “Yes, I know, dear! I will do my best to be a good... good girl!”

I raised my eyebrows at her words.

““Yes, yes, dear, I’ll be good,” she said, a bit more normally.

There was a knock at the door, and I left Lisa sucking on her finger in bed. I closed the door after myself, just in case.

When I opened the door, it was to find a flushed Detective Abrams standing outside. “Detective?”

“Hi! Um, Mr. Bowman hello.”

“Are you all right, Detective?” I asked, as she seemed distracted.

“Uh, yes,” she answered, “I think so. I just came from Lisa’s... Ms. Bowman’s office. I needed... to ask her about this pendant, I think.”

“Oh. I gave her that when we first started going out, years ago. Give me a moment and I’ll make sure she’s presentable.”

“Oh. Thank you,” she said, looking down at the pendant like she was a bit disappointed.

I stepped inside, and called to Lisa to ask if she was dressed. “Give me a second to put on my robe,” she called back.

I turned and opened the door and invited the detective in. She stepped inside, looking uncomfortable.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked. “Would you like to sit down, some iced tea? Lisa will just be a moment, I think.”

“Yes, thank you, D... Mr. Bowman,” said the detective.

“’Don’ is fine!’ I smiled, and got an embarrassed smile in return. I moved to the kitchen and got her a glass of sweet iced tea. When I returned to give it to her, she’d unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt, and her face remained flushed. “Here you go! You look a bit warm! This should help with that!”

“Thank you!” she said, and promptly drank about half the glass. “It’s nice and cool in here! I guess the AC in the car isn’t working as well as I’d like!” she laughed.

“Here’s Lisa now. Would you like me to step out again?”

“Uh, yeah, if you don’t mind?” the detective replied. “I think that might be... best.”

I stepped out and sat on the porch swing again. The day wasn’t that hot there in the shade, but I supposed that the bright sun would have made her police car feel like an inferno. I could hear the ladies talking inside, but couldn’t make out the words. The tone of their voices seemed a bit different than it had that morning.

After a few minutes, Jen drove up and got out of her car carrying a bag from the pharmacy. “Whatcha doing out here, Dad?”

Detective Abrams came back to talk to your mom again, I’m just giving them space,” I replied.

“Oh. Any leads, shweetheart?” she asked, doing a bad Bogart impression.

“No idea. Not sure what there could be leads about, anyway.”

“I think she thinks that those suicides are connected to what happened to Mom.”

“I don’t know how they could be,” I said. “I guess that asshole had some women who loved him more than he deserved.”

“Definitely,” Jen said. ”Way more than he desetved!” She paused, “Or maybe when they found out he was killed in the middle of a rape they were so ashamed....“

“It is strange,” I commented. “Did you ever meet him?”


“Well, one, that’s good, but two, he wasn’t really the kind of guy you would expect would have multiple women fall for him, or at least not that hard. He was kind of an awkward geek, the kind of guy who would, I dunno, be part of a faceless corporation working in a cubicle somewhere if his uncle hadn’t hired him, you know? Somebody who might be lucky enough to be loved that much by one woman, maybe...“

“Hmm,” Jen said. “Always the quiet ones, I guess.”

“No, really. This was not a guy that women would fall for. You know, at first they thought I might have shot him because I caught them together. Then they found out who it was I’d shot, and changed their minds. That’s sad, but true. I’d bet you money the detective is trying to figure out how he got those other three women, let alone why they killed themselves when he died.”

“Dad, don’t be an ass.”

“Jen, I’m really not joking. Bradley Lowenstein was not what you’d call a babe magnet.”

“Okay, okay, but you never know. Some guys can be attractive to women in ways that other guys just can’t see,” argued Jen.

“Maybe so, but I don’t think Bradley was one of them,” I said. “And I don’t think the detective thinks so either.”


“You’re on.”

“Okay, I’ll ask her.”

“Okay,” I said.

Jen got up and took the meds to the door, and opened it. She walked in calling, “Mom, I’m back! I’ve got your meds!” She went to the kitchen and got a glass of water and went to the bedroom door.

Detective Abrams was thanking Lisa for answering her questions, and turning to leave.

“So, Detective, this Bradley guy, was he some kind of Casanova or something? Three women?” Jen asked.

Abrams stopped and looked at Jen. “No, he was pretty much a creep, from what I can tell. We can’t figure out why those women would give him the time of day, let alone kill themselves for him. I mean, he certainly wasn’t handsome like your dad or anything.” She suddenly looked embarrassed. “Uh, sorry. I’ve got to go, now.” She beat a retreat to the door and went quickly to her car, shooting an embarrassed smile at me.

“Huh,” said Jen, watching as she drove away. “What was that about?”

“She thinks our family is sexy,” said Lisa.


“She thinks your father is sexy,” Lisa said. “And she thinks you’re a lovely young lady.”

“Um, okay... Did she tell you that?” Jen asked, handing her mother the water and a pill.

“No, but I can tell,” said Lisa with a grin. I think she likes me, too.”

Jen looked at her mother as she took her pill, then shook her head. “Well, you win,” she said as I came to the bedroom door. “She said he was a creep. Then she said you were handsome.”


“Sounds like you’ve got a fan,” Jen said, shrugging. “But she was not impressed with Bradley at all.“

“Who would be?” said Lisa.

“She thinks I’m handsome?” I asked.

“Hey, I’ve got dibs,” said Lisa. “Though if you’re interested, I might be willing to share....”

“I’m a happily married man,” I said firmly, but with a smile.

Jen looked at her mother, and shook her head again. “I’m too young for this conversation,” she said.

“No, you’re not,” Lisa said, laughing. “You’re just old enough!”

“Mom, if I were a hundred and three, I’d still be too young for this conversation!”

“And I’m too old for it,” I said.

“Anyway, Dad, it seems like you were right.”

“Mm-hmm!” I nodded. “Thank you!” Then I asked, “What did Detective Abrams want to talk about, Lisa?”

“That’s... private,” she said, with a hint of mystery. Then she shook her head with a smile. “Mostly, she asked me to recount again what I could remember before and after you shot Bradley.”

“I saw she had that pendant I gave you when we first started going out,” I said.

“Oh, yeah. The last thing I remember before, you know, was knocking it off my desk. It fell to the floor under my desk, I think, and that’s when things get... fuzzy. Next thing I knew she was helping me to sit down in my chair, my skirt was up and my ass was bare. I wonder if she liked my ass....”

“Oh, no! You didn’t touch her or make a pass at her, did you Mom?” Jen asked, worriedly.

“No, dear, you’d have been proud of me. I was good.”

I wondered what had caught the detectives attention, why she was asking about what Lisa remembered, and why the pendant I’d given Lisa so many years ago seemed so important to her.

Jen sniffed, and suddenly demanded of her mother, “Were you playing with yourself while she was in here?” Her tone brought my attention back to the conversation.

Lisa put on that mysterious look again, and said, “Maybe. But if I did, it wasn’t where she could see.”

“Oh, geez, Mom,” Jen rolled her eyes.

I quietly sniffed, and realized why Jen had asked the question. The smell of female arousal did hang in the air. On the other hand, I thought, that scent had been Lisa’s constant companion since last night. It was a little bit different, this afternoon,, though.

“I’m going to go start dinner,” I announced. “Jen, why don’t you help me chop some vegetables?”

“Okay, Dad,” Jen said.

“Why don’t you two change into something more comfortable?” asked Lisa.

“I’m comfortable enough, thanks dear,” I said, and Jen nodded.

“You stay here, Mom. Those meds will probably kick in soon.”

Lisa gave a long-suffering sigh, and said, “Okay.”

By the time we had dinner prepared, Lisa was very tranquil, which was actually a bit of a relief. Jen and I got her fed, and spent the rest of the evening watching television while Lisa slept.

As I was going to bed, it was time for another of her pills, and after she’d taken it, we both slept very soundly.

* * *

The next day, things seemed much more normal. Lisa was still very sexually interested, but appeared to be much more in control of herself.

I did catch her staring after Jen once, but she covered it quickly when she saw I’d noticed. Jen and I did some work in the garden during the day, and when we came back in I realized that Lisa was in the bathroom. She came out fairly quickly, carrying her phone, and joined us in the kitchen for a glass of iced tea.

After talking about aphids and the tomato plants for a few minutes, Lisa asked, “So what do you think of Lori? Detective Abrams, I mean.”

“She seems nice enough,” I said. “Seems competent, I guess. Very interested in the women who killed themselves over the asshole.”

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Not nearly as lovely as you,” I said, recalling some comments from the day before.

“No, really, Don, I want you to tell me, do you think she’s sexy?”

“My love, you are the sexiest woman in the world, and no woman could ever hold a candle to you.”

Jen rolled her eyes. “You know, no kid wants to hear their parents go on like this, right?”

“Shh, honey,” said Lisa. “Don. Do you think she is sexy?”

“Uh, I guess. I hadn’t really thought about her in those terms, dear. She’s what, half my age?”

“Probably. I was just curious. Do you think Jen is sexy?”

“Sweetheart, Jen is my daughter. I don’t think of her like that.”

“That woman and her daughter were having an affair with Bradley.”

“Um. I’m not Bradley. And, that young lady wasn’t Bradley’s daughter, was she?“

“I don’t think so. What I mean is, try to think of Jen as not your daughter. Would she be sexy then?”

“Mom! What the fuck?” demanded Jen.

“Look, I have a reason for asking, okay? I’m trying to understand something about your father. I understand he’s uncomfortable with the question because you’re his daughter. I want to know if he thinks you are sexy, in an objective way, as just a guy.”

“As ‘just a guy,’ then yes, I think Jen is a sexy young woman, and she’s going to make some guy very happy someday.”

“See? That wasn’t hard, was it?” asked Lisa. “’Some guy’? How do you know it won’t be some girl?”

“I don’t think she’s... well, if she falls in love with a girl, that girl will be very lucky, then,” I said, giving up figuring out where this was going. “Why?”

“I’m just trying to figure out some things. I’ve had some questions come up in the last day or so, all right?” said Lisa. She turned to Jen. “And what do you think of Lori?”

Jen shrugged, then replied, considering, “Detective Abrams? I guess I’d call her sexy, maybe. I’m not sure I’d go for a cop, and I really do prefer men, Mom, but as another woman, I guess I’d say she could be sexy. Objectively speaking, I mean.”

“Thank you. I may ask some other strange questions, later. Please just answer them. I’m just... figuring some things out, okay?” she asked us both.

“Okay, Mom.”

“Okay, dear,” I said. Jen and I exchanged glances. Neither one of had any idea what this was about.

The rest of the day, Lisa seemed more like her usual self, though she did catch me in the middle of the afternoon with a seductive kiss and a marvelous blowjob between the corn rows in the garden when Jen was otherwise occupied.

A quiet day at home turned into a quiet night. After dinner, cuddled on the couch, Lisa asked what I thought of Dr. Tandy. It was another “is she sexy?” interview.

“Why do you keep asking about whether I find these women sexy?” I asked.

“Like I said, I trying to figure some things out,” she replied. “I’m... having to redefine some things for myself, and I trust your opinions.”

“You’ve never asked me who I thought was sexy before.”

“I didn’t need to. Now I need to ask the question.”

I shook my head and sighed. “Dr. Tandy isn’t what I’d call sexy or cute,” I opined.

“Jen thinks she is interesting,” Lisa said.

“Does she? Do you think Jen fancies women? I thought she and David Bauer were a hot item there for several years.”

“I think Jen is a Daddy’s girl,” said Lisa.

“She better be!” I joked, “I’m sure I’m in for a truckload of heartbreak when she falls in love and gets married and has kids, and can’t be my little girl anymore.”

Lisa gave me a grin. “Oh, I don’t know about that,” she smiled. “You’ll always be her Daddy. She’ll always love you. You’re the man she judges all the others by.”

“That’s probably a low bar,” I said, smiling and shaking my head.

Lisa’s face turned serious. “Not at all, dear. You’re the most wonderful man she’s ever seen.”

“Lisa, what is all this about? Why are you asking about all this?”

“It really comes down to having to figure out what ‘sexy’ and ‘interesting’ and ‘loveable’ mean. Things have changed a bit, in my head. Like yesterday, for me, everything was sexy, and excited me. I’m having to work all that out so I can make good decisions. Like, why isn’t Dr. Tandy sexy?”

“I suppose, to someone, she is. She isn’t unattractive or anything, she just isn’t that interesting to me. I’m not drawn to her.”

“But she is interesring to Jen,” Lisa said.

“I suppose she could be. I’m not Jen, so I don’t truly know what Jen finds interesting about her. Maybe it’s because she listens. Maybe she’s impressed with her education. Maybe she reminds her of you. ‘Interesting’ covers a lot of ground, most of it not sexual at all.”

“Oh, that’s sweet!” Lisa said, fluttering a little and getting a bit misty of eye.

“It can be hard to tell why one person finds another attractive, even if you’re the person who finds the other attractive! You can’t always explain it. Not everyone can be the whole package like you—sexy, interesting, beautiful, thoughtful, hard-working, loving, caring, mother of my child, and the most important part, loving me. There isn’t a reason I love you, I just do, and there are so many wonderful things about you that make that easier.”

“Aww,” Lisa said, and cuddled closer to me, kissing my neck. She turned around, and put her legs across my lap. “I’m going to go out and do some things tomorrow,” she said, looking me in the eye.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Grocery store, health food store, maybe stop by the office,” Lisa said.

“Hummm. You sure you should get out so soon? I mean, you were acting a bit, you know, over-the-top just yesterday. You sure you’re ready?”

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll take Jen to keep an eye on me, okay?”

“What do you need at the health food store?”

“Just some vitamins and supplements. Nothing too interesting. For, um, female issues.”

“Well, if you promise to behave yourself and follow Jen’s advice, you should do fine. You haven’t needed those meds today, and you seem to be doing so much better! Remember, you’ve got that meeting with Dr. Tandy, here.”

“I thought maybe I’d ask to meet her at my office, since I’m going by there and that’s where it happened. I figured it would be smart to have her along. The office is still closed until the police and the cleaners are done.”

“Ah. Oh. Yes. Well, if you feel its appropriate. I’m not sure I’d want to go back there, if I were you.“

“I do. Now, come to bed with me. I want you to do for me what I did for you this afternoon, and then I’m going to make you forget that any other women even exist, let alone might be sexy!”

I laughed. “As long as Jen can’t hear what we’re doing, that would be wonderful!”

* * *

I slept late the next day, and woke to an empty house.

I puttered around after my shower, trying not to be too concerned about how Lisa was doing, and how Jen was handling her if Lisa got over-excited again. After lunch, I finally gave up and called Lisa’s phone.

“Hi, sweetheart!” her cheerful voice said in my ear after two rings.

“Hi, honey! How’s it going?” I asked.

“Fine! I’ve been good, and haven’t been arrested or anything!” she laughed. “We’re at the health food store now. We should be home in half an hour, okay?”

“Great!” I said. “How did the office visit go?”

“Just fine. No problems. I got my stuff, and Vickie, uh, Dr. Tandy was there with Lori, Detective Abrams, so all went well.”

Huh. The detective and the doctor? Well, I guess it was still a crime scene, so that made sense.

“How’s Jen doing?” I asked.

“She’s fine. Would you like to talk with her?” asked Lisa.

I would have said no, that was okay, but Lisa was apparently already handing the phone to Jen.

“Hi, Daddy,” Jen said, just a bit breathlessly.

Daddy? She hadn’t called me anything other than ‘Dad’ for years.

“Hi, honey! Just checking in,” I said. “Is Mom behaving herself?”

“Um, yeah, she’s doing fine!” she said. “Especially with Lori.”


“Yeah. Um, look, I gotta go! See you in a bit!” As she was hanging up, I heard her say “Get the one with maca [click].”

So now Jen was calling the detective ‘Lori’? And Lisa had called Dr. Tandy ‘Vickie.’ Lisa was friendly, and this was a relatively small town, but it wasn’t Mayberry or anything, and, while I was glad the ladies were all getting along, the first-name thing was, well, just a bit odd. On the other hand, given what Lisa had been through, maybe they encouraged being more friendly than usual?

I was feeling a bit like things had changed on me, like the world I used to take for granted was different now. All these changes Lisa was going through were kind of getting to me, I guessed. It’s funny how little changes in a boring, predictable life could bug you, and while some of these changes weren’t little, the big ones made even the little ones more noticeable.

Besides, I still wasn’t sure how to deal with having shot a man while he was raping my wife, I realized. No wonder I was having reactions to little things! Would I have even noticed when my wife went from calling someone by their job title to their first name before? Probably not, I decided. I’m starting to jump at shadows. I’m the one who should probably talk to Dr. Tandy, I thought.

It was funny, though, I thought, I had shot and killed a man in the act of raping my wife. She didn’t remember it, and could not seem to care less. I mean, that was good, I guess? I’d hate it if she were plagued or tormented by it, but shouldn’t she be more... concerned? At least a little? I mean, as someone who knew the guy? Or maybe feel angry at someone who had obviously violated her? But this was kind of like if I don’t remember it, did it really happen? Well, yes, the dead guy on her office floor should show that!

Then again, I should just be happy she’s not wrecked over it! I should just stop trying to be an orthodontist for this donated equine. Cool it, Don.

I went back out to mow the lawn, and found they’d gotten back by the time I was done. I came back in, hot and sweaty, and as I was chugging a glass of iced tea, found my wife’s arms enfoldimg me.

“Oh, God, Don! You’re a soggy furnace! Go take a cool shower!” Lisa said, taking a napkin and wiping at the moisture I’d gotten on her arms.

“No argument, here!” I said. A cool shower would be perfect to sluice away the damp dirt and grass bits that had blown back on me as I’d pushed the old mower, as well as close the pores that had pumped out all that sweat.

When I stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed, I found only a terrycloth bathrobe waiting for me rather than the clean clothes I’d set out. I towelled off and shrugged into my robe, and stepped into the bedroom to a surprise.

I found Lisa laying on the bed, knees spread, head propped up on the pillows, and a naked woman between them. The naked woman had a very shapely backside, fairly slender but nicely muscled, and blond hair of medium length spilled down her back.

“Uh...” I said, completely unprepared for this. For a brief, hysterical moment, I panicked, and looked to make sure that it wasn’t Jen. It wasn’t, of course, but that left the question of whom it actually was.

“Mmmm! Honey!” said Lisa, “Lori would love to have your cock inside her right now, come on over!”

There was a vigorous nod from the otherwise occupied blond head. Lori? The detective? Detective Abrams? I approached the end of the bed, where the crouched-on-all-fours backside of Detective Lori Abrams presented a wet and open pussy. She wiggled it at me in encouragement.

Now, if this were some porn movie, I’m sure this is the point where I would drop my robe and start a threesome with my wife and the detective. Sadly, I’m just not wired that way. This was just too strange and unexpected. I had to understand what was happening.

I sat down on the bed behind her, looking at my wife, who, with her eyes closed, was focused on what she was feeling from between her legs. I did see the detective’s hand move up to cup one of Lisa’s breasts and roll the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Lisa cooed in appreciation, and stroked the blond hair.

The detective made little distressed sounds and wiggled her butt again, making little thrusting motions. The smell of arousal was potent, and the sight of the two women was incredibly arousing, but even though I was sorely tempted, I stayed where I was and just admired the view. I refused to just assume that plunging in would actually be okay. Yeah, I know, that was probably silly, given the situation, but it just didn’t sit right. Things like this don’t just happen, not to me.

It took a few minutes for Lisa to get close to cumming and I will admit to enjoying the show. When Lisa moaned and clutched the woman’s face to her pussy, taking a great deal of satisfaction from the face between her thighs, I saw, with an excellent view, Lori’s pussy twitch and move as Lisa came.

As the two women separated and Detective Abrams rolled over to reveal a smiling, Lisa-smeared face, I saw the other side of her trim, athletic body. She pouted at me as she grinned.

“Don, why didn’t you join in? We had it all set up so you would!” asked Lisa.

“You know me better than that, dear,” I said.

“You don’t like me? You don’t think I’m sexy?” The detective asked.

“Oh, you are incredibly sexy,” I said, “and I do like you very much! But I need to talk to you before we do anything. When, exactly, did this develop?” I asked, waving at their two naked, cuddled bodies.

“Um, it sort of started yesterday,” said Lori. “I discovered Bradley’s secret, but got caught by it, too. Bradley was using mind control on women. It was a screensaver that he loaded on your wife’s computer, and probably the other women’s as well.”

“A screensaver?” I asked, in disbelief, trying to ignore the naked beauty before me being obviously stimulated and caressed by my wife, and obviously for my benefit. Her breasts were perfect, C cups with just that touch of droop that assured that they were 100% real, and delicate pink nipples. Her stomach was gently curved, exquisitely feminine, and below that she had a light blond landing strip. It was truly amazing how unflattering her uniform had been!

“Yes. It comes on automatically and draws you in, makes you want to do things, fall in love with and have a whole lot of sex with the next person you see, I think. It was the picture of the three of you next to Lisa’s computer that both she and I saw. If you hadn’t shot him, it would have been Bradley she saw first ”

“So it was our family picture... that’s why Lisa has been making passes at Jen? And why she’s been...?”

“Yeah,” Lisa explained. “Lori found it when she went to my office yesterday but only figured it out when she got caught by it. She talked to me about it yesterday.”

“So, this isn’t really something you want to do?” I asked Lori carefully.

“Oh, no, I want this! I want her, I want you, I want Jen! I’ll do anything you want! I mean to make this a very happy family, if you’ll have me!” Lori said, emphatically.

“Of course we’ll have you!’ cried Lisa, throwing her arms around her from behind and both squeezing Lori’s breasts and pinching her nipples with each hand. Lori purred and grinned.

“But it’s the screensaver, the program, that’s making you feel that way!” I said.

“I don’t know. I really can’t tell. It’s what I definitely feel now. It feels like I’ve always felt this way, though I don’t think I did. The feeling just sort of overwhelms the doubt, it’s more important, and I need to love you, to please you, and for you to touch me.“

“And my daughter?”

“Absolutely. She’s one of the two sexiest women in the world!”

“Are you... were you gay? Interested in women? I mean, I didn’t think Lisa... um...”

I can say I wasn’t a lesbian, because I had a boyfriend a while back, but I can’t tell if I wasn’t bisexual. That’s been... changed. I think I thought you were cute before, but I wouldn’t have said anything because you were married, and because of the case, of course.

“Is there any way to reverse this? To make you feel like you used to?”

“Why would I want that? I was pretty unhappy as I was. I was really lonely before. I wanted and needed this family, but didn’t know it. Now that I know it, and can do something about it, why would I want to go back to being so unhappy?“

“What exactly did it do to you?” I asked.

“Vickie is looking at that, or she will be when she gets over fighting it. She’s the psychologist,” said Lori.

“Vickie? Dr. Tandy? Fighting it? You mean she got... exposed to it? It has done whatever it does to her?” I asked.

“Well, we couldn’t reveal it to her otherwise,” said Lisa. “We have trouble even remembering it unless we’re with someone else who knows about it, or our master. So we got Vickie to watch it and look at the photo, and me, too. She can figure it out once she quits fighting it.”

“Crap! Do you know if there are any other copies of this around? Where did Bradley get it?”

“He had it on a flash drive, which I’ve got. I think he deleted it from the other computers it was on. That’s what I was doing a lot of yesterday. It isn’t there now, and there was a secure deletion program on the flash drive, too. I haven’t been able to figure out where he got it originally,” answered Lori, acting for all the world as if she weren’t naked and being fondled by my wife.

“So you exposed Dr. Tandy to it so she could look at it? So she’s going to be... uh, going to fall for us, for the whole family?”

“Yes,” said Lisa. “Don, aren’t you going to fuck Lori? I know you’re all caught up in the ethical worries, but really, she needs you inside her. All your worrying and carrying on is really a painful rejection for her!“

I looked carefully at the detective, who really was looking hurt and scared, and that look had been growing as we’d talked.

“Please?” asked Lori, simply.

“But if it’s not what you really want...?” I hedged.

“She wants you and needs you, Don. This is very serious. Those other women killed themselves.

Lori nodded, looking at me like she was ready to cry, and I felt moved. I intended just to touch her face, but Lori intercepted my hand and gently sucked my finger into her mouth with every indication of nèed, passion, and even devotion.

“Lisa, are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Lisa groaned and said, “Yes! Dammit Don, of course!”

“Uh, okay, should I...?” Both women were suddenly in motion. Lisa scooted around me and pulled my robe off from behind as Lori kissed me with lips and tongue that tasted of my wife, and with a startling passion. It had been a very long time since I’d had a woman other than my wife kiss me that passionately. It caught me up like gasoline-soaked rags catch fire.

My wife pulled me back as Lori pulled my legs out and then mounted me, moving my cock inside her and sliding down. She was tight, but extremely slippery, and we both made “mmmm” sounds as it happened. We actually had the time to make those sounds and appreciate the sensation as it happened. I suddenly realized I had this petite and lovely woman making an “oh my God that’s good!” face and looking deeply into my eyes. What’s more, she was moving so high that my cock was almost out, then sliding back down slowly, and the expressions on her face swore that she was relishing every millimeter.

“Isn’t she amazing, honey?” my wife said in my ear. “She needs this like she needs to breathe, just like I do. We have to keep her!”

The thought ran through my mind as she said this that this wasn’t a stray puppy that had turned up at the door, but a woman, a strong woman, a police officer! Then the answering thought that showed up right behind it was... those other women killed themselves when Bradley died. The last evil little thought that slunk through was ‘well, you won’t have to worry about them leaving you.’ I hated that last thought, and that I had thought it.

Besides, who knew? Dr. Tandy might find or know a way to undo this. Which would be good. Right?

Oh, God, this woman was marvelous! And the need in her eyes called to something deep in my heart and soul, and looking deeply into those eyes I said, “Yes. Oh, yes.” I wanted more, a lot more, and somehow I knew I was going to get it. This woman’s eyes promised it with love and adoration.

She held my gaze, so that I watched as Lori’s pupils dilated to an incredibly large diameter—truly huge—so much so that it was almost like she was taking me in, like her eyes were trying to swallow me whole. The look on her face was of hunger and joy, in equal parts. I’d seen flashes of that look before, on Lisa’s face.

Lisa, from behind me, said “Come for her, Don. Come inside her for me. It’s what she needs more than anything, and she will be safe with us...” She worked her hand under me and caressed my balls, which pushed me over the edge of the orgasm I’d been precariously perched on. As I came, Lori did as well, and as she did her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell backwards onto the bed, which was quite uncomfortable, as she took my cock most of the way backwards with her.

I moved as quickly as I could to ease the pressure bending my cock, and was looking directly in her face as she opened her eyes, smiled from lips to eyes, and said, “Oh, Don, I love you!” She looked to Lisa, and said “Lisa, I love you, too!” She reached out and brought both of us into a powerful hug, which also brought a whole lot of her body into contact with ours. “And Jen, Oh my God, Jen! I can’t wait!”

This, of course, brought a part of the previous conversation that I had been shutting out of my mind to the front and center. “You’re... you’re in love with Jen, too,” I said, a bit bewildered by the sudden appearance of this fact appearing so clearly in my mind.

“Oh, yes, just like Lisa! And Vickie will be. And Jen will be with you and Lisa,” Lori said. “And me,” she blushed.

“Wait, Jen was exposed to this?” I asked, the world dropping out from under me.

“Well, of course,” Lori said, looking at me with a huge smile. “We had to add her! Lisa had already locked in on her because of the picture. And Jen wasn’t... reacting well... without it. Lisa needs her like she needs you, and like I need you and Lisa and Jen.”

“Uh, Lori, that’s not possible. That’s wrong, and illegal, and... just... just wrong!

“Yes, but it’s the way it is. Do you know how unhappy Lisa has been because Jen can’t make love with her? Do you know what Lisa will do if she can’t? Well, I know, and it is cruel, deeply, deeply cruel what she is going through. I know you don’t understand, you simply can’t understand, unless you’ve had this done to you.“

Lisa hugged me from behind again. “Don, we both understand why June and Jill and... Tina, we understand why they killed themselves when Bradley died. It was the only thing that made sense to them, the only thing that was possible for them. Their reason for existing was gone. It was the only way for the pain and loss to end.“

“So you... doomed our daughter? What happens to her when we’re gone? We can’t live forever!”

“Well, we have a plan. You see, it’s about the family. We’re going to have more kids!“

“What? Lisa, we’re too old!”

“No, silly! I can’t have more children, but you can, with Lori and Vickie... and Jen!“

“I can’t... with Jen?! No! I just can’t! And I don’t even know Vickie!” I expostulated.

Lori was looking a bit fearfully at me at that point, so I couldn’t bring myself to say I couldn’t or wouldn’t with her. I thought it, but I wasn’t about to say anything.

“You’ll change your mind,” Lisa said from behind me, and I knew my wife well enough to know she was giving Lori a meaningful look without actually seeing it.

“I’ve got to see her. Is she okay? What is she going through?” I asked, getting to my feet and looking for a pair of gym shorts, a t-shirt, and my robe.

“We’re going to make some cookies,” Lisa announced. “Come on, Lori!” Crap. I’d reacted exactly as she’d expected, and I would bet serious money she had set this all up to work out this way. My wife is a very smart woman, and she knows me far too well.

The two ladies got up and walked out to the kitchen as they were, without a stitch. Ah. Yes. It was a lovely sight, but one I wasn’t expecting. The cheerfulness as they went was a bit surprising as well. I wondered if someone had set up a new house dress code when I wasn’t looking.

Once I’d gotten myself appropriately covered, if only by my robe, I went and knocked on Jen’s door.

“Go away!” Jen called. “Dad, just... don’t come in!”

I thought about asking how she knew it was me, then figuratively slapped my forehead. “Jen... we need to talk.”

“No, Dad!”

“Sweetheart, I know what happened. We need to talk. Now. It’s important.”

“Fuck. Dad, really, this is really embarrassing, okay?“

“Sweetheart, I’m goimg to come in. You’ve got one minute to get ready. Okay?”

“Shit. Okay. One minute.”

I heard activity in her bedroom that sounded like she was getting dressed, then the sound of air freshener being spritzed, and the sound of the privacy lock been released.

“Okay, Dad, you can come in now,” she said in a resigned voice.

I opened the door and peered in. Jen sat on her bed with the covers up to her waist and a nightgown on.

“Hi, sweetheart. Are you... okay?”

“Of course not, Dad. I’m... having some trouble. Mom showed me what Bradley did to her, and you’re right Dad, he was an asshole, and he needed to die. But I do understand Mom better now. And Lori. They did it to Dr. Tandy, too.”

“I heard.”

“Mom told me that they think... they think having kids with you will keep us all from going crazy and committing suicide. Lots of family. Hah! I’m not sure how I feel about that right now. Though by tomorrow I probably will be all in favor of it, at least that’s what they tell me. They were certainly right about the sex thing.”

“Honey, I’m not... I don’t think...” I tried to say something helpful, and couldn’t come up with anything. “I’m so sorry!”

“Can you believe they did that to me? To anyone? Knowing what would happen?“

“No, I can’t, sweetheart. I really can’t. I’m having trouble believing any of this is real. This is like something out of a bad science fiction movie or something. If the detective hadn’t just... well, I still wouldn’t believe it.”

“Lori? Isn’t she hot?”

“Uh, well...”

“I just heard you and Mom have sex with her, Dad. I watched her eat Mom out while we were waiting for Vickie, Dr. Tandy, to be done.”


“Oh, I didn’t mind! Well, not much. I had no idea how sexy...”

“That was after the computer thing?”

“After I watched it, yeah. That damned thing works pretty fast. I had no idea watching one woman lick another to orgasm would be so... I mean, I’d seen that on internet porn before, and it didn’t do much of anything for me, but now, but with them....“

“Jen, what am I going to do? What happens tomorrow?”

“We’ll fuck,” said Jen, sounding and looking excited, then she seemed to get hold of herself. “Dad, listen to me. I can feel what it is doing to me, in my head. There are parts of me that are... going away. The parts that would have a problem with us having sex...” Jen lost focus for a moment, then continued with an effort, “uh, those parts are, well, it’s like they’re dissolving, being replaced, and what’s replacing them is crazy strong! And I know what’s happening. Mom didn’t.“

Jen was getting close to tears. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have reacted so badly when Mom... when Mom... when she wanted... Dad, look, I need you to go, right now!”

“Okay, I’m going!” I got up and turned away, but I heard the hissing breath she drew, and I was pretty sure I knew what she was doing before I’d even made it through the door. I closed that door behind me and went to the kitchen where Lori and Lisa were baking cookies. After a fashion.

The cookies they were making were no-bake cookies, and they appeared to contain a lot of whatever supplements they’d gotten at the health food store. They were opening capsules as well as crushing tablets and dumping their contents into small bowls to be mixed into the cookies. As they worled, the women caressed each other as they passed, and their juices became mixed with the ingredients. Lori dipped a finger into the batter and took lick, and nodded.

“What’s all the stuff?” I asked.

“Mostly male enhancement stuff, to increase your semen production and ability to maintain an erection. You are going to have a busy day tomorrow,” Lisa explained.

“Look, I don’t know, dear. I think this has already gone too far.”

Lori looked at me, and said, “Think of it as being prepared. Vickie is going to look over that program, tomorrow, so maybe you’ll wind up having had sex with me and your wife, and that will be it. We will have enjoyed ourselves, and that will be the end of it. On the other hand, if it doesnt turn out that way, well, you’ll be able to meet our needs.”

“I don’t know that I’ll be able to meet everyone’s needs, tomorrow, no matter how amped-up my male bits are,” I said, shaking my head.

“Well, you’ll at least have the option. You do know that Jen was the one who figures out exactly what we should get, right?” asked Lori.

“Uh...” I said as the penny dropped. I’d heard Jen doing exactly that. Damn. That... worried me.

Lori kept looking at me every so often as they finished scooping out the dough onto a waxed paper-covered tray. Lisa put the tray in the refrigerator, and turned to look at me as well. They were the ones not wearing clothes, but I was the one that felt naked.

And judged.

I shook my head, turned around, and went to take a quick shower. After that, I got dressed and sat in the porch swing, wrestling with the dilemma, and my feelings.

It was, well, it wasn’t unthinkable, but it was an incredibly hard place to be in. How could I keep my daughter safe—and sane—without doing something that I, and almost everyone else, would consider reprehensible, when that very act was what, I had been assured by those who would actually know, was needed to keep her safe and sane? And was I being selfish, fearing to do what might be necessary because of what others would think?

I was very much praying that Dr. Tandy would have an answer to this. I prayed that she would be able to break this thing’s influence over my family.

I went back inside after wallowing in my self-pity for a while, and asked Lori if she had the flash drive. After being told she had given it to Dr. Tandy, I called Dr. Tandy.

When she answered, I identified myself, and her tone, which had been annoyed and distracted, changed. “Oh! Oh, Mr. Bowman! Oh, my! What can I do for you?”

“I hear that you are looking into the flash drive that has affected my family? I was wondering how that was coming?”

“Ah, uh... not well, I’m afraid,” replied Dr. Tandy.

“What have you learned?”

“Not really anything,” she admitted.

“Could you bring it to me and perhaps we can examine it together?”

“Ah. Oh! Um, maybe? Do you have a computer?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Um, okay, since it’s you. I’ll be over shortly, okay? I was supposed to see Lisa today, anyway.”

“Okay. How are you doing?“

“Um, I, uh, am feeling the effects,” she admitted.

“You and my daughter, both,” I said. “That’s why I’m in a rush.”

“Oh, Jen, yes... um! I’ll get there as soon as I can!” the psychologist declared.

It only took her ten minutes, and she arrived a bit dishevelled, but with the flash drive. When I let her in the front door, she became abashed and stammered and had trouble meeting my eyes. This was very different from the Dr. Tandy I had met previously! This Dr. Tandy looked and acted more like a lovestruck teenage girl than the professional woman from two days before.

“I’ve got it,” she said, blushing furiously.

“Thank you, Dr. Tandy,” I said, extending my hand to take the drive.

She held out her hand and took mine, saying, “Please, call me Vickie!” and smiling cutely.

I converted my reach quickly to taking her hand, and said, “Vickie, then. Please call me Don. My computer is in my home office, over here. Will you come show me this program?”

She held my gaze a hair too long while smiling at me, then blushed again and said, “Certainly!”

I led the way, and she asked, “Does your system try to automatically run programs on flash drives? That’s what happened to mine—I put it in and it automatically copied itself to my system and set itself as my screensaver.”

“No, I have that disabled,” I replied. She handed the drive to me and I plugged it in and looked at the files on it. I then opened the program with a filereader. One of the first lines of code simply said “CALL TECH SUPPORT” and gave a phone number. I scrolled through lines and lines of code, none of which made any sense at all, not that I was that good a programmer.

“It looks like even the code is encrypted,” I said. “Did you call the phone number?”

“No,” said Vickie, “I... I can’t. I mean, I can’t even punch the number in my phone. I tried.”

“Okay. Someone is very secretive. Let me try.” I picked up my old hard-wired landline touchtone phone, placed another old piece of technology on the handset—a microphone that picks up the electromagnetic signal that makes the speaker vibrate and converts it into sound that can be stored on audiotape, and plugged that into an old cassette recorder. Then I dialed the number.

A very distorted voice answered after four rings. “Yes?”

“Good afternoon,” I said. “I’m having a bit of trouble with one of your programs...”

“Let me guess. Bradley Lowenstein?”

“Caused some problems I am trying to reverse.”

There was a rapid series of clicks that were probably the distorted sound of someone typing on a keyboard. “I see Mr. Lowenstein is now dead.”

“Yes,” I said, and quickly held the receiver several feet away from my ear. I heard a faint tone that alternated several times and then went quiet.

“You will destroy the flash drive and all evidence of its existence. You will give me the names and phone numbers of anyone who knows of its existence. You will forget this conversation and the flash drive once it is destroyed. You will remember that all is at it has always been.”

“Nice try,” I said. “Don’t worry, I don’t want anyone to have this thing, or be able to wreck people’s lives. Now, tell me how to reverse this for people who’ve seen your screensaver.”

“Oh. Oh shit. It didn’t work?”

“Nope. I’m on guard, now. How do I undo what’s been done?” I said.

“It... it can’t be undone. It’s permanent. It changes neural firing patterns in the female brain and causes new connections to form and strengthen and become permanent. That’s why you have to be sure about those you want to enslave! Didn’t you read the instructions? Fuck. Of course not. You’ve only got the flash drive, don’t you? Look, it’s permanent. It can’t be changed. If Lowenstein did your wife or girlfriend, I’m sorry, they’re going to be addicted to him for the rest of their lives. I’m surprised she’s still alive now. Most women kill themselves when their master dies.”

“It didn’t work the way he expected it to. They’re addicted to me.“

“Oh. Well, you’re stuck with them, then. Once the new brain programming is introduced and they imprint on you, that’s it. In a day or so, you have an adoring slave.”

“And it only works on women?”

“Girls, too, but not as well ’cause their brains aren’t fully developed, but I don’t want to know if you’re into that shit, man.”

I bit back the first three things I wanted to shout into the phone. “Nothing? Nothing can be done? What if they watch it again? Imprint on someone else?”

“It only works once. That’s it. No do-overs. It’s permanent.”


“Whatever problems you’ve got now, Bowman, they’re yours. Best advice—destroy the flash drive. They will disappear you if they think you did it. Don’t call again. The number is dead.“

“How did you know... nevermind, dumb question. Who is ‘they’?”

“That’s a question you don’t want the answer to. Keep your head down, don’t draw attention. Destroy the drive. Goodbye.”

There was a click, and the line went dead, then a dial tone. I hung it up and stopped the cassette.

I thought for a moment, then called Lisa. “Honey, please get everyone in here. I’m going to try to at least balance the scales.”

As they came in, I turned the computer screen around and moved my chair so only I could see it. “Please, just stand there and wait until... whatever happens, happens. Okay?”

The ladies nodded, and I started the screensaver. I watched the spiraling colors intently, trying to open my mind to whatever it might do. I watched.

And I watched.

I got a headache.

When it flashed off, I took a careful long look at each of the ladies, starting with Lisa, my wife. Each of the ladies was smiling at me.

“Did it work?” asked Lisa.

“I don’t know. Did it give you a headache?” I answered.

“No. Do you want to make love to all of us?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that.”

“It didn’t work, then. That would be the first thing you’d want to do.” The women all looked at each other disappointed.

“I’m sorry. It was all I could think of, trying to, you know, make it reciprocal, make it so nobody had an advantage.”

Lisa smiled and walked to me, and kissed me deeply. The other ladies gathered around us and hugged us both. “You don’t know how much that means to us,” she said.

Jen kissed my cheek, and then moved her lips over toward mine, then she pulled away and ran for her room. Lori and Vickie kissed my cheek, but then didn’t run anywhere. The three of them pulled me out of the office and toward the bedroom, Lisa darting away and returning a few moments later, cookies in her hands.

“Eat these. You’re going to need them sooner than we thought.,” she said. She and Lori were the more insistent of the three, but Vickie lagged a bit behind. Lori began undressing me as I ate my cookies, while Lisa looked at Vickie and asked, “Are you ready?” as she pulled Vickie’s sweater over her head.

Vickie was looking nervous again, and said, “I don’t know! I want... but I’ve always been attracted to women, not men! But I want him so much!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll help. You are going to love this, and him!” Lisa assured her ad she undid Vickie’s pants and they dropped to the ground.

“Wait, I don’t want her to do anything unless...” I started.

“Shhh,” Lori kissed my lips to stifle my protests, “she knows, and she wants. But you’ll be her first man.”

“Oh, no pressure, huh?”

“None at all, sweetheart,” she smiled back, pressing me down onto the bed, and back onto the pillows.

Lisa was making out with Vickie, and giving her nipples twists that made me wince in sympathy, but Vickie seemed to thrive on it. Vickie, it appeared, was completely shaved below the neck, and had a fairly angular body with small breasts and very prominent brown nipples but a high round ass.

Lori smiled and said, “Now sit back, and enjoy the show.” She joined Lisa in working on Vickie, nibbling her neck and running her hands down to caress Vickie’s lubricating pussy from behind.

“You like your nipples twisted like that?” I asked, watching.

“Oh, God, yes! Oh, mmm!” came Vickie’s reply, muffled by Lisa’s lips on hers.

Lori stuck her head around her shoulder, and said, “She loves to have them sucked afterwards, which is more your style, according to Lisa.”

“What, have you all compared notes and preferences or something?”

“Yes, dear, we have. We needed to know,” came Lisa’s voice between kisses with a lot of tongue.

“No, don’t move,” said Lori. “We know that’s your favorite position, and it will be good for her first time, too!”

I finished my cookies and watched, fascinated as Lori and Lisa tried to drive Vickie out of her mind, and worked her into a state that was a panting wild-eyed slick mess, then pointed her at me. She crawled up the bed looking at me with that deep hunger in her eyes, and took my cock into her hand, feeling it and stroking it. Lori held it for her as Lisa helped her to mount me, then Lori ran it’s head along Vickie’s wetness, getting it extremely slippery.

The two women coaxed her down onto me, and we moved very slowly and carefully until I was fully inside her, and Vickie moaned happily and gazed down at me, and I saw that her pupils were as dilated as Lori’s had been, and she cried, “Oh my God! This is what it’s like? This is incredible! Oh, Don, fuck me! Take me! I’m yours!“

She began to move her hips, slowly and carefully at first, but with increasing speed as her tightness began to accommodate me. The next thing I knew, she was full-on fucking me like she was galloping a horse for the finish line at the Bellmont. Lisa and Lori lay near me, watching avidly and fingering each other in time with Vickie’s thrusts.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my God!” Vickie screamed as she came, and suddenly I was laying in a puddle. She’d actually squirted! She fell forward, her face inches from mine, and said, “I... I... love you! Oh, I need you! I want you inside me forever! Oh, Don, I need you to cum inside me!“

She got back up and began moving again, thrusting with a wiggle that was amazing to feel, and driving me as deep inside her as possible.

“Oh, shit... gonna... cum...” I warned her, but she just thrust harder, and after two more thrusts, I did. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down hard as my cock sent what felt like a huge load deep inside her, with her eyes riveted to mine. What had happened with Lori happened to Vickie, too—her eyes rolled back and she would have fallen to her back if Lisa hadn’t caught her.

Vickie wobbled and as our thrusting orgasm tapered to a stop, opened her eyes and stared at me in wonder. “That... that was the best sex I’ve ever had!” she said, voice weak and quavering.

“Yes, the first time with each of the three always is,” said Lori. “You get to feel that two more times.”

Lisa sent me a meaningful look with her eyes, directing me to Vickie. I sat up and moved over to her, then took Vickie in my arms. “We will take care of you. We, each of us, love you. Welcome to the family,” I said, and kissed her deeply.

The look of happiness, of bliss, that showed on Vickie’s face was truly beautiful. I still felt like a monster. Lisa moved to Vickie and began sucking her nipples, gripping and massaging her thighs as Vickie mewled in pleasure, holding Lisa’s face to her breast. I drifted back, to give the women room to give her their own welcome, and then moved to the office and pulled the drive from the computer.

I pulled on my robe and stepped outside to an enclosed firepit, loaded it with wood pellets, and set it alight. After it was burning for several minutes, I dropped the flash drive into it and watched as it melted and burned beyond recovery. Then I reentered the house to find Vickie reaching another orgasm with Lisa and Lori, staring at them both, her eyes dilated and another beatific smile on her face.

I smiled at them, and went to get a cup of coffee, then took a seat in the living room. Lori came out, got her own cup of coffee and came out to sit next to me.

“Destroyed the drive, did you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded. ”No one should have that power. And you know as soon as someone figured it out, it would disappear and get used by the chief, the mayor, the sheriff, and any other guys for whom total control over women is a wet dream.“

Lori nodded. “No one knows about it yet, but I think someone from the department will be poring over Bradley’s victims’ computers very soon, then your wife’s work computer. The timing was fortunate for us. Maybe that will just be a mystery for them, something Bradley had that they can’t figure out. They’re going to be looking very closely at Bradley. The more Lisa looks like whatever he was doing went wrong when you killed him, the more likely they are to accept that the secret died with him. We need to be careful.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” I said.

Well, Lisa’s work computer is clean. I took care of it yesterday.”

“Thank you,” I said with deep sincerity.

“You’re quite welcome,” she smiled. Then she looked me in the eye, with some of her detective’s authority. “You’re worried about Jen.”

“Of course.”

“And you’re worried that you’ll have to do ‘unacceptable’ things with her.”

I looked at the ceiling. “Yes, very much.”

“Look. You had to shoot Bradley to stop him from raping your wife, didn’t you?”


“And in doing that, you saved her from much worse. You saved as much of who she was as was possible. You saved her from being a slave to someone who only wanted to use her, who didn’t love her or even care about her, who certainly didn’t care who else he hurt, right?”

“Well, I guess, but...”

“No, this is not ‘I guess’, this is what we know. Your wife is a big reason for his uncle’s success in business. That is why he wanted her, so that he could take over the business, and have your wife, as his devoted slave, run it for him.“


“Yes, really,” Lori said firmly. “Now, you did what you had to do, even though by society’s way of seeing things, you should have just called the police and let us handle it. If you had done that, it would have been too late, wouldn’t it?“

“Well... yes.”

“Here’s the thing: Jen has been exposed. It can’t be undone or changed. Bradley started this whole situation when he did this to Lisa. Lisa is able to hold on because she has sex with you, but she still needs to have sex with Jen. Vickie and I need to have sex with you and Lisa and Jen. And Jen needs to have sex with her mom and with you. It is a need, and more important and driving than you can possibly realize.“


“Look, Don, there are no ‘buts’. Jen will lose her mind if she doesn’t have sex with you and Lisa. She will try to kill herself. It is built into the program, has to be, as I feel it, too. It is an inflexible law of our existence. It is a core part of who she is, now. We are all gambling that having your babies will keep us from killing ourselves when you or Lisa die. Do you understand that, really?“

“I... I’m having trouble with that,’ I admitted.

“It is about keeping the family alive. We are all bound to the family, not a single person. It was a family picture, Don. It’s about the family, even for Vickie and I. And in every single one of our female brains, the family has to fuck, to be sexual, to please each other. It would have been nice if the thing had worked on you, then you’d understand completely.“

I nodded, shakily

“By the way, fucking bravo, man, even though it didn’t work! That was the most decent, honorable, and noble thing I’ve ever seen a person do, you know. To give yourself, knowing it would take away your free will, for us....”

I was embarassed at her praise.

We heard Jen crying out, reaching an orgasm in her room. My face reddened further.

“I guess that’s part of the conditioning, to cum noisily, since we all do it now, whatever we were like before,” said Lori, running a finger down to her sex. I realized that she was still very naked, a fact I’d overlooked until that point, I have no idea how. She really had a fantastic body.

“Look, Don, the point of all this is, you’re going to have to have sex with Jen when she’s ready. Not just to save her life, but to save your wife’s, to save mine, and to save Vickie’s. If you can’t, then the way things must be in our heads can’t happen, and we’ll all spiral into despair. We can all feel it, like the trapdoor below our feet on the gallows we’re standing on is cracking, fiber by fiber.”

“What if Jen just had sex with you and Vickie and Lisa?”

“It might buy a little time, maybe. But we need the package for it all to fit right. Whoever made this thing made it so that the guy is sort of the center of everything. I think it may have been set up so that women could control other women, kind of like a secondary authority, a mistress of other women under a master, but the idea of the male master is always there. If he is missing from the picture, we have a problem, a big problem.”

“So this is not how the program was designed to work at all?”

“I don’t think the program’s creator ever imagined something like this could happen, so yeah, it wasn’t designed for this. On the other hand, I don’t think the person who wrote the program thought anyone might have an ethical or moral problem with using it. Make sense?”

I sighed. “Yes.”

“Don, again, I understand what you’re wrestling with, but I think there may be something you’re not considering. Please be careful with Jen. She knows you don’t want to have sex with her, and intellectually she knows why, but emotionally it’s a very different thing. It feels like the worst rejection you can imagine, and from the most important man in her entire life.”

“What? No! I love my daughter with all my heart! I would never want to hurt her or make her feel unloved!”

“We all know that, even Jen. But there is this huge difference between what we know and understand, and what we feel. Let me explain. Vickie is a lesbian, and doesn’t like men sexually, isn’t attracted to them; but her feelings for you, as a male, well she wants and needs you sexually, and she loves you and would do anything for you. Anything. Do you understand?“

“Oh, God.”

“Yes, her feelings overrule her mind, literally change her mind. I’m not gay, but I want and need and am in love with Lisa and Jen, and to a lesser extent, Vickie, because they’re part of the family. My brain can remember I’m not gay all it wants, but my feelings make me burning hot and wet for these women, make me want to do things I would have felt repulsed by before. There is no choice, just feelings.“

I nodded.

“It’s the same for Jen. You are now the only man she can ever love, the only man she needs, and you don’t want her. This isn’t like a little crush, this is literally her everything. And she knows you don’t want her. She knows why, and understands, but that doesn’t do anything to stop the feelings.“

“You’re telling me I’m hurting my little girl,” I said.

“Yes, I am,” she agreed. “You don’t mean to, but you are. Almost everything you know about how a father should treat his daughter became wrong to her feelings, and is getting more wrong every hour. You have to work through your feelings about it, because she can’t.

I nodded my understanding, and said, “Thank you, Lori. I hadn’t realized... I just hadn’t realized how she feels. I’ll go talk to her now.”

Lori nodded and smiled, then said, “Another thing, just real quick. This conversation was really difficult for me, because I knew it would make you unhappy. I could only tell you because I knew not telling you would make you much more unhappy. We’re all like that. Just so you know.“

I stopped in mid-stand as she said this, and shook my head. “Lori, I hope you all will never hesitate to tell me something I may not want to hear if I should know it. I want everyone in the family, and I do mean everyone, to be happy and healthy. If I need to know something that is making someone unhappy or unhealthy, please tell me, however you think it might make me feel. Okay?”

“Okay,” she said.“I can do that.”

I paused a moment, looking down at this lovely, naked woman on my couch. I looked her in the eye and smiled at her. She smiled back.

I walked back to Jen’s bedroom door, and knocked.

“Come in,” came my daughter’s voice.

I opened the door to find Jen in her bed, wearing only panties and a t-shirt. “Can we talk?” I asked her.

“Sure, Daddy... uh, Dad, come on in.”

I sat on the bed in front of her. “I’ve been talking with Lori, and she tells me I may be causing you distress because your feelings are changed.”

“Oh, no, Daddy! Um, Dad. I understand!”

“Well, she tells me understanding isn’t enough, that my worry about incest is hurting you, that even though you understand, you still feel it as rejection,” I explained.

Jen’s lip quivered. “She got that? She knew? Knows?”

“Honey, she’s dealing with the same thing, she’s just 24 hours ahead of you,” I told Jen. “I thanked her, because I had no idea. Jen, I want you to know this right down to your toes. I think you are a sexy woman. Whatever you want or need from me, whatever it is, I am all in. It has been made very clear to me that you will need me to have sex with you sometime very soon. I want you to know that while I may have concerns about it, I know very well how lucky I am, and how much of a privilege it is to have the love of my baby girl. I love you so dearly...!“

“Oh, Daddy!” Jen threw her arms around me and hugged me very hard, then kissed my cheek. Then she stopped short, cooked an eyebrow, then kissed me on the lips, softly and sexily. She felt my response, and grinned.

“Daddy, you’d better go, now, or we’re going to go from can’t help it to just wanted it, and I think we’d both feel better later if we made sure that it was the first, not the last!” Then she laughed. “Well, it certainly won’t be the last time!“

Whatever look crossed my face, she thought it terribly funny, because for the first time in a very long time I heard her laugh from the center of her being. She looked at me lovingly and said, “Daddy, go thank Lori for me, please?”

I nodded and turned to go, but glanced back over my shoulder as I got to the doorway. “I do truly love you, Jen. You will always be my baby girl!”

She smiled as I left.

“Lori, Jen wanted me to say thank you for thinking of... oh....” I came to a stop, finding a ladies’ threesome had started in my absence.

Lisa, contrary to any of my experience with or of her before, was laying upside down on her back, giving a clear view of Lori’s tongue working at her pussy lips, while Lisa had her face firmly planted in Vickie’s sex. Vickie was leaning back, cooing and purring as Lisa worked on her. Vickie’s nipples were hard atop her tiny tits, but very much on display. Lisa’s legs were crossed behind Lori’s back and neck while Lori gripped her hips, holding Lisa steady. It was an astonishing erotic sight.

“Well! This is a lovely view! What brought this on?” I asked Vickie, the only one with a mouth free.

“It seemed like a good idea,” she said, wiggling g her sex on Lisa’s sucking lips. “We’ve got to ration you, but we’re still always horny, so... mmmm! Yeah!”

I couldn’t resist lightly pinching her nipples. They were wide open, on proud display, and seemed to almost call for it.

“Oh, harder! Make those little girls stand up and sing! Pinch!” she cried. Then,“Yes! Like that!” she cried as I increased the force of the pinch to a point I would consider painful. Vickie moaned and thrust on Lisa’s tongue, then begged, “Now, suck them! Please!” I did, and had trouble keeping my lips around them as she bucked and ground her clit on Lisa’s chin.

All three women began to make sounds of nearing orgasm, and wiggling together in a huddle of feminine pleasure and flesh. I gently sucked and tickled Vickie’s nipple with my tongue, elicting moans and cries, then moved to the other, and the pitch of the moans and cries went up, and seemed to spread to the other two moments later, like stimulating one stimulated them all.

A cellphone rang somewhere, musically asking “Do you believe in love?” but that didn’t slow anything down at all—no one was about to pause or be interrupted now! Vickie suddenly clenched, her entire body tensing and shaking as she went over the top into cumming on Lisa’s lips, and Lisa and Lori were right behind her. Lori, interestingly, didn’t seem to be being directly stimulated anywhere. Was she cumming simply because the others were? Was it that she was making Lisa cum? It really didn’t matter, it was hot as hell!

It took a minute for the quivers and moans to slow and tremble to a stop. I watched as the ladies disentangled themselves sexily, legs swinging elegantly and caresses exchanged as they moved.

“Was that my phone?” Lori asked as she stretched sinuously on the couch.

“Wasn’t mine,” said Vickie. “I think it was. I’m pretty sure that you’re the only one with that Huey Lewis ring tone.

Lori got up and located her phone. I couldn’t help but admire her pert ass as she bent to retrieve it. “Yep. Give me a second.”

She hit the call button and said “Abrams,” when it was answered.

A moment later, she asked, “Nothing at all?” then, “Yes, I’m done with the Lowenstein office; he can start cleaning... no, sir, I didn’t find anything... yes, sir... she’s recovering, sir... she seems mostly fine... no, sir, she says she doesn’t remember anything... yes, sir... thank you, sir, you too, sir.” She hung up.

“Well, it looks like the investigation has hit a dead end, which is probably a good thing, this time. Now, we should probably figure out a way to make everything seem as normal as we can. I have an idea, but it would require Jen and Vickie pretending to be a couple.”

“What about you?” asked Lisa.

“I haven’t figured that out, yet.

“What about having a child? If Don were the father...”

“And no one would need to know it wasn’t artificial insemination? In vitro? That’s a thought. And some of my colleagues know I’ve been thinking about it, but don’t have any volunteers to be the father... well, none I would want!” mused Lori.

“Recent events give good cover. Jen met Vickie when she was counseling her mother, but she isn’t a patient of Vickie’s, so there’s no ethical conflict,” I pointed out. “How do you feel about that, Vickie?”

“Jen’s gorgeous and wonderful! But Jen might not want me....”

“Oh, honey, she wants you!” said Lisa smugly.

“I mean... you know, for everyone else to think we’re a couple.”

Jen! Come on in here, you should be here for this!” I called.

Jen walked into the living room clutching her robe closed, but froze when she saw that all the other women were naked and very relaxed about it. Her nose twitched the tiniest bit, then she seemed to hold her breath.

“Jen, we’ve got a question for you...” I began, then explained Lori’s proposal.

Jen seemed to think about it for a few moments, and looked at Vickie, who looked embarassed. “So, the family needs me to pretend to be a lesbian?”

Lisa coughed, “Well, honey, you’ll definitely be bisexual, right?”

Jen reddened with a blush, then nodded. “With certain women, yes, I’m pretty sure...”

“Oh, honey, this is beyond ‘pretty sure’! Your are going to be enthusiastic when it comes to us! And us with you, of course! But that’s not really what we’re talking about. This is about what the rest of the world sees. No one else can know about your Dad and I and you, and Vickie and Lori need reasons to be here all the time, maybe even live here.” As Lisa talked, Jen’s blush deepened, and her eyes kept roving over the women’s bodies.

“Oh,” Jen nodded. “Um... look, I really can’t think straight right now. I... need to go. Ask me later, okay?” One hand had disappeared inside her robe and was busy with something. She turned and hurried from the room, closing her bedroom door behind her.

Vickie was looking down, kind of crestfallen, and Lisa hugged her. “Don’t worry, dear, she isn’t rejecting you! It’s just a confusing time for her.”

I know, I know,” Vickie acknowledged, “but it still hurts.”

Lori shot me a look, and I nodded. Vickie was showing what Jen was feeling about me. I moved over to Vickie and hugged her. “Vickie, whatever happens, no matter what, you will always be a beloved member of the family. And don’t worry, Jen will make up her mind, and I’m sure she’ll want to be with you. This is a huge change, and she has to have time to adjust. Okay?”

Vickie nodded, and gave a smile that twitched with the need to cry as tears came to her eyes.

“Shh, shh!” Lisa urged as she came over to join in the embrace. “Jen’s just... don’t worry, she’ll come around soon!”

We heard Jen begin to moan in approaching orgasm, moans which grew in volume as she got closer.

“See? It won’t be long, now,” Lisa assured Vickie as Lori wrapped her arms around us.

Jen screamed out in what must have been a colossal orgasm, and we could even hear the bed squeak and bump against the wall with the motions of her passion.

Inspiration struck me. “Vickie, I want you to cheer up, be happy and hopeful on the inside, and know that you are a part of the family and we all love you. You have a place here. Can you do that for me?”

Vickie relaxed, and smiled at me. “I can, and will. Thank you! I feel better!”

I turned to Lori and Lisa, “You, too! I don’t want anyone feeling bad because of what Jen’s going through. I want you sharp and thinking, but I want this family to support each other. No one will be left out, okay?’

Both women nodded, and Lori leaned over to kiss me. “Thank you!” she said. “That really makes a difference.”

“I thought it might. When you were talking earlier about Jen, you had some of those worries for yourself, didn’t you?” I asked.

Lori dropped her gaze, then nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, I did. Thank you for seeing that, and making it better.”

I shrugged. “I’m catching on, I think. This is deeper than just wanting, just needing to have sex with us, isn’t it? Those three women that Bradley screwed over, he changed the way they thought, didn’t he? He changed who they were.“

Lori nodded again, still looking at the floor. “It seems that way.”

Our group hug broke up and everyone sat down. Lisa asked Lori, “What... what kind of changes?”

“Wait here.” Lori got her keys, and held her hand out to me. I gave her my robe, which she slipped on then slipped out the door. After a moment, we heard her car door slam, and the beep as it was locked, then she slipped back in, returned my robe, and tossed her keys back into her purse.

“Barbara and Denise Dawson were, and far as we can tell, a perfectly normal Baptist Christian mother and daughter. Barbara lost her husband John to an IED explosion in Afghanistan three years ago. Played the piano in church. Never wore a skirt above her knees. Denise led the Christian prayer group in school where she was a senior. Neither were ever even pulled over for a traffic ticket.”

Lori opened a folder where a picture of a woman wearing her hair in pigtails, a pornographic version of a little girl’s dress, and candy-colored makeup lay on the floor. The marks where the rope she’d used to hang herself were clear on her neck. There was another photo of a collection of sex toys, all bizarre pornograpbic distortions of little girls’ toys. One was a bounce ball with a pony’s head with handles and a giant dildo mounted behind that. I felt eyebrows go up.

“Everything was bought, the room painted pastel pink, and an adult-sized crib built in the last six weeks,” said Lori. “This was Denise...”

This was a picture of a woman, no, a girl with disgustingly vivid sexual tattoos, both words and pictures, all over her body and a remarkable number of piercings from crotch to eyebrows. The burn from the rope she’d hung herself with was almost lost amongst the tattoos.

“Oh my God!” whispered Lisa.

Lori said, in a flat tone of voice, “Also all purchased and performed in the last six weeks. We found the tat shop where she had it all done. The owner described a young lady who steadily became more and more depraved with each piercing or tattoo she got, until she began to offer sexual favors for them, which is when he says he cut her off. It looks like she cashed out her entire college fund, but there was about twenty thousand that is still missing. Some of that probably went for drugs. Her tox screen came back positive for everything from coke to LSD. There was a lot of paraphernalia in the home, too. Again, no physical or social indications of long-term abuse.”

“This is what they looked like eight weeks ago,” Lori’s said, and put down a professionally-taken picture from a local photographic studio. In it, the mother and daughter looked like any mother and daughter, looking happy and... clean. Normal. Looking almost nothing like the police forensic photos showed them.

“Since none of us seem to be compelled to do anything like what we found the others had done, I suspect that Bradley must have been the one who influenced them to behave that way.”

“And the other woman?” asked Lisa quietly.

“His mother,” said Lori. “And you really don’t want to know.”

“Worse than this?” asked Lisa, aghast.

Lori nodded. “Let’s just say he had some peculiar mommy issues.”

“Oh,” Lisa said.

“So, we’re going to have to be very careful what we say?” I asked Lori.

“I don’t know. Maybe it had to be done during the original brainwashing session. Did you hear Bradley say anything before you heard Lisa say ‘No’?“

I shook my head. “No.”

“Maybe you intervened before... well.”

“We will try to not say anything that... um, I haven’t said anything that would make anyone do anything weird, have I?” I asked, trying desperately to think.

“You’ve said some very lovely and reassuring things, Don,” said Vickie, and Lori nodded. “I don’t think anyone is in danger of... becoming anything like that.” She pointed at the pictures.

“Thank goodness,” I said. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.” A thought occurred. “Did they think they were being hurt? Did they know the difference?”

“Nobody knows,” said Lori. “No one knew anything was different, not really. Denise had dropped out of school, and none of her friends had heard from her for a couple of weeks. It was more or less the same with her mother.”

“So they were protecting their secrets like we’re protecting ours?”

Lori paused in thought.

“It could be. It may be built into the program. We couldn’t talk to Vickie about it unless she knew, had been through it,” said Lisa.

“Lisa, we’ve got to be very careful what we say, even during sex! We can’t let this happen!” I said urgently to my wife. “Ladies, I want you to listen carefully. We love you as you are! Please don’t change for us, okay? We’ll just have to get along with each other as we are, right?“

“Right,” the three ladies replied. That they said it in unison did scare me—I’m not stupid, after all. I was going to have to be very careful.

Jen worked up to and cried out in orgasm again from her bedroom. I was the only one who was twitchy about it; the others gave each other knowing looks and grins, and Lisa slid a finger down a nipple and purred. Yeah, I was going to have to be very careful.

I went to take a needed shower as Vickie and Lisa started on preparing dinner, and Lori took her folder back out to her car. After I emerged and towelled off, I found Lori and Jen talking on the sofa in the living room.

“,,,so yeah, I think I am,” Jen was saying.

“Mmm?” I asked.

“I had asked if Jen was experiencing some unusual needs or fantasies since her exposure,” Lori explained. I looked to Jen.

“Um... look, Daddy... uh, Dad,” Jen glanced at Lori, who nodded, “’s kind of embarrassing, you know?”

I sat down, slowly. “Did Lori tell you about the other women?” I probed.

“A bit,” Lori said. “I didn’t want to plant any ideas or anything. I should have thought of that before, sorry. I told her that things got pretty extreme for them, but we don’t know what Bradley said or did that might have caused it.”

“Would it be easier for Lori to tell me?” I asked Jen.

Jen nodded. I looked to Lori

“Jen says she’s noticed some changes in herself, and in her fantasies that relate specifically to you, Don. Have you noticed she keeps calling you ‘Daddy’, then corrects it to ‘Dad’?”

“Yes, I have. It started with the phone call from the health food store, I think. It’s happened again and again since.”

Lori nodded. “Lisa had been talking about Jen being a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ at the office, before. It was just in conversation with me, it wasn’t like she was trying to make Jen fixate on it or anything. But Jen seems to be, ah, influenced by it.”

I flashed on the picture of Barbara, the woman with the pigtails and fetish little girl dress, and looked to Lori with alarm. Lori shook her head, making clear she had not shown Jen the picture or talked about her. I sighed with relief. I looked back to Jen and saw that she was staring, and glanced down to see what it was that she was looking at. My cock was obviously tenting my bathrobe. I felt a shock run through me. Shit, shit, shit! I glanced at Lori and saw she was looking, too.

My own words came back to haunt me, “...You’ll always be my little girl...” Damn! Not at all what I had meant! Why the hell was I erect right now? I rearranged myself to hide my stiffy, and the moment seemed to pass.

“Jen, honey, I love you as you are, okay? I don’t want you to be any different from the wonderful young lady you are today. Do you understand?” I said carefully, trying to minimize any damage that might have been done.

Jen nodded slowly, and Lori looked at each of us carefully, then she nodded approval.

“Why don’t you go help Mom in the kitchen, babe? I’d like a word with Lori,” I said, and Jen nodded and left. She made an odd movement like she almost tripped as she started walking, though, and I suspected she’d just stopped herself from skipping. At least, that was how it looked to me.

Once she was out of sight, I shook my head. “How bad do you think it will get?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t. If you don’t reinforce it, maybe it will just be a game she likes to play with you. If you react very strongly, you may either encourage it or create a conflict inside her. Vickie is the one you talk to about the psychological stuff,” Lori admitted. “She did see that it stimulated you.“

“But I don’t even know that was the reason for...” I waved at my crotch.

“Well, let’s put it this way. I saw it as confirmation that you found the idea exciting. I’m almost certain she did, too.”

“It couldn’t just be that there was a beautiful naked woman in front of me?”

“Why, thank you, Don!” she smiled, blushing a bit. “I suppose it could be, but I suspect that’s not how she saw it.”

“Mmmm,” I concurred. “I would never have thought... I mean, I’m a guy. There are things that I may ‘react to’ that aren’t actual desires I have, they’re not things I really want.”

I understand,” Lori said. “I’ve had physical responses to things I’ve seen or read that I would definitely not desire to happen in reality! Well, at least, that used to be true. Now, I don’t know. It’s kind of like that mental filter has gotten really weak. I can imagine doing things and enjoying them that I would never have imagined enjoying before. Hell, I am enjoying doing things I would never have imagined before, like you and Vickie and Lisa! I think you’re the only one of us with that filter at full strength anymore.“

“So you’re telling me it’s all up to me?” I asked, a dark pit in my stomach.

“Not exactly. I’m saying you hold the spear, and if you throw it, the rest of us will charge in that direction, heedless of consequences, or perhaps just helpless to stop. So, be careful what you do and say. Preferably before you say it!” explained Lori. “Stopping the charge is probably a lot harder to do once it’s started.”

“Great. Thanks!”

“Hey, there are a lot of guys, and girls, come to think of it, that would love to be in your shoes,” said Lori.

“Then they don’t know what wearing them feels like,” I rejoined. “Or they don’t care what damage they do to others.”

“More of those last than is comfortable,” agreed Lori. “And that difference makes you special.”

“Let’s hope,” I said, and she gave me a sidewise look. “...I stay as careful as I need to be. Can you try to remind me, especially when I’m about to mess up?”

“I can try,” she said.

“Please do!” I replied, and she got a faraway look for a second and then nodded.

“So, are you going to have a problem if Jen starts wearing pigtails around the house?” Lori asked.

“Uh, why?” I asked, after a moment to recover.

“She’s been, ah, ‘considering’ wearing them. Just around here. Not all the time! She said.” Lori explained haltingly.

“You mean ‘fantasizing’?” I asked cautiously.

“That would probably be a better word, yes,” Lori admitted.

“You said she hadn’t seen the pictures.”

“She hasn’t. This was on her own,” Lori said.

“Not the little girl porno dress costume, right? Because that was so very too much!“

“She didn’t mention anything like that, no. But there may be saddle oxfords in your future. Call it a hunch.” Lori said.

“Um. Ok. As long as we’re not getting anywhere near that poor woman’s... condition, or whatever,” I said.

“I think we may be able to reign that in a bit. Perhaps Lisa and I can talk to her. Maybe we can explain that subtle is better than getting too crazy.”

“Please! I would appreciate that!”

“No problem, ‘Daddy’!” Lori grinned.

“One is more than enough, thank you! No more little girl stuff! Besides, you look great just as you are,” I said.


“Well, um, yeah. I mean, you know, around here, not all the time or anything!”

“Thank you again, Don!” Lori’s blush was definitely pleased and proud. She slipped to the floor and moved over in front of me, and her hand disappeared under my robe. “Maybe it was the naked woman in front of you!” she smiled as she gripped my erection.

“Mm-hmm! And that’s beautiful naked woman in front of me.” I confirmed. “But, uh, I suspect that’s going to get some serious use tonight, so please be gentle right now, okay?“

She pouted prettily, but let go of my cock after giving it a gentle stroke and a squeeze, along with a devilish, delighted smile.

We heard moaning coming from the kitchen, and both looked in that direction then to each other. “I think Lisa is fascinated with Vickie’s nipples,” I said.

Lori nodded. “Vickie likes having her nipples treated right almost as much as having her pussy played with. She’s been so self-conscious about them for so many years! That and being a lesbian around here is why she’s been in so few relationships. You know,, I think this situation is going to be really good for her in a lot of ways.”

“I hope so! I really do want this to work well for everyone. I know that none of you would have chosen this, so if this can possibly make everyone even just a bit happier, that will make me happy,” I said.

“Well, so far, so good! I, personally, am happier right now than I’ve been in years. You and Lisa have demonstrated more love to me than I have seen in a long, long time. I suspect that Vickie would say the same. We’ve been friends for years, and we’ve both been pretty lonely, for different reasons, for most of that time.”

“Well, I can’t imagine why you’ve been lonely! A lovely woman like you!” I protested.

“Oh, yeah, sure. I’m a female cop, a detective, and many of my cases are sex crimes because I’m a female cop, and women are more likely to confide in another woman. This makes dating a not-terribly-attractive activity, since in my job you tend to see the worst in guys. By the way, you are a prince by comparison. Lisa is a lucky woman.”

“Oh, thank you dear,” said Lisa as she came in, “but now, so are you! And lovely Vickie, and of course, Jen! We’re all lucky women, now!”

Vickie and Jen had followed Lisa into the room, and I was only a bit surprised to see that Jen was now naked. Jen was watching me carefully, and I knew I had to manage what I showed of my reactions carefully. I had several.

This was the first time I’d seen my daughter sans clothing for many years. I realized that she had become a truly beautifully-shaped woman, with a very adult body. I had no idea that Jen had such lovely D cup breasts. Lori had serious competition in the hot body department! Jen’s smile was like a sunrise as she watched me try my best to not gawk openly, and to try to cover the stunned appreciation that was impossible to hide.

Lori looked at me and smiled a touch ruefully, but nodded. I felt both a sense of relief and fear that I’d been too appreciative. Apparently I’d done well. I felt both grateful and guilty about that, and wondered if I was going to have mixed emotions about my daughter for the rest of my life. It wouldn’t surprise me, and I figured that it was appropriate.

Jen was battening on the situation, and Lisa was all approval. Vickie was smiling, and Lori looked proud of me. I was just glad that my jaw didn’t drop, because God only knows what would have happened to my tongue if that had happened, but I would probably have to roll it back up. My daughter was a knockout. I carefully hid my shame and guilt from her, lest she interpret them as being of her rather than of my reactions to this situation with her.

“Dinner’s in the oven, and it should just be about half an hour,” Lisa said.

“Great!” I croaked. “Have I told you ladies how very beautiful you are today?” I made sure to appreciate each of them in turn as I said it.

“Flattery will get you everywhere!” Vickie said.

“I am surrounded by beauty,” I said, “and that is not flattery, just a statement of fact.”

Each lady was smiling, which was good.

‘Is your little girl pretty, Daddy?” asked Lisa, teasingly.

“My little girl has become a beautiful grown up woman,” I corrected.

“Thank you, Daddy!” preened Jen. I noticed that there hadn’t been a correction to ‘Dad’. A part of me felt guilty about being okay with that. I was aware that the part of me that was okay with that was growing.

“Daddy, I had a talk with Vickie and Mom, and it’s okay for people to think I’m Vickie’s girlfriend. I mean, it’s true, it’s just not all the truth,” Jen said, sitting in a chair in front of me. She began to actually subtly pose, presenting her body and watching my reactions. I say ‘subtle’, but everyone knew what she was doing; it just wasn’t flagrant.

“That’s good,” I said.“I’m glad you thought about it and decided to do that. It will help the whole family, I think.”

“She makes the sexiest sounds when I suck her nipples!” Jen said, and Vickie blushed.

“I noticed,” I informed her. “Although I thought that was your mother.”

“Oh, Mom showed me how,” Jen said.

“I’m sure that was sexy,” I said.

“Oh, it was! And I discovered I’m okay with having sex with women,” Jen told me. “Well, I do have a lot more exploring to do, but I really liked making Vickie cum!”

“You did it very well,” said Vickie.

“Goodie!” flounced Jen, reaching up and over to caress Vickie’s pussy, then licking her finger as she smiled at me wickedly. Vickie gasped and braced herself on the back of Jen’s chair.

With that, I felt frozen. My daughter had become someone I barely recognized, and a part of me was screaming at myself for finding her body and actions powerfully, potently, sexy. I could not look away. I know because that screaming part of me tried everything it could, but my body just wouldn’t move, not even my eyelids. The air had been sucked out of the room. My heart pounded and my lungs heaved, and I... stared.

Jen, who was putting on the show for me, caught on instantly, and played it up. It went from teasing me to full-on seduction. She began touching and stroking herself and Vickie in different ways, each more blatant than the last. She demonstrated parts of her body like she was a The Price Is Right model, and the wicked sexy look on her face never changed except to deepen.

I was incredibly aware of her smile and whatever part of her hands demonstrated, and I felt how incredibly hard my cock was, and just how paralyzed I felt. I knew I should look away, but I couldn’t. Partly it was fear that if I did, Jen would interpret it as rejection or disgust, but a very large part of my inability to look away was... was... well, it was lust. It was difficult to admit, even to myself, but damn was my little girl hot!

Oh, this made me a pervert, I knew. I actually wished the screensaver had worked on me, so that, if I considered it at all, I could at least blame this depravity on that! But I didn’t even have the headache anymore.

That she was talking like a little girl while doing all this was gravy. Fantasies based on erotic stories from my teenage years popped up in my memory—things I hadn’t even thought about in years, and certainly would never have indulged in recent years—and informed me that they had been sleeping quietly in my subconscious until now. Now, they were awake, and sharing their opinions.

I could feel the eyes of the other three women watching me. “My one and only little girl,” I said to Jen, but really to them, “you are so cute and lovable, and I am so glad that you are the only one like you!” I looked steadily at each woman in turn as I said this, and the other three nodded. Jen smiled like the sun, bright, and with a lot of hot. “I don’t mind the game you’re playing on occasion, but really, young lady, I don’t want you to forget that you are an adult woman, and act like it!“

I had a moment where everything felt too surreal. “I... need a drink,” I said.

“I’ll get it!” volunteered Lisa, even as Vickie and Lori looked about to locate the alcohol.

“Back in a few minutes,” I said as I quickly stood and made a break for the bedroom and then to the bathroom.

I started the tap with trembling hands, and looked at myself in the mirror. A shocked, worried man looked back at me. I filled my hands with the chill water and splashed my face with it. It helped me focus on something other than the beauty I had just seen. “Okay, now we know that you are physically capable of doing this, and you’re warped enough to want to. How are you going to pull this off? More importantly, how are you going to live with yourself when you do?”

There was a cauldron of confusion in my head. The women were all approval, though Jen might snap out of it at any second, I supposed, and refuse to cash the check her behavior and body had signed. Was I afraid she wouldn’t, or that she would? I was on the fence, but I was pretty sure I’d fallen over it and was hanging by a bit of scrotum caught on the barbed wire of my conscience. I shook my head at the me in the mirror. “Figure it out, Don.”

I shook my head again. How in the world had I come to a place where I was trying to justify incest to myself, before the fact? Even knowing that without it, Jen could be, no, would be hurt, as every single one of the women under the influence of this thing would be.

No, all this was bullshit! The reality was that I was afraid I would like it too much. I was afraid I would enjoy doing something that I was afraid to admit that I wanted to do. I already knew. I dried my face and hands, and went back out to a well-made old fashioned.

“Thank you, my love! You do these so well!” I nodded to my wife.“When is dinner?”

“About ten minutes,” said Lisa. ‘Speaking of which, I should get back in there!”

“I’ll go, too, and help,” said Vickie, and the two returned to the kitchen.

“You okay?” asked Lori.

“Yeah,” I said. “Just coming to grips with the fact that my daughter is sexy, and that at some point soon, we’re going to have sex, and that I am likely to enjoy it far more than I should.”

“Ohhhh,” Lori said, with understanding. “So it isn’t necessarily that you have to fuck your daughter, it’s that you’re really turned on by it! You want it, and that scares you.“

“In a nutshell, yes,” I nodded guiltily.

“Oh, Daddy!” Jen hugged herself, to stifle a celebratory bounce, then shrugged and leaped to her feet and danced like an excited little girl. Lori watched this with amusement, and I’d gone back to paralyzed admiration. My cock had been erect for quite a while at this point, and was starting to hurt.

“I think she’s getting close, Don,” Lori said, smiling at my discomfiture. “Her inhibitions are hanging on by their fingernails.”

I smiled at Jen, who was still dancing energetically. “Jen, careful of the coffee table! I love you, dear, very, very much!”

Jen danced over and embraced me in a hug. “I love you, too, Daddy!” She gave me a big kiss, which started out on the cheek and very childlike, but after a moment, moved to my lips and got very adult and very deep very quickly, as she almost molded her body to me. My world spun.

“Mmm, Daddy! I like that!” Jen said, breathlessly. She wriggled against me, and then grasped my hard cock and said with delight, “I found a toy! I’m going to love playing with this!“

“Oh, baby, be gentle with that! We’ll play later, after dinner, okay?”

“O-kay,” she pouted, letting it go after a gentle squeeze. Suddenly I was looking into the eyes of my adult daughter, who smiled gently and said, “I love you, Dad.”

I held her gaze and said to the adult-minded woman before me, “I love you, too, Jen, with all my heart. How are you doing?”

“I’m... here. I’m horny, and I’m feeling this... pressure, this need that seems to get stronger every minute... I feel so bad for judging Mom, before! I think she was stronger than I am! I’m actually enjoying playing the little girl, Dad, so don’t feel bad about that! It’s kind of like acting, and kind of like a game that really turns me on.“

“Is it hard to drop the act and be the adult you?” I asked her, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Lori focus on the conversation more closely.

“Not really. I mean, I can go out in public and not skip or play with myself or act like a kid, and it’s no problem talking to you like this, it’s just... fun and erotic to be your little girl. It adds to the excitement. Watching you watch me dance and bounce almost gave me an orgasm!” explained Jen. “I mean, it is a sex game!“

“I’m glad to hear that. I was afraid that something said in passing might have actually changed who you are, and I don’t want that! I want you to be you, but you playing a game is okay. It turns out that it turns me on, too. But I need the adult you, too!“

Jen gave me a laughing smile, “Okay, Dad! As long as I can play Little Jenny and her Daddy with you!” She winked, then got serious again. “Dad, really, tonight after dinner is important, okay? I need this.“

“I understand. You do know I’d never want to hurt you in any way, right? Even if I was enjoying it at the time, hell, especially if I was enjoying it at the time! It would break my heart to do that.“

“I know, Dad. Just... let’s do it as often as possible, as long as we all get you often enough. Okay?“

“Okay,” I said. Jen had really changed a great deal in a fairly short time, just a few hours. ‘The parts that would have a problem with us having sex... it’s like they’re dissolving, being replaced, and what’s replacing them is crazy strong!’ she had said. How much of her had ‘dissolved?’ What, of the original her, would be left when it was done?

“And Dad?” Jen said, “Later, um... go slow, okay?”

“Of course, love,” I assured her.

She threw her arms out wide, and her face bloomed into a naughty smile, “Yay!” she cried, then she giggled and got up and flounced over to the chair.

I stood up and made my way into the kitchen, where I found Vickie moaning as Lisa sucked her nipples and diddled her button. As I walked by, I kissed Vickie on her unoccupied nipple and then Lisa’s cheek with a gentle stroke of my finger through her very wet pussy, and then stepped onto the back porch. I just needed fresh air for a minute.

I breathed in deeply, then let it out in a long slow exhalation, letting my tangled emotions flow out with the out-breath. Four women. Four women depending on me to be trustworthy, even though they would wholeheartedly agree to almost anything I asked of them, or even just told them. That is actually a very heady power, and also a huge responsibility.

Look, I’m a guy. I have fantasies. Many of those fantasies were coming true, becoming real, had become real. I’d had fantasies of having a threesone with another woman and my wife, watching my wife bring another woman to orgasm, and even of a beautiful adult woman role-play a very sexual little girl. All had come true, become real, in the last twenty-four hours. But not in a way I wanted. Well, not exactly. And not at the price others were paying.

I took another breath, and reflected that I really, truly, had no idea how to fix the situation, and the best I could think of doing was not making it worse. I let the breath out again slowly, letting go of my anxiety and need to make life be the way I thought it should be, because it simply would not.

It helped. Not much, but it was better than dying of a heart attack and a migraine at the same time. I went back inside.

Lisa and Vickie were washing their hands and filling plates with food. I gave my wife a deep, deep kiss, washed my own hands, and found everyone gathered around the dining table. We all sat down, and I gave thanks for the food, and silently prayed for everything to turn out as okay as possible.

It was quiet as we started eating, and Jen looked nervous and only picked at her food. I turned to Vickie. “So, how do you think things will go from here?”

Vickie looked surprised, and I added, “ your professional opinion?”

“Oh! Hmm, well, Lisa seems like she has settled, I think. She hasn’t seemed to have had any more radical shifts in her behavior or thoughts. Lori, too, seems to have found a degree of equilibrium. I’m still feeling, I don’t know how to put it, uh, well, I’m still finding myself. And you know about Jen, so... I’m guessing that we should all be, uh, in a more stable place in a day or so. I don’t know how, er, adaptable we’ll be after that, whether a simple suggestion could make us change, or whether you might have to reinforce it more for it to ‘take.’”

“But you think you could change?” I asked.

“If you’re thinking of ‘change back to normal,’ no. I think that the changes would all involve sex, and have to please the family sexually. I mean, I think one of us could be given a sexual fetish for wearing a French Maid outfit and get sexual pleasure from cleaning, especially on hands and knees, and... sorry!” she broke off. “I think I may have been doing it to myself, there, or at least laying the groundwork for that particular change. I did not have a thing about that before, but I can feel that becoming a very sexy thought. Uh, um, so... something like that maybe. I probably shouldn’t focus on things like that right now! Anyway, I think we can act like we used to, I don’t know for how long, but the new people we are becoming seem permanent. I suppose we’ll have to try to act like we used to when others are around.“

I looked to Lori. “Can you go back to work and act like you used to?”

“I think I can, but my private life will have to be even more private than it was. I need to be with you all, a lot. I mean, I will have to spend a lot of time with you all, frequently, as well as needing sex.” She shook her head and smiled, “It feels like the need for sex with you all is like the need to drink water, if that makes sense. I think if I go longer than a day, I’m going to start running into problems. When I think of not being with you all for longer than a day, I get a feeling of panic.” The women around the table all nodded at this statement.

“Okay, so if we go to work for a full day and come home to each other, we’ll all be okay?” I asked.

There were thoughtful nods of agreement around the table.

“What about Jen at school?”

NO!” burst from Jen’s lips, and she she was wide-eyed and white with fear. Vickie reached out to her and hugged her in reassurance.

“Okay, Jen’s obviously going to have to be closer to home!” I amended, quickly. “Maybe an online degree?”

Jen nodded emphatically in Vickie’s arms.

“Well, I’m sure we’ll figure it all out as we go,” I said, smiling at Jen, who shakily let go of Vickie and sat up.

“Sorry, Vickie,” Jen said, “that felt so awful so suddenly!”

“Like the world dropped out from under you?” Vickie asked, sympathetically.

“Yes! It was terrible!”

Lisa said gently, “We’ve all felt that way, honey. Don’t worry, it will all be all right, we promise!”

Jen nodded. “I know. Can I be excused? I’m really not hungry for food,” Jen said, then blushed at her Freudian slip.

“Sure, honey,” Lisa said, “We’ll be in the bedroom after dinner. You can join us there if you want.”

Jen nodded, blushing harder, and went to her room, leaving a puddle in her chair.

We returned to eating our dinner. When I heard Jen’s door close, I said, “It really worries me that Jen would feel that afraid just considering returning to school.”

Lisa looked at me, “Don, that’s how we all feel. All of us. We need each other. That’s why the family is so important.“

I looked to Vickie and Lori, and they each nodded.

“Don, that’s why the other women killed themselves. They felt every terrible thing you can imagine, and some you can’t, all rolled into one, and they knew it would never end, because the only thing that kept all that away from them was gone—Bradley.” said Lori.

“Even talking about it for others is hard for us,” said Vickie. “As a method of control, it is incredibly effective. But being on the inside of it is truly, deeply terrible.”

Vickie was flushed, and a little muscle in the side of her face was twitching.

“Think of it this way,” Vickie explained. “You’re a mad scientist, and you’re making a sex slave by changing the ways in which a person can think and feel. The thoughts and behaviors you want to reward the person for, you connect to pleasure and love and good and sex. Especially sex. For the thoughts and behaviors you want to discourage, you punish the person with all the negatives like grief and abandonment and wrong and fear. Especially fear. They’re all connected and amplified because of that connection. That yes/no reward/punish system is very, very potent when each thought produces the reward or punishment, even on an unconscious level. It breaks any resistance in a fairly short time, and then lessons deepen, and get more detailed. The thoughts you are conditioned to think are thought more and more often, and the thoughts you are conditioned not to think fail to even occur. It becomes so there’s are thoughts you have to think and thoughts you can’t think, literally. The same goes for behavior.“

“My God! What kind of person would design something like that?” I asked.

“Someone who wants total control, and doesn’t care what price others have to pay for it. Someone who has felt fear and rejection deeply, and refuses to ever feel them again, but wants others to feel it, to have to feel it, in order to force them to surrender to him,” she said.

“Did Bradley know? What he was doing?”

“It is hard to tell. He definitely knew the control worked. Depending on what he did with those women, he may have seen that fear in them, especially if he ever threatened to throw them away, or leave them. I suspect he pushed them to see how far he could push them. I think maybe that’s why they turned out as radically changed as they did,” said Vickie.

“Fuck.” I shook my head.

“It’s good that we talked about this now, because I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to consider these questions,” Vickie said. She was sweating and trembling, her body rigid in its seat. “It is because you want to know that I can fight it, using the conditioning against itself to do it. It is difficult for me to do at this point.“

I looked at Lisa and Lori, and they were as rigid as Vickie. Lisa’s eyes were unfocused, and I suddenly suspected she was thinking about anything but the conversation happening around her.

“So, it’s like a Pavlovian response thing?” I asked.

“Well, it’s more like a Skinnerian operant conditioning thing mixed with some Cognitive and Biological psychologies, but I think you’ve got the idea,” Vickie said. “I don’t know how the nervous system is tricked into forming so many new connections so strongly and so quickly, or why it only affects women. Something in the visual cortex, maybe? There’s got to be more. I just don’t know. I just can’t think about it clearly enough....”

“So there could be a version for men, or maybe this version could work on some men with more feminine brains?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but either case should be possible, given what we know about how this version works, which is not nearly enough.”

“Thank you, Vickie. I very much appreciate your working so hard to answer my quesrions!” I told her.

She blossomed in a smile and relaxed, and her thick nipples hardened.

I picked up my fork again. “Please ladies, eat!”

The rest of the meal was fairly quiet, though we did hear Jen reach another orgasm in her room. There was a lot of grinning and smiling among the ladies at that; I really don’t know what my face showed during it, especially when she screamed ”Oh, Daddy!” I think they enjoying seeing me torture myself a bit. I also suspected that the reasons for that were... complicated.

After dinner, we cleared the table and shared in washing the dishes. It was a nice little convivial interlude, but once it was done, three women pulled me into the bedroom, smiling and laughing.

Okay, look, I’ve led a fairly quiet life. The number of times I’ve had the pleasure of a menage a trois before yesterday was zero. Hell, the number of women I’d had sex with before yesterday could be counted on two hands, one hand’s-worth of which was not terribly exciting. I’d married the woman of my dreams in college, and life after that had been pretty vanilla, sexually speaking, and, after Jen was born, not terribly frequent. I’d learned some skills before marriage, and my wife had seemed happy, but I was not a Lothario, and certainly not a Casanova.

What I’m saying here is that three naked women leading me to bed for sex was beyond my real dreams and fantasies. And what they were leading me to? Well, I’d read a story in an adult magazine as a teenager where a woman called her male lover “Daddy,” and thought it exciting. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. The reality of what was coming was both thrilling and petrifying, besides simply being so wrong.

The three ladies lay me down on the bed after slowly slipping my robe off. They turned me on my side, and Lisa and Lori slipped behind me as Vickie lay in front of me. The two behind stroked my back, arms and thighs as Vickie gently kissed me and looked me in the eyes. I pinched and then stroked her nipples in the way she loved, making her gasp and coo in delight, and then stroked down to her wet sex, making her coo more loudly and stretch into my fingers. She earnestly told me that they loved me, again saying it as she gazed deeply into my eyes, her feelings blazing in her face, and her eyes tearing up just a bit.

After a few minutes, it was Lori in front of me, kissing and touching with a world of romantic love in her eyes and expression. And then it was Lisa, in whose eyes, for me, the sun rose and shone like a bright Sunday morning in springtime.

I realized this was not about seduction. They were preparing me to make love, rather than to lose myself in lust. It was working, too, as my heart felt it was about to melt. They were gently and carefully calling my love to the surface. I approved wholeheartedly, and cooperated, knowing for whom this preparation was.

“I want you to know how much I love you,” I said to Lisa as I kissed her. “And the family. I will be careful, I promise.” Lisa kissed me deeply and passionately, and then I felt her move away and behind me again.

I opened my eyes to find Jen before me, looking nervous, and wearing pigtails. I smiled.

“Hi, Baby Girl,” I said, and she grinned, reassured.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said, smiling. “It’s time. I need you to fuck me.”

“Make love with you,” I corrected. “This about making love, not just sex. I want you to know, deep in your heart and with every fiber of your being, that I love you, and your mom loves you. The family here loves you, and we’re going to show you that love, but only if you want to, are ready, and are fully willing.”

“I am, Daddy,” she said, and kissed me just like her mother had.

I felt hands urging me to move back and saw Lisa guide Jen onto her back with her legs spread. Lisa moved over her, kissing her gently and caressing her breasts then down to her thighs. Jen’s pussy was swollen and wet, with streaks and drips shining down her thighs. Lisa lovingly licked up the drip trails starting at Jen’s knees and slowly working up to lave and tease her labia. By the time she was halfway there, Jen was wriggling with need, and reaching for her mother’s head without success.

Lisa’s tongue and lips slowly drew closer to Jen’s labia, which, I could clearly see, had opened like a flower. I’d heard that phrase before—it was a surprisingly accurate description. Jen watched her mother’s lips draw closer and closer to it, her eyes wide and her face proclaiming her need, as did her involuntary twitches and thrusts. Lisa’s lips and tongue finally reached Jen’s sex, and began teasing it slowly, opening it further, sampling her nectar, then plunging inside. Jen spasmed erect, and clutched her mother’s head to her pussy. Lisa moved a hand to Jen’s sex and gently inserted a middle finger, and moved her lips to Jen’s very erect little button.

Jen moaned and ground herself into her mother’s mouth, then groaned in frustration as Lisa pulled back and said “Uh-uh, dear.”

Jen pouted, and it was not just acting the part, but a very real pout. She relaxed, and Lisa went back to licking and sucking. Jen moaned again, and tensed to control her impulse to clutch her mother’s head again. Her moans gradually grew louder, and her control began to slip, her hips moving to keep Lisa’s lips on her clit, and moving in time with Lisa’s finger-thrusts.

I was being clutched, myself, by Lori and Vickie, whose eyes were glued to what was happening in front of us. They, too, were obviously deeply excited.

Jen’s moans began escalating towards their peak, a sound which had become familiar throughout the day. When Jen was at the brink of cumming, Lisa sucked he button in with a bit of force and nibbled it lightly as she thrust her finger deep inside her, and Jen bucked and thrust like she’d been electrocuted, screaming “Mommy!” Lisa moved with her until Jen’s convulsions slowed. Jen’s eyes were wide and dilated as she recovered, and when Lisa moved her head to look up into her daughter’s face, Jen said, “Oh, Mommy, I love you so much! That was wonderful! Your turn!”

The two exchanged places, and Jen repeated the moves that Lisa had performed on her mother. The difference was that when Lisa reached her orgasm and looked down at Jen, it was Jen, eyes still dilated wide, who said again, “I love you so much, Mommy! I want to do this with you forever and ever!” and she hugged Lisa with her entire body. Then the two of them looked at me, and I saw hunger and need in my daughter’s eyes.

Lisa said, “Lie down, Don. It’s time.”

Vickie and Lori guided me into a position on my back, and Lisa demonstrated to Jen how to suck my cock. I was rock hard, and actually a bit sore from being erect so much all day. Surprisingly, the blow job felt not only good, but actually soothed the ache. Jen watched and listened carefully as Lisa demonstrated and explained about the gag reflex and how to overcome it.

Then it was Jen’s turn. I realized that the screensaver had to have some actual knowledge of technique in it, because Jen performed exactly like her mother had, with no gagging. It had taken Lisa years to master deep-throating, but Jen got it perfect on the first try. Well, her first try on me, anyway. Lisa stopped her before I got too close to cumming, and helped her into the pre-cowgirl position.

“Don, let her take it at her own pace, now,” she said. “I broke her hymen, but she is going to be tight, and maybe a bit sore, and it will take some adjustment for her, okay?”

“Of course, dear,” I said. “I will be as careful as I possibly can!”

Lisa held my cock at Jen’s entrance, and lubricated it well with her copious juices. I held very still as Jen sank down upon me. She was, indeed, very tight, and the slipperiness and amount helped a very great deal as she carefully worked herself down my shaft, though she didn’t show a trace of pain from doing so.

“Oh, Daddy! So full!” she said as she rested with me fully inside her. “Daddy, it’s amazing! Oh, it feels so good!”

“You are so beautiful, my wonderful little girl! I can’t believe how good you make me feel!” I told her.

Jen began, slowly and gently at first, to move in a rocking motion, and as she increased the length of her strokes little by little, I began to gently thrust back. She moaned in pleasure—a sound I made sure was of pleasure rather than in pain—and rocked a bit farther and harder as she began to relax into it. I moaned in pleasure as well, and our voices blended well. The warm pressure around my cock soothed the ache completely, and the delightful sensations as we moved together were heavenly.

“Oh, Daddy! This is perfect! This feels so good! I didn’t know how goooood...!” Jen exclaimed as she moved, and I could feel how her pussy had relaxed and loosened just enough to accomodate. I reached up and cupped her tits, giving rolling gentle squeezes to her stiff nipples in time to our thrusts. “Mmm Daddy!” Jen moaned at the stimulation.

At this point, the rocking strokes had lengthened so that three-quarters of my cock was outside her on the upstroke, and was fully inside her as deep as it could go on the downstroke. Jen’s pigtails bounced merrily as she threw her head back and brought it back down to look me in the eyes. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck yes! Deep in me Daddy!” Jen cried as she wriggled and ground on me, her face alive and glowing with pleasure. “Daddy, you’re going to make me cum again!”

“Cum for me, baby girl!” I urged her, “Cum for me!”

“Oh... oh!... oh!... Fuck, yessss! Aaaahhhhhh!” Jen cried as she came, and the muscles of her pussy clenched and rolled on my cock as she did.

I flew over the edge of my own orgasm as she did, and I growled and clutched her and thrust as my balls emptied themselves into her womb with surprising force and quantity. We both shook and trembled in the shared ectstatic spasm.

Jen had her head thrown back as she came, and when she dropped it down to look at me again, I saw her pupils had dilated again, surely as wide as they could go. “Daddy... Daddy, I love you! I’m your little girl, Daddy, forever and ever! I’m yours!”

I gathered her down to me in a hug, still connected and still hard, and rocked her side to side in my arms. “Oh, my girl, I love you, too, more than you can ever know.”

“Do you think you gave me a baby?”

“I don’t know honey, we’ll have to see.” I replied carefully, and icicle of fear appearing behind my heart. I carefully controlled the expression on my face.

“Oh, Daddy, I hope so!” Jen said. “I want to give you everything, anything you want, whatever you want, whenever you want!“

The complete and unqualified promise of ’anything’ reminded me of just how careful I had to be. I prayed I hadn’t said anything that might change her too much!

We’d been in our own little world, and completely forgotten that the other ladies were there until suddenly there were naked women hugging us, crying with happiness, and celebrating.

Jen wanted to have my baby. I felt my cock relax inside her go limp with the realization. A baby born of incest. Would there be genetic defects? This wasn’t something you could just call up your doctor and ask!

I did know that a child of incest between people who share 50% of their genes (brother and sister, mother and son, or father and daughter) resulted in serious birth defects roughly 50% or the time. It was one of those little facts that stuck with me from college biology courses, probably because of the “50%” on both sides of the question. A lot of the defects were cognitive and severe, and often resulted in the death of the child.

How could I do that to... anyone?

I caught a glance from Lori, and rejoined the love-fest happening around me. I thought Lori was doing a pretty good job shepherding me through this. I wondered if the ladies had discussed the matter and elected her my coach. It seemed rather likely. I suspected she knew what I’d been thinking, and would talk it over with me later. She shot a smile and a wink at me, and I wondered if she knew every though I’d have before I had it.

It turned out to be Lori’s turn to imprint on Jen and vice versa. I watched the blond detective turn on the sex appeal and seduce my daughter with awe. The heat that came off that woman was scorching, and I seriously wondered why she said she had been lonely before. The number of people in the world who could resist her appeal had to be very, very small. Jen was not among them. It wasn’t long at all before the passionate kissing went into a graceful, passionate writhing, almost a dance of sex.

It was... wow. I could only stand and watch. It was perhaps the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I winced as my erection reminded me it had been used a lot lately, and this was not its first complaint as it was deep into overtime. It appeared that the two women were trying to touch every millimeter of skin of each of their bodies against, or more accurately, with each other’s. They involved their whole bodies the whole time. It was the human version of snakes mating, and somehow mouths, nipples, breasts, legs and pussies never were out of contact with the other woman’s body. It was hypnotic, and it was thrilling.

Vickie and Lisa watched, rapt, as they stroked and touched themselves as they did. I sat down and grasped my aching cock, squeezing it gently to ease the pressure and the pain it caused.

The sounds of pleasure moans, “mmmm”’s, and cries began to get higher in pitch and volume, slowly at first then more and more as the minutes passed. The writhing resolved into pure fucking motions as the two ground their buttons together while hands and lips and breasts never lost contact.

The ladies’ sounds began to top out as their climaxes drew near. The moans of desperation did not drown out the wet sounds, they just punctuated them. Jen led the way to orgasm by only a moment or two, and as she screamed her release she threw her head back and almost vibrated as she clenched and thrust. Lori flew just behind her, and also throwing her head back as she cried out, her pussy thrust as far and as hard as she could. Suddenly it was quiet, save for the sounds from Lisa and Vickie and the panting from Jen and Lori as they collapsed together, spent.

Moments later, they raised their heads and looked into each other’s dilated eyes and proclaimed their love. They kissed again, this time romantically rather than in pure lust, then Lori slid down Jen’s body and began licking her from her navel down, cleaning the smeared fluids from her body.

I stumbled from the room, still grasping my aching cock, and ran a hot bath and began trying to think of anything not sexy. After a moment, I finally mentally grabbed the train of thought I’d been having before the show that had distracted me from it—what could I do to prevent a genetic catastrophe for my daughter’s child?

I slid into the relaxing hot water and soaked, which, in addition to the lack of stimulation, eased the pain. After about five minutes, Lori came into the bathroom and slipped into the tub with me.

“So, I saw the realization come home to roost in there earlier,” Lori started.

“Yeah,” I said. “A baby. She wants to have my baby,” I said.


“And the odds are scary for birth defects,” I completed.

“They are,” she acknowledged.

“How can I do that to her, to a baby, to the family?”

“Well, conception is likely, maybe not tonight, but sometine soon. Any ideas?”

“None. Well, a vasectomy, maybe,” I tried.

“All of us would be very unhappy about that prospect,” Lori said gently.

“You really want to have my baby?” I asked her.

“Oh, yes, indeed I do,” Lori replied.

“And Vickie?”

“Her, too. We’re all committed. The family must have a next generation,” Lori said.

“But for Jen, the chance of birth defects...”

“Are a problem we’ll need to solve, or at least reduce. We’re making this up as we go along, remember? The need to have your baby has become a major part of her, of who she is.”


Lisa walked into the bathroom, and sat on the fluffy seat of the closed commode. “Don, the chances of birth defects are what they are. If we can figure out a way to reduce them, we will. You’re not a spring chicken, yourself and that carries risks, too.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” I shook my head. “Damn! The risks just keep getting bigger!” I felt I had to breathe fresh air, the house was closing in on me.

I stood and grabbed a towel, and began to dry myself off with it.

“Honey?” Lisa asked.

“I just need to step outside a minute, I need a bit if fresh air, and to think. I may bring a bag of frozen peas back in when I come—I think a bit of cold on the cock would help. Too hard for too long today. I’m sore.”

The two women looked at each other. If we could read minds or they actually spoke, I’d bet money the exchange would have gone exactly like:

‘Frozen peas?’

‘Yeah. They’re cold and they conform to what you hold ’em against.’

‘Huh. Okay.’

‘Well, he’s still adjusting.’

‘Yes, thank goodness! It’s a shame he can’t stay horny without it hurting him.’

‘Tell me about it!’

‘Think we should stick close, maybe help him work through it?’

‘No, I think he needs his space right now.’


The entire exchange happened in about two seconds, all in facial expressions and a bit of body language. I’d learned to interpret it through long experience with my wife and daughter. It’s a matter of paying attention, luck, and being able to see both women’s faces at the same time, able to spot eyebrow twitches and subtle changes and tensions and tilts. It was interesting to see Lori do this with my wife, and I wondered if it was a family thing, a female thing, or a human thing.

I pulled on my bathrobe again, and a pair of shorts as well, then said, “Back in a few.”

“Okay, dear,” Lisa said.

I passed through the bedroom on the way out, and saw Vickie and Jen were still at it, but now with a satisfied, leisurely, and langourous attitude and pace. Both looked quite happy to be right where they were, doing exactly what they were doing. I smiled and nodded to them as I passed.

I slipped out into the back yard and took a deep breath, then gave a long-suffering sigh, letting the tension slip from my shoulders and neck as I did. I sat next to the now-cold firepit, and mentally groped for a way for Jen to get pregnant with a completely healthy baby without conflicting with her conditioning. I said that aloud, into the night, hoping for inspiration, hopefully from a divine, and forgiving, source!

“There really isn’t one, given who you are and the situation,” said a man’s voice nearby. It was an odd voice, bland but leaving one with the impression of... well, the flavor of lemons.

I looked rapidly around to find its source, and saw a very non-descript man in a suit and overcoat standing a little to my left. Even as I looked at his face, it seemed to slide out of my memory. His features were so average and unremarkable that it was extremely difficult to remember what he looked like. If I were asked later, I could only said there was a guy in a suit and overcoat that had been there.

“What?” I asked, completely confused.

“Chance of birth defects for you and your daughter’s child. There isn’t a normal way to make sure to eliminate the chance of them. Now, if her mama had conceived her with someone else...” he said, thoughtfully, then appeared to answer himself with, “no, that would change her too much, and cause issues with the others.”

He looked at me, and said, “You are an unusual man, do you know that? No, I see you don’t.”

“Who are you, and where did you come from?” I asked.

“Who isn’t important...” he said, and suddenly, it wasn’t. “I’m with an agency that monitors and controls mind controllers of whatever stripe. We prevent abuses from becoming too big a problem, making too many people paranoid, or disrupting daily life for enough people to make society collapse or turn on itself.”

“A government agency?” I asked.

“Oh, heavens, no! Though we do protect government officials from being too affected or changed. But that’s most governments, not just yours.”

“And this is a big problem?” I asked.

“Bigger than you think. For instance, Bradley was experimenting so he could work his way to mayor, then governor, then senator, then President. I’m afraid your wife was collateral damage. He was going to make her a slave and take over his uncle’s company using her.”

“You knew?”

“Do you actually own a gun? Have you been to a practice range to learn to shoot a pistol?“

“Uh... wait, no... when...?” I stumbled as I realized that I didn’t, and I never had. The only guns I’d fired were rifles and shotguns as a kid at camp.

“Yeah, we had to stop Bradley, and, of course the guy that created the tools he was using. Having you shoot him was the least problematic solution. I made sure that the door signal stopped working and that you heard your wife say ‘no,’ and the way you shot him. Your wife and, uh, ‘new family’ have found some... interesting ways to cope with the fallout, I must say.”

“Fallout? You’re calling us fallout?”

“There’s always fallout. And yes, I’m telling you that your situation and everyone in it, is fallout. Collateral damage. And yours was the least destructive, problematic, option. I regret that, but I’m here to minimize as much of that fallout as possible,” he said, evenly but not compassionlessly.

“Can you reverse what that damned program did to those women in there? The women that Iove?” I demanded.

“No,” he said. Then, “I can diddle with the probabilities. For instance, I can make sure no one thinks your family is unusual, make it seem completely normal and unremarkable that a police detective is having your babies and lives with you and your wife, that a psychologist and your daughter are getting married and living with you two, or that you are fathering her children, or that your daughter gets pregnant with her lesbian wife somehow. No one will think to ask how, they will just make assumptions. It will be ‘normal,’ even if it is not the usual normal.”

“The potential birth defects?”

“I’m working on that. Give me a bit.”

“How can you do all this?” I asked.

“Me, personally? I have the ability to change probability matrices to favor certain outcomes. It’s actually devilishly hard to do without making them collapse into chaos, like playing Jenga with reality. Change the balances too much and anything can happen, and does, frequently all at once. That’s why I’m doing this—I made a poor choice and, well, the entire state of Jefferson had to be... er, ‘contained.’ But, after many long years, I just owe twenty-seven more years of service, now.“

“’State of Jefferson’?”

“Yes, my home state. When I first came into my power, I miscalculated, and now no one outside it can remember it, or what happened to the people who live there. I was young, inexperienced, and stupid. It has been contained, so that it cannot affect the rest of the world. Most people can’t even remember it or that it even ever existed. If it had not been contained, the chaos would have spread to the rest of the world, making it like Jefferson. What you think of as reality is really pretty fragile.”

“Uh, um, okay. I got sidetracked. I meant how can your agency be doing all this?“

“Oh, well, different people, different skills and abilities, so it all depends on who and what. The one most likely to resolve a problem with the minimum of, ah, ‘difficulties’ is assigned. Those who interfere too much with consensus reality get either removed and conditioned to serve a sentence, contained, or, if they’re too mad or unrepentant or we’ve got too many with their given ability or skill, simply killed. Morris, the programmer, was unfortunate; we’ve got programmers coming out of our ears, so he got hit by a piece of an old Soviet satellite as he drove down a country road in Kazakhstan. Well, that and his work lacked enough flexibility, as you’ve discovered. Second rate.”

“The tech support guy I talked to earlier?” I asked.

“Yes. Perfect timing, by the way, though you couldn’t know that. Put him right where he needed to be! Made it very simple!”

“Ah. Well. I certainly can’t mourn him.”

“I would imagine not! Well, I don’t know, come to think of it—your family’s lives are certainly different and there are more of them, but looking at the other matrices, I think everyone may be happier with this branch.” He paused. “I’ve tickled things a bit, and the old neural connections will regrow over time, and they’ll get their free will back. Sort of. They’re still going to choose the family, though, but not because they have to do so. I’m afraid a very great deal of the programming is self-reinforcing, so by the time their free will kicks in again, they’re going to have some trained-in habits that they won’t even consider breaking or changing.“

“So, you mean they’re going to choose to be as they are?” I asked.

“More or less, yes. They’ve learned that there are some large payoffs for behaving that way. That won’t change. I think I... oh, that’s interesting! Yes, I am changing the probabilities for dominant genes on each side, yours and Jen’s, to prevail, so the probabilities for birth defects are extremely small. The probabilities for birth defects are now roughly that of non-related parents!” He grinned.

“What, just like that?” I asked, startled.

“Well, you can’t see it, but what I did was basically like arranging for a hundred monkeys with typewriters to write Hamlet, so “just like that” is a bit of an understatement.“

“Oh. Um, thanks?”

“Yeah. And no tentacled monsters or constantly-raining sewage!”


“Yeah. Never go to the state of Jefferson. It’s unpleasant there,” he said, shaking his head. “I work on it in my spare time. It used to be a lot worse.”

“Uh, yeah, thanks. And thank you again for your help!” I told him, wondering if he’d actually done anything at all.

He grinned, an eyebrow raised. “Look, the reason we’re talking at all is that I wanted to tell you that you impressed me. Most people, in your situation, would do some variation of what Bradley did, giving little or no consideration to the effects their desires had on others, or what it costs their victims. What I’m saying is that you are a very thoughtful and considerate man, and that those are rarer traits than you might think. Bravo!”

“Um, this is my family we’re talking about! Of course I care!”

“Two of those women were not family two days ago. You and your family have taken them in, made them a part of your family. You care.” He sighed. “Look, I’m just telling you that you are unusual, worth preserving, okay? Don’t shrug it off, embrace it! It’s more rare than it should be. And it’s not like anyone else can tell you this, not believably, among those who can know.“

Well, that was pretty much true, I thought. Among those who knew, the others were pretty much programmed to believe that, or would if I expressed anything on the matter. “So you just came by to tell me I’m a good guy?”

“Pretty much,” he acknowledged. “Minor breach of protocol, too. Keep an eye on the news—the guy who is killed when his car gets hit by space debris, that’s the guy who is responsible for your family’s situation. Report will be out on cable news soon, but it will also be covered as an interesting freak accident on network news.”

“Ah. Um, thanks?” I tried.

“No problem. Okay, that’s it. Have a good life. The odds are in your favor, now, anyway,” he said, turning to go.

“That’s it?” I asked, surprised. “No warning not to tell anyone about this or anything? No threats? No guidance, even?”

“You’ve done very well on your own. And who would you tell? He shrugged. “And threats? I’m sure you’ve been paying attention, so why threaten? That, and of course the consequences to your family would stop you. Besides, you were thoughtful enough to destroy the evidence,” he shrugged. “Oh! My card, in case you notice anything we should look into. You’d be surprised how an early tip can prevent catastrophes!” he said as he handed me a card with just a name and a phone number on it.

“John Smith?”

“Yeah. It’s actually my real name, would you believe it?” he smirked.

Looking at him, I thought that yes, I certainly would believe that. I glanced at the house to see if anyone had come out looking for me. They hadn’t. I glanced back and John Smith had gone, and the only sign he’d ever been there was the card in my hand. “Huh.”

I walked back into the house to find all four women in our bed. It looked like Jen and Vickie were curled up asleep, but Lisa and Lori looked up at me and smiled a welcome. Lisa threw back a corner of the blanket so I could slip in.

“How is everything? Okay?” I asked them

Lisa nodded. “Just fine. And Don... don’t worry about Jen’s baby... I have a feeling it’s all going to be fine.”

I smiled back at her, “Me, too. I think everything is going to go very smoothly from here.”

“Good,” she said, as she snuggled in. “Cock feel better?” she asked.

With a shock I realized that the ache was gone. I nodded.

“Then give mama what she needs,” she smiled, pulling my hardness to her wetness. It was a couple of hours before everyone got to sleep.