The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Action Force: The Annachurian Candidate

Part Five

Max frowned as she heard the receptionist call her name. It meant an end to the waiting room tedium, but just the beginning an even more tedious session with Doctor Nelson. Reluctantly, she rose from the leather chair and followed a well-memorized route into the Doctor’s office.

“Hello, Max! Please, have a seat.” The stylish, grey-haired doctor smiled broadly and shook Max’s hand. “I’m so glad you could come today, Max. Really, I am. I think we’re making good progress.”

“I guess,” Max sighed, dropping onto the couch.

“Now Max, haven’t we made some breakthroughs recently? Tell me how you’re feeling about things. Better, right?”

“I guess.”

Now it was Doctor Nelson’s turn to sigh. “Okay, Max. What’s on your mind?”

“It’s just…” Max lazily traced her fingers over her leg. “It’s just that I came here to get all of that brainwashing stuff out of my head. I didn’t plan on making this a lifetime commitment. Why do I still have to come here? I’m cured, right?”

“Now Max, you owe me three months. It’s only fair. That was the deal the police gave you for… well, what happened. One more month and you’ll never have to see me again, if you don’t want to. But I want you to want to see me, Max. I want you to keep exploring what we’ve talked about. Your anger issues, for one.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. No more kicking guys in the face. I get it, Doc.”

“That’s part of it, yes, but also, how are you feeling about yourself? I worry that you keep eating yourself up over what happened. Losing control of your actions.”

“You’re right.” Max conceded the point. It was embarrassing, but it wasn’t her fault. She knew that now. “I can only control what I can control.”

Doctor Nelson looked her in the eyes. “That’s right, Max. You are only in control when you are in control. Repeat after me. I’m only in control when I am in control.”

Another sigh, louder this time. “I’m only in control when I am in control.”

“I am not in control when I am under control.”

“I am not in control when I am under control.”

The Doctor’s eyes narrowed. “You are under my control, Max.”

“I’m… wait, what?”

“Beneath the ice, the waters are still.”

Max’s hands fell into her lap. “The waters are still,” she said softly.

“You are completely under my control.”

“Yes.” Max’s eyes were glassy and vacant. “I am not in control when you are in control.”

“You will listen and obey, Max.”

“I understand.”

Doctor Nelson turned to her computer. “I’m going to send an email while we talk, Max. You will answer my questions completely and honestly. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said the hypnotized brunette. “I understand.”

“Have you made any progress towards getting Olivia and Sierra to see me?”

“No. Livvie has her own therapist. She’s been seeing him since high school, more or less.” Max’s tone was casual, as if she were calmly discussing the weather. “She’s already been fully deprogrammed. Doctor Franz’s trigger no longer works on her. I tried it several times, when we were alone together, but she didn’t respond.”

“Yes. That is unfortunate. And Sierra?”

“She’s just a college kid. She thinks she knows everything. She wasn’t brainwashed, and I think she’s still afraid of being hypnotized. I’ve told her how helpful you’ve been, but she wouldn’t come with me today.”

“Well, Max, we’ll just have to find another way to make them a little more amenable, don’t you think?”

Max stared through her, and said nothing.

The cabinet opens and closes nicely. I’ve been keeping the hinges oiled, as you requested. The other doors are still stuck in the closed position. I’ll keep you posted.

“Now Max,” said the Doctor, leaning forward. “The Syndicate has a nice little side project for you. Listen to my voice, and obey.”

“Yes, Doctor.”