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An Ad for a Doll

* * *

Maria takes drastic measures after getting dumped, and responds to an ad looking for a doll.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this story contains depictions of non-consensual sex and hypnosis. I do not condone these things in real life, as they are highly immoral and illegal. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

* * *

“...and I just don’t think that... that this is gonna work out, y’know?”

The girl must have given Maria a dozen excuses at this point, for why a potential relationship between the two of them would not work. If this was the first time in the first three months of the year that Maria got turned down, it wouldn’t have stung nearly as much. But this was the... what? Fifth? Girl to turn her down? Maria was numb to the heartache at this point, and her sadness just kind of turned into frustration and impatience.

“Is that okay with you?” The girl followed up. “Maria? I’d still like to be your friend...”

“Yes. Apologies. I’ll call you when I can.” Maria hung up the phone, not willing or wanting to talk to her anymore. Deep down, Maria knew it wasn’t going to work. There was no connection between the two of them anymore — if anything, Maria’s now-former date was very smart but absolutely self-absorbed.

Maria tried to hide her disheartened expression as she took out her phone and began scrolling through social media. All throughout, she could see anniversaries, weddings, babies, and the occasional post about politics. Maybe if she had someone, these posts would hurt her less.

Why was she being so sensitive? Why was she... being so resistant to the idea of people in love? It’s not that it disgusted her, by any means. She wanted it too. She really did.

Did she? She did. Maria let out a groan, resigning herself to checking a dating app she hadn’t checked in months. Maybe there was some new message for her or something. Not that she’d usually respond; they were usually fuckboys who neglected to check her ‘lesbian’ status and would spam her with dick pics.

Maria opened it. Scrolling once again through the half-assed ads, terrible pictures, and hordes of gross cis penises, she landed on one ad that quite caught her eye.

“Let me make you my doll.”

Maria lifted an eyebrow. A doll, this ad said? She kept reading. Then she started looking at the pictures of the person who posted the ad. They were quite attractive. Pretty fucking hot, Maria was even willing to say.

A lovely girl fit to be a doll. What did being a doll even mean? Was this some weird kink thing? Maria had never tried that stuff, though the times she had she’d been with quite inexperienced people. Maybe it was a good idea to dip her toes in again, just this one time.

Messaging the person, Maria titled her response: “I’m interested.”

* * *

This was the place, right? Maria and the poster — whose name was apparently Faye — agreed to meet up at a coffee shop nearby. Well, nearby to Faye’s place; it was a few towns over from Maria, and Maria was quite exhausted by the commute. She wanted to stay optimistic, but a bitter part of her, still bitter from all the heartache she’d been through, said to herself “this better be worth it — this person better be who they say they are.”

It was a few days later — Faye didn’t want to have Maria waste any time. (Not that they’d word it quite like that.) Faye asked Maria to dress up — said it was quite the occasion to become a doll. Maria didn’t ask many questions. In fact, the thrill of it enticed her even further. Maria wore a vintage 1950s dress with galaxies on it, and a purple large belt. She looked quite fancy, quite lovely. Almost like a doll already.

The first thing Maria learned about Faye was that they weren’t one to keep people waiting. She could tell how punctual they were by how Maria saw Faye walk through the door in an outfit Maria could only describe as business punk at exactly 1:59pm, only a minute before their agreed meeting time. Maria made herself shrink — Faye was even more gorgeous in person.

As Faye walked over, immediately spotting Maria, they gave her a warm smile — one that made Maria slightly more comfortable where they were.

“You must be Faye, correct?” Maria asked. “I believe we connected on the app. Is this a good spot?”

“Of course — thanks for finding it. This is my favorite spot in the store, actually,” Faye said with a laugh as they sat down. “It’s nice to meet you, Maria. Did you find the place okay?”

“Yes... it was only two busses over.” That was a lie — it was three busses. “Quite a quaint city you have here, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve lived here all my life. Welcome!”

Faye leaned in, and Maria leaned back. Staring deep into Maria’s eyes, Faye continued, “so why don’t we figure out what we both want from this?”

* * *

Somehow, after some nice conversation and light coaxing, Maria ended up back at Faye’s place. Faye did give her an option, obviously— who wouldn’t? But it wasn’t like it took much for Maria to be convinced.

When Faye said they wanted a doll, they weren’t kidding. They really did want a doll — someone they could toy with and play with as needed, as wanted. They seemed intent on making Maria that doll. After all, Maria was already pretty enough; in fact, one could describe her as “gorgeous”, as Faye did. And Maria wasn’t too demanding of her partners, and Faye noted that she seemed to have that internal instinct to serve and obey. Like a doll.

Faye asked Maria how she’d feel about being hypnotized. Maria had to think for a minute before responding, “I’m not, not interested in it.”

Maria and Faye sat on the couch together, watching some sort of nature documentary — whatever was on, really. Faye’s touch was warm and soft, yet Maria could feel the isolation in it; there was some weird coldness to it. It was almost like Faye was hiding something. And yet, Maria didn’t particularly mind; everyone had their own secrets, now did they?

There was a sudden ping between the two of them. Maria opened her phone to see a text from her date from a few days ago, reaching out to see how she was doing. Why would she do something like that? Maria wondered. Didn’t she just leave her for broke the other day?

“Who’s that?” Faye asked, leaning into Maria.

Maria debated whether or not to tell Faye. After all, it wasn’t the best practice to discuss one’s exes with current partners (if she could call Faye that). She didn’t think Faye would particularly mind, though.

“It’s... someone I was seeing for a few days,” Maria explained. “It didn’t work out, though. So I’m not sure why she’s reaching out now.”

Faye hummed in understanding, wrapping an arm around Maria’s shoulder and lightly rubbing it. Maria wasn’t in any way opposed to the touch, but the connection she felt with Faye was something she couldn’t really describe. Did she like Faye? Was she scared of Faye? Why did her touch feel so distant even though it was so warm? No, it wasn’t that it felt distant, per se; it felt possessive.

In a way, Maria thought, it was nice to feel wanted. It was nice to feel possessed, almost owned by someone else who didn’t even really need to do much.

That feeling made Maria want to keep talking. “It’s quite a shame, you know... to go on date after date, and never really connect with anyone. Or, to think you’ve connected with people, only to find out that they had no use for you. Or that you couldn’t fulfill their desires. It’s so hard to keep going through this, and... I don’t like to think of myself as a reliant person, but it’s hard to keep seeing all your friends and loved ones move on with their lives while you’re stuck in the past. Stuck alone.”

Faye rubbed Maria’s shoulder, massaging it lightly in circles so that Maria may feel slightly more loved. The possessiveness circled around Maria’s shoulders, and even though it felt dark and needing, it felt comforting. Soft. Warm.

“Oh, dear Maria,” Faye cooed sympathetically. “I’m so sorry people made you feel unwanted. I can promise you — that’s not the case here.”

Faye stood up, and for a minute, Maria briefly cursed the lack of touch. “Here — let me comfort you. Let me treat you like a doll... a princess doll.” She added with a glint in her eyes, “my princess doll.”

Faye went over to the light brown cabinet and grabbed something out of it. She struggled to hold up what seemed to be a heavy, light blue weighted blanket as she pulled it over to Maria. She wrapped Maria in the blanket, who immediately melted under the deep touch of the weight. So soothing and calming. It was almost like it melted all of Maria’s worries in an instant, whooshing them away as Maria’s teary eyes dried and as she laid down on the couch to get comfortable.

“Let me cook my doll up something to eat,” Faye offered with a generous grin, staring into Maria’s eyes — her stare must have melted some of Maria’s worries and anxieties by itself. “Does pasta sound good? Warm, silky pasta for a doll?”

“Sure... sure.” Maria was still not entirely used to being called a doll over and over again, but she was certainly getting more used to it. In fact, she’d figured she could probably get used to hearing it all day, Maria thought as Faye began to boil up some water.

Faye was taking care of Maria — almost as if Faye were her parent, her mom. Why did that feel so okay? Maria had to admit, she always loved caretaker type personalities. And shoe always wanted to be with one, to be with someone who could take care of her when she didn’t want to... maybe Faye was meant to be that person.

It may have been hasty, but Maria decided. “Faye?” She called out, as Faye turned to her.

“Once we’re done eating... I’ve decided. I want to be hypnotized.” Maria paused as Faye looked at her. “I want to be hypnotized into being your doll.”

“You do?” Faye put down the cooking for just a moment and walked over to Maria with a smile. “Why, I’m so happy to hear, my doll. The pasta is still boiling... so, why don’t I do it right now?”

“R-right now? Isn’t... that dangerous?”

“No,” Faye responded to the question with a smirk. “After all, you’re so trancey and vulnerable and cozy right now. You haven’t noticed, but I’ve already been making you suggestible. But you don’t have any complaints, right? After all, being hypnotized is such a nice feeling, such a cozy and warm and snug feeling. Just like trance. You know what trance feels like, do you?”

Maria shook her head no to that question. She had no idea — she hadn’t even heard the word trance in this context before.

“Trance is... the feeling of being safe in a deep, dark, mindless place. Where no thoughts can hurt you. Trance is your eyes maybe fluttering a little, struggling to stay awake as you stare into my gaze, stare into my hypnotizing eyes... trance is like that weighted blanket you’re under, crushing you so soothing and playfully, turning off your mind, letting any thoughts you might notice wander past like a wave or a cloud. Trance is listening to my voice and noticing nothing else, everything being dark or black or whatever color you want it to be. The boiling of the water or the ambiance of the room or the light TV static or your body against the couch. The colors of the room, brown and white and tan and teal and brown... Trance is what you’re sinking into.”

Maria felt her eyes getting heavier under the sensory overload induction, struggling to focus on anything else. The weighted blanket was crushing Maria’s body, just as Faye’s voice was crushing Maria’s mind.

Maria dropped into a deep, dark place of what could only be described as “trance” as Faye deeply added, “and you sink.”

* * *

When Maria came to, it must have been about 30 minutes later. How had she not noticed the time passing by so quickly? And why could she not remember, what in the world had happened in those 30 minutes? It was like the world went blank, and she passed out. Maybe that was what trance was like?

Maria reoriented herself, and turned to see Faye. Faye stared at her with a curious, waiting expression, and as soon as Maria came to fully Faye had this huge, knowing smile on their face. Knowing of all the things they could do to Maria — knowing of all the things Maria knew nothing about.

“How do you feel?” Faye asked as Maria came back into the room from trance.

“I feel... fine,” Maria blinked. She stretched her arms out and gave a big yawn. Something felt off — she felt fine, sure, but she felt different. As if, something in her had changed — almost like someone had messed with her brain’s programming and flipped some switches. “Can I ask... what happened?”

“I just put you deep under in a nice, relaxing state,” Faye said like it was nothing. With a shrug of their shoulders, they casually added something shocking. “Oh, and I messed with your mind a bit. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m sorry, you... you what?” Maria felt a flicker of rage in her. That wasn’t what she signed up for!

Or was it? Maria asked herself as Faye responded coolly, “well, it was your idea, wasn’t it? To be hypnotized?”

“No... no, I’m fairly certain that was your idea—“

As soon as Maria said those words, Faye lifted a finger to poke at Maria’s left temple. Maria’s mind went blank once again. She returned to that suggestible, programmable state as Faye said the two syllable word, “Alter.”

Maria dropped once again, staying up just a bit — just far enough to see how her mind was being changed. “Hypnosis was never my idea, silly. You came to me, asking to be hypnotized all on your own. After all, you’re such a trance slut doll that you’ll ask anyone to hypnotize you, regardless of how long you’ve known or haven’t known them. You asked for this. You asked me to make you my doll. And I did... so you’re grateful now.”

Maria couldn’t move, nor could she opened her mouth to respond. The anger sank away in her though, and her memory changed. Yes, she did ask to be hypnotized. She couldn’t recall the precise time when Faye brought it up... maybe they never did? Maybe Faye never brought it up? Maybe Faye was right, and Maria was nothing but a slutty trance doll. But Maria had never known about hypnosis before! Had she? Maybe she had just forgotten?

Maria muttered in the brain-altering trance. Before she could say anything worthwhile, Faye put a finger to the top of Maria’s head and said, “arise.”

And Maria woke up from the trance, straightening her back and looking up at Faye curiously. What had they done?

“Tell me, doll,” Faye started, staring down at her. “Whose idea was it to be hypnotized?”

“It... it was mine,” Maria said. That much was obvious, right? Something felt wrong. But she couldn’t figure out what anymore.

“Good! You’re so right,” Faye stroked the sides of Maria’s cheeks lovingly, pecking a small kiss on her forehead. The touch felt good, the kiss felt good. So why did it feel so wrong, still?

“Assist,” Faye said and poked a different spot on Maria’s forehead. Suddenly, Maria felt a wave of something through her. Obedience? She needed orders. Maria needed to follow orders. Why? Why was her body and mind reacting this way?

“Doll, turn around and kneel over the couch,” Faye ordered. Before Maria could even think to resist, she found herself obeying. “Lift your skirt and pull down your panties.”

“Yes, mom.” Wait — what had Maria just responded with? Why was she obeying this random person’s orders? And calling her mom, of all things? She wanted to stop. How could she put a stop to this? It wasn’t like she could ask Faye to take away the suggestions. Blood rushed inside of her, and she felt herself going weak. Why did she agree to this — why did she ask for this, nonetheless?

Maria tried to move as Faye stepped around her and peered around for something. From the corner of her eye, Maria could see Faye pull out a cat o’nine tails with leather roses at the end of each rope. Maria gulped.

“W-wait, please—“ Maria begged.

“Yes, doll?” Faye asked impatiently, crossing her arms with the flogger.

“I... I want to stop.”

Faye paused. “And why’s that, plaything?”

“This... this feels wrong. I can’t seem to explain how. Please, undo everything. I didn’t... didn’t know what I was getting myself into. This was a mistake, so please—“

“Alter,” Faye interrupted Maria to touch her left temple again and change her memory. Maria briefly tried to resist and asked Faye to wait, but couldn’t seem to help the urge of falling into trance, of falling back under Faye’s spell.

Faye leaned in close to Maria’s ear, as she whispered intensely and seriously, “you always wanted this. You never don’t want to be played with. You want to be my doll. My doll. My property. My plaything. You want to obey. You want to be nothing else.”

Before Maria could fully respond to the altered memory, she felt something sharp sting her ass as the flogger hit her. Maria let out a yelp, and another one as Faye hit her again.

“My doll.”


“My property.”


“My plaything.”


“Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Slap, slap, slap, slap! Maria cried out each and every time, getting louder and louder as the slaps increased in pain and intensity. With each flog, Faye’s words burned into Maria’s mind more. She was Faye’s property. Their plaything. Their doll, forever and ever. She was theirs — and after some scolding and punishment, she was quite content with this idea.

“You don’t want to disobey me. You never want to disobey me. And how dare you question me —“ Faye’s voice became stricter and more ripe with fury as they continued to speak. “How dare you question your mom. Apologize to me this instant.”

“I’m — I’m sorry, mom,” Maria whimpered out as she was flogged once again, and three more times. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“Yes, you are. Good, good doll,” Faye’s voice shifted back into a loving coo as she grabbed a fistful of Maria’s beautiful hair and pulled her back up to face Faye. Faye could see her red, teary eyes, in pain from having her ass flogged so much. “Answer me this. How long do you want to be my doll for?”


“That’s right. And do you want to do anything but obey me?”

“No... I only want to obey you, mom.”

“Did you ever want anything else?”

“No... I didn’t. Please... please let me obey.”

“Sit down,” Faye ordered, and Maria complied. Faye sat themself on top of Maria’s legs, kissing her passionate and deeply. As she did, she pressed another ‘button’ on Maria’s face and whispered “playtime”, and Maria’s mind changed once again. Suddenly, a cheerful playfulness creeped into Maria’s mind, and a broad, dopey grin came across her face as she was French kissed.

Faye pulled back, staring at the happy and ditzy Maria and smiling at her property. “How are you feeling, plaything?”

Maria giggled happily. “I feel really good, mom.”

“Good!” Faye smiled. “Now, see that pasta I started over there? Why don’t you be a good doll, obey me always 100%, and finish it for me?”

“Of course I will, mom.” Maria stood up and walked over to the pasta to reheat it, now knowing nothing else but to obey Faye and be her doll.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Faye said. “Was coming over to visit me worth it, in the end?”

Maria turned around, the same smile on her face. Her face had shifted to be all docile, all malleable and obedient. She just wanted to be played with and toyed with all day — she just wanted to be tranced over and over again, and be a permanent part of Faye’s life. She wanted to serve. Like a good doll — that was all she knew, now.

“Absolutely, mom!”

* * *