The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“I know this seems a little... harsh,” Luisa said, as Chad’s legs gave out and he collapsed to the floor. “But if it makes you feel any better, you’re going to settle a lot of debates in the field of evolutionary biology.” She squatted down and gave him a long, deep, probing kiss that seemed to go on forever. He felt her tongue slide into his mouth, almost dueling with his. If it was a duel, she was winning; Chad couldn’t seem to make himself move even the slightest muscle. His eyelids gave up the struggle to stay open about five seconds into the kiss.

She finally let go—literally, Chad felt his head drop a fraction of an inch to smack lightly onto the hardwood floor—and began to pull his clothes off. “It’s something biologists have debated for ages, Chad.” Her voice was calm and cultured, her fluent English delivered in a Columbian accent that sounded rich and warm in his ears. “How fast does adaptation actually happen? How does a species change in response to evolutionary pressures?” Her fingers caressed Chad’s body lightly as she undressed him. He heard himself let out a soft, whimpering sigh, but that seemed to be as much as he was capable of.

It certainly wasn’t going to be enough to summon help. Even if any of his friends heard him, Chad knew that they would just high five each other. Their whole plan for the week involved getting naked with sexy women and moaning a lot, after all. They didn’t come up with any ideas for what to do if they were the ones who couldn’t move.

“So, first a bit of background—and stop me if I’m boring you.” Luisa’s voice was filled with acid wit, a purposeful lightness concealing a harsh contempt. It had been there all night, Chad realized, in her every response to his stories about his fraternity and his dad’s money and his plans to join a brokerage firm after college. Now that he had nothing to do but listen, it was so obvious he was amazed he had ever missed it. Then again, he had other things on his mind at the time.

Like his boner. Luisa had the most amazing body he’d seen this whole trip, lush and curvy with long legs and broad hips with a huge juicy ass and absolutely fucking incredible tits. The second Chad saw her, he knew he had to get his dick inside her by the end of the night, even if the other guys were more interested in the skinny chicks by the pool. Chad didn’t come all the way down to Providencia just to flirt with some girls from Vassar, not when the locals were always impressed by wealth and always ready for a free drink or six.

But right now, Chad’s mind was nowhere near his erection, even if Luisa was playing with his cock while she talked. “One of the things that popular culture gets wrong is imagining Darwin as some sort of visionary who first noticed that animals adapt to their environments. Biologists had already noticed the evidence for evolution long before Darwin; their question was more about the mechanism that facilitated an already-obvious process.” He felt her hands caressing his balls, moving away to pull his shirt up and over his head, then moving back down to his penis again.

“You’ve probably heard of one of them in school—Lamarck thought that somehow the experiences of an animal were pressed into them, like a stamp into clay. And that they passed on these impressions to their children.” Luisa ran her fingernails down his chest gently, scratching over the sensitive skin first in one spot then another until Chad felt the tingling pleasure of a powerful endorphin rush all through his body. “But there were a lot of competing theories, before and even after Darwin. Like saltation, for example, which posited rapid mutations in response to evolutionary pressure.”

Chad felt Luisa’s finger slide between his parted lips. He tasted something musky and salty on his tongue, a familiar flavor that Chad would have been happy with under any other circumstances. But he was too freaked out by being paralyzed to think about Luisa churning her finger around in her pussy so she could get it all good and wet for him, and he was too confused by the weird feeling of his muscles being all drowsy and relaxed and his skin tingling with bliss while his brain was trying really hard to panic to focus properly on being freaked out. The whole thing made him melt into a passive fugue of disassociation, his mind responding to the impossible situation by simply pretending it was happening to someone else.

He couldn’t help wondering if this was what it felt like for some of the girls he’d slept with back home, but then Luisa tugged on his cock to get his attention and the moment of introspection slipped away. “Eventually, as you probably remember from biology class... well, half-remember. Quarter if it was a Monday morning lecture, am I right?” She chuckled. “Darwin’s gradualism won out. Species accumulated tiny mutations, one generation and one gene at a time, and only over vast scales of time did that amount to a change in speciation. Slow and steady wins the race to become the dominant genome.”

She stroked his cock with one hand, lightly scratched his chest with the other. Chad could feel her sitting cross-legged next to him, her tawny legs pressed up against his arm. He wondered if she had taken her own clothes off as well, but he still couldn’t seem to open his eyes. He wondered what she’d drugged him with—rohypnol didn’t usually leave victims conscious, and if she’d slipped him some ketamine, he’d be hallucinating right now. Unless he was hallucinating, and just didn’t realize it because he was drugged? Chad had a momentary identity crisis, but it slipped away into the fog in his mind. He just felt too overwhelmed by the swell of events to panic about any one thing, especially not when his body wasn’t able to join in.

“But as we uncovered more and more of the fossil record, biologists began to notice that it didn’t really support Darwinism nearly as well as it should.” Luisa’s calm, measured tones never changed, not even when she dug her fingernails into Chad’s skin hard enough to draw blood. “Species didn’t smoothly and gradually branch out like Darwin predicted; they changed rapidly, almost instantaneously in geological time in response to a change in their circumstances, then stabilized into long periods of stasis after establishing their new niches in the altered environment. Change, it seems, is sudden.”

Luisa leaned down and licked the scratch on Chad’s chest, her tongue lapping away the traces of blood while her pendulous breasts rubbed against his body. “That led to a theory by Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge known as ‘punctuated equilibrium’, which suggested that evolution could happen very rapidly in response to a sudden pressure placed on an organism.” Chad tried to summon up a sense of outrage, horror, any kind of emotional reaction at all to Luisa’s sudden vampiric fascination with his body, but all he could feel was... numb. Burned out. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t struggle, he couldn’t resist. All he could do was passively accept Luisa’s control of the situation. Of him.

As if she noticed his mental collapse, Luisa straddled his cock and slid smoothly onto him. “Gould and Eldredge were accused of reviving saltation, but they were careful to explain that they didn’t refute gradual accumulations of mutation. They only claimed that those mutations in a species that were already successful tended to return to the mean—species variation was so large, and survival advantages so tiny, that for the most part a little change here and there didn’t produce much actual evolution. It was only when you put a species under intense pressure to adapt and survive that those mutations suddenly moved in a new direction—creating a new species, just in case you’re not following along.”

She laughed, her wide hips rolling up and down on Chad’s cock in rhythm with her words. “Which you’re not,” she said. “Not while I’m fucking you, at least. That’s all you’re really thinking about right now, isn’t it? My cunt engulfing you? Clenching around you? Making you all nice and stupid and horny for me?” She gripped his chest for support, her thumbnails pressing hard into his nipples. “The paralysis should be wearing off soon, just say ‘yes’ when you’re ready.”

Chad felt a strange, light-headed sensation as Luisa bounced up and down on him, as though the sensation of pleasure coming up through his cock was stronger than usual. Not just better, but louder in his head, like a radio getting closer to a transmission tower and suddenly bursting through the speakers with painful clarity. “yes,” he said tonelessly, not really remembering what he was agreeing to. The powerful arousal coursing through his body seemed to overwhelm his thoughts, until everything slipped away into a fog of ecstasy and he could only fit a few seconds of memory into his brain at a time. Luisa wanted him to say ‘yes’. So he said it.

“That’s my good, dumb, horny boy,” Luisa purred, a trace of pleasure finding its way into her measured tones. “It’s hard to think because you’re fucking me. My pussy juice is soaking into your skin, seeping into the blood pumping down onto that nice hard cock of yours—my saliva has a similar effect, that’s why you started to feel funny as soon as you tried to stick your tongue down my throat, but my cunt... oh, my cunt gives you the real thing. Targeted prions, concentrated copulins, the most wonderfully addictive cocktail of dopamine and serotonin and oxytocin and sweet, sweet endorphins... not that you know what any of that means right now, but it still works even if you don’t understand it.”

She began to fuck him faster, her cunt smacking against Chad’s groin as she pounded his dick deeper and deeper inside her wet pussy. “See, it turns out that Gould was wrong. Saltation is a real thing, and it’s happening right now. All over the world. I’m not the only one, I’m not even the first. I’m just the one who pieced it all together. It’s a biological adaptation to a threat, an evolutionary response to ensure our survival. Every day, there are more of us. Someday soon, we’ll be the dominant genotype. Scientifically...” She rose up and slammed down, squeezing tightly around Chad’s cock. “And literally.”

Chad let out a helpless moan, his balls churning as the pressure to cum built inside him. “And boys like you, you’ll adapt to your new role. The prions are burning out key testosterone receptors in your brain, decreasing aggression and assertiveness without taking away your ability to fuck. The drugs in my pussy are addicting you to me, making you dumb and horny whenever my wet cunt rubs against your skin. You’re becoming a sweet, submissive boy for me instead of a groping, grasping, entitled beast. And by the time my friends and I are done fucking your wills away, all the men in the world will be nice and happy on their knees, just like you. Doesn’t that sound so wonderful?”

“Uh, uh, uh huh,” Chad murmured, unable to really think in words. Everything Luisa said seemed to be slipping down into the bottom of his mind, saturating his brain in drugged and dopey bliss until all he wanted to do was stop thinking and cum. Stop thinking... and cum. Stop. Thinking. And cum...

“Good boy.” Luisa ground into him hard, her pussy rhythmically clenching and relaxing as she milked his cock into orgasm. “You may.” Chad felt a wave of mindless ecstasy wash his last few remaining thoughts away as he twitched and spurted inside her. “That’s it,” she cooed as his hips strained instinctively in release. “No more thinking, no more will. Fucked into obedience. Fucked into your new place in the world. Dumb and happy and submissive for Luisa. Good boy. Good boy.”

She lay next to him, gathering his head up to rest on her tits as she sighed in pure satisfaction. “A few more days, I think. Just to program you perfectly. Then you’ll take me back to the States as your new wife, and we can start meeting your daddy’s influential friends. I have a short list of women who need husbands, and then you and I can start making some babies to pass on my genes.”

She guided his lips to her nipple, and he began to suckle automatically. “We should get you practicing right now, good boy. I think my milk is going to do some amazing things once it begins to flow, and I want you very used to wrapping your mouth around my tits. It might take a generation or two, but... we’re going to change the world, Chad. Dinosaurs like you and your fraternity friends will adapt to obedience, or go extinct. It’s just science.”

Chad’s cock was already stirring, the film of Luisa’s musk that coated it drugging him once again into mindless, aroused obedience. “Rather impressive science, if I do say so myself,” Luisa cooed. She wrapped her hand around Chad’s cock and stroked him back to his full erection. “Not that I intend to publish just yet...”

She laughed. But Chad was well past understanding why.