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The thought that started this one is that most of the stories on this site focus on sex. Not an orginal thought, I know. Anyway, my mind wandered into the thought of how to turn someone into a sex slave without them focusing on sex. What’s below is the result.

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Veronica hated that she was so weak. Here she was, the middle of the day at work, and she was sitting in the bathroom rubbing her clit and nipples furiously.

It wasn’t that she was horny. It wasn’t the explosion of the ‘little death’ that she was after; she just wanted, no needed, stimulation. On her pleasure zones, so the pleasure would wash through her. The arousal, the sexual response; that was just a side effect as far as she was concerned.

After three minutes she forced herself to still her hands, take them away from her body. She took a deep breath, and refastened her clothes. She could do this. She could go back to work.

She wasn’t a slave to this addiction. Not totally anyway.

* * *

It had started about a month and a half ago. Veronica wasn’t sure exactly how, but it had happened sometime around this conversation she’d had with her housemate Samantha (or Sam, as everyone called her) and Sam’s new live-in boyfriend Jef. They’d been watching something on TV and Veronica had commented on the outfit and actions of one of the characters. “...I just don’t see why she would demean herself like that.”

“Maybe she likes it. It isn’t that uncommon.”

Veronica had never believed in that. “Yeah, but to basically advertise yourself as a sex toy...”

Sam had quirked a smile. “You can’t say that it wouldn’t be pleasant. Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy touching yourself there, on occasion.”

Veronica had blushed. “I don’t let the idea of sex control me.”

This is where Jef had stepped in. “Perhaps that’s the difference between you and her. Now hush you two, I’m trying to watch this.”

The rest had been some comments on what, exactly, he was trying to watch and why he was trying to watch it, and they’d finally gotten back to the movie.

For some reason though, as she’d lain in bed that night, that conversation had come back to her. She just couldn’t get it out of her head. Something in it had given her the idea of touching herself not for the sex response, but just for the feel of the touch itself.

And, alone in her room, with the idea running through her head refusing to be ignored, she’d tried it. Touched herself, cunt and breast, even rubbing places like her neck or pretending to kiss her pillow on occasion. She ignored the feelings of arousal; they weren’t what she was exploring.

It had been a revelation.

There was pleasure here. True pleasure, the likes of which she had never realized. She’d gone at it for ages, and only when she realized that she’d just orgasmined, and not for the first time, did she finally manage to stop and drift to sleep.

The next few nights she’d gone to bed early, so she could make herself feel that again. She spent hours just lying there, rubbing herself. Finally after a week or so Veronica had realized that she wasn’t acting normal, and decided that she really shouldn’t be letting this take control of her. She made a point of hanging out with her housemates as normal, and going to bed at a normal time.

She’d even managed to go two days without touching herself. Then she’d decided that as long as it didn’t interfere with anything there was no reason she couldn’t enjoy herself. She ‘slept in’ on weekends occasionally, but generally her life went back to normal.

Sam did start complaining that Veronica was taking to long in the shower, but Veronica dismissed that s normal housemate complaints.

Until the morning she realized she was standing there, rubbing herself with the bath sponge, while the water ran cold. With that came the realization that she had been spending more time ‘cleaning’ those areas recently...

Veronica had gotten out and sheepishly apologized to Sam before heading to work.

She tried not playing with herself in the morning, but she just felt depressed all day then. If she spent just a few minutes lost in that pleasure each morning, she was much happier and more energetic at her job. It was simple logic that she should continue.

And, that day after that meeting from hell it had been logical to take a moment to break and regroup before going back to work. A couple minutes in the restroom and she walked back into her office all smiles and energy. And everyone in the office admired her for her ability to handle the pressure so well.

So they gave her more pressure. And she could handle it, really she could. These little ‘rest beaks’ were just another tool to handle that. They let her work the rest of the day more efficiently.

But then the big project deadline was past, and the pressure was off. Work slowed back to normal, Veronica had gotten some praise (and promise of a bonus) and that should have been the end of it. Except she found she just couldn’t make it through the day without a few minutes pleasure at lunch.

That had finally scared her a little. She held it at that: A little rub in the shower each morning, a few minutes in the restroom at lunch, and the luxury of enjoyment in the evening after she’d gone to bed. No more. That was enough; she’d survived for years after all without ever playing with herself more than once a month or so when her hormones got to her. She shouldn’t need more now.

She even made herself actually eat lunch at least once a week. Instead of spending the whole time in the restroom stall.

But that was when she’d known herself to be addicted. She couldn’t give it up, not anymore. Any time she tried she was listless and depressed. It was what she looked forward to at the end of each day. What she needed. She could make herself hold off, keep from rutting herself in search of those sensations, but in the end she always went back to it. It was just too easy, and it felt so damn good.

She told herself that it was improving her performance at her job, that she felt better, did more. In truth she knew it was starting to distract her: she was focusing on her ‘reward’ and not on the work in front of her.

Which was why this morning she’d decided to take a risk and take a few minutes before lunch to play with herself. To see if she could satiate her desire for a little while. So she could focus.

Until lunch, when she would be able to really enjoy herself.

Veronica spent the rest of the morning dreaming about what her ‘lunch’ would feel like.

* * *

This wasn’t working. The addition of two more ‘bathroom breaks’ into her daily schedule had only meant she wanted more of the pleasure, not less. She was even more distracted, and she couldn’t even force herself to give up those breaks!

She needed to regroup. Find some way out of this. Veronica walked up to her supervisor. “Sir?”

As always, it took a moment for him to respond. “Veronica! What can I help you with?”

“Um, Sir, I’d like to take a couple weeks leave. Immediately, if possible.”

He paused, looking at her. “Is this about whatever has gotten you so distracted lately?”

She blushed. “Yes sir. Personal matter.”

He nodded, and took out the necessary paperwork from his desk. “No problem. Take as much time as you need, starting today if you’d like.” He paused, handing her one form she needed. “You did good work on that project. It will be good to see you in top shape again.”

“Thank you sir. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” She took the paperwork, told her co-workers she’d be on vacation for a while, and headed home.

* * *

She hadn’t meant to get caught. She’d gotten home mid-afternoon, after having skipped her lunch session saying goodbye, and right at the time of her last ‘rest break’ of the day. She’d looked at the clock, realized that no-one would be home for hours, and just given in to the need for pleasure.

Which was how, hours later, Jef had found her sprawled on the couch, pants and panties around her ankles, chest exposed, hands rubbing and tugging and pushing and...

“Veronica?” He’d asked in disbelief.

She’d opened her eyes at his statement, and saw him watching her. For just a moment, the thought ran through her mind that he could probably help. Then she’d realized what she was doing and dignity had come into play. “Jef! I wasn’t expecting you... Ah, um, this isn’t what it looks like.” She looked at the clock as she pulled up her pants. Yes, it was time for him to come home. She’d been playing with herself for hours.

“What is it then?”

She was re-buttoning her shirt, leaving her bra open inside it. “It, ah, it... I got off from work early. I’m taking some vacation days.”

“Ok. None of my business. Never mind.” He headed into his and Sam’s room, to put his briefcase away. By the time he came back out Veronica had mostly gotten herself together.

“Jef, about what I was doing.”

“Hey, it is your vacation time. You can do what you like.”

“No, really, I need to talk about it. I... I’ve found myself doing that more often. I can’t seem to stop myself. I... I think I’m getting addicted.”

“To sex?”

Veronica decided to ignore the tone that question was asked in. “No, not exactly... To touching myself, to the pleasure... It’s not about sex, I barely even notice the sex aspects.” She laughed an empty laugh. “I orgasm and don’t even realize it. I don’t care about the sex. I just... Want to be touched, there.”

Veronica found herself looking down at her clasped hands in her lap. She forced herself to stop rubbing them against the inside of her pants. After a moment, she looked up at Jef.

He was waiting for her to meet his eyes. When she did, he took a deep breath and answered. “I think we should wait until Sam gets home to have this discussion. She’ll be home soon; why don’t you get yourself cleaned up before then. I’ll pick up a bit here.”




“We’ll help you through this.”


* * *

“So. That’s why I’ve taken a couple weeks off, and why Jef found me... well... this afternoon.” Jef had made everyone sit around the table when Sam came home, and Veronica had told them everything. Now she sat with her hands on the table, afraid that if she put them in her lap she would start playing with herself, and waited for some response.

“Wow, Veronica, I’m... I don’t know what to say. I... What about your clothes, do they set you off too?”

Veronica had never considered that. She squirmed a bit in her chair, noticing the effect of her panties on her crotch... “Um, not so much.” With an effort of will she sat still.

“So, what do you want us to do?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m going to do. It is just so easy and it feels so good.“ Even Veronica could hear the devotion in that statement.

Jef and Sam looked at each other. “What if it wasn’t so easy?” Sam asked, gently.

Veronica, puzzled, looked at them. “What do you mean?”

Sam blushed a little bit. “We, um, occasionally like to ‘play’ a little rough. We have some toys that won’t hurt you but would make it harder for you to play with yourself...”

“What type of toys?”

Neither of them would look at her. “Bondage gear. Restraints.”

“You mean like handcuffs?”

“I was thinking... Jef, I think you know what I mean.”

“Yeah. Um, well, just showing you would be easier than explaining...” He got up and left quickly. He came back in a moment, with a large piece of leather. He unfolded it, and it formed into a large triangle shaped pocket. “It is called an arm-binder. You put someone’s arms behind their back, then put this on them and tighten it so it doesn’t fall off, and they can’t move their arms.”

“It... Sounds uncomfortable.”

Sam answered. “It’s not as bad as it sounds, depending on how tight it is. This one... I’ve got a collar you can fasten it to, so you barely have to tighten it at all. You’ll know you are wearing it, but...”

Veronica looked at the item in front of her. Under other circumstances, she’d have something to say about her best friend’s sex life. Of course, under other circumstances she’d not have found out about it. Still, it should remove the temptation, and if Sam said it was comfortable enough... “I’ll try it. Tonight, after dinner. I’ll see how comfortable it is.”

“Ok.” They left the armbinder sitting out.

* * *

Dinner was awkward. They all ate fast. Veronica decided to just get this over with, and went to change. She planned on wearing this thing all night if she could. That should be a good test of how comfortable it was.

So she found herself in the living room in her pajamas, being ministered to by Sam and Jef. They’d decided to try with the collar: Sam went and brought back a wide fur-lined collar that completely covered Veronica’s neck, and had several rings on the outside. Then Sam held her arms behind her back as Jef slid the armbinder up them, and ran the small chain to the ring on the back of Veronica’s neck.

Then they tightened the armbinder, just enough so that it didn’t move around and held her arms securely.

When it was on, she tried moving around a bit. Her arms were held tight, but not super tight. She could feel her breasts pushing towards the fabric of her pajamas; the armbinder had her sticking her chest out. And of course, she couldn’t use her hands.

All in all, it wasn’t that bad. Veronica even managed to sit and watch a TV episode with her friends. She could handle this.

Getting into bed had been tricky, but not impossible, and Veronica was pleased to find that she wasn’t able to indulge herself. Frustrated, but pleased. She barely noticed herself rubbing her chest on the mattress.

* * *

In the morning Sam woke Veronica up. “How are you doing?”

“A little stiff, but ok. I think this will help.”

“Ok, good. We’ll unlock you so you can take a shower.” Veronica startled a bit as Sam rolled her over, but in a moment she was free and rubbing her shoulders. “I’ll take a shower after you, so don’t take too long!”

Veronica headed for the shower, and started to wash herself. The water running down her breasts felt electric, and when she felt it start to drip off her clit...

She forced herself to focus. She lathered up.

Rubbing that sponge against her nipples felt so good, and she’d been good all night...

“Veronica!” The water was off, and Sam was shaking her. “Veronica, snap out of it!”

“Um, what?” She knew she was still under the influence of the pleasure, and would be out of it for a moment.

“Veronica, I came in after you’d been in the shower for fifteen minutes and I found you just slumped here playing with yourself! You’re worse than we thought. Here, as soon as we dry you off we’re putting the armbinder back on.”

“Ok.” She took a breath to compose herself. “Sam? Thanks. I... Just couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, we’ll help you then. Jef, bring the binder.” Sam was quickly drying her friend off.

Jef came in with the setup, saw his girlfriend drying off her naked best friend, and quickly turned around. “Shouldn’t she be wearing a shirt or something?”

“She’s just proven she doesn’t have enough control of herself to take a shower. We’ll have to help her wash until she does.” Sam turned to Veronica. “Is that all right?”

Veronica felt herself breaking a bit as her friends spelled out how far gone she truly was. “I... Yes. Until I have this under control.”

“Ok.” Jef said, turning around. He held out the collar for Sam to put around Veronica’s neck. She held her head up for it, then turned and held her arms behind her for the binder. They slid it on quickly and professionally, and Veronica held back a small sob.

“Now, out! I still need to take my shower!” Sam said, and Veronica obediently left, following Jef. The door to the bathroom shut behind her.

Jef turned and—keeping his eyes on her face—asked: “So, what would you like for breakfast?”

“Scrambled eggs sound good.” As she said it, Veronica wondered how she was going to eat them.

“Two eggs scrambled, coming up.” Jef turned to the stove, and Veronica sat down.

Her mind reeled under the impact of the last day. How had she gotten from a respected member of her office to naked and bound in her own kitchen? It had all seemed so logical...

“Jef! Look at the time!” Sam was coming out of the bathroom, furiously toweling herself off. “You’ve got to get going!”

“Sorry, I was just making Veronica some breakfast.” He hurriedly scooped the almost-ready eggs onto a plate while glancing at a clock. “Sorry Veronica; Sam’s right: I’ve got to run.” And he grabbed his briefcase by the door and left.

Sam had run into her bedroom, and Veronica looked at the plate still sitting on the counter. She was hungry.

Sam took only a minute or two to throw on her work clothes. She re-entered the kitchen at a run, her shoes in her hand. “Sorry Veronica: Your extra-long shower this morning with everything else kinda threw the schedule all to pieces.” She grabbed a breakfast bar, and turned for the door. At the last moment she saw the plate of eggs.

“I don’t have time to feed you; you’ll just have to trust me that this is actually the best way to do this.” Sam grabbed the plate and set it on the floor. She took a moment to pour a bowl of milk and set it next to the plate. “See you this afternoon. Don’t get into too much trouble.” And she was out the door before Veronica could form a response, her shoes still in her hand.

Veronica heard the door lock, and looked at her breakfast sitting on the floor. This couldn’t be happening to her. Her life couldn’t be falling apart this fast.

She wished she could touch herself. A moment of that pleasure would stabilize her.

* * *

Veronica eventually ate. It wasn’t easy, but by kneeling and bending over she could actually get her mouth to the eggs. The milk was harder; eventually she just stuck her whole face in and drank. She made a mess, and there was milk running down her face, but she got a drink.

The rest of the day was horrible. On one hand, she couldn’t touch herself, so she wasn’t giving in to her addiction. On the other, she didn’t have anything to distract her from that addiction. In fact, her situation brought it to the forefront. She remembered how she felt in the shower...

She needed that.

Searching for distraction she finally noticed that the T.V. remote was sitting on the edge of the coffee table. With a bump she got it to the floor, and from there she could at least turn on the T.V. with her feet.

Not that daytime television was something she particularly enjoyed.

She tried various ways of manipulating the remote. It was something to think about. She finally settled on sitting the couch’s armrest, and having it right at the base. That way she could use the couch to stabilize it for her, and she could still reach down at it.

A moment latter she discovered the other advantage of that position: Straddling the armrest, a little bit of backwards and forwards motion got her pleasure zone the touch she desperately needed.

She really shouldn’t. Veronica knew she shouldn’t. But she needed it for just a moment, to face the world that had just turned upside down on her...

...And it felt so good...

She closed her eyes at tuned out the T.V. Just for a moment.

“Veronica!” Jef was home. Again. Veronica looked in panic at the television to see what show was on: it had changed. A glance at the clock showed that it was his normal time to get home. And returning awareness told her that her legs were sore, that she needed a drink, and that the armrest was soaked with her juices.

“I’m sorry, I just... It was only going to be for a moment...”

“Well, it looks like it was longer than a moment. Come in here and get a drink before you dehydrate.”

He pulled her into the kitchen, grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge and opened it. Veronica stood meekly and let him pour it down her throat.

“Better?” She nodded. “And what’s that on your face?”

“Egg and milk; Sam didn’t have time to feed me, so I had to feed myself...” She nodded to where Sam had left the dishes. Jef cursed.

“Go. I expect you need to use the bathroom as well. I’ll clean up here.”

Veronica left, grateful for the reprieve, only to return a moment later. “Sam? The lid’s down.” He rolled his eyes, and went to lift the lid for her. She went and sat down, unwilling to shut the door she would be unable to open, and watched Sam sweep and mop the floor while she relieved herself.

Her addiction had gotten her in trouble again. She sat, despondent, on the porcelain throne until Jef came to collect her. “Do you need to be wiped off?” He asked, his voice gentle.

Veronica held back tears and nodded. “Yes, please.”

“Don’t worry; I’m practiced at this. Sam’s been in exactly your position once or twice... Though she doesn’t make quite as big a mess when eating. At least, not anymore.”

Veronica managed a laugh, and some gallows humor: “Yeah, but I bet the reason she was in this position wasn’t to stop thinking about touching herself.”

“You’ve got me there.”

He was quick and professional. Never the less, Veronica savored the momentary touch in the area she so craved touch in. “All done. Do you need help getting up?”

She tried getting up on her own; it was awkward, but she managed. Jef flushed for her.

“So, how are you holding up, otherwise? Still thirsty? Need something to eat?” Jef said over his shoulder as they re-entered the kitchen.

“I... I don’t know what to think about all of this. It’s like my body is out of control... And yes, I missed lunch; I’m starved. And I’m still thirsty...” She looked over at where the armrest of the couch still showed a wet stain, and smelled the scent wafting through the apartment. It smelled of sex. “Can we air this place out a bit?”

“Sure.” He went to open some windows. “Here, let me wipe your face a moment too.” Veronica had forgotten all about that.

Jef pulled some leftovers out of the fridge and nuked them for a moment, then sat Veronica down at the table, and shifted a chair next to her. She was grateful that he could feed her this time. No kneeling and eating from the floor.

It took a while though. They were still at it when Sam got home. “Hi all. Sorry to run out on you this morning Veronica; how did you do today?”

Veronica just blushed. So Jef answered. “She found a way to rub herself while tied up. I think the couch armrest may have a permanent stain.”

Sam sighed. “I was afraid she’d think of something. Was it intentional or accidental?”

Jef turned to Veronica. “Accidental. I was using the armrest to position myself so I could manipulate the T.V. remote...”

“And you just couldn’t stop yourself.” Another sigh. “We’ll have to think of something else for tomorrow. I assume we can keep an eye on you tonight.”

And with that they went about their normal routine. Jef and Sam put their stuff away, and changed into some lounging clothes. The T.V. was utilized.

Veronica excused herself to go to bed first. Sam helped her into the covers, and Veronica lay down.

She started on her side, but soon after Sam left, she decided to switch sides. Rolling over was odd, and she didn’t want to try laying on her arms in this position, so she found herself for a moment face-down as she switched. It was a position she often liked for touching herself: she could rub her clit with her hands, while her breasts worked against the bed-sheet, and she could press her face into the pillows...

Well, she couldn’t rub her clit, but she could do the rest. And her breasts hadn’t had any touch today...

Which is why when Sam came to check on her Veronica was ass in the air, rubbing her nipples raw.

“We can’t even leave you in bed by yourself, can we? Come on. We’ll deal with this.” Veronica was nearly dragged into the living room, where Sam described the scene she’d just witnessed to her boyfriend.

Veronica couldn’t look up at them. Couldn’t she keep from rubbing herself for ten minutes anymore? It was like this was all she thought about!

“So, what are we going to do with her? We obviously can’t put her back into bed by herself, and we can’t watch her all night.”

“Stand her up? Away from anything she can rub against?”

“Yeah, but...”

“I know, it’s not the most comfortable position to sleep in. Still, you’ve managed.”


“We’ll have to leave her like that during the day too.”

Veronica broke in. “Excuse me, what are you talking about? Leave me like what?”

Jef answered. “The only thing we can think of with what we’ve got is to stand you up. Tie a chain from your collar to the ceiling, so you can’t walk away, or reach anything, or even rub against your bonds. The only problem is that it is hard to sleep standing up. Sam’s managed it once or twice, but only...”

“But only what?”

“Only after a long session. And she was in the full posture collar, that supports your head, and it was tied enough to the ceiling for her to just about put her weight on the chains.”

She sighed, resigned at this point to her fate. “I’ll try anything to get this under control. String me up.”

Her friends went to their room, and returned with a new, much larger, collar, and multiple lengths of chains. Jef then went to get the stepladder, and—with what was obviously a certain amount of practice—removed the ceiling light fixture to reveal it’s oversized mounting hooks.

This explained some things to Veronica.

Meanwhile Sam had replaced Veronica’s collar with the larger one, that held her head chin-up and facing forward. She was positioned under the hooks, and Jef started winding the chains through the them to her neck.

“This isn’t working.” He said, getting down. “She’s too short.”

“What’s the problem?” Veronica asked, turning to face him.

He held up the chains. “These are measured lengths of chain. Measured for Sam. If I only wanted to use one or two, I could do it, but if we want enough for you to be safe I need to use all of them, and some are purposefully only just long enough for Sam. I’d have to make you stand on tiptoes.”

“What if she wore heels? Would there be enough slack then?”

Jef eyed the height difference between the naked Veronica and his girlfriend. “They’d have to be fairly tall... Several inches at least.”

“I think Veronica’s got something.” Sam left to Veronica’s bedroom, returning moment’s later with her friends tallest heels. “Will these do?”

“Hmm. I’d like just a little more ankle support, but they could work...” The two set about fitting the heels to their unresisting housemate.

Soon Veronica was trussed up to Jef’s satisfaction, barely able to take even half a step in any direction. Sam and Jef bid her goodnight, and left her to stand alone for the night.

Veronica tried to find some way to relax, to doze, but she couldn’t figure it out. She couldn’t see in the dark, and the air felt cold on her skin. She swore she could feel every breeze that blew past her. As the house quieted, she could make out the sounds of the appliances running quietly, the house settling...

Jef and Sam having sex in the next room over...

It was a long night.

The next morning she was almost ignored, except to be taken for a quick toilet break and to be fed a protein shake. Then she was tied back up and left to stand for the day.

She couldn’t turn, the chains were in all directions. She stood and watched the world go by through their big picture window. It was a second-floor apartment, and at first Veronica was glad of something to break the monotony of standing still all day and night.

Then she noticed a few people on the other side of the street stop and stare for a moment...

She was far enough up and back in that they couldn’t get a really good look at her. Still, she was humiliated at the thought of being trussed up and visible for the world, like some sort of sex object.

She just hoped that no one would call the police before Jef got home tonight.

The thought of Jef brought another thought: that it had been way to long since she’d gotten the pleasure. She could feel it; she was growing despondent, listless. As much as she hated herself for it, she wished she could at least rub the couch like she had yesterday; it wasn’t enough but it was something.

This was an addiction she was fighting, and she was going into deep withdrawal, she could feel it. By mid-afternoon she didn’t even care when people stopped to stare at her. She just wanted to find some way to get some stimulation again. She just knew that the moment Jef walked in the door she was going to begin begging him to stroke her, touch her, play with her...

And he wouldn’t. He wasn’t going to give in to her pleasure. The bondage domme who’d set this up wasn’t going to give in just because she begged him...

That gave her a new thought: He wouldn’t do it for her pleasure, but would he do it for his? He was into bondage, after all. He’d even told her that he’d put his girlfriend into exactly this same position as part of some sex game they’d had...

She didn’t care anymore. It had been too long since she’d been properly able to pleasure herself; if she had to seduce her best friend’s boyfriend to get him to touch her, that was what she would do. Nothing was as important as that pleasure.

She was ready when he entered. She heard the key in the lock, and prepared herself, standing so he would get a good view of her (well-toned, she knew) ass as he entered...

“So, how are you holding up? Get into any more trouble today?” He came around to face her a moment.

“I’m tired, but I’ve been a good girl.” She posed.

He started to take her down. “Nice to hear for once.” He led her to the bathroom, let her use the facilities. She managed to fall against him a couple of times on the way, pretending tired legs. Her breasts rubbed up against his shirt but she managed to control herself; if she started rubbing now she’d never get a chance for more...

The performance in the bathroom was just as yesterday and this morning: he was a perfect gentleman. She had him help her up from the seat, and fell against him as she stood up, managing to bring him down with her this time.

He apologized for dropping her, and rolled her off him to start standing up.

This was the best chance she was going to get. “Jef?”


“Don’t you find me attractive?”

He sputtered for a moment, to the effect that she was a very attractive woman.

“Then why won’t you even look at me? I’m trussed up, naked, in front of you, and you don’t even look. And I know you are into bondage. You supplied the equipment I’m wearing!”

“I have a girlfriend. Your housemate.”

“She’d understand you at least looking. And besides, she’s not here. Please. At least...”

“What? Look at you?”

She forced a submissive smile. “If you want. I don’t care. I’m hardly in a position to object! I’d like to at least know I’m not an eyesore. I’d be good to know you like looking at me or...”


She looked him in the eye. “Or wanted to touch me. Or fuck me. I don’t care. I know your fantasies include bound girls. Well, here’s one helpless, bound girl right in front of you. I won’t object if you take advantage of that.” She pushed closer to him, rubbed her protruding chest against him. The feeling sent shivers up her spine, but she forced herself to do no more then a little suggestive rub.

“You just want me to touch you. To satisfy your addiction.”

Veronica felt tears in her eyes. “Yes. I do. Please. Touch me, rub me. Fuck me, use me. I don’t care; I need to feel... Do whatever you want with me. Just... Give me the pleasure I need.” She sobbed. “Enjoy me. Please. You’ll like it. I know you will. I... You want to. Please?”

She was crying freely. He stared at her for a long moment, and Veronica could feel him growing against her leg. Abruptly he pulled her into her room, and threw her down on her still unmade bed. Hurriedly he undressed. “You are not allowed to say anything but ‘Yes’, you understand?”


“Good.” He bent down to kiss and suck her breast for a moment. Veronica’s breath caught, and she moaned the word she was allowed to say.

He rubbed her hand against her clit, and she lost herself in the pleasure. Then he pulled away, and for a moment she panicked, then she realized he had just been getting her wet. He inserted himself into her, and the pleasure resumed.

And increased, as he lay atop her. Her breasts rubbed his chest, and he hungrily kissed her mouth, not being in the least bit gentle, just taking from her what he wanted. His hands slid around her back and pressed her close to him.

This was better than anything she’d been able to do on her own. She realized that dimly, through the haze of pleasure as she lost herself in her addiction. She didn’t even realize as she wrapped her legs around him, to press his crotch closer to hers. Her orgasm was irrelevant; his incidental.

She felt him pull away, and moaned. Her legs trapped him against her, urging him to keep going. “Please... More...” Veronica heard herself say.

He stroked her once, neck to clit, and she shuddered. “That’s enough for now. We have to get you cleaned up for when Sam gets home.”

Veronica was quiet and subdued as Jef led her back to her stand and cleaned up the small mess they’d made. She definitely felt better than she had all day. Her need wasn’t sated, not by a long shot, but...


He’d just finished, and was putting away the ladder. “Yes?”

“...Thank you. I needed that.”

“You’re welcome.”

She closed her eyes, and relaxed into the restraints. In moments she was asleep.

* * *

Veronica woke to a slight pressure on her cheek. “Veronica?”

Sam was patting the side of her face, trying to wake her gently. “Umm? Yes?”

“Sorry to wake you if you are getting some sleep, but I thought you might like some supper, and another chance to use the bathroom. And, you need to be washed, and I thought that would wake you.” She held a wet sponge in front of Veronica’s face.

Veronica blushed. “Thanks. I... I don’t mean to be such a burden.”

Sam flashed an evil grin. “Don’t worry about it. It’s kinda fun... And I don’t mind what it makes Jef do at night...”

Veronica’s blush deepened; she felt guilty about making Jef cheat on her best friend, but she just couldn’t help herself...

“Anyway, I’m going to wash you first. Be ready.”

Sam started at the top and worked her way down. The sponge, and the water on it, was mildly warm, but it was cold on Veronica’s bare skin. Sam was scrubbing hard, to make sure she got everything. Veronica bit her lip to keep from moaning aloud as Sam went over her breasts.

She gasped and shuddered as Sam went over her crotch, cleaning it. “Please...”

“You like that?” Sam gave a cruel scrub.


“Well, you are supposed to be trying to stop. So no more.”

Veronica whimpered, but got herself under control, and tried not to think about her best friend stroking her legs with a sponge.

She wasn’t as successful when Sam pulled out the towel to dry her. The big soft cloth seemed to hit all her good places simultaneously...

Sam stepped back to admire her handiwork. “Ok, you’re clean. But...”


“I think it will be easier all around if we shave you.”

“Shave me? Where?”

“Down low. Your ‘carpet’. It’s a mess, and it makes it hard to keep you clean. Think you can hold still for that?”

Hold still while her crotch was shaved? She... “No. I’ll loose control. I know I will.”

“I was afraid of that. Jef?”

Jef appeared from the kitchen behind Veronica, where he had been cooking supper. “Yes?”

“I’m going to shave Veronica. You think you do something to hold her still and give me access?”

Jef paused, thinking a moment before coming up with his answer. “Yeah, but we’ll have to use our room. I’ll untie her, just a sec.” He went to set the food aside, to keep it from burning.

Veronica found herself moved to her housemates’ bedroom. There Jef laid her back on the bed, and ran a chain from her collar to the headboard. Then a pair of ankle cuffs were produced and placed on her. Jef considered a moment, then hooked her heels on the footboard, and tied them to the base bedposts. A rope was run from the point of the armbinder under the footboard and drawn tight, pulling Veronica down the bed, and forcing her legs to bend and bringing her crotch into the air.

It wasn’t comfortable. Her legs were spread, her support came only from her shoulders and her feet, and she was positioned so anyone had easy access to her slit, and to her pleasure zones there. With her head still in the posture-collar, she couldn’t even see what was being done to it, and her head was about the lowest point of her body.

“There. That should do.” Jef told Sam.

Veronica felt someone grab her clit and squeeze. The rush of pleasure overwhelmed her, but she couldn’t move. “Yep. Thanks, hun.”

“Ok. I’ll get supper ready.” Veronica heard Jef leave.

The next few minutes were pleasure-torture for Veronica, as Sam applied lather to her nether regions, and rubbed it up into a good foam. Then a razor was drawn over the area, slowly and carefully stroking the entire area. Sam even applied some after-shave to make sure any minute nicks were treated. The sting and tingle merged with the feel of the towel cleaning everything again...

It was heaven, again, and it was over too quickly.

Sam ran her hand over it to check the result, and Veronica’s mind soared with hope...

Then Sam unbound her and brought her back into the kitchen/dining area in nothing more than the collar, the arm-binder, and her heels.

“All done. Supper ready yet?”

“Just about.” Jef glanced over with a critical eye. “I think she may have a prettier pussy than you, Sam. Nice work.”

“Thank you.” Veronica was sat down in her normal seat. This time Sam fed her, and took her to the bathroom afterwards.

At which point Veronica was put back in her stand, and her friends went to bed.

* * *

The next day was the same as the previous. Word had gotten around a bit that there was a show to be seen through her window. Veronica had forgotten to ask that the curtains be shut.

The sounds of sex last night had made her remember how good it felt to be used by Jef, and that had led to thoughts of how good it felt to be under Sam’s hands, and Veronica had spent the night just fantasizing about her friends abusing her.

Which wasn’t a good line of thought to bring into the day, but Veronica couldn’t get away from it. Especially as thinking of it only built the need inside her, and the need only made her think of it more...

Jef worked late on fridays, and Sam got home early. By the time she arrived Veronica’s addiction was telling her what she needed to do again today.

Seduce her best friend into providing the pleasure she required to survive.

If she could. She wasn’t sure Sam had any same-sex leanings, after all. And Veronica had never tried to seduce a woman.

Though Sam had seemed to like to play with her pussy last night...

Veronica heard the door open. “So, how are you holding up today?”

Veronica carefully worded her answer. “Well, the chains are holding me, I think...”

It got the chuckle. “Is that all that is holding you?” Sam walked in front of her roommate, and held her hands on her hips, interogating her.

Veronica pretended to ponder. “Yep. Otherwise...”

“Otherwise what?”

“I think I’d be a naughty girl.”

Sam laughed out loud. “I’m sure you would. Now, why don’t I get you down so you can relieve yourself.”

Veronica bit back the comment that she couldn’t relieve herself, and tried a different angle. She waited just a moment, as Sam attached a leash to her collar. “So... Bondage. I never knew. Do you ever tie Jef up?”

Sam led her into the bathroom. “Nope. He is always the one doing the tying.”

Veronica heard the slight opening in that. “So you are enjoying the chance to tie someone else up for a change.” She tugged the leash just a moment, so Sam would have to pull back.

“It is fun to get a different perspective on it. Sit.”

Veronica sat, as instructed, and looked her friend right in the eye. “Admit it. You enjoy bossing me about, having me helpless to resist you. Putting me in humliating positions.” She peed.

Sam held her gaze for a moment before answering. “Yes, I’m enjoying it. I like being tied up, but...”

“You also like to do the tying.”

Sam nodded.

“Perhaps you should explore that some. See what it is like to be in charge for a while.”

“Are you going to offer to let me ‘explore’ on you?”

Veronica nodded.


Veroncia decided to lie, as much as she could. “I... want to explore this a bit myself, now that I’ve found myself in it. It... isn’t what I expected.”

“Is that the only reason?”

Veronica blushed, and looked away the best she could. “No. I’d do anything to get someone to touch me again. I... Need it.”

Sam didn’t say anything, but took the toilet paper and slowly cleaned up Veronica, starting at her clit, pressing the tissue into and across the flesh.

Veronica felt her eyes roll back in her head.

She was yanked back to the present by a sharp tug on her neck. Sam was standing up, and Veronica followed.

They went into Sam’s room.

Veronica found herself back on the bed, ankles quicly secured to the bedposts. Her arm-binder was put under tension, so she was quickly in a variation of the position she’d been in yesterday when Sam had shaved her.

Sam came around with a blindfold, and attached it to Veronica’s face, soon followed by a gag in her mouth.

Veronica waited, heart racing, for whatever Sam would do next. She hoped...

There. Sam’s hands were on her body, traveling up and down her sides, rubbing here, tickling there, pinching someplace else...

Gradually the hands trasfered to Veronica’s breasts, pulling and rubbing and generally stimulating. Veronica let her mind relax and basked in the pleasure.

Then she felt a mouth on her clit.

There was a break in the sensation, a feel on the mattress of Sam moving around, then the mouth was back, with Sam’s hands on her ass. Veronica felt Sam’s breasts press into her abdomen, then Sam’s abdomen against her own.

And something was pressing against her face...

Through the pleasure-haze Veronica realised that Sam was rubbing her clit against the gag in Veronica’s mouth, occasionally pushing it against Veronica’s nose.

Veronica didn’t care. She had what she wanted: Someone paying attention to her own cunt. She relaxed and let herself be used.

* * *

Veronica was back in the stand by the time Jef came home. The scent of Sam still lingered in her nostrals though, where Sam’s fluids had leaked inside.

They hadn’t said a word as Veronica had been tied back up. And Veronica, relaxed and happy, had fallen asleep again until supper.

Supper, itself, had been awkward for Veronica. She’d been fucked while helpless by both of her friends in the last two days, and a part of her wanted more. And she was sitting basically between them now, being fed by one or the other as they talked.

She really didn’t know how to react to this situation. She actually found herself looking forward to being put back into the ‘stand.’ It was a more familiar situation.

She managed to fall asleep with her roommates still watching T.V. in front of her.

* * *

Saturday was pure torture to Veronica. Both of her roommates were home, and acting ‘normal’. She, on the other hand, got to stand nude in the stand and watch them walk by. (She’d finally managed to remember to ask them to close the curtains, though she did miss being able to see out.) They talked with her, and she could watch T.V. with them but she felt seperated, on display.

It didn’t help that the itch was back. Saying that last night was nice, but it wasn’t now.

She knew both of them could be talked into scratching that itch for her, for their own reasons. But she didn’t know how to get them to do it together, especially without telling each other.

They hadn’t seemed to have told each other, as far as she could tell. Both of them were doing more than just looking at her on occasion; trailing their hands across her as they walked by, stealing a feel of her ass unubtrusovly.

Which only made her problem worse, of course. She longed for those touches, but they weren’t nearly enough to begin to be what she needed: They only reminded her of what she wasn’t getting. She bit her lip and tried not to think about more.

But neither had done any more than that by the time they went to bed. Veronica stood there and listened to the sounds of their lovemaking in the next room. Apparently they’d both gotten a bit worked up.

Just like she was.

Veronica admitted to herself that, if she were free to walk around right now, she’d walk into their room and beg to be used as a toy in their play. The images of what they would think of to do with her grew more and more outragous in her head, taunting her, keeping her from sleeping. Tantalising her through the night.

Sleep was fitful and elusive.

Morning brought Jef out first. Veronica watched grogily as he walked over to the bathroom, waking her with a slap on her ass along the way.

He came out after his morning abulations, and asked: “So, how are you doing this morning?”

“Please, fuck me, use me, touch me, abuse me, anything, please, just I need...” The words came out of Veroncia’s mouth unedited by her mind.

Jef stopped her only by covering her mouth with his hand. She pressed herself towards him, desperate for any touch.

She had felt something snap in her mind with that pleading. Before, she always had some level of rational control on this addiction, some way to say: ‘Yes, but this way.’ She was past that now.

The addiction, starved too long, had taken complete control.

She started begging again the moment Jef removed his hand. Jef just stared at her, then walked back into his room, returning a moment later with a ball-gag which he forced into her mouth.

He copped a feel, then headed for breakfast.

Sam soon came out, saw the addition to Veronica’s wardrobe, and asked her boyfriend: “What’s with the gag?”

“She’s gotten worse.”

Samantha looked at him inquisitvely, then went over to remove Veronica’s gag.

Please, Sam, touch me, play with me, use me, anything...” The gag went back into her mouth.

“Get her down, see if we can find a way to reason with her.” Sam headed for the bathroom.

When she returned she found Veronica seated in one of the kitchen chairs, ungagged and silent. She looked over at her boyfriend. “There’s a vibrator between her legs.” He said sorrowfully.

Sam shook her head, and sat down. “Veronica, what are we going to do with you?”

The stimulation was low, enough to notice but not quite enough for Veronica to loose herself in it. “I... I don’t know. I just can’t control it anymore, and it’s only getting worse. I’d do anything for some touch... I... I don’t think we can fix this.” She realized what she meant, and sobbed. ”Me. I don’t think we can fix me.”

“But if we can’t fix you, what are you supposed to do? We already knew we couldn’t leave you alone without this taking over, and you’ve said it’s worse now than then.”

“I don’t know. All I can think of is if it would get you to touch me, I’d willingly be your slave, your toy, your sex-doll... Anything that meant you’d get me the pleasure touch I need.”

Jef and Samantha looked at each other. “Could you repeat that?”

Veronica looked up at them, forcing her awareness outside again. “What? It’s all I can think about: I’d be anything, do anything...”

“The sex-doll part.”

“Oh. I... The touch I need is the same as sex. If you’d use me, I’d willingly be your sex-doll for that touch.”

Sam moved closer, almost inside Veronica’s personal space. “One of Jef’s fantasies is to have a sex-doll. A living one, that reacts to him, and that he could share with me.” She looked her friend in the eye. “Would you really be willing to do that?”

“I... If you’d use me, I don’t care. Just as long as I got to feel that pleasure again.” Her mind focused, as it saw a way out of this nightmare. So that she would be something other than addicted. “But... Would you mind?”

“You’d have to not be a person. So he isn’t really cheating on me.” Her mouth twitched up, just for a moment. “And I’d want to play with you sometimes myself.”

“I don’t mind who uses me, as long as I get used.” Veronica paused. “What do you mean, not a person?”

“You... Would have to not be able to do anything but sex. No talking, no walking around, no watching what we are doing.”

“I... How would you do that?”

Her roommates looked at each other, than back at her. “A hood. And a gag... Something that left your mouth open, so you could be fed, but kept you from talking.”

“I...” Veronica closed her eyes, forced herself to try to think this through rationally over the voice of the addiction, then gave up. “I don’t care. Just...”


She took a deep breath. “When you aren’t using me, can you leave a vibrator or something, so I have some stimulation?”

Sam smiled, sadly, and ran a hand gently over Veronica’s shoulder. “Sure honey. We can do that for you. You want to wait till tonight, or...”

“Now. This... This isn’t enough, which is torture.”

Jef left to their bedroom, and came back with a leather mask and a metal gag. Sam stroked her friend’s head, pulling back Veronica’s hair. “Goodbye Veronica, it has been nice knowing you.”

“Goodbye Sam. And... Thank you.”

Jef placed some wax earplugs in Veronica’s ears, then slid the hood over Veronica’s face, letting Sam pull the hair through the hole for the ponytail at the top. As it came down, sight and sound cut off from Veronica’s world forever.

There was a moment as they adjusted the mask so she could breathe, then Veronica felt her mouth opened, and the gag slid into her mouth, holding her tongue down and her mouth open. She felt them fasten it to the sides of the mask.

Then she was led away, and Samantha and Jef christened their new sex-toy. Veronica let all semblance of self go as they fucked her, letting the addiction take total control so that she was nothing but a seeker of pleasure.

For the first time in a long time, she was truely happy.

* * *

“So, Samantha. What do you think of our sex toy? Worth the effort?”

“Yes dear. She’s perfect