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Diana. January, 2009.

Adelia Marley MD: Sex Control and the Virtual Chastity Belt.

Doug was hopeful that the expensive therapist would help him. His great desire for a cure was almost overshadowed by his fascination with the doctor. Adelia Marley, MD, PhD was elegant, exquisitely appealing, but not stunningly beautiful. Her slight overweight was judged by most men to add to her allure by softening her facial features and enhancing her cleavage. Doug, like most men liked that softness in certain places on a woman. Something about a woman who could make her hose sigh as she crossed her legs just so. And, was that bit of lace on her silky, soft thigh a stocking top?

Adelia snatched him from his reverie: “You’re thinking that your new doctor is fuckable, right!” She had found it helpful to shock the patient into being honest; then focus on why her patient was here. Sex, of course was why they were here. She was a sex therapist. He was gazing at her thigh. Use that to put him off guard and start him talking.

“I didn’t mean to insult . . .”

“Of course you were not insulting me by admiring my legs. You are a healthy, virile man. I just want you to acknowledge that you straight away appraise the fuckability of nearly every girl you are in contact with. A few women know that. I know that. It’s my business. I am very good at my business, Doug.”

Doug chose his words very carefully: “Sure, you have me pegged. But it’s not great insight if all men are like that. And what you don’t really know is that I am not like most men who think of fucking almost every girl. I really do actually fuck many of them!”

Already, the doctor of the sexually troubled had gleaned some insight. “But there is a reason you are here . . . why do you need me? Why not just leave and go fuck some girl? Why not just fuck me? Be honest Doug. Nothing you say goes any further than me.”

“Thanks for that! Sure you are fuckable. But you know that. Yeah, I would fuck you.”

Adelia smiled: If you could!

Adelia learned that Doug had been unable to have sex for several months. She always found the “fuckability discussion technique” very effective in getting this bit of important information from her patients very quickly and with little embarrassment.

“Doug, I am here to help you. I want you to know that my success rate is very high. I take patients that other therapists have failed.” Doug would have guessed that, just judging from her fees. “So, let’s start. Tell me about your important partners.”

Doug liked her already: She wanted to know about “partners,” not just his wife. Doug was married. Most of his sex was with other women. Not because he loved any of them more than his wife, just because there were so many of them. And almost all the time, sex for Doug was skilled oral sex from compliant, beautiful girls. He fucked his wife once a week on the average but got a good fellatio at least twice a week from her. When it comes to dick sucking, practice makes perfect.

Adelia did not ask, “Why more blow jobs than fucks?” She did not ask,” Is she satisfied?” A doctor must not be judgmental of her patients. She knew that Doug had some power over women: also, he had lost something. To help him, she would have to understand him. She would do what she had to do to keep him talking.

Doug noticed that Adelia was very engaged as he told about his three gorgeous young assistants at his office who took turns at giving him blowjobs at work. She leaned forward showing more of her décolletage and at the same time shifted her legs and crossed her knees deliberately, letting her hem slide a higher, just enough to show that she really wore stockings with lace tops instead of pantyhose. Adelia was practiced at this tactic which never failed to get guys to be honest about their sex life. “I am the exec VP and own a lot of shares at Trinity Industries. I can do what I want. I just love to dominate my assistants. I make my girls come to work in short dresses, tight blouses and high heels. I get fellated by each assistant once a day. It’s just great!”

“Just curious,” Adelia asked, “but why not fuck your assistants at least some of the time? Don’t you want them to get pleasure? Fucking can be a pleasure for both.”

“Sure, I could fuck them. And I do sometimes on business trips. But at the office or especially in my limo, the blow job is better. I think it’s the power thing. And, I like the way they compete to see who can fellate me the best. They are supposed to be submissive. And don’t you think that they love to give me blow jobs?”

Right, the power thing, thought Adelia. Imagine those three secretaries comparing notes on the efficiency of their blow jobs for their boss. Or the kind of pantyhose that don’t show the carpet marks on their knees!

Something tells me I really don’t want to help this guy. But he is a patient and I am his doctor!

“So, with all those beautiful partners, you can’t have successful sex. Let’s expand on that.”

“I have great desire. I think about sex all the time. I am going into withdrawal. I feel really bad and it gets worse every day. I really want it. But when my wife and I make out, or one of the girls takes me in her mouth, I . . .”

With great empathy Adelia said, “you don’t have your usual erection . . . I am so sorry. That has to be a real bad experience.”

After several weeks of this, poor Doug had just avoided sex altogether.

Adela got up and told Doug it was time for her to examine him. Her assistant would take him to the exam room. “Doctor Marley, I assure you, I don’t need an exam. Dr. Appelt already examined me.” Doug had already seen a urologist and even tried testosterone and the little blue pills to no avail.

“Trust me, Doug; Dr. Appelt did not do my type of exam.”

Doug had never seen a nurse in fishnets and five inch heels. But at least they were proper nurses white. She escorted him to the “exam room” which was a softly lit room with thick carpets, candles and a huge bed. “Off with those clothes, sir.” Perhaps, it was because Doug was so proud of his body that he did not hesitate a second. And he really did want to get better. She made him sit naked on the bed as she pasted some EEG wires around his forehead, some more wires on his chest and a small rubber device around the base of his prick. “These Polysexograph sensors will record your sexual response for the doctor.” It was not lost on Doug that maybe the doctor could tell a lot already. Even as the nurse, with magnificent breasts bulging through her brief smock, touched him in sensitive places, his prick remained as flaccid as wet pasta!

Then, the doctor came in. Doug could see that the next scene was orchestrated to get him aroused. The nurse left Doug sitting there and went to attend to Adelia. The nurse unzipped her then showed a lot of fishnet pantyhose covering her thighs and ass as she leaned over to hold the cashmere dress as the sexy therapist stepped out.

Adelia was indeed beautiful right then: a spare black lace bra, a tiny thong over a smooth pubis and the lace top stockings highlighted her pure sensuality much more than cover her. The demeanor was purely and explicitly erotic. Fuckable to say the least. The “exam” would not take long. Adelia leaned over so that her breasts caressed his nipples while her silky knee brushed against his balls. She kissed him then sucked his nipples while handling his limp prong. No erection. She kneeled and took the prick in her mouth. She tried to get it to harden by applying suction while flicking the prick head with her tongue. Doug’s sex brain but not his prick was working overtime and he found himself thinking, “If I get better, I swear, I will get my secretaries to take fellatio lessons from her.”

But, Doug knew that the splendid performance of this therapist was wasted on him. Adelia got up and left after the nurse helped her on with a robe.

After Doug dressed he went back into Adelia’s office. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she said, while looking at some charts and graphs, “I have to study your sexual response. There is a chance we can get your old response back.”

“Or should we say ‘non-response’”

“So predictable for a man to say that the only ‘response’ during a sexual encounter is the size and hardness of his organ. The brain is also an erotic organ. The Polysexograph EEG tracings show that even as I was undressing, your sex brain, especially the frontal lobe was fully engaged. Your thalamic nucleosis activity was off the chart during my efforts at fellatio. I can see from this that you have a highly developed, very energetic erotic ego. We might be able to do something with it. See you next Thursday.”

Doug went to the next session hopeful that the sexologist would help him. He was getting desperate. “Well, doc, what are your conclusions so far?”

“This is not ordinary ‘psychogenic impotence’ as your urologist might have talked about. In psychogenic impotence, the sex brain is the problem. “As we said, your sex brain was functioning extremely well. All the info from the Polysexograph indicated some sort of disconnect between your brain and your prick! We sexologists know a list of things that can do that.”

“So, how do we figure?”

“My questions first. I want to learn more about your sex life. Before and after your problem began. Let’s talk about some of the recent successful sex experiences that you had.”

This, Doug was glad to do. Adelia seemed to put him at ease even more this visit. “I had been to Chicago on business the week before it stopped working. I was with Shelley in the apartment I keep. Mostly I fuck my out of town girlfriends. I usually don’t get much sex on the travel day getting there, so we usually have an all nighter fuckfest when I finally get to see her. Shelley is great. Very athletic. You would not believe the positions we do. We had a couple of bottles of Merlot between the fucks.”

“OK, was that encounter similar to what you and girlfriend Shelley do.”

“The same. Like I said she is great.”

“Tell me about the first time your prick did not cooperate.”

“Well, it was with Linda my assistant that it first stopped working.”

“You mean your prick was unresponsive?”

“Right. She is usually my first blow job of the day. She handles my various schedules and we have a one-on-one in my office to review the day first thing. She has the sexiest body and she gets me hot just walking into my office. She likes sweaters that enhance her boobs and waist. We don’t waste time. She briefs me on the schedule then does the blow job.”


“That day, it was just limp. She tried and tried. Her technique is different than yours. She does more licking at first, and I am usually a virtual rod with the first few flicks of her tongue. But not that day. I had to ask her to stop. Poor girl. I had to reassure her that it was not her fault and I was not mad at her and her job was not in jeopardy. It was the same with my customary nooner blow job and the mid afternoon one.”

“Have you been with your wife since then?”

“Yes, we made out in bed once but, my prick just did not move any. Sarah does not really mind just snuggling without the fuck, so at least I was not embarrassed that time. And, I made her give me a blow job in the limo on the way to the opera but I did not get hard. No embarrassment because we were just about there and Sarah had to fix her lipstick.”

“OK, what about your last actual successful sex?”

Adelia could see that now, something was different. It’s grand when you get the guy to reveal something insightful. Doug seemed to know something. “Wow, I don’t know why I did not see it. That time, the sex with Sarah was way out of the ordinary. Doctor, could that explain what has happened to me?”

“Maybe,” The sexy sexologist took a deep breath and her soft and shapely boobs pushed against the silk blouse. Try to get him to look at my cleavage; he will be more honest. “I take it that something was different. In what way?”

“For some reason, we had not fucked for two weeks. So on that Friday night, it was almost for sure that we would fuck. Sarah had done a nice supper with wine and she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Other than her initiating it rather boldly, everything felt the same as usual until we started kissing. Then, my arousal just felt different. I had great desire. My prick was much harder than usual after just one kiss from Sarah. She got two of her fingers in that place at the base of the penis just behind my balls and pressed every hard and with a certain rhythm. Now, I remember that was something she had never done before. Her fingers seemed to penetrate straight into me. When we fucked, it was a great fuck. Thinking back, I know it was the best fuck I had ever had. My orgasm! I mean, it just rocked and rocked. And it lasted way longer. And, I got hard real quick again. I cum about three times with every fuck session with Sarah, but it was many more that time. I felt very high.”

“And that was the last time you came not only with your wife but any woman? That was the last time you had successful orgasm?”

The doctor noticed that Doug’s pupils dilated and his face turned red as he just sat without words.

Adelia was compassionate as she broke the stunning silence. “What do you think your experience means?”

“I don’t know, but I can tell you, I cannot wait to get back to Sarah and see if she can duplicate what she did that time. I feel so bad, not having fucked for such a long time!”

A few weeks later, Doug returned for another session. He seemed unwilling to open up to his sexy sexologist. Adelia displayed her elegant legs for Doug and after he stared for just a second she asked, “So how was it for you? Are you feeling any better?”

“Sarah and I made love just once. It was great.”

“Glad to hear it, Doug. Did she do the same thing as your last time with her?”

“She did the same thing, but this time, I did not get hard until she rubbed me behind the balls. But, what was interesting is that the instant she did that, I felt like my whole pelvis was one big huge swollen and tingling sex machine. I got the hardest prick you can imagine. I had an intense experience. I had five orgasms that night and they were gigantic. I was so relieved. You have to understand Doc. I was worried that I would never fuck again!”

Adelia grew more serious and leaned forward, “Let’s talk about that fuck a little more. How did it start? How did Sarah act? Do you think she knows about your problem?”

“I had the impression that she knew something was different with me. I got home from work the day after my last session. She met me at the front door and unzipped me after just one kiss.”

“Is that not a little bold, coming from Sarah?”

“Sarah had never been that forward. She usually does not initiate sex. But, the last two times, she did.”

“So I guess things are OK. Perhaps your ‘problem’ is not a real problem if you have great sex with your wife…right? Can you be happy with that?”

“I guess I could after I get used to it . . .”

Adelia’s raised eyebrows spoke loudly enough to give him pause.

“I really could not help it. I had business in Chicago and of course went to stay with Shelley. I just had to know if I was all better. I was so hopeful I could fuck her. I figured that if I could fuck Shelley, I would be back to normal. You know how desperately worried I was.”

Oh God, how can he be such a fool? He has super sex with his wife and that is not enough.

Doug recounted that he had remained limp with Shelley.

Adelia was a psychiatrist and sexologist. It was time for therapy. “Don’t you see what this means? It means that Sarah is able to do something to get you great sex but your other girls can’t get you any sex. Why don’t you just partake of the blessings of monogamy? You have to understand, Doug, I make no judgment about who your partners are. I myself would fuck you if you could. But my job as your doctor is to get you better.”

Adelia stood up and offered her hand to Doug as she dismissed him: “All the best to you. Please call on me if you ever need me. Or even better, come and bring Sarah with you.”

Still, I have the feeling that this is not the last time for me to see Doug.

Indeed, three months later, Doug was back in Adelia’s office.

“Doctor, somehow I have to find out why this has happened to me. Is there some way for you to do some tests or whatever? My life is not what I want it to be.”

“You mean you cannot have sex.”

“I can have sex, but only sometimes. And even worse, I think Sarah has some power over me. I think she is using it to control me!”

Aha! He now thinks that he is dealing with some kind of mind control. How interesting.

“I thought that if I was a loyal and attentive husband that I could get enough sex to keep me happy. For weeks, we had sex a lot and I felt great. One night, I tried to fuck Sarah and my prick stayed limp. Sarah said she was real hot. She asked me if I would mind helping her out with some oral. I really don’t like to suck pussy and said we could just try to fuck tomorrow. She rolled over and would not speak.”

“Why not do that for her, Doug? Has she not given you head many times before?”

“It’s not the same. Sucking pussy just seemed too submissive to me.”

And I suppose for a women to get your dick in her mouth is not submissive. This guy is really an idiot.

“I was unable to fuck for like two weeks and I really started to feel bad. After a while, she got me hard and fucked my balls off one night and I felt really great. After that time, it seemed that in the previous times she had only acted like she really wanted me to fuck.”

“How does she do that?”

“It is with that maneuver with her fingers behind my balls. I know that this sounds odd, but I think she uses it as a control button. Can she really do that?”

Control a man’s sex and you will eventually control all of him. Man: definitely the weaker sex.

“One night, there was another episode of limp prick. Sarah said she was really hot because we had made out a lot. This time, when she pushed my head down between her legs, I was the most compliant pussy licker: I licked her till she came like five times. She was having seizures.”

Good job! You put her in status orgasmus. Now you are learning my friend.

“She was just ecstatic! She said it felt GOOD!”

“If I did just what she asked, we had a good fuck every couple of days. If I ‘disobeyed’ her, I would have to wait a long time. Pretty soon, I learned that I better not displease her in any way.”

“OK, what does she ‘make’ you do?”

“I have to be attentive all the time. Not play golf. Take her to the ballet. Go shopping with her. Suck her pussy. She made me read books on cunnilingus and practice on her until I was expert. She makes me give her massages and paint her nails. I’m giving her a lot more money to spend. Really, I cannot do anything that displeases her in the least.”

So, obviously, he does not like to play the submissive husband.

“I want to find out why I cannot have sex whenever I want. Is that too much to ask? NORMAL guys have sex when they want without having to be a slave and lick on a pussy!”

Adelia got up, “I want to find out, too. I want to help you. Let’s do another exam.”

When in doubt about the best way to help your patient, a good doctor always tries to improve her diagnosis.

The nurse in the white fishnets prepared Doug for examination in the same way. EEG pads on his forehead and a rubber device around his prick. As the attractive nurse undressed her, Adelia told her patient, “Tell me exactly what Sarah did to you that last time she fucked you before you had your problem. During my exam I will do that. But I’m going to do some other things so we can compare the Polysexographic data for various experiences.”

The naked doctor lay on the bed with Doug. She kissed him and encouraged him to touch her. Soon, they were making out like teenagers in the back of a car. Doug was enjoying the foreplay with Adelia. He just loved her soft feel all over and the smooth, cleanly shaven pussy area. She had a list of things to do. She grabbed his balls, sucked his nipples, did “Sarah’s maneuver”, then, went down on his prick. In spite of the expert and enthusiastic wet mouth fucking, it remained limp. After a while, Doug made a move with his head toward her pussy, but Adelia said the exam was over and got up.

This time, Adelia did not even get dressed right away as she was so anxious to see the Polysexographic data.

Doug noticed the erect nipples on her dangling breasts as she leaned over to show Doug the tracings. You see. Just as I thought, there really is something special about that thing Sarah does to you. Compare the EEG tracing in the area of the anterior reticulus during the various things I did to you. Your sex brain was active during all of those, but during that thing Sarah does, your sex brain was TEN TIMES more active.”

Adelia seemed so excited that Doug thought that she would have a cure.

“Never in sexologicol history has anything like this been reported!”

His hope was short live as he realized that there would be no cure. And he wondered why his doctor was so insensitive to his miserable incapacity by keeping her breasts right in his face.

I want him to see that his only hope is with his loving wife. He cannot have these breasts!

“But obviously, there is some disconnect between your sex brain activation and the nervous system controlling your penis. There is something about Sarah or something that she does that RECONNECTS your brain to your prick. And furthermore, when this reconnection occurs, then sex is greater and better that ever before.”

“In a way, you really are pretty lucky. I would bet that since this occurred, that when you do have sex that it is superlative.”

“How do you know that?”

“It is obvious. Like I said, the Polysexographic readings of your sex brain are TEN TIMES more active than average. The brain is really our most erotic organ.”

“Wow Doctor, I did not think of it that way!”

I almost have him believing that the best course is to stop fighting this.

“But why the disconnect?” What has happened to me?”

“I can only give your theories. You said that when Sarah fucked you that last time before your problem, that you were hard before she did the maneuver. I believe that she did something that conditioned your body to only connect your brain and other sex organs when she was the specific one doing it. I don’t know how. You said that she gave you something to drink that time. Maybe there was something in the drink. I believe that I performed the maneuver just like she did and in fact highly stimulated your sex brain. If I must say, other guys say I am an excellent fuck, and they like my foreplay and dick sucking technique. But, your prick did not respond!”

I am sorry about your soft prick. I would love to have it in me right now. All of this has made me hot. I will have to wait. Our patients do not realize what we doctors go through sometimes to help them.

Adelia thought it was best to give him the best explanation that sexology had to offer. “What has happened to you is a form of sex control. It is very rare but we know of other cases. My sexology colleagues and I have coined the term ‘virtual chastity belt.’”

“Virtual chastity belt,” Doug was laughing. “You sex docs are crazy.”

“Virtual chastity device,” said Adelia, “would be more appropriate, but this virtual device that has been clamped on you has accomplished what real chastity belts never could. You know the story of medieval men who locked their ladies’ pussies up to prevent them from having sex. These things never worked because a good locksmith could duplicate the key. Don’t laugh; In your case, we may never find the key.”

The naked doctor now crossed her legs to cover her pussy and put her arms over her breasts. She needed a more professional decorum to tell Doug her most important advice. “Please go home to Sarah. Talk with her. Almost always, a wife will respond generously to a caring, attentive husband. I will bet you can work it all out.”

And you better be real nice to the lady who holds the key.

Adelia’s nurse made Doug a follow up appointment.

After a few weeks, Doug came back to see his doctor.

Adelia thought he looked happy. She said, “You are looking good, Doug. I like the hoops in your ears! Have you lost some weight?”

Leave it to a female, even a female doctor to notice his earrings before commenting on his much improved physique. “Sarah asked me to start working out every day. She likes me to wear large hoops instead of studs in my ears. I do what she likes. These are welded in permanently.”

Obvious symbols of utter submission. Really, what kind of rich executive wears them in both ears?

“So, were you and Sarah able to work things out?”

“Well, the sex is so profoundly gratifying that I feel a deep down contentment. I came to the realization that I really have no choice but to be her ‘virtual’ slave”

Of course, such a big transformation in his very being will have complications. And it takes a while to get used to.

“I asked Sarah about the ‘key.’ She told me that if I ever asked this again, we would not fuck for months. And, she thinks that controlling the key to my sex is not bad. Before she had this power over me, I had many girlfriends and was away from home a lot. Now, I am an attentive husband. To Sarah, this is the best thing for both of us.”

“I’m sorry, Doug, but making you get body piercings that are, let us say, embarrassing to you does not sound like being an attentive husband. It sounds like submission.”

“I just really want to please her. Like I told you before, Sarah has decided she really likes me to lick her pussy. We worked on my technique until she was happy with it. Now, I must go down on her every day at least once. If I do a good job, I get to fuck her about 3 times per week. And let me tell you, fucking her is so great. So, I really do want to do a good job on licking her. I keep her shaved now and she likes it even better.”

Yes, I would say that the key to this chastity belt is pretty secure.

“She decides everything: where we go and what we do. Next month, I am quitting my job. Since I have lots of money, Sarah decided I can just stay home.”

Somehow, Adelia already knew he was wealthy. “Well, that should be OK, having the time to be at home.”

“I will be happy. I really like spending time with Sarah now. She has decided to let most of the servants go. She never liked having them in the house. Of course that means I must do a lot more.”

“Do you do everything that she asks?”

“I obey her in every way. She uses her ‘key’ to great advantage. At first, if she wanted something out of the ordinary, she would wait until we had not fucked for a while, like when I had displeased her. Then, right before the punishment ended, and it was almost time for another fuck, she would make her demands.”

“Like what would she demand?”

“We had a discussion about her allowance. I offered to give her more if she would fuck me more often. Of course, she could not let me control her in that way. She made me turn all the money and accounts over to her and she now decides on an allowance for me! And one time, she wanted to show her friends how submissive I was. I did not want to be embarrassed. She waited until we had not fucked for a while and said that if I did everything she said when her friends visited, that night, she would fuck me three nights in a row. With pressure like that, what choice did I have but to obey her? She had her girlfriends over for drinks before they went out to dinner. She made me serve them drinks like a butler. She made me open my shirt and show her friends the rings in my nipples that match my earrings. Then, she said that she had the wrong shoes on and made me go to her closet and collect the right ones. She made me kneel and change her shoes and get the tiny little straps adjusted just right.”

“How do you feel about others seeing you submitting to her?”

“I feel fulfilled to submit. It’s actually kind of fun. Besides, Sarah just thrives on it. I know that when I submit -especially publicly—her pussy gets aroused and moist.”

Adelia liked what she was hearing. Her patient seemed well adjusted to sex control. And what was gratifying to a doctor was that her patient was happy. Did she feel her own pussy getting a little moist? She would have to do something about that very soon. But first, a psychiatrist would have to ask,” And how do you feel about being a total submissive?”

“I like it. Somehow, I have come to just love doing what it takes to keep Sarah happy.”

“Really,” Doug, “Are you really sure?”

“Look, I can see it might be hard for some to see this, but total submission ... done all the time... is very erotic!”

Adelia left work early that day. It was always good to close a case like Doug; all that matters to a sexologist was the welfare and happiness of her patients.

A Few minutes later ...

She got out of her limo and almost ran into her stylish mansion.

All of Adelia’s girl acolytes wore fishnets and five inch heels. Instead of white attire like the nurse at the office, the two gorgeous dark haired maids who met her in her entry hall wore black maid’s dresses, fishnet pantyhose and shoes. Adelia was still hot after her session with her last patient. And she was definitely in a position to do something about that! Still in the entry hall, Adelia ordered her maids to get her clothes off. They undid her skirt and unbuttoned her silk top. Off came her thong and bra. “Get my guys in here now.” One of the maids snapped her fingers.

Two stunning men with muscular clean-shaven bodies, naked except for brief spandex thongs, entered through a side door. They knelt before her immediately. Then, they bowed down with their faces close to the floor and crept up to Adelia and kissed the tips of her shoes. The slave’s obedience never failed to get her nipples erect. “Dick and Derrick, am I ever glad to see you. We are going to party tonight, my pets!” Adelia’s heels clicked as she strode through the long entry hall to a room with thick carpets and numerous votive candles. She motioned for her servants to follow.

She sat on a large sofa. Dick and Derrick fell down before her: ready to serve. After a small motion of her finger, they undid the straps to her heels and took them off. Then, they slowly slid her stockings off and began a tender and unhurried foot massage.

She told her maids she wanted to make a call.

The maids brought her a martini and then the phone as the guys were working their reverent massage up Adelia’s ankles and legs.

“Sarah, how nice to talk to you. So how are things with Doug? Good! I’m so glad to hear it. Is he as good at oral sex as he claims? Right, they really do get better with a lot of practice. Then she listened for another whole minute. “That is really the way it should be. I know that he will love, cherish and obey you in every way . . . He may not have told you, but, now when he has orgasm; it rocks him straight to heaven. Remember, he lives to obey you. Another pause. “Yes, it can be thought of as slavery, but mostly it is attentiveness to your needs . . . it is so good to hear that he pleases you. This has worked out perfectly for you and Doug. Actually, he finds the whole thing very erotic. Yes, your final check cleared today . . . that’s right, one hundred twenty thousand was the whole fee . . .thanks, I am glad that you consider it a bargain.”

The men had slowly worked up to her thighs with their loving fingers and were now starting to kiss and use a little tongue. “Sarah, I would be happy to help you obtain a second slave. I myself love having more than one. We may have to consider another approach. The virtual chastity belt is the most straight forward technique with a husband. The same might work for your second, but often we use another form of sex control. Just let me know when you are ready. I will tell you, it will cost more for your second, but it will be worth every penny.”

By the time Adelia rang off, she was being pleasured with four worshipping tongues. The maids were now holding her breasts and starting to lick around the edges; saving the erect nipples for a little later. The slaves’ tongues were now licking back and forth between Adelia’s creamy, inner thighs and beautiful pussy. They were well trained: they would lick up her inner thighs to her pussy lips and finally tongue-fuck her before going to her clit. The slaves loved to do her clit together; French-kissing while simultaneously licking and sucking the clit. “Stop,” she said, “Instead of oral, we are going to have a nice fuck before dinner. It’s Dick’s turn. Y’all have been so good. Derrick, you fuck me tomorrow morning before I get out of bed. I am sure I will still be in the mood.”

Dick and Adelia stood and kissed as Adelia tugged his nipple rings with her left hand. With her right hand, she massaged with a certain rhythm the base of the penis just behind his balls. The effect of that maneuver was astonishing. His prick became a gigantic, unbending rod in a matter of seconds. “Works like a charm, every time,” she said, very tenderly as they reclined.

“Thanks so much, my Adelia,” he said and then slipped his rod into the drenched pussy of the remarkable Doctor.