The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Adventures In Research

Chapter 3: In Chloe’s Grip

by Penny Propofol

Chloe was thinking about her new treasures that she’d appropriated from the Vivit Apparatus building. The beautiful Dr. Karin DeRamer was trapped inside Chloe’s containment chamber. The information in her mind was being copied over to Chloe’s master system. The brilliant Dr. Karin had been reduced to serving as a memory bank. A memory bank that was being systematically pillaged. It turned Chloe on to think that Karin’s brilliant mind was now totally accessible to her. It excited her even more that Karin had no idea any this was happening. She was being kept in oblivion by Chloe’s drugs and technology. She’d been utterly neutralized by the containment chamber. As soon as the information was copied from her mind, she would be let out of the chamber and enslaved. Chloe found her very alluring and wanted Karin for her own personal sex slave.

Chloe also had plans for Deanna, who had been surgically altered by the slave making robotic surgeon. The slave maker had been developed by Karin to automate surgical procedures with better speed and efficiency than a human surgeon could provide. Chloe had repurposed the surgical robot and used it to implant a device into Deanna. The device was intended to allow a deaf person to hear by connecting directly to the patient’s brain. Chloe realized that attaching it to a more core part of the brain would provide a path around Deanna’s ‘thinking’ brain. So that Chloe’s commands would always get through the filter and simply be obeyed. The words would seem to Deanna to be her very own thoughts. Deanna was in fact, at the moment, standing in front of Chloe. Her lovely brown eyes were fixed in a blank stare. She was very relaxed, her mouth was just slightly agape. Chloe stood close to her, eyeing Deanna’s soft nude colored lips. She touched the lips with her finger, desiring them and the rest of the girl as well. Her long, dark brown hair hung over her shoulders. Deanna was a statuesque girl, athletic, with a slightly slender frame but with a well-proportioned ass. Her breasts were a little small but still a generous size for a slender girl. Chloe was transfixed by the innocent look on Deanna’s face. The implant was working perfectly, allowing Chloe to control Deanna without any difficulty. Normally, after being kidnapped, Deanna would be fighting her tooth and nail. She was a very strong-willed woman. However, in the grip of this technology she was soft putty in Chloe’s hand. Her will had simply been factored out of the equation.

In the time that Chloe had Deanna in her possession, she had used Deanna’s new lack of inhibition to discover what pleased her body most. In spite of the fact that Deanna had a very independent nature, she found herself beginning to like being controlled by Chloe. She liked the way Chloe pleased her and had come to like the idea of belonging to her. She’d never had someone get this close to her or learn her heart and mind so deeply. She liked feeling as though Chloe could read her mind and please her with exactly what she desired. Chloe placed her arm around Deanna’s back and led her bed. She had discovered that one of her vibrating dildos had a profound effect on Deanna. Chloe stripped naked and lubricated the dildo and then slid it inside her own pussy to warm it up. She enjoyed the feeling as it buzzed around inside her. She found herself losing focus as her face began to feel flush and the dildo caused her mind to fog up. She climbed onto the bed and thrust her hips as she pleasured herself. Deanna watching her was overcome with the urge to have her. She got onto her knees beside Chloe and began kissing and tonguing her breasts and neck while Chloe drove herself mad with the dildo.

Chloe felt Deanna’s tongue weakening her. The sensation was indescribable. She was slightly embarrassed her that it weakened her so, but it felt so good she just gave in. Her hips were undulating in rhythm with the strokes of the dildo in and out. She was about to make herself cum, she was helpless to stop. Faster and faster fucked herself with the dildo until the orgasm burst loose. She shuddered and collapsed, Deanna continued kissing her as she played with her own pussy. Chloe turned to face Deanna, she began to kiss those luscious lips that she’d wanted all morning. Deanna submissively rolled onto her back and let Chloe have her way. Unable to resist, Chloe began to lick Deanna’s engorged nipples. They were so irresistible, in no time she was sucking them as Deanna closed her eyes and began bucking her hips and finger fucked herself.

Chloe pulled the vibrating dildo from her own pussy and slid it into Deanna’s. Deanna gasped as her favorite toy sank in to the hilt. She arched her back as the pleasure rocked her to the core. Chloe slid the dildo in and out with short, quick strokes just the way Deanna liked. She felt Deanna’s body trembling with pleasure. She straddled Deanna, putting her face down between Deanna’s long legs. She pulled Deanna’s feet up, bending her knees. Once bent, she spread the girl’s legs wide and pulled the dildo out as she began tonguing Deanna’s pussy into submission. Deanna’s mind was completely occupied with the pleasure from Chloe’s expert tongue. She would be cumming for Chloe any second. All kinds of thoughts were flashing through Deanna’s mind. The tongue, the feeling of Chloe’s soft body lying upon her own. The scent of Chloe’s dripping pussy just inches from her face. All of this was swirling in her mind when she felt the vibrating dildo press against her exposed asshole. Before she could respond, she felt it slide all the way into her, probing her deep inside. The buzzing hit just the right spot as Chloe’s tongue flicked her clitoris. Deanna gushed all over as she came, yelling out Chloe’s name. She came and came, she felt like it would never end.

Chloe smiled as she watched Deanna melt from the orgasm. The woman was now hers completely and it made her happy that Deanna knew it. She climbed off Deanna and lie down beside her, wrapping the post orgasmic girl in her arms. She told Deanna it was naptime, the words sank in to the very core of her mind. Her eyelids were too heavy to keep open as she sank back into Chloe’s arms. She liked being cuddled like this after cumming. The dildo continued to buzz deep in her ass as she drifted off to sleep in the arms of her loving master. Deanna’s face was the picture of satisfaction as her lovely dark brown eyes closed and a contented smile formed on her lips. Chloe loved how cute and helpless Deanna looked when she slept. She nestled her face into Deanna’s dark brown hair as she closed her eyes and relaxed. She loved the scent and soft, silky texture of this girl’s hair. She thought of having her entire body wrapped up in it as she drifted off to sleep.

Tanya looked through the window of Chloe’s door. The sight of the blonde and Brunette sleeping naked together on her bed was an enticing scene. Tanya had planned to ask Chloe about some of the experimental devices they’d taken from Vivit Apparatus. She walked up to the door just as Chloe was finishing Deanna off and decided not to interrupt. She figured now wasn’t the best time to disturb Chloe. She walked down the hall to her lab. Among the technology stolen were plans for a station that would help mothers of newborns produce more milk for their babies while still in the hospital. In theory, once their bodies were used to producing that amount they would keep it up. The concept originally called for a quiet chamber for them to climb into. It blocked out sound from the outside and replaced it with more soothing sounds. Such as birds and a running stream. The light inside would resemble candle light, the chamber would be kept adequately warm so that the mother could be unclothed. Stimulators would be placed at her nipples to encourage increased milk flow. The whole experience would typically be soothing for the mother and baby.

Tanya had altered the plans somewhat and she had changed the purpose of the device. Rather than help a mother feed her infant, this device would help Tanya convert well-endowed women into dairy slaves. She looked at the milking station with its hoses, restraints and robotic arms. She was eager to see the milking machine in action. Tanya had a fondness for redheads, particularly ones with large breasts. Missy was her kind of girl. She was curvy with large breasts. She had large, pink areolae that Tanya found very alluring. She’d looked at them several times when they were bringing Missy in. She slept completely unaware of Tanya, a redhead herself, lusting after her breasts. She’d always fantasized about forcing a woman like Missy to surrender her breast milk. Once they’d taken the plans for the nursery chamber, Tanya immediately realized its potential and began pumping Missy full of the hormones that would make her body produce milk. She’d been kept sedated enough that she just accepted the pills and injections without raising a fuss. She was in a daze and hadn’t really thought about where she was.

Tanya looked out the window of the lab and saw Zeri leading Missy in. Missy was dressed only in a patient gown. The front where here nipples were located was soaked from her milk-engorged breasts. She was looking around as Zeri led her down the hallway. She hadn’t been dosed with her Lorazepam for hours and was beginning to come out from under its power. Once she was in the lab, Zeri brought Missy up to Tanya who was standing at the station. Missy was clearly confused as the fog was beginning to lift from her brain. She didn’t know what was going on or what the machine was for. Tanya smiled at her and spoke reassuringly as she stepped her into the scanner frame. Missy’s body was scanned to learn her height, weight, measurements etc. Once the scan was complete, Tanya eased the bewildered woman a step forward and activated the machine. Quickly her two wrists were secured and raised up. Missy was shocked, even more so when another pair secured her ankles and spread her legs wide. She began to try to protest and was rewarded with what looked like a rubber penis in her mouth, quieting her quickly. It began pumping warm delicious cream into her mouth. At first she was disgusted until she tasted it. She started gulping it down greedily, sucking the dick with abandon.

She felt the head of another penis pressing against the lips of her vagina. It began to jiggle, spreading her lips open. Her eyes opened wide as she felt it teasing her hot pussy. She continued sucking the cum out of the penis in her mouth. Something about that cum, the more she sucked down, the hornier she became. She felt her vagina swallow the dick, instinctively she bent over to let it penetrate her more deeply. Her body was resting on a padded plank with cutouts for her large boobs. She felt the penis behind her pumping slow and hard, grinding into her pussy just the way she liked it. She loved being held down and fucked slow and strong. Her voice quivered as she made the sounds of pleasure. Her pussy was dripping all over the place, her body was really enjoying the fuck. She closed her eyes and kept sucking the delicious cum out of the dick in her mouth. It was all so primal, so instinctive.

While the device was stimulating Missy sexually, Tanya was adoring her large boobs that were hanging freely, just waiting to be milked. She licked her lips, wanting to suck them so badly. Once Missy’s limbs were strapped into place, the machine installed an IV into her arm and began giving her fluid. A band was placed on her head to monitor her brain activity. Electrodes were attached to her body to read her vital signs. As the medication bay was being connected to the IV line, a smaller steel vibrating dildo lubricated itself and was inserted into Missy’s ass. The surprise really set her off, sexually. She began spinning out of control toward orgasm. The dildo fucking her pussy went into jackhammer mode. The suction cups attached to her nipples and began sucking her milk madly. Knowing that her body was being used like this sent her over the edge, and she experienced the most violent orgasm of her life. Her head was spinning from the pleasure, from being strapped down, milked and fucked like this.

After cumming for what felt like a week she collapsed and began to bask in the afterglow. After a couple of minutes though, without the machine fucking her senseless or the orgasm blowing her mind, she began to think. By now the Lorazepam and worn off and she was aware that she was in a strange place, strapped down and being milked against her will. Why were her breasts making milk?? What was going on. Why couldn’t she remember how she got here? The machine detected her building panic attack. It was evident to Tanya when she looked at the screen. She said to Missy, “Relax, Missy. You’re getting too excited.” Missy replied, “Who are you? What are you people doing to me? Let me up! Get this thing off of me!” She began to strain against her bonds as the machine continued to milk her. Tanya told her, “Unfortunately when you’re under stress like this, it ruins your milk. The machine will sedate you so that you won’t be so upset.” Missy’s eyes widened. In a panicked voice she said, “No! No, don’t drug me. I don’t want it!” Tanya smiled as she pressed the button, activating the machine’s sedation program. Immediately, the syringes in the medication bay began to pump their contents into Missy. Missy struggled with renewed vigor against the straps holding her down.

She spoke through gritted teeth, “No! Let me up! Don’t you dare!” She was unaware of the liquid from the syringes entering her body through the IV line. She was totally concentrated on getting loose. Without warning the medication hit her like a hammer. Missy felt herself getting very sleepy, her struggles slowed. Tanya seeing Missy begin to take in the effects of the drug began to run her fingers through that long, beautiful red hair. She spoke to Missy soothingly, encouraging her to give up the fight and just let the drugs have their way. Missy moaned, “No! No I won’t give in!” After a few more seconds her voice was quieter, sleepier. It was more sleepy still after a few more seconds until at last she whispered, “n-noooooooo…” Then the last of the fight simply evaporated from her. She was very content to lie there and be milked like a good girl now. Her reward was a nice big vibrating dildo fucking her delicious pink pussy really slow as the smaller one continued to fuck her in the ass. Her limbs went limp in surrender to the dildos. The machine began to gently rock her side to side as it milked her and fucked her into surrender. She had been chemically persuaded to relax and accept it. Missy was now content to lie there and be milked and fucked for hours.

Zeri was obsessed with Cordelia and her body. The young raven-haired beauty was strong, healthy and alluring. The body suit that had been fitted to Cordelia’s body had used a reverse strapon, that plugged into her pussy as well as a small ball that would pleasure her asshole. Cordelia was being controlled with a combination of pleasure devices and medication to reinforce her hypnotic programming. Zeri had seen the robotic surgeon used to reprogram Deanna and wanted to do the same to Cordelia. She stripped away Cordelia’s body suit, including the crotch belt with the pleasure devices. She removed Cordelia’s ear piece and the hair band that pulsed her brain to help keep her susceptible to hypnotic control. When she was finished, all that was left was Cordelia herself. She was still dazed by the drugs remaining in her system, but without the other devices to help she was regaining control of herself quickly. Zeri walked her to the edge of the surgical table and bent her over it. Then she activated the machine. It secured Cordelia’s ankles and wrists, preventing her from moving.

Zeri selected the procedures she wanted performed and then launched the patient preparation routine. The confused Cordelia could only look around with her dazed brown eyes as she felt the system sterilize a spot on her arm and install an IV catheter into her. With robotic precision, it inserted the IV into her vein and then secured it into place with surgical tape. The system quickly attached sensors to her body to read her vital signs. It quickly took and analyzed a blood sample, recorded her weight, blood pressure and heart rate. A full body scan was ordered, so an line was connected to her IV catheter. The machine quickly sedated Cordelia before she had time to react. Within seconds, her head was swimming with the onset of her surgical cocktail of Fentanyl and Midazolam. She felt the two powerful drugs tag teaming her to sleep. Try as she did to keep her eyes open, they just became too heavy and she let them close in surrender. Zeri enjoyed seeing her pretty brown eyes roll up and slowly close as the drugs took her over. The machine put her to sleep to keep her still while it scanned her body. The scanner ran for several minutes. As it went, analyzed her bones and tissues thoroughly as well as her organs. By the time it was finished, it knew every inch of Cordelia. Zeri wanted more, and when the body scan procedure finished, the next one began.

The end of the table holding her hips and lower abdomen began to rise up as the restraints on her legs spread her wide. Cordelia was about to get an in-depth gynecological examination. She slept as her beautiful pussy lips were spread open and a speculum was inserted. The speculum expanded, opening her vagina up wide. Zeri looked, flush with desire at Cordelia’s luscious pink pussy. She loved the girl’s skin tone, the way her cocoa skin color blended in with that lovely pink. Zeri could tell that Cordelia was moist and healthy. She watched hungrily as the camera went inside her, deep into her sex. On the monitor she saw every soft, lovely inch inside that pussy.

Cordelia was a woman in her prime, the display of her vaginal canal and her inside her cervix only underscored that. Her womb would produce strong, healthy offspring. With any luck the children would be as pretty as their mother. Zeri bit her lip as she thought about how she was fucking this woman with this medical equipment. That Cordelia would never authorize this scan but with the drugs pumped into her system she was made to cooperate and lie still while she was probed deeply. The tip of the camera made its way into one of her tubes. As it did, Her body twitched a little, the Bisprectral Index System monitor scanning her brain detected that she was conscious enough to feel pain. In fact, it was beginning to wake her. It gave her an emergency bolus dose of Propofol. In less than 30 seconds she was completely and utterly knocked out. A breathing tube was inserted and Cordelia was hooked up to the respirator. Once Cordelia was fully anesthetized, the procedure continued without incident. Zeri was amazed at the power of the drug and its effect on Cordelia’s brain. She could literally see Cordelia’s consciousness evaporate as her brain was chemically switched off. Zeri was so wet between her legs watching the screen, seeing Cordelia’s exam proceed. She loved the idea that the girl was held captive chemically as she was forced to submit to the probe.

The machine finished examining her fallopian tubes and retracted all the way out of Cordelia. Once it exited, the robotic system removed the speculum from her vagina and applied a topical cream to disinfect and manage any discomfort later. The small endoscope was sterilized and tucked away. The system quickly lubricated Cordelia’s helpless, exposed anus with a generous helping of Surgilube. The applicator slid round and round, rimming her tight asshole, massaging the lubricant onto it until it detected Cordelia’s anus relaxing. Then it slid in and out, applying the lubricant quickly and efficiently as Cordelia slept under the Propofol. Once the lubrication was complete, an anal catheter was installed to allow a large irrigation hose into her rectum. A smaller hose was attached to the side of the anal catheter to allow warm fluid in. The large hose would remove Cordelia’s contents while the machine kept her asleep. Zeri walked around to look at Cordelia’s face. She had such an expression of peace. Zeri opened one of the girl’s eyelids and adored her dark brown eye. The pupil was somewhat dilated, Zeri had a thing for dilated eyes, she thought they looked really hot. She lifted the other eyelid and Cordelia’s other eye was more dilated. She knew the asymmetrical response was somewhat normal for this drug. When Cordelia’s brain switched off, it stopped regulating all of those things.

In the meantime, the warm fluid began to fill Cordelia’s insides as the table supporting her abdomen began to vibrate and massage them deeply. The system carefully monitored the pressure of the fluid to know when to stop adding. Zeri watched as ounce after ounce of the solution sank into the beautiful woman’s body. The fluid would relax her intestines, liquefy any solid contents inside her and allow the removal hose to simply suck it all out. In the meantime the robotic system installed a urethral catheter into Cordelia to drain her bladder and obtain a urine sample to go with the blood. Zeri watched the nearly clear urine run out of Cordelia through the tube and into the bag at the other end. Slowly, ounce by ounce she was drained completely. Zeri liked the idea that all this was happening without Cordelia’s knowledge or consent. The feeling from the power she held over the woman was delicious. She watched the fluid continuing to enter Cordelia’s ass through the clear tube.

Seconds continued to pass as the mixture continued to fill Cordelia up. If she’d have been awake, it would definitely have proven humiliating. The seal on the catheter prevented the liquid inside her from leaking out while the positive pressure prevented it from flowing out of her. At last, the liquid inside Cordelia reached the threshold pressure and the flow stopped. The massaging vibration continued for minutes as the scanner determined how solid her contents were. Once they’d been sufficiently liquefied, the massaging vibration stopped and the system begin the extraction process. The other end of the hose was connected to a sealed container. It along with all the other samples would go to the lab for analysis. Removing the contents inside her also cleared the way for the system to probe deep into her to allo Zeri to pleasure her more deeply than she ever had been.

Once the last of the fluid was pulled from her and sealed off in a container. Zeri watched as Cordelia’s contents passed through the clear hose until she was emptied. The hose was removed from her body and the propofol drip was discontinued. Cordelia would no longer be completely unconscious, just sedated. While the system monitored her level of consciousness, a special tapered probe was poised to enter her body. The probe was soft to the touch, flexible, but it was also stiff enough to penetrate her very deeply. In the small, rounded tip of the probe was a camera that would let Zeri see Cordelia’s most private areas. Zeri launched the next program and the deep probe procedure began. She watched on the monitor as the system inserted the probe with absolute precision. Cordelia’s insides felt it sliding inside inch by inch. The probe deftly maneuvered farther and farther into her, making its way closer and closer to her upper colon. It made its way around the first bend, into her lower colon. Cordelia was beginning to wake. Through the fog of the drugs in her system, she felt pressure as the probe made its way into her. All she could do was lie there with a drugged look on her face, staring at the image of her insides on the monitor. The system carefully continued to advance the position of the probe farther into her as it used the BIS monitor to watch for any sign of pain in Cordelia.

Cordelia was becoming more and more awake with each passing minute. She was now aware that she was strapped down and that something was pressing its way deep inside her ass. Then she noticed something was in her throat. Then she realized that the movie on the screen she was watching was a live feed from inside her own ass. The brain activity monitor showed a spike in brain activity as Cordelia frantically tried to remember how she’d gotten there and how this was happening. She tried to plead with the machine to let her go but the breathing tube silenced her. As she felt the probe going farther inside her she began to try to yell for help, struggling against the ventilator. Her actions were beginning to risk internal injury. Because of the risk, the machine began sedating her again. Cordelia struggled against the bonds holding her down in this bent-over position. Unknown to her, the propofol syringe had been activated in the medication bay. She didn’t see the milky white liquid making its way to her IV catheter. Suddenly, for just a moment her head felt funny. Then it was as though a giant blanket of darkness dropped over her, and she was out. The BIS monitor put her into medium depth unconsciousness and kept her there.

Now that she was chemically back under control and no longer struggling, the probe continued to press farther inside of her. Zeri looked at the girl’s healthy insides on the monitor. She wanted to probe and control every inch and every ounce of this girl. She liked the fact that Cordelia was being probed against her will and without her consent. That she was forced to submit to any procedure this machine was programmed to carry out. Once the probe was completely inside her, Zeri deployed the stimulation nodes that would stimulate Cordelia’s nerve clusters inside her. Bit by bit, the flow of medication was slowed, allowing Cordelia to reach just below the surface of consciousness.

Then Cordelia was allowed to barely break the surface of consciousness. A Fentanyl and Midazolam cocktail was added to her drip as the propofol continued to rapidly wear off. Cordelia didn’t know where she was or what was happening, but she was far too sedated to be afraid. The two drugs were tag-teaming her into surrender. The breathing tube was gently removed from her so that she would be able to respond to questions and commands. Zeri’s soft, feminine voice drifted into her ears, calling her by name. “Hello, Cordelia.” Cordelia smiled and said in a happy and sleepy voice, “Hello….” She felt the nodes deep inside her begin their massage. Her mind was already very floaty because of the Fentanyl and this feeling put her right into orbit. With her mind in such a vulnerable state, she came almost immediately. She was rewarded with a clitty sucker and two suction devices on her nipples. She giggled and jumped a little as each was activated. Her brain was in such a pleasure overload that she saw colored lights behind her eyes. She was right at the threshold for passing out from it. The stimulation deep inside her with those nerve clusters forced her body to completely relax and submit. She couldn’t think, her mind was completely free of her own thoughts and she didn’t care. All that mattered was the unmitigated pleasure as the words of Zeri’s hypnotic mantra poured into her ears. The words chiseled away at her personality, replacing her with an improved Cordelia.

The voice had unhindered access to the core of her brain. The part of Cordelia’s brain that filtered input had been chemically wrestled into submission by the drugs. Her very essence was being rewritten as she was lying there helpless and wide open. Zeri walked from the room and behind her Cordelia was being remade. Within a few hours she would be Zeri’s personal fuck slave. She would also help Zeri with a few of her plans. A wicked little smile curled up on the left side of her mouth as she thought about all the lovely and wicked things she would use Cordelia for.