The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Kentauros

“Fuck, this weekend was incredible honey, thanks for letting me use the remote,” Frank said to the sexy cutie laying next to him on the bed.

“Remote?” Monique said confused.

“Oh, right. Let me press the button,” he clicked ‘Revert All Changes’ while pointing the remote at his wife.

She stared at him blankly. Nothing had changed. Her tits were still a good three cup sizes bigger, she looked like a college coed and she clearly had nothing going on inside of her head still.

“Uh, let me try that again,” he said. He pressed the button again, but again, nothing changed.

Monique giggled. “What are you playing around with that silly remote for? Don’t you want to play with your favorite plaything?” She wiggled her butt, and smiled at him.

Frank looked down at the device. He tried clicking other buttons, but none of them worked. What was going wrong?

Frank’s wife was a leading scientist in the field of quantum physics, and had discovered a way to alter reality using a simple handheld device. However, she had realized how dangerous this technology was and decided to only use it recreationally at home, never trusting anyone else with the technology. Her and her husband had quickly grown to love playing around with the remote, and had done a ton of fun sexy weekend staycations with one another. Frank had changed her into everything from sexy nurse to police officer willing to accept a different kind of payment, but this weekend he had gone with an old classic: slutty airhead.

“Uh, sorry honey,” Frank said. “Something’s going wrong with the device. I think it needs to be fixed or something. You really don’t remember anything about it?”

She looked blankly at it. “Um, should I?”

Shit. She was the one that knew the most about the device. Frank wasn’t sure how he would fix it on his own.

Monique pouted. “Fraaank!” she said. “I need you to fuck me. You’re making me so wet.”

Frank looked at the time. The kids, who were being babysat by Monique’s parents at the moment, were going to be dropped off in about 20 minutes. Frank wasn’t sure he could fix the device with so little time. They were going to come home and find their PhD physicist of a daughter dressed like a hooker, and unable to hold a conversation about anything but fucking.

“Monique,” Frank said, trying not to panic. “The kids are going to be home soon, and I think they’re going to notice something’s different about you. Not to mention your parents!”

“Something... different?” she said blankly. “You’re not making any sense! I’m still the same sexy wife-y I always was, and I’m so wet for you right now.”

“No, Monique. You’re a brilliant quantum physicist, and you let me transform you into a sexy ditz. But now I can’t turn you back,” Frank said.

“Is this a game?” Monique said, giggling. “This sounds like fun! I can totally pretend to be a scientist if that’s what turns you on.”

“No, that’s not what I—”

“Um... carbon?” she said experimentally. “The Mitch McConnell is the powerhouse of the cell. Humans breathe sodium chloride, or whatever! Is this turning you on, baby?”

Frank hated to admit it, but it definitely was. Monique was just so hopelessly stupid now! She didn’t know anything, and knowing she had once been a top-tier scientist was just making that better and better for him.

“No, Monique, you don’t understand. I need you to get dressed in one of your respectable outfits. Right now! Your parents are going to be here soon.”

Monique was very confused. Why would her hubby want something that covered up so much of her yummy body? She figured it must be a weird kink of his, and she was eager to explore it with him. Monique got up, and walked over to the closet. She picked out a professional outfit, and slipped it on.

“Too tight,” she pouted, seeing her breasts practically spilling out of her shirt.

“Try unbuttoning it a bit more,” Frank suggested.

Monique did so, and soon her breasts settled to merely being cleavage city.

Shit. Her parents were going to be judgemental about that for sure.

“Um, can you try putting on a t-shirt or something underneath that?” he asked.

Monique admired her sexy scientist look for a second in the mirror, before finding a t-shirt and doing as Frank suggested.

“There,” Frank said. “You’re perfect. You do look a little different, but hopefully your parents won’t care. Now, I need you to listen to what I’m saying very carefully.”

Monique stopped playing with her hair, and tried to stand up straight and look seriously at her husband.

“Monique, I’m going to need you to buy me time to try and fix the device. You have to trick your parents and the kids, and make them think everything is normal with you, okay?”

“But everything is normal with me?” she said.

“No, you need to act like a respectable woman. You can’t be rubbing between your thighs, or moaning or talking about sex or how turned on you are.”

“But that’s all I’m good at!” Monique said. “I don’t know if I can do this, it sounds to hard.”

Frank looked at the clock. He didn’t have much time at all.

“Okay, how about this. I find the thought of you acting like a respectable mother and scientist to be super duper hot. The less you giggle, the less you say ‘like’ or ‘um’, the more attention you seem to be paying to things, the more you pretend to understand—all of that shit is just about the sexiest thing in the world to me. If you manage to trick your parents into thinking you’re normal while they drop off the kids, and keep the kids from being suspicious until you put them down for bed time, then I’ll fuck you real good. How does that sound?” Frank said, trying to hide how desperate he was.

Monique’s ears had perked up at this. Acting like a fancy lady just because seemed super hard to her, but doing that because it turned on her husband. That she could understand. She took a deep breath, and tried her best to do her impression of a smart scientist lady.

“Of course,” she said slowly, deliberately. She didn’t want to mess up and say ‘like’ at the wrong time. “I am a super smart scientist. Shame on you for thinking otherwise, husband of mine.“

Frank frowned. She wasn’t quite acting like herself, but it was better than before. Hopefully, her parents would just think she was drunk or something?

A doorbell rang downstairs.

“That’ll be them,” Frank said. “Let’s go!”

He put his hands on her shoulders, and guided her down to the front door. She had to work very hard not to melt at her husband’s touch. She tried to control her breathing, and ignore the thought that she was probably turning him on so badly with her perfect impression of a scientist mommy.

Frank thought this might just work, looking at the way she walked. She wasn’t walking like a nubile nymph trying to entice and seduce with her every step, though she clearly had a little more pep and verve in her walk than Monique generally did. He could also see her flushed with arousal.

“Hello,” Frank said, opening the door. “How were the kids?”

His in-laws were standing there, dressed in the WASP-ish clothes they always did. His mother-in-law, Sarah, looked disapprovingly at the couple—she had never liked Frank, but usually kept that opinion to herself.

“Oh, they were well behaved enough,” Sarah said. “Although, I must talk with you about the language you use around your children, Monique. Surely I raised you better than to teach your grandchildren vulgar expressions like saying ‘this sucks’ or ‘that blows.’”

Monique had to steel herself at these words, and keep a neutral expression. All she could think about was blowing Frank right now, or sucking his cock having it deep inside her throat. She tried to remember what Frank had said about his fetish, and use it to motivate her next few words.

“Mother,” she said a little too lightly, too ditsy. Then she corrected herself, stern—serious! “Mother.” Good, Monique thought she had nailed it! “I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a grown adult woman, and while I am doing my best to—” Monique had to resist the urge to say ‘like’ here. “—to raise my children, I am not you. I am sorry if my parenting style has, uh,” Shoot, she shouldn’t have said that! “not met your cri—, criter—, uh, standards, but I’m their mother, not you.”

Frank looked at his wife in surprise. She always stayed so civil and non-confrontational, but it seemed like in trying to act like a responsible mother she had crossed the line she always refused to do with her mom.

Sarah’s eyes widened for a second, then she smiled at her daughter. “I’m happy that you at least grew a little spine for once. I was beginning to wonder if you had any opinions of your own.”

Monique’s father tutted. “Oh, Sarah, don’t be that way. You know our daughter is very opinionated.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Sure, she’ll complain about the horrible beauty standards on women, but for the last 10 years I’ve never seen her disagree with me once!”

Monique was having trouble following the conversation. She had heard something about women being beautiful and lost her train of thought. Did she usually say things about beauty standards being bad? But Monique liked being pretty! She couldn’t think of any reason why girls wouldn’t love guy’s attention—looking at the sexy way they dressed, being turned on by their hot curvy bodies—that all sounded like a dream to her. But she didn’t want to arouse her suspicion—after all, Frank needed her to be sexy for him right now.

“Well, mother,” Monique said, not quite hitting the level of seriousness she intended. Her voice was just a little too breathy. “Our society does have a beauty problem, right? Think about what women who aren’t pretty have to go through.” Monique really did feel for them. She would have supported universal free plastic surgery if it meant all women could be sexy for guys.

Sarah rolled her eyes. “I don’t need you lecturing me again, especially not after having to deal with your son running around for the last few hours. Besides, you know that I agree with you about objectification of women being bad. Honestly, I don’t know why you insist on preaching to the choir sometimes.”

Objectification... bad? Monique really didn’t understand what her mom was talking about now. That seemed like too much of a complex idea for her itty bitty girl brain to process. But Monique tried to look thoughtful, as if her mother had just made a really great point, and nodded.

“Well, we should be going,” Monique’s dad said.

“Thanks again for taking care of the kids, mother,” Monique nodded. “Father. Have a lovely evening!”

They closed the door, and soon were with the kids.

“Well, I think that went well,” Frank said.

Monique wanted badly to ask if he was super horny and turned on right now from her amazing acting, but she took his words of approval as his secret message that she had done a good job. Ugh, she wanted to fuck his brains out, but the kids were still awake!

“Kids, why don’t you play with your mom, while daddy goes to the garage to work on something?”

The kids seemed agreeable to that idea, so they went with their mom to the living room.

“Children,” Monique said cheerfully, trying to remember what mom’s in TV shows acted like. “Did you have a fun time at grandma and grandpa’s?” That seemed about right. Serious but not too serious. She wasn’t sure if it sounded maternal enough though—she was a sexy play thing, not someone’s mommy!

“Uh-huh,” said Monique’s 8-year old son, Brian. “But I wanna go play my video games now, can I mom?” Brian knew that he had already used up his allotted screen time for the day, but he hoped his mom would forget about that. Plus, he still had math homework to do!

“Well, that sounds just swell to me, son,” she said. She tried to stifle a reflexive giggle.

Susie, Monique’s 6-year old daughter, nodded. “Yeah, mommy! I also had fun. Although I missed my dollies. Can we play dollies together?”

Monique smiled big and bright and cheery at her daughter. “Of course, Susie! Why don’t you go and get them?”

Susie did as she was told and brought out her Barbie dolls and all their accessories.

Monique smiled down at the Barbie. “I don’t think she’s dressed sexy enough, do you?”

Susie looked up confused at her mom. “Mommy? What does ‘sexy’ mean?”

Monique put her hand over her mouth. Oh, no! She had said the wrong thing. She wasn’t supposed to think about being ‘sexy’, and she was pretty sure moms wouldn’t do that either.

“Um...” Monique said. “Well, being sexy is a really good thing to be. The most important thing for a girl.”

Susie looked up in confusion. “But mommy, you told me that being smart and independent was the most important thing. That I could do everything a boy can!”

Monique looked down at Susie, utterly confused at her words. Who would teach a poor girl something like that?

“Daughter mine, dear sweet Susie,” Monique said. “When you’re older you’ll understand, but nothing is as sexy as doing what boys tell you to do, letting them do all the hard thinking for you, and looking good for them. Now why don’t we get your Barbie dressed in something a little more fun?” Monique mentally patted herself on the back. Being a mom was easy! She was giving her daughter such good, important advice!

Downstairs, Frank was struggling to read through Monique’s notes. He finally found that there was a reset button on the inside, and he decided to press it. He got out a paperclip, and reset the whole device. The lights came back on at least, but there was an indicator saying it was out of power. He breathed a sigh of relief. This was a problem he could deal with.

He plugged the device in, and went upstairs to check on the kids.

“Hey, Brian,” Frank said, seeing him in the living room. “Have you finished your homework yet?”

Brian shook his head. He was in third grade, and had some math homework he had left undone all day.

“Well, I don’t want you playing until you’re done,” Frank said.

Brian groaned, but paused his game and went to grab his backpack.

Frank saw Monique playing Barbies with Susie. He smiled. She never played with Susie these days, but he at least hoped this would be some good mother-daughter bonding time. Frank decided to make some dinner in the kitchen.

After half an hour, Brian came downstairs. “Hey, mommy, I’m having trouble with my homework. Can you please help me?” Brian always knew he could count on his mom for math help—she was the smartest person he knew!

Monique smiled at Susie. “I’ve got to help your brother, is it okay if I take a break for a bit?”

Susie nodded, and Monique sat down with Brian. “What have you got?”

Brian shook his head. “I just don’t get multiplication and division,” he said. “Like, why is 3 times 4 times 12?”

Monique looked blankly at the boy. It was like he was speaking a different language.

“Um, multiplication is, like,” Shoot! Her facade was slipping. She had to sound knowledgeable. “So like, it’s like this. You know addition, right?” Monique wrote a plus sign on the paper. “Multiplication is a bit like addition.” She drew an ‘x’ on the paper. “So you just kind of turn the problem diagonal like this,” she turned his page so that the 3 x 4 now almost looked like it had a ‘+’ sign between the numbers, “And um... multiplication!”

Brian looked at her funny, before laughing. “Stop being silly mommy. You said last week you were excited to teach me all about multiplication.”

Monique looked over at the kitchen. “Um... ask your father for help. Mommy is tired right now.”

Brian looked disappointed, but nodded and walked back over.

The family ate dinner together, and Monique kept looking over at Frank. She was doing such a good job pretending to be a respectable mother, she was sure he was turned on out of his mind. He smiled at her, and she tried not to shift in such a way that let on just how turned on she was. Fuck, she couldn’t stop thinking about what waited for her on the other side of this play-acting.

After dinner, the kids got ready for bed, and they asked their mom to read them a bed time story.

Monique looked down at her kids, and tried not to look confused or out of it. Reading? That was really hard stuff for big-brained boys or men to do, though.

“What do you want mommy to read?” she asked.

Brian ran over, and brought the Percy Jackson book they were in the middle of.

“This one, mommy, duh!” he said.

Monique looked down at the book, and after a moment’s hesitation opened it up. Her eyes glazed over seeing so many words. How was a silly girl like her supposed to read this?

“Brian,” Monique said. “You’re a big, smart boy, right? Why don’t you read this book to Susie and I instead?”

He looked a little disappointed, but he did as he was asked, and Monique was impressed how good at reading he was. Sure he had to sound out words here and there, but he was totally understandable. Monique knew she had made the right choice getting a boy to read it for her. Brains are for boys, girls are just toys. That’s one thing Monique knew to the core of her being.

After the reading finished. Monique kissed them both, and turned out the light. She was ready for what came next.

“Frank!” Monique giggled, happy to drop the facade. “I’m so, like, happy that you can fuck my brains out! It was totally hard to pretend to be something I’m not, but I did it for you.”

She ran up and hugged him tightly, kissing his neck, and rubbing between his legs.

“Wait, Monique,” Frank said. “I’ve got the remote working. I’m going to turn you back.”

Monique frowned. “But I’m already a super serious science lady, right?”

Frank shook his head. “No, but you are now!” He clicked the button to revert all changes. The device sparked, and smoke started coming out of it.

“I don’t... feel any different,” Monique said.

Frank looked like he was almost on the verge of tears. “No!” he said, his voice cracking. “I want my Monique back, I don’t want you to be stuck as some brainless floozy forever.”

Monique knew she couldn’t seduce Frank while he was like this. She needed to say something, anything to get him back in the mood.

“Frank, you said I made this thing, right?” Monique said.

“Yes,” he said stiffly.

“Well, did you ever consider, that maybe I wanted things to turn out this way? I was a super smart scientist, lady, right? How likely do think it is that I would make a silly mistake and be left stuck this way?” Monique had no idea whether what she was saying was true, but it seemed to be having the desired effect on Frank.

“Wait, you wanted to be stuck as a bimbo?” he said.

Monique giggled. “Of course I did! What’s better than letting other people do all your thinking for you, and being sexy and slutty all day every day?”

“But, but... what about your career?”

Monique stroked his chest. “Working isn’t any fun for a sexy girl like me, you know that! I’ll quit my job and become your stay at home wifey.”

Frank started to be aroused in spite of himself. He loved Monique, the real Monique. But had he judged her wrong? Maybe she had always been unhappy with the stresses of her work? Maybe what she was saying was true?

Monique pulled him towards the bed. “Look, Frank you need to stop worrying. I’m happy this way, I’ll always be happy as long as you keep pumping me full of your amazing cum.”

Frank’s doubts were evaporating quickly. Monique wanted this, of course this was her secret plan all along! It all made perfect sense. He looked down as his sexy wife, who was pulling off her dress and admired her amazing figure. If his wife wanted to be a sexy plaything for the rest of her life, who was he to deny her?

He slid his rock-hard cock into her, and listened to her moan. He watched the needy way she moved against him. There was no question in his mind now. He could definitely get used to living with this version of Monique for the rest of his life...