The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Julian Coreto

Chapter 26

Entente Cordiale

“Go somewhere where there are lots of people and wait for me. I’ll have Karick pull the car around and call you once we get moving. Keep away from this guy.”

Alan clicked off his phone and walked smartly to Broadway, to the West End Grille, and ordered a draught beer, brushing off the counterman’s request for proof of age with a light mental push. He took a small sip and called Massimo back.

He considered the last half hour...

It was a cool early November night as Alan snapped his laptop closed and stowed it in his backpack. He had eaten a fast dinner in Wein Hall’s cafeteria and then spent the last five hours finishing a paper. His joints were a little stiff; he had worked on the paper at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, a small coffee house opposite the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, a few blocks from campus. The Hungarian was a student hangout; people spent hours within its confines, some just reading, others talking, some, like him writing and working. It’s been said that a significant number of doctoral dissertations were wholly composed within its cave-like interior.

As he emerged onto Amsterdam Avenue he was braced by a chilly wind. He zipped his parka up and pulled his knit cap over his head so his ears were covered, and then donned a pair of wool gloves.

He could have gone back to his dorm through the streets, a more direct route than cutting through campus, but he had borrowed a book from a friend, and needed to return it right away. Steve, the lender, lived in Wallach, so he headed north to the wrought iron gates to campus, at Amsterdam and 116th. As he emerged through the tunnel formed by Kent Hall on his right and Hamilton Hall on his left, he could see the expanse of the center of campus. Only a few steps into the clear and he was brought up short. There was a man sitting alone on the sundial in the center of College Walk. That in itself was not unusual; people were always hanging out there day and night; but this man was Japanese and middle aged, dressed in a monk’s garb. He wasn’t even wearing a coat to protect himself from the cold night.

Alan reached out with his mind and sent a stealthy probe forward; he held back from giving the full scan, hoping not to alert the monk. To his horror, the monk turned and saw him, and Alan knew he was revealed. He hastily retreated to Amsterdam Avenue, and decided to walk down two blocks so he could cross to Broadway and avoid further contact. He had barely taken a few steps when he realized he was being stupid. He had been tracked again. The monk knew who he was and where he lived, both on campus and at home. He pulled his phone from the pocket of his pants, bit the end of his glove and brought his head back to free his right hand, and speed dialed Jack.

* * *

Leaving three-quarters of his pint unfinished on the bar when he saw the car pull up Alan turned his collar up as he made his way to the exit.

“We’ve been waiting for you. It’s surprising really that it has taken so long.”

“Please forgive me,” the abbot replied, “My English is weak.”

Alan and Massimo nodded, waiting for the man to continue. They were sitting on facing stone benches at the western edge of Morningside Park, a weather-beaten chess table between them. It was late, past midnight. Occasionally a dog and owner passed, but as this was a very underused byway they were seldom disturbed.

“I am here to barter, if that is the right word. Trade.”

“What is it that you would like?” Massimo asked, his voice remaining deeply respectful. “What do we have that a man such as yourself, could possible want.”

The monk said nothing for a minute, preparing his answer.

“You want the woman,” Alan said.

“Yes, I want her back, for the order, but, that is entirely up to you.”

“If not the woman, than what? What else?”

“You...I...Apologies. I know you have abilities like those of the members of my order. Before I can make you an offer I feel I need to ask exactly how much information you have managed to extract from her.”

Alan was about to say something, but Massimo raised his hand, stopping him.

“I’m afraid,” Jack answered, “That to do so would provide you with information concerning the extents and limits of our abilities. You understand.”

The visitor sighed. “Very well. Then I must be frank. An object has been stolen from us. In order to secure its return she was sent to kill you,” he said, nodding is head at Alan. “This object is vital to the continued existence of my order, and we had no choice but to cooperate. Had it remained in Japan we would most likely have been able to effect its return, but we are now certain that it is no longer in the country.”

“We know who has it.”

Jack shot him an unpleasant look, unhappy that Alan had shown their cards so early in the hand.

“You don’t even know what it is,” the abbot insisted.

“A small stone. Shiny and black. It’s usual place is resting on the altar in the center of your chapel.”

“Yes, yes!” The abbot licked his lips, but only because the cold wind was chapping his lips.

They we all getting tired of being out in the open, so Jack suggested they adjourn to his brownstone, and they all left. Jack put their visitor in one car with Peter, and Karick drove Alan and Massimo.

“When we get to my place, boy, let me do the talking.”

* * *

Alan was prepared to leave for London at once, but Jack and the abbot wanted to wait. The reasons for the delay were twofold: Michiko needed time to regain her strength, and Thornbow had gone missing. The surveillance operation in Britain had kept close tabs on him for more than a year, not a hard task with a person so public as His Lordship, but he had not been spotted in weeks. They had followed him to his country estate in the Midlands, but had seen neither hide nor hair of them since then. Either he had holed up or shaken the watchers, and until they knew for sure they had no good business over there. If he was cloistered in his castle they would wait him out, and if he wasn’t, they were confident the trail could be reacquired if they were patient.

By the end of the night the abbot was installed in Jack’s guest room, and Michiko in the townhouse’s basement apartment. Her novice would be arriving in two days to attend her in her recuperation.

Karick would be leaving the next morning. He was planning to ramp up their surveillance operation against Lord Thornbow, and to do so properly he felt he needed to be closer to the action.

For Alan, one of the benefits of this new alliance was that his own security had to be lessened. No longer would Cyaxares-employed security men and women trail him around campus; they were needed in Britain. They weren’t obtrusive, but he knew they were there, and sometimes he wished he could have a more normal college life. He was discussing the new security protocols with Karick on Massimo’s stoop when the Jack popped his head out the window and called Alan inside.

“She wants to talk to you.”


Jack nodded.


Jack led the way, down the stairs from in back of the kitchen, and he knocked and waited for her reply before letting Alan enter.

She was in bed, the cover pulled up to her shoulder line, propped up on a pile of pillows so that she was nearly sitting upright.

“Hello,” he offered. Her eyes had never left him since he had crossed through the door, as if she was worried for another attack.

“Good evening,” she answered, her voice still betraying the weakness of her condition.

“So, what is it you want to talk about?”

She did not answerer right away, marshaling her thoughts. The silence was deafening.

“If you’re still not feeling well, I can come back later.”

“No, please stay. I want to thank you.”

“For what?” he asked. “For capturing you and keeping you locked up for weeks on end?”

“Yes,” she replied, to his shock. “I have been doing—I think the idiom is ‘soul searching’—and I have come to some decisions. One day I will tell you about them, but for now I just wanted to thank you.”

“I understand,” he said, but he didn’t really.

“Also, the two of you could have raped me, with nothing to stop you, and without any consequence, and for the fact that you did not, I am still grateful.”

“Yeah, well, we didn’t capture you for that reason, you see. We took you because you attacked me—”

She tried to interrupt, to explain what she had attacked, but he held up his hand, and she allowed him to continue.

“—No, I understand why you did what you did. We kept you not for sexual pleasure, but to gain intelligence.”

“Yes, with your abilities I’m sure your quests for sexual pleasure are easy ones at that.”

He blushed, for the first time in a long while. At her request he turned off the lights as he let himself out.

* * *

Jenna hand paused before knocking on Kate’s door. She had really, really, needed to use the toilet. She had fought her urges all day, not wanting to face the humiliation of having to ask another human being permission to perform a simple biological function, but the discomfort was approaching unbearable levels.

It had been a weird day after a sleepless night; as she sat in her classes the plug felt funny. It didn’t hurt or anything, but she felt uncomfortably full, and she had to position herself carefully as she sat so as not to put too much pressure on the plug. Her one attempt at removing it had not gone well. The second it came out her stomach heaved, and she felt an intense nausea pass through her, with cramps so severe they made her monthlies seem like a hiccough. Curled up in a fetal position on the floor of her room she grasped blindly for the plug and replaced it to stop the terrible sensations. Disobedience equaled discomfort seemed to be the lesson of the day.

“Hi Jenna, what’s up?” Kate asked the blonde girl.

“Can I come in, please?”

“Why?” Kate could see that Jenna was uncomfortable, uneasy, and shifting her weight back and forth from one foot to the other. Kate had an inkling as to why Jenna was here.

“I have to ask you something in private,” Jenna said, her voice at a regular volume, but she dropped it to a near whisper before she added, “Mistress.”

Kate smiled and stepped aside, allowing the fidgeting girl to enter. “You don’t have to call me that. We’re not playing now.”

“Oh, OK. Um, well, I need to, uh, go to the bathroom,” Jenna said as she unbuttoned her pants and slid them down just past the bottom of her panties.

“Here?” Kate asked with mock alarm.

Jenna turned her back to Kate and pulled her panties down just off the hips so that the white plastic of the plug was visible. “Please, Kate, take it out. It’s been like torture. I’ve been holding it in since five o’clock.”

Kate took a wad of Kleenex from the box on her desk. Jenna moaned as she felt the dildo move within her, and she let loose a small “eek” as it popped free. Kate set it in the tissues and handed it to her as she was redoing her pants.

On the toilet Jenna considered her position. In the most pressing matter she realized at once she would have to return to Kate’s room to put the plug back in. Kate had the lube, and though she thought it was possible to reinsert the plug without any jelly, she shuddered at the thought. The next thing she realized was that it might not be a bad idea to get to know Kate better, and not just in the “biblical” sense. She needed to humanize herself in Kate’s eyes. Chat her up a little.

She wiped herself, and cleaned off the plug with plenty of hot water before returning to Kate’s room. Kate gave her the tube of jelly, and then was so kind as to help her put the toy back in.

“What are you working on?” Jenna asked, gesturing towards Kate’s desk. The monitor showed an essay in progress, and the computer itself was surrounded by neat piles of note cards and photocopies of research.

“English Lit. paper. It’s coming along nicely. It’s on Blake’s use of religious imagery.”

They made small talk about school work for a bit until Jenna steered the conversation towards more personal subjects.

“So how long have you and Alan been together?”

Jenna was slightly puzzled by the blush this question brought forth from Kate as she stuttered out an answer.

“A little more than a year.”

“Oh. Did you meet him here?”

“No. We grew up together. I’ve known him since elementary school. His mom was the music teacher in our middle school. They moved to our town when we were in third grade, uh maybe fourth, I can’t exactly remember.”

“So you knew him in high school?” Jenna asked, still confused by the embarrassment these innocent questions seemed to bring out in Kate.

“Yeah,” Kate mumbled.

“Was he always that way?”

“What do you mean, ‘that way?’”

“I think you know what I mean, Kate. You know, that commanding presence he has, like he can look right through you and see your most secret thoughts. The way he can get you to do whatever he wants.”

Kate’s face was bright red now, her thoughts shuffling back to the day Alan had first fucked her, that day when he had first imposed his will open her. She sighed wistfully, enjoying the recollection. “Yeah, I know what you mean. We do that a lot together. I’m not always ‘Mistress Kate,’ you know. I love it when he takes the lead with me, like we did with you last night. No, he wasn’t always that way. Most of high school he was just this nice, quiet guy, the kind you would give a second glance to. Sometime during senior year he just transformed. The ‘Commanding Alan’ like appeared out of nowhere.”

“So you didn’t hook up until you got here?”

“No, that’s the weird thing,” Kate answered, surprised that she was sharing so much info with Jenna, “We slept together almost all of spring semester in high school, but we weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend. I was dating this really cute guy named Chad, though he was a dud in the sack, and Alan, if you can believe this, was dating my sister.”

“You’re shitting me!”

“No, God’s honest truth. I broke up with Chad right after the prom, and Alan and my sister decided that with him going to college they should see other people. Pauline started dating this really nice guy. She and Alan are still really close friends, and she doesn’t mind at all that we’re together now. She told me she thinks he’s good for me. I was amazed really, when I told her we were a couple. She’s really in love with her new boyfriend, AND she still talks to Alan about twice as often as she talks to me. It’s weird really. I think he loves her in his own way. Pauline’s the sister he never had. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true.”

“And he obviously doesn’t mind that you’re into girls.”

“I wasn’t into girls until recently. Actually, Scarlet’s the one who got me thinking along those lines.”

“And was Alan surprised?”

“No. If you can believe it, we actually discussed it a lot before I actually had sex with another woman.”


“No, someone else.” As Kate wasn’t too forthcoming about her first lesbian encounter, Jenna decided not to press.

“What about you?” Kate asked. “I know almost nothing about you.”

Jenna started with the bare facts. She told Kate that she grew up in Denver, but that her family relocated to Houston during the summer between her freshman and sophomore years in high school. Her dad is an executive with a Christian television syndicate, and her mom teaches religious studies at a Dallas area christian academy, and they would each have heart attacks if they knew what she had done last night. They thought she was a virgin, not knowing she had been sleeping with boys since she was sixteen.

“I’m surprised your folks let you come here. I mean Barnard has such a liberal reputation, and New York, well, isn’t the center of all sin in the universe?”

“Yeah,” Jenna laughed, “You would think, wouldn’t you? They are worried about me like that, but my mom went here, and loved it, so I’m a legacy.”

They conversed for a long time. Both were surprised how easy it was to talk to the other. Kate had always considered Jenna a bitch, akin to the way she was not so long ago. Jenna never really had many girlfriends. She always hung out mostly with guys, teasing and flirting. It was one of the things that made her hesitate before enrolling at Barnard, that she would have to hang out with women. She had really never seen the need to it before, but now she realized that she had missed out on having relationships with members of her own gender. The sex that happened between her and Kate was still somewhat an uncomfortable situation, but she was resigned to it, and now that she knew Kate better she was feeling less awkward. By the end of their hour together Jenna was amazed that they were even making plans for an outing next week.

As she stood to make her exit she felt the plug. She considered asking Kate to help her out by removing it, but did not want to seem to be trying to cash in on their new friendship.

“Leaving so soon?” Kate asked, her eyebrow arched. She had noticed that even though their chatter had been friendly, Jenna had retained a bit of her natural standoffishness, that she had made sure to always stay physically out of close range.

“Well, yeah, I thought—”

“You know, Jenna, we just had our first real conversation, and we learned a great deal about one another, but in all this time you never once brought up last night.”

Jenna blushed.

“So,” Kate continued, “You come in here, ask me to remove a plug from up your butt, and then spend the next half an hour just pretending it never happened?”

Jenna backed away from Kate, bumping into the dorm room’s closed door, and was then unable to move at all as the black-haired slowly advanced on her. “P-please. I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

“OK, Jenna. Don’t talk about it, if that’s what you want,” Kate whispered, nose-to-nose now with her prey. Kate leaned in, tilted her head and pressed her lips lightly against Jenna’s. The blonde moaned softly and allowed Kate’s slithering tongue entrance past her own trembling lips. Her knees buckled slightly as arousal built rapidly within her. Kate reached around and placed her palm against the back of Jenna’s head, cupping it, as she slowly led the trembling girl back to the narrow bed.

Kate threw an arm around Jenna’s shoulder and drew her close for another kiss. “Did you like that?” she asked the trembling girl, receiving an affirmative nod in response. “Do you want to kiss me some more?” Another nod. As she resumed the kiss Kate brought her free hand up and cupped Jenna’s petite breasts, teasing the nipples so that she could feel them harden through the other girl’s thin cotton shirt and satiny bra.

Jenna pulled back and gasped, “Oh my, that feels so good!”

Kate removed her arm from around Jenna and peeled the t-shirt from her. “I want to suck your nipples,” she said, a sultry whisper in Jenna’s ear. Jenna nodded again and reached behind her own back to unfasten the bra clasp.

Jenna purred as Kate suckled on her. Her head fell back, limp, her eyes closed so to concentrate on the pleasures running through her. She ground her ass into the mattress, trying in increase the wonderful feelings as Kate’s lips and the hormones coursing through her caused her to approach release. She moaned as Kate nipped a little at her left nipple while simultaneously squeezing the other. So close.

“This is wrong,” the small part of her brain that was yet to succumb to total bliss screamed out, and she summoned the strength to push off of Kate and scamper down the length of the bed. She held her arms over her breasts in a small attempt at modesty, and panted as she tried to return her breathing to normal.

“Let’s not do this, Kate, it’s wrong,” she whimpered.

“What’s wrong? I’m doing it wrong? It didn’t feel good?”

“No,” she sobbed quietly, “It feels good, but I don’t want it to.”

Kate pulled her sweater over her head and slipped off her bra. Jenna’s eyes became fixed on the glinting rings. Kate held one of her own nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a light pinch.

Without quite knowing what she was doing Jenna felt herself being drawn to Kate’s chest. As she took a ring between her teeth, her tongue darting out to wet the nipple, she shivered in lust as she felt Kate run her finger through her golden locks. Kate’s black hair hung low and tickled Jenna’s face, but the funny sensations did nothing to keep her at task arousing Kate’s pale pink nipple.

“That’s right dear,” Kate praised, worming her hands between them now, making a path towards the snap on Jenna’s trousers. Immediately Kate’s fingers were inside Jenna’s damp panties, and the blonde coed’s body spasmed and seized briefly as she allowed Kate to slide up her sopping channel. Jenna’s mouth detached, and she loosed a loudish groan as Kate’s stimulation made her too frenzied for her to keep her concentration on sucking Kate’s nipple and ring.

“Oh God, Kate, O God!” she howled. Her skin was flushed and covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her whole body vibrating as she came, a small trickle of juices dripping over Kate fingers and palm. Kate used these fluids to paint the outside of Jenna’s pussy, leaving a large dollop over the blonde’s hard protruding clit, and immediately set to wringing another orgasm out of the spasming girl’s lust filled body.

Things were happening too fast for the dizzy Jenna, but when Kate pulled away to take the rest of her clothes off Jenna saw her chance, and in a flash was bolting towards the door, her clothes in her hands. She streaked out of Kate’s room and into her own, relieved that the hall was empty of her classmates.

Just as she had finished Kicking off her shoes and turning the deadbolt, the phone on her desk rang. She answered.

“You’ll be back,” Kate said calmly, then disconnected.

Jenna got in bed and pulled the covers over her, all the way so that even her head was shrouded, and curled up into a little ball. She tried to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come; she realized she was more horny than scared. She wriggled her right hand between her thighs, the fingertips brushing against her moist slit, and began to play with herself. Usually she masturbated slowly, drawing out the arousal in order to increase the reward, but this night she frigged herself with abandon, and it wasn’t much more than five minutes later that she climaxed, one hand rubbing her pussy, the other gently twisting the plug in her ass.

She tried falling asleep, but instead tossed and turned. Giving up, she put her pillow on her chair and pulled out some homework. Every so often she fidgeted, the plug rubbing against the sensitive membranes of her rear passage, stimulating her sexually. After about an hour she stood to stretch out, and was taken aback at the sight of her own feminine juices staining the pillowcase.

Three doors down Kate prepared herself for bed. First she put all of the work she had done in her backpack, so she would be ready for the next day, then plugged her laptop into the charger. After brushing her hair out she donned a nightgown and slipped under her covers. Just as she was about to turn off the lamp her cell rang, and seeing it was Alan, she picked it up.


“Hey, babe. Just wanted to say goodnight.”

“You’re so sweet. Guess who came over tonight?”



“Reeeeaaaally?” he said, drawing it out so it sounded funny. “So, what happened?”

Kate told him about Jenna stopping by because she needed the plug removed, and then regaled him with the subsequent events.

“She sounds confused,” Alan commented. Kate agreed.

“I think I’m going to sit back and see how this plays out, you know, not press her or anything. It shouldn’t take long. Her body is sending her signals her brain is trying hard to ignore. Wish you had been her though. It’s still a little strange to me taking the dominant role.”

“Sorry, babe, couldn’t have been helped. There’s this little crisis down at the office, and I was needed.”

“I thought that was just a summer internship? How come you’re still involved?” she asked.

He paused before answering, and she thought his connection might have been dropped.

“I really like the company, Kate, and I think I’ll end up working here after graduation. I know it’s early, but I’ll see. They’re sending me to London for a few days, but I don’t know when. I might have to miss a little school, but I think it’s worth it.”

“Wow, a summer in Europe, and soon a few days in London. This sounds so glamorous. Do they have any openings?”

He laughed. “I’ll ask, but I doubt it.”

There was a knock at the door, so Kate signed off, not before they set up a time and place to meet for lunch the next day.

Kate got out of bed and went to the door, opening it just a crack. Jenna was standing right outside her door. She was wearing red athletic shorts and a loose white t-shirt. Her cheeks were wet with tears as she looked up and down the hall, relieved that no one was about to see in this condition.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she half whined, half whispered.

“Christ,” Kate exhaled, “Come in,” she added, pulling the quivering girl by the wrists and shutting the door.

“I don’t deserve this,” Jenna sniffled.

“I’m sorry,” Kate said soothingly, laying Jenna down on the bed, stroking her hair. It was like looking into a mirror. She saw much of herself in Jenna’s current state. Before she became involved with Alan she had been a gossip, she had destroyed people’s reputations with her words and deeds. She had feared and scorned “the other.” And now she was doing it again, in a way. Jenna was against girl-girl contact, and she and Alan had forced it upon her.

“We shouldn’t have done that to you. Last night. Wrong.”

“I liked it,” Jenna sobbed. “I liked it. That’s the worst part. I want to do it again, but I know it’s wrong, so wrong. And the thing you and Alan put in me, it’s a constant reminder.” She turned her head and wiped the tears from off her face with Kate’s blanket. “I’m really really sorry for what I said about Scarlet, and the rumors I was planning to start about her, I really am.”

“I know, Jenna, I know that now,” Kate said, peeling the covering off her trembling body. Again she took a handful of Kleenex and removed the plug; Jenna grunted in reply, and then, to Kate surprise, shivered with pleasure.

More surprising was what she did next. As Kate returned from stowing the plug in the closet Jenna sat up and embraced her, leaving a trail of three hot kisses along the side of her neck. Kate broke the embrace and stared deep into Jenna’s light blue eyes.

“Are you sure?”

Jenna’s answer was to plant her lips against Kate’s, slipping her tongue deep into Kate’s mouth. Kate laid her down flat on the bed and put her face in Jenna’s crotch. The blonde moaned when Kate’s tongue began to gently explore her folds, and to Kate’s surprise she brought Jenna off with less than a minute of licking.

Kate moved up, laying atop Jenna, and they kissed passionately. Jenna tried to get out from under in order to return the favor, but Kate stopped her.

“Relax,” Kate told the still trembling girl. “We both need to sleep.” Kate rolled off her and they held each other. Jenna fell asleep facing Kate, curled up with her lips around one Kate’s nipples.

* * *

When Alan got back to the dorm he was brought up short by the Baltimore Oriole baseball cap hanging from the door. Soren had company.

His roommate had rebounded well from last year’s depression, a depression sparked by losing his high school girlfriend to another suitor. He had bummed around the rest of freshman year, not dating at all, but since the start of his second year had seemed transformed, becoming something of a hound.

Alan stood outside the closed door and peered in with his mind. Soren and his “date” were going at it hot and heavy. The woman, Nia, an extremely beautiful fellow sophomore of Indian extraction were fucking slowly on the bed. Soren had been nearly obsessed with her for the last few weeks, and Alan chuckled, glad he had found success.

Yet he was impatient. He took control of Nia’s mind, sending her immediately into orgasm. Her tight channel clenched around Soren’s member, and he spurted off into his condom. Alan allowed them to cuddle for a couple of minutes, and then prodded them to dress. He walked back towards the elevator and did an about face, making his way back to his own door, so it would seem to them that he was just arriving. Just before he reached the door it opened, and he saw the two of them come out, dressed for cold weather.

“Hey, Alan,” Soren greeted him, a shit eating grin on his face.

“Hey,” he responded. “And who is this lovely lady?”

Nia was still a little shaky on her feet as she extended her hand towards Alan, and after a brief introduction Soren and Nia left so he could walk her back to her dorm.

Fifteen minutes later Soren was back, his cheeks reddened by the night’s chill. Alan looked up from his studying and gave a short laugh.

“How many is that this semester, Sor?”

“I don’t keep score,” his roommate replied with mock indignation, knowing full well this was the eighth chick he had bagged in the last nine weeks. “We can’t all be like you, Alan, limiting ourselves to one woman.” Not for the first time did Soren wonder how a regular looking guy like Alan had lucked his way into a fine piece of ass like Kate.

“If you only knew,” Alan mused to himself.

Soren stripped off all his clothes and grabbed a towel, headed for the shower, and Alan went back to his books. It took him less than two hours to dispatch all his coursework for the coming week.

* * *

The rest of the semester passed quickly. There had been no sighting as yet of Lord Thornbow, and the “Inner Council”—Alan, Jack, the Abbot, Michiko, and Karick—were debating whether to break into His Lordship’s London flat and/or baronial estate in search of clues. Alan and Karick were in favor of an immediate move, but Jack and the Japanese contigent were advising caution; Michiko’s health was improving daily, and the Abbot thought she would be ready for action sometime in early January. This was reassuring for Alan, because he figured the reticence on the part of Jack and the monk would recede once the ninjess was able to fight.

Kate and Jenna’s relationship was progressing, though into what was hard to pinpoint. Kate circle of friends opened up to admit the blonde Texan, helping her to be more at ease with herself and around others. She hung out with Scarlet, Jess Starmer, and the rest of Kate’s L.U.G. friends, but to date Kate was her only female lover. Jenna had even gone to bed with Soren.

It had been somewhat disappointing for the both of them. Jenna was very attracted to Soren, he being one of the most good looking guys she had ever laid eyes on. In bed, however, it didn’t seem to work out. Jenna had become acclimated to lovers taking a firm and commanding hand with her, and while Soren was an above average fuck, he was anything but dominant. It was another revelation, and it was in some ways more sobering than what had happened to her at the hands of Alan and Kate. In her quiet contemplations she began to wonder if she would ever find sexual satisfaction except at the hands of a forceful partner, or partners plural.

With finals done and the dorms still occupied for another couple of days, they decompensated. Kate’s hall threw a party, liquor abounding despite the underage status of most participating. It was the fist time Jenna had tasted alcohol, and she was quickly smashed. More than a few of the hall’s denizens noted how Jenna seemed to be hanging on to Kate the whole night.

Alan showed up around midnight. He was at a meeting down at the midtown offices, but arrived before the party really got revved up. He greeted Kate with a kiss on the lips, and all the guys and girls hooted.

Things started to quiet down around three, and Alan and Kate retreated to her room. A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door and Kate admitted Jenna. She ran over to Alan and kneeled before him, pulling at the tab of his zipper, and within seconds his substantial cock was halfway down her throat, a place it knew well since the month before. Kate giggled and knelt beside Jenna, planting soft kisses on the side of her neck and cheeks.

Alan withdrew his cock from her mouth, but Jenna grabbed him and ran around her face, coating her featured with her own saliva. Kate joined in on this too.

“I’m going to miss you, both of you,” Jenna mumbled, referring to her impending departure for winter break.

“Back at ya,” Alan chuckled.

“Could I ask a favor?”

Alan looked down at her, peering into her clear blue eyes, wide as saucers. She looked so cute like that, he could barely refuse her anything at this point. “What?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Could you remove my plug before I go home?” She didn’t look forward to becoming nauseous each and every time she had to move her bowels.

“And what, little slave, do we get in return?” Kate asked mischievously.

Jenna bit her lip, pondering. “I don’t know.”

“Hmmm,” Kate mused aloud. “Well, your butt should be nice and ready for Alan’s cock by now.”

Jenna blanched, but was willing to go that far. “OK,” she squeaked.

“Yes, well,” Kate continued, “That would be a nasty treat for him, but what about me?”

Jenna bit her lip again, suddenly anxious despite her relaxed state due to her residual intoxication. “What do you have in mind, Mistress Kate?”

“First things first,” Kate announced, her plan already developed. She pulled Jenna towards the bed, positioning her on her hands and knees for Alan to bust her anal cherry. Kate removed Jenna’s plug, greased both of them, and guided Alan’s dick to her rear opening. Jenna hissed as she felt the head of his cock enter her tightest hole.

“Oh God, she so fucking tight!” Alan exclaimed, pushing himself farther into her clenching butthole.

“Yes! Fuck my ass!” Jenna wailed as he did just that. To her astonishment she came when he had fed her just over half his length, and came again as Kate began to masturbate her, flicking her enflamed clit and slowly driving two fingers up her pussy. After awhile Alan was all the way in and had began a rhythm, and she trembled wildly as he reamed her.

“Come for me, Jenna, come all over my fingers,” Kate commanded, and Jenna shook and shook until she believed she would actually shake apart into a thousand little pieces. Her whole body was drenched in sweat, a great pool of it covering the channel over her spine, an even larger one in the small of her back. As she heaved with an enormous climax her head shot up causing her hair to thrash around, loosing untold thousands of tiny sweat droplets all over the room, wetting Alan and Kate.

“Ah AH AH AH FUCK,” she screeched, as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her last conscious memories were of her tight ass clamping down on Alan’s dick, and him spurting his seed far into her bowels.

Alan pulled out and allowed Jenna to collapsed onto the bed. Even though she was out, her body continued to twitch for more than a few minutes. Kate cleaned him off with some baby wipes.

“Sorry babe, I know you had some plans for her,” he said as Kate took a few more wipes and began to clean the sleeping blonde, “But I guess that was a bit too much for her.”

“It doesn’t really matter,” Kate shrugged. “For what I have planned for her she really doesn’t have to be awake.”

Alan arched his eyebrow, curious.

* * *

Jenna was thankful that Kate set an early alarm for them. Her flight to DFW was leaving Newark at 1pm, so she had to make an early start.

She had awoken in Kate’s bed—no surprise there. The real surprise was when she got in the shower. She was soaping herself all over when it hit her, and she suppressed a shriek when she looked down to confirm.

She was hairless between her legs! It sickened and excited her, though truth be told the excitement more than outweighed her feelings of foreboding.

She couldn’t resist, frigging herself to two orgasms before turning off the water and drying off. Back in her room she finished up packing her suitcase. Her butt plug was on her desk, a note from Kate underneath.

“Dear Jenna,

“Take this home with you for break. You’ll have no problem removing it whenever you want. I would suggest wearing on the way because you never know if a baggage inspector will go through your stuff.

“Merry Christmas,
“Your Mistress Kate.”

Well, if nothing else, an interesting flight.

* * *