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Alex’s Story

Chapter 4

The twins’ BMW (they pooled together to buy one car) was in the driveway. Emma grimaced when she saw that the TV was on through the front window. She would have to walk by the pair in her too small shirt and skirt. I carried the shopping bags and Emma stopped me outside the front door.

“If I have a night out with friends tonight, are you going to make it weird?” she asked.

“No,” I said. The bags were heavy, and I wanted to put them down.

“And my outfit . . .” the statement hung in the air. She looked frazzled and disheveled, and I felt guilty.

“You can pretend I don’t exist for a while.”

“Aww. but then who would keep an eye on me?” she teased and opened the front door.

Before stepping into the twin’s line of sight, Emma’s neck tensed. She fixed her head straight ahead to avoid making eye contact. “Uh!,” said Tracy when she saw Emma’s clothes and then whispered conspicuously in Stacy’s ear. Emma’s ears burned and Stacy brought up her phone to take a snap. “Simon says, absolutely not,” I said before she could take the picture. Emma relaxed after passing the twins and gave me brief, surprise hug with a “thanks” before closing herself in her room. I walked back to the kitchen through the dining room to avoid the Tracy and Stacy. Even with my influence, they stressed me out.

Chelsea wasn’t in the kitchen, so I texted her, “Out?”

She texted back, “In garage. Laundry. Pizza in fridge if ur hungry.”

I realized I had not eaten all day. I texted my mom to let her know where I was. Chelsea had conscientiously wrapped the pieces of pizza individually in plastic wrap. I sat at the Smith’s kitchen table to eat and looked at the selfies from the Smith girls. I found Sandra’s Insta and sent her the picture of Chelsea wearing only a leash, “Another friend. For your eyes only. Alex, from the sex shop today.” The response came back immediately, “You AND your harem are welcome this evening at my house . . .” and she left an address. I couldn’t imagine Sandra in the suburban McMansion I looked up on Google Street View. However, I could imagine the house had a large enough basement to double as an S&M studio.

I locked my phone when Chelsea backed through the garage door into the kitchen carrying two laundry baskets stacked so she couldn’t see over the top. She was wearing practical jeans and a worn blue t-shirt with her brown hair up. Her concession to me was the dog collar still around her neck. It looked like a choker except for the metal ring for a leash to attach. “Thank you,” she said when I took a basket, but she didn’t have more attention to spare me. I followed her to her bedroom laden with a full load of laundry and the two bags of sex toys. I noticed Chelsea also took the detour through the dining room. Apparently, the twins stressed everyone out.

The master bedroom was airy with tall ceilings and exposed beams of dark wood. I recognized the brand of the sandalwood candle on the nightstand from my house. Large windows faced the backyard where the sun was setting above neighboring roofs and trees. We set the baskets down on the bed and Chelsea asked, “How was your day?” as she begin putting away clothes. I peeked in her mind to find out what was distracting her.

She was juggling many mom responsibilities after taking the afternoon for herself. To me, her list was daunting—folding laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, pool care, vaccuming her car, a run, getting food ready for tomorrow. I was, despite my associations in her fantasies, an unwelcome unknown. “Chelsea,” I said ignoring her question, “please call the twins in.” I saw from her expression that she was mentally burning her to-do list. Her projected voice pierced to the back of the house, “Tracy, Stacy, would you come in here please?”. She tapped her foot impatiently while we waited.

“Yes, mom” the twins said coming in together. Chelsea looked up at me expectantly as if to say, “this is your show now”.

“Guys,” I said, “I was thinking that I would ask you set up a fans website to earn some money.” I intended to stop there, but Tracy’s eyes bulged at me angrily and Stacy put her hands on her hips. I held in a laugh and embellished, “I know my friends have always wanted to see you naked together. In our class, I bet we would have at least two or three followers.” I couldn’t tell if they turned sickly green because they were about to be naked in front of our school, or because I thought only a couple of people might pay to see them.

Stacy got as far as, “You can’t—“ before I held up my hand.

“But Chelsea talked me out of it,” I said. Stacy closed her eyes with relief and Tracy said “thank you” to her mom with her eyes.

“But,” I said, and I could sense the truckload of words Stacy was prepared to deliver, “she said it’s because you’ll be too busy this evening helping her around the house. Let’s see, laundry, bathrooms. Was that it?” I asked.

“Uh,” said Chelsea uncertainly, “Prepare lunches for tomorrow, take out the trash, vaccume the van, test the poo water, and clean the gutters.”

“But if you have any downtime,” I said to the twins, “find me and we can start taking some photos.” I saw disbelief on their faces, so I reached into their minds and plucked it out. They mouthed “Thank you” to Chelsea as they left.

After they closed the door, Chelsea turned to me, “That was amazing!” I looped my finger through the metal circle of her dog collar and tugged gently. She obediently followed to stand next to me so that I was looking nearly straight down into her green eyes. I thought she looked a little nervous, but she was also smiling up at me.

“Are you free tonight?” I asked.

“I am now,” she replied, “What are you going to make me do, sir?” and wrapped her small hand around my growing erection through my jeans.

It was the first time anyone had touched my dick, and I felt lightheaded. I told myself I was in charge and counted backward from five.

“Do you have a sexy little black dress?” I asked.

“Yes, are you commanding me to change, sir?”

“No,” I said, and I was struggling to keep my voice even as she squeezed and released my shaft. “Pick one out but come back only wearing your collar and leash.”

She shivered and gave me a naughty smile, “Are you taking me for a walk?”

“Mmm,” I said, “great idea.” Her smile vanished with worry that I really might.

She closed the door to the bedroom and closet, and I heard the shower running. I took out four lengths of rope, a bunny tail butt plug, and lube and put them on the nightstand where she could see them. I sat down on the bed to wait and tried not to feel impatient. When the door opened, she was holding the dress in front of her body to give me a preview of how she would look in it. Thin fabric clung to her curves, still damp from the shower. From her collar dangled the leash.

I said, “Wow,” which made her grin. And then, holding out my hand, “please, the dress and leash.” First, Chelsea handed me the leash and then she turned the hanger sideways as though it was a door she was opening to reveal her body. “Behind door number one,” she said teasing me. I took the dress from her and fumbled to hang it on the bed post without taking my eyes away from Chelsea. She posed for me like a centerfold model, hands behind her head with her hips out and legs spread. Yesterday I had felt up Emma for the first time, and today I had Emma’s naked mother on a leash. I pulled on the leash so that Chelsea had to step forward toward the bed and she giggled. She was a different woman on a leash than scrubbing counters.

“Oh, my,” Chelsea said catching sight of my equipment on the nightstand. And then nervously, “That’s really big.”

I sat down on the bed, which put me on eye level with her and wrapped the end of the leash around the headboard comer. “I’m going to tie you up.”

She was close enough for me to feel her breath on my face when she spoke, “Yes, sir.”

I felt her eyes on me as I tied rope to her wrists and ankles. She obediently offered her hands first and then lay on the bed and put her feet in my lap. When she saw me looking up her legs, she brought her free leg up and out so that her lips parted. Inside she was wet and pink.

Once a length of rope was tied to each of her arms and legs, I took her by the leash and led her to face the bed from the headboard. I tied the ropes at her ankles to the legs of the bed so that she couldn’t close them. When I tossed her arm ropes over the headboard, she said “Oh!” realizing how I intended to restrain her. I pulled the ropes right and tied them so that her body was stretched taut. The rope pulling up at her wrists also pulled forward a little bending her at a slight angle over the baseboard.

“Can you get free?” I asked and she play struggled. I gave her a heavy swat on her ass that left a red handprint and commanded “harder.” She obediently tugged at her restraints. The muscles of her arms and back stood out and the bed shifted against the wall, but she was helplessly tied.

I took a photo from behind her for Sandra captioned “getting dressed.” Sandra hearted the picture back. Chelsea heard the click of the camera and tried to look but couldn’t turn. “What are you doing?” she asked. I ignored her, tossed the phone on the bed, put my hands on her hips, and pulled myself against her ass. She felt great pressed against my jeans. With teenage curiosity, ran my hands over every inch of her body. Starting with her clavicles I traced her silhouette with my fingertips over the crenelations of her back muscles and then down her sides. She was ticklish just behind her breast and I enjoyed feeling her twist against the ropes while pleading with me to stop between laughs. I cupped the narrowest part of her waist to feel how small she was and at the same time kissed and tasted the back of her neck. She tilted her head forward and encouraged me between gasps, “right there, oh my god. Oh my god.” To touch her thighs and calves, I kneeled, which put my face between her legs. Chelsea smelled like dove soap and herself. She pushed back with her hips as though she were trying to impale herself on my nose. Her ass and legs felt as smooth and warm as I had imagined them from a distance during neighborhood 4th of July pool parties.

Standing back up behind her, I ran my hands down her stomach to the v between her legs. I could feel the fine muscles of her sides and stomach tense under my arms as she balanced against my touch. The weight of my hands was enough to slide my fingers into her wet lips and she pushed her body forward onto my hand. I looked in her mind and found that if I touched her just so she would cum. I decided I was enjoying teasing her too much. When I backed away to pick up the lube, Chelsea groaned with unladylike frustration.

The lube Emma had picked out was all-natural coconut oil. I wondered if Emma would have gotten something more industrial if she knew how her mom would need it. I poured some on my finger, and wasn’t sure if that was enough, squeezed a few drops on Chelsea’s butt. I put my index finger at her rear opening and pushed. Chelsea took short quick breaths and her ribs fluttered. I pushed harder and the tip of my finger opened her. I cleared my throat and asked, “Do you like my finger in your ass?” “Intense,” she replied breathlessly. I pulled out slowly and I felt her close back up where I had been. As I slide out, she tilted her head back and bit her lip silently. I was rock hard now and my heart was racing.

I got as much lube on the butt plug as I could without dripping and rested the tip against Chelsea’s ass. It had looked large in the store, but next to Chelsea it looked improbably huge. Feeling the plug between her cheeks, Chelsea’s voice took a pleading tone,

“Alex, that’s really big.”

“Do you think I’ll be able to see your stomach bulge when it’s in?” I asked.

“Alex, please be gentle!” said Chelsea with alarm.

I pushed with firm, increasing force until the tip of the plug penetrated her. When it was in her up to the thickness of my thumb, she said “oh fuck” over and over. When its width pushed her cheeks apart, she pulled on the ropes until they dug into her ankles and the muscles stood out on her inner thigh. At the plug’s widest point, she whimpered “Oh god, I can feel it stretching me,” and then “Aleeeeex” as her hole sucked in the narrower part up to the bunny fluff.

She was sweating and breathing hard now. I stepped back to admire my work. Sticking out of her ass was a pink, puffy bunny tail. I thought it was sexy, cute, and ridiculous at the same time. Below, the vertical line of her pussy was flushed and literally dripping. She was thrusting her hips into the air as if fucking an invisible cock.

“You look really hot, Chelsea.” I said, and worried a little that I had gone too far in the heat of the moment, “How do you feel?”

“Helpless,” gasped Chelsea still trying to catch her breath. Then after a moment she wiggled her butt at me and said playfully, “Literally fulfilled.”

Reassured I asked, “Are you going to be a good pet for me tonight?”

“Yes, sir” said Chelsea in a girlish voice.

“Ok then, pet.” I said, “time for your walk. I heard her breath catch in her throat as she wondered what that would mean.

I fiddled with the knots one handed and kept my other hand flat on her bare skin. I had seen the same technique from a horse trainer on TV who wanted to keep his filly relaxed in her first harness. When she was completely untied, I gave her a little hug wondering what her response would be. She hugged me back and, leaning forward over her shoulder, I could just see the plug’s fluff at her rear.

When she relaxed her grip, I said, “I’d love to see you in your little black dress.”

“Yes, sir” she said and then excused herself to the bathroom picking the dress up off the bed without stopping.

I tucked my erection under my waistband and waited. I was at first disappointed by the modesty of her dress. For a little black dress, it did not seem very “little”. But when she when she twirled in it for me, I saw that the thin fabric clung to and exposed every ridge and line on her body. The half-moon curve of her ass was interrupted under the skirt by the bunny tail. I resisted the temptation to make her strip again.

I took her leash and she followed me. At the door to the bedroom, I felt tension in the leash. I gave it a tug and Chelsea followed me into the living room. When we passed the open door to Sam’s room, I heard him say, “Mom?!?” from inside. I paused just inside the front door to borrow the twins’ car keys from their purse. Looking back, I saw that Chelsea’s eyes were wide and glazed with shock, she couldn’t believe I was parading her around outside in a dog collar. I opened the front door and paused just outside it to make sure no one was watching before leading Chelsea toward the driveway. As she passed the house’s threshold, I heard her take a deep breath. I opened the BWS’s door for her while admiring her fit body and my view down her dress. After shutting her door, I put Sandra’s address in Google Maps. The sun was just dipping into the horizen.