The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Alex’s Story

Chapter 7 (Emma’s point of view)

We sat at the kitchen counter in the afternoon sunlight from the window above the sink. I noticed Alex looking at my legs, so I crossed them and let my skirt ride up over my thigh—I thought the distraction might give me an edge.

We had to Google the rules for the card game “war” and, rediscovering it was just a game of chance, decided to play “golf” instead. I shuffled the cards like I used to when we were younger and felt the excited nervousness of competition like on a big game day. Outside, a neighbor’s lawnmower roared to life. Under our chairs, Onion sighed and yawned.

“I can’t wait to see your cock straining against my panties—so sexy.” I said tease-flirting with Alex and dealing. I felt like a lion tamer—He had transformed overnight from a nerdy neighborhood kid into someone who could and did take what he wanted. Even with his powers, I had canoodled him to the cusp of being with me on my terms.

Alex retorted without losing a beat, “I can’t wait to train you to be my obedient pet just like a puppy.” He was also sharper at cards than he used to be and won the first hand.

I think we were confident the other would lose, and we went back and forth raising the stakes as we played. I told Alex I couldn’t wait to make him wear womens’ underwear under his clothes, to edge him until he was out of his mind, and to peg him. In return, Alex told me he would make me beg for orgasms, take me and my mom together, and make my darkest, most secret fantasies come true. That was the most intimidating because I knew he knew what they were.

He couldn’t stop trying to look up my skirt and down my cheer uniform, but that wasn’t enough to give me an easy victory. By round six, neither of us was ahead, and I could tell from the tension in his shoulders that he was taking the game seriously. That gave me hope he would really let me take control if I won. And I realized I didn’t just want to avoid losing. The thought of Alex following my instructions wearing my red, lacy underwear was turning me on. We stopped talking to focus on the game. When the lawnmower shut off during round seven, the sound of cards shuffling was only punctuated by the dry ticking of the clock above the pantry.

Alex was down a point on the last card of the last hand, and I was already savoring my victory. Except he turned over an ace. Defeat cut through my feeling of triumph like a whip. We looked at each other with wide eyes. Alex’s expression transformed from resignation to a smirk, and I snapped at him.

“What do you want me to do first? Bark?” I asked sharply.

“Yes,” he said raising an eyebrow as if to say, “what are you going to do about it?”

I tried to glare at him, but I knew I didn’t have a choice, and I couldn’t stop myself from lowering my eyes. “Woof,” I said, and the act of obedience broke something in me. I felt my plans and resistance trickle away.

“Bark louder,” he said to make sure I understood he was in control, and I did. When Onion joined in from below and howled back at me, Alex and I laughed, and the mood lightened. I resolved to be a better sport and reminded myself what I had planned to do if I won. Alex told me to strip next, and I didn’t resist.

“Can I put on put on music?” I asked needing something to help me feel less self conscious in the quiet kitchen.

“Sure,” he said and I picked “Dance for You,” a slow song, to give myself an excuse to procrastinate.

I felt silly at first swaying between his knees to the music and peeling out of my top. But Alex stared at me hungrily, and that made me feel more natural even if more objectified at the same time. I think I could have probably fallen down the stairs naked and it would turn him on. He let me strip slowly for a while and traced my silhouette with his hands where I bared skin. But after I slipped out of my skirt, he cupped my hips like they were handles and pulled me in closer. The look in his face was predatory and I knew he was imagining fucking me. I felt nervous and awkward all over again. Just as he began to pull on my panty straps, the doorbell rang. Onion let out a low growl, Alex paused the song, and we both held our breath.

“Your mom?” I whisper shouted imagining her coming home early like she had when we were kids. Said out loud our shared suspicion sounded silly, and we relaxed. What could she do to him anyway?

“Pizza delivery,” said Alex. A wicked grin spread across his face. “Have you ever heard of the “Pizza dare?” he asked.

I froze again for a moment as my brain realized what he wanted me to do. In the second it took me to think, the doorbell rang again.

“Ok,” I said as much to myself as him. “Are you telling me I have to answer the door naked?”

Alex considered that for a moment, “You have to do whatever it takes to get the pizza free.” My face went red, and I wondered if things were going to get more intense than they’d had with Sandra. “Off you go,” said Alex giving me a little push.

I felt exposed walking through the house in my underwear with Alex trailing behind, but I made myself strut as though I were confident. I paused before I opened the door and caught sight of my own reflection in the entryway mirror. I told myself I looked like a runway model. I was tall in a way most men felt was intimidating. My small waist and long legs were firm and muscled from volleyball. My lingerie was very red, very small, and very adult. I’d worn it to feel sexy and confident. “Men always stare at me,” I told myself, “This isn’t Alex, I’m in control.” I turned the doorknob.

The short, pudgy teen on the other side opened his eyes wide when he saw me and nearly dropped the pizza. He struggled like a drowning man to keep his eyes above my chest, and I blinked against the evening sun. The hot, cheesy, doughy smell of the pizza made my stomach gurgle and I realized under everything else I was hungry. From inside where he was held out of sight by Alex, Onion gave a low growl.

The delivery boy said, “Uh, did you order a pepperoni?”

I gave him my biggest, friendliest smile. “It’s ok to look, I’m doing the pizza dare.”

He relaxed a little and asked, “Hey, didn’t we have statistics together?”

My smile froze as I recognized him. Kevin, I remembered his name, quiet, nice, and nerdy. While I was losing my cool realizing I knew him, Kevin was regaining his composure. He took my invitation and ogled me all over.

“Hi Kevin,” I said hoping he appreciated that I remembered him. “I’m supposed to see if I can convince you to give me a free pizza.”

“You’ll strip if I give it to you for free?” He asked. My heart sank, I thought maybe he’d just give it to me if I were friendly. I mentally scratched “nice” off the list.

I countered, “What if I take off just the top and let you touch my chest?” I didn’t want to be completely naked for the neighborhood. I couldn’t see into the the shady yards across the way because from the glare, but I heard laughter and splashing from the pool next door and around the corner someone calling for their dog.

“How ’bout I take a photo of just your tits and also touch them?” Kevin countered. I guessed he was pushing hard for what must have seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Across the street a car pulled out of a driveway. I hoped they hadn’t seen me.

“Deal,” I said reaching back to unhook my top. Exposing myself for free pizza was embarrassing, but I couldn’t help enjoying how eager Kevin was. He fumbled a little getting out his phone and his eyes never left my chest. The breeze on my bare skin gave me goosebumps.

After he snapped the photo, Kevin handed me the pizza, which confused me until I realized he wanted both hands free to grope me. Kevin and Alex had a great view from opposite sides of my thong as I bent down to put the box down inside the door. “All yours,” I said standing back up.

Kevin nervously put both hands with his palms forward on my chest. He smelled nice up close, and I think I recognized his eucalyptus shower gel. He was meticulously clean and tidy with neat, manicured fingernails. That helped me relax even though he was tense. After getting over the first rush of feeling me up, he gently squeezed my breasts and traced their outlines with his fingers. I flushed a little and wished I weren’t so easily and transparently aroused. Kevin’s breathing became ragged, and I looked down and to see his erection making a tent in his pants. I took it as a compliment. Kevin saw where I was looking, misinterpreted my smile, and decided to shoot his shot. He leaned in to kiss me, and I stepped back out of reach.

“Ok, stud,” I said giving him my “I’m sorry, thank you but no” smile. “I had a great time, but I’m really hungry for that pizza.”

Kevin grinned back at me taking the rejection good naturedly. “Ah shucks,” he shrugged, “just like Ichorous. See you in class.”

We said goodbye, and I closed the door with my heart still racing like I had just streaked, which I guess I sort of had. The adrenaline was exhilarating.. I handed Alex the pizza with a bounce in my step that made my boobs jiggle.. “On or off?” I asked holding my bra out in front of me.

“Off,” he said looking me up and down, and then he held up his hand. From it dangled one of Onion’s collars. I lifted my hair obediently to expose my neck for him. He put the pizza on the entryway table and buckled on my collar, “Wow,” he said resting his hand against my neck, your pulse is really racing,” and traced a path from my neck over my clavicles to my chest: “Don’t drop your hands from there behind your head.” He stepped back without breaking contact to look at me, and I arched my back to preset myself for him.

Kevin’s touch had been shy. Alex’s was confident and firm even rough. He squeezed and kneaded my tits and pinched my nipples. Then he kissed them using his tongue. The sensations were uncomfortably intense, but there was nothing I could do to stop him. I teetered on the brink of wanting to pull back and wanting more. He tickled me where he stroked my abdomen and then obliques. When he moved to my hips and ass, he slipped down my panties with his hands. Without them I was naked, and Alex must have been able to see I was wet. He stroke the wisp of hair I kept above my pussy, which pushed me over the edge and I moaned a little trying to encourage him. But he let me go to admire the effect he’d had on me and smirked. I didn’t dare talk back this time.

“I’m hungry,” he said picking up the pizza. “Let’s eat.” He left me in the entry way to stew in the hot mess of feelings he’d stirred up. I was horny, hungry, naked, frustrated, and he’d forced me to acknowledge I was eager for more. The confidence I had felt with Kevin evaporated, and I followed Alex to the kitchen..

“I’ll feed you and Onion after I’ve done,” he said sitting at the counter. “Come kneel on the floor like a good puppy.”

I mastered the nip of pride I felt and kneeled next to Alex’s chair just able to see the open pizza box above me. Having a person on his level excited Onion, and he tried to lick my face. I pushed him away, my arousal faded to a dull throb between my legs, and my mouth watered.

We watched Alex eat, and I wondered if Alex had a pet-play fetish or if he were just conditioning me to accept my helplessness. If he was, it was working. I felt subjugated, and commutatively I perceived him to be dominant and powerful. Between bites, he told me about the plans he had for me and my family.

“If you want, you can delegate giving Sam handjobs to the twins. You can make them give him blowjobs.” He took a bite and chewed thoughtfully.

“Thank you,” I said, and I meant it.

Alex continued, “Sandra wants me to let her have you and your mom together.”—my breath caught in my throat—“But I don’t want to share you just yet. I’ve been thinking how I want to enjoy you both together for the first time.” He took another bite.

The possibility of Sandra chilled me, and I tried to derail him, “What if mom and I plan something special for you together instead?”

Alex raised an eyebrow and swallowed, “Wow, Emma, I guess you’ll do anything not to lose control. Your mom’s the opposite, she just wants someone else to make decisions for her so she can enjoy herself without feeling guilty. You two are kind of a perfect pair.” He paused to think and eat, and I waited in trepidation at where he was taking my suggestion. “Here’s what I think I’m going to do,” he said, “I’m going to let you be in charge as long as that’s as much fun as letting Sandra have her way with you two.”

“I don’t understand,” I said. But I understood enough to relax just a little.

“I’m going to give you some key phrases like I did for you with the twins. Except these will work on anyone—your mom, your dad, everybody. As long as that’s fun for me, I’ll put Sandra off. It’s going to be tough to compete with her though, she wanted to make you two together the artistic centerpiece of her next party. Tell me what you think.”

I did my best to tell myself altruism was my only motivation and said, “Please, yes.” But deep under the relief of being free from Sandra, I felt a thrill of excitement. It took me a long time to accept what Alex already knew.

“Good girl,” said Alex to me, and tossed the crust to Onion who gulped it down. “You’re turn,” he said addressing me. “I can hear your stomach gurgling, come here.”

He had me kneel between his legs, and at first I thought he was going to make me give him a blowjob. With a piece of pizza in one hand, he put his other under my chin and tilted my head up. He commanded, “No hands,” and lowered the tip of the pizza in my mouth. It took some patience and teamwork to feed me. I had to accept that Alex was in control and my dependence on him, and he gave me his whole attention—watching me eat and waiting for me to take another bite. The relief from hunger and the threat of Sandra left me feeling passive and satiated. Alex got up to wash his hands. He gripped my ponytail when he sat back down so I had to look up at his face.

“If you wanted to make sure your family knew you were in control, that you were their master, what would you do first?” he asked.

Alex was staring directly into my eyes and his baby blues seemed to expand and contract. I wondered if he were messing with my mind and imagined how I looked to him—next to his dog on the floor, my tits out, and with all of my attention focused on obeying him. I thought of the boundaries I wouldn’t let my boyfriends cross—no deep throat (too invasive), no butt stuff (too degrading), no coming in my face (too gross), and wondered if that’s what Alex wanted me to make my mom and the twins do. And then there were the things I’d seen Alex do no one before him could have even tried on me—implant suggestions in the twin’s unconscious that I could exploit, or making me so aroused I would do anything to come. But none of those things really made me feel like Alex’s property.

“Rules,” I said. “And discipline.”

Alex grinned like a kid on Christmas morning. “Tell me more,” he said.

“The thing that makes me feel the most dominated is having to obey you,” I said. “So if everybody has to follow my rules all day long, they’ll feel like I’m in charge.” I tried not to knowledge how much I enjoyed thinking about that.

Alex’s cock was straining against his jeans inches from my face, so I knew how much my answer turned him on. He leaned forward still pulling on my hair, and for a moment I thought he was going to kiss me. He stopped close enough for me to feel his breath on my face. “I want you to get the rope, a ring gag, one of the tail plugs, lube, a jar of peanut butter, a spoon, and meet me in my mom’s home office.” He did kiss me then firmly and lingeringly on my mouth. I kissed him back without thinking. Then it was over and he left me to get the office ready. I stayed kneeling in front of his empty chair for a while wishing he were fucking me on the kitchen counter. I was breathing hard like I couldn’t get enough air, and it took me a couple of minutes to wonder what he was going to do to me with the peanut butter.

His mom’s office was next to his bedroom on the second floor with a big window facing our backyards. I had seen her working in it a few times while sunbathing, and you could see in it from our kitchen window if you stood just right. Her desk was a big, serious oak affair with ball and claw feet. It must have been a nightmare to get up the stairs. The books on her bookshelves looked serious, expensive, and unopened. Alex had cleared the nicknacks and papers off the desk, so I guessed he was going to tie me up on top. He was standing next to a widescreen TV fiddling with his phone. The TV blinked to life showing the room real-time in ultra-hi def.

“My mom uses this screen for web conferencing,” said Alex continuing to fiddle with his phone. “The lighting in here is perfect, this is going to be a great video.” He looked up at me. I was standing in the doorway with my arms full of sex toys and one jar of peanut butter. “I can’t get over how hot you are. Come put that down on the desk.” He slapped my ass as I walked past him making me yelp. I heard him shut the door behind me closing Onion out of the room.

I set the stuff down and started to lower the blinds hoping he wouldn’t stop me, but of course he did telling me that I was only visible from my house and our backyards. I rolled my eyes. But I didn’t think anyone would be looking anyway, so I didn’t worry too much. I leaned against the desk watching Alex lay out the ropes and waiting for him to tell me what to do next. It was strange seeing myself on the TV collard and naked in someone else’s house. I didn’t appear to be as anxious and horny as I felt.

“Turn,” he said guiding me with his hands so I faced the back of the desk, my rear to the window and my face to the screen. It was split between Alex’s phone camera propped up behind me on the windowsills pointing at my ass and the screen camera showing my bare top half above the desk. He tied my legs to the claw feet so I had to spread them and pushed me gently forward onto my elbows onto the desk. If anyone was looking from outside, they would have seen what I did on the screen—my flushed lips so wet that they parted with my legs exposing all of me. Most of me hoped no one saw, but a part of me enjoyed imagining an audience. An even bigger part of me was hungry to be filled with Alex’s cock. I thought just the tip of it might be enough to make me come.

When Alex didn’t have both hands full with the rope, he kept one on me as he moved around the table. He sampled my curves and, when behind me, cupped my pussy. I whimpered and pushed back against his hand. The muscles inside of me pulsed ready for penetration. After my legs, he tied my hands together and those to my collar. That made me wince because my weight crushed my elbows into the hard desk, so he put the writing pad back under me for comfort. So that I couldn’t stand up, he looped rope around my waist to the feet of the desk opposite. By craning my neck, I could raise up and see myself on the screen—legs spread and bound, back held arched, with my boobs pressed against the writing pad. I thought I looked obscene like hard core bondage porn. I remembered what he’d said while we played cards about my darkest, most secret fantasies and winced.

From behind me, Alex ran his finger between my legs along my v. I watched on the TV as he penetrate me with his finger, my wet pussy accepted him without resistance. I let go of my hesitations and begged him in a squeaky, shaky voice, “Fuck, Alex. Please, I’m so ready.” He ignored me and came around the front of the desk. On the TV, little wrinkle of frustration formed between my eyebrows.

He kneeled with his face level with mine gag in hand. I opened my mouth for him without being asked—whatever to hurry him along—and he used the rubber ring to lock open my jaw securing it with a strap around my head. He walked back around to the other side of the desk and squeezed lube into my butt crack and on his finger. I tried to say, “Alex, please be gentle,” but the ring gag turned my words into a incomprehensible slur, and the effort pushed a wad of spit out of my mouth. I was helpless to stop it from running down my chin in a string that pooled on the desk.

He pushed his finger into my ass with slow, even pressure that wasn’t painful. But I had never been penetrated there before. I reacted instinctively to the invasion by struggling and pulling on the ropes. They didn’t yield, and Alex pulled out of me just as unhurriedly. While he was re-lubing his finger, I felt empty where he had been and tried to sort out whether I wanted more. I hadn’t decided when he continued to finger fucked me. He didn’t stop until he’d pushed enough lube into my butt that he was able to slide his finger in and out easily. I tried to stay relaxed, but when I saw him pick up the huge bunny tail plug, I couldn’t help trying to reason with him, “Please, Alex. That’s way to big. You’ll damage me.” Except it came out as a wet jumble through my gag.

Alex understood my tone and replied, “I think it will be ok, your mom is tiny, and she took it all.” Hearing about my mom wasn’t comforting. The tip of the plug felt painfully huge and blunt pressing against my hole. When it entered me, I thought “No way.” On the screen, my eyes glazed and my mouth parted as the distention overwhelmed my mind. “You’re ok,” Alex reassured me. “It’s easier if you push.”

I tried pushing and he was right, the pain lessened. But that also allowed the plug to slide into me more quickly. It physically and mentally filled me. A shrinking corner of my rational mind watched the screen with disbelief as it slowly disappeared and I felt the bulge in my stomach. My mouth opened wide in a silent moan that straddled the boarder between pleasure and pain. It felt like an eternity before the plug was all the way in and the soft white fluff protruded from my butt. Alex ran his hands over my ass appreciatively. When he touched my tail, the leverage on the plug shifted my insides around.

“I told you,” said Alex approvingly. “I knew you could get it all in.” I tried to glare at him and communicate with my eyes that he had gone too far. But it’s hard to scold someone when you’re naked, bound, drooling, plugged, and sporting a cute, fluffy tail. The only toy left for him was the peanut butter. I had just enough brainpower left to be curious what was going on when he spooned out a big glob of it.

He spread it on my upper thighs, over my clit, and into my pussy. I had been teased so long that the pressure of the spoon between my legs was enough to make me whine and twitch, but underneath that I was perplexed. I wondered if Alex was going to lick it off of me like I’d heard of people doing with whipped cream, or if he had an inexplicable fetish for the stuff. On the screen, I watched him spackle me until I felt the cool weight of it sticking to me.

“Do you want to come?” Alex asked standing up from where he had bent behind me.

It felt like a non sequiter, but I did and “Uh huhed” back. My voice was high and breathy. If I didn’t know it was me, I would have said it was the voice of a dumb, horny, bimbo.

“Enough to let me put my dick down your throat?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” I begged without hesitation.

Alex came around the front and kneeled again so he could meet my eyes. “Enough for me to let in Onion to lick up all that peanut butter?”

The “Uh,” had already escaped from my mouth by the time I realized what he was saying. I struggled with myself to say no. I tried to tell myself that nothing could make me desperate enough to let a dog eat me out.. Except I was.

I quietly said, “uh huh,” looking down at the desk.

“You don’t sound very sure,” he said. “Maybe you’d better beg for what you want.”

Pride gave me enough willpower to resist for a couple of seconds before I gave in. I tried to say, “Please let your dog lick my pussy and make me come,” but through the gag all that came out was “Easuroogh!”

“Good girl,” said Alex ruffling my hair as though I were a pet learning a new trick.

He walked to the door for Onion. And I, impatient for relief, couldn’t help gyrating my hips in the air. But Onion ignored me and bounded around the room enthusiastically smelling every nook and cranny of the office, a space from which he was normally forbidden. I’m mortified even now remembering that I called for him with the articulation of a dentist’s patient. Onion came and stood against the desk with his tail wagging and tried to lick my face. Alex, laughing at my predicament, pulled him down and led him around behind me.

Onion’s nose was startling cold where it met bare skin between my legs, but when he found the peanut butter, he went to work lapping it up. I struggled against the ropes to spread myself wider for him. When the dog’s long tongue reached my v, I nearly cried with relief and thrust back against him.

In front of me, Alex pulled out his dick, which was rock hard and dribbling precum. He gripped my ponytail and held my head at an angle so that the ring gag gave him easy access. He tasted salty and bitter in my mouth. The tip of him tickled my throat and made me swallow, which in turn made Alex groan and thrust forward. The pressure on my larynx made me panic and hyperventilate, I felt like Alex might break something. “Relax and swallow,” he commanded, “It’s ok, I’ve removed your gag reflex.” He must have done something to my mind because I did, and he thrust again this time filling my throat. Later, watching the video of myself guzzling cock while pressing my pussy back into the dog licking me, I would feel acute embarrassment. But for that moment, I was a mindless, submissive receptacle for humiliation, penetration, cock, and cum. Onion, deciding he liked the inside taste of me more than the peanut butter, shoved his tongue deep down and began licking from there to my clit. With all my holes filled, I came hard. I tried to tell myself between waves that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a person’s. But each crest of pleasure washed away my thoughts and intentions leaving me trying to spread myself as open as far as I could. The intensity of the orgasm left me temporarily lobotomized. Afterwards, I lay twitching and brainless, but Alex and Onion weren’t done with me. Alex continued fucking my face while Onion licked me clean of peanut butter and my own juices. I was nearly unconscious when Alex pulled out of my throat and covered my face in cum. He looked fascinated and disgusted at what he turned me into and spooned a glob of it in my mouth with the spoon. I obediently and blearily swallowed. The taste was salty and slightly metallic.

After, Alex made me clean up the office and myself while he edited the video.. Seeing myself live on screen cleaning in the nude—face masked in cum, and with a tail sticking out of me—was surreal. I turned it off. I couldn’t get up the stains we’d left on his mom’s desk, and I hoped he wouldn’t discipline me for that. I didn’t feel right taking the tail out until I was told to, so I felt it’s soft poof against my bottom while I worked and then showered and the bulk of it filling me.

When I finished, Alex was at his computer wearing boxers and a T and still damp from not drying off well enough even though he had washed up before me. It was the same place he used to sit watching me in my bikini in the yard, and I wondered if I’d ever made him come as hard as he’d made me. Onion was at his feet and thumped his tail when I sat down on the floor. Alex ignored me and moved to the bed to watch the final product. I was disturbed at how natural I felt maneuvering between his legs on the floor with the back of my head on his thigh to watch with him. I made a note to make sure that our submissive rituals didn’t become so second nature that I forgot and repeated them in public. He stroked my hair in real life and on the computer he started to bind my ankles to the claw feet of the desk.

The footage was carefully cut and cropped to emphasize what Alex liked the most—I saw myself bite my lip as he penetrated me with his finger over and over. The secondhand humiliation of watching me beg for penetration turned me on all over again. The me in Alex’s room watched the me in the video see herself bound and dominated in real time. It was enough so that I couldn’t pretend to myself that a part of me didn’t want it, and I reached behind my head to stroke Alex’s dick through his boxer from balls to tip. He didn’t tease me this time, but maneuvered me onto his lap and we watched the rest of the video with him in me.

When we got to the part where I begged for Onion to lick me, I saw in the bottom left of the screen Sam’s face appear at the kitchen window looking up right at me. The unexpected voyeurism drove me over the edge for the second time that day. Feeling the convulsions, Alex came with me. Afterwards we got ready for bed—we showered again, brushed our teeth, and removed and washed my plug (I had to grit my teeth when he pulled). Alex let me wear panties but nothing else, and he let me lie in the bed with him. He attached a leash to my collar and fell asleep holding the end. I laid awake in the dark for a long time trying to understand how I felt about my new life before giving up. My last waking thought was that the first thing I’d do in the morning as Alex’s designated dominatrix was that I was going to bring Sam to heel.